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At 5:30pm, half an hour before she finishes work, Lan Zhan gets the most ominous text from her girlfriend.

be home on time

It’s so Wei Ying, the complete disregard of the fact she’s meant to be working, the lack of punctuation and then the radio silence afterwards, when Lan Zhan sends an almost worried message back.

The last 20 or so minutes have her on edge, and she’s out the door and on the way to Wei Ying’s apartment the second her shift ends. It feels like it takes double the amount of time to reach the small apartment, when in actuality it’s probably the fastest she’s ever got there. She lets herself in. The entrance is dark but there is a warm glow of light coming through the door to the ‘room’ of the apartment. She can hear a faint… something.

“Wei Ying,” she calls out from the other side of the door. “may I come in?”


At the sound of Wei Ying’s wrecked voice, Lan Zhan throws the door open so hard the stopper bounces against the wall. She can’t quite believe her eyes. On the bed in the furthest corner of the room, Wei Ying lays on her back, her legs spread wide. She's almost naked, bottom half completely devoid of clothes while a tshirt is hiked up under her armpits, her nipples exposed and hard in the air. Looking good enough to eat.

As Lan Zhan gets closer, she sees the slick shine of lube against the top of her asscheeks and the glint of her jewelled plug held snug inside. In Wei Ying’s other hand is Lan Zhan’s favourite dildo for fucking her, the tip already shiny. Lan Zhan kneels between her legs on the bed, ready to fuck her beautiful girlfriend, when said girlfriend nudges her away with her foot.

“Wanna show you,” Wei Ying softly says, voice fond. “let me show myself to you.”

Lan Zhan hums as she leans down to nuzzle at Wei Ying’s face and neck, they give each other a few kisses before she draws back and settles in to watch whatever Wei Ying has planned.

Wei Ying lets out a deep exhale before running her fingers down to her cunt, spreading herself wide open for Lan Zhan to see. Her empty hole winks when she clenches, obviously waiting for something to fill it again. Her gaze is hot and heavy when she fingers her clit and adjusts her grip on the toy. She slides it between her wet folds before pressing it against her entrance. She’s not wet naturally enough for this particular toys texture, so she can only get the wide head to push against her, fucking it in shallowly.

The whimper that falls from her lips is delicious, Lan Zhan wants to go over and swallow all her perfect sounds, but Wei Ying wants her to sit and watch, so she doesn’t. Lan Zhan watches as Wei Ying reaches for the bottle of lube on the bed next to her that Lan Zhan hadn’t noticed before, and squeezes out a good amount onto the tip. She wastes no time putting the toy back against her entrance, this time it slips straight in easily as she cries out.

Wei Ying continues to thrust the dildo into herself shallowly and starts teasing her clit. She then holds the widest part of the toy at her entrance, stretching her hole out, while furiously rubbing at her clit and clenching down on both toys so tight Lan Zhan can see them move without Wei Ying’s direction.

“F-fuck, fuck, Lan Zhan! Please… please…” Wei Ying moans as her whole body jerks, moving in time to her own pace as she fucks herself. She lets out a breathy gasp and shifts her hips, making the toys inside her rub together through her walls. Her moans get louder and louder, especially when she presses down just so and tightens herself that she feels so incredibly full.

Wet, squelching and churning sounds fill the room as Wei Ying doesn’t let up, fucking herself in earnest. One hand rubs against and plays with her clit while the other moves quickly, pushing and pulling at the heavy toy inside her. Lan Zhan longs to touch her, to pull out her strap and vibrator and being the one fucking her senseless instead.

“Lan Zhan,” she can’t stop moaning out her girlfriend’s name. “Ah, Lan Zhan. Fuck, you feel so good. So, so fucking good.” she says at a particularly hard thrust that makes her buck her hips into the air. She babbles as she grinds down and bucks up wildly again and again into the pressure. “I’m so close, I’m so close, Lan Zhan!! Please let me cum, please, please!”

But she barely even waits for Lan Zhan’s reply before her body starts to tense and tremble in the way Lan Zhan knows it does when she reaches her climax. This one is pretty long, her body rolling and jerking around as she comes, stuffed incredibly full.

After she stops coming, she doesn’t stop her hand, moving the toy inside of herself faster and taking it even deeper for several long minutes. Her clit has become a little dry and unpleasantly sticky, so she pulls her fingers away - but the sounds coming from her cunt are obscene as the toy moves in and out steadily, churning her insides. She continues to fuck herself for several thrusts then pushes the toy all the way in and just leaves it there - clenching around it, spreading her hole out so wide - before grabbing it again and constantly repeating the cycle. Her thighs are trembling from exhaustion, her eyes are glossy.

After a long while of doing this and getting nowhere, Wei Ying pulls the toy out of her cunt and slides it straight into her mouth. She treats it like it’s real, moving her tongue along the underside, teases the head when she allows it to pop out, gagging around it when she makes it hit the back of her throat.

Lan Zhan glances down at the slight pudge of her stomach, then to her gaping pussy. She presses two fingers to her girlfriend’s clit as she gently pushes on her stomach with the other. The toy gets ripped from Wei Ying’s mouth with a wet pop and their eyes meet in a challenge when Wei Ying grabs her arm.

“Not here.” Wei Ying states, no room for argument.

“Mn, messy.” Lan Zhan tilts her head, before taking the toy from Wei Ying’s grasp and pulling her up to her feet. She strips off what little is left of Wei Ying’s clothes and picks her up. After carrying Wei Ying into the bathroom, she places her gently down into the tub and motions for her to open her mouth. Wei Ying’s mouth falls open easily and she gives a soft moan when Lan Zhan moves her head down to take the toy deep in her throat, making her hold it there.

Lan Zhan picks the shower head up out of its cradle and turns to water on so it starts to warm. Wei Ying is staring up at her with her eyes lidded, mouth firmly wrapped around the dildo still inside. Once the water is warm enough, Lan Zhan makes Wei Ying spread her legs a little more and directs the stream of water straight onto Wei Ying’s clit. Lan Zhan doesn’t push down this time, fine to wait, but she does smooth her hand in a soothing motion over her belly.

“You can do it, Wei Ying. I know you can, just let go.”

After a few moments and pleasing touches, Wei Ying loosens her grip on the toy, relaxing her jaw. She moans so gently and her eyes roll back. The water rushes against her clit for maybe half a minute more before she tilts her head back and she finally lets go, a ‘fuck’ muffled by the toy lodged in her throat. The water running down the drain turns a very pale yellow as she relieves her bladder, fluid trickling out slowly while her hips twitch. So much comes out that Lan Zhan has to wonder how much she drank in preparation for this very part.

Wei Ying lets out a shaky moan, taking the toy out of her mouth and pulling Lan Zhan down to meet her lips. They kiss lazily until Lan Zhan’s fingers move involuntarily against her folds and she jerks up. Her brows furrow deeply and she clutches at Lan Zhan’s arm, shaking her head. Okay, no more, no more. Lan Zhan helps her stand up in the tub and cleans up her and the toys before leading them back to bed.

Wei Ying sits on the bed with a slight bounce, leaning in for kisses when Lan Zhan leans close as she gets ready for bed. She’s down to her underwear when Wei Ying's hands sneak around her waist and push into her panties, curling into the wetness they find there. She doesn’t have time to answer Wei Ying’s questioning sounds before she finds herself on her back on the bed, her girlfriend nestled between her spread, naked thighs.

She keens when Wei Ying’s warm mouth takes her clit inside and sucks gently before she runs her wet tongue over it. Already so turned on, it only takes a few good sucks before she’s coming all over Wei Ying’s face. Wei Ying licks and drinks up every drop Lan Zhan gives like it can’t go to waste.

“Ugh, you’re so fucking perfect. you know that, Lan Zhan?” Wei Ying laughs when she pulls her face away and kisses her way up to her girlfriend’s lips to capture them again and again in soft kisses. She settles on top of Lan Zhan as two strong arms wrap around her shoulders, pulling her ever so close. physically exhausted, Her eyes drift shut without realising and she falls into a light sleep. Later, they’ll properly clean up, eat dinner and talk, but for now, Lan Zhan is content to hold her forever.