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Drabbles: Constellations

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“Then I said that he was being a right head. He didn’t seem to understand what I was referring to though.”

Hermione hiked alongside Newt Scamander through the forest. When she started in Magical Creatures, she was paired with him after she submitted her name for the department’s mentorship program.

She attempted to remain focused on the story that he was telling but had difficulty.

It had been a few weeks since Hermione had broken off her engagement to Draco Malfoy. When the news hit the Prophet, she was thankful to have received an invitation from Mr. Scamander to go scavenging.

In his retirement, he would occasionally assist Ollivander in obtaining different items for wand making. Hermione had joined him a few times but this one could not have come at a more opportune moment.

“Ms. Granger, I haven’t been sure whether or not to say anything. Tina cautioned me about bringing it up...but I was very sorry to hear about your engagement.”

Hermione felt her chest tighten.

“It’s been difficult, but it's nice to get away.”

He glanced towards her. “Why did the two of you decide to end things?”

Her and Draco had struggled through months of dealing with his parents' dissension in response to their engagement. In the end, she didn’t want Draco to sacrifice his family, so she’d broken it off despite his objections.

Mr. Scamander read his own conclusion.

“I take it that it wasn’t what you wanted.”

She felt her breath catch. “No, but it was my decision and I’m trying to believe that it was for the best.”

They continued to walk in silence until Mr. Scamander stopped as they arrived at a clearing.

“Do you know what we’re gathering today, Ms. Granger?”

She lightly shook her head; not recalling that he’d told her. Hermione followed his eyes as he looked up into one of the surrounding trees. She noted a large nest assembled in one of them.

After a moment, her heart swelled at the incoming sound of music. She watched as a beautiful, crimson Phoenix soured above them and landed atop its nest.

Her eyes diverted when she noticed a few feathers swaying back and forth as they descended to the ground.

“Phoenix feathers.”

She looked over at Mr. Scamander who remained fixated on the bird.

“As you know, the Phoenix is terribly difficult to domesticate. However, I began tracking one recently after I learned that its owner had died.”

He turned slightly in her direction.

“I think it might have some applicability to your situation. You see, I know that you believe that your relationship has ended, but who’s to say that it can’t have a rebirth?”

Hermione stood on the stoop of a luxurious townhome. She took a few deep breaths and mustered the courage to knock. Her heart was pounding in her chest as she waited. When the door opened, her eyes met cool grey.

“Can I come in?”