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Butterfly Dream

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Chapter 1



Khun had lived for many years and has been called many, many things by his allies and foes alike but there was a word that was never used on him.




He watched, stone faced as a small blue haired boy dragged his companion’s—a brunet who looked to be of same age—hand and quickly ran to his direction. The boy stopped short just in front of him. A pair of gold eyes blinked and stared curiously at him, “Did you cut your hair, Papa? It looks nice!” he then frowned, “But I cannot braid it if it’s too short.”


“K-kh-khun...” Shibisu managed to say. He was the first (and probably the only one) to speak after witnessing his friend being addressed as ‘papa’ by some random kids. True, the kids have magically appeared as some kind of crazy reward for passing the test on 66th Floor. The two little boys have been sleeping peacefully, cuddling each other when they first appeared in glowing orb of white light. One of the boys had a short blue hair and was wearing navy pajamas with miniature moons and stars. While the other had long brown hair and was wearing dark red pajamas with miniature suns and clouds.


Somehow a bit lost on what they were supposed to do to a pair of children who appeared literary out of nowhere—as their reward nonetheless—the team had finally decided to bring the sleeping boys with them. After all they were (mostly) not that heartless to let innocent children alone in such dangerous place. Getting Khun to carry the kids in his lighthouse, however, was a bit difficult as the blunet has complained about not being a glorious porter and that the children were quite suspicious. 


But Bam, bless his kind soul, has taken one look at the sleeping children and turned pleading glance at the light bearer. In the end, Khun, as always, has relented to the Bam’s request and put their ‘reward’ inside his lighthouse. The two have stayed there, thankfully remained sleeping as they ascended to the next floor and took care of their housing arrangement. 


With everything sorted out, however, they finally have to decide what to do about their ‘reward’. What they clearly did not expect was the kids to wake up—


(“Papa? I am in time-out?” The boy asked, apparently not bothered by the glowing lighthouses or the team surrounding him.  “…I di n’t do ‘thing bad...” He mumbled, clearly still half-asleep.

“Err…kiddo, I am not sure your ‘papa’ is here. But if you tell us who he is, we will be happy to help you find him!” Shibisu exclaimed, ignoring his teammates’ protest on not wanting to be dragged on one of his good deeds of the day.

The kid, the blue haired one, blinked owlishly at the tracksuit-wearing male, “But I heard papa’s voice…” he looked around again. This time clearly more awake than before. He searched among the clustering individuals and immediately beamed upon seeing the familiar shade of blue. 



—and referred their cunning strategist and light bearer as his supposed father. 


“Wha-why didn’t you tell us?” Shibisu continued, voice high-pitched. 


Khun looked at him with a frown. While he was actually thankful for Shibisu’s blabbering having temporarily taken everyone’s attention off him, he clearly didn’t like the direction how this was going. The scout could be quite an annoying drama queen if he so wished.


“Why didn’t you tell us that you already have your own kids?!” The older male protested, causing Khun to twitch slightly. “You should have told me! Daddy would not judge you! You said you weren’t seeing anyone. But by the looks of it, you have progressed further than mere ‘seeing’ anyone…” Shibisu then darted his gaze to the two boys, mentally calculating their estimated age. He had known the blunet since the second floor, and they have somehow been climbing together ever since. With how old the children looked like… “To think my son would grow up so quickly and give me grandsons this soon. You must have started very early…” He covered his face with his hands, shamelessly imitating an embarrassed teenage girl.


“Be quiet! They’re not mine!”


“How can you even say that? How could you even deny that they’re not yours when the evidence is there?” Shibisu countered.


Khun didn’t say anything at that. He could easily have countered it by saying the children could belong to anyone from his family. Hell, even saying that the children were one of his father’s numerous children would be believable too. After all it was no secret how many wives Khun Eduan has by now. 


But honestly, he might have to admit that Shibisu was probably right. The resemblance with him was great—why only to him and not other Khuns or even Khun Eduan himself, he didn’t know. After overcoming his initial shock and upon closer inspection at both children’s face, he could recognize some of his features on them. One of the boys did have the Khuns’ unique silvery blue hair. Although the boy’s eyes were the color of molten gold, he could still see himself in them. But there was other mixed traits which looked somehow familiar. The other child was no different. Despite the long brown hair and overly long bangs shadowing his eyes, he could still pick up a single, blue eye staring expectantly at him. He calmed himself and then turned to speak to the two boys that somehow manage to sneak their arms around his legs. “Hey, can you tell me your name? Where’re your parents and where did the both of you come from?” 


Beside him, Bam was sending him concerned looks, like he could not decide between helping him getting rid of the two koalas clinging to his legs or simply let them be. But knowing how kind Bam was, he probably expected Khun to play nice and treat the two children gently. Really, being kind was not good for his heart!


At his questions, two little heads looked up to him. There were frowns on those chubby little faces. “Papa? Why?” The younger blunet asked confusedly. He traded glances with his brown haired companion before both of them turned back to him. Khun could feel a slight tingle of something as the children’s gaze focused on him. The feeling didn’t last long as the boys finally released a relived sigh after confirming whatever it was that they were looking for. Then it seemed that they have made up their mind as the blue haired boy looked up again and beamed, “Papa Aguero!” The small brunet, meanwhile, just hugged his leg even tighter than before.


“See?!” Shibisu exclaimed loudly. The only one crazy enough to even speak during the whole fiasco.


“I said shut up, Isu!” He snapped at the scout before turning to the boys again. “Fine, then what’s your name?” Khun could feel the telltale of what is going to be an annoying headache as he unconsciously massaged his forehead. “How did you come here? Where’s your other parent?” 


The little blunet lifted up his head and smiled brightly as he answered his questions. He apparently was no longer bothered that his supposed father was asking for both of their names. “I am Luan. And that is my brother, Vihan. But me and Papa usually call him ‘Vi’! Nice to meet you!”




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“So you two are brothers then?” Shibisu, still being the only brave soul in the team, asked in response to Luan’s answer. If Rak and some of the more talkative bunch were here, the situation might be much more chaotic than it currently was. Sadly, as it was already pretty late, most of their members have decided to retreat earlier or were on some kind of errand by now. Hence, only Khun, Bam, Shibisu, Hatsu, Endorsi, Hockney, and a sleeping Laure were currently present.


“Un! Vi is my older brother. Papa said Vi is older by ten minutes!”


“Ten minutes—wait, both of you are twins!?”


A blinding grin was his answer. Luan suddenly let go of Khun’s right leg, where he has been clinging all along like baby koala, and ran towards his brown-haired counterpart. He hugged Vihan tightly and beamed happily at the other’s questioning look. Khun, however, has to find his balance quickly as there was suddenly twice the weight on his left leg.  


“How old are you?” The next question came from Hockney. It was quite surprising to find out Khun of all people (would) not only has sons but twins at that. But the two seemed pretty small, so he believed that they were only around five years old or something close. 


“I am four!” Luan replied, proudly showing four fingers. Vihan peeked from behind Khun’s leg and nodded shyly, supporting his brother’s answer.


Shibisu cooed at how cute the kids were and skillfully ignored the exasperated groan from his teammates. His fingers were really itching to take pictures of the two boys! Since they didn’t know yet the details of the twins’ existence, he should take advantage of this opportunity and take as much as pictures as possible! After all, they were supposed to be Khun’s kids! There might not be another opportunity to get such perfect blackmail materials in the future!


“That’s nice and all. But can we quickly get to the point who the other parent is?” Endorsi suddenly cut in. She has been silent all along, but now she sounded pretty cranky for some reasons. None was daring enough to ask her what caused the sudden mood change. Their resident princess was rather known for her violent outbursts. It’d be better to stay clear in case she was looking for unfortunate someone to release all that pent up emotion.


Luan titled his head, staring at the scowling Endorsi in confusion, “You mean Daddy?”


“Yes, daddy, dada, father or whatever.” She snorted, “Why am I not surprised there is no mommy?”


“Daddy doesn’t stay with us. Papa said daddy is busy with his miss-i-on so we cannot see him yet.” Luan explained cheerfully. His smiles got bigger as he remembered all the stories papa has told Vi and him about their other parent. Their daddy was amazing! “But Papa promised that we would see Daddy soon!”


Well, they did not really expect that. Does it mean that Khun would be raising and taking care of his children alone? 


“Oh, did your Papa say what Daddy’s mission is?” Shibisu tried to ask, feeling the atmosphere turned awkward all of sudden. He was not expecting some perfect happily ever after stories, honestly. This was Khun they were talking about. But, after finding out that they were Khun’s kids, he was actually looking forward to hearing something nice about his friend’s future.


“ defeat an evil king.” came a soft voice. This time the answer came from Vihan. Everyone strained to hear what the little brunette was saying, “Papa doesn’t want Daddy to get hurt protecting us. So we just have to be patient and wait for Daddy.”


Now, that sounds strangely familiar. Since their supposed ‘papa’ was Khun, then…


“Hey, can you tell us your Daddy’s name?” Shibisu quickly asked.


The twins blinked and looked confused for the first time that night.


“Daddy is Daddy.” Luan, the apparent spokesperson between the two, was the one to answer again. 


“No, no. I mean your daddy’s name.” The tracksuit wearing male rushed to explain, “Your papa is Khun right? Then, your name is Luan and he is Vihan. So, do you know what’s your daddy’s name?”


If his hunch was correct, then it’d all make sense. The children coloring—one has blue hair and golden eyes; while the other, brown hair and currently unknown eye color (Shibisu would bet they were blue, just like Khun’s). But all those colors were quite common in the tower, especially with the enormous number of Khuns that was running around the tower at the moment. Blue hair and eyes were the distinctive characteristics of the Khuns, almost all of the Khuns. Then the brown hair and gold-yellow eye color too. Although they were not particular to specific families, many people also have those hair and eye color. That’s why they didn’t really want to jump into conclusion at first. But the other parent, the one who was said to have the mission to defeat an evil king could only be—


“—Can we continue this tomorrow? It has been a long day, I am sure everyone is tired and want to get some rest.” Bam suddenly spoke, making almost everyone turn to look at him. The older brunette in turn simply pointed at Vihan, who was yawning and started to nod off. It was already late indeed, and children are supposed to get more sleep compared to adults...


But they were so close! So close to find out the identity of the twins’ other parent!


Still, there was no way to fight Bam once he made his decision. Even Khun has failed to make the brunette change his mind nowadays. Shibisu sighed, “Yeah, I guess we can continue tomorrow after everyone gets a good night’s sleep.” He concluded. Hearing this, Endorsi immediately made her way out of the room. She did not even speak to anyone as she left. Hockney was the next to go. He kept glancing back at Khun and the twins as he exited. Now only four of them plus a sleeping Laure was left in the room besides the two children. 


Khun, who has been silent since the twins’ revealing their names, looked down as he felt a sudden tug on his pants. “Yes?”


He saw the brown haired one, Vihan, raised his hands towards him in what he recognized as the universal gesture of a child asking to be picked up. Khun stared and really stared at the child as he would do to an unknown variable in his plan. While the gesture was familiar to him, thanks to Shibisu and his persistence of having team bonding by watching some family dramas, to actually have it happen to him was an entirely different matter. 


“Khun? Do you want to carry him? If you are too tired I can help you bring him to our room.” 


The blunette looked up to find a pair of golden eyes looked at him in concern. He silently berated himself. Bam must have seen Vihan reaching out to him and how he simply looked at the boy and didn’t do anything. 


“No, Bam. I get this.” Khun replied quickly, continuing to stare at Vihan who still has his hands stretched out towards him. He wondered if his mother ever picked and hold him in her arms like most mother would do.

Minutes passed with neither of them making any moves.


“Khun?” Bam called out once again.


“Ah, yes. Sorry I was thinking of something.” With that Khun crouched down and quietly gathered the boy in his arms. He tensed as Vihan suddenly snuggled into his neck, making a content sigh. It felt strange holding something so small in his arms. The brunette was warm and heavy—and seemed to be awfully trusting that Khun would not drop him. How could this child trust a stranger so easily? Even Khun wouldn’t even trust himself to carry the child and not to suddenly drop him given the right circumstance. If the child was really one of his sons like how they claimed to be, then he should have known what it meant to trust a Khun—no matter what their blood relation might be. 


Feeling troubled all of sudden, the light bearer was about to stand up when he caught the other child, Luan, sent him a pleading glance. Khun paused. The younger twin could not possibly expect Khun to also carry him right?


“Would you like to go with me?” Bam asked with a smile. He was suddenly there, kneeling down next to Luan and offering his hand to the little blunette. “I am afraid Khun cannot carry both of you at once.”


Luan stared at the hand being offered to him before he looked back at Bam in silence. He really resembled Khun at the moment that Bam could not help but chuckle. After some time, the younger twin finally nodded. He then circled his arms around Bam’s neck and made himself comfortable in the brunette’s arms.


Khun silently thanked Bam for his insight. He already found it difficult to carry one child, so two would be really pushing it. Never would he expect that one day he would be carrying a child who was supposedly his own. Although there was the matter of who the other parent was…


From the corner of his eyes, he could see Bam’s saying goodbye to the others as they started to walk back to their room. He watched as Luan babbled about something to the older brunette and Bam responded in kind with something that made the small child giggle. Really, Bam seemed to be naturally gifted at handling children. It might be another talent of his. Or maybe it was the irregular’s charm at play. 




It didn’t take long for them to reach their room on the second floor. However, the second he opened the door to their room, Khun realized they might have some problems with the sleeping arrangements. “We don’t have enough bed here. So you two have to share with someone else if you want to stay here.”


Vihan tugged Khun’s shirt and looked at him expectantly, “Sleep with papa?”


The blunette took a moment to answer. Maybe tomorrow he could think of something. But as for tonight, there was no other choices. “...I guess. But only one of you, there is not enough room.”


“Me, me, me!” Luan chirped, from where he was perched in Bam’s arms. “I want to sleep with papa too!”


Khun groaned. He set Vihan down on his bed. Soon Bam followed him and put Luan down besides his brother. “I already told you there was not enough room here. The bed is already pretty small.”


“They can take my bed, Khun. I don’t mind sleeping on the floor!” The wave controlled offered helpfully. After years of sleeping on the cave floor and then on whatever available surface during FUG’s missions, he has gotten used on sleeping almost everywhere. So he really didn’t have any problem with giving his bed should anyone need it. 


“No, Bam. You should not do that!” Khun protested. He turned back to the children who was watching them curiously, “Listen, we don’t have enough bed in this house. So, you…” he paused, “…one of you can sleep with me sometimes. But the other one have to sleep with someone else. Understand?”


“Yes, papa!” came the twins’ answer. 


“I don’t mind sharing my bed then.” Bam stated, smiling softly as he watched how Khun handled the two children. “Both of us usually stay in the same room, so the children may feel more comfortable since they are close to you, Khun.” 


“Thank you, Bam.” He sent an answering smile at the brunette before turning back to the pair sitting on his bed. “Now, I want you to wash up and brush your teeth before going to bed. You also need to change your clothes.” They were quite small, probably close to Rak’s size. But there was no way Khun would be borrowing any of Rak’s clothes. “I don’t have any spare clothes for children in my lighthouses so you can wear one of my old t-shirts. Is that clear?”


“No warm milk?” Luan asked, disappointment clear on his face. 


Khun raised his eyebrow. These two must have grown up in comfort if they could make such request. He filed the information for later date. 


“I can prepare some warm milk for them, Khun.” Bam interrupted before Khun could say anything. He crouched down before the twins and smiled. “Do you want some honey with your milk?”


Luan gave an enthusiastic nod. But Vihan simply shook his head while murmuring, “Chocolate...”


“Ah, you want a chocolate milk then?” At the boy’s nod, Bam gave Vihan another smile and stood up. He then looked at his light bearer, “Do you also want to drink something before bed, Khun?”


“I am fine, Bam. Sorry about this, I know you must be pretty tired.”


“It’s okay. I will be back with the milk shortly.”


Khun waited as Bam’s footsteps grew fainter as the brunette walked away from their room. He listened quietly to any sounds that might indicate someone was sneaking around and trying to eavesdrop on him. Finding nothing, he double-checked his surrounding using the lighthouses to make sure that the coast was clear and that none was going to come and disturb him anytime soon.


Satisfied, he set up a soundproof barrier around the room before finally turning to face his ‘sons.’ 


“Now, tell me everything. Starting from your name, your full name.”




“Jyu Vihan Khun.”


“Jyu Luan Khun.”



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Chapter 3




Khun woke up to the sun shining on his face and some kinds of weight that made him unable to move. He was currently facing a window in a room which let out a good amount of sunlight which awoke him. As usual, it took him quite some time to fully wake up. At first he was a bit disoriented, he pondered for a moment what had happened and then the events of last night slowly came back to his mind—




“You told us to never introduce our full name, Papa. Because you said there are a lot of bad people out here? But since papa is the one asking so it’s okay!”


Khun remained silent. Learning about their full name had further confirmed his suspicion, there was only one person in the whole tower that he knew possessed that surname. Unless there was suddenly another surviving relative or someone with similar name, then it was clear who their other parent was. Yet he still could not bring himself to say that name. “What about your ‘Daddy’? Have you ever met him before?”


The twins shook their head.


“You never said anything about Daddy’s name, Papa. At bedtime, you usually tell us stories about Daddy and a talking ar-ari-arigator!” The little blunette struggled with pronouncing the word correctly. “That’s my favorite!”


Luan continued, swinging his legs as he looked trustingly at his blue haired father, “But but you always said that I have daddy’s eyes. I heard Uncle Ling mentioned that Vi will look like Daddy when he grows up too!”


Khun paused, his mind quickly going over the list of people he knew who would have such nickname, “Uncle Ling?”


“Un! Uncle Ling always comes to bring us games and chocolates!” Luan answered enthusiastically. He then pouted, “But you always get angry when we eat too much chocolates!”


“And cakes…” Vihan added.


“Uh-huh. Cakes too. Can we have cakes, Papa? I want the chocolate cake you usually make for our birthday.” Luan’s eyes shone with excitement. “Can we, can we?”


Khun frowned. Only a small number of people knew he was good at baking and that chocolate cake was one of his specialties. While Rak was a blabbermouth, he knew that the gator and Bam would not simply tell anyone about it. 




“Listen, I am not really your parent or the ‘Papa’ you have been talking about.” Khun saw Luan immediately got teary eyed as the younger twin heard what he was saying and groaned. That’s why he didn’t like dealing with children. They were quite troublesome to question every time. And he really could not use any of his usual preferred methods on them, not unless he wanted Bam to find out. The wave controller probably would not allow him to do anything to such small children anyway. Khun sighed. He was really getting too soft for his liking. “Fine. You will get your chocolate cake but both of you have to promise to answer all my questions. Is that clear?”


“Yes, papa!” the twins answered in unison.


“Then, do you have any proof that I am really your ‘Papa’?”


For once, Luan was quiet. His face scrunched up in concentration as he tried to find the answer Khun’s question. It was difficult. Papa was Papa. There was always no need to question that. So how could they prove that Papa was theirs? 


The younger twin frowned. Was this one of Papa’s study time again? Did they have to answer this so they could get their favorite dessert after dinner? Luan pouted. He hated studying! His brother was always better than him in that studying stuff and answering Papa’s questions. 


…maybe Vi could answer this one for them? 


He looked to his usually silent twin, only to see him nod and reach out for something...inside his clothes.


“Ah.” Luan exclaimed in surprise. He understood! They could show that to answer Papa’s question! “I almost forgot about it! Papa gave this for our birthday and told us to wear it always!”

The blue haired child also drew out an almost identical pendant that had also been hanging around his neck, hidden by the clothes (and in Vihan’s case also his long hair). Khun studied the pendants carefully, the design was pretty simple and there was a small, crystal like stone on each of them. Luan’s has a blue-colored one, while Vihan has amber. They really didn’t seem like suspendium or any other rare materials too. 


Carefully, Khun raised his hand to touch the one worn by Luan. However the stone suddenly turned red and released threatening sparks as soon as he touched it, causing the blunette to hiss and hurriedly draw his hand back. 


Too late. 


A thin layer of frost have rapidly begun to creep up from his finger which touched the stone directly. Khun quickly dispelled the ice before it could progress any further and recognized almost instantly the quality of shinsu emitting from them. It felt like his but somehow a bit different. The ice shinsu was definitely more potent and colder than his current one. Hence it has taken him longer than usual to get rid of the ice. 


But, this showed that the pendants (or rather the stones) were not normal ones. The items were most likely intended for protection and would require an impressive amount of control and effort in creating them. Though as far as he knew currently there was no items, not even the ones from the Workshop, that had similar capability. 


The light bearer glanced back at the stone, which had returned to its original state once it made contact with its owner again. He decided on his next question, “Tell me, when were you born?”


The two boys looked at each other quietly before responding, “We—“


“Khun? I am sorry but can you open the door? I think it’s locked.” Bam’s voice suddenly called out from outside the room, bringing a halt to the on-going interrogation.


Khun hold back a sigh. Bam really had the worst timing sometimes. But, well, it seemed like his time was up. He would have to settle with the information he had gathered so far and tried to find more later if he wanted to know about these kids. He stood up, deactivating his barrier as he walked to open the door for Bam.


“Sorry about that, Khun. I didn’t know that the door would be locked like that.” Bam had entered carrying milks and some cookies for the twins. 


Khun waved the brunette’s concern aside and told the twins to drink their milk quickly—and no, they could not eat the cookies no matter how much they begged him—before ushering them to the bathroom to wash up and brush their teeth. It was quite an entirely new experience for him. He never knew how troublesome it was to send children to bed at night. At least Bam was here to help him, patiently coaxing and smiling at the twins all along. He didn’t think he would be able to finish even half of the nightly ritual if Bam did not help him.


When they finally went to bed however, Vihan has given him another pleading look until he relented and slept beside the boy. In the bed across from him, he saw Bam doing the same with Luan. And then...




Khun could not honestly remember anything after that. He assumed that he had fallen asleep at some point. Still, he could not believe how he could easily sleep besides a complete stranger. A child Vihan might be, but Khun had been trained for years not to trust anyone—even his own family—so easily.


He glanced to Bam’s bed, only to find the usually tidy bed missing its blanket as well as its original owner. He drowsily wondered where Bam might be—was he in the shower? He tried to shift a little to get a better look of their room but found out that he could not move even an inch. The ice user looked down only to see a small head of blue hair lying on his chest, and another mop of brown hair sticking to his side. 


Ah, so that’s why.


No wonder he could not move and was feeling quite hot then. He had two small bodies plastered on him the whole time. Vihan was using his right arm as a pillow, soundly sleeping as he pressed his body closer to his dear papa. While Luan was lying directly atop him, also sleeping peacefully. Both children had a good grip on his clothes, ensuring he could not move without waking either of them.


Didn’t Luan go to sleep with Bam last night? Why was he on his bed then?


Khun stared at the ceiling, pondering if he should call Bam or anyone else to move the two clinging koalas off him or to simply go back to sleep. 




Sleep sounded good but it was starting to get really hot here. There was unlikely he could get back to sleep if he was already getting too hot with simply lying here with all these additional body heat! 


As if feeling his restlessness, a pair of drowsy golden slowly opened. Luan yawned as he took on his surrounding. He immediately brightened as his gaze landed on his blue haired parent!


“Morning, Papa!” Luan chirped—far too cheerful for someone who had just woke up—and quickly sat up on Khun’s stomach, gaining a surprised ‘oomph’ from the older blunette. “Can we eat chocolate cake for breakfast?”


“You can’t eat cakes for breakfast.” Khun answered groggily. He was not fully awake, not yet. He would need a full cup of coffee for that. But even half asleep he knew that eating so much sweets was not good for breakfast. Unless you were a certain Gator who ate nothing but banana and chocolate all day anyway. Still, children were supposed to eat plenty of healthy food or so he read once time ago. 


The light bearer groaned as he realized that he might have to look for some information on how to raise children if the twins were to stay with their team. 


After last night, he had to admit that these two might somehow be related to him. However, whether they were really his sons like how they claimed to be still remained to be unseen. He would have need more data and information before he could finally confirm his decision. After all, it was not everyday that someone discover his/her offspring even in the tower. So these two could be either some kind of spies with shape shifting abilities that their enemies or reluctant allies planted, or they could genuinely be his children like they have been saying—though how and why they were here now were still a mystery. 


“Hungry…” Another voice came from Khun’s right side. Unlike his twin, Vihan’s voice was even softer in the morning and he seemed to be still half asleep as he blinked slowly at Khun. Since he was still lying down on the blunette’s arm, the little brown haired boy simply curled back and snuggled sleepily towards his father. 


“Me too! Papaaaaa hungrrrryyy!!!” Luan bounced impatiently on his father’s stomach. Khun winced in pain as his breath was suddenly knocked out of him. He scrambled to get hold of the still bouncing Luan with his left hand as his right was still trapped under Vihan.


“Stop!” Khun ordered swiftly as soon as he caught the younger blunette. Luan blinked and thankfully ceased his bouncing almost immediately. “Go wash up with your brother first. We will get some food once you are ready.”


“Chocolate cake?”




The blue-haired boy pouted. “Pancake?”




“Papa cook?” This time it was Vihan who spoke, “Want muffin and omelet...”


The light bearer twitched. Even dealing with that gator was not this difficult, he could simply ignored whatever request Rak made as well as the tantrum that followed shortly. But with these two… “Would it make you stop if I agree?”


An enthusiastic nod was his answer. 


“Fine. Now get off.”


Luan smiled happily as he cheered at the prospect of having breakfast cooked by his beloved father. “Thank you, Papa!” Giving Khun a quick kiss on the cheek,  the little blunette shook his half asleep twin and hurriedly dragging him to the bathroom, “Let’s go, Vi! Papa is going to cook for us today!”




Chapter Ends



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Chapter 4



“Stop sulking.” Khun said to Luan, who had been pouting nonstop since he found out that his dear papa would not be cooking them breakfast as promised. “You already had pancakes like you wanted. And we just bought a chocolate cake for later."


Since they woke up quite late, Khun had taken Luan and Vihan to buy some food and also clothes with him. They spent a few hours walking around and buying all the necessities for children. Currently they were taking a break in a family restaurant for lunch. The twins had been quite subdued the whole time, but Khun had chalked it up to mere hunger and exhaustion. Children did tend to get hungry and tired pretty quickly, didn’t they?


But apparently those were not the problem.


The twins were actually disappointed at him. Luan, the most predictable of the duo, had been very moody and petulant. He had refused to talk let alone look at Khun ever since they left the house. Vihan, on the other hand, had been as quiet as always. Although, Khun could somehow feel the dejected look that the little brunette kept sending him under that long bangs of his. He honestly could not decide which one was worse between these two. 


“It is different!” Luan didn’t cease his pouting, “You already promised to cook for us, Papa!”


Khun raised his eyebrow at the younger blunette. He had forbidden the twins from calling him ‘papa’ or any of its equivalents when they were outside. Since battle of the nest, their team had been under a lot of scrutiny and now people had even begun to recognize him especially as the Slayer candidate’s strategist. Even in what appeared to be a peaceful floor like where they were right now, there were numerous pairs of eyes and ears that still shadowed their every move. Thus it would be no good if someone suddenly discovered that the kids belonged to anyone in their team.


If Luan had listened to his instruction, he could make it seem that the twins were one of his numerous brothers or cousins that he was currently taking care of. Luan could easily pass as a normal child of Khun with his trademark silvery blue hair; while Vihan might have to pose as Luan’s friend or a distant relative rather than his twin. It was quite simple, really. But it seemed that Luan had forgotten about it all in his little tantrum. He gave the child a flat stare. “What did I tell you about calling me that in public?”


Luan turned his head stubbornly away, “No! Papa promised!”


“And what did I promise?”


“Cooking for us!” Face set into an adorable scowl, Luan turned to look at his father unhappily. A pair of huge amber-colored eyes stared at him intently as the boy continued, “Chocolate cakes, pancakes—“


Khun found his initial displeasure lessen slightly as he faced the familiar golden gaze of the little blunette. He really could not bring himself to get angry when he saw those eyes. A certain wave controller had similar tendency of going against his plan whenever the brunette saw fit. So, Khun should not be surprised if the twins had followed in that person’s footstep.


“...muffins, omelets…”


The light bearer sighed, feeling the last thread of his annoyance slipping away at the sound of Luan’s chatter. It was not even one day since he knew them, but he had already found himself being too soft with these children. Really, his mother would not be very proud if she could see how nice her disgraced son was nowadays.


“—and breakfast!” Luan finished his long list of ‘food that papa promised to make’ and crossed his hands in one of the intimidating poses that his blue-haired father usually made whenever he or Vi had done something particularly bad. Unfortunately, the pose had made him resembled more of an angry hamster rather than an intimidating one. 


An amused smirk tugged at the ends of Khun’s mouth, “Did I?”


"Papaaaaa!!" Luan whined, clearly unhappy that his so called father didn’t take him seriously. "Lying is bad! Papa bad!" the boy turned his head away with a humph “Don’t want to talk with Papa!”


"Well, I never mentioned 'when' I would do that, did I?"


“But you promised!” the younger twin protested, obviously getting more upset by every second. “Papa promised! No lie! You promise!”


A shrug. “There is no time. And you two also need some clothes.”


When no more responses came, Khun thought that Luan had finally gave up. 


But oh how wrong he was. 


Khun didn’t even get any chance to prepare himself or do anything as the blue haired child actually cried—releasing real, honest-to-god loud wail and attracting the attention of almost everyone around them.






Bam had always been an early riser, thanks to his years of training and working with FUG. No matter how late he went to bed, he would usually be the first one to wake up every day. 


This morning was no different. 


Bam shielded his eyes as they slowly slid open, the light of daybreak letting him know what time it was without even glancing at his pocket. 


It took him a few moments to gather himself before he was truly awake. The wave controller was about to get up and prepare for the day when he discovered a small, warm body currently draped on top of him, tangled in twisted piles of blanket. His gaze immediately landed on his sleeping companion from the night before. 


The blue haired twin, Luan. 


Bam glanced down to see Luan’s head resting comfortably between his chest and the crook of his neck, fluffy blue hair brushing against the brunette’s chin. The boy’s arms were clutching Bam’s shirt tightly, while his legs were sprawled rather haphazardly across his stomach. 


Every time the Slayer-to-be tried to move, the child would whimper slightly, and would only settled down once Bam stopped moving. 


The older male chuckled, quiet and deep in his throat, as Luan snuggled even closer to him. His warm breath tickling his neck.


Bam waited patiently until the boy had settled down to sleep before trying his luck in moving for the nth time. 


He was in the process of carefully getting Luan off of his chest and back to the actual bed when a muffled groan came from the little blunette. Bam looked down to see one golden eye creaked open dazedly. “Hello,” he greeted softly, afraid of startling the younger twin.


“…’apa?” Luan mumbled, struggling again the drowse of sleep. His voice was muffled as his mouth was still half pressed against Bam’s chest.


Sshh…you can go back to sleep. It’s still too early to wake up.” Bam placed the boy back on the bed and covered him with a blanket. He slowly ran his hand through the silky blue locks and shushed him gently when the boy released a quiet, distressed sound. 


After making sure that Luan had drifted into peaceful slumber once more, the brunette quietly got up from the bed and headed to the connected bathroom. 


He took a quick shower, feeling somehow uncomfortable at leaving Luan’s sleeping alone. The brunette did not even bother to dry his slightly damp hair before he hurried back to the main bedroom. His gaze instantly swept around the room to ensure that nothing was amiss.


He approached his bed once more and saw that Luan, during his brief absence, had somehow managed to kick his blanket and get it all tangled again.


The brown haired male smiled, warm and fond. 


That could not be comfortable.


Reaching out to fix the messed up blanket once more, Bam was startled to hear a distressed sound from Luan. He turned to the still slumbering child and found him reaching his hand out to the empty space beside him in obvious distraught. The boy’s face became more troubled as he failed to find any comforting body heat nearby. He truly looked like he was going to cry.


Pa….” came the agitated call, “Vi…?”


Bam’s heart gave a painful lurch at the sound.


He carefully scooped Luan into his arms and gently rocked the boy in order to calm him down. The younger blunette, apparently comforted by the new presence and comforting heat surrounding him, quieted down almost immediately. Bam breathed sigh of relief as he watched Luan’s face smoothed out into peaceful youthfulness, mouth curved in a small smile of contentment as the boy slept.


It felt strangely comforting, Bam thought, holding Luan in his arms and watching over him as he slept. 


Did all parents get this kind of feeling when they take care of their child? 


He decided not pursue that thought any further, less it reminded him of some memories he would rather not remember at the moment. 


But, while Bam didn’t really mind holding Luan until the boy woke up, he still had to go for his morning training soon. He could not slack off on his training if he wanted to keep his precious people safe. 


And although he knew that it’d be too dangerous to bring Luan with him, Bam could not really leave him alone after witnessing how distressed the boy back then. He was still unsure what might cause Luan to be like that. His first guess was that the boy’s having a bad dream. But seeing how Luan had instantly calmed down at his presence, he believed that it might have more to do with how the boy was used to have someone close to him when he slept.


Golden eyes moved to the other bed where Khun was sleeping soundly wrapped in his usual cocoon. At his side, Vihan was also sleeping with his head pillowed comfortably on the blunette’s right arm. His small face pressed onto Khun’s chest as the boy snuggled deeper into his papa.


Both looked so peaceful sleeping together like that. 


Bam’s feet carried him to the other bed almost unconsciously. 


He gently placed Luan besides his twin and Khun somehow, despite still being deeply asleep, apparently recognized the presence of another child and made room to accommodate him. 


It was a pretty tight fit since the bed itself was made for a single person to begin with. However Khun (or at least his sleeping self) didn’t seem to mind as he drew both kids deeper into his cocoon of blanket. 


The light bearer sighed in content as soon as he had the twins safely tucked in his arms, sleepily snuggling into him. It might not be the best place to sleep, considering the tight space, but the slumbering trio didn't seem to mind as a small smile can be found in each of their face.


Bam watched the whole scene in silence, a strange new feeling began to stir in his heart. 


They looked so peaceful together—

—without him. 


Bam was then reminded of how much fun they all had while preparing for bed the night before. Even though Khun had seemed annoyed and complained a lot last night, the brunette didn’t miss how his friend’s eyes had soften slightly whenever he looked at the twins. He knew that Khun had actually enjoyed helping Luan and Vihan wash up and then dressing them up in his clothes, despite his complains. 


Is this how a family look like?


Back then in the cave he had grown up all by himself. He didn’t have a house or a family. The only thing he had back then was a dirty piece of cloth. So he thought he would die there doing nothing and all alone.


But now—


He looked at Luan’s silvery blue hair and remembered the twinkling golden eyes that the boy’s possessed. Then, he glanced at Vihan’s and his long brown hair. The boy had barely said anything, preferring to hide his eyes under the long bangs and clinging to Khun the whole time. The children had introduced themselves as brothers, as twins, and they had referred to Khun as one of their parents—their Papa


(“Where is your other parent?”


“You mean Daddy?”


“Daddy doesn’t stay with us. Papa said daddy is busy with his miss-i-on so we cannot see him yet.” 


“But Papa promised that we would see Daddy soon!”


“Oh, did your Papa say what Daddy’s mission is?” 


“ defeat an evil king.” 


“Papa doesn’t want Daddy to get hurt protecting us. So we just have to be patient and wait for Daddy.”)


They are…

—can they be truly his?




It was past noon when Khun came back with the twins. The house was mostly deserted with everyone busy with their own things. Shibisu, the one left to watch the house, was just going to refill his glass when he passed Khun on his way to the kitchen. 


“What happened?” Shibisu asked, seeing the frown on the light bearer’s face. Khun seemed to be quite annoyed by something. He was carrying a sniffling Luan in one arm and holding Vihan’s hand with the other.


The blue haired male didn’t even bother to response, simply continued walking to his room as Shibisu trailed curiously behind him.


“What’s wrong with Luan? Wait, did you make him cr—”


“Do not ask.”


They arrived to an empty bedroom. Apparently Bam was not back from his training yet. Khun walked directly to the bathroom and told the twins they had to wash their hands and face first if they wanted to eat their cake. He watched Vihan took his brother’s hand quietly and guided him to one of Khun’s lighthouses that served as a step stool for the twins. After making sure that the kids would be fine on their own, Khun left the door open and headed back to the main room, where he proceeded to take out all the items they brought today.  


Shibisu looked at the amount of boxes and shopping bags that Khun was taking out of his lighthouse in growing amazement. They were so many of them! Did all of them belong to the twins? Or was Khun raising a small army of kids without their knowing? “Err… Khun, don’t you think that this may be a bit too much?”


The blue haired male glanced at Shibisu then at assortment of items lying near his feet. “Not really.” He turned back to his lighthouse to pick some more items. “I already tone it down a bit since I don’t want to spend too much points on them. But since we don’t know how long those two will be staying here, then they will at least need this much.” 


Shibisu squeaked. There were more than twenty sets of clothes here, not counting the other types of clothing such as hats, shoes, slippers, scarfs, and a bunch of stuffs that he didn’t even knew the name of. Seriously, at this point Luan and Vihan probably have more clothes than what he owned through the years. And they have only been there for a day! He could not help but yelled out, “At least?!”


Khun waved his hands dismissively. “Yes. These are just basic necessities.”


Shibisu immediately went to the corner of the room and sobbed over how unfair Khun was. He then mumbled how Khun had forgotten all about him now that he had his own kids. The scout continued to babble more random things like how cute his grandsons were, how he hoped they would not grow up like their not-so-nice papa, and how…


Khun tuned him out, too used to the scout’s antics. He focused instead on organizing everything he had bought for the twins. The children’s clothes should all fit into the closet. But he kept just a few pairs inside his lighthouse in case of emergency. As for the shoes and slippers—


“Khun.” A familiar voice called out to him. 


The blue haired male turned to see Bam standing just outside their room. “Bam? Why don’t you get inside? The children are still in the bathroom, but you can go there if you want.” 


“Khun, we need to talk.”



Chapter Ends



Chapter Text



Chapter 5




“Sure, Bam.” Khun agreed easily, “Do you want to talk outside?”  


The golden-eyed male didn’t speak but simply nodded. 


“Papa?” a small voice called out.


Khun turned to see that the twins have just returned from the bathroom and were currently staring at him in confusion. 


“Are you going somewhere? You promised we would eat cakes together!” Luan protested, upset that his papa was going to leave and break his promise again.


“Don’t worry!” Shibisu butted in cheerfully. He had somehow moved from his corner and was now kneeling before the two children. “Your Papa is just leaving for a bit okay? He will be back soon! You can spend time with Uncle Isu while you wait!” 


“Papa?” Luan asked, looking for his permission. The boy had been pretty talkative and did not seem to have any problems with Shibisu during their first meeting. But now he seemed unsure. 


Khun thought back to last night, when he was asking why the twins did not disclose their full name from the very beginning. At that time they have mentioned something about how he was the one who didn’t allow them to speak of their full name because there were a lot of bad people out here. And then—


(“The people with papa, are they nice?”

“That would depend on your definition of nice.” Some people would have instantly exclaimed how trustworthy their long time companions were—especially with having people like Bam and Shibisu in their team. But for him things such as being nice or kind were always highly subjective.  

“Papa think they are not bad?”

The blue haired male shrugged. “Maybe.” The team was not bad at least. They knew when to listen to his instruction and were some of the best in term of strength and ability. “What do you think about them?”

“They seem nice…” Luan replied, “but the lady is scary.”

The lady… “Do you mean Endorsi?” At the boy’s nod, he asked, “Have you ever met her before?”

Both Vihan and Luan shook their head.

“Did you recognize anyone back then? Anyone you have seen before?” 

“No, papa.” The twins spoke in unison. “Should we?”

Khun was silent. He took a moment to think, organizing the information he has collected so far. If the kids could not recognize any of his current teammates, then it could lead to various possibilities—his making an entirely new team in the future, cutting ties with his current ones, and...

“What about Bam?”

Luan titled his head in confusion, “Bam?”

“Bam was the one who carried you upstairs. You were talking with him just a few minutes ago.”

The younger twin’s face immediately brightened. He nodded enthusiastically as he replied, “Un! I like Mister Bam, he is nice!”

Mister huh? It reminded Khun of what Bam used to call him back then. 

“…so today is the first time you see Bam?”

Luan slowly nodded with a small frown, “Yes….” He could not remember meeting the older brown haired male before. But maybe he is wrong? Is Mister Bam someone important?  Is that why papa keeps asking about him? The blunette then looked at his brother, just to make sure that he was not making any mistakes because of his bad memory. “Vi?”

Vihan answered his twin with another nod. “First time. He is papa’s friend?”)




“Stay here. Isu will keep you company when I am gone.” Khun gestured for the kids to follow Shibisu and watched as they reluctantly obeyed. 


“Papa back soon?” Vihan asked, looking at Khun hopefully. He didn’t want Khun to go. The older twin never liked to be separated from his dear father in the first place. So whenever Khun had to go somewhere, Vihan would always ask papa to come back to them soon.


“Yes. Be good and don’t cause any troubles.” Khun waved over to Shibisu, who gave the twins his best Mr. Nice Guy smile and a thumbs-up. “You can ask Isu if you need anything.”


With that, he followed Bam outside, silently wondering what the brunette might want to talk about this time. 



“So what do you want to talk about, Bam?”


He glanced over at Bam as the other stayed silent, his eyebrows pressed into a frown and lips pulled into a tight line.  


“Are you okay? Do you want me to get anything for you?”


The wave controller shook his head. “Sorry, Khun. It’s just…I was thinking about something. But it’s so hard to say…”


“Bam…” Khun’s look softened. While Bam has become more confident and assertive these days, he was still having troubles speaking what he truly felt at times. But it was moments like this that truly reminded him the young man before him was still the same person as the timid irregular he encountered in the floor of tests. “Take your time. I am sure Isu won’t mind watching over the children a bit longer.”


Something he said must have spurred the brunette because it didn’t take too long before Bam started speaking.


“The children...did you manage to find where they came from?”


“A bit.” Khun replied with a shrug. It had been difficult to get clear answer from Luan and Vihan, but it’s a work in progress. He would definitely find out everything about the twins given enough time. “Although I am still not sure how they managed to appear here out of all places.”


“Oh.” Bam paused, yet Khun could see that the other didn’t seem to be really surprised by his answer. So he waited patiently as the brunette slowly continued. “Do you think...they are really your sons?”


“Mmm,” the light bearer hummed, lips pulled into slight smirk, “Who knows? They said so and have some proofs to support the claim.”


“Then—” Bam began, fiddling with his fingers almost absentmindedly. “about their other parent…”


“Bam, if this is making you uncomfortable we can stop here.”


“No, Khun. I just....” He paused once again. A shadow flickers across his face, a hint of something deeper that Khun could not quite put his finger on. But when he spoke again, the ice user found himself starting in surprise “I just want to know if the children are actually mine too?”


Despite himself, Khun’s eyes swiveled to lock upon Bam’s intense gaze. He studied him for a moment, recognizing the apparent worry and steel-like determination within the other’s eyes. Finally, taking a deep breath, he moved away from the brunette. “I am not sure I know what you’re talking about, Bam. Luan and Vihan already said that they don’t know who their other parent is.”


“I know, Khun. I was here too. But I can see that they share my traits.” The taller male was not backing down. He might not be as smart as Khun but he could recognize what he seen in two little boys. “I also understand what Shibisu was trying to say the first night they came here. And all the things they have said about their Daddy and his mission to defeat an evil king... They are all about me, right?”


“Bam...” Khun’s frown deepened. He had not decided if he should tell Bam about the twins’ other parent this soon. It’d make things difficult if the irregular got too attached to their small guests…

“Did I make some kind of mistake Khun? Is that why you would rather raise them alone without me? They don’t even know who I am and how I look like.”


A painful pang echoed through the blunette’s heart and he pressed his lips against the hidden emotion threatening to peek out from the shield guarding his features. He knew that Bam has this fear of never being good enough and of being left alone by the people he held dear to his heart. He racked his brain for an excuse, but another glance at the forlorn looking male made him deflated.


Khun sighed finally, giving up on denying that the children might not be his—or rather theirs—at least for the Bam's sake. “I don’t know Bam. Their ‘papa’, that person is not me. So I am not sure what happened and caused him to make those decisions…”


Bam bowed his head, chestnut colored hair falling in front of his face shadowing his golden eyes from view. After several long moments of silence, the brunette muttered, “Do you remember what I told you and the others in the second floor? I didn’t have a house or a family. The only thing I had was a dirty piece of cloth. So I thought I would die there doing nothing and all alone.” He took a deep breath and when he looked up again his eyes was full of determination. “But then I met you guys. You’re the first friends that I’ve had. So I really treasure you.” 


Bam stared at his light bearer for a long moment, and Khun could almost sense the conflicting emotions swirling within the other’s golden depth. Bam always held back, he’s rarely made the first move. He’s always allowed him to take the lead, even when he might have taken the brunette through long, winding road full of lies and deceits. Bam never complained and asked him questions he preferred not to answer. But now, as the other stared at him with countless emotions radiating from his amber gaze, Khun had to stop himself from hiding. From tearing his gaze away and pretending that he didn’t know more than he let on. 


“That’s why if the children—if they are really mine, I will finally have a real family…my own family. And I want to treasure them.” 


“So please tell me, Khun.” Bam asked quietly, his golden depths still fixed upon the other’s bright blue gaze. “The children—Vihan and Luan—are they my sons too?”




Chapter Ends



Chapter Text



Chapter 6




“Jyu Vihan Khun and Jyu Luan Khun. That’s what they are called.”


“Jyu—” Bam stopped, apparently recognizing the name that FUG has branded into him. The name that was said to be his real name. “Why do they have that name?”


“I don’t know Bam. You have to ask them yourself if you want to find out.”


After a few seconds of momentarily silence, the wave controller asked again, “Then…can I spend some time with them?”


Khun shrugged, “If you want to. I am not their keeper, Bam.”


The brunette smiled, bright and honest. He seemed to be truly happy that his light bearer had granted what seemingly to be such a simple request. And for the nth time since the children had made their appearance, Khun wondered what might have caused him, the other him—the twins’ real father—to deny Bam the chance to know his own sons.


“Thank you, Khun!”




Khun didn't expect to see such a scene when he returned to his room. After everything that have happened, he really wanted to take a break and probably get some much needed work done. He had been hoping that Shibisu would be willing to take care of the kids so he wouldn't have to deal with them for a while. But luck was not in his favor. 

The light bearer walked into his room to be met with a rather peculiar sight of Rak sitting on the floor, folding his hands stoically as a bright eyed Luan circled around him enthusiastically.

“What are you doing here? Where is Isu?”

He watched three pair of eyes immediately focused on him as he entered the room. A sense of foreboding hit him. Somehow he knew that he would not be able to get any rest let alone work with the trio around. Really, Rak was already bad enough on his own. But to deal with him together with the twins would be pretty troublesome.

“Blue turtle!”

“Papa! Look look! I found a talking arigator! Can we keep it?” 

“Stop calling me an alligator, baby turtle!”

“But you are a talking arigator! Just like in papa’s stories!”

“I am not an alligator!”

Khun sighed, he really didn’t not need to deal with more craziness today. The short haired male then looked at quiet brunette who had clung to his leg the second he made his way inside. Since Luan was pretty much distracted by seeing Rak for the first time, he decided to ask Vihan about what happened. “Did Isu said anything about where he has ran off to? He was supposed to watch you two.” 

Vihan nodded. “…helping someone. Urgent call so he must go quickly.” He then raised his hands and stared at Khun quietly until the blunette finally sighed and bend down to pick Vihan into his arms. The older twin smiled as he met his papa’s familiar cobalt eyes. He gave the other a quick kiss on the cheek and muttered, “Welcome back, papa.”

“Ah, Vi no fair! I want to kiss papa too!” Luan cried out, immediately rushing from where he had been busy bickering with Rak. He stopped just before Khun and started hopping like an impatient bunny in his effort to reach the older male. “Papa, hug! Kiss!”

Khun, who had frozen upon feeling Vihan’s kiss on his cheek, stared at Luan in stunned disbelief. He distantly remembered the younger blunette kissing his cheek this morning before the twins had rushed to the bathroom. His then still half-asleep mind has dismissed the occurrence as one-time thing and didn’t bother to dwell on it any further. 

The light bearer was not a very affectionate person by nature, and since any displays of affection were almost nonexistent among his family, he had grown up without truly experiencing them. 

His mother’s hugs were rare and always carrying hidden messages and whispered commands. Her kiss—had she ever kissed him before? Before he went to sleep or after he woke up? Whenever he left the house or did well in school? 

He honestly could not remember.

“Papaaaaaa!!!!” Luan whined, upset at being ignored by his father for the second time that day. “I want to kiss and hug papa too!”

“You already did this morning and afternoon.” 

“It’s different! Wanna hug and kiss papa!”

Khun groaned as he saw Luan’s teary eyes, recognizing that the boy would most likely began crying again if he didn’t get his way. Clearly not wanting to go through the same embarrassing experience like he did this afternoon, Khun reluctantly kneeled down and let Luan to shower him with affectionate hug and kisses.

“Thank you, papa!”

“What did you when your leader was gone? Why are there suddenly baby turtles here?!” Rak demanded, red eyes following what seemed to be a happy family of three.

“I am not a baby!” Luan protested. He raised his fingers and proudly showed them to Rak, “I am four, mister arigator!” 

“I am not an alligator! I am Rak Wraithraiser!” Rak responded with his booming voice but Luan simply squealed louder. 

“It even has a name!” the small blunette said excitedly, “Can we keep it please papa? I promise to take care and feed it everyday!”

Khun turned away and tried to hold back a snicker. Did Luan really said that? Taking care of Rak? Feed him everyday?

“I won’t forget to take it for a walk too!” the boy insisted, much to Khun’s growing amusement and Rak’s displeasure.  “Please papa? I always want to have a pet arigator like in papa’s stories!” 

Khun could not help himself, he let out a scoffed laugh. The blunette then looked over at a fuming Rak and laughed even harder. 

“Shut up blue turtle!”

“Make me gator!”




After the chaos in the bedroom, the four of them have moved to the kitchen where the twins finally get to eat their promised chocolate cake. 

Luan and Vihan seemed to have enjoyed the cake, although they have commented that it was not as delicious as the one their papa usually made. Rak, on the other hand, had complained about sneaky turtles eating without their leader and had proceeded to devour a whole cake on his own. 

But, Khun hold back a snicker as he remembered the interaction between Rak and a certain blue haired twin.

Who knew that gator would be all softie like that? 

Khun had thoroughly enjoyed watching as Rak endured all the poking, giggling, whining, and babbling that Luan has subjected him to ever since the boy finished his cake without any fuss. 

The gator had only protested once in the beginning, when Luan started climbing and clinging into him. 

“Stop that! I am not a jungle gym!” was what Rak said at first. 

Yet the other hadn’t made any complains after that, simply allowing the small blunette to do whatever he wanted.

It was certainly interesting watching those two interact. 

Since Rak had nothing to do but eating bananas all day anyway, Khun thus decided to make the other babysit Luan while he tried to get some work done. Vihan was not a problem, the boy had dozed off once he finished his cake. So he had left the little brunette sleeping on one of the sofas nearby as he did some researches on the upcoming test for 67th floor as well as on any mentions about receiving a reward after passing the test in 66th floor. 

He took out a new file from his lighthouse and proceeded to move another one to its designated folder—all the while absentmindedly paying attention to what was going around him, including a conversation between Luan and Rak. 

“Do you want to play with me?” 

Rak crossed his arms with a huff. “I am a hunter. I don’t play with my prey.”

“Oh.” Luan stared, curious. “Is it fun being a hunter?”

“Of course! I become stronger by hunting!”

“Do you usually hunt with papa, mister arigator? Are you papa’s friend?”

“It’s Rak and I am the leader of all these turtles.” Rak answered. He looked down silently at the boy, paying attention to the short blue hair and golden eyes. “Baby blue turtle.”

Luan giggled, a small happy sound. “You are nice, uncle Rak.”

The last part made Khun paused and looked up from the file he was reading previously. “What did you just call him?”

“’Uncle Rak’?” Luan responded, head titled in confusion as he met his father’s gaze, “Uncle Isu said that everyone in Papa’s team is our uncle and auntie. So we must call them like that!” 

Khun silently cursed Shibisu and promised to make the scout pay the next time he saw him. “Just call him ‘Gator’.”

“Uncle Gator?”

“Blue turtle, stop corrupting baby turtles! My name is Rak, Rak Wraithraiser!”

Luan clapped, still as high spirited as always, “Uncle Gator-Rak!”

“It’s Rak! Stop listening to blue turtle, baby turtle!”




It took about two hours for Khun to organize and put together all the new information he had collected so far. The blue eyed male checked his pocket and saw that it was already 4.30 in the afternoon. 

Still a bit early, but with a sigh he remembered that Bam most likely had not eaten anything since they last talked. The wave controller often had this tendency to forgo sleeping and eating whenever he was training or feeling particularly stressed. If someone didn’t remind—or sometimes force—him to take a break and eat regularly, then the other probably would be pushing himself to the point of collapse. 

He walked to the kitchen and found that Luan and Rak were still where he last left them. The gator was currently showing various banana flavored chips to the child and teaching him something about how to differentiate them? 

Khun passed the duo, waving away Luan’s cheerful call of “Papa not working anymore? Play?” and made his way further to check the food they had at the moment. 

A single piece of chocolate cake—strange, Rak usually would eat everything and left nothing behind—then some biscuits and sandwiches. They would do, he thought. It wouldn’t be long till dinner anyway. 

He put all the food he found together with some water and placed them in a small bag. He called Luan over, stopping the younger blunette in his excited chatter with his newly crowned ‘Uncle Rak’.

“Yes, papa?”

“Can you bring this to Bam?” Khun pushed the small bag to Luan and watched as the boy received it and immediately tried to look at the content. “No peeking. Send it to Bam and make sure he finishes everything before you come back okay? And tell him to rest!” 

Luan nodded quickly at his instructions. “Yes, papa!”

“Do you remember everything I said?”

“Un! No peeking, give it to Mister Bam, tell him to eat and rest!”

“Good. Bam must be back in the training room by now. Do you know how to get there?”

“The big room in the back with the bang bang noise?”

The older blunette raised his eyebrow at the description but he still nodded. Luan gave Khun another big grin before the golden eyed kid suddenly landed another kiss on his cheek and left quickly. “Okay! Bye Papa! Bye Vi! Bye Uncle Rak!”



“Mister Bam?”

Bam stopped his training as he heard a small knock followed by what appeared to a child’s voice calling his name. The brunette walked slowly to the door and pushed it open to find Luan standing there with a cheerful smile on his face. 

“Ah, hello? Are you looking for me?”

“Yes! Papa told me to find you and send you this!” Luan answered, showing the small plastic bag he was carrying to the older male enthusiastically. Bam accepted it rather awkwardly, like he didn’t know how he should act now that he had found out the boy might potentially be one of his sons. He settled on smiling and thanking the small blunette quietly. “Are you alone?” 

Luan nodded and peeked into the room, his eyes immediately brightened at seeing many strange things inside. He passed through the small gap between Bam and the door and quickly found his way in. “What’s it? It looks so cool!”

“W—wait! You shouldn’t—” 

“This one too! How do you use this, Mister Bam?” Luan exclaimed. He continued to bounce all over the place, picking up new things and briefly asking what they were for before dashing to another corner to look at the newest thing that caught his attention. It took Bam more than ten minutes before he could finally (safely, carefully) catch the boy and get him to sit down. 

“That was fun! Can we do that again?”

“I am…not sure it will be safe. You have to ask Khun first.”

“Okay!” Luan agreed easily. It had been boring waiting for papa to finish working and for Vi to wake up. Uncle Rak didn’t want to play with him too and only wanted to hunt! But Mister Bam was pretty nice and he had so many interesting things that Luan hadn’t seen before. So next time he only needed to ask papa and he would be able to play with Mister Bam again right?

“Ah! Papa also said Mister Bam should eat and rest!” Luan added. “I will stay here so you won’t feel lonely when you eat alone okay? I usually have Vi and Papa with me so I don’t feel lonely!”

The expression on Bam’s face changed, softened, he became less tense and more relaxed. He leaned in closer to the little blunette and brought up his hand to pat the boy’s head. 

“Thank you.” Bam smiled, a strange feeling warmed his inside, “Do you want to eat this together with me?”

Luan eyes sparkled. “Can I?” then he paused. The boy had his brows furrowed, head tilted to a side, lips jutting out in a small pout. “But papa will get angry if he knows…I already eat a lot of sweets today.”

Bam carefully cut the cake into two and pushed the bigger half onto Luan’s direction, “Then let’s keep it a secret from Khun okay?”

A smile instantly found its way across Luan’s face as the boy beamed happily, “Thank you, Mister Bam!”




Chapter Ends



Chapter Text



From: Blueberry


It’s quite rare for you to contact me first, little brother. Do you miss your cool big brother?


As for your question, I don’t think anyone from our dear family has twins recently. None from the ten great family has actually. Twins are rare, male twins especially. It can be considered a miracle if they manage to survive until adulthood without any incidents.


About the information you are looking for, well, it will cost you more if you want to find out. 



PS: Let me know if you are planning to give me cute lil nephews soon :)





Chapter 7





Khun was not in the best mood when he woke up the next morning. He hadn’t really slept well because the twins had been particularly fussy last night.


It all started with Luan’s throwing a tantrum and stating it was his turn to sleep with Khun. But then Vihan didn’t want to give up his spot and insisted that he also wanted to sleep with papa. So both ended up crying and wouldn’t stop until Bam finally offered to push the beds together. There was not a lot of space really, but that was the only way four of them could fit and sleep together in the same place. 


Khun, who had been too tired and in pretty bad mood by then, didn’t even protest as he climbed to the newly made bed. The twins followed his example and quickly took their respective place on each side of the blunette, snuggling happily as both managed to get what they wanted. 


However, while the kids only took a few minutes to fall asleep, the same could not be said to the two older males accompanying them. Khun especially was kept awake by every little whimper and cries that the twins made all night. 


So it was a very grouchy, short-on-sleep light bearer who entered the kitchen the following morning. 


Shibisu, who was the only one present during the blunette’s arrival, actually backed away as he saw the deep bags under the other’s eyes. “What’s happened?” 


Khun didn’t answer and simply walked to the coffee machine, where he proceed to make his preferred cup of coffee and drank it in one go.


“Did you not get any sleep last night?” Shibisu tried to ask again. 


His question earned him a scowl and a cold look from the blue haired male. “Do you think I would be able to sleep with two kids crying and screaming all night?”


“Ah,” Shibisu started. Khun looked cranky as hell. He didn’t want to say a wrong thing and ended up ticking off the light bearer. “Must be tough, huh?”


Khun glared at him. “Shut up. Don’t think I have forgotten that you were supposed to take care of them yesterday.”


“Yeah, sorry about that. But Hatz called and told me he needed my help quickly.”


Khun hummed, not really paying attention to the other’s excuse. Poor Shibisu was beginning to sweat as he watched Khun turned away from him. The other could hold a grudge for a long time. He would be screwed if Khun planned something particularly embarrassing just to mess with him.


“Where is Bam?” the older male tried to change the subject. “And the kids?


“Bam is out buying breakfast with Luan. Vihan is still asleep.”


“That sounds nice. The little guy seems to really like Bam huh?”


Khun only made a noncommittal hum in response.  


“You know, I think we should rent a bigger house next time. That way the kids can get their own room. Or we can get one with a huge master bedroom so you and Bam can stay together with the kids in one room.”


This made the light bearer paused and finally looked at the older male again. “Excuse me?”


“Come on Khun. We already know who the ‘daddy’ they keep on talking about.” The scout stated, grinning. “Anyone would be blind to not notice their similarities to you two.”


Khun narrowed his eyes. While any lesser men would have cowered under his icy gaze, Shibisu, with his years of experience in dealing with the blue-haired strategist, just kept on grinning broadly. “So have you talked about it with Bam?”

Khun looked at him with annoyance, “Are you always this noisy in the morning?” 


Shibisu laughed awkwardly and decided to keep his mouth shut after that. A tired Khun was always a difficult one to deal with, he remembered. Best not to annoy the blunette more than he already was. 


The two then continued drinking their coffee in silence. 


But then they stopped when they heard what appeared to be a loud, childish laugh outside. The laugh was soon replaced by giggles and happy squeals as the sound of talking slowly approaching their location.


It didn’t take a long time before the figure of their wave controller and a blue haired kid made their way inside. The brown haired male was smiling softly at something his little companion was saying. It was actually a good look on Bam. He seemed to be really happy as he entered, carrying Luan on one arm and holding the many bags containing their breakfast with the other.


“Good morning papa! Good morning uncle Isu!” Luan greeted, waving to two males sitting before him. 


Khun just nodded while Shibisu responded with an equally cheerful, “Morning, Luan!” and waved back in return.


His gaze then landed on the bags Bam was carrying, recognizing the logo was that of a well known establishment downtown. The place was pretty popular for its breakfast and lunch dishes so it usually was packed during the day. He knew for a fact that the place only opened at 7.30, and that it took about 20 minutes to walk there from their current residence. It’s only 8—a mere 30 minutes since the restaurant was supposed to open. So there was no way that the brunette could buy everything and be back this soon!

He paused. “Bam, did you happen to fly to the restaurant to buy all of those?” Shibisu asked tentatively.


Bam nodded. “Yes. It was faster, and Luan said he never flew before…”


“It was fun!” Luan chimed in enthusiastically, “Mister Bam has wings that look like butterfly’s!” He made a gesture with his hands to show them what Bam’s wings were supposed to look like and continued on, “They are so big and pretty! Can we fly again later, Mister Bam? I want to fly with Vi too! And with papa! Can we?” 


“That’s fine with me.” Bam answered, still supporting the same soft smile he had been showing Luan since they first entered. “But you have to ask your brother and Khun first.”


“Yay! Pinky promise?”


“Pinky promise.”


Even Shibisu didn’t have the heart to intrude on such sweet moment between son and father. No matter how much he would like to remind Bam for possibly attracting attention with taking his shinsu wings out and flying around for such simple task of buying breakfast. 


Or maybe Bam did that because it was Luan’s request? 


As a father (at heart) himself, Shinisu could understand his feeling of wanting to fulfill all of his child’s request despite the consequences. So, maybe he could let this one go.


And the two of them—Bam and Luan—looked really cute together! 


The scout thanked his lucky star for waking up early today and having his observer recording everything at the moment.


When Shinisu was busy with his inner monologue, Khun was also paying attention to the interaction between Bam and Luan. The brunette no longer acted awkward around the small blunette. Also both even seemed to be closer than before. 


It should be a good thing, shouldn’t it? Even if the other him—the twins’ real papa—had been keeping their existence a secret, Khun would not do the same. If Luan was really his child, then Bam should have the right—the opportunity—to know about him and Vihan. That was also what Bam wished for. 


For companions.


For family.


For not being alone and lonely anymore. 


And he was never good at denying Bam anything the other asked for. 


“Did you give him anything to eat before coming back?” Khun asked all of sudden, noting a distinctive colorful smear around Luan’s mouth. The boy most likely had eaten something while he was away with Bam.


“Well…” the brunette appeared to be hesitant for a moment. He traded glances with Luan before slowly answering, “I gave him some ice cream since I remembered Master saying that children love ice cream.”


While it’s quite surprising to hear Jinsung Ha of all people teaching Bam anything related to what children liked or not, Khun could not help but sighed. “Bam, it’s not good for children to eat too much sugar in the morning. They will feel full and won’t have room for proper breakfast. It’ll be bad for their health.” he chided the other gently. Then he turned to Luan, “What did I tell you about eating sweets before meal?”


Two identical pair of molten gold immediately turned down at his scolding. 


“Sorry, Khun.”


“Sorry, Papa…”


Both resembled a pair of sad puppy as each of them offered their own apology. It made him feel bad enough, even without a certain scout throwing disappointed looks his way. 


“Oh, fine! Just make sure to remember next time.” The light bearer finally gave in. “And you should not spoil Luan too much, Bam.” 


“I understand.”


“I promise I will be good!” Luan beamed, back to his usual self in no time. He then started to wiggle around and asked Bam to put him down. As soon as his feet touched the ground, the boy didn’t waste time and ran to Khun, where he proceeded to hoop up and down asking for his daily kisses and hugs. “Papa kiss!”


Still not used to such blatant display of affection but seeing no way out of his current predicament, the light bearer resigned himself and allowed Luan to climb to his laps for his morning kiss and hug. 


“Papa, can I play with Mister Bam today?” Luan asked after the whole kiss-and-hug-papa ordeal and he made himself comfortable on Khun’s lap.


“With Bam?”


“Un! Mister Bam promised me yesterday! I want to learn making pretty water balls like him too!”


“Pretty water balls?” Khun raised his eye brow, turning to Bam who was smiling sheepishly at him. He then realized that Luan must be revering to the orbs or one of the brunette’s shinsu manipulation skills. “Do you want to train your shinsu?”


“Shinsu? Like papa’s snow and ice?”


Snow? So future him could utilize his shinsu into making snow too? This was the first time he was hearing about it. “Yes. Do you want to train with Bam?”


Children from the Ten Great Families usually received training pretty early. So it’s not really surprising if Luan wanted to start with his shinsu training. As long as the younger blunette didn’t start asking him to train with spears then it should be fine. 


Though maybe he should start asking about the other him—their real papa's—ability in the future so he could be prepared in advance.


“Can I? Please papa!”


“That sounds dangerous.” Shibisu commented with a frown. “Luan is only a kid. Even some of us didn’t really know a thing about shinsu until we start climbing the tower.” 




“It’d be dangerous, Khun. And I have never trained anyone before…”


“It’d be fine, Bam. I am sure you’d be a great teacher. As for Luan…” Khun turned to bright eyed child who was still looking expectantly at him, “Did you get any training before you came here?”


“Training with papa?”


“Yes, with your papa or anyone else. Have you and Vihan ever received any formal training in shinsu before?”


“Papa always makes the prettiest snow and ice for us!” Luan explained, gushing happily, “When it gets too hot papa will bring us outside and we will be playing ice skating on the ring papa made! Then then there will lots of snows so me and Vi can make snowman together with papa!” A pause and then a pair of twinkling golden eyes turned to Khun. “Can we do that later papa?”


Already used to Luan’s random request, Khun agreed easily. Though as usual he made no mention about when he was going to follow with the boy’s request. “Only if you answer the question first. Did anyone ever teach you about shinsu before?”

“Shinsu like papa?” 




Luan scrunched up his face as he thought long and hard about the answer. “Grandpa—” he cut himself off, “—I mean Mister! Mister En always teaches me and Vi stuffs when he comes!” 


Shibisu chocked on his coffee, “Grandpa?!!”


Luan raised his finger to his lips in a gesture for silence. “He doesn’t like it if me and Vi call him that! So don’t tell anyone okay? Gra—Mister En is really scary when he is angry!”




Chapter Ends




Chapter Text



Chapter 8




“Oh.” Shibisu, having gotten rid of his choking fit in record time, quickly brought his head down to the boy’s eye level. “Are you afraid of this Mister En?”


Luan shook his head. “No. But papa always says that Mister En is a moody old man so we should not make him angry.” He looked up at Khun for confirmation. “Right papa? Mister En is really scary when he is angry!”


Khun didn’t answer him. The light bearer had tensed at the first mention of grandpa coming from Luan’s lips. He never expected the twins to ever have a grandfather-like figure to begin with. Because his only living relative who was supposed to be the grandfather to Luan and Vihan was someone he rather not — never — associated with. 


Khun Eduan. 


“Hey, Luan.” Shibisu called to the small blunette, who immediately turned to look at him with curious golden eyes. He hesitated slightly. He knew that Khun would not be happy with him once he asked the question. But hopefully the blunette wouldn’t do anything too bad with Bam and the kids around. “Your grandpa, the… this Mister En, does he happen to have a long blue hair and looked just like your papa?”




Luan blinked. “Code?”


“Yes. I will give you a set of codes that you need to memorize just in case.”


“Is…” Vihan started, titling his head to look up at Khun, “Is that similar to the secret signal papa told us before?”


“Your papa—“ The blue haired male paused. “So you already learned about something similar before?”


The twins nodded.


“Papa taught us, remember?” Luan beckoned to Vihan to come closer. The older obliged and stood beside his twin silently. “One tap means ‘yes’,” he gave Vihan’s shoulder a light tap and grinned as his other half looked at him curiously, “and two taps means ‘no’. And if we understand we will give papa ‘three’!”


Khun nodded. The signal was simple enough for children to understand. And most people wouldn’t think twice if some little kids clapped or blinked several times.


“Alright. So next time I give you the signal—“




Two taps. 


Luan turned to his silent father and blinked three times. “...I don’t know. Mister En never has same hair and eyes color when he visits us.” The boy paused. Mister En didn’t live with them, but he had came quite often that the twins had long gotten used to the other’s presence. The small blunette titled his head as he tried to think of answer that would not make papa upset at him. “I like it when his eyes and hair are red like fire. It’s so pretty!” 


“Prettier than your papa?” Shibisu asked teasingly. 


Luan puffed up his cheeks, “No!” the boy denied. “Papa is the most handretty person in the world!”


“Handretty?!” The scout repeated, trading glances with amused Bam and still silent Khun, “Is that even a word?”


“Yes! Uncle Ling helped me make it when he came last time.” Luan responded enthusiastically. “Papa is the most handretty person in the world!”


Khuns usually looked similar to one another. Even though they were said to have the prettiest genes in the tower, since so many of them around the novelty had quickly wore off and they have became quite ordinary sometimes. 


So Khun, used to people commenting on his look, didn’t show any visible reaction at Luan's excited chattering. Although, this was the first time someone ever described him as 'handretty'—if such word really existed. 


The blue-eyed regular decided to cut in before Shibisu could ask any more intrusive questions, “Do you still want to train with Bam?”


“Can I papa?” Luan turned his bright golden eyes at him, puppy like, “Please please pretty please! I want to play with Mister Bam again!”


“You are going to disturb Bam.”


“I won’t!” Luan was positively pouting now. He quickly looked at Bam and gave the older male a pleading glance. “Right Mister Bam?” 


Bam smiled at the boy, kind and a little hopeless. “He can go with me, Khun. I probably can teach him some of the basics if he wants.”


“Yes!” the younger twin bounced impatiently, “I wanna learn with Mister Bam!” 


Khun couldn’t help but to answer him with wry, stern eyes. “Do you promise to behave?”


Luan nodded eagerly. “Yes, papa!”


“Fine. If he is getting too annoying or distracting, you can send him back, Bam. I am sure Gator won’t mind taking care of him for a few hours.” 


“Of course, Khun!” The chestnut haired male gave a nod in response. His student for the day, Luan, cheered happily at finally getting his papa’s permission to spend the day with his new favorite person. He could not wait to play with Mister Bam again! Yesterday was really fun! And the gold-eyed male had taken him to fly with his pretty butterfly wings too~ He really should ask Vi to join them next time!




Another small voice called out. Four pair of eyes turned to see Vihan by the door, messy brown hair sticking to different directions as the boy walked sleepily inside. 


“Vi, you wake up!” Luan called out to his brother. He easily jumped from Khun’s lap and ran away to where the other was standing, still half-asleep. “Look! I ask Mister Bam to buy your favorite breakfast! Vi likes smoothies right?” He proceeded to drag his older brother to Khun's direction and once again asked the blue haired male to pick and let them sit on his lap.


Khun picked the twins up without any complains. But instead of placing them on his lap like Luan wanted, he put them into empty chairs beside him. 


Luan pouted at this. He didn’t want to sit alone! He wanted to sit with papa and Vi as usual! “Papaaaaaaaa~”


“No. If you want to go with Bam then you have to be quiet and stop complaining.” 


At the mention of Bam’s name, Luan seemed to forego his pouting in lieu of talking to his twin, “Vi, I am going to play with Mister Bam today!” he informed the other excitedly.


Khun frowned as bits of food flew from the boy’s mouth, “Don’t talk with your mouth full.” He reminded the boy sternly. Luan quickly put his hands over his mouth and apologized with a cheerful, “Oops, sorry papa!”


Shibisu snickered at the scene, earning a warning glare from a certain blue haired strategist. The older male stopped snickering but didn’t remove the huge grin from his face. He was so proud of Khun! His son had grown up to be such responsible father just like him! 


“Do you want to go with me? Mister Bam is going to teach me how to make pretty water balls today!” Luan continued. This time he made sure he finished his food before speaking so Papa would not be angry at him, “We are going to go flying too!”


Vihan didn’t answer, he simply stared at his brother silently before turning to look at Bam who immediately sent the smaller brunette a warm smile and nod upon meeting his gaze.


“…no,” Vihan finally replied. He jumped down from his chair and quietly made his way to Khun. The light bearer only sighed and resigned himself as Vihan used his leg as a stepstool and climbed into his lap. Once he settled, the brown haired twin buried his face onto Khun's chest and sighed contently. “Wanna stay with papa.”


“Finish your breakfast first.” He ordered Vihan, pushing the plate with half-eaten bagel closer to the boy. “Then you are going to take a bath and change your clothes. You cannot go around only wearing pajamas all day.”


“Bath with papa?”


The boy was still four years old, it might be difficult for him to do it alone. There was no harm if Khun helped him with his bath, he needed to take one anyway. And since Luan had already taken a bath with Bam before they went out… “Yes. We will visit Bam and Luan later, so eat your breakfast quickly.”


Vihan nodded, a small heartfelt smile on his lips. “Okay, papa!”


“I am finished!” Luan pushed his empty plate away and stood up quickly. “Can I go now, papa?”


“You should ask Bam.” Khun replied, “But wash your hands first.”


“I am done too, Khun.” Standing up, the wave controller walked to Luan’s chair and helped him with putting away the empty plates and washing his hands. 


Khun glanced from the corner of his eyes as Bam wiped the pieces of food around Luan’s mouth with obvious care before proceeding to lift the boy back onto his arms. Words of reprimand — don’t spoil him, don’t get too attached — were already on the tip of his tongue, but he tried to hold them down. He could not take that from Bam, the brunette actually looked happy taking care of Luan. 


“Be careful not to get hurt okay?” Shibisu advised the high-spirited pair. 


“It's okay!” Luan gave his so-called uncle Isu a bright grin, causing the older male to swoon at the boy's cuteness. “If I get an ouchie, Fifi will heal me, right papa?”


Khun paused on his musing and gave the boy a blank look. “Fifi?”


“Papa’s fire fish!” Luan chirped, “Fifi!”


Khun didn’t even know how to react. Fifi? Was that actually the fish’s name? He wasn’t even sure that the fire fish was a female to begin with.


He summoned the fire fish.




Luan giggled as the fire fish appeared and circled around him, orange colored flame flared dangerously close but not quite touching the small boy. 


‘How strange.’


Like before, Khun was the only one who could hear the fish's voice. He glanced as it now headed towards Vihan, who was blinking at its approach but showing no sign of being afraid of the fire fish.  


‘What?’ He asked, seeing the shinheuh gave Vihan the same treatment as it did to Luan. The fire fish circled Vihan twice, stopping at the boy's eye level and started at him for a long time before it swam back to Khun.


'The little ones….' It answered, voice surprisingly not as cold and detached as it did when speaking to him last time. If anything, he would say that the fire fish seemed to be as surprised as he was, its voice colored with hints of curiosity and interest, ‘they carry my mark.’


‘What do you mean your mark?’ Khun remembered Rak mentioning something about his eyes looking different when he used the fire fish's power. Was that the mark it was talking about?


But the shinheuh didn’t answer him. It circled around Luan and Vihan a few more times before it sink back into his body with one last message. 'Keep them close to you, Khun Aguero Agnes.'




Chapter Ends 



Chapter Text




Chapter 9




Vihan was clearly a lot different from Luan.


For one, Vihan was much more subdued and quiet compared to his ball of sunshine brother. 


Then, he seemed to dislike crowds and avoid talking to other people as much as possible. The small brunette rarely interacted with anyone besides Khun and Luan, preferring to stay close to either or both of them.


Though Khun had to admit that he found it easier to take care of Vihan. The older twin was not as persistent and high-maintenance as Luan; thus not very difficult to reason with. 


Just like now.


After helping him with his bath and choosing his clothes for the day, Khun told the little brunette that he needed to do some works and that Vihan could stay as long as he didn’t disturb him. 


While Luan would have pouted and threw a small tantrum at that, Vihan only nodded and silently accepted the coloring books, paper, and crayon box that Khun gave him. The kid then headed to a lighthouse that he would be using for workbench and was quickly immersed with his coloring.


Khun similarly turned to his lighthouse and started working. The bluenette shuffled around the files in front of him, fingers flying over the keyboard, barely pausing as he quickly went through new information and updated his data.


The only sound in the room was that of his typing as well quiet shuffling and scratching of paper and crayon.


Khun had mostly left Vihan on his own as he set to finish more work that he had been neglecting due to the twins sudden appearance. 


Yet Vihan didn’t seem to have any problem with being left alone. The brunette seemed content simply by staying near his papa and busied himself with his coloring books. He had been mostly quiet, only asking Khun about some random color occasionally. 


“Papa, what’s the color of the sky?”


“Hm?” Khun responded distractedly, opening up a new file one after another. “It’s blue.”


“How about the sun?”




“Like egg?”


“Yes. Just like an egg.”




A rustle and more scratching noise. 


Khun focused his attention on the flashing screens and changing diagrams before him, making adjustments to his file with the updated information. 


“Papa?” A tug on his pants leg.


Khun looked down to see Vihan holding up his crayon box. “What is it?”


“For apples.”


The regular picked up green and red crayon. “You can use this one or this.”


“No blue?”


“No. Apples are usually red or green. If you want to use blue, you can draw blueberries or something.”


Nodding, Vihan reached out to take the crayons Khun was holding and walked back to his lighthouse.


Khun watched the four-year-old go and continued his coloring in silence. He silently wondered if Vihan was used to this routine in the future. The boy had been a good company so far, staying quiet and doing his best not to disturb him working.

Unlike a certain blue-haired twin of his…


“Papa papa papa papa!!!”


Khun sighed, but it wasn’t exasperated or angry sigh like he usually did. Just resigned and probably a little tired. 


The light bearer turned around and found Luan running into the room while carrying several packs of sandwiches.


“What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be training with Bam?”


“It’s lunch time, papa! Uncle Rak came when I was playing with Mister Bam. So we ate lunch together!”


The golden-eyed boy approached his twin and peeked over Vihan’s shoulder in curiosity. “What are you doing, Vi?”


“Drawing. Papa gave me these.”


Luan oh-ed in amazement. “It looks nice! I want to draw too!”


Vihan wordlessly handed one of his paper and shared his crayon box, causing his brother to squeal in happiness.


“Thank you Vi! What are you drawing?”


“Apples. Papa said I should use red or green…”


“Then I’m going to draw bananas for Uncle Rak and Mister Bam!”


Khun watched as the twins picked up different crayon and began drawing. He actually didn’t want to disturb them just in case Luan changed his mind about wanting to draw and started bothering him instead. But Khun was sometimes too curious even for his own good.


“How was your training?” he asked the younger blunette.


Luan looked up from the piece of paper he was doodling in. “It’s really fun, papa! Mister Bam made lots of pretty water balls and taught me how to do it.” he responded excitedly, “Then uncle Rak came and we played together! Uncle Rak has this power to control rocks and make a big rocky tower. I want to climb it but Mister Bam said no because it’s too dangerous.” 


Luan was speaking so fast that Khun actually had to focus to understand what the boy was saying. The newly dubbed father was wondering how did Luan manage to say all of that in one go, he didn’t think the other even paused to take a breath when he said it. 


“Then we stopped because uncle Isu told us it’s lunch time! He brought us a lot of sandwiches. See? I don’t forget to bring some for papa and Vi too! Because papa always forgets to eat when he is working!” Luan proudly showed the sandwiches he was carrying moments before to Khun, who was frowning but accepted the food with a nod. The older blunette actually wanted to know what Shibisu was planning by this sudden visit to Luan and Bam. 


“Uncle Rak told me I must eat lots so I can grow big like Mister Bam!” Luan continued, still as cheerful as ever. “But but uncle Isu said Mister Bam was small like me before. He showed me this picture!”


Khun took the picture from the boy’s fingers and his frown deepened even further as he saw it was their group photo back from the second floor. Really, what was Shibisu planning this time? To show that old picture to Luan all of sudden…


“So, what did you come here for?” Khun abruptly asked, changing the subject to stop Luan from chattering any further. He initially planned to bring Vihan to visit Bam and Luan after he got some work done. But now that Luan was here then his plan was thwarted. “Are you not going to continue training with Bam?”


Luan beamed and smiled widely at him. “I will! After Papa cut my hair!”


The blue-eyed male looked at the boy and raised his eyebrow in mild curiosity. “And why do you want that?” Or rather why would he want Khun to do that? 


“I want to have short hair like Mister Bam! Just like in the picture!”


“Bam’s hair is not short anymore you know?”


“It is! It is shorter than papa’s hair!”


A sigh. “It doesn’t mean that you must cut your hair.”


“No!” Luan shook his head stubbornly, “I want to have short hair like Mister Bam, so I can grow big and strong like him! Uncle Rak says so!”


Khun pinched the bridge of his nose, trying to ease the incoming headache. He knew from experience that sometimes there was no reasoning when dealing with children. They could be as stubborn as a mule and would not expect ‘no’ as an answer. Just like Luan right now.


“You should stop listening to Gator. He might not know what he was talking about anyway.”


“No! I want to!” Luan insisted, stomping his feet defiantly. “Papa promised to cut my hair! Papa lying!”


Khun sighed in near exasperation. Not this again. He really should stop promising Luan anything in the future. The boy could be such a stubborn little diva. It must be Shibisu’s influence.


“Fine. But if you end up looking horrible, don’t blame me. Understand?”


Luan nodded eagerly, all smile now that he managed to get what he wanted. The boy ran to hug a disgruntled Khun and beamed brightly. “Thank you, papa!”


“Go to the bathroom and wait here.” He told Luan without looking at him, his mood souring a bit at having to follow the boy’s whim. He knew that Luan was only four years old and it’d be silly to get irked by his childish demand. But he never liked to be forced to do things he didn't want to—


A small tug followed an equally little voice caused him to look down to face Vihan. A single blue eye peeked from his long bangs. “Help papa?” 


“Do you want to help?” Khun questioned. To be honest he didn’t really need any help with cutting Luan’s hair. He already had everything he needed stored inside his lighthouse. And it should not take too long to make Luan’s shoulder-length blue hair to match Bam’s old hairstyle. But Vihan had wanted to help, and it was supposedly good for children to develop a sense of responsibility, so…


“Can you hold this for me?” he took out a small hand mirror and handed it over to the boy. Khun watched as Vihan struggled a bit before he finally could hold the mirror steadily. “Yes. Just keep it like that. You can show Luan how his new hair looks like later on.”


“Okay, papa.”

“Good.” He ruffled the boy’s fluffy brown hair and earned a shy smile in return. It lifted his mood a little bit. “Now let’s go to that stubborn brother of yours.”




“Are we do done yet, papa?”


“No.” Khun answered shortly. He divided the short blue hair into three parts—one on the right, one on the left and the other in the middle. “Stay still. I cannot cut your hair if you keep moving like that.”


“But it’s so boooooring.”


“You were the one who asked for a haircut. So be still.”


Luan pouted.


The blunette didn’t respond, focusing on first trimming down the tip of the hair. He then moved, cutting each section until they were exactly of the same length.


“So, do you like Bam?”


“Uh-huh.” Luan swung his little feet, humming an unfamiliar cheery tune. Khun already gave up in this point in trying to make the boy stay still. “He is nice!” 


A pause. “It feels comfi, comfo, comfola—comfor...” Luan scrunched up his face in confusion as he tried to remember the word papa taught him before.  “Compa…”




“Yes! It feels comfoable with Mister Bam. Just like with Papa!”


“It’s comfortable not comfoable.” The older male corrected automatically. He continued trimming the short blue hair from the front and end at the back, keeping the hair between his fingers as he added some final touches. 


“Done.” He signaled to Vihan to hold the mirror in front of his twin and moved to clean up everything as the twins were now preoccupied with admiring Luan’s new hairstyle.


Luan immediately squealed when he saw his now short hair. The boy did a twirl in front of the mirror to take a better look at himself. “Thank you, Papa!” He hugged the light bearer briefly before quickly jumping out of his chair and running out of the room in record time. “I am gonna show it to Mister Bam, uncle Rak, and uncle Isu. Bye Papa! Bye Vi!”


And then the boy was gone like the wind.


Getting somehow used to the twins’ (especially Luan’s) random displays of affection, Khun just shrugged and turned back to his cleaning. He briefly glanced to the side when he didn’t hear anything from the other occupant of the room. 


Vihan was currently staring at the scattered blue hair on the floor with a strange expression on his face.

The blunette tsked as he looked at the long fringe that obstructed the boy’s eyes. He really couldn’t understand how the future him would allow his son to have such a terrible hairstyle.


“Do you want me to cut your bangs?” He asked the older twin. 


Vihan looked up at him and shook his head slowly, “Don’t wanna...”


Khun sighed. He still had his scissors and everything out, it would easier if he just cut the brunette’s hair now rather than later. “Do you want to tell me why at least? It would not be good to let your bangs get too long like that. Someday it would get in the way and make you trip and fall down.”


Vihan stayed silent, seemingly retreating further to himself. After some time, the boy mumbled something unrecognizable.


“What was it?”


“ like it. Different from Lu....”


“What do you mean?”


The boy raised his hand to cover his left eye. “My eyes...weird, not same…”


Khun kneeled down before Vihan and pushed the boy’s long bangs to the side. And for the very first time since he encountered Vihan, Khun finally saw what the young brunette had been trying to hide all along. 


Two differently colored eyes stared back at him in obvious alarm. Vihan’s right eye was the color of cobalt blue like his own, while his left eye was the color of warm amber, which meant—


“…a complete heterochromia.”


Vihan looked up at him, eyes shiny with unshed tears and distress. “They are weird, aren’t they papa…?”






Chapter Ends