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To The Moon And Back

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It was late as Draco returned from work and still he found his wife and kids awake. They were cuddled up in Leo’s bed. Scorpius at the foot end, pretending not to listen and Leo snuggled into Hermione’s side. His beautiful wife had an open book on her lap and was absently stroking her son’s hair while she read aloud.


“Hello there!”


“Dad! You’re finally home!” Leo had to stifle a yawn. 


“And why are you still awake, bud?” Chuckling Draco watched how his youngest pressed closer to his mother, suddenly behaving shy. He stepped out of his shoes and crawled between Hermione and Scorpius, onto the bed.


“He told your dad he wants to get into Gryffindor.” Hermione’s eyebrow was raised, challenging and Draco inhaled deeply.  


“What did he say, champ?”


Sniffling, Leo answered, “Grandpa Lucius said, Malfoy’s are Slytherins.”


Fabric rustled as Scorpius sat up. “ He also said it’s an exception that mum is a Gryffindor and you were allowed to marry her.”


Draco choked on his own salvia. “He said what?”


“And then Grandpa Lucius said it’s also an exception that mum is Muggleborn.” Leo added excitedly. 


Laughing at the flabbergasted expression Draco wore, Hermione stated, “You see, I’m an exception in everything.”


Draco desperately tried to find his composure again. He was going to murder his father. Once and for all. He should have done it a long time ago. 


“And why do you want to be a Gryffindor, Leo?”


His son chewed on his lower lip, avoiding eye contact. “Gryffindors are brave and strong and you said I am named after the king of beasts, that means I have to get into the house with the strong ones, right? I want to be as strong as mum.”


Reaching for his son, Draco reassuringly padded Leo’s knee. “You’re right bud, your mum is strong and her Hogwarts house is full of beasts. It doesn’t matter where you end up though, nobody except for the talking hat has a say in this. Neither grandpa Lucius nor your namesake and let me tell you a secret, you can be strong even if you don’t end up in Gryffindor.”


Draco glanced at Hermione and his heart swelled with love as her warm, loving gaze met his. He might kill Lucius, but his statement was right. She was his exception in everything.