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Trust me

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Even after two weeks, it was still strange for Stiles to drive the new, sinfully expensive car that Derek had parked for him in the garage.

But Stiles had to admit that it had its benefits to drive a car with which he didn't have to be afraid that it would break in the middle of nowhere. Stiles loved his mom's old blue jeep more than anything, but especially when he was with the kids, it was better not to be stranded on the side of the road waiting for the tow truck.

Every day he took Clara to school and picked her up in the afternoon as he did right now. Benny was sitting in his seat looking out of the window while humming a song.

At first, Stiles worried that Benny would be afraid to ever get into a car again. After the brutal story with Kate, it wouldn’t have been a surprise if he never sat food in a car again. But to Stile’s surprise, the boy got into the car without hesitation. Stiles’ surprise only increased when he heard Benny’s voice for the first time, as the boy began to hum the melody of >Twinkle twinkle little star<. He seemed completely absorbed in his thoughts. Stiles almost cried because it was more than touching that the boy apparently trusted him.

Yeah, okay, humming wasn’t talking, but it was still a huge step in the right direction. The boy felt comfortable enough in Stiles’ presence to make any noise. For Stiles, it was a miracle.

A warm feeling spread inside of him and somehow it still seemed unreal that he was being paid so well for the job. Erika had told him that Derek had had a hard time with babysitters in the past and Stiles could only wonder why. Clara and Benny were the loveliest kids he knew.

The hardest part of his job was his boss. Not that Derek was mean to him or that he was dissatisfied with Stile’s work. No, that was not the problem. The problem was that the man was rarely at home and the kids missed him. Besides, the werewolf looked like pretty much any of Stile’s wet fantasies, so Stiles had a very hard time not to stare too much.

So while Stiles wanted Derek to spend more time with the kids, on the one hand, he was happy that he didn’t have to see his attractive boss so often on the other hand. Especially because there was always a risk that his boss would smell how much Stiles liked looking at him.

Jesus! That was an extremely embarrassing and frightening thought. The worst part was that the few times Derek came home earlier and spent time with the kids, he was so caring and lovely that Stiles almost forgot not to stare.

Stiles knew he was fucked. Derek was not only hotter than hell but also a good father and even though he was very reserved towards Stiles, he seemed to be nice. Fuck!

It would’ve been easier if Derek had just been an unscrupulous asshole. But no, the man had to be nice, too, even if it wasn't easy to recognize at first glance, because of his grumpy attitude.

A few minutes before they arrived at Clara’s school, Stile’s phone rang. He didn't dare to take the call. He was a sheriffs kid after all - never call while driving - his dad always told him.

However, he was afraid that something had happened with his father or Clara. So he quickly stopped at the side of the road and called back. It was Clara's teacher, Mrs Bennings.

Apparently, something had happened at school and she asked for Stiles to come to the classroom.

Dammit. Stiles could only pray it wasn't too bad. But Mrs. Bennings had promised that Clara wasn’t injured. Thank God!

Full of worry Stiles entered the school building with Benny in his arms a few minutes later. Clara's teacher was already expecting them. Clara was sitting in a corner of the room, her face swollen red from crying. Immediately Benny ran to her to calm her down. As soon as the boy was with her and they hugged each other, Clara started crying again.

"Oh, God, what the hell happened?" Stiles asked concerned hugging both of the kids as well.

“Thank you for coming, Mr. Stilinski. But I think it’s important. Since you’ve been with the Hale kids, Clara is clearly much more cheerful. Lydia was right, you are the right person for these kids,” Mrs Bennings said.

“Thank you for recommending me for the job. I'm so glad Mr. Hale hired me," Stiles replied.

“You are very welcome. So the reason why I wanted to talk to you is that while I see that Clara is much better, there are still many things that other children learn or experience at home that Clara doesn't," the teacher explained, 


“What kind of things?” Stiles wanted to know.

“For example, riding a bike or swimming. I know Derek just didn’t have time for things like that. But the other kids sometimes make fun of Clara because of it. Of course, I try to stop them, but unfortunately, I don’t always notice it in time. And when I notice Clara crying in a corner, it’s already too late, even if I scold the other kids. The damage is already done."

Stiles felt anger rising inside of him. Sadly, he had a lot of experience in this regard himself. He knew kids could be cruel. In his childhood, some of his bullies even didn’t hesitate to tease him because his mother had died.

Troubled he took a deep breath and combed his fingers through Clara's hair. Poor little princess.

“What can I do?” He wanted to know.

“There are several things you could do. Clara should definitely learn to swim and to ride a bike, but besides that, Clara needs a friend. Someone who stands beside her. But if she’s never allowed to visit anyone and no one is allowed to visit her, this will be difficult. There is, however, a girl she likes and. . . and the girl’s parents have similar concerns about inviting someone over for a playdate... if you know what I mean,” Mrs Bennings explained looking at him meaningful.

"You mean she is a werewolf?" Stiles asked.

"No, Tabea Yukimura isn't a werewolf, she..."

“Yukimura? Is she related to Kira Yukimura?” Stiles interrupted

“Yes”, the teacher nodded. "She’s Kira’s little cousin."

“Oh, so she is a kitsune like Kira?” Styles gaped.

The teacher smiled at him.

“To be honest, if we had more nannies like you, knowing about the supernatural world, everything would be much easier. Yeah, Tabea’s also a kitsune. This is also the reason why Tabea’s parents are as hesitant to invite other children to their home or to let Tabea play somewhere else as Derek. But it’s becoming a problem. For example, Clara and Tabea were the only kids in class who weren’t invited to Tobi Brown’s birthday party last weekend,” Mrs Bennings explained and Stiles felt his heartbreak for the two little girls.


“Okay, I think I can handle that. Kira is an old school friend of mine. And even if Derek doesn’t want to smell strangers in his house, I’m sure I can figure something out,” Stiles said, his brain already making plans to invite Tabea and maybe other kids without bothering Derek.

But now it was important to take care of Clara. The little girl was still crying.

"Hey, princess," Stile said softly.

"Hey, St..Stiles," she hiccupped and tried to smile bravely.

"You want to tell me what exactly happened?" Stiles tried to get her to talk.

"Tobi Brown, a boy from my class, made fun of me. He said... he said that... that I was just a baby because I can't ride a bike. But how am I supposed to ride a bike if I don't even have a bike? Mrs. Bennings told him that it was rude to laugh at others just because they can't do something, but Tobi didn't stop. And some of his friends joined in," Clara explained while the tears were still running down her cheeks. "Then. . . then he said that's why he didn't invite me to... to his birthday party because I'm still a baby. . . " she cried and Stiles swore by everything sacred to him that in a month on her own birthday, he would plan the best birthday party ever for Clara. Even Tobi Brown would be green with envy.

"Okay, princess, listen. We'll get a bike for you and Benny and then we'll practice until you can do it as well as anyone else. And what do you think about inviting Tabea over for a playdate?" Stiles suggested.

Clara looked at him with big, wet eyes.

"Do you... do you think Dad will allow it?" she asked hopefully.

"We'll see about that, princess. But we will find a way. Maybe we could meet her at the playground or the library at first, what do you think?" Stiles suggested.

"You're the best, Stiles," she muttered and hugged him hard.

"I know," Stiles replied with a grin and kissed the top of her head. "I think we should go now. We have a lot to do and to plan today, little princess."