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Draco Malfoy and the Room of Hidden Things

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Draco stared at the Vanishing Cabinet in frustration. He’d followed Mr Borgin’s instructions exactly, but the Cabinet remained stubbornly broken. His hopes that fixing it would be simple had been thoroughly dashed.

Draco sighed heavily. This had been very much his ‘Plan A’ for satisfying the Dark Lord’s orders to kill Dumbledore. Tackling the Headmaster alone was most certainly doomed to fail, but if Draco could get a bunch of Death Eaters into the school and attack the Headmaster en-masse there was a chance that Draco might live through it. The plan was to raise the Dark Mark over the Astronomy Tower. Dumbledore would of course rush to investigate, and they would ambush him.

Unfortunately, it looked like repairing the Cabinet was going to take a while. Draco would keep working on it, but if he didn’t make progress soon he’d have to trigger ‘Plan B’. That plan had the attraction that he wouldn’t need to be present when Dumbledore kicked the bucket, and it would be very hard to trace anything back to Draco, but there was always the risk that the wrong person would die.

Draco didn’t care about that in the slightest, but if Dumbledore realised he was the target it might put him on his guard, making Draco’s job even harder. Still, it was his only fall-back. He’d already succeeded in putting Madam Rosmerta under the Imperius and given her the cursed necklace. The plan was ready to go – all she had to do was hand the necklace to an unsuspecting Hogwarts student to pass on to Dumbledore. Draco had even given the busty barmaid a charmed coin, like Granger had created for Dumbledore’s Army last year, so he could send her the signal remotely and establish an alibi for himself.

With an angry yank, Draco pulled the heavy blanket back over the Cabinet, obscuring it from view. As far as he knew, Draco was the only person who knew about the Room of Hidden Things, but he couldn’t rule out the possibility that someone else might discover it the way that he had – by asking the Hogwarts house elves.

The idea of using the Cabinet had first occurred to him last year after he found Montague trapped in the u-bend of a toilet. Montague had said that the Weasley twins threw him into the broken Vanishing Cabinet on the first floor and he’d subsequently been unable to escape. He was trapped in a sort-of limbo where sometimes he could hear what was going on at school, and sometimes what was going on at Borgin and Burkes. It was as if the Cabinet was travelling between them, but Montague couldn’t make anyone hear him. In the end he’d managed to Apparate out, even though he’d never passed his test. Everyone thought it was a really good story, but Draco was the only one who realised what it meant – there would be a way into Hogwarts through the Cabinets if he fixed the broken one.

But Draco had been unable to find the damned thing. He’d searched the entire first floor without any luck. He’d then searched adjacent floors, with equal lack of success. Someone had moved the broken Cabinet. After weeks of searching he’d been forced to admit defeat.

It was only at the very end of last year that inspiration had struck. The Hogwarts house elves might know! So he’d asked around until he located a Slytherin who knew where the kitchens were. Once inside, a house elf had offered to make him something to eat, but he’d refused. Instead, he asked for the elf who cleaned his dorm to come speak to him. The elf was petrified that he was unhappy with her work, so she’d been delighted to help when he said he was looking for a cabinet that had been removed from the first floor. It had taken her a couple of days to get back to him, but she had eventually reported that the cabinet had been relocated to the Room of Hidden Things, and told him how to get there.

His jubilation had faded over the last several hours. The stupid Cabinet was in bad shape, and his efforts to repair it had yielded nothing. Draco made his way toward the exit, deeply pre-occupied. What spells could they try next to fix the thing? He’d have to get back to Borgin for more ideas... Absent-mindedly he yanked the door open and stepped out into the seventh floor corridor...

He had a split second to register the shape rushing rapidly towards him – a girl with her head buried in a book – before she smashed into him. The book went flying and the girl tumbled to the floor. Draco was sent hurtling backwards, and landed on his arse in the open doorway.

The sprawling girl turned towards him from where she lay, “I’m so sorry I wasn’t... Malfoy!

Her eyes strayed from him to the room behind him and went wide, “What’s that room? What are you doing?”

Draco panicked. She’d seen the Room of Hidden Things! She would tell Potter! His plan was discovered!

Without thinking he snatched his wand from his robes.


Granger just had time to look surprised before the jet of red light hit her. She dropped bonelessly to the floor, unconscious.

Draco glanced left and right. They was nobody else in sight. He quickly scrambled up, grabbed Granger by the hands and dragged her limp body into the Room of Hidden Things. He snatched up her book and closed the door, sealing them inside the Room. His heart was beating so hard he could almost hear it.

Damn it! He should have posted guards outside. What the hell was he going to do now?

Draco plonked himself down on a nearby packing crate and stared at the comatose girl on the floor. He would have to obliviate her of course. He couldn’t have Potter finding out where he was or what he was doing. But would that be enough? Would that keep him safe? How would he even know?

Very slowly an idea began to form. Granger could be his spy! Oh this was brilliant! Why hadn’t he thought of this sooner? He felt like such an idiot. It was a standard Death Eater move, after all – he could put her under the Imperius Curse, just like he had with Madam Rosmerta, and Granger could tell him what Potter was up to! No, wait... He had an even better idea! He could order her to do everything she could to thwart Potter’s efforts – whatever he said she would argue for the opposite, and whatever he did she would refuse to help.

She might even be able to persuade Weasley to do the same, since the love-sick ginger fool clearly had the hots for her. The Golden Trio would be no more! Potter would be entirely alone! Meanwhile Draco could get on with fixing the Vanishing Cabinet unmolested. Oh, it was genius!

Draco laughed in delight, but then quickly silenced himself. He didn’t want Granger to wake up.

No wait, that’s not how the stunning spell worked – she’d be out for at least half an hour no matter how much noise he made, unless someone rennervated her. Draco forced himself to relax. He had plenty of time to think things through.

Looking down at Granger he realised she had become very pretty. When had that happened? Admittedly (though he’d never say this to anyone else) she’d looked fabulous at the Yule Ball in fourth year, but everyone was looking their best that night. Today was just a normal school day and she was wearing a regular girl’s school uniform, and yet she looked... rather sexy actually. Draco could also see two discernible lumps in the sweater over her chest. Granger had breasts! At some point she’d blossomed from a pretty teenage girl into a truly beautiful young woman.

Draco’s heart started beating faster again. What would those breasts feel like, he wondered? He’d felt Pansy Parkinson’s breasts, obviously, but somehow the idea of feeling Granger’s while she lay powerless on the floor turned him on far more. Something began to stir in his trousers.

The beautiful girl was unconscious, so she would never know... Draco suddenly found himself crouching beside her. His hand reached out and cupped her breast, squeezing it gently through her sweater. It was smaller and firmer than Pansy’s, but felt divine. Draco watched Granger’s face. She didn’t stir at all. He grabbed the other boob and squeezed that one. Granger was completely oblivious.

A thrill went up his spine. He was feeling Granger’s tits! He laughed out loud again. What an unexpected turn of events! Today had been shaping up to be a rather crappy day, but now... Draco’s frustration had been replaced with elation. He’d done what he could with the Cabinet, and now he deserved a reward for all his hard work. Granger would be that reward.

Placing his wand on the floor, Draco grabbed both of Granger’s tits at the same time and squeezed both in his fingers. It was incredible! But it wasn’t enough. He wanted more – he wanted to actually touch her bare breasts.

He lay down next to her and slipped an arm under her neck. Granger’s head flopped away from him.

He lowered his lips to her ear, “This is for all the times you’ve got better grades than me,” he whispered.

With a tug, Draco un-tucked her shirt from her skirt, revealing Granger’s pale stomach.  Then he thrust his hand up her shirt and grabbed her bra-covered breast. It felt warm and amazingly squishy. Pansy, who was blessed with much larger tits, had wires in her bra for extra support. Granger’s bra was surprisingly lacy, and didn’t seem to have wires, so it was a simple matter for Draco to run his fingers up her cleavage and beneath her bra. He then pushed his hand across to grasp her bare breast in his fingers.

Draco had never felt anything so glorious in his entire life. Her boob fit in his hand perfectly, with the smooth flesh of her breast caressing his fingertips and the impossibly soft skin of her nipple tickling his palm. Draco’s cock began to harden.

A broad grin split his face. He was feeling Granger up! He had his hand on Granger’s bare tit!

He slid his hand across to the other boob. He was feeling her breasts and there was nothing she could do about it!

He began circling his palms over her silky mammaries, revelling in the wonderful feel of her delicate areolas and spongy nipples.

Granger’s cheek was inches from Draco’s lips. Lifting the arm he’d positioned under her neck, he pulled her face towards him. Granger really was very pleasing on the eye. She looked almost angelic, asleep in his arms.

Draco kissed her full on the lips.

The unconscious girl didn’t respond in the slightest, but it still felt wonderful. Not that Draco would ever want to kiss her when she was awake, but stealing a kiss while she was alseep? That was rather special, and doing it while fondling her tits was even more satisfying.

Draco’s cock was now rock hard and trapped inside his trousers at an uncomfortable angle. He had to remove his hand from Granger’s wonderfully soft titties to adjust himself. That drew his attention down to Granger’s waist. She was wearing a regulation knee-length school skirt, of course. (In fact everything about Granger was regulation... except perhaps that bra, which felt distinctly sexier than McGonagall would approve of.) Draco would come back to that in a moment. Right now, he was consumed with the desire to see what was concealed underneath that frumpy skirt.

Draco extracted his arm from under the Gryffindor girl’s neck and kneeled next to her waist. His heart was pounding wildly in his chest as he grabbed the bottom of her skirt and lifted it up as high as it would go. He let it drop across her stomach and stared in greedy wonder at what he’d revealed. His breath caught in his throat as he admired the sexy glory of her lacy pink knickers, framed by the pale white skin of her thighs, hips and stomach.

He’d never been so turned-on in his whole life – not even when he shagged Pansy in a broom cupboard. Pansy insisted on it being almost completely dark, so he never really got to see anything. It was like shagging someone blind. Honestly, where was the sense in that? She was happy for him to ejaculate into her pussy, but not look at it? Bonkers!

But he could see Granger’s body very clearly, and her divine curves bewitched him, especially since they were enhanced by such enticing panties. Draco ran his hand up one of her inside thighs. The skin was soft and smooth. As he approached the area between her legs it became distinctly warmer. He ran the backs of his fingers up the lacy material covering her pussy. It was hot to the touch and depressed at the slightest pressure. No wonder Granger had such a well-defined camel toe.

Pansy’s pussy area was much the same of course, except that by the time he got his hands on it, she was usually quite wet. Granger’s knickers were bone dry. Was it possible to turn a girl on while she was unconscious, he wondered? It seemed highly unlikely, which was a shame – he’d have loved to have done that, just for the fun of it.

Of course now that he’d seen Granger’s sexy knickers, and tantalising hints at what lay beneath them, there was no question about what he would do next. Draco’s fingers continued up Granger’s mound to her waistband and he immediately slid his hand down into her panties.

Straight away he encountered a triangle of short furry pubic hair. Granger hadn’t shaved herself like Pansy did. Draco wasn’t sure which he preferred – both had their merits. His hand pushed lower, luxuriating in the feel of her hairy mound under his fingertips, and then dipped down between her legs.

Granger’s pussy felt quite different to Pansy’s. The whole area was deliciously warm and wonderfully furry, but where Pansy had quite large inner labia, Granger’s felt relatively small. The hood of her clitoris was quite pronounced though, suggesting that it might be relatively easy to stimulate her clit and make her orgasm.

The peculiarity of that thought brought the situation into marvellous focus – he had his hand inside Granger’s knickers! He was feeling her pussy! She would scream the school down if she knew! But she lay in blissful slumber, completely unaware of what was happening to her. Draco could simply replace her clothes when he was done and she’d be none the wiser.

Or would she? He’d dislodged her bra, for example. Would she know he’d done that? Pansy was always very particular about the position of her bra. If it was out of place by even a millimetre she could tell. So even if Draco obliviated Granger she might realise that someone had molested her. The last thing he needed was Granger figuring out what had happened – she’d go straight to McGonagall, or maybe even Dumbledore, and they might trace it back to Draco. If so, he’d be expelled at the very least, and possibly thrown into Azkaban. The Dark Lord would be furious. Draco doubted that anyone in his family would survive if that happened.

Abruptly Draco realised he was being stupid. He wasn’t just planning to obliviate Granger. He was going to imperius her too. He could simply order her to ignore any clues about what he’d done. With a heavy sigh of relief, Draco resumed his fondling of Granger’s muff.

It really did feel rather wonderful. But what did it look like though, he wondered?

Naturally, having had that thought, he had to know. He extracted his hand from her panties and hooked his fingers inside the waistband at each hip. With a firm tug, he slid her knickers down under her bum, and then pulled them all the way down to her ankles.

Draco lifted her knees, pulled them apart, and knelt between them, perching on top of her panty-covered feet.

Granger’s pussy was revealed in all its spectacular feminine glory. Draco was elated. He was looking at Granger’s bare pussy! Despite his failure with the Cabinet, he felt a sense of tremendous triumph. After all his years of being bested by Granger and Potter, he was finally getting his own back!

He ran his eyes over every millimetre of her beautiful muff, savouring the tiniest details and committing it all to memory.

As he’d suspected, her inner labia were small and delicate. But her outer labia were quite large and puffy, while her clitoris and hood were also quite pronounced. He was surprised to see that the skin around Granger’s pussy was the only part of her body that wasn’t creamy-white. It was a sort of beige colour. Was Pansy like that too, he wondered? It was impossible to tell in a dark broom cupboard.

Draco ran his hands from Granger’s knees down her silky-soft inner thighs toward her pussy. She had a beauty spot on her left inner thigh, he noticed, a few inches from her vagina. Then he ran his thumbs up her outer labia, while his fingers caressed her mound. The sensations her chuff aroused in him were indescribable. He felt like he could happily do this forever.

On a whim he gripped her inner labia between his thumbs and forefingers and pulled them apart. The pink central valley of her pussy was revealed. At its base, the entrance to her vagina was pinched closed. Draco put his finger to it. When he did that with Pansy, his finger would slide inside easily, but right now it simply stayed pressed against Granger’s unyielding entrance. She was too dry for anything to enter.

Draco knew straight away that he was going to have to fuck her. This opportunity was simply too good to miss – the chance to screw Granger without her (or anyone else) ever knowing? That was simply irresistible. But how? Granger’s vagina was bone dry. Even if he forced his cock into her, it would be pretty uncomfortable shagging a dry pussy.

Draco had learned that lesson the hard way, when he’d attempted to enter Pansy before she was ready. It had not been a pleasant experience for either of them. Pansy had suggested that she acquire some sexual lubricant, so if they were pressed for time they could still get the job done.

“Damn it!” Draco swore in frustration. “I need that sex lubricant now!”

To Draco’s utter astonishment, a small bottle of colourless liquid appeared on the floor beside him.

What the hell?

He glanced left and right. There was nobody around.

“I need a quill,” he said out loud. A quill appeared in mid air and floated slowly to the ground.

Draco looked at it for several long moments, and then burst out laughing.

The Room of Hidden Things was charmed to provide whatever you asked for! Oh this was just too perfect! The school itself was providing the means for him to shag Granger while she was lying helpless and unconscious.

Well, if the school approved, who was Draco to refuse?

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