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Sinful Truth

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The night had been spent drinking, ale flowing easily as everyone gathered around the fireplace in Uhtred's long house. You could barely remember what the conversation had been about too enthralled by your husband sitting next to you in all his beautiful glory. 

Sihtric had gazed your way through the night, his empty hand coming to rub the back of your neck, sending shivers down your spine. You had fiddled with your drink aimlessly, moving so your thigh would be pressed to Sihtric's, needing the proximity. 

When Gisela had excused herself you saw the heated look in Uhtred's eyes and took the opportunity to whisper dirty things in Sihtric's ear, laughing when he grabbed you and all but pulled you home.

You now laid sated and sore in bed, furs thrown around you as you watched your husband, ale in hand as he gazed back your way. 

The candlelight made Sihtric's sweaty skin glow, your fingers roaming his body, unable to contain yourself even if you were completely drained and didn't think you could take much more. 

Sihtric offered you his cup, eyebrow raised as his fingers moved up the inside of your thigh. You took the offered ale, taking a gulp before kissing him, tasting yourself on Sihtric's tongue. 

"Have you ever been in love?" you asked him curiously, drawing loving patterns on his temple as you laid back, discarding the cup before bathing into the comfort of Sihtric's body. 

"I married you didn't I," he murmured as he leaned in, lips grazing yours. 

You kissed him languidly, wrapping a leg around his waist to keep him close. When you finally separated you watched him, knowing there was more to the answer.

"Apart from little old me," you replied, twirling a piece of his hair around your finger, keeping your leg around him. 

His hand came to caress you thigh, grasping your ass before he leaned in once more, pressing his forehead to yours.

Sihtric sighed heavily and you smelled the ale on his breath before nosing him on, biting his neck. You heard him whine as he hid in your chest, rubbing his face against your skin.

"There was someone once," you heard him groan, forcing his face up to yours with a hand under his chin. 

Your eyes met briefly and you smiled, pushing him onto his back to straddle him. With a hand on either side of his head holding you up, your hair fanning around you creating a curtain of intimacy, you kissed his lips before trailing your mouth down his neck and chest. You stopped just above his waist, looking up at him through your lashes.

"Tell me," you whispered into his skin, making Sihtric gasp as you continued your descent. 

Biting his hip, you massaged his thighs before finally taking his hardening length into your mouth. You sucked lightly, hollowing your cheeks as your tongue twirled around the head of his cock, making Sihtric swear loudly. 

"Tell me," you repeated, the vibration of your voice around his cock making him ground as you sucked him deeper, feeling him hit the back of your throat.

Sihtric mumbled something into his arm but you didn't understand. You waited a few seconds, wrapping your hand around him and stroking him to see if he would repeat it. 

When he didn't, you let go of him. Immediately he was pushing himself up, trying to kiss you but you squirmed away, smirking. 

"If you tell me, I'll help you come," you said coyly, biting at your bottom lip. You knew he loved when you did that so you used it against him every chance you had.

His heated gaze settled upon you, tracing your naked breasts and you played into it, leaning toward him and pressing them together, taunting Sihtric.


The name had you tightening inside, memories of drunken nights speeding through your mind as you got even wetter. 

You swallowed as you watched your husband, pursing your swollen lips."What do you want?"

"To be inside you," Sihtric replied immediately and you obliged, straddling him once more. 

As he pressed into you, you whined, raking your nails down his chest, thinking back to when you had joined Uhtred, realizing how Sihtric used to watch Finan constantly. It made more sense now, the thought making you smile as you sighed, leaning back onto your husband's thighs.

Sihtric started thrusting up into you, little cries tumbling from your mouth, the new angle hitting just right. 

"Tell me why you fell for Finan," you groaned as you forced yourself upright again, watching Sihtric's face attentively, working your hips in wide circles, forcing Sihtric to slow his rhythm. 

You weren't exactly sure where this was going but for some reason you didn't want it to end. You loved watching Sihtric struggle and squirm and knew that even though he would never admit to it, he enjoyed it too. 

"Fierce, loyal," Sihtric said as he exhaled, hands coming to grab your hips but you pushed them away and over his head, leaning your weight on them, trapping him. 

You breathed into his mouth as you lifted off his cock, only the tip at your entrance before whispering in his ear. 

"Do you think he's hot?"

Sihtric grunted in reply, hips thrusting forward but you didn't let him enter you, making him whine in frustration. 

You knew if he really wanted to he could have you on your back in seconds but Sihtric played along, nodding. 

"Say it."

Sihtric closed his eyes for an instant and you observed him as he swallowed around nothing. 

"Finan is hot," he said as he opened his eyes, watching you intensely.

You grinned wickedly at him, holding his gaze as you dropped yourself on him once more, working yourself on his cock.

Sihtric gasped in response, trying to grab you but you shook your head at him, pushing his arms back above his head. He took the opportunity to suck on your nipples before you pulled away, running your thumb along his lips.

"Would you suck his cock?" you asked as you pushed your finger into his mouth. Sihtric responded frantically, sucking on your finger as he bucked into you, making you whine at the thought. 

Pulling your finger out of his mouth you grabbed his face, seeking his attention. He watched you under hooded eyes, panting as you rolled your hips, taking him deeper. 

"Do you trust me?"

The reply was almost immediate, Sihtric nodding fiercely, his arms going slack against your hold. You ran your hand down his face gently, closing his eyes before leaning in to whisper in his ear. 

"I can only imagine how you felt when you saw us together."

Sihtric whined in reply, an almost painful sound as you bit his ear, grounding him to you.

"Fuck me like I were him, take what you've always wanted."

There was a beat of silence, nothing but bated breath until suddenly Sihtric was rolling you over so you lay underneath him, turning you on your stomach. Within seconds he had you on your knees, legs open wide with your face pressed into the bed as he entered you eagerly without warning. 

You cried out, your voice raw as Sihtric started pounding into you, his fingers fisting your hips bruisingly. His hand came to push between your shoulder blades, making you raise your ass, taking everything he gave to you. 

You couldn't help but wonder what he was imaging, the thought making you grind back into him, wanting more. 

"Say it Sihtric," you sobbed into the furs, vision blurring as you came closer and closer to your orgasm. You imagined walking in on such a show, Finan naked with his face pressed down into your bed, his glorious ass on display as Sihtric fucked him relentlessly, his eyes never leaving yours. You couldn't help but seize up at the thought, orgasm rushing through you, making your squirm and moan.

Sihtric reacted as though he was imagining the same thing, Finan's name echoing through the cabin as you felt Sihtric reach his peak, spilling into you as he groaned and mumbled for his Irishman on repeat. 

You felt the name resonate through your skin, Sihtric's thrust now weakening until he stopped, pressing his body over your back. Your knees gave in from the weight, as you laid motionless under Sihtric, panting.

In the end Sihtric was the one to move first, pulling out as he rolled you onto your side, caressing your face until you opened your eyes. 

"I love you more," he said as though he needed to reassure you but you stopped him, finger pressed to his lips to silence him.

You kissed him gently, threading your fingers through his hair as you admired him, completely in awe of the man you loved. 

"Did you ever think of us with him?"
This time Sihtric didn't hide, simply nodded his hand rubbing circles into your back.The admission had your mind racing, your insides pulsing. 

"I'd love to watch you with him," Sihtric admitted as he kissed your neck sloppily, knowing exactly what he was doing. "I could see his body pleasure yours, I could taste him on you."

You groaned at the confession, kissing Sihtric with a new urgency, your body aflame once more. There would be time to discuss this but right now you wanted no one but your husband.