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InTo The Wild Rewrite

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Icey wind howled, making the snow batter at the tall dead oak trees, causing a branch or two to break off with loud snapping and crash to the ground nearly hitting a tiny figure when they hit the snow.

A tiny white and dark orange body struggled to keep pulling herself along the ground. Her three thin stick-like legs hurt, and there was a warm sticky thing running down the back of her head staining both her pelt and dripping into the surrounding snow.

She wasn’t able to see her mama anymore, but still desperately hope she might come back and make everything better.

With a small faint squeak, her head dropped in the snow, her whole body trembling, just wanting the pain to end.

A sudden soft thing closed around her scruff, picking her up and starting to walk. It was warm, and she slowly began to drift off to sleep.



Tigerroar yawned, struggling to keep his eyes open. Stairing out of the entrance of ThunderClan’s camp. Why he had to be the only one working night watch in this weather, he would never really know. But at least the nursery was close by, meaning he could check up on Goldenflower and the kits when he felt like seeing how they were or just to talk with his mate in case she couldn’t sleep. But not even that was enough to push the worry for the rest of his family from his mind. His former mentor and Clan Deputy Adderflight along with his brother, son mother and friends had taken a battle patrol on Sunstars orders to take back Sunningrocks from RiverClan who had made threats about it at the last gathering.

A very pale blue almost white light caught his attention as it got brighter the closer it became.

“Melog,” Tigerroar gasped, swiftly getting to his paws and dipping his head to the deity when he realized who it was. Every clan cat was taught from kithood to both parts equally respect and fear the one who took the dead either to StarClan or a much darker place. Usually, family members, mates and friends would come to take a cat away, but if it were a kit, Melog would do it themself.

Melog came closer, causing a sharp tang of fear to shoot through him before they set a tiny nearly frozen molly at his paws.

“You may relax, deer friend. I came tonight to save a life not take it away,” Melog said, pushing the kit closer with a smokey paw. Their voice sounded as if both a deep-pitched tom and higher-pitched mollys voices were speaking at the exact same time making it rather unsettling whenever they spoke.

“Where did you find her?” He asked, starting to quickly lick the kit's fur the wrong way to get her warmed up fast.

“I found her halfway buried in the snow. I suspect she was abandoned by her parents,” Melog said, their smoke-like coat and pale silver eyes turned a violent dark blood red, making Tigerroar want to grab the kit and run far away as fast as he could. Knowing whoever was the cause of Melog's rage was going to suffer for a very very long time when they were inevitably found.

“I’ll take her,” he said quickly, picking up the molly, still resisting the instinct to just run and get to Cloudberry and Featherwhisker so they could heal her.

“Thank you, what will you name her?” Melog asked their pelt, slowly fading back to normal. Turning away beginning to walk, off letting him know their conversation was over.

“Cherrykit,” he mewed quickly, picking her up and walking toward the healer's den. A fierce feeling of protection lighting in his chest as he gently held the little frail molly. After he took her to the Healers he would go visit his mate and see if she might be willing to take her in.

Melog smiled watching for a moment longer before melting back into the shadows a very faint red tint the only thing giving them away as they headed off. They had a job to do and were more than ready to start hunting.



In a big hollowed out rocky den at the very far back of the camp a large tom sat his fur entirely made of solar fire making the den walls glow brightly the tip of his fiery tail twitching slightly. The only indication of his worry. He glanced up when a small petite, molly entered the den on her hind legs moving a bit slowly because of the turtle shell covering her back and neck.

“Sunstar?” she dipped her head in greeting, her voice soft as she came to sit beside him, her blind pale amber eyes warm. “…Is it keeping you up too?”

Sunstar didn't answer for the next five minutes his dark azure blue gaze unfocused as his tail curled over his paws causing shadows to ripple across the walls.

“They’ve been gone for a lot longer than I expected. Tigerroar already went out on night watch.” He slowly exhaled, blinking and lowering his broad head. “What if Stormstar lived up to his promise? I can’t rest, knowing I might have sent Adderflight and the rest of the patrol to their doom.”

“I’m worried too, but I think we both might sometimes underestimate my dad and the other warriors,” Turtlepelt purred. “You sent some of ThunderClan’s best fighters with him. If they were met by RiverClan they’ll come back with their heads held high and good news to share I’m sure of it.”

Sunstar couldn’t help but smile at his younger friend's enthusiasm. “Are you really sure about that?”

“Absolutely fucking posative,” She chirped grinning broadly cloudy eyes twinkling in amusement.

The warmth sadly didn’t last for long. Sunstar looked back at his paws, unease creeping through his pelt like ticks out for blood. “But… These are hard times for the Clan. This winter has been colder than it's been in years, we have very few kits. ShadowClan grows in numbers every gathering. RiverClan WindClan and SkyClan try to keep pushing at our borders. It seems we need more warriors now than ever.”

“Goldenflower and Leopardfoots kits are healthy and growing strong, heck the Healers Cluster tells me Fireflysong is about to give birth any day now. Not to mention, Timberface moved into the nursery just yesterday. The camp will be crawling with kits before you know it.” Turtlepelt pointed out smirking slightly.

“I’m really glad to know about Fireflysong but it’ll be months before they can even think about starting training. Then a lot longer before I can make them warriors.” Sunstar rambled concern and wurry for one of his mates creeping into his voice.

“At least Larchpaw Petalpaw and Patchpaw are close to receiving their names,” Turtlepelt pointed out calmly.

Sunstar nodded and lifted his gaze to a small hole in the den roof where a faint glimpse of the clear moonlit sky could be seen.

After a moment’s hesitation, Turtlepelt followed his gaze. “Are you asking the gods for answers?” She meowed. The stars above glittered offering comfort to the anxious cats below.

“I hoped they would have something to say,” he admitted, his broad shoulders sagging.

Silence fell over the two their eyes trained on the swath of stars.

“What about the outsider you told me about yesterday morning? I can tell she’s in the back of your mind.”

“What about her?” He asked, tearing his eyes from the sky settling instead on the Seer. Who continued to talk not answering his question.

“Do you remember my vision, that shooting star, the one that Lady Imogen showed me? And what Sandpaw told me when she came back with you and Frostfur?”

“I do… but what's you’re point?” Sunstar inquired.

“It was like a flash of fire, streaking across the sky. You told me that outsider she obviously showed interest in the forest. Sandpaw said she put up a pretty good fight, and was respectful and even friendly when you explained our ways to her. That shooting star could allude to her, this outsider of yours could show some potential. You asked her to join us, didn’t you?”

“Of course I did, we need all the help we can get a hold of. I’ll go with Frostfur Mapleshade Icefur and Blizzardstorm along with their apprentices to meet her at the border at dawn to hear what she has to say.”

“I think she’ll agree,” Turtlepelt meowed confidently, her tortoiseshell glowing in the light of his flames.

Clearing his throat, he murmured, “We’ll just have to wait and see. Hopefully Adderflight’s patrol will get back before dawn, and we could have a new Clan member. We’ll see if she really is that shooting star.”

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“So let me get this straight,” said a light brown tabby molly her dark green eyes were narrowed as she stared down a smaller ginger molly who’s large white tipped ears lowered. Before she begin speeking again. “You went into the woods late last night. And met a tom made of fucking solar fire and a molly our age with paws made of sand.”

“Yes!” The smaller molly exclaimed clearly exasperated having explained this at least three times before that very morning.

“And this cat attacked you?” The older molly hissed her darker striped tail lashing across the ground scattering a few leaves in all directions.

“Yeah but after that we talked to about where she came from and it sounds so intoresting.” She grinned up at the bigger cat.

“Tillie you can’t be serious about this!” She exclaimed her soft fur bristling.

“They asked me to join them, you can come with me. Pearl I feel like I’m meant for this.” Tillie rambled getting to her paws white tipped tail lashing.

Pearl frowned and moved closer to her. “I know how you feel about this Til you remember how Socks Ruby and Frost disappeared. They just disappeared without a word or anything. I don’t want that happening to you too. And what about Tommy Luna and Filou what will they say when they find out you’ve disappeared?”

“You won’t need to. I'm going to visit all of you every time I can. Heck we don’t even live far away from the Clans.” Tillie erasured her pressing her head into her shoulder.

“No matter what I say I can’t stop you can I?” Pearl asked, causing Tillie to just shake her head slightly.

“That’s what I thought but please just promise me you’ll be safe.” She said with a long drawn out sigh.

“I can only promise to try,” Tillie finally replied, doing her best to give a reassuring smile.

“That’s really the only thing I can ask,” Pearl said with a small warm laugh before turning and going back into their large oak tree home.

After that, she curled up and napped until the sun eventually went down and the moon started to rise, making the snow covering the ground and surrounding trees glow faintly.

She woke up soon after that and waited by the border, big ears pricking at every tiny sound. If the forest had been interesting by day, it was very fascinating and a little honting at night.

As Tillie watched the trees for any sign of movement, she became aware of two pairs of eyes opening from the bushes. She leaned forward slightly, trying to catch their scent hoping to recognize it.

The first cat to step out had orange and white fur made of what seemed to be made of maple wood and shadows pale amber eyes gleaming, followed by a pale blue gray molly made of ice with very pale blue eyes and a tom with clouds of a swirling blizzard cloud.

“You must be Tillie,” a white cat with a body made of frost with a mint green bandana around their neck said, taking a few steps closer to get a better look at her.

“Yes, sir.”

“Ma’am,” she corrected. “My name’s Frostfur. I’m Sandpaw’s mentor and leader of the Watchers Cluster, one of the ranks that make up ThunderClan. And these are Blizzardcloud Icefur and Mapleshade some of Thunderclan’s most respected warriors.”

“It’s nice to meet you all!” Tillie said her eyes wide trying to remember all their names. A small feeling of warmth bloomed in her chest when she heard Sandpaw’s name. She glanced around hoping to see her but felt a little disappointed when she couldn’t see her pale gray and ginger pelt.

Icefur was the first to nod torn ears twitching, her eyes glinting with a hint of warmth before Mapleshade spoke up. “Have you made up your mind?”

“Yes I have I’d like to be a part of your Clan,” she said.

“Confident,” Blizzardcloud mused, his voice a bit deeper than Tillie expected it to be. “I think I’m seeing a lot of potential.”

“I do too,” Icefur agreed. “Come on, Tillie. Do you think you’ll be able to keep up with us?”

She glanced at Frostfur and the other cats' hard, lean bodies and long hard mustled legs. She definitely couldn’t.

“Yes,” she lied.

And then almost as one they were off, and Tillie could only hope she wouldn’t get too lost as she fell behind. Especially since she couldn’t make the graceful jumps they made over logs streams and big rocks, or when they made a sharp turn and she almost ran hard into a tree.

The group reached the top of a ravine after a while. The larger cats were barely out of breath but she was panting hard. She hadn’t lost sight of them once, though, and couldn’t help but be proud of the accomplishment.

“The camps down here,” Frostfur said. “It looks like a pretty hard climb down, but there’s a small path if you know where to look. Follow me closely. Icefur and the others will watch from behind.”

Tillie nearly had her nose pressed in Frostfur’s fluffy tail as she led her down the steep path. She was right. It wasn’t nearly as bad as it looked. She reached the bottom, and by then she’d caught her breath so that she could look a little more put together as Frostfur led her and the others into a clearing.

Her chest tightened the moment she stepped inside, as two dozen pairs of eyes gawked at the sight of her. Still, she held her head up. Blizzardcloud admired her confidence. Maybe the rest of them would too, even though she was faking it.

A familiar face pushed through the crowd causing the others to look away from his fire as he came to meet them. Sunstar’s dark blue eyes gleamed as he peered at Tillie. “You came