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Seven`s first shower

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Turn around, your back towards me

Can you do that?

Hear me approaching

I hope you enjoy my coaching

First, you undress

Then you get yourself wet

Umm, not that kind 

I mean get in the shower

Do not cower

Feel the power

Of the water jets

You can shower for an hour

It`s all up to you

The golden valleys

Are up my alley

I will not dally

But commence the lesson

The first in this session

Soap the face cloth and lather

Or would you rather

I use my tongue?

Here, let me do it

You can`t fool me

Into thinking

That you don`t masturbate

To create

That lightweight 

Feeling when you come

Am i done?

Nope! It`s just the start

I`ll make you a star

When we`re through

You`ll pursue

A career

Involving your rear

And my hand

Can do wonders

Feel the thrill

As i climb up the hills

To reach the sweet peaks

You wish i had a beak?

Well, if you insist!

I won`t dessist

To use my fist

It can work wonders

So don`t  you fear

For i`m just near