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Draco Malfoy and the Room of Hidden Things

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Draco lost count of the number of times he screwed Granger – having the most beautiful girl in school effectively ‘on call’ for sex at any time of the day or night was just impossible to resist. And the more he shagged her, the more he hungered for her. Granger’s body called to him constantly.

Potter and Weasley really were morons. What were they thinking leaving their friend alone so often? If they were a little more studious, or a little less reckless, Granger would have been safe. As would Weasley’s sister, Ginny, who Draco had also captured and fucked, just for the fun of it. Surprisingly, given her reputation for dating half the boys in Gryffindor, she’d actually been a virgin too, and she had a particularly tight arse. Draco enjoyed shagging her enormously. He could hardly believe it when Potter started dating her. In the afternoons the two of them would walk around the grounds holding hands, kissing, and being all lovey-dovey... and in the evenings Draco would fuck the girl’s brains out. It was hilarious.

Sadly Draco’s fun came to an end in June, when he finally managed to repair the Vanishing Cabinet and smuggled seven Death Eaters into the school. Snape had fulfilled his Oath and killed Dumbledore when Draco balked, and they’d all fled.

Draco had had a good run though – almost ten solid months of fun with Granger and Ginny Weasley. It was the only thing that kept him sane really. Working alone in the Room of Hidden Things for an entire academic year had almost driven him mad.

Of course only Draco would ever know the role that Granger had played. Not just as his play-thing (though that was a wonderful fringe benefit). No, she had spent the entire time (when she wasn’t in the Room of Requirement having an unwilling orgasm) under Draco’s imperius, and had done a wonderful job of thwarting Potter’s efforts to figure out what Draco was up to.

Really, Draco’s plan couldn’t have succeeded without Granger. Her inability to throw off the imperius meant that not only did she get thoroughly defiled, but she’d also helped him figure out how to fix the damned Cabinet. Draco never could have done it without her.

All in all, he reflected, it had been a year of wild ups and downs. (No pun intended.) There had been times when he’d wept in frustration and despair. But then he’d just use his coin to call Granger or Ginny Weasley (and on occasion both) to come and cheer him up.

His two little fuck toys had soon distracted him from his problems.

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