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You're The Kind of Person I Want To Be With When I Want To Be Alone

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Kurt and Sebastian were the first to perform their duet. It took only one look at Blaine’s face to make Kurt nervous. 

The two of them stood on opposite sides of the piano, staring into each other’s eyes.

Kurt took a deep breath and began singing, “Let me hold you, for the last time. It's the last chance to feel again. But you broke me, now I can't feel anything,

When I love you, it's so untrue, I can't even convince myself. When I'm speaking, it's the voice of someone else,

Oh it tears me up, I try to hold on, but it hurts too much, I try to forgive, but it's not enough to make it all okay,

You can't play on broken strings, you can't feel anything that your heart don't want to feel, I can't tell you something that ain't real,

Oh the truth hurts, and lies worse. How can I give anymore, when I love you a little less than before.”

Oh what are we doing,” Sebastian came in. “We are turning into dust, playing house in the ruins of us.

Running back through the fire, when there's nothing left to save. It's like chasing the very last train, when it's too late,” they harmonised together.

“Oh it tears me up, I try to hold on, but it hurts too much, I try to forgive, but it's not enough to make it all okay,

You can't play on broken strings, you can't feel anything that your heart don't want to feel, I can't tell you something that ain't real,

Well the truth hurts, and lies worse. How can I give anymore, when I love you a little less than before,”

But we're running through the fire, when there's nothing left to save. It's like chasing the very last train, when we both know it's too late,”

You can't play on broken strings, you can't feel anything that your heart don't want to feel, I can't tell you something that ain't real,

Well truth hurts, and lies worse. How can I give anymore, when I love you a little less than before,”

“Let me hold you, for the last time. It's the last chance to feel again.”

They were both still staring at each other when everyone began to clap, excluding Blaine. “Kurt...” Sebastian whispered. He was going to say more, but Mr Shue spoke instead. 

“That was great, guys. Good job. I think it’s going to be tough to beat.”

“Thanks,” Kurt and Sebastian said together. They went back to their seats, with Kurt sitting beside Blaine.

“What did you think?” Kurt whispered, pretending to watch Finn and Rachel go to the front. 

What the hell was that, Kurt? You two were practically undressing each other with your eyes. And why were you singing lead? That should’ve been Sebastian’s part, we all know that you should’ve had the girl lines. And what was with the song choice? A breakup song? Are you being serious? I think you should apologise to everyone in this room for giving us earache, was what he wanted to say. But they were in public, and besides, after what had happened on Sunday, Blaine wasn’t in the mood to see what would happen if he said all that. “It was great. I can see why you wanted to duet with Sebastian,” he whispered back. He wouldn’t be voting for them.

Through the rest of the class, each member performed a duet with another, minus Sam, Puck and Blaine, who were absent when the assignment was set.

“Okay, you guys are going to vote for who you think was the best performer. And to make sure none of you vote for yourselves, I’ve printed out individual cards for you all without your names as an option,” Mr Shue announced. He handed out all the cards.

Kurt quickly voted for Santana and Brittany, they were definitely the best performers in his opinion. He hated to admit it, but Rachel hadn’t been her best in that duet. Unable to help himself, he snuck a glance at Blaine’s card. He was disappointed and hurt to see that his boyfriend had voted for Rachel and Finn.

Mr Shue collected back the cards, and after counting up the scores, he said, “Okay, I just want to say, you guys all did well, and-“

“Just say who won!” Santana yelled, clapping her hands. 

Mr Shue sighed. “Kurt and Sebastian, you guys got 7 votes. Brittany and Santana, you guys got 4. Finn and Rachel, 2. Trent and Rory, also 2. The rest of you guys got 1.”

“Wait,” Rachel said. “Kurt and Sebastian won? Not Finn and I?”

“That seems to be the case,” Kurt mumbled.

“But I still get a duet at Regionals, right?”

“No, Rachel. It goes to Kurt and Sebastian, as it should do,” Santana winked. 

“But that’s not fair!” 

“Rachel, that’s enough. They won, so they get the duet,” Mr Shue said firmly.



“Actually, Mr Shue, I agree with Rachel,” Blaine said. 

“Blaine, what are you doing?” Kurt hissed. 

“I’m just saying, it’s Rachel’s final year and she’s our best chance at winning. Besides, a male and male duet probably won’t sit right with the judges. We don’t want to lose just because of Kurt and Sebastian.”

“Are you kidding, Blaine?” Santana snapped. 

“I just don’t want us to lose because-“

“No, you just don’t want them to perform because: A) you’re jealous of Sebastian, B) you’re jealous that you won’t get a solo ever, and C) you’re so damn controlling of Kurt that you don’t want him to do anything without you.”

“Santana, that’s enough,” Mr Shue ordered. “Blaine, I appreciate your concerns, but Kurt and Sebastian won fair and square, so they will be doing the duet. And I don’t want to hear any more complaints from anybody or you’ll be suspended from Glee for the rest of the week. I’ll see you all tomorrow, you’re dismissed.”

No one said anything as they grabbed their bags and flooded out of the room. Kurt grabbed Blaine’s arm when they were in the hallway. “What was that about? Do you not want me to sing at Regionals or something?”

“I never said you shouldn’t sing, just that you shouldn’t sing with Sebastian. It’d be better if you’d sing with someone like Rachel, then we’d actually stand a chance at winning.”

Kurt ignored the “actually stand a chance at winning” jab, and focused on the “shouldn’t sing with Sebastian” part. “I’m singing with Sebastian.”

“Look, if you absolutely have to sing with a guy, why not with me?”

Kurt couldn’t help but wonder if that had been Blaine’s plan all along. “Sebastian and I won together, it would be wrong to leave him,” he hesitated before deciding to speak the truth. “Besides, I don’t want to sing with you.”

“Why?” Blaine sounded more angry than hurt.

“Because this is my final year, and my first chance to sing at a competition with the New Directions. And when I sing with you, you make it all about yourself.”

“We always sing equal parts!”

“You still take over. You make it so people can only hear you. When I sing with Sebastian, no one gets noticed more.”

“Maybe that’s because I’m a better singer than you!”

Kurt paused, making sure his voice wouldn’t show how upset he really was. “Even if that was true, that still wouldn’t make you in the right.”

The next day at school, Blaine followed Sebastian into the bathroom. 

“Sebastian,” Blaine said coldly.

The other boy turned around, an exhausted look on his face. “Blaine.”

“I’m going to make this very clear to you right now,” Blaine growled, getting in Sebastian’s face. “Kurt is my boyfriend- not yours! So, back out of the duet with him.”

“And why would I do that?”

“Do you want to know a fun fact, Sebastian? Your father works for my father. And the only reason why you’re in Ohio now is that my father relocated you. So, you can either drop out of the duet, or I’ll get you sent somewhere else. Somewhere away from Kurt,” Blaine revealed. 

Sebastian felt his heart drop. That couldn’t be true, could it? “I’m just being nice to him. There’s no harm in that. And there’s no harm in us doing a duet.”

“Oh, please,” Blaine spat. “I saw the way you two were looking at each other during that duet. It is so obvious that you like him-“

“I do not!”

“Keep lying to yourself then. You have until the end of the week to drop out, or you can start packing your bags. Literally,” Blaine turned on his heel and strode out of the bathroom.

“But Regionals aren’t until January-“

“I want you to end things with Kurt. Stop trying to steal him from me,” he slammed the door behind him.

Sebastian stood there in shock. Blaine’s father was his father’s boss? Blaine could make Sebastian move away? He had to drop out of the duet with Kurt? Blaine thought he liked Kurt? 

Did he like Kurt? Of course not. Sebastian didn’t do relationships, and Kurt certainly wasn’t an acceptation to that rule. No matter how cute... attractive... talented... sweet... caring... incredible he was.

Sebastian most certainly didn’t have feelings for Kurt. Just because Sebastian wouldn’t mind kissing Kurt or hanging out with him all the time, and he missed when Kurt wasn’t around and wished that he could have everything he ever wanted, that didn’t mean he wanted to date Kurt. 

Kurt was too good for Sebastian anyway. Kurt was the nicest person in the world, and Sebastian? Sebastian just broke hearts and played with guy’s feelings. 

Kurt would never settle for someone like Sebastian. So, why did that fact bother him so much? Knowing that no matter what, Kurt would never feel the same...

Feel the same? Sebastian thought. Where did that come from?

“Crap,” Sebastian whispered. “I have feelings for Kurt.”

Sebastian was hanging out with some of the other Glee kids (thankfully not Kurt nor Blaine) when he heard something that caught his attention.

He had just been pondering over his newly discovered feelings for the aforementioned brunet, half-listening-half-not to the conversation Tina and Sam were having. That was when said conversion turned to the topic of ‘Klaine’ (Sebastian cringed at the ship name).

“I can’t believe Kurt and Blaine have been together for almost 8 months,” Sam observed, though his tone made Sebastian wonder if Sam was as much against Kurt being with Blaine as he was.

“I know! I swear, they’re like the longest-running couple we’ve had in a long time,” Tina replied.

“Uh,” Sebastian cleared his throat. “Did-Did you say 8 months?”

“Yeah,” Tina responded.

“As in, since March?” 

“Yeah. Why?”

Sebastian looked at the two with horror-filled eyes. “They, uh, didn’t happen to be on a break or something during the summer?”

“Not that we know of,” Sam answered.

“Oh crap,” Sebastian whispered. So, not only had Blaine lied to him about not being a virgin, but he had also lied about his relationship. Blaine had cheated on Kurt. With him. Sebastian had helped Blaine cheat.

“Everything okay?” Sam asked, looking at Sebastian with concern.

“Um, in the summer, uh, Blaine and I hooked up,” Sebastian admitted.

“What?!” Tina gasped.

“He-He told me he was single, I swear! I never would have done it if I’d have known he was with Kurt. I didn’t even know Kurt then!”

“Sebastian, you have to tell Kurt,” Sam told him.

“I know.”

“Well, go do it then!”

Sebastian nodded and jumped out of his seat, making his way to the exit. He got in his car and began to drive when he realised- Kurt wouldn’t be home yet. And besides, he had no idea what he was going to say to his friend when he did see him. How could you explain you slept with their boyfriend without knowing he was cheating? 

So instead of turning into Kurt’s street, he kept driving straight forward, making his way home. 

Blaine did the opposite. Instead of going back home to Westerville, he decided to pay his boyfriend a visit. Not Kurt, David. He had spent all day with Kurt, and the sickly-sweet-caring-boyfriend act that he had to fake all day had made him exhausted. He needed some release. 

After David’s mom had let Blaine into her house, Blaine went upstairs to David’s room. David was sat at his desk, facing away from Blaine. He used this to his advantage, sneaking forward and wrapping his arms around his boyfriend. “Working hard, babe?” Blaine teased, taking the pencil out of David’s hand and dropping it on the table.

“Don’t you know it, David replied. He spun his chair around, allowing Blaine to sit in his lap. “How was your day?”

“Pretty rough. I had to spend most of it with Kurt, he’s so clingy. He’s acting as if I ended it.”

“I hope you’re not going to take him back.”

“Why would I? I have the best boyfriend right here,” Blaine leaned forward and planted a kiss on David’s cheek. It was true, while Blaine had more of an emotional connection to Kurt, he found himself favouring the time he spent with David more than the time he spent with Kurt. It was mostly because time with David was more fun. And had fewer clothes.

“You’re sweet,” David blushed.

“Only for you.”

Sebastian sat on his bed and sighed. He ripped out the page in his notebook and screwed it up. He threw it in the trash can, where all the other failed drafts were. He had spent the last hour trying to figure out what to say to Kurt and had come to the conclusion that no matter what he said, it only mattered that he said it. A note was not the right direction. 

His mom knocked on his door and opened it without Sebastian giving her permission to. “Hi, sweetie. Everything okay?”

“Not really,” Sebastian muttered.

“What’s wrong? Did you get into trouble at school? Have you ruined your father’s reputation-” 

“No, Mom. I-I have this secret, and it’s something that I have to tell my friend, but I don’t know how. It’ll crush him.”

“All you can do is be honest with him. Tell him what you have to, and hear him out. There’s no easy way around this, Sebastian. You know that.”

Sebastian nodded. “Thanks, Mom.”

Be honest. Tell him I slept with Blaine. Explain that he lied about being single. Hope he forgives me.

Finn paused the video game, earning a whine from Sam. “Can you repeat that?” 

Puck read the text again. “Tina said: Oh my God, you are never going to believe this. Sebastian slept with Blaine in the summer!”

Finn shook his head. “I can’t believe that! Blaine actually slept with Sebastian? He cheated on my little brother!” Finn said the last sentence threateningly. “And Sebastian did that?! He was supposed to be Kurt’s friend.”

Sam spoke up, “He didn’t know Kurt at the time, and Blaine told him that he was single.”

“Fine, I’ll let him off. But Blaine...”

“I say we beat him up,” Puck suggested.

“Because that put you in Kurt’s good books the last time you did that?” Sam shook his head. “That’ll just make Kurt hate us. We don’t know if he’s going to leave Blaine yet.”

“You think he’s going to stay with that jerk?” 

“Probably. All Blaine has to do is say he’s sorry and Kurt will happily jump into his arms again.”

“Does Kurt know?” Finn asked, praying he won’t have to tell his brother.

“Not yet. Sebastian’s going to do it,” Sam told him.

Sebastian was halfway to Kurt’s house when he heard his phone ring. He pulled over to the side of the road and answered it.

What the hell, Sebastian?! I thought we were friends!” Was the first thing he heard. Sebastian was a little scared at first, but then he identified the voice as Santana’s and felt a little reassured.

“We are,” he said calmly. “And what is this about?”

I know you slept with Blaine!

Oh. “Yeah, I did. But I never meant to hurt Kurt, Blaine told me-“

Yeah, yeah. I know all that. I’m mad because you didn’t tell me about it yourself!

Oh! “I know I should have, but it was the worst experience of my life. I was embarrassed. Blaine isn’t the type of guy that I’d show off.”

But Kurt is.”

It was as if Santana had read his mind. “Yeah,” he whispered.

So, you’ve finally admitted it, huh? You like Kurt.

“I really do. Do you think I’ve screwed up any chance I have of being with him by hooking up with Blaine?”

No. Everyone has a past, and as you said, you weren’t trying to hurt him. What you do now, however, will determine if you have a future with him or not.

“Who else knows about Blaine and I?”

Everyone but Blaine and Kurt. We all know you’re going to be the one to tell him. How are you going to do it?

“Blatant honesty. Do you think he’ll forgive me?”

Santana laughed. “Babe, he’s forgiven way worse than that. You’ll be fine.

Kurt heard someone knock on his door. Not Finn, he thought. Not Sam, either. “Carole?” He asked.


“Oh, come in,” Kurt watched Sebastian open the door, but he didn’t come any closer. “Everything okay?”

“Um,” Sebastian rubbed his neck and avoided eye contact. “Not really.”

“What’s wrong?” Kurt patted the empty space on his bed, hoping Sebastian would sit down. 

“I can’t believe I have to be the one to tell you this,” Sebastian still didn’t move. “Blaine cheated on you.”

Kurt looked confused for a minute, then laughed. “Seriously, did Santana put you up to this?”

“No, Kurt-“

“I mean, come on. If you’re going to lie to make me break up with Blaine, at least make it believable.”


“He would never cheat on me,” the humour in Kurt’s voice was gone now, and it sounded as if he was trying to convince himself. “He wouldn’t. He loves me.”

“Kurt, it’s true,” Sebastian said gently.

“It’s not. Santana’s lying-“

“Santana didn’t tell me.”

“Then who did?”

“No one.”

“Then how did you know?” Kurt’s voice got more and more afraid with each question.

“Because,” Sebastian took a deep breath. Please forgive me, Kurt. “I was the one he slept with.”