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Explosive Love

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You let out a soft sigh as you listened to Mr. Aizawa’s drawn-out lecture. His words all blended together as you slipped into a daydream. The fluffy green hair in front of you bobbed around, and you shook yourself from your daydream as you watched him turn around to you. He flashed you a soft smiled a placed a folded paper onto your desk before returning his attention to Mr. Aizawa.

Curious, you turned the paper over, surprised by its perfect creases. You almost felt bad unfolding it, but as you read the words written inside, butterflies filled your stomach.

‘Are you free after dinner tonight?’ Was scrawled across the paper in rough handwriting. It was definitely Bakugo’s. You flushed, suddenly paranoid of your classmates as you wrote down a response.

‘No, did you need something?’ You refolded the paper and tapped Deku’s shoulder with it. He grabbed it without turning and passed it up to Bakugo. You watched anxiously as he unfolded it, his face relaxed as he read your response. He scribbled something onto the paper and you watched as it was passed back to you.

‘You should come to my dorm room. We can study for the test tomorrow.’ The word ‘study’ seemed awkwardly written, and you pondered what else it would have meant. You wrote down an agreement and passed it back up. Bakugo seemed excited for the rest of the day, and you were innocently unaware. 


After dinner, you made your way to the boy’s side of the fourth floor, leaving behind your room on the second. You shuffled around the notebook and pens in your arms and knocked on his dorm room door. Footsteps approached, and the door swung open to find a fidgeting Bakugo.

“Hey! Ready to study?” You asked with a smile. Bakugo nodded, letting you into his room before scanning the hallways behind you. He closed the door quietly and sat down on the same side of the table as you. You opened up your notebook, flipping pages until you got to the recent chapter.

“So what did you want to look over?” You cocked your head, gazing up at him. Bakugo paused for a second before replying.

“The math problems on page 344. They’re fuckin’ rough.” You nodded, opening up the textbook on the table.

“So to work your way through these…”

A little over 45 minutes later, Bakugo nodded over his notebook.

“That makes a lot more sense now, thanks.” You nodded, beaming brightly.

“No problem, anytime!” You returned back to your notebook. “Did you want any help with anything else?”
“Actually, yeah,” he spoke slowly, considering his words. “When I think about you, I have this… problem.”

“Problem?” You echoed. The sudden switch of his tone made you suspicious, but you let him lead. 

“Yeah, but if it’s too difficult for you to help me out with, that’s fine.” He rubbed the back of his head anxiously.

“Well, what’s the problem?” You push. He clutches his tank top tightly.

“Whenever you’re around, my heart beats real hard, and it gets difficult to focus. Sometimes there’s other stuff that happens, but that’s a different problem.” You ponder for a second.

“Sounds like a crush to me,” you tease. You lean forward a bit. “Does that sound right?” Bakugo swallowed.

“Sounds about right to me,” he declared, folding his arms over his chest. You shuffled forward excitedly, pushing yourself close to his face.

“So what happens if I have the same symptoms?” You ask, eyes glimmering.

“Sounds like the opposite of a problem.” You fall onto Bakugo, pressing your lips onto his. Pulling back, you watch his face soften from a tense one to a softer, more relaxed one.


“Again,” he demanded, pushing his face into yours. You obliged, abandoning the books on his table. You’re not too sure exactly how, but you ended up on his lap, sprawled across his bed. Light-headed from the barrage of kisses he attacked you with, you buried your head into the nook of his neck.

“Oi,” he called, pressing a hand on your back and rubbing some circles. “Where do you wanna go from here?” You realized what he was asking, and you tensed slightly. Do you want to keep going? Should you? You pulled back, face flushed, and analyzed Bakugo. His face was also flushed, and something was poking into you through his pants. 

Fuck it, you thought, and pressed another kiss onto Bakugo’s lips, pressing into his lap.

“You wanna keep going?” He broke off, making sure you were okay with it. You nodded, breathing heavy. He pulled at the bottom of your shirt, and you leaned back to let him take it off of you, raising your arms. You pressed your hands onto Bakugo’s chest, wanting to pull his shirt off as well. You fiddled with the hem, kissing him again. He tugged his shirt off, sitting up to take it off entirely. He tossed it onto the floor, starting a pile of clothes. 

He pulled you in and kissed a line down your neck, then pecked your boobs. He wrapped his arms around you before unclipping your bra, freeing your chest. Bakugo brought his hands up tentatively, hesitating as if he were afraid to touch them. Hesitation passed, and he cupped your boobs excitedly, playing with them. 

You pulled yourself back, impatient for the main course. You leaned down, unbuttoning and unzipping Bakugo’s cargo shorts and rummaging to pull out his hard cock. It stood before you, tall and proud, and you took a second to appreciate it. Leaning down, you gently popped it into your mouth, swirling your tongue across the head before bushing yourself down the long shaft. Taking as much of it as you could into your mouth, you bobbed up and down, Bakugo groaning as you did. 

After a bit, Bakugo grabbed your head, pushing you off of him.

“What’s wrong?” You questioned.

“Nothing,” he breathed heavily. “I just didn’t want to finish right off the bat.” You nodded, and he pulled you onto his lap, hand snaking under your skirt. His hands dove straight into your panties, rubbing circles into your clit. You let out a breathy moan at his touch, and his fingers pushed farther down. Finding the slick entrance, he pressed a finger into you gently, watching as you gasped. Pumping his finger, he carefully added a second finger. Moaning louder now, he retracted his fingers, pulling your skirt and panties down. You moved to take them off entirely, and Bakugo did the same with his pants. Both of you now naked, you both paused.

“Are you ready for this?” Bakugo asked, reaching into his nightstand drawer for a condom. You nodded, shuffling up onto his lap as he tore open the wrapper. Sliding it down his length, you lifted yourself up and carefully slid yourself down his length, pressing it into you. You let out a deep moan as Bakugo groaned, feeling him fill you up. You paused for a second, allowing yourself to adjust before pushing up slowly and bringing yourself back down. Invigorated by the pleasure radiating off of you and Bakugo, you bounced on his lap. 

“Fuck,” he groaned before pushing you over. You were now on your knees, Bakugo looming over you. Fucking you from behind, your moans grew more and more louder as the pleasure grew more intense. Bakugo’s pace quickened, and you had a feeling he was getting close. You arched your back into him, and you felt his hands scuttled across your back, searching for something to grab onto. He settled on grabbing onto your tummy, the other hand reaching around to rub your clit.

Sensations driving you wild, you let out a high-pitched moan as Bakugo thrusted even fast.

“B-Bakugo!” You moaned loudly. “God, God I’m gonna cum!” Bakugo groaned in response.

“Good, me too.” You felt a dam break, and your orgasm hit you hard. Moaning louder than before, you lost yourself in the waves of pleasure and heat. You felt Bakugo slam into you hard, groaning as he also hit his peak. Heat shot into you, and the last thing you felt was that heat and a trickle of confusion.

Bakugo gasped as his orgasm released an intense explosion, vaporizing you. He jumped back, the bang from the explosion echoing around his room, ears ringing. He heard a door slam open and fast footsteps as he blinked, trying to make sense of what exactly just happened. Kirishima burst through the door.

“Bakugo!” He shouted, scanning the room. He peered at the naked Bakugo, black soot covering his bed. “You okay?” Bakugo nodded slowly, still shaken. Kirishima looked around again.

“Wow, you hid her really fast. Nice one, bro. Congrats on scoring.” Bakugo shook his head, chest heaving.

“Kirishima, she just disappeared.” He stared down at his hands. “I think… I think I killed her.” 

“Haha, Bakugo. The whole floor heard you two. Just own up to it.”

“No, we did. But when I… finished, there was an explosion, and she was gone.” Bakugo looked at the soot on the bed. 

“Uh,” Kirishima paled. “Let’s, uh, get you some clothes, bud.” Kirishima could hear Shouji heading down the hall to check out the bang as well. He tore open Bakugo’s drawers, throwing random clothes at him. Bakugo didn’t move an inch as Shouji peeked inside. Eyes wide, Shouji’s gaze flipped between Kirishima and Bakugo. Kirishima said nothing, and Bakugo began to tear up. More footsteps approached, and Iida stood firm in the doorway.

“Bakugo! I understand we are all at that age of being promiscuous, but-” 

“Iida! Now is really not the time!” Kirishima cut him off as Todoroki popped his head around Shouji. Surprise and terror crossed his face before Todoroki immediately retreated. Iida stepped into Bakugo’s room carefully, assessing the scene.

“What happened?” He questioned carefully.

“I fucking killer her!” Bakugo finally screamed. “I blew her up!”