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Blood Contract

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In my experience, mornings after were always so awkward. Waking up in bed with someone you just hooked up with before taking that signature walk of shame. But waking up next to Chris was different. He didn't rush me out like most. Instead, I woke to find him watching me sleep, which should have been rather creepy, but the sweet smile he wore made my heart soar.

After untangling our limbs, Chris insisted on making me breakfast. I shrugged on my jacket and headed out for a cigarette. Nothing like nicotine to get the day started. As I sat outside watching the early morning clouds roll by, I thought about last night. My face began to heat up, just thinking about what all had happened between us. Everything changed so quickly. I groaned, leaning forward, thinking about the last thing he had asked me. I did enjoy calling him Daddy. I enjoyed it a lot, but I had been shamed in the past for saying it, and anxiety still bubbled up in my stomach thinking about it.

My smoke had long gone out by the time I stood and headed back in. My senses were assaulted by the smell of bacon as soon as I stepped in. I made my way to the kitchen, finding Chris at the stove, still shirtless. I slid my jacket off, laying it over a chair before stepping over to the cabinets, grabbing a glass.

"God, that smells so good." I grabbed the orange juice from the fridge and poured myself a glass.

"Yeah, it does. I haven't had bacon in a long time. It's a good thing I stocked up on groceries last week." Chris smiled at me as I leaned my back to the counter next to him, taking a sip from my glass.

"I'll have to buy you some more. I feel bad about eating all your food." I glanced at my feet, realizing I was still in his sweatpants.

"Don't be. I bought it for you." I glanced up at Chris.

"What?" Chris pulled the last of the bacon from the pan before turning the stove off and looking over at me.

"I only ever buy food when I'm expecting to feed someone. Or I have a craving for something. I realized I didn't have much here to make dinner, so I stocked up." I stared at him in disbelief.

"You.. only bought groceries for me?" Chris stepped in front of me, sliding between my legs.

"As I said, I had to feed you somehow." Chris slid his hands to my hips, pressing his thumbs over the waistband of my sweats. Or rather his sweats. "God, you look good in my clothes."

"You don't have to do that. You don't need to feed me." Chris smirked, admiring the light blush that adorned my cheeks.

"I like taking care of you. I'm your sugar daddy, remember?" I groaned and turned my head away from him. Did he really have to bring that up again? "Aww, is my baby boy getting shy?" I could only imagine how red my face was. "Don't hide from me baby, let me see that cute face." After a few seconds of contemplating what to do, I slowly turned my head to look back up at him. "Good boy. Now get some bacon, how do you want your eggs?" My heart rate picked up even more. Once again, I realized I would do anything to hear him call me a good boy.

"Scrambled please." Was all I could muster to squeak out as he removed himself from between my legs to step to the fridge. I took a moment to just breathe, before putting some bacon on a plate and making my way to the table. I slowly ate, watching Chris move gracefully through his kitchen. God, I was in so deep.


The next couple of days seemed to crawl by. Every moment of downtime was spent thinking about the next time I got to see Chris and I'm sure my roommate got tired of hearing me gush over him, even how I still refused to tell her even who he was. While eating dinner a few days after I spent the night with him, she wanted to have a serious conversation about how I was feeling. She kept reminding me that this was an agreement between us and that I didn't have to sleep with him.

I knew Kate was only looking out for me, but it made me feel sick, thinking about how someday, our agreement would come to an end. And how it could end with me getting hurt. She told me I was in too deep, that I needed to think about this rationally. Our conversation ended less serious, joking about how Chris had started referring to himself as my sugar daddy.

The next day, I was set to meet Chris. He texted me and told me that Clare had wanted to have another meeting with us. I agreed to meet him at the office and that we'd leave there and head to his house for everything else. I left the house about 30 minutes before I needed to, but I had started to get nervous. He didn't tell me what it was about, and I wasn't even sure if he knew. To be completely honest, Kate's speech about the end of our agreement had been rattling around in my head, making every fiber of my being anxious.

Chris met me outside the office, his signature lopsided grin melting away my nerves.

"Aiden, your quite early." I laugh a bit, looking down at my shoes.

"So are you. I wanted to make sure I'd make it on time. My roommate needed her car so I had to walk." A displeased look crossed his face.

"I could have picked you up. You didn't need to walk." I smiled, feeling a light blush spread across my face.

"I didn't want to bother you." Chris's eyes softened as he placed his hand on my lower back, guiding me into the building. Once inside, he lent down to whisper in my ear.

"You could never bother me, baby boy." My breath caught in my throat as I scrambled to find something to say. A smug look settled on Chris's face as he talked to the receptionist. I was still trying to calm myself when he led me to Clare's office. I let out a breathy "Hi" after she greeted us.

"So I know this was kind of short notice but with Chris's work, it happens sometimes." I glanced at Chris, searching his face for any sign of what was going on. "So," Clare shuffled through some papers for a moment before continuing, "We need to discuss what will happen when Chris is on tour. And unfortunately, we need to do that rather quickly. When will your last day be before you leave, Chris?"

"We have about 2 months. I got notice yesterday that our tour won't be canceled like we thought. It will be about 3 months before I'm back." I shifted my glance between the two of them, unsure of how to process everything. Not only was Chris leaving in 2 months to tour, but he would need to eat for those three months he's gone. Gone. Anxiety began to bubble up into my throat.

"So there are a few options we can go over. I wanted to talk to you both since it affects both of you equally." Clare shifted her glance to more directly talk to me. "Chris and I have had this conversation in the past, but with you being his companion now, your opinion means just as much as his." I nodded, glancing back at Chris. I couldn't read the expression on his face and it made me even more nervous. "So let's start with some of the more common solutions that people pick. The most common would be Aiden donating some blood every week so that Chris has enough to get him through his tour. Chris, any concerns or comments?"

"I don't like it." We both stared at him for a moment, waiting for him to continue.

"Okay... Can you tell us why?"

"Aiden would be having to feed me and try to stock up 3 months worth of blood in just 2 months. It's too risky." Chris looked over at me, a hint of concern in his features.

"Aiden?" My attention was brought back to Clare.

"That does sound like it could be like a lot." Clare nodded and made some notes on her paper.

"Option 2 and 3 are related in a way. Aiden would donate a bit each week and whatever amount of blood we were short, we could get blood from the donor bank or set up temporary companions in the cities that Chris would be in when he needed to feed." My heart sank at the idea of a temporary companion, jealously and possessiveness flaring. Chris Began talking before Clare could even ask him.

"I will not take a temporary companion." Clare eyed Chris for a moment, then me before writing more.

"What about donor blood?"

"Only if absolutely necessary." Clare turned her eyes to me expectantly.

"Both those options affect me less than Chris, so I feel like it'd be wrong for me to weigh in." Clare nodded. She let her gaze flick between us for a moment before looking down at the mess of papers in front of her.

"There is only one other option and it's usually impractical for most out human companions." I nodded slowly as she talked. "Aiden could travel with you. We can't help with travel costs, because there is no reason to not go a cheaper route than personal preference." This time Clare turned her attention to me first. "This affects you the most. You would be on the road traveling with Chris for almost three months. The only thing I can offer to help is a note for work excusing you. But the financial responsibilities will fall on you."

I cleared my throat as I tried to sort through my thoughts. Yeah, it sounded nice just being able to go with him, but I didn't have enough saved up to cover 3 months of rent, let alone what money I would need to travel for that long.

"I... I can't afford not to work. I'm not even sure I could afford to feed and take care of myself for that long on the road." Clare nodded in response before continuing to write. I turned to catch Chris's gaze. His expression was hard to read, but his eyes had a hit of almost sorrow in them.

"Do you want to go?" Chris's voice was low, almost low enough that I wasn't even sure if Clare could hear him. "Aiden, if money wasn't an issue, would you go with me?"

"Of course I would. But I can't." I turned away from him. My feelings were all mixed up but I just knew I wasn't happy about what was going on. I found Clare looking at me with an almost pitiful look. Like she understood how I was feeling even tho I didn't.

"If you would be willing to accompany me, I will cover everything."