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Drabbles: Constellations

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“What do you think, Scorpius?”

“I don’t know. It is shiny? I like things that are shiny. I also like its tail.”

Hermione laughed as she looked down at her four year old. She had assembled a telescope in the manor gardens for them to do some evening stargazing. Her chest swelled with joy as she watched her son hoist himself up on his tiptoes and dramatically squint one eye while he looked through the eyepiece.

“You know, we could have done this with magic. It would have been a better view.”

Draco slid into the bench next to her, placing his arm around her shoulders. In return, she rested her head against him. She kept her eyes on Scorpius as he took in his own constellation. There were truly limitations on one's experiences if you only relied on magic. She relished the opportunity to replicate her own experiences for her son.

“Don’t be such a spoilsport. I want him to have this.”

“Father, where’s your constation?”

“Constellation, dear.” Hermione gently corrected.

She watched as Draco moved towards the telescope, glancing into the eyepiece and adjusting it until he had located the constellation that was his namesake.

“Right there.” Draco stepped back and gestured for Scorpius to take another look.

“What’s it supposed to be?”

“A dragon.”

Hermione and Draco watched as Scorpius remained quietly focused as he peered into the telescope.

“That’s not a dragon.”

She looked back at Draco, who had furrowed his eyebrows.

They watched as Scorpius squinted harder.

“I think it looks more like a snake.”

“What do you mean? Look at how the tail winds… it is clearly a dragon.”

Hermione lightly suppressed her laughter as she watched the exchange between her husband and her son. She watched as Draco and Scorpius took turns looking through the eyepiece and Draco tried to describe its appearance to their son.

“Huh,” Scorpius noted after another long assessment. “I like mine better.”