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Playing Pretend

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Nothing good could come out of Point Place and Jackie new that, the moment she put her feet on this town for the first time. Although she could use the air changing to forget about everything that happened, her 15-years-old self had cried and begged to stay. After all, New York was her home. But Jack Burkhart needed to assist the foundation of a new branch of one of his clients, she had no saying.  

First months in the new school were hard, but she managed to stand out. Her looks and the mystery of being an outside, new yorker girl, was more than enough to put her in the top of the food chain. Now, one year and a half later and running for head cheerleader, she hadn’t made any real friends, but who needed friendship when they could get admiration and respect. 

Caught up in her teenager concerns – and some wounds to heal, Jackie didn’t realize that her parents' marriage was crashing down for real, causing a major turnaround in her world. 



In the edge of seventeen, Hyde had too much on his mind. With graduation coming so soon, he knew too well he was about to be kicked out of the Forman's home. After all, their good intentions couldn’t last forever, right? 

That’s why, when his father showed up again, freshly released from prison, he felt some sort of relief. Maybe they could crash together, start over, just the two of them.  

But when Bud’s illegal activities came to knock on his door, Hyde saw his plans falling apart once again. If only there was a way of getting him out from all of that situation, he liked to believe there might be a decent place for them in the world.