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Darkness Isn't ALWAYS Evil, Katarina

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Maria sighed, leaning against the table. Sophia flipped through a book, wait, no, the book. Mary was out somewhere, probably trying to convince Kataria to join their side without revealing themselves. (Not that the costumes helped in keeping their identities hidden, really, but no one had seemed to notice, so it must be doing something .) 

The doors flew open, slamming against the wall loudly. 

“No luck?” Sophia asked, not taking her eyes off of the book, as Mary stomped into the room. 

Mary was fuming. “She doesn’t get it!” Mary threw herself onto the couch and hugged the pillow to her chest. “Why doesn’t she get it?” 

Sophia flipped through the book once more before placing her hand on a single page. 

“This, maybe?” Sophia proposed, placing the book on the table for Maria to see. Mary didn’t move from the couch, but that was fine. 

It was one of those symbols that the book was covered with. Katarina had seen Maria drawing it once; she called it Ying and Yang. 

Maria looked at the page Sophia pointed out, and read, “Light and darkness are two sides of the same force. One brings healing and happiness, the other brings destruction and sadness. However, as light can not be without darkness, both must exist. It is for that purpose that darkness is not always used for evil.” 

Mary looked at them blankly, then stared at the book for a few seconds. “ The book is actually telling us something useful. I’m shocked.” 

“Well, the most Katarina’s magic has been able to due in terms of destruction is putting people to sleep, right. Or erasing their memories?” Maria asked. 

“Precisely,” Sophia nodded. “I think we might have found our argument.” 


Katarina (under the alias “Catarina”... no one ever said she was good with names) stood behind the monster that she was given to help attack. 

(The fact that she couldn’t create them herself should have told her that she didn’t belong with the side of evil, but she was dense.) 

Maria shot a light blast at it while Sophia trapped it in a vortex. Mary took the water from the nearby pond and turned it into a rope. Soon, the monster was tied up and Maria was working on purifying it. Usually, Sophia and Mary would have to protect Maria during this time, but- 

Katarina, unlike the other villains they fought regularly, would never attack them directly. After her monster was defeated, she’d usually run away or stay while they tried to convince her she wasn’t evil. 

“Katarina, you aren’t evil,” Sophia tried. 

Katarina stared blankly at Sophia. “Don’t you say that every time? I’m the villainess.” 

There was a flash of light as the monster turned into a flower, and then Maria stood beside Mary and Sophia. 

“You always say that, but you’re too sweet to be the villainess,” Maria said. 

“I’m not sweet. You’re sweet. You’re the heroine. I’m fated to be the villainess, obviously.” 

This was usually how these conversations went. They tried to convince her to switch to their side, the side she actually belonged on, and always failed because she said she was a villainess. 

“Fate isn’t actually-” Mary started. 

“Have you seen my face? See these evil-looking slanted eyes! I’m totally the villainess!” Katarina interrupted. 

Mary deadpanned. “Have you seriously never noticed that your eyes shed sparkles whenever you blink?” 

Katarina blinked, and a few sparkles fell to the ground. “Really?!” 

The three girls nodded, and Katarina’s eyes widened. 

“I’m the ex-villain sixth ranger, then! I pop in mid-season! Is it mid-season yet?” Katarina asked excitedly, confusing everyone. 

Sophia blinked. “Uh… I think it’s close enough?” 



Somehow, that made Katarina join them. 

She read the page Sophia found in the book. The blank look on her face was honestly terrifying, considering Katarina was always so happy-go-lucky. 

Needless to say, the other villains were both confused and, honestly, glad that Katarina had joined the other side. (She was too positive for them. They had pretty much determined what had happened within the first day she joined them.) 

Everything seemed to turn out happy. Well, until there was an ex-villain sixth ranger, as Katarina called them, that joined later on. 

“Wait, why are there two ex-villain sixth rangers?”