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The Dragon General

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The moment the first LAAT landed on the planet, it was obvious their Intel was wrong, not just wrong, but a disaster in the making, wrong. There were twice, if not three times as many Clankers, than reported.

They lost at least three transports before they landed, and they were losing vode left and right to the Clanker's barrage of firepower. He hadn't seen this much devastation since the aftermath of Krell, and they still mourned the loss of their brothers from that nightmare.

Cody stayed close to his General, laying down cover fire as Kenobi sliced through the Seppie forces. He could tell by the movements, and flashes of green that the Jetii was pissed. There was an edge to the fighting, instead of the normal grace that he always associated with him.

By sheer will of tenacity and stubbornness, they were able to stop the first onslaught of the Seppies, only to see a second wave lineup.

"This is going to suck." Boil shifted his blaster, slamming in a new plasma pack, that he had picked up from their fallen vod. He thanked those who had matched onward for leaving their gear behind, and would honor their names when the battle was done. "Commander…"

"We keep fighting." Cody gave him a glance, as he waved the Shiniest of Shinies to fill the gap in their line. Some of them didn't even have names yet, and he just knew that they would be on his long list of remembrance, that is if he even survived the day.

'Rex.' He privately commed the Captain of the 501st.

'Cody. You still with us, vod?'

'For now. How's your front?'

'It's bad. How did intelligence get it so wrong?'

That's all he needed to know. 'See you on the other side.'

'Alive, ori'vod, alive!'

Cody didn't answer, instead switched back to general communication, gave out orders and hunkered down behind the downed LAAT. Boil and Waxer were at his back, Longshot found a perch on top, prepared to take out the Clankers from a distance. The General was sitting beside him with his back to the downed vehicle. His eyes were closed, breathing even and stable. It wasn't the first time they had seen him center himself in the Force in between firefights. Most of the vode didn't understand how the Jetii fought. What they did know, it was effective, and that 212th's General always had their backs.

Obi Wan glanced over at Cody with a look he had never seen. "What are our odds, Commander?"

"With you by our side … " He paused, noticing the General's eyes had narrowed, and with a deep breath he was brutally honest. "It's not good. We're outnumbered, the 501st is getting hit hard, we have no back up, and if there's a third wave behind these Clankers..." He let the comment hang there, if there was a third wave, there would be no survivors.

"Remind me when we get back to the Negotiator to lose my practiced serenity and scream at our intelligence officers." That had got a snort and a few chuckles from the oldest of the 212th. "I apologize Commander, for not warning you."

"Sir, this isn't your fault." He shook his head, hating that the General took each loss personally.

"No, it's not." He reached down and took off his boots, pushing them slightly under the LAAT, then lifted onto his knees taking off the heavy belt, folding it in thirds laying it on top of his boots. "Boil, promise me you'll bring those back to me."

The clone glanced over at Waxer, and then at the Commander, not sure how to respond. "Sir?"

Kenobi then handed his Lightsaber to Cody, who took it hesitantly. "I am going to fix this. Not one more of your vode will die today, especially because of someone else's mistake."

He stood, stepped up into the open middle section of the downed LAAT, slid across the deck, and then started walking towards the Seppie in peaceful serenity.

"Sir!" Cody followed him without hesitation, clipping the Lightsaber to his belt, not wanting to lose it.

Boil and Waxer were right behind him, along with the rest of the 212th, and every single one of them had guns ready to defend their di'kut general.

"Commander!" Boil yelled at Cody. Not one of the 212th will allow their General to sacrifice himself for them. It's not how this worked! "Do something."

"What, exactly am I supposed to do!" He snapped, a million ideas flying through his brain trying to figure out how to save his General, his vode, and get off this kriffing planet.

Then it just got weirder.

"Has he lost his mind?" Waxer flailed, actually flailed, at what they were seeing.

Cody didn't actually blame him, because his own brain had shuttered to a stop, at the sight. The General was stripping out of his many layers, each one landing on the debris ridden ground.

The Jetii had a tendency to be dramatic.

All the Commanders had bets going around, about how many times they picked up their General's cloaks. So far Wolffe was losing as General Koon, never lost a cloak, Bly only had a handful of times, Ponds never found General Windu's, while Rex and Cody were in a tie, as it would seem their Generals were the most dramatic.

But as far as he knew, none of the other General's had stripped naked in front of the Seppies.

"I admit he's hot, but I doubt that's going to stop the Clankers." Longshot was already starting to pick off a few closest to the General. "Well if we're all going to die, at least we died with the General's beauty as our last sight."

When the pants dropped, Cody ended up rooted to the spot in complete shock. His brain had completely short circuited at the sight before him, he was stuck between staring inappropriately, and wanting to scream at his General to stop whatever the hell he was doing.

"I will at least die happy." Boil knelt on the ground and started to pick off Clankers.

Cody finally shook himself out of his stupor, pulled his weapon and moved through the cover his men were providing, heading straight for the General. The group of Clankers before him, had stopped not sure how to respond to a nearly naked Jedi General. He didn't blame him, it was likely shorting out their circuits, it sure as hell was shorting out his.

"Sir!" He slid next to him.

"Cody it will be alright." Kenobi patted his arm, before looking back at the army of Clankers that were getting closer.

Too close.

"Sir, you're practically naked!"

Late at night, alone in his bunk he had imagined what the General would look like under all those layers, he just never figured it would see it on the battlefield. He was a bit surprised with the amount of muscles, as he seemed so small in all those tunics. He was shocked and upset over the variety of scars - this was a man who had seen war before he had been High General of the Grand Army of the Republic.

"I can barely get you into armour, but don't you think this is taking it too far, General." He got a soft chuckle, which didn't help the situation. He was thankful his men were watching their back, as he tried to reason … kriff it, he was going to go for the heavy guns. "Obi-Wan, gedet'ye."

"My cyar'ika." He reached out and cupped the bucket. "There's nothing I wouldn't do for you."

"I'm more worried about those Clankers killing you, sir!" He gritted the last word out, hoping to convey that he was terrified, not of dying but of not protecting his Jetii.

"Trust me."

Cody hesitated, hating the fact tears were actually threatening to escape. "Always." He made a vow that if General didn't leave this planet alive, neither would he.

"I should've told you sooner, my dear." He glanced back at the Clankers, sensing the barrage that was soon to come. "I just ask that you let me explain, before you decide to transfer."

Cody shook his head, there was nothing …

There was a sudden stillness in the air. He glanced back at his men, proud of each and everyone of them. They were spread out in a semi circle, guns raised ready to follow their General and Commander into the long march.

The Clankers had gotten over the weird anomaly, and began the assault.

He leveled his own weapon, held it steady, ready to die.

It happened between one breath and the next.

The General was standing next to him, facing the Clankers, and then within a blink of an eye, stood a huge red creature. It towered over Cody, protecting him from the firestorm that was unleashed. A pissed off roar echoed across the field, startling everyone, including the Clankers.

At first he couldn't get a clear look, as he was technically under it, all he could see were four large paws, with very sharp claws.

It shot forward, using one of it's paws to swat droids left and right, scattering them across the battlefield. The tanks turned towards the new threat, only to be melted by a green plasma flame.

Cody stood there, gun in hand, with nothing to shoot at.

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The creature continued to charge into the Seppie army, it's massive tail flung droids into trees and rocks.  Many of the droids dropped their weapons, broke ranks and fled as fast as they could, only to get stomped on, thrown into the air, or melted. 

"Is that the General?"  Boil asked as he stepped next to his Commander, his tone held the same confusion and awe that Cody was feeling. 

"I … " He stared at the carnage, not sure what to say.  

"Well it is red," Waxer added.  "When it spit that plasma flame, I swore I saw a beard or something similar."

"It's moving through the forest fast, and will hit the front lines of the 501st." Longshot warned, realizing their vodes wouldn't know what it was, hell he didn't know what it was.

That snapped Cody out of his shock, he motioned for his men to follow the destruction.  Their General was going to need them, once he finished wreaking havoc all over the battlefield.   As they made their way forward, he clicked his private com. 'Rex!  Rex, listen to me.  There's a large red creature heading in your direction.'

'Like we need another  …'

'It's friendly, don't shoot it.  It's the General!'  He could almost see Rex's incredulous expression.  'I'm not making this up, he just destroyed the Seppies here, and is moving towards you.'

'Cody?'  Rex hesitated, as the sound of crashing trees and a roar that was heard across the communication lines.  'Kriff!  What the hell is that?'

'It's Kenobi I swear, we saw him shift.  Whatever you do, don't kill my General.  I won't be happy.'  He clicked off his com, not able to keep up the conversation as they ran along the path the General carved out of the forest.

The 212th found themselves heading straight into what was left of the retreating Seppi army.  They easily took out the last stragglers, before breaking through the foliage into the clearing.  

The 501st was staring at the large red creature who was calmly sitting on his haunches, front two paws tucked close to his body, in the midst of dead droids, it's tail curled around its front feet, head held high with a contented look at all destruction.

"Don't shoot!!"  General Skywalker yelled as he ran in between his men and the creature.  "Weapons down, it's alright he won't hurt us."

"What the kriff is it?!"  Fives yelled, hand gesturing at it.

"It's General Kenobi."

"Well no offense sir, last time we saw him he was much shorter and had less scales."  Echo stood next to Fives, staring at the creature.  

"Is it a Dragon? I mean a True Dragon?" Mythic asked, as he stepped past the Commander, staring at the General in awe.  "I read about them.  The ones that are sentient, not the common ones like the Krayt Dragon that are more animal.  They were supposed to be hunted down and destroyed, some of the text state it was because they destroyed worlds, and stole precious items for their hoard.  But the more recent scholars state that they went underground, because they were valuable on the blackmarket, well their parts were."

"I've seen some of those holovids.  Don't you have to sacrifice a virgin to appease it?"  Fives glanced over to General Skywalker, who was facepalming and trying not to laugh.  

The Dragon itself looked amused.

"I'm pretty sure I know one virgin who wouldn't mind…"

'You finish that statement I will drop you where you stand.'  Cody threatened over the comms, realizing it was an open channel when his men snickered.  He was thankful the buckets didn't translate their emotions, or his white helmet would be sporting a very deep blush.

"It's not quite like that."  Skywalker tried to explain, through his laughter.  He glanced up at his Master, giving him a look.  "I take it you were pissed?"

There was a huff, and a dead droid was kicked, landing against a tree in a thud as it slid to the ground.  One of the hard shell fruits fell out of the tree and landed on the droid with a clunk.  "The Intelligence Committee is lucky I'm not looking for a snack."

Cody startled, it sounded like his General.  

And now that he really looked at the creature, he could see many of Kenobi's characteristics.  In his seated position he looked to be about eighteen feet tall, he couldn't tell the length as he was sitting on his haunches.  He was dark red in color, his underbelly a shade or two lighter.  The tail was thicker at the base, and thinned out to a pointy tip at the end, much like a spear, which at the moment had a piece of droid stuck to it.  The body was bulkier with scales that looked soft, but earlier they seemed to gleam in the sunlight.  He wondered if they were armoured, it figured his General would have armour but never use it!   

"Do we need to feed it?"  Echo asked.

"It's the General, stop calling him an it, show some respect."  Cody sighed heavily, not sure who he wanted to yell at: The General, Skywalker, Mythic, Rex or just everyone.

"So you don't have to sacrifice a virgin?"  Mythic asked with a curiosity that wasn't healthy as far as the Commander was concerned.

Kenobi tilted his large head, bending slightly down towards the 212th.  Cody took a deep breath, trying to stay calm, only to realize all of his men - every single one of them - stepped backwards, leaving him to be sacrificed to the Dragon.

Not sure what to do, he went by instinct and held out his hand palm forward, only to freeze when the large snout settled into it.  He looked upwards into the same blue eyes, filled with humor and determination.  Instinctively he scratched the nose, the Dragon shook his head and rumbled, like a very big tooka.   Up close he could see the soft whiskers that formed a beard around the snout.  He wished he could take his gloves off to feel if the scales were as soft as they looked.

 "I apologize ner cyar'ika, for not warning you."

He reached up and took off his bucket, glaring at his general. "This is something I needed to know."  

The head softly slid against Cody's side.  "We don't normally show ourselves, but I just couldn't see the verde slaughtered, when I knew I could do something."

"Ni survarir." And he did.  The chances of survival had been slim to none.  He wasn't surprised that the Obi-Wan would showcase something so precious to himself to save the men, it's what made him their General.

He was also sure that the 212th was going to be even more loyal - if that was even possible.

"What in ... kriffing hells?"  Kix's voice echoed across the battlefield.  He glanced left as Echo gave him a quick run down, he then turned back to the Dragon, eyes narrowing.  "GENERAL this is something your medic needs to know!  I don't even know how to deal with Dragon physiology."

"Kix it's not like …"  Kenobi tried to defend himself.  It wasn't as if he purposely hid himself, okay maybe he did, but Dragons hide for many reasons.   He wasn't sure what would happen if the Republic found out he was a Dragon, let alone the very idea of a Dragon Jedi.

"Not like what, sir!?"

Kenobi glanced at Anakin who was enjoying this way too much.  He will deal with his former Padawan later, at the moment his main concern was his Commander, so he did something out of the ordinary for the famed Negotiator.  He slunk down onto his belly, turned his head slightly, as one eye looked at Cody.  "Get on."  The Commander hesitated for a moment, then slammed on his bucket, and slid onto where the shoulders met the neck.  In a flash, Kenobi stood, turned, and fled into the woods, leaving behind gaping troopers.

"So I guess he got his virgin."  Rex deadpanned, ignoring the stares and snickers.  He instead looked at his General. "Sir, would you care to explain?"

Kix had yanked out his datapad and started researching, only to have Mythic steal it from him, much to the shock of the vode around them.  He typed a few things in, then handed it back.  "These are the sources I've read about Dragons.  There isn't much information about the physiology, more of …" he paused tone saddened  "... more of what parts of a Dragon are good for medicines, rituals, and their value on the black markets.  Supposedly on one outer rim world Dragon soup is a delicacy."

"Oh hell no, if anyone thinks they are turning our Dragon General into soup, they'll deal with the wrath of the 212th!"  Boil was not having it, and if one sleemo bounty hunter even thought about it, he was just going to shoot him, and then let the Commander loose.

"No one is eating Obi-Wan." Anakin growled low in his throat.  There was one time he had to deal with Dragon Hunters, and well, they didn't live long enough to contemplate the errors of their ways.  "And for your information, Dragons don't eat virgins, they actually don't eat sentient beings, unless in self defense, and we're not going to talk about that - as it was traumatizing for all those involved."

"Do the Jedi know?"  Ahsoka asked quietly, staring at the empty spot her Grandmaster stood.  She had walked into the situation, not sure what was going on, and had taken a deep breath, pulled the Force around her, only finding confusion and humor, but no malice.  Though she had a lot of questions.

"Not all of them."  Anakin sighed realizing there was no way he was getting out of explaining at least some of this nightmare.  He cursed Obi-Wan for running off, but also knew why he did.  He needed to have a private conversation with Commander Cody.  Which meant he was stuck with 501st storytime.  "First things first, get the wounded to medical, clean up the battlefield, and after remembrance I'll tell you a story."

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Cody gripped the strong neck, as the General ran through the forest.  He had no idea where they were going, and he wasn't sure if Obi-Wan actually did.  He was a bit worried about leaving the men behind, but trusted Boil to take care of the 212th, and Rex would also watch over the vode.

In a short time they found themselves in a secluded area, with a decent size lake surrounded by trees, which gave them plenty of cover.   

He slid off his General's back - something he never would've contemplated let alone do - took off his bucket and watched.  Obi-Wan slowly made his way towards the lake, sniffed at the water, then started lapping it up, shaking his head slightly as water dripped from his whiskers.   Then with a delightful yip, he jumped into the water, splashing around.  There was a flick and the last bit of droid went flying from his tail landing somewhere past the treeline.

Cody found a big enough rock, put his bucket down, setting his blaster close by and just watched the giant lizard swim around.  He looked blissfully happy, something he had never seen in his General.  After a few more laps, he pulled himself out of the water, gave a mighty shake then made his way towards the Commander and flopped on the ground, placing his head in Cody's lap.

He took off his gloves, dropped them into the bucket, and ran his hands over the head, marveling at the fact the scales were soft.  "You're getting me wet sir."

"Between the plastoid and your blacks I'm sure you're perfectly dry."  The drawl was so Kenobi, it made the surreal moment seem so normal.

"Do you feel better?" he asked.

"I do actually."  Both eyes closed, as he leaned into the petting.  "It's been too long since I've been in Dragon form.  Just laying out and stretching ease so many aches."

"How long have you been a Dragon?"  He bit back the groan at such a stupid question.  "I mean …"

Kenobi chuckled lightly, then shifted until he was looking directly at Cody.  Half of his body was in the lake, the tail swished around making patterns in the water.   He truly looked at his General, and realized he had never seen him so relaxed.  He'd seen him meditate, prep for battle, pissed, annoyed at Skywalker and or the Council, but never relaxed.   As a matter of fact he'd seen him contented, show care for those around him, he gave so much to the vode, Skywalker, Commander Tano, yet took so little in return.

The simplest things made him smile, a cup of tea while he did reports, watching the Shinnies find themselves - the one time a Shiny informed the General he was the first to hear his name he thought the Jetii was going to cry, found out he did just in the privacy of his own room.  

But even those times he had never seen him this relaxed, like there was nothing to be afraid of, but then at the moment he was a Dragon that was over 18 feet tall, and could - has - destroyed seppie armies.

"I was born a Dragon," he answered simply.  "My parents are Dragons."

Cody tilted his head slightly.  "How else do you get baby Dragons?  I mean … " he sighed, hating the fact he seemed to have forgotten how to speak Basic.  "I know you're not decanted like us clones."

"You were born just like everyone else, just differently."  Obi-Wan reached his head forward rubbing against his Commander.  "Dragons are a rare species, and because of long histories of being hunted down, we hide amongst others.   Not all Dragons showcase as human, others take the form of other species.   And not all Dragons are born of a Dragon.   My parents are a Mated Dragon pair, but my grandparents on my father's side, one of them was a Stewjon, not a Dragon.  It's how our family settled on the planet."

"I don't understand."   

"Dragons live long lives, if not taken out by Dragon Hunters."  His tail became more agitated, showcasing his distaste.  "The blessing is having a Mate."

"I thought the Jedi didn't have attachments?"  It was the one thing that was instilled in them since they started training.  They were made for the Jedi, but not to expect anything from them in return, as they were illustrious being above a mere clone.  They learned fast that the Jedi weren't anything like the Kaminos had let them to believe.  They were open, caring, called the Clone's by their chosen names, and fought next to them.  Even General Windu, who most thought was cold and elusive, had a sense of humor that snuck up on those who least expected it.

Obi-Wan sighed, the puff of air moving the whiskers.  Cody tried not to laugh at the eyeroll, it was even more pronounced in Dragon form.  "There's a difference between love and attachments, some Jedi have a hard time distinguishing those two things.  A few who know it's a problem, make a choice to be celibate.  Others have had long time lovers and never crossed that line.  Some still at times get it stuck in their stubborn head that love is forbidden, even after his Master would tuck him in at night and tell him he loved him."

Cody reached over and ran a hand along the long snout, soothing the irritated Dragon.  "We were taught to obey the Jedi, not to expect any compassion.  We were hesitant to trust, to give our names - a part of ourselves, and for some their Jedi are good General's, but not approachable.  I won't even mention Krell since he was just evil."  The vode still mourned those lost, and at times he still felt the guilt that Waxer had survived, when so many others hadn't.  He didn't want to know how Boil would've handled it if he lost his cyar'ika.  "Then there are those few, that have stood next to us, see as people not cannon fodder.  General Koon, who Wolffe and his pack would die for.  General Secura, who Bly swore his allegiance.  General Skywalker, who Rex will follow into the craziest stunt, and then there's you … "  He was caught in Obi-Wan's gaze, there was always something powerful about those blue eyes.  "The 212th would go against the Republic for you, and well, I would not just die for you, to be honest I would kill for you."

Kenobi blinked a few times, then scooted forward and laid his head back on Cody's lap. "I don't deserve such loyalty."

"That's for us to decide, not you, sir."  He ran his hand over the scales.  "So what do you mean by Dragons have Mates?  And I'm still not sure what you meant about your grandparent being Stewjon, aren't you one?  Or is the Dragon in itself entirely different."

"Let's start with the easy one."  He shuffled leaning closer into his Commander, who grunted softly but took the weight.  "Well actually it's all complicated and interconnected, but I'll try my best."  Cody again felt the rumble along his body as he scratched behind the Dragon's ear.  "Don't stop."  The Commander chuckled, and continued with the pets, now that he knew how to calm down his Jetii.  "A Dragon has a Mate, this is the one person that completes them.  Sometimes it's another Dragon, other times it's a human or another species.  My grandfather is a Dragon, born from a long line of Dragons, his Mate is a female from Stewjon."

"Is?  They're still alive?"

"I may have mentioned Dragons are long lived, when a Dragon Mates with a non-Dragon, they live as long of a life as the Dragon, the two souls are connected forever, one won't survive past the other."  He leaned into the petting, enjoying the touch.  It really had been too long since he stretched out, let alone be touched in Dragon form.  "So yes, my grandparents are still very much alive.  My grandmother gave birth to a human child, my father.   Sometimes the child will stay the species the Dragon Mated to, if by the time their first naming day they haven't transformed into a Dragon, it's a good indication they will stay their species.  I had an Aunt, my father's sister, she was Stewjon, never transformed, while my father did."

Cody took a few moments to catalogue all the information.  "So your Dragon grandfather, who was born a Dragon, Mated with a Stewjon female.  She had two children, only one took your grandfather's genetics and became a Dragon."

"Yes."  He moved off Cody, once again sitting up, making sure to look him in the eyes.  "My father, Mated to another Dragon, and well they hatched me."

"Hatched?"  The Commander snorted, a grin forming as he tried to envision that particular moment.  "As in hatched from an egg?  Really, sir?"

"I will tell you I was an adorable baby Dragon."  Obi-Wan sniffed slightly, a small smile forming.  "But yes hatched, Dragons born of Dragons are usually a clutch of eggs.  I was only one, the theory being it was because of my Force sensitivity."

"Please tell me there are holos of adorable baby Dragon Obi-Wan Kenobi."  Cody really needed to see what his General looked like as a child.  "I'm sure you were a little osik, who just rolled over and gave everyone big eyes to distract from the havoc you created."

Kenobi openly laughed, his full body shaking with mirth.  

It was a sound, Cody would strive to hear again.  Because now that he knew how beautiful his General was in his Dragon form, how relaxed and carefree, even if it was for a moment, he would make sure Obi-Wan would get to have more of these moments.   

And he's pretty sure once the vode saw what he was seeing, they would plot how to get their Dragon General to relax.

"I'm sure if you ask Mace nicely, he'll have no problem pulling out all the embarrassing holos of my Initiate days."  Obi-Wan rolled his eyes, not wanting to think about the embarrassing stories that his fellow Council Member could spread through the army.

"How many Jetii know?  And is it dangerous for you? I heard Mythic rambling about being hunted, and you mentioned hunters."  Cody needed to know if he needed to have a long conversation with Ghost Squad, about setting up extra protection.  Maybe he would need to talk to General Skywalker, as it was obvious he knew about the Dragon.

"Yoda was the one who came to Stewjon to seek me out for the Jedi."  He ended up laying his head again on Cody's lap, demanding pets.  "Mace came with him, to assure my parents."  There was a slight hesitation.  "He assured them I would be safe, as I wouldn't be the only Dragon."

The petting paused, as the implications fell into place.  "General Windu is a Dragon?  Ponds is going to lose his mind, when he finds out."

"He's bigger than me, a black dragon, with purple highlights.  He's got a set of wings, that sound like thunder when he lifts off."  He shifted slightly, leaning into the pets.  "As for me,  I'm a mix of my parents, I physically took after my father, who is a Water Dragon, hence the scales, and splashing about in the water.  But I tend to act more like a Tooka Dragon, which I got from my mother, including her vicious claws."  He lifted one of his paws up, there was a webbing between each of the toes, indicating his ability in water, but the claws looked sharp and deadly.

"Is that why when I pet you, you purr?"

"Oh ner cyar'ika that's not the only reason."  Obi-Wan rubbed against him.  "But to answer, not all the Jedi know.  Mace helped take care of me growing up, Yoda and Koon watched over me.  My creche mates: Bant, Garret, Siri, Reft, and Quinlin know.  And of course my Master and then Anakin.  Satine knows, as we were on the run for over a year, and at one time I transformed to protect her.  Now you, the 212th and 501st."   He paused, just breathing for a few moments before quietly adding.  "I'm sure you can imagine what would happen if the Senate, Separatists, or the Sith were to learn of this."

"They will never touch you, my Jetii.  You are the 212th's to protect.  I wasn't kidding earlier, when I said the men would turn against the Republic.  If the Senate or any other bastard tried to hurt or take you, the a'den we would unleash would bring honor to our Mandalorian heritage.   I'm sure the 501st would be right next to us with General Skywalker leading the charge."  

He shifted slightly, standing from the rock, keeping his hand on the large snout, making sure he could look Obi-Wan in the eyes.  He needed him to understand that the men loved their General, as much as he loved them.  They would die to protect their Dragon, because they know he would do the same.  

But more importantly.

"When were you planning to tell me that I was your Mate?"

Chapter Text

"So Dragon?"  Rex got the vode situated around the fires, all settled in for 501st Storytime.  

While the men were laying to rest their brothers, Anakin had put in a call to Windu to inform him of the situation, and ask permission to tell the men about the time when he was an angsty teenager who pissed off his Master so bad that he went full Dragon.  Mace had only snorted and stated 'you mean last week?'.  

Those who thought that the Council Member was a serious no nonsense stick up his ass Jedi, had never spent time with said Master.  Anakin himself had to admit, his own perspective of Windu had changed, when he learned about the Dragons.   The two didn't always see eye to eye, but he knew Mace had the best intentions, and was beyond stressed being Head of the Order.

He settled next to the fire, making sure Ahsoka was by his side.  He had discussed with Obi-Wan just after she became his Padawan if they should tell her about the Dragon, but both decided it wasn't a good time, especially in the middle of the war.  

"First off."  Anakin glanced around the eager faces.  Similar yet so different, each one unique in the Force, yet made of the same genetics.  He loved his men, hated this war, and at times really wished they would let him off his leash so he could just rip Dooku's head off and end it.  Though deep down, he knew that Dooku wasn't the end all of this war, and that worried him more than he wanted to admit.  "This.  This whole thing.  Doesn't leave his planet.  When new shinies join, if they are trustworthy to learn this, they must fully understand not to gossip or talk about this outside our units.  I mean it. This information doesn't go beyond the 501st or the 212th."

"Yes sir."  

He took a deep breath.  "Yes.  Obi-Wan Kenobi is a Dragon.  As I'm sure by now Mythic has told everyone what he knows, and some of the horror stories he mentioned about the black market, Dragon Hunters, and yes even soup - it's all true.  There are reasons Dragons hide, and soup is the least of them."

Boil growled low in his throat.  "How many are there?"

"No one really knows."  Anakin shrugged casually.  "Most people think they are myths or the species was tragically wiped out.  If most worlds knew Dragons moved throughout the galaxy in plain sight."  

He didn't even want to think about it.  

"But the Jedi can be trusted."  Ahsoka looked at her Master.  "Right."

"Normally I would say without a doubt, but between Dooku and Krell, I don't trust anyone beyond those who already know," he stated sadly.  Obi-Wan would've just stepped on Krell and been done with it, Anakin would be more worried what Dooku would do if he knew, thankfully Qui-Gon never told him.  

"Being cooped up in a small human form can't be healthy."  Kix frowned, still hating he had no idea how to even treat a Dragon.  He already stole everything Mythic had, and was trying to do more research without looking like he was researching a creature that didn't exist.  "When was the last time the General was able to be himself?"

"Honestly, this is the first time I've seen him transform since the war."  Anakin ran a hand through his hair, noticing that the length was getting a bit too long.  "There's a place at the temple for him to transform, but it's restrictive he can't really run around.  Normally, we would've visited planets that have distant temples so he could frolic."  

That got some of the men to laugh.

"How did you find out?"  Rex asked, smiling softly.  He hoped when Cody and the General came back from wherever they ran off to, he was still in Dragon form.  He would like to really see him, not just stare in shock.  

"Well now to the embarrassing part of the storytime."  

"Sir, we live with you.  That's every night."  

From this point onwards, Echo was no longer his favorite.

"I'll make sure Rex puts you on latrine duty." Blatantly ignoring Echo fistpumping with his Captain.  "I'll admit I wasn't an easy teenager to live with."  He ignored the snorts coming Torrent Company, as far as he was concerned Ghost Company was now his favorite it didn't matter they were the 212th.  "When I hit sixteen I thought I was an all powerful Jedi.  I knew everything, and that my Master was just holding me back."

"Sir, you were an di'kut."  Rex gave him a knowing look.  "General Kenobi still kicks your sheb when you two spar."

"Yes I was."  He had to agree, and at times he cringes at the stupidity that came out of his mouth during that time.  "And one day, Master had it with my teenage ansty shit, and let me have it…"

'I'm stronger than any Jedi here!'  Anakin yelled, anger sparking around him.  He was tired of being looked down upon by Masters, Knights and other Padawans.  They were nothing compared to him, he was the Chosen One, he had more power than they would ever understand.  'I'm more powerful than the Council, and they treat me like a child.  I should be doing my own missions, yet I'm stuck with you.  You, who couldn't save his own Master…'  He didn't feel the shift in the room, how everything suddenly went still.  '... Qui-Gon was a better Jedi than you will ever be!'

Anakin bit back the smirk, he knew how much bringing up Qui-Gon hurt his Master, and he always backed down, like a coward.  He would never be strong enough to take on Anakin, which was enough proof that he deserved a better Master, a strong one - just like the Chancellor had told him.

Only this time Obi-Wan wasn't staring at him in disgust or horror, instead he turned his back on his raging Padawan, sat down on the bench near the entrance of the large oversize garden.  It was one Anakin hadn't seen, it was towards the back of the Temple, actually he wasn't sure where they were, he had been busy ranting about his idiot teacher who corrected him on the proper way to handle diplomatic situations dealing with slavers … as far as he was concerned there was no diplomatic way, it was just best to kill them.  

He paused for a moment, confused by his Master's actions.  He had taken off his boots, removed his belt, along with his out set of tunics, then folded his cloak over all of it making sure his Lightsaber was tucked into the fabric.  He softly walked over to Anakin.

'So you think you're powerful?' he asked.

'Yes!'  He pulled the Force around him, shoving all his emotion at his Master.  He smirked, when he saw him flinch.  

'You think you can just take anyone on?  That just raw power and your ego is good enough to save yourself, or others?' 

'I'm unstoppable!' he yelled.  'I'm more powerful than any of the Jedi…'

The roar scared the crap out of him, as did the sudden red monster that was standing over him.  Before he could even react and grab his Lightsaber one of the creature's paws flicked out, smacked him to the ground, then pinned him.   The head tilted down until the snout was in Anakin's face.  'How powerful are you now?  Are all of my lessons about how to handle a superior foe floundering around in that empty head of yours?'

'Master?'  Anakin stared at it in shock.  'I don't understand.'

'Of course you don't, because you're an arrogant hot headed child.  You think power is the best weapon in your arsenal.  If you can't wield the power, Anakin, it's pointless.  Being a Jedi isn't about crashing through a window and saving the day. It doesn't mean whipping out your Lightsaber and flashing it around like some holo porn star!  It's about knowing who you are, knowing your limitations, knowing that you will do everything you can to help others.'  He lifted his paw and let his Padawan crawl out from under it.  

He sat down on his haunches, and stared at Anakin with a mixture of disappointment, annoyance, and affection.  'Yes, you are the Chosen One, but it means nothing if you don't know how the Force works, how to control it, and not let it control you.  Power will only get you so far before it burns too hot for even you to handle.  The arrogance and anger that you have showcased will only lead you down one path, one I do not want for you.'

'You're a Dragon.'  He stood up, taking a few hesitant steps forward, hand out smiling when Master Obi-Wan put his snout into his palm.  'I only heard of your kind, never saw.  There were way too many Dragon Hunters on Tatooine for the stories to be only myth.'

'Yes I am.  And now that you know, what will you do to protect me?'  He rubbed against his Padawan, making him laugh slightly.  'You know we're hunted.'

'Couldn't you just kill them!?' 

'If it was that easy we wouldn't be hunted now would we?'  Kenobi laid down on his stomach, crossing his front paws in front of him.  'You would consider me powerful?'

'Yes!  Look at you.'

'But not in my human form?'

He frowned, then sat down in front of his Master.  'There's an objective lesson in here, isn't there.'

'Yes my Padawan.'  Kenobi laughed lightly.  'Anakin, even the size I was as a young Dragon, I wasn't able to defend myself against Hunters.  Power isn't about brute force.  It's what's inside you.'  He nudged his claw against his chest.  'You now see me powerful, when five seconds ago you were yelling that I wasn't good enough to save my own Master.'

'Couldn't you have?'  He didn't mean for it to come out as accusational as it did, or maybe he did.

'At the time I was twelve feet high, and about sixteen feet long.  You've seen those walkways, at what point would I be able to transform, let alone be any use in the fight?'  

The look he gave him was so his Master it made him snort.  'Which kinda makes your point.'

'Well I wasn't going to say anything.'  He chuckled lightly.  'And what if Maul had survived, told the Sith Lord I was a Dragon, that the Jedi have a Dragon.'

'Is there more?'  He wanted to reach out and touch, feel if the scales were soft, run his fingers over the whiskers.  

'I see you told the hormonal angsty teenager about the deep dark secret.'  Mace Windu stepped around Obi-Wan to glare at Anakin.  'Was this wise?'

'We talked about this.'  He glanced down at the Council Member.  'He needed to know, and well it seemed today was a good day to make a point.'

Mace stared at Anakin for a few moments, then sighed.  'I'm trusting you with this Padawan Skywalker.  This isn't something to boost your ego, or brag to other annoying angsty teenagers.  This is serious.'

'Look I know you don't like me…'

'Skywalker you haven't given me enough to like or dislike.  You came to us, a scared ten year old.  If it wasn't for your Master, we would've never known your history on Tatooine as Jinn may have left off some important information.  You've had a rough life, not just as a slave, but trying to find a spot at the Temple.  Don't think for a moment that us adults don't know what it's like to deal with peers who are assholes.'

Anakin blinked a few times, not sure how to handle Master Windu so … normal.  Let alone relaxed, he was wearing only his inner tunics, and was barefoot.  'Wait.  You didn't know I was a slave?'

'Not until sometimes after Naboo.'  Kenobi's tale twitched in irritation, distracting Anakin from whatever his Master was saying.  'ANAKIN!'

'Sorry.  This is just so wizard.'  He blushed lightly, finally reaching out to touch the long snout.  The whiskers tickled his hand.  'Everyone treats me like an outcast.'

'You could talk to me about it.'  Obi-Wan leaned further down, rubbing against him, getting a small laugh out of his Padawan.  'I know a few things about not fitting in. Like Master Windu said, we all know what angsty teenage drama is like.  No one is immune to gossip, teasing, and even bullying.'

'They shouldn't treat me like that.'  

'They shouldn't treat anyone like that.'  Mace gave him a pointed look.  'Unfortunately you're always going to be gossiped about.  You came to the temple as a ten year old, your Master is the youngest Knight to take a Padawan, and you are powerful.  Arrogant, and need to learn control, but everyone can see the power.  Because you have that power, you have to be the better person.'

'But why!'  He yelled, anger still simmering at the surface.  'Why do I have to, why can't they be nicer.'

'Because people are assholes.'  Mace's blunt statement started him slightly.  'Even Jedi.  The more power, the more strength, the more you have to be controlled or tyrant you will become.'

'How very Yoda of you.'  Obi-Wan rolled his eyes.  'How would you plan on making someone stop being a bully?'

'Force them…' Anakin paused thinking about that statement.  'Then I become the bully.'  He suddenly felt tired, he slumped onto the ground, feeling defeated.  'But I'm tired of it all'

'I know.'  Master Kenobi laid his head next to his Padawan.  'I was bullied, and very angry as an Initiate, so desperately wanted to transform and knock Brock into the wall, but Mace helped me keep my focus.  Sadly Brock never did grow out of it, and even in the end when I tried to save him, he refused help.'

'Because he was too angry?'  Anakin petted his Master, feeling weirdly calmer while doing it.

'To prideful.'  Mace added to the conversation.  'And if Obi-Wan had showcased himself, everyone in the temple would've known, including Brock, who was working with Xantos, and if he had learned about the Dragon, he would've sent Hunters.'

'You can be pissed, upset and hurt.  Just have to recognize the emotions, and understand the difference between responding to the emotion or because of it.  If you lash out in anger, it hurts both of you.  If you know you're angry and calm down before confronting - you're acknowledging the anger but not letting it control you.'

'Why did you show me this?'  He asked.  'Why now?'

'I was actually waiting until you were ready, well then you pissed me off with your angst and drama, I figured it was a good object lesson.'  

Anakin stared up at his Master, then smirked.  'You are really a little shit aren't you.'

'Not little.'

Mace laughed openly.  'Padawan Skywalker, the fact you believe your Master is the perfect Jedi, who follows all the rules, and is the darling of the Council - shows you're an idiot.'

'I resent that.'  Anakin couldn't really help the laugh.  For the first time in a long time, he felt freer, happier.  'Master Windu, you've known all along about Master?'

'Yes kid, I helped raise the annoying tooka.'  He gave Obi-Wan an affection pat on the nose.  'It was nice to have another running around.'


Within a blink of an eye, a much larger Dragon stood before him.  Dark as night, scales shimmering purple, the snout held a set of vicious teeth, the two horns on top were menacing, but the eyes were filled with mischief.  He stretched out his wings, before laying them against his long body. 

Anakin Skywalker, knew at that moment something had changed, not just for him but for all three of them.  'Oh you have to take me for a ride.'

'Don't even think about it.'

"Did you ever get that ride?"  Rex asked.

"No, the bastard."  Anakin was still angling for one, even suggesting it would be a good strategic plan against the seppies, yet still no ride.   

Kix facepalmed. "Do any of you Jetii understand the need for self care?  Something so big shouldn't stay in something so small.  Let alone treatments for the human side, may not work on the Dragon side.  We're going to need to figure something out for General Kenobi.   He already doesn't sleep or eat enough."

"I do know in Dragon form they eat a lot more.  Obi-Wan is basically a Water Dragon, so he tends to like fish, but I know, well, that he got used to not eating way before I was his apprentice, because of missions and what not.  Matter of fact … " he paused for a moment.  "I'm kinda glad Cody isn't here because the man would lose his mind if he knew about this."

"Don't worry sir, we'll do it for him."  Boil assured him, not likely the way this was going.

Kix was taking notes, to send them to 212th's Medic Snap, who had been on loan to General Koon, when he paused and looked at his General.  "Sir, how concerned should we be, and more importantly should we take weapons away from the 212th."

Anakin smiled softly, though with a sense of sadness.  "The person who you would want to kill is already dead.  When I found out my world perspective changed, you would think that learning about the Dragon did it, but let's face it I'm stubborn."  The incredulous looks he was getting from the men and his Padawan was not shocking.  "Also Master Windu is a protective bastard of those he cares about, and Obi-Wan is one of those people."

Chapter Text

The fire was enough to keep him warm.   After a tense staring match, which the General only won because he was still in Dragon form, he had removed the armour and set it close at hand.  Obi-Wan's Lightsaber was secured with his blaster.

Obi-Wan knocked some fish onto the bank, for Cody to eat.  He found a good roasting stick, and cooked them over the fire, it had been a tastier meal than the rations he had in his gear.   He was more thrilled in watching the Dragon hunt food, and actually eat.  He would need to have a conversation with Snap when they got back to the Negotiator, to make sure the General was getting enough nutrients.  The fact it took every inch of Cody's stubborn will to get him to eat on a normal day, would mean he likely wasn't.

As night began to fall he found himself full, warm and content leaning against the Dragon, who had wrapped himself around Cody and the fire.   "You can't avoid the question forever."

"No."  Obi-Wan's tail twitched running along his Commander's leg.  "I knew you were my Mate the moment I saw you, and had no idea what to do about it.  The very idea that anyone was created to fight and die was affront to everything the Jedi stood for, yet here was a whole army waiting for us to send them into battle to die."

"You don't treat us like that." 

It was an old argument.   

Obi-Wan though tries at times to keep a sense of detachment while in battle, and in ways he understood there are times he has to detach himself from his vode, or he would never be able to send them into danger.  But he also knows the Jetii felt every death, says remembrance with them, and will go over battle plans until he can barely stand to find the best solution with less body count.

"Yes, we've had that argument many times."  The Dragon gave him a sheepish look.  "But ner al'verde you needed time to figure out who you were, outside being a clone, part of the GAR, and even your vode."

Cody crossed his arms, taking a moment to think about what was said, and well he was right.  He was made to serve the Jedi, made to fight, and if need be, die for the Republic.  He was given the name Kote, settled for Cody, and it had taken time for him to stop being CC-2224.  

CC-2224 wouldn't make a good Mate for a Dragon.  

Cody would, but Kote would be better.

"How does this work?"  He asked starting to play with the Dragon's tail.  Each time he caught it in his hand, Obi-Wan pulled it out and flopped it back on his leg.  He was pretty sure tookas did the same thing.  He looked like a big lizard, but acted like a fluffy tooka. "If I get a big ball of string, would I be able to lead you to the mess hall?"

"Don't even!"

Well that was a thought for another day.

"This isn't something that can be undone."  He looked at Cody, gaze filled with hesitation, hope, and under all of it love. 

"I've loved you for a while."  He grabbed the tail one more time and held it, giving him a pointed look.  "Don't argue with me, I know my own feelings."  The tail settled down indicating what he had thought, it was a sign of his General's nervousness.  "Yes, we were made for the Jetii, made to fight for the Republic, but we're not mindless clankers.  It took time but we became our own men, learned to be individuals in a sea of sameness.  The moment I met you, I knew you were different.  I didn't understand what I was feeling, so that took time.  I've seen you at your best, worst, and everything in between.  There are times all I want is to hide you away from this war, but I know you wouldn't allow it.  Your ner Jetii.  I don't want to make sure Skywalker eats, or Koon gets enough sleep.  It's you I worry about, the one I go to sleep thinking about, only to wake up with you on my mind.  It's you who makes me laugh and cry.  You're it for me."

The tail wrapped around his wrist and pulled him onto his feet, it was way stronger than he had thought.   Cody walked across the small clearing until he was face to face with the Dragon.  He leaned forward and put his forehead on the snout, ignoring the tickling sensation from the whiskers.  "Ni kar'tayl gar darasuum."

"Ner cyar'ika al'verde."  He rubbed against him then reached out with his paw and pulled him closer.  "You are my life, Cody."

"So how does this work?"  He ran his hands along the snout, over the head, petting one of his ears, before settling into the embrace.  "And do I really need to be a virgin."

Kenobi snorted. "That's an old wives tale started by an overbearing father, who didn't want to acknowledge that his dear sweet daughter had already made her way through the eligible bachelors before finding her Mate."

"Is it okay if I am?"

"Cody you are part of my ka'rta."  He nudged him slightly.  "Sex is part of the relationship, not all of it.  Well, and in Dragon form, virgin or not, it doesn't work between us.  Now once I get back to being human, well lets just say I'm looking forward to peeling you out of those very form fitting blacks you got on."

He blushed lightly, but also felt heat go through him, just thinking about his General's hands on his body.  "I wondered many nights what you looked like under those tunics, I wasn't expecting Dragon."

Obi-Wan chuckled, shaking Cody slightly.  "I'm more impressive like this."

He leaned over and kissed the snout.  "I think you're impressive both ways.  Though I have a question and I hope you'll be honest with me?"

"I will try."

Cody knew that was a lot coming from his … his future Mate.  "How did you get the scars?  It's not from fighting in this war, Snap will dunk your ass in bacta for a hangnail if he could get away with it."

He felt Obi-Wan slump.  "It's not easy to talk about, but it's a part of me that you need to know."  

Cody settled again onto the ground fitting against his chest, paw wrapped around him.  He couldn't see Obi-Wan's eyes but he could feel the shuddering breath as he started to speak.  "I was thirteen…"

Chapter Text

"One would think after Obi-Wan revealed his Dragon self, I would've learned not to judge by appearances or worse piss off a Dragon, but well…"

"You're a di'kut who doesn't learn?" Rex asked innocently.

Anakin's eyes narrowed at him.  "You know I could just hand the 501st to Obi-Wan and lead the 212th."

"Not going to happen sir."  Boil gave him a pointed look.  "The General would just take the 501st and leave you planetside."

Skywalker crossed his arms over his chest, contemplating a few moments.  "Accurate."  Which had got the men to laugh lightly, settling the tension in their bodies.  

Ahsoka gave him a soft smile.  "Don't worry Skyguy I would come visit you."  

That set everyone off, as Anakin dramatically placed his hand over his heart.  "You too my Padawan?"  She leaned into him, enjoying the closeness to her Master.   She felt as if something good was happening, as if the Force was suddenly filled with joy and happiness, instead the normal pain and darkness that went with the war.

"So what did you do?"  Waxer asked.  "I mean it takes a lot to piss off the General."

"Oh it wasn't Obi-Wan I pissed off, he was annoyed but he has a level of patience with me that I'll never understand, but am eternally thankful for."  Anakin wrapped his arm around her shoulders, pulling her closer.  "Honestly, he's not going to be happy I'm telling you this, but at the same time he'll understand.  It's something that needs to be stated."

"To quote the General."  Boil gave a look to his fellow vode.  "I've got a bad feeling about this."

"I'm sure most of you noticed that Obi-Wan is a damn good General, for being a Jedi."  

Ahsoka looked up at her Master, taking a moment to think over the last two years.  "Master Kenobi also is a Council Member, and very influential in many things, hence he's sent out on diplomatic functions."

"Despite your apprenticeship, not all Jedi's see battle as Padawans.  Matter of fact outside this war, many never would've ended up in the middle of hostile situations.  A lot of missions are peaceful negotiations, that could lead to some violence, but not straight out war."  Anakin patted her shoulder before removing his arm and leaning forward clasping his hands together.  "I thought it was normal to be in the middle of battle situations, until a few of my agemates informed me it was rare.  I discovered that the only reason I was, was because Obi-Wan had always been sent to these types of negotiations, due to his skills."  He paused for a moment.  "Skills he unfortunately learned under Master Jinn."

"His Master, the one killed by Maul?"  Rex remembered hearing the story from Cody. 

"Yes, the same bastard who somehow survived being cut in half, and has become as much of a nuisance as Grievous.  But that's another story."  He took a moment, calming his own emotions over the situation.  At times he still could feel the righteous anger over Master Jinn's death, wanting to blame his Master for not being faster, stronger.  It usually took him a few moments to shake it off, it was just old echoes of emotions.  "It was getting close to the Anniversary of the battle of Naboo, Master Obi-Wan was getting quieter, and I was getting pissed that no one seemed to care that we had lost, in my opinion, the greatest Jedi who ever lived."

There was nothing but silence over the campfire.  

"Quinlan Vos is a scary bastard when he wants to be.  He's also very loyal to Obi-Wan, though they drive each other insane, and I'm pretty sure at one point they were more than friends, but I still can't get that confirmed."   He ignored the credits exchanging hands between some of the 212th.  "I walked into our rooms … "

'Why are you this upset?'  Quinlan handed Obi-Wan a glass of good Corellian Brandy.  'You can't tell me you're still mourning the bastard.'

'Quinlan, despite everything he was my Master, and I learned a great many things from him.'  He downed the drink.  'And we need to stop having this conversation every year.'

'Well when you need to stop crying over the bastard, the one I might point out was ready to toss your ass to the side for the brat.'

'That brat is my Padawan.'  He stood and moved over to the side of the room, grabbing the Brandy to pour another glass, actually debating whether it would be rude if he drank directly from the bottle.  

'Only because Jinn was stupid enough to run ahead and get himself killed.'

'How dare you!'  An angry shout echoed through the small living space.

Obi-Wan closed his eyes, hands rubbing his forehead, hoping to stop the Anakin induced headache.  

Quinlan turned on the young Padawan.  'Welcome to the real world, where Qui-Gon Jinn isn't the greatest Jedi that ever lived.  You should be thanking whatever deity you want, that Obi-Wan is your Master, and not some hot headed Bantha Poodoo that thought it was a good idea to leave children behind in war zones!'

'Quinlan Vos!'  Obi-Wan yelled, glaring at his friend.

The Shadow didn't back down, instead stalked towards Anakin.  'You want to get angry.  You want to scream at me?  Want to attack me for degrading your precious hero.'

'He saved me!'  Anakin yelled.

'Yeah kid he did.  But ask yourself this.'  He got up in Anakin's face, which really proved that Quinlan was insane, considering the amount of anger and power that was radiating off him.  'Why didn't he save your mother?'  He glanced to Obi-Wan who was now sitting at the kitchen table, head laying on his arms.  

'He couldn't save both of us.  She sacrificed herself for me.'  Anakin snarled, hands shaking as he got into the Knight's face.  'He was a great fighter, and if my Master was better he would still be alive.'

'Your Master is one of the best duelers in the Order.  One, I might add, you can't beat, so you think you could've done better?  An underweight ten year old who looked like he was six could've taken on Maul?  Grow the kriff up.  And maybe you need to remember Padawan lesson 101.  When you work as a team ... '  Quinlan poked him in the chest  '... you never leave your teammate behind.  Though considering the amount of times you've left your Master behind seeking glory, maybe you did deserve the asshole.'

'Neither of you will be as great as Master Jinn!'  He yelled using the Force to send Quinlan flying across the room, who landed on the coffee table, scattering data readers all over the floor, and destroying the items on it, along with the table itself.  

He stood, hand on his lightsaber, glaring at Anakin, daring him to make another move.  

He didn't miss the fact Obi-Wan had got between them.

'Padawan Skywalker!'  Anakin stiffened at the sound of Master Windu's voice.  'You will come with me.'  He turned towards the door, then paused.  'That wasn't a request.'

"Well that explains why Master Vos doesn't like you."  Ahsoka commented.  She had always wondered.  The Shadow was cordial to her Master, but not friendly.  He never treated her any differently, and always teased Master Obi-Wan.

"Despite the fact I grew the kriff up, he's loyal to Obi-Wan and you know I'm okay with that, someone needs to watch his back, especially as he sucks at taking care of himself.  He now has Commander Cody, and the 212th which is good."  Anakin felt pride among the men.  "But if I had thought Knight Vos was protective, it was nothing compared to Master Windu."  

He was fuming by the time they reached the back garden.  How dare that pathetic nobody, who didn't understand that if it wasn't for Master Jinn, Anakin wouldn't be here.  He was meant to be a Jedi.  Master Jinn had seen that, and saved him.  It hurt that his mother wasn't with him, but she loved him enough to let him go.   

Master Jinn was what all Jedi's should be.  He understood the need to go off course and fight for what's right.  He was a rebel against the constraints of the Council, who just held people back from their full potential!

He deserved better.

He deserved Master Jinn.

The Chancellor assured him that Master Jinn was a far better Jedi, than the one he had.

And he didn't have him because his Master was too slow.  So he was a Dragon, and that was kinda wizard, but he still failed Master Jinn.   If he's supposed to be the best, then he could've saved Qui-Gon …

'Are you done with your anger induced pity party?'  Mace turned on him, hands clasped behind his back as he stared down the angsty teenager.

'No one cares about Master Jinn!'

'That's not true.'  Windu gave him a pointed look.  'Qui-Gon was my crèchemate.  I miss him daily, he was very insightful and glowed in the Living Force.'

'Then why does everyone make him into the bad guy!'  Anakin demanded.  'Oh poor Obi-Wan.  His master was so mean.  Obi-Wan didn't save him!  Why aren't they talking about that!'

'Can't save someone if they leave you behind,' he argued.  'You were a child, and you're acting like one now.  You refuse to see fault in your hero.  He saved you, and because of him you are on your way to being a great Jedi.  So of course you see him as the greatest thing that ever lived, but you have no idea who he really was.  He was a stubborn bastard, much to his own detriment.  He got something stuck in his mind, nothing changed it - hence he practically tossed Obi-Wan to the side to train you.'

That had made him pause.  'Master Obi-Wan was Knighted.'

'After he killed Maul, when you met him he was still Qui-Gon's Padawan.'   His gaze was hard, and there was something about it that made sure Anakin couldn't turn away.  'When he said he would take you as a Padawan learner, I'm going to guess that was the greatest thing ever as far as you were concerned.'

'Well yeah.  I should've been his Padawan.'

'The Force obviously had other plans,' Mace sighed.  'Now I want you to imagine how you would feel right now, if Obi-Wan decided to take another Padawan.'

'He can't, I'm his Padawan.'  Mace gave him a look, Anakin only stared back.  'What?'

'You are not this dense!'  he yelled.  'Qui-Gon practically renounced Obi-Wan in front of the Council by claiming you, he half haphazardly tried to state Obi-Wan was ready for his trials, but in reality he had not even approached us about it.  He was willing to toss his Padawan to the side without a thought because of you!'  He poked Anakin in the chest.  'And  you know it's not the first time he tossed his Padawan aside for someone he felt was more important.'

'Wait. What?'  

Anakin stepped back, then started pacing trying to remember that time.   He had been so happy that he would be a Jedi and that Qui-Gon would train him.  Once he was a Jedi, he could go back to Tatooine and free the slaves, save his mother.  He was so focused on Master Jinn he didn't even pay attention to Obi-Wan, why should he, as far as he was concerned he was a nobody.  He only really noticed him, because he was always around Qui-Gon, and that was supposed to be his spot … 

He was not this stupid.  

Was he?  

He sat down and for the first time ignored everything that had ever been told him.  The whispers from the Chancellor, the snide comments from Knight Vos, the taunting from other Padawans, and let go of his anger.

Anakin remembered the sharp pain he felt at that council meeting.  The scream of grief that seemed to echo around him.  He focused not on himself but Obi-Wan, and realized his Master's world was being destroyed, while he was getting everything he wanted.   The agony was thick, but the determination was stronger.  Master Obi-Wan pulled the Force around him, and carried on with the Mission, not knowing if he would even be a Jedi at the end of it.

He blinked only to see Master Windu in front of him, shielding his shattered emotions from the rest of the Temple.  'Who else was more important?'  He wiped the tears from his eyes.  

'Do you want this story?  It will not put Qui-Gon in good light.'  Mace made sure he understood the consequence of this moment.  'It won't change that he saved you.  As it doesn't change that Qui-Gon was a good man, and in his way he cared for Obi-Wan, but the Council made their own mistakes with those two.  Qui-Gon was lost in grief over his previous Padawan, you know about Xantos.'  Anakin nodded, growling lightly the man was an outright bastard.  'Yoda got in his head that Obi-Wan was Qui-Gon's redemption.  Except if a man doesn't want to be redeemed...'

'Tell me.'  He had to know this, something deep inside him was twisting and changing, and for once it felt light and good.

'The one thing we didn't tell Qui-Gon at the beginning of their apprenticeship, and I'm not even going into that debacle, was that Obi-Wan was a Dragon.  It was my decision, and well as much as I cared for my friend, I didn't trust him not at that point with this information.'  Mace took a deep breath.  'Until Qui-Gon came back from a mission without his Padawan.'

Chapter Text

"Where's your Padawan?"  Mace demanded, when he stepped into the Hall of Healing.  

The Chief Healer informed him that Tahl had lost her sight, but she would heal.  She was a strong woman, and a formabible Jedi.  Blindness was not going to stop her.

"I no longer have one."  Qui-Gon answered distracted, his gaze not leaving Tahl, who was at the moment still asleep.  He looked tired and worn, the years showing through the grey streaks in his hair, and lines etched into his skin.

"You had one just a few short weeks ago."  His tone dropped, indicating he wouldn't tolerate being lied to.  Mace had known Obi-Wan was too good for Qui-Gon.  He was sure the young Initiate could learn much from him, but his gentle nature, deep connection to the Unifying Force, and Dragon nature, would contrast with Qui-Gon's staunchness in doing what he thought was right.

"He didn't have the strength to be a Knight."

"What does that even kriffing mean?"  Mace snapped, before taking a calming breath, only to get annoyed when he noticed the Jedi wasn't even paying attention.  "Jinn stop mooning over Master Tahl and look at me while you're explaining what you did with a thirteen year old boy!"

Qui-Gon turned towards Mace snarling at him.  "He left.  He decided the situation on Melida/Daan was more important than Tahl's life."

"You mean he decided, as a Jedi, that the many outweigh the one?"  His voice was calm yet deadly.  "Follow me."  He made his way to the entrance, only to pause when Qui-Gon hadn't moved.  "That wasn't a request!"

Master Jinn was actually surprised that there was a section of the Temple he didn't know about.  The garden was beautiful, filled with trees, a flowing river, and boulders to climb.  Sun streamed from the open skylights, it was filled with the Living Force.  It was amazing he had never seen or felt it.

"Make this quick," he demanded.  The doctors expected Tahl to gain consciousness and he didn't want her to wake up alone in the dark.  Trying not to think about the fact his Padawan was likely sleeping alone in the dark.   He shook his head, it was Obi-Wan's choice.

"Oh this is personal Qui."  Mace turned on him, his expression hard and difficult to read.  "This isn't a formal inquisition by the Council.  I'll let Koon at you later, as that is one pissed off Kel Dor."

He stared at his friend in confusion.  "Why would you care about my Padawan."

"But he's not yours now is he?"  He stalked around his friend, biting back the growl that wanted to escape. "You left him on a planet that is in the midst of a century old civil war.  Told him that there was nothing the Jedi could do, you Mr. 'I will do what I have to do because the Force calls me and kriff the Council'."

"I am not in the wrong here.  He is supposed to obey my orders…"

"You."  Mace interrupted and poked him in the chest. "Are supposed to train him, not demand obedience.  You are supposed to take care of him, not abandon him.  You are supposed to put your Padawan first, not your girlfriend!"

"She needed medical treatment, and he wouldn't leave."  Qui-Gon pushed back, starting to get angry.  "What was I supposed to do?"

"A million things besides leaving behind a thirteen year old alone on a war torn planet," Windu snarled.  "Lets see."  He began pacing slightly, in an agitation that Qui-Gon had never seen in his friend. "You could've dropped Master Tahl off at the doctor, came straight to the Council to tell us the situation, then demanded to go back to pick up your Padawan.  You could've, oh I don't know, comm us while in flight back to the Temple, to inform us of the situation and another Jedi could've been sent out to check on your Padawan.  Hell, you could've simply told your Padawan to continue monitoring the situation, made sure he had his Lightsaber, and that he understood you were coming back.  But no, because he disagreed with you, and in your ultimate I'm right and never wrong mindset, you decided to strip him of his only defense and told him he didn't deserve to be a Jedi.  And why?  Because your attachment to Tahl was more important than your loyalty to your Padawan."  

"He can't just decide who we help or what missions are more important!"  

Mace had enough, and in a blink of an eye the Dragon towered over the other Jedi.  Before Qui-Gon could react, one of the massive paws scooped him up, claw holding him upside down, twenty or so feet in the air.  "How very hypocritical of you Master Jinn.  Do you know how many times you stood in front of the Council, and I quote 'It was the will of the Force that I had to help some group of people or save some pathetic lifeform.  I did what was right, and will not curtail the mission when the Force leads me to go off script'." 

"You will put me down!"  Qui-Gon sent a force push to the creature.

"What, you think you're some form of Jedi, waving your hand around like that."  Mace rolled his eyes.  "Are you sure you want me to put you down?"

"I demand it!"

He dropped him, only to catch him in his other paw, just before he landed.  Then dumped him on the ground.  "Right now Qui-Gon, you're lucky I'm a Jedi first, a Dragon second.  You put in harm's way another Dragon, because of your carelessness and the Dragon in me wants blood."  His large head leveled down, showing off it's teeth.  

"Obi-Wan is a Dragon?"  He stared at his old friend in shock.  He had known about Mace since they were kids.  His attachment to the Living Force, gave him an insight that there was something different about his crèchemate.  How the hell did he not sense it Obi-Wan?  "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Would that have made a difference?"  Mace settled down, still glaring at his crèchemate.  "He's more important to you now that he's a Dragon?"

"I would've … "  Qui-Gon huffed, throwing his arms in the air.  "He's nothing like any Padawan I've had."

"Of course not!"  Mace leaned his head on one of his paws.  "He's better than any of the others you had.  Feemor wasn't really a Padawan, so I'm not insulting him.  Obi-Wan is drenched in the light, isn't a spoiled brat, has a kind and considerate soul.  You kriffed up, and you know it."

"He's stubborn and wouldn't listen to reason!"

"Really?"  Qui-Gon was always amazed how high that eyebrow could go up in human or Dragon form.  

"What now?"  He asked though he was already plotting how fast he could get back to Melida/Daan.  Maybe he should take Obi-Wan to Alderaan afterwards, he would like the hills to play in as a Dragon, he knew Mace did.  

"Well Plo Koon is already on his way to Melida/Daan, along with Yoda.  They are going to figure out what they can do about the Young.  The very idea of children trying to stop the adults from fighting is horrifying.   The Council should've done something sooner, but we got too wrapped up with Senate missions."  The Dragon sighed, lately there seemed to be just too much going on, so many needed their help, and there were so few of them.  "I know Obi-Wan well enough that he will take you back as a Master, but things have to change.   You know about us Dragons, and our needs, but don't treat him like a pathetic life form you picked up."

"How did you even find out what was going on?"  

"Well your Padawan is smarter than you."  Mace chuckled, head shaking lightly.  "He had the Young break into the communications department, sliced into the system and sent a message to the Council.  So we already knew you were an idiot when you showed up."

Qui-Gon couldn't help laughing, that quickly turned to tears.  "I'm terrified Mace."

"You already abandoned him on a war torn planet, what worse can you do?"

"Don't even."  Qui stood and reached out, palm up until the larger snout landed into it.  He then leaned forward until his forehead touched the Dragon.  "I promise to do better."

"It's not me you need to say that to…"

'And you know he did do better.'  Mace gave him a soft sad smile.  'He made sure the Dragon had time to roam and play, but there were times he still followed his own path dragging Obi-Wan behind him, putting him in dangerous situations.   He cared for Obi-Wan, never doubt that, but the two would've been better as friends, then Master/Padawan in the long run.   Actually, I had always thought once Kenobi was Knighted, their relationship would improve.   He learned a lot from Qui-Gon, never doubt that.  Your Master is formable negotiator, tactician, and can plot his way out of insane situations, but sadly he learned that by the time he was fifteen.'

'What happened to Master Tahl, I don't think I've met her.'  Anakin was curious about the woman that held Qui-Gon's heart.

'When she woke up from her injuries and found out Qui-Gon left Obi-Wan behind she let him have it.'  He smiled at the memory.  'She was a good Jedi, but sadly we lost her a few years later.  After her death, Qui-Gon almost or did, depending on who you talk to, fell to darkness.  It was Obi-Wan's light that saved, and steadied him … but it was just one more thing he had to face as a young Padawan.'

'Then I showed up.'  Anakin wiped his own tears.  

'You are not the cause of Qui-Gon's actions.  Obi-Wan has never blamed you.'  Mace pointed out, making sure the teenager understood.

'No, but I blamed him for Qui-Gon's actions, I guess I still have a lot to learn.'  Anakin stood, giving the Master a bow.  'How about a mission to a big forest planet so he can go play.  I notice he eats better when in Dragon form.'

'Bad side effect of being dragged off on side adventures, learning to live on ration bars or what's at hand.'  Mace shook his head, it was a bad habit they were still trying to break the Knight out of.  'Padawan Skywalker, the problem here is not that you care for Qui-Gon, nor that you see him as your hero.  The problem is the anger you used against Knight Vos, and your Master when they don't live up to your expectations.  I told you this story so you understand where they are coming from, but also to showcase what damage an unhealthy attachment can do.  You need to work on this anger, and I'm going to request to your Master that you spend time with me for meditation when you're in the Temple.  I get your anger, Skywalker, I watched my parents murdered and hacked for parts.'

Anakin's eyes went wide.  'How did you not hunt them down and kill them?'

'I would be no better than them.'   He stepped back, and in a blink the Dragon sat before him.  

'I still want that ride.'  Anakin grinned at him.

'Don't even think about it.'

"The sad thing, it wasn't until we faced Dooku at Geonosis that I finally had that epiphany moment."  Anakin shook his head, his robot hand clenching.  "Master Obi-Wan told me to hold, we were stronger as a team.  I ran ahead, and got my ass handed to me.  Obi-Wan had to fight him alone, and when he was injured I was going to prove that I at least can save my master."

"What happened?"  Wooley asked, he hadn't been at Geonosis.

He held up his mechanical arm.  "I lost my arm, and Yoda had to save both of our asses.  All because I ran ahead.  As I laid there, my head on his leg, I couldn't help the laughter.  Later, I apologized for being a hormonal angsty teenager."

Rex laughed openly.  "What did he say?"

"He gave me a pointed look, told me to use protection and not doing anything stupid."  That got all the men laughing.  "I sputtered trying to tell him I met about Qui-Gon and the anger I felt that he couldn't save him.  He pulled me into his arms, said he knew and … " He choked up for a moment.  " … told me he loved me.  Then the night before I went to escort Padmé back to Naboo, he handed me protection.  The bastard is such a little shit."

"Not little."  Boil pointed out, with a wicked smirk.  

Chapter Text

"And you just accepted his … I'm sorry for leaving you on a war torn planet, where you were the General of children!  My bad you were shot at, almost killed, and had your friends as young as six die in your arms, how about a second chance?"  Cody glared at his Dragon.   He had felt his anger rise, with each part of the story.   At the end, he felt grief, love, and admiration for his Mate.  Through all of that Obi-Wan still held on to his beliefs as a Jedi, and never moved away from the light.  It was probably a good thing Master Jinn wasn't alive ...  "If I ever meet the di'kut I'm smacking the ever living osik out of him!"

"Well as entertaining as that would be, it wouldn't be that likely, considering he's dead."  Obi-Wan gave him a pointed look.  He could feel Cody's wide range of emotions, and it was humbling that his Commander felt them all for him.  Sometimes he forgot what it was like to have someone look out for him.   

"Obi-Wan since I met you, I've seen some weird Force things.  Somehow your dead Master coming back either as a ghost or through time-travel wouldn't shock me."

"Don't say that."  The Dragon's eyes went wide, as his tail whipped around agitated, he didn't even want to contemplate either of those scenarios.  Though a part of him, a small part, would enjoy Master Jinn trying to deal with an irate Cody.  "With our luck it would happen."

With a sigh Cody laid his head against the Dragon.  "No one should have gone through that, let alone a child."

"Yet here you are, technically thirteen and fighting a war."  Obi-Wan rubbed against him, taking comfort from his smell and touch.

"Different situations and you know it."  He ran a hand over the snout, before forcing the Dragon to look at him.  "I'm not mentally thirteen, nor a child.  Yes, I was aged fast, but I'm an adult.  I was trained for combat.  If there was one thing that was obvious when the Jedi took command, none of you were soldiers, well expect you and I'm more horrified now that I know why."

"I'm fine."

"Not really, but none of us are with this war."  Cody again laid his forehead against the Dragon, he was finding it a comfort.  "I will never regret my life, I love my vode and will do everything to protect them.  But, I found a purpose when I met you, ner jetii."

"Cody."  Obi-Wan shifted until he was sitting up, looking down at his Mate.  "At times I find it hard not to hate the Kaminos for what they did, to you and your brothers.  And I'll never understand what Jango was thinking, but besides all of that … I'm thankful.  You were created for me, in so many ways.  And if you will accept, I will have you by my side, until death.  Ni kar'tayl gar darasuum."

"Mhi solus tome, mhi solus dar'tome, mhi me'dinui an, mhi ba'juri verde."  Responding with the Mandalorian marriage vows, was the only thing he could give him.  They declared his intent to be with him forever, and maybe one day they could raise warriors … well then again, they did have the 212th so maybe they already were.  "Ni kar'tayl gar darasuum, ner Dragon."

Obi-Wan reached up to his chest, used his claw to slice just under one of his scales.  Cody watched, memorized, not sure what to say or do, when the Dragon brought down a glowing orb down to his level.  "Ni dinui gar ner ka'rta, ner al'verde, ner cyra'ika."

He reached out to touch it.  There was a sudden warmth that encompassed him, he felt nothing but peace and love.  Love so strong it brought tears to his eyes.  Within a blink of an eye, the light surrounded him, and time stood still.  



Cody blinked, then sat up looking around the small campsite, only to realize it was morning.  The fire was low but still burning, there were some fish nearby ready to be cooked for breakfast.  He stood, shaking his head to get rid of the residue sleepiness, then took stock of himself, noticing nothing had changed.  He made his way to the lakeside, watching with a smile as Obi-Wan floated on his back.  There were at least a half a dozen fish laid on his stomach, with one between his paws as he snacked on it.   It was the most adorable thing he had ever seen.

"How long have I been out?" he asked.

"A few hours."  Obi-Wan answered easily, finishing off the fish he was gnawing on, then swallowed down the rest before swimming over and pulled himself out of the water and did a full body shake getting Cody wet, who stared at him unamused.  "The ritual takes a lot out of humans."

"So that's it we're Mated?"  He ran a hand through his wet hair, trying not to glare at his adorable Mate.   "I thought there would be … well more."

"For the Dragon side, yes."  Obi-Wan dipped his head down, snuffling against him.  "Personally, I'm looking forward to the wedding night." 

He blushed, body betraying how much the thought enticed him.  "I guess I'm going to have to wait until we get back."

"My dear Cody, when I get you back up to the Negotiator.  I'll enjoy stripping you down, and getting to know every inch of you.  Find out what makes you blush, moan, and scream my name."  He rubbed against him, eyes filled with lust. 

"After you escape Kix."  He couldn't help the laugh, from the indigent snort.  Being tossed into the water was unexpected, he spluttered when surfaced giving his Mate a glare.  Obi-Wan gave a small chuckle, before diving in behind him.  He guessed it was play time, and he was okay with that.  Because at the moment it was just the two of them.  

No war. 

No seppies.  

Just him and his Dragon.

Chapter Text

Anakin stood at the edge of the clearing, arms crossed over his chest, acting like an outraged parent, ready to scold their teenager for sneaking into the house past their curfew.  He knew the look well, he had seen it on Obi-Wan enough times.   

Then there was the one time he had jumped out of his illegal pod racer pumped from winning an illegal pod race, only to see his Master sitting in the stands, eating snack food, waving the flag of his illegal pod colors.

This was his time to shine.

To get revenge for all those moments.

Only to be pushed aside by Rex and Kix, both who made a beeline for Dragon and Commander.

"Don't even think about running, General!"  Kix gave the Dragon a glare as he pulled out his medical recorder.

"Cody! Ori'vod."  Rex gripped his arms, giving him a once over.  Then got a wicked smirk. "So still a virgin?"

The Commander gave him a cold stare, then tilted his head towards the Dragon.  "Really?"

Rex glanced at the Dragon, then at his vod, then back at the General.  "Point."  They both snorted quietly, just as Rex pulled him close. "You look happy."

"As much as I can be."  He held him a bit tight, then stepped back.  

"Should I start calling you Kote?"  Rex asked, starting to see the change in his ori'vod.  Being with the General would bring back the man he was, before being pushed back into good soldiers follow orders.

"Not quite."  If there was anyone who understood him, and what needed to be done - it was Rex. 

He knew that Cody still needed to be in the forefront.  "I got your back, vod."

"I know."  Cody glanced around him to see the 212th moving towards them.  They were looking up at the General in awe.  "Let me deal with my men, we'll talk later."  He patted Rex on the shoulder, then wandered over to them.  "Lieutenants, I do hope you have the General's clothes."

"I do."  Boil held up the boots and belt, while Waxer had the tunics and pants.  It was Wooley who held up the dark brown cape. 

"Where did you find that?"  Cody asked, as he couldn't remember the General having it when they landed.

"General Skywalker," he shrugged.  "We were informed when he turned back, that he, well, would be nude, so…" Wooley, waved the robe in indication, and was likely blushing under his bucket.

Cody almost growled, by the turn of heads in his direction, there was nothing almost about it.  He had always been protective, but now he could feel the sense of mine running through him.  He understood that the rest of the 212th adored, loved their General, but they weren't seeing him naked anytime soon!  

Hell he hadn't even seen him naked! 

"Don't move."  Kix yelled as he scanned the length of the Dragon.  He stepped over the tail, then tried not to laugh when it smacked him in the ass.  "Well if I didn't know it was you, that would have proved it."

Obi-Wan grinned down at the Medic.  "I'm actually fine.  Honestly, better than I have been."

He looked up at the General.  "It's not healthy to stay in your human form."

"No, it's not."  He leaned down rubbing against the medic.  "But I have little choice.  There's only a few places where it's safe to transform."

He frowned, then reached out to scratch the Dragon's nose.  Kix needed to talk to Snap, he had some ideas that could help, but would need more thought before bringing up his idea to the Commander.  

"He ate more in Dragon form."  

Speaking of the Commander, Kix glanced over to him. "How much more?"

"A full meal more."  Cody ignored the huffing behind him.  

"I'm sure the Dragon has a much higher metabolism rate."  He muttered as he wandered off, making more notes.

"You just told on me."  Obi-Wan leveled his head to look at his Mate.  

"Yes, I did."  Cody wasn't ashamed.  "I also plan on making sure that fish gets added to our food reserves.  I don't think you really understand how better you look right now, well besides the Dragon part.  You're more the General I met at the beginning of this damn war, and the men are noticing it.  You need to stay healthy."

He huffed, then brushed against his Commander.  "I will try."

"That's all I ask."  He laid his forehead against the snout.  They ignored the collective awe that went through the men.   As he stepped back, Cody got a wicked grin, one that Obi-Wan knew was bad for the person it was intended for … this wasn't going to end well for him.  "Longshot, do you have your Laser Sight?"

"Yes."  The sniper answered hesitantly not sure what his Commander was asking of him.  

"Turn it on and point it towards the ground."  Cody's eyes were filled with mischief.   It would seem to most he was teasing the General, but he was showing his vode a side of Obi-Wan that they normally didn't get to see.  With an added benefit, it would give the 212th even more incentive to protect their Jetii.

"No."  Obi-Wan stared down at his Mate in shock.  "Longshot as your General…"

"Yes do it!" Anakin cackled with glee at the very prospect.   The men would love it, and he was sure it would calm Ahsoka about the whole situation.  It had been a long time since he had seen his Master this relaxed.   It was a beautiful sight, he had Cody to thank for it, and would make sure the Commander would have the tools necessary to take care of his Dragon.  

Longshot glanced between General Skywalker, the Commander, and his General.  With a shrug he flicked on the Laser Sight and pointed towards the ground.  The Dragon straightened, he moved it slightly noticing instantly that the General tracked it across the ground.  He pulled off his bucket, a wide grin across his face as he moved the red dot into the open area.  In an instant the Dragon was chasing it across the field.  The men moved out of his way, all of them laughing with delight at their General, as he caught it between his paws.

"Oh Cody." Rex rested his hand on his vod's shoulder. 

"I know."  He couldn't help the sappy grin.  "This war needs to end so he can be that carefree, for all of us to be that carefree."  He looked around to see his vode laughing and now playing with the very large tooka.  Even Commander Tano got involved, laughing as she tried to catch the General's tail.

Rex pushed into him slightly.  "For a long time I honestly had no hope of seeing the end of this war, either would die in battle or it would just never end.  Now, I … " he paused for a moment smiling at everyone's antics.  "Now I have the determination to see this through."

"Why don't you go help Commander Tano catch a Dragon tail."  Rex didn't have to be told twice, he dove into the game, laughing along with his men.  

"Thank you."

Cody glanced over at General Skywalker, giving him a nod.  "I'm sure you expect me to say I would die to protect him."  Anakin looked over at him, waiting for him to continue.  "Sir, know that I will kill to protect him."

He gripped Cody's shoulder, then nodded letting the emotion flow through him.  The relief knowing that someone will watch over his Master, the joy that someone will love his Master, but more importantly, the elation that someone will kill for his Master.  

"You ever need anything Commander."

"I'll requisition it for myself, sir."

Anakin laughed openly.  "Don't let Master Windu scare you."

"Don't worry sir, I plan on siccing Ponds on him, if he gets too grumpy."  Cody gave him a nod.  "Now why don't you get in there and show the Commander and Captain how to play with a Dragon.  I have the watch for the next few hours, before we head back to the Resolute and Negotiator."  He gave the General a half smirk.  "Then I expect everyone to leave us alone, at least for the next two days."

Skywalker winked at him before skipping then running into the vode with a gleeful yell.  He heard Obi-Wan's indigent scream of Anakin, then laughter.   He settled down to watch his cyar'ika and vode play, while he plotted to end this war.  

Chapter Text

Anakin was sprawled on the ground, with Tano laying across him, both exhausted from the rough housing.  There was a hum of contentment through the men, that made him feel giddy.  He lifted his head to see Obi-Wan laying down next to the Commander, head in his lap.   With a grunt he got up onto his feet, and made his way over to the resting Dragon. 

"I hate to break this up, but we've got to get back to the ships."  He gave a wink to Cody, who tried hard not to blush.  "Time to be human, again."

The Dragon stood to his full height, stretched out his front legs, head and shoulders down, shebs wiggling in the air, tail fluttering around.   He then went up on the tips of all four paws, stretching out his back, before slowly making his way to the large open field that had been turned into a playpen.  

Cody realized what was going to happen, quickly ran past his General, grabbed the oversize cloak from Wooley, made sure to stand in front of him, just in time for the Dragon to disappear and Kenobi to appear without a stitch of clothing.

"How does something so big fit into something so small." Kix shook his head staring at where the Dragon once stood.

Cody's gaze moved up and down the lean body.  "I was thinking the same thing."

"CODY!"  Rex choked on his words, as he stared at his ori'vode.  

Obi-Wan gave his Commander a wicked smirk, before taking the cloak from his hands and wrapped around himself.  "I can show you later."  He sauntered past the men, towards the waiting LAAT, where his Padawan stood.  "Thank you."

"You look good Master."  Anakin had a true smile on his face.  "Despite the horrendous beginning of this campaign, I think this turned out pretty good."

"I agree."  Obi-Wan laid his hand on his arm.  "I'm very proud of you."

Skywalker blushed, though he gave him a soft nod.  "I'll make sure they leave you and Cody alone."  He glanced out of the ship, the door was ready to close before they started their journey to the Negotiator.  "He's going to be very protective."

"I just destroyed a droid army, because I refused to lose him, or my men."  He gave his Padawan a pointed look.  "Nor was I willing to lose you, Ahsoka, or the 501st."

"So many attachments."

The glare would put most people into the ground, and despite the fact he had seen his fair share of his Master's looks, he still cringed … if only slightly.  

"How is Padmé?"

"You're such a little shit."  Anakin laughed openly.

"Not little."  He dropped the robe to grab his pants, both of them chuckling when they heard the Commander's voice boom across the area 'Get your eyes off the General's shebs!' just as the doors closed and the LAAT lifted off.


The two talked on the way up to the Negotiator, making sure their stories were straight, and both would check in with the men to make sure they were comfortable with the new development.  He was sure Kix was prepping all the relevant information to hand over to Snap, and the moment he arrived back on board Obi-Wan was going to be called to Medical.  He would need to make sure both Medics knew not to document any findings on open datapads or servers.

Anakin gave him a quick hug, laughing as he ran off to one of the LAATs to get a ride over to the Resolute.  "You get to tell Mace the good news!"

Obi-Wan rolled his eyes, but knew his Padawan was right.  Before he could have his wicked way with his Commander, he needed to comm Mace.  The Council Member would need to be prepped for any 'rumors' or 'misconducts' that may get reported.

Mace gave him a look.  "Is this about Skywalker asking if it was okay to talk about the time you went Dragon when he was behaving like an angsty teenager?"

"If I went Dragon every time he acted like an angsty teenager, I would never be in human form."

Windu snorted.  "This is why I like you Kenobi."

"And here I thought it was for my witty humor and good looks."  Mace rolled his eyes, but had a small smile on his face.  "Well it wasn't Anakin's angsty teenage drama this time.  Intelligence will be getting a scathing note about their incompetence in gathering actual intelligence.  It was bad Mace, I don't mean Anakin pulling off a last minute miraculous save - bad, but the loss of the 212th and 501st bad."

He took a deep breath.  "So the big secret is out."

"Yes, and they've already started to learn how to annoy the tooka," Obi-Wan sighed.  "But more importantly, Commander Cody is my Mate."

"Tell me something I don't know."  Mace shook his head, smiling despite the headache this would likely bring.  In all the years he has known the younger Jedi, he had never seen him this happy.  "I'm guessing you've Mated with him."

"As a Dragon yes."  He chuckled wickedly and wiggled his eyebrows.  "Waiting for the wedding night."

"I don't want to know, give me some plausible deniability."  Mace held up his hand not wanting to hear, but didn't lose the smile.  "I'm happy for you."


They agreed to talk more about his connection to Cody, plus the bad intelligence reports, and to see if there was a deeper problem or just one bad situation.  He pushed his friend to talk to Ponds.  Mace sighed, but stated he would meditate on the situation.   

"Go find your Mate."  Mace gave him a small smile.  "It's good to see happiness in such dark times."

Chapter Text

He had enough time to quickly shower, change into cleaner tunics, and make his way to the hanger to wait for the 212th to land.  He watched as they disembarked, a few coming to attention when they saw him, others nodding their head in his direction.  The Commander's voice boomed across the bay, the men instantly came to attention.  

The General looked over his men, sighing at the fact they had lost over a fourth of their numbers.  He hated putting in requisitions forms for new soldiers, there was something wrong about ordering new men.

"I know a lot has changed in the past day."  He could feel their delight in the Force.  "I'm also sure you understand why this has to stay between us."

"Don't worry sir, we will protect you at all cost."  Lieutenant Boil gave him a nod.  "No one, I mean no one is stealing the 212th's Dragon General, and making you into soup."

Their determination, sincerity, and protection hit him hard, enough that he stepped back at the intensity.  He gave them a soft smile, barely containing his own emotions.  "I will do all that I can to protect ner verde."

"As we will do the same cuun Jetii."  Waxer added to the conversation, many of the men nodding their head in agreement.

"Vor entye."  He gave them a half bow.  "Commander…"  Though not a word was said, he could feel their humor, and was sure every single verd's gaze shifted to Cody, whose expression was likely as stoic as his bucket. 

"General."  There was a warning in his tone, though his attention was fully on Obi-Wan.

He knew no matter what he said, the men were going to tease mercilessly.  He was a High General, a Master Jedi, a damn Sith Killer, he was not going to be embarrassed to invite his Mate back to his cabin.  "Would you please escort me to my quarters."

The snap of Commander's head as he stared at the men, sounded like it hurt.  The Jedi could pick up humor, some envy, but mostly good natured feelings.  

Cody turned back to the General, bowing his head slightly, as he gestured towards the door.  "I would be honored."

The men at least waited until they were past the door, to start hoot and hollering.   Cody's head dropped in resignation, while Obi-Wan laughed lightly.  "They are going to be unbearable."  The Commander pulled off his bucket, as they continued down the hallway.

"Let them have their fun."  The General reached out and took his hand.  "I would only suggest in time one or both of us explain more about Dragon Mates to them.  I'm sure Anakin didn't give them that much detail.  Then once the novelty wears off, they'll settle down."

"If you're sure, sir."  He squeezed the hand, smiling softly.

"Obi-Wan."  He stopped in front of his door, facing Cody.  "In here, when it's the two of us.  No ranks, you're my Mate and equal to me."

"You will always be my General."  He cupped his face, cursing that he still had on his gloves.  He really wondered how soft the beard was, hell he hadn't even had a chance to kiss his Mate. 

In a blink Cody had been pulled into the room, pushed against the closed door, and kissed with an inch of his life.  The beard tickled, the mouth was warm and wet, and so perfect.  The bucket dropped to the ground in a clatter, hands gripped at the slim waist and pulled his Jedi closer, the kiss deepening.  With a growl he pulled away from his Mate, frustrated at the fact he couldn't feel him.  He ripped off his gloves, wanting to slip his fingers into the thick copper hair, only to laugh when Obi-Wan flicked his hand and all the locks on his armour began to pop and drop away from his body.  His blaster, and Obi-Wan's Lightsaber ended up hidden in the pile of plastoid

"Isn't that against the rules."  He muttered, pulling him back into his arms, relishing the feel against his body.  

Obi-Wan laughed lightly, taking his mouth into a deep kiss, hands sliding through the short cropped hair, holding him still as he devoured him.  "For you I'll break all the rules."

"Kriff."  He was hard and aching, and was trying to get some control over his body, not wanting to come in his blacks like a shiny.  "Obi-Wan…"

Kenobi put his fingers over his lips, eyes going wide when Cody licked and nibbled them, before sucking them into his mouth. "Oh…" The obscene sound of his lips popping off the digits had Obi-Wan dropping to his knees faster than he anticipated.  A hand landed in his hair, pulling just enough to get him to look up.  "Let me do this for you."

Cody couldn't look away.  His knees buckled slightly at the hesitant touch as Obi-Wan pulled the hard cock out from his blacks.  The swipe of tongue against the tip, had him moaning, hand pulling his Mate's hair.   

He wasn't going to last.

There was no way anyone could survive the beauty of Obi-Wan on his knees, mouth wrapped around the thick girth, blue eyes staring upwards filled with love, devotion, and pure lust.  And then he swallowed down to the root.   With a shout, Cody came embarrassingly fast.   As he panted against the door, his Mate sat back, licking his lips. 

Cody dropped to his knees pulling him into a deep kiss, tasting himself on the Jedi's lips.  He wanted to make his Mate feel as good as he did, but wasn't quite sure how to go about it.  He was Field Marshal of the 7th Core, Commander of the 212th Attack Battalion, leader of Ghost Company, he can figure this out!  

He decided instantly that his Jetii wore too many damn layers!  It took some work, but he got through the tunics, and hands into the loose fitting pants, gripping the hard cock, only for his Mate to flinch slightly.  "Sorry."  He put his head on Obi-Wan's shoulder, as he eased his grip.  

"Oh my dear nothing you can do will be wrong."  He shifted, leaning back slightly giving Cody better access.  "Just having you touch me…"  He bit back a moan, as the calloused hand moved up and down, pulling in just the right way.  "Like that, a bit more pressure on the head."  He panted, feeling heat pool in his stomach.  When Cody's thumb moved across the slit, his eyes snapped open, gaze bright as he stared at the pure concentration on his lover's face.  Reaching out with the Force he felt the joy, awe, and love pouring from his Mate.  Which alone was enough for him to arch his back and come with a deep groan.

As he blinked, the sight of Cody licking his fingers was enough to get him half hard again.  "For Force sake Cody, you're going to kill me."

The Commander licked his lips, giving him a wicked grin.  "I know you have an actual water shower in here, how about we clean up, and then you can show me how something so big can fit into something so small."


Cody laid on the bed, with Obi-Wan half on top of him.  His arm wrapped around his Mate, hand caressing the red hair, making him purr.  The Dragon liked being scratched behind the ears, the Jedi enjoyed having his hair played with.  

He would exploit this knowledge fully to get his Jetii to sleep.  

The shower had been sensual. 

He was pretty sure the image of a naked wet Obi-Wan was going to be a secret pleasure of his.  

Though the memory of him blissed out, covered in cum, was going to be his favorite.   

Obi-Wan had taken his time, learned everything about Cody's body.  He had discovered things about himself that he hadn't even known.  It was a good thing he wore a bucket, because if the General touched his ears in any form, he was going to be hard in seconds.  

The moment Obi-Wan had slid into him, he lost all speech.  There were no words to describe what he felt.  The burn of the stretch was intense, but ebbed into a pleasurable feeling of being full and claimed.  The moment, the hard cock slid across his prostate he keened, back arching, legs wrapped around his Mate, forcing him in deeper.  

"I got you."  Obi-Wan whispered into his ear, as he pulled out and thrust back in.  "Just let go."

His hands scrambled to grab onto anything, only to find purchase on Obi-Wan's slim hips.  Head was pushed back into the pillows, neck bared as he was totally kriffed into the mattress.  

Since he learned about sex, he had wondered about it.  He had touched himself, knew the pleasure of release, but this … this was beyond anything he had imagined.  He was thankful to share this with Obi-Wan, and only him.

"What are you thinking about?"  

"This. Us."  Cody answered, not quite sure he could put it into words.  

Obi-Wan shifted until he was leaning on his Mate's chest looking at him.  "Everything okay?"

"Beyond okay."  Cody laughed, pulling him closer for a kiss.  "I have to ask, how is this going to work?  I mean outside these doors?"

"We have to be careful."  Obi-Wan sat up giving Cody a view of a toned chest, and perky pink nibbles.  His hand itched to reach out, he knew it would get his Mate to keen.  "The men know, and around them we can be ourselves, but with the officers, who are members of the Grand Army of the Republic…"

"We treat each other like we always do, save this for when we're alone."  Cody's thumb slid across the cheek, hand cupping the back of Obi-Wan's head yanking him down into a kiss.  "The protective thing might be harder to contain."

"Everyone knows I'll do the craziest stunt to protect my men, so no one will be surprised.  I just really can't go full Dragon, even if I wanted to."

Cody shifted until he was sitting up, and leaning against the wall.  "You need to be in Dragon form more often."

"I do, but where?"  He waved his hand around, shrugging slightly.  "Maybe plantside, after a battle, deep in a forest or far away from the main army, or back at the Temple."

"We rarely get back to Coruscant, and when we do it's for a few days and you're mostly in Council Meetings, or being dragged around like a show pony to get funding or ease ruffled feathers."  He sighed, hating the fact his Mate … and boy did he love being able to say that even if it was only in his head … rarely got time to rest.  

He wondered if he could outfit a section of the Negotiator?  Maybe not enough to frolic or run around, but at least stretch and be in Dragon form.  He'll talk to Snap and Kix, later about making sure the General stays healthy.  Also made a mental note to add fish to the food supply, get him to eat more.

"This war won't last forever."  Obi-Wan settled back into his Mate's arms.

"Some days it feels like it."  Cody kissed the top of his head, once again running his fingers through the soft red hair, smiling when the purring started.

Chapter Text

Ahsoka and Rex, along with Echo and Fives, were standing in front of Anakin's room.   "This is not going to end well for me."  

"We have questions."  Ahsoka crossed her arms, staring down her Master.

"My room is barely big enough for me, let alone all of you."  He should have seen this coming, no way the waterdown overview was going to be enough for his Padwan, let alone the Captain, who was connected to Cody.  He was pretty sure Echo and Five, was just along for the ride.  

He led them to one of the training rooms, locked the door, then tossed out a 'there's nothing here' suggestion around the room and hallway.   

"What do you want to know?"  Anakin asked, as they got comfortable on the mats.  "There are some things I can't explain, as I'm not a Dragon, and Obi-Wan would kill me if I gave way too many of his secrets."

"Why aren't the Dragons a protected species?"  Ahsoka started, frowning slightly.  "I mean they are sentient beings, why doesn't the Republic recognize them as a species and protect them from Hunters?"

"Considering they don't recognize us as citizens, and we're sentient beings, I don't have much faith in the Senate." Fives had a point.  

"I actually asked the same thing."  Anakin crossed his legs in front of him, then leaned on his knees.  "Obi-Wan, had looked sad when I asked, so I dropped it and ran off to Master Windu."

Anakin stared down the Council Member, who looked heavenward as if wondering why the deities hated him so much.   With a sigh he eased out of his chair, motioned for Anakin to follow him.  He wasn't surprised when they ended up in the back garden, he had learned quickly that Mace preferred to be in Dragon form to talk myth, lore, and history.   He was sure that it calmed him down being in his natural form. He knew when his Master was able to stay in Dragon form for a few hours, he was a lot calmer and happier.  

'Sit, it's Dragon story time.'  Mace removed his robe, shoes, belt, pants and outer tunics.   He stretched, before making his way further into the room, and within a blink stood the Dragon.  

Anakin would never get over the transformation, how something so small could turn into a magnificent creature.  He learned over the past two years, that the Dragon didn't outweigh the human Jedi.  

Both Masters were cunning fighters in human form.  He wouldn't want to take Mace on in a fight, when he was in his human form, Force help him if he had to take him on as Dragon.

Mace settled down in front of Anakin, front paws stretched out in front of him.  'A long time ago, Dragons had their own planet, and traveled the galaxy without too much of a fuss.  There were a few incidents with Hunters or civilizations who didn't like them around, but most accepted the creatures.  They were protectors, diplomats, and were neutral in galaxy politics.'  

'You had your own planet? What happened to it?' It wasn't what he had expected to hear, but at the same time filled him with a sense of dread.  Mace gave him a look that had him shutting up and settling into story time.  

'The Sith Wars.'  The Dragon shifted and looked away with a pensive expression.  'Dragons tried to stay neutral.  They had no intention of helping the Sith, especially as they had captured, tortured, and killed Dragons.  As you know we live long lives, no one knows for sure how old is the oldest Dragon.  The Sith wanted their secret to immortality, and would do anything to get it.   But at the same time the Old Republic wasn't much better, as far as the Senate was concerned if the Dragons weren't fighting for them, they were against them.  They set out a campaign that made the Dragons into destroyers of worlds, stole virgins, and hoarded wealth for themselves.  In the end, the Old Republic didn't have to do anything, when a Dragon showed themselves they were hunted down and destroyed.'

Anakin wiped away the burning tears, body humming in anger.  'But you survived?'

'Until then, Dragons stayed in their natural form, only transforming when needed.  They learned quickly to survive they needed to stay in their chosen form.'  Mace sighed, head bowed slightly.  'By the end of the war, their planet was destroyed, and the Dragons were scattered across the galaxy.  Some went as far as the Outer Rim, even as far as leaving the known Galaxy.' 

'Why don't you come out now?'  

'Because the myths and lore are more powerful than the truth.  Dragons are still hunted, even though they aren't supposed to exist.  The Republic doesn't have to protect a species that isn't real, and if a Dragon gets caught, it was because they were hurting good folk.'  He gave Skywalker a pointed look.  'We both know the Senate doesn't care about anything outside the Core Worlds, we as the Jedi have desperately clung to being open to all people, and failing.  Just in the years you've been here, you've seen the insulation of Coruscant away from the reality of what's going beyond the Core.  I'm not proud of the fact we've become the Senate's lap dogs, but …' He huffed, laying his head down on his paws.  'Imagine for a moment if the Trade Federation discovered about Obi-Wan or I?'

'I'm sure there are Senators who would help!'  Anakin shifted until he was next to Mace's snout.  'Bail Organa he's a friend of Master Obi-Wan.'

'One out of 2000.'  

'I'm sure the Chancellor would do what's right.'  He would talk to him, Papaltine had been a friend for years.  

'Anakin.'  The voice was soft, nothing he had heard from the Council Member.  'You can't tell him about us.  You may trust him, but it's not just Obi-Wan and I, it's our whole species.  It's also the Jedi Order.  It would only take one politician to start screaming about the inappropriateness of Dragons being Jedi, the best they would do was demand the Order to expel us, the worst … well, I'll leave that to your imagination.'

He began to pet the Dragon.  'I won't let anything harm either of you.  I am the Chosen One.'

Mace snorted and rolled his eyes, but leaned into the pets.

"Considering they're still hidden, I'm going to bet the Chancellor didn't give an osik about Dragons."  Fives held his General's gaze, not backing down.  "Before you start on me, let's point out sir, that we don't have any rights, despite the fact Senators Organa and Amidala have fought for it."

"That's not the Chancellor's fault," he snapped back.

"Then whose is it?"  

"He can't fix everything, he wants to help end this war but his hands are tied."  Anakin bit back the simmering anger.  He had always pushed for the men to have their own thoughts and opinions, and let them be able to express those.  Denying those opinions just because they were something he didn't want to hear, would be the akin to slavery.  

"He has full powers, and has never reached out to try and talk with the Seppies?"  Fives pushed his argument.  "Even if the Separatists said no, he at least would've tried."

"They are commiting crimes against the Republic!"

"I'm not saying they aren't, but at some point a conversation needs to be had, or this will never end.  Republic will keep making clones, while the Seperatist keep making droids.  And who cares right, it's just clones dying, not Republic Citizens."  He held up his hands, before the General could argue anymore, he had made his point.

"What did the Chancellor say?"  Rex glanced between his vod and general.  Fives had always pushed the envelope, but his vod wasn't wrong, and many of them had asked the same questions.  Cody had told him that Obi-Wan talked with his men about the same subject.  The General was honest that he didn't have answers, but would always listen to the men, and it helped.

"I asked him if he knew the history of the Dragons, I wasn't going to tell him there were two sitting in the Temple."  Anakin stared at Fives for a moment, then focused on Rex.  "He went on a spiel about selfish creatures who stole from good hard working citizens.  When he went off about them working with the Sith, I just left."

"What happened to your mother?"  Echo asked softly.  "In your story, you mentioned General Vos had pointed out Master Jinn didn't save her."

Ahsoka shifted to glance at her Master.  "Why didn't he? I mean…" She paused for a moment trying to put her thoughts together.  "Let's face it Master, you're not a conventional Jedi.  The Council did nothing to help her?"

"Master Jinn had a medical droid remove my chip, and before he could tell anyone about my mom, he died."  He frowned slightly, remembering how alone and afraid he felt those first few days, and how it intensified after Qui-Gon's death.  Obi-Wan had tried hard to make him feel safe, but was grieving at the time.  "It actually wasn't until six months later, Master Obi-Wan discovered that I had even been a slave, it would see Master Jinn left some information out."

"Somehow that isn't shocking."  Echo gave him a pointed look, not actually liking Master Jinn that much.  He appreciated saving his General, but one good moment doesn't undo many acts of neglect.  

"I can admit, details weren't his strong suit."  Anakin had seen Master Jinn's mission reports, they were a lot like his 'Went to town, caught badguy, helped free slaves, and had an interesting lunch'.  It had been no wonder Obi-Wan whined like a dying creature when he dealt with Anakin's reports, he was probably re-living his apprenticeships with Master Jinn.  "I … " he hesitated for a few moments  "... not having my mom was hard.  She was everything to me, and I had a hero worship for her as much as I did for Master Jinn.  As far as I was concerned they sacrificed everything for me, and they could do nothing wrong."

"As a Dragon does Obi-Wan know his parents?" Rex asked.  "Since the Jedi didn't work with Dragons often, didn't they have to deal with his parents more?  Or because they had no idea he was a Dragon, it was ignored."

"Ironically all this ties into the same story."  Anakin wrapped an arm around his Padawan.  "I had started to have dreams of her, that she was in trouble.  I had gone to the Chancellor, as he understood how I missed my mom, I never thought I could talk about it to Obi-Wan as he wouldn't understand."

"Why didn't the Chancellor free her?"  Fives interrupted again.  "You were the hero of Naboo, he was your mentor … though I'm not even going to get into the oddity of an old guy hanging out with a kid … the point is, he knew you missed your mom, he had the resources to free her, and let her live on Naboo."

He blinked at the Arc Trooper, tilted his head, opened his mouth to answer, then snapped it shut and stared at him.  It took a few moments before he actually answered.  "Actually, that is a good question… " He huffed, shook his head as if trying to get his thoughts straight.  "Let me explain what happened, then we can actually come back to this."  He waved his hand towards Fives.  "This was after learning about Obi-Wan, and Mace pointing out a few things to me.  I was still coming to terms with a lot of things, including my own anger and dark view of things around me.  I don't know how to describe it, but there were times just being at the Temple pissed me off, and I never understood why.  Mace was working with me on it … but there were moments I just needed not to be there, so I would chat with the Chancellor."

'I keep having dreams of my mother.'  He paced around the room, agitated and frustrated.  'I think she's in trouble.'

'And I'm guessing your Master told you to focus on your studies, not on some silly dream.'  The Chancellor watched as the young man moved like a caged animal.  'Master Kenobi really doesn't understand your power, it scares him.'

Anakin shook his head, only to get a sad smile from Palpatine as if he was deluding himself.  'I haven't talked to him about it.  If there is anyone who would understand visions it's him.  I'm just not sure what to do, I'm supposed to have let her go, but the Force is showing me this…'  He waved his arm around.

'I'm honoured my young friend that you came to me with your concerns, when no one else would listen.'  He patted his shoulder, giving him a bright smile.  'You're now taller than me, that isn't right.'

"That's not right." Fives broke into the conversation.

"What do you mean?"  Anakin snapped at him.

The Arc Trooper just gave him a look.  "In that whole conversation not once does he go 'my dear boy let me send a representative to Tatooine to check on your mom, instead he was more focused on bad mouthing the General.  He didn't comfort you, just … " he hesitated  "... it's wrong.  He just comes across as creepy."

"He's like a grandfather to me."

"Would you have let someone his age, who's not a Jedi, meet with Ahsoka away from the Temple, with no supervision?" Echo asked.

"Kriff no!"  Anakin's eyes went wide at the implication, just about the time his Padawan started going off about taking care of herself, and that she had more teeth.

"You think The General was okay with it?"  Rex asked, glancing at his two vod.  "I'm not saying the Chancellor is creepy or anything, hell your connection to him has saved our hides more than enough times, but it's odd he focused on you or is it because you are the hero of Naboo? But then why not also talk to General Kenobi he had killed Maul?  He's the first Sith Killer in a thousand years."

Anakin had to beat down that sudden rash of anger again about losing Qui-Gon.  He paused, actually taking a moment to wonder why even after all this time with the meditation and beatings in the salle with Master Windu did he still get these irrational rashes of anger over that moment, and only that moment.  

One of the things Mace had forced him to do was watch the fight, see what actually happened.  And holy Force, his Master was a kriffin' ball of righteous fury.  He could barely keep up with the fight, both moved with a precision he never got close to in fighting.  His style was and would always be attack first, ask questions later.  He had understood, finally the idiot gets it - thanks Mace, that no there wasn't anything Obi-Wan could do to save Master Jinn.  He had run ahead, taken on someone that he wasn't equipped to fight, and there was no way in kriffings hell that Obi-Wan could've transformed.  So why … why the hell was he still getting this deep seated anger.

"Sorry, what?"  He glanced at the four of them.

"We were asking about your mother?"  Ahsoka reached over and took his hand, sensing something going on with her Master.

"Oh yes, come to find out, my Master really was a tactical geneious."  He ignored the muttered di'kut.  "I finally went to talk to him about it, or more like he sought me out.  He sensed I wasn't getting any sleep."

'Anakin.'  The voice was soft and caring, a tone he equated to his Master, when he was truly concerned, and not just tolerating the hormonal teenager.  'I know you haven't been sleeping, what's bothering you?'

He flung himself onto the couch,  head in his Master's lap just like he did when he was ten.  'I'm having dreams.'

'What type?'  Obi-Wan began to run his hand through Anakin's hair, soothing him.  'You're not prone to visions.'

Which was true, he wasn't.  Of all the power Anakin had at his fingertips, Visions wasn't something he dealt with often.  'I keep seeing her in pain, she's suffering calling out to me.'

Obi-Wan frowned, he knew visions could be fleeting, and the harder someone tried to stop them the more likely they'll come to fruition.  'Is it the same thing, each night?'

'Yes.'  He nodded.  'She's tied up, looks like a tent, she's calling out for me.'  Anakin reached up to wipe the tears.  'I know I'm supposed to let her go, but why would the Force show me this unless I'm supposed to do something about it.'

Obi-Wan pushed against him.  'Well there's one way to find out.'

Anakin scrambled upwards, shifting on the couch until he was facing his Master.  'We're going to Tatooine?'

Kenobi gave him a look as he stood, then settled at his desk. 'No, I'm calling my father.'

'Why are you calling your father?'  Anakin was completely confused.  'Is he going to go to Tatooine?'

'Why would he?'

'My mom is there?'

'No, she's not.'

The two stared at each other, the room filled with an awkward silence.  Anakin could only blink at his Master, while Obi-Wan had a complete look of confusion.  Which was a rarity, and something he should enjoy.  

He suddenly focused on the holo that was sitting at his desk, smiling slightly.  'Papa.'

At that moment Anakin didn't care about the confusion or awkwardness, he wanted to see his Master's Papa.  He moved across the room, sliding next to Obi-Wan.  Logically he knew the guy wasn't going to be in Dragon form, yet he was still disappointed when he saw a tall burly man, with a beard thicker than Obi-Wan's, wearing simple pants and shirt with a long leather jacket over it.  'You took after your mother didn't you.'

The laughter was booming, open and carefree.  'He may have my coloring, but the boy is all his mother.'

Obi-Wan rolled his eyes.  'I wanted to ask if everything was alright, if there had been any raids on the family or clan?'

'No. Nothing has happened.'  He turned very serious.  'But should we be planning defense. I know it's only recently we've reconnected my son, but I know your Force is very powerful in it's intuition.  I can have the Clan assembled in moments, your Uncle Rhys will stand guard as the Dragon on the Mountain Top.  You know he lives for the drama.'

Obi-Wan snickered slightly, totally envisioning the tall dark Dragon, who had a wingspan that was over forty feet, and thirty foot flame, that could reach far and wide.  'I am more concerned with Shmi.'

'Why?  Cliegg and her are doing fine, young Owen and Beru's wedding is soon.'  He paused, then looked at Anakin.  'Is that your Padawan?  I'll call for Shmi.'  He called someone off screen, then focused back on Obi-Wan.  'Why don't you come visit, you can do that now, right?'

'My mother is with your family?'  Anakin asked, blinking back tears.

'Yes.'  Obi-Wan looked up at his Padawan.  'Didn't you know?'


'Oh dear…'  He was ready to explain more, when a woman appeared on the holo. 

'Ani? Is that you?'

Anakin Skywalker fell to his knees in front of the holo, staring at his mother.  She looked healthy, had a bit more weight on her, but more importantly she was smiling. 'Mom.'

Obi-Wan got out of his chair, manhandled his Padawan into the seat, and let him have this moment.  When the conversation ended, Anakin just stared at the empty space with a sappy smile on his face.  

'Now that isn't a look you see everyday.'  Mace actually smiled at a contented and happy Skywalker.  'Is this why I'm here, because if it is. Thank you.'

'Actually you're here, because I'm wondering why the Council didn't tell my Padawan that his mother was rescued from Tatooine and moved to Stewjon.'  Master Kenobi's tone indicated he would not tolerate being lied to.

Anakin blinked at the two, then at Obi-Wan. 'You bought my mom?'

'Actually she had already been freed by the time I got to Tatooine.'  Mace aimed straight for the kitchen.  He pulled tea down for Obi-Wan, some caf for him, and well he liked to spoil when he could get away with it and knew where Obi-Wan kept the good cocoa.  'Cliegg Lars had seen her in Wato's shop and fell in love, haggled, threatened and finally appealed to the one good grace Wato had, money.  They were married soon after, living and working on a moisture farm in the Judland Wastes.'  He set the drinks down, on the small table in front of the couch.  He took his caf and settled into the armchair.  'I spent a few days talking to them, and they all agreed that Stewjon would be a better life, so packed up and settled into the Kenobi Clan.  Owen, even convinced his girlfriend to come with them.'

'You have a Clan?'  Anakin barely touched his hot cocoa so entranced by the story.

'It's my father's Clan, but yes the Kenobi Clan has been on Stewjon for many centuries.  There's a reason Dragons flock to my home planet, it's safe.  The local governments like having a Dragon as protectors, and the planet government wants nothing to do with the Republic or their views on how to live their lives.'   He sighed happily sipping his tea.  'Mace having met my family, when it was agreed for me to go to the Jedi Temple, escorted them.  The only stipulation my family put into place, was the ability to reach out to me.'

'It's hard being away from other Dragons.'  Mace gave Obi-Wan a small smile.  'It's helped we're both at the Temple, but I know the need to connect to other Dragons.  At one point both of us will have to leave the Order, too many questions will be asked about why we are not aging.  We're not Yoda who can claim long life, humans tend to have shorter life spans.'

'Of course what Mace wasn't expecting was them adopting him.'

Anakin grinned, finally grabbing his drink and curling up into the couch.  'You are such a softy.'

'I will bite you.'  Windu growled at the young Jedi.  'Now as for why you weren't told.  I wanted to, I understood the need to know your mother was safe.  This wasn't a normal situation, of a child removed from a parent at an older age, you were slaves and with her in slavery there is still a fear, that is hard to get rid of.  I was out voted.  Others felt that it was a good lesson, that you needed to learn to be without your mom no matter the circumstance.'

'I guess I can see both rationals.'  Anakin nodded his head contemplating the situation first before reacting.  'I've been having dreams of her dying.  Being a slave on Tatooine there are many things that could kill her, and maybe that fear bled into my dreams.  Knowing she's protected, safe, it easies something deep inside.'

'She's now a protectee.'  Obi-Wan assured him. 'Like you are.'

'A what?'  He glanced between the two Masters.

'I told you this, obviously you weren't listening.'  Kenobi's couldn't hide his exasperated tone.  'Dragons are protectors, and tend to take in someone, family or even town to protect.  As you're my Padawan you're my protectee.'

'I'm special.'

'Well that's one way to put it.'

Anakin stared at Windu, while his Master started laughing.  'What else did I obviously ignore?'

'I'm sure a lot, considering your grades in Galactic History.'  Mace gave him a pointed look, sipping his caf.

'Who knew you were such a comedian.'  Anakin shook his head, actually enjoying the teasing.  'Wait, I remember something about hoarding.  Except being a Jedi, neither of you have a stash.'

'The Old Republic was able to use a Dragon's hoarding tendency to their disadvantage.  It's not the best trait we have, but it's something ingrained.  And every Dragon has something different, some may be similar, but ultimately for different reasons.  And yes as a Jedi, it's one of Dragon tendencies we both work on, as material possession is not part of our life.'  Obi-Wan explained with just a dramatic flair, that he always had when talking about Dragons.  

'Do you both have a stash somewhere?'  He was almost vibrating with anticipation.

Obi-Wan shrugged. 'Sometimes it takes a while for it to manifest.'

Anakin turned towards Mace, who was clearly trying to ignore the whole conversation.  'Oh tell me!  Oh come on I deserve this!'

'You deserve a lashing in the salle!'  Windu set his empty cup down, folded his hands as he leaned on his knees and stared down the Chosen One. 'Purple things.  Just things that are purple.  The fact my kyber crystals made a purple saber was fate.  I curtail it, but yes I do have a few things close to me.'

Mace never commented weeks later, when Anakin handed him a small yet beautiful purple crystal he had found on their last mission.  

"We ended up taking a trip to Stewjon, and I got to meet the crazy Clan Kenobi.  He is just like his mother, she is all Tooka and it's glorious.  His father is amazing, and yes Uncle Rhys is dramatic.  My mom is happy with her new family, and I have a step dad and brother, and a whole clan.  Ironically, I have more attachments, yet feel freer.  Not soon after, Padmé was attacked and well then Master discovered you guys, and here we are."

"We have to tell Ponds." Fives whispered conspirately towards Echo.  "Or at least tell him about the purple thing."

"He'll kill me."  Anakin shook his head, though also wondering how to let the Master's Commander know.   Actually he's pretty sure Ponds is seen as protectee, and would be great to help keep Windu calm, and give him pets.

"So Cody is what to the General?"  Rex asked not sure protectee was the right word.

"Mate.  Dragon's have a Mate.  It's the one thing even the Jedi wouldn't fight against, well if they knew.  Cody will be by Obi-Wan's side forever.  Doesn't matter that he's a clone, as long as the Dragon lives so will the Mate, and when one dies, the other will follow.  Not instantly but they don't last long afterwards."  Anakin couldn't help the smile, he had felt his Master's flail when he realized the Clone Commander was his Mate.   At first he didn't understand why Obi-Wan didn't tell him, but in time realized the need to wait.  CC-2224 needed to become Cody, to think beyond Kamino's programming, be more than just a clone.  

Rex couldn't help the beaming smile, he was thrilled for his ori'vod.  He had known Cody had feelings for Obi-Wan, and had figured seeing them that morning they had confessed it to each other, he hadn't realized it went that deep.  "So does the General have something he hoards?"

"I would've said clones, but he would have to fight Master Koon for that honor.  He does see the 212th and by extension the 501st as protectees.  I'm also sure he sees Ahsoka as one also."  He gave her a smile.  "He is half training you.  Next time we see him, you two should take some time, meditate and work on your saber skills."

"I would like that.  And one day you have to take the new 'kids' to meet the Clan."  Ahsoka seriously wanted to go visit Stewjon.   "By the way how are they faring in this war?"

"Completely neutral."  Anakin had been pissed about at first, but then considered what they were protecting, including his mom, he was perfectly fine with it.  "They basically told the Republic to kriff off, and from what I heard the Seppies didn't even get past the first line of planetary defense, ironically they even told the Duchess to screw off, they weren't joining any group.  They would defend their planet from all invaders.  I've seen his father fight, and let's just say, Generalship runs in the family line.  That was one skill he inherited from his father."

"Did you ever tell the Chancellor your mother was alright."  Fives asked with a sense of curiosity that likely wasn't healthy for his well being.

"Actually, I did."  He paused, remembering the shock then flash of anger on the Chancellor's face, he didn't think anything of it at the time.  "He kinda patted me on the shoulder and shoved me out of his office.  You really think it's weird he mentored me?"

"We don't have a lot of experience in different types of relationships."  Fives shrugged shifting his position to make sure he was leaning more towards Echo.  "We have our batch mates, and those we chose to be closer with, but we all learned early about being protective of the shinies.  We were all worried that longnecks would come and our brothers would just disappear.  But, then there were stories from the early years when the trainers were people Jango picked, some of them paid too much attention to the cadets.  Cody can tell you, despite what he feels about Fett, that when Jango found out, the men involved didn't disappear, their bodies were dropped from the ceiling as a warning.  There are many things about Jango we don't like, including sending our brothers to be decommissioned, but touching children, even us clones, was not acceptable."

"Doesn't mean all relationships are like that."  Anakin pointed out.  "I've always seen him as my grandpa.  I didn't fit in, had no one to talk to…"

"A man forty years your senior, who is running the Republic, has time to listen to the ramblings of a ten year old?"

"He never touched me," Anakin argued.

"Tell me did you ask to talk to him or the other way around?"  Fives wasn't even sure what he was asking, but the whole thing seemed off.

He paused, head tilted.  "I remember Master Obi-Wan taking me to the Senate Dome, and we met with him.  After that it was every few months or when we weren't on Missions, and Obi-Wan always had to wait … "  Anakin suddenly stood and left the room.

"Fives!"  Rex yelled at his vod.  "What was that?"

"I just think it's odd.  Come on Rex, you've protected shinies from some of the Nat born officers for the exact reasons I'm referring to.  I'm not saying he did anything to the General, but he sure as hell doesn't have his well being in mind.  Why didn't he help his mother, and all the comments against the General.  You don't think it sounds weird?"

"It does, but no one ever talked about it." Ahsoka looked at the three clones.  "Now, it's no big he's just General Skywalker talking to the Chancellor, but you're right, Master wouldn't like me going off by myself, to see someone not in the Temple.  We have mentors, trainers from a variety of Jedi but our lessons are always approved or discussed with our Master."

"No way the General would've liked it."  Fives pushed on, giving the Captain a pointed look. "He declared him a protectee.  Dragons are territorial, we've seen how he protects the 212th, and even before this whole Mate thing popped up, he would've killed anyone for touching the Commander.  I just don't see him being okay about his ten year old Padawan, who was a slave and wouldn't know how to say no, run off to have a playdate with a fifty year old man."

Rex shook his head.  "I hear ya, but let's not piss off the Chancellor who can actually have us decommissioned."

Echo snorted.  "If he tried, the rampage we saw yesterday would be nothing compared to what General Kenobi would do, and I'm pretty sure Skywalker would be leading the charge."

Rex glanced down at his communicator, frowning at seeing who was calling him.  "Cody aren't you supposed to be on your honeymoon?"

"I would be, but your General is annoying my Mate.  Get him before I end him."

"KRIFF!"  Rex ran out of the room, with the rest following suit. 

Chapter Text

"Tea."  Obi-Wan leaned against Cody, the strong arms wrapped around him.  He had never felt this much contentment and happiness.  "I hoard Tea."

"Why does this not shock me?" He chuckled, nuzzling the patch of skin behind Obi-Wan's ear.  "The twenty boxes of tea you got stacked in the corner, is only a small stash isn't it."

Kenobi moaned, as Cody's hand moved down his chest, pinching his nipples just right.  He had learned fast how to make his body keen in longing and anticipation.  "The good thing about my hoard being tea is that I actually drink it, so it doesn't actually go against the Jedi Code about material things.  But yes, I always have a stash of tea hidden away.  But what will get the Dragon vibrating until I do something, is when I find a new tea that I've not seen, I have to taste it."

"So when I brought you tea from that planet where we had a day off…"

"I almost pounced you right then and there."  He shifted until straddling and facing his Mate.  "Once we can, I need to take you to Stewjon, meet the parents."

"They're not going to be disappointed I'm a clone?"  Cody cupped Obi-Wan's cheek rubbing his thumb through the beard, it like his hair was sticking up in all different directions.  

"You're my Mate."  Obi-Wan shifted, taking Cody's thumb into his mouth sucking on it, eyes mischievous.  The pop sound as he let it go, shouldn't be the turn on that it is.  "You're my everything."

"What about being a Jedi."  His hands gripped the smaller hips, pulling him closer.  "I mean beyond this war, you're still a Jedi and how are they going to handle the Mate thing."

"Cody."  Obi-Wan kissed him as he grinded down on the hardening cock.  "We will be together, beyond my life as a Jedi.  After this war, I will have to tell them I'm a Dragon and your my Mate, it will be up to the Council if they'll accept it, but I do have an ally.  Mace will back me, as far as I'm concerned he's my older brother.  He sat on me enough times, when I was a rambunctious Dragon who liked to play in the Thousand Fountains."

Cody leaned back slightly, trying hard not to imagine a young Obi-Wan running and playing in the water only to get in trouble with Mace.  "Did he really sit on you?"

"More like trapped me, by holding my tail."  The laughter echoed through the small room.  Obi-Wan couldn't help the small chuckle.  "I was five." 

"Oh I need to make friends with Mace and get all the baby tooka holos."

"Give him something purple."  Obi-Wan laughed lightly, giving him a quick kiss.  "Honestly, though, if they don't accept you as my Mate, they don't accept me as a Dragon. I'll leave, it's that simple.  There are ways of helping people, outside the Jedi."

Cody leaned forward taking the talented mouth into a deep kiss.  The love and devotion he felt from Obi-Wan was overwhelming.  He shifted them until his Mate was laid out beneath him.  He was beautiful, and so much bare skin to worship.  

Obi-Wan moaned, hands digging into the short curly hair.  His body arched upwards, giving himself over.  Like everything Cody put his mind to, he became an expert at pulling noises out of him that he didn't even know he could make.  

Cody licked a path down the muscular stomach, hands gripping the narrow hips - he was going to have a long talk with Snap about getting his General to eat more and gain some weight.  He sat back, just to get a good look, Obi-Wan's eyes were blown, chest heaving, legs spread in an open invitation.  He reached around the crumpled blankets, searching for the lube, when it levitated in front of him.  Cody gave him a look, before popping the lid and pouring some into his hand.  He leaned forward giving him a sloppy kiss, fingers teased the hard cock, then moved downwards until he found what he wanted.

One finger slid across the opening, the sound Obi-Wan made went straight to his already aching cock.  He slipped in one digit, he crooked his finger looking for that one spot … the wailing keen was a good sign he found it.  

He pulled out then pushed back in with two.  "You are so beautiful, so eager for me."

"Get in me, or I'll do it for you."  When Cody pulled his fingers out, Obi-Wan wrapped his legs around his waist, used his strength and agility to change their positions, he looked down at his Commander, with a wicked grin.  He gripped Cody's cock, and achingly slow, slid down until he was fully seated.  Hands sprawled against the muscular chest, head thrown back in ecstasy, a deep groan escaped as he was filled by the thick cock.  

Cody gripped his General's hips, then thrust upwards, pulling another groan from his throat.  "Come on cyare take what you want."  

And he did.  

Cody was pretty sure the use of the Force, in this situation wasn't quite up to Code, but he could care less.  He was buried deep in his Mate, and the sound both of them were making should've been embarrassing, but he was too lost in the feeling of being surrounded by Obi-Wan.  

He shifted suddenly, laying Obi-Wan beneath him, pinning the Jedi's hand above his head, and just kriffed him hard and fast until they were both pulled over the edge, lost in the sensations.

"There is no way I'm going to survive sleeping away from you." Cody breathed into Obi-Wan's neck, as they came down from their orgasm.  

"I think it can be arranged that you don't have to."  He kissed his temple, then squirmed slightly.  "How about a shower?"

"The shower alone, is a reason never to leave."  Cody slid out of him, checking for any bruising, he knew clones were designed with a sturdy stamina and enhanced strength, the last thing he wanted was to explain to Snap how the General was injured in the bedroom.

Obi-Wan laughed, then smacked him on the ass.  "Up."

"The romance is already dead, and we've only been married for a day."  Cody kissed him, then climbed off the bunk.  He made his way into the fresher, turning on the water waiting for it to get warm.  He looked into the bathroom mirror, wondering if he looked any different.  He was Mated to a Dragon, and had sex with a Jedi.  The same tired face looked back at him, though he noticed almost instantly the happiness in his eyes.  He heard Obi-Wan's laughter from the other room, and knew he would do anything in his power to make sure to hear that more often.

He rolled his shoulders, feeling the muscles grind and pop.  With a sniff and a glance down his body, yeah he needed a shower and he knew Obi-Wan was just as bad.  When his Mate didn't appear at the door to join him in, he got suspicious.   There was no way he was allowing the General to do any paperwork for another day.  He made Boil promise, under threat of pain that no one - unless the Negotiator was being attacked by Grievous - no one was to disturb them.   He knew these two days would be likely the only 'honeymoon' they would get, and he planned to enjoy every minute of it. 

He stepped back out into the main room, to find Obi-Wan sitting at his desk with nothing on, having a conversation with Anakin kriffin' Skywalker.   

Obi-Wan had every intention of joining his Mate in the shower.  Though it barely fit the two of them it was worth being close to a wet Cody.  He is going to be thankful for the clone's armour, because if he, at any time during a campaign, had to work with a soaking wet Commander, he was going to have him up against a tree.

Which wasn't very dignified for a High General of the Grand Army of the Republic.

He glanced at his desk, when the comm went off.  He should ignore it, and was about to, when he realized it was Anakin's number.  He reached out feeling anxiety from his Padawan, and without hesitation, sat down at the desk and answered.


"Did you think the Chancellor meeting with me was creepy?"  He asked in a rush, as if he didn't get it out, he wouldn't.

"What?"  He sent waves of calm across the bond that was still there, even after he had been Knighted.  "I need you to calm down.  Take a deep breath, that's right.  In. Out. In. Out."  He could see Anakin was following along, then sagged into his own chair.  "Now tell me why you're calling."

"Rex and Ahsoka had some questions, Fives and Echo kinda tagged along."  Anakin gave him a half smile.  "In the middle of some explanations, mainly what happened to my mom, Fives asked why Palpatine didn't buy her, he knew how much I had worried … which ironically wasn't what concerned me.  I mean, it's a good question, but Fives said it was weird for him to be mentoring me."

Obi-Wan flinched just enough that it got his Padawan's attention, and it was likely because he wasn't actually wearing anything, so the movement wasn't hidden in the many layers of tunic and robes.

"You didn't agree to it."  Anakin leaned in his chair staring at his Master.  "Why did you allow me to go?"

He paused putting his thoughts together.  "No.  At first I didn't like his attention.  You were a ten year old who had just left everything behind and in a world you didn't understand.  You were still dealing with being free, and I was worried that you wouldn't know how to say no.  Actually, for the first part of your apprenticeship I made sure everything was put in a way that you felt safe enough to say no.  It took time before you figured out the difference between an adult who had control over you as a slave, telling you what to do versus getting instructions from a teacher."

Anakin stared at him in shock, he had never even thought about his history as a slave, taking away his ability to choose.

"I thought it was inappropriate for him to mentor you, but he insisted.  If at any moment I felt you were in danger, I wouldn't have cared less what the Council or Senate demanded.  In the beginning it was actually good, you became more confident."

"In the beginning."  He leaned forward concerned.  "What happened when I got older?"

Obi-Wan sighed, rubbing his hands against his face, soothing down his beard.  At that moment he really hoped there wasn't any evidence of his and Cody's love making visible.   Though he was pretty sure a few bite marks were running along his neck and shoulders.  

"You got angry."


"Everytime you came back from seeing him, you were angry.  I would usually have to take you down to the salle and work out the aggression.  You had this attitude that you were better than everyone, you looked down at me, it was usually when you were the most vial about Qui-Gon.  When you lashed out at me, I knew something had to be done.  So I went to Mace."

"I don't remember lashing out at you."  He shook his head desperate to remember the moment.  "I remember going after Knight Vos, but never you.  I didn't hurt you did I?"

He paused for a moment, not wanting to talk about that moment.  He ended up crying on Mace's shoulder, terrified out of his mind wondering what he had done to fail his Padawan.  Taking a deep breath to calm his nerves.  "You lost control, when I went into the kitchen to brew some tea and cocoa to calm you down, the kettle exploded in my hands.  I ended up with bacta bandages for a few days."

"I remember the strips, why didn't you tell me what happened!"  Anakin stood and started pacing.  "I don't remember.  How do I not remember?"

"Mace was convinced it wasn't fully you, so we decided to introduce you to the Dragon.  Deep down Anakin all you want to do is protect, and by showing you the Dragon it would give you something to focus on, plus get through your thick skull that I wasn't a weak willed idiot, who couldn't save his Master."

"You have so much patience with me, and I love and thank you for it daily."  He wiped the tears from his face.  "I didn't see the Chancellor after that, only once on the anniversary of the battle of Naboo…" There was a pause as a sudden realization came over him. "When I went after Vos."

"I never could tell if he just poked the ball of anger, or if there was something more.  I couldn't get a read on him, but after you talked to Mace, you started to calm down.  And when you discovered that your mother was on Stewjon, everything changed." 

"There's more."  He sat back down, sensing there was something he wasn't being told.

"Ever notice that, when you come back from meeting with him, how reckless you are in battles and your death rate goes up."

"No, but I'm going to look at that now."  Anakin crossed his arms, he was pissed but not sure at what yet.   

"I'm sure you're having a hard time with this, next time we're back on Coruscant, go see Padmé before you see the Chancellor, talk to her.  You know she has no problem telling truth to power."  Obi-Wan gave him a pointed look.  "Make sure you have protection."

"Haha!" He laughed lightly, accepting his Master's deflection in the conversation.  They both needed it.  "Speaking of, are you making sure you're protected?  We really don't need any baby tookas running around."

Obi-Wan wasn't impressed.  "Last I checked neither of us could get pregnant, unless the Kamino's added a few extra parts to the clones."

"Let's never speak of that again."  Anakin shook his head laughing lightly, then suddenly looked up.  "Rex…"  He was yanked from view, Rex taking his place.  "Sorry about that.  Cody don't kill my General."

"Put a leash on him!"  Cody leaned forward to glare at his vod. "Goodbye."  He turned off the holo and glared at his General.  "We'll talk about that particular conversation later, Skywalker obviously needed you, and he is your ad'ika but right now you're mine."

"Oh yes, all yours."  He looked him up and down, grinning lecherously.  "Shower my dear?"  He laughed, when Cody yanked him out of the chair, tossed him over his shoulder, giving the bare ass a good smack, before dumping him under the warm water.