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Royally F*cked

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Emma wasn’t sure how she wound up in the predicament she’d found herself in, yet, here she was. One minute, she was disobeying her parents and venturing towards the dungeon. (They’d captured a pirate. She’d never seen one before and was curious.) The next, she was on a ship, headed toward realms unknown. 

At least, she assumed she was on a ship. She’d been bound, blindfolded, and shoved into a room. The ground was unsteady, rocking with what could only be described as waves. So yes, she had to be on a ship. 

A particularly violent jolt sent her careening towards the floor. There was shouting above deck, and the ship creaked and groaned as though it might fall apart under the assault.

So this was how she was going to die.

Better to die than to be… what was it those men said? A present for their captain? She didn’t even want to think of the horrors that might entail.

After what felt like an eternity, the ground steadied again, and the death she’d expected never came. The shouting from above stopped, and an eerie silence fell over the cabin. That was when she heard it.


She choked back a sob. Whatever this monster wanted, she wouldn’t give it to him. She’d fight until her last breath.

He wouldn’t see her cry.

The door opened, and there was a brief pause before the man groaned. “Bloody hell.” The owner of said voice didn’t sound at all happy to find a woman on the floor of the cabin. Her fear turned into hurt.

She wasn’t good enough for him? Wait… why did she care what he thought?

The man was oblivious to her internal struggle as he crossed the room and knelt beside her. “Are you alright, lass?” She attempted to recoil from his touch when he wrapped his hand around her wrist. “Relax,” he said, his tone calm and soothing when it shouldn’t have been. “I’m not going to harm you.”

She almost believed that.

Still, she allowed him to help her up off the floor and onto what felt like a bed. “Are you hurt?” he asked as he undid the blindfold. 

Emma blinked as her eyes adjusted to the dim light of the cabin. She let out a gasp when she saw him. It was the pirate she’d spied in the dungeon. His piercing blue eyes held her gaze as he waited for an answer. “I…”

“Did they hurt you?” he asked, anger lacing through his words. “I’ll gut them-”

“I’m fine,” she said quickly. It didn’t matter that she’d been taken against her will, or that the men had made lewd comments along the way. They hadn’t hurt her, and she wasn’t about to have blood on her hands. 

“All right,” he nodded, moving to untie the binding at her ankles.

“If you untie me, I’ll fight,” she warned. 

“And where will you go, darling?” he asked. “You’re on a ship in the middle of the ocean. You’ve got two choices. You can stay here, safe, with me, or you can take your chances swimming to shore. I’d imagine you’ll drown before you get very far.”

“I’m not safe with you,” she muttered.

“You’re far safer here than out among my crew,” he argued. When she refused to give him an answer, he sighed. “I don’t know what possessed them to kidnap you, luv. They don’t always think before they do things. This isn’t something I asked for, and I’m not going to hurt you.”

“If you didn’t ask for it, then just take me back.”

He laughed at that, and if she weren’t tied up, she’d have kicked him. Her anger only seemed to amuse him more. “Princess, taking you back would be a death sentence for me. Your parents would forgo the dungeon and have me executed on the spot.”

He knew who she was.

“Killian Jones,” he said by way of introduction. “Captain of this ship.”

“And you already know my name, I’m guessing?” she asked. If he didn’t, she certainly wasn’t going to give it to him.

“Princess Emma of Misthaven,” he stated, then continued without missing a beat. “Now listen, Princess, I’m going to untie you. You can fight me if you wish, or, you can be a good girl and stay here. You’ll be safe in my quarters, and when we reach port, we can part ways.”

“If you’re just going to let me go, then why can’t you take me back?”

“There was only one bean,” he admitted. “And I’ve no desire to search for another. If you want so desperately to go home, you’re more than welcome to continue that search on your own. Now, I’m going to untie you… will you behave?”

Emma nodded, knowing she truly had no choice. He could do whatever he wanted to her, and no amount of fighting would free her from her prison. 

But there was a part of her that couldn’t help but believe him. He sounded sincere in his promise not to harm her, in his promise to let her go the moment he got the chance.

She was certain she could endure being his prisoner for the time being if it meant freedom in the end. 

Freedom was a much nicer alternative to death.

“There we are,” he stated proudly once the last of her bindings had been undone. “Now, why don’t you make yourself comfortable, and I’ll get you something to eat?”

“Bloody hell,” Killian muttered upon his return. Emma was fast asleep on his bed. Her dress and all its accessories had been discarded haphazardly on the floor, and she was wearing nothing but one of his shirts. She lay on top of the sheets, her long legs exposed, disappearing only where his shirt barely covered her arse.

He desperately tried to will away the erection he didn’t need. It was bad enough his men had captured a princess. The last thing he needed was to seal his fate by having her. 

“Mmmm…” Emma let out a soft little moan as she stretched and woke. “I didn’t mean to fall asleep,” she said.

“I, uh…” he groaned as the stirring below the waist only got stronger. “I brought you some food.” What was his problem? She was the blushing virgin, not him. So why did it feel like she was slowly trying to torture him to death?

“Thanks,” Emma said as she sat up. “I haven’t eaten all day. What do we have?”

“Just some stew,” he stated, curiously watching as she got out of bed and made her way over to the desk. When she sat and looked at him expectantly, he realized he was still holding the bowl. 

“I’ve been thinking,” she said after he’d sat down. He watched as she stirred the stew around. It looked as though she was debating whether or not to finish her statement. He didn’t try to encourage her, or even interrupt. Instead, he waited for her to make up her mind on her own.

“My parents are reasonable people,” she finally said after taking a few bites. “If you wanted to help me get back to my own realm, I could see that you were rewarded instead of executed.”

He held back a chuckle when she batted her eyelashes. Was she trying to flirt with him? “And what would that reward be?” he asked, expecting her to promise riches beyond his wildest dreams. 

“Whatever you want, Captain.”

Her soft voice and sinful little smile might have worked had she not kicked his shin only seconds after she made her promise.

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed. “I didn’t mean to do that! Are you okay?” She jumped up and rushed over to his aid. 

“I’m fine, lass,” he said through gritted teeth. She might not have meant to hurt him, but she could deliver quite the kick. “Truly, luv. Just… finish your dinner. I’ll be alright.”

“I’ve never done that before,” she sighed when she sat back down. 

“Kicked someone?” 

“Seduce someone,” she mumbled. “I was hoping I could convince you to change your mind about taking me home.”

“You were doing just fine,” he said. “Right up until the part where you kicked me.”

“I wasn’t trying to kick you,” she mumbled. Her cheeks had turned bright red, and she stared at her food, refusing to look up at him. “Just forget it.”

Her determination was both admirable and adorable. He didn’t want to upset her further by patronizing her though. “Why don’t you just finish your meal?” he suggested. “Then we can get some rest. We’ll discuss this further in the morning, aye?”

He had no intention of returning to Misthaven, but he wasn’t about to let her know that. He needed her to be agreeable, or they’d never make it to port. Killian truly meant it when he said he’d let her go, but upsetting her would only have her jumping into an endless ocean in an attempt to escape.

Or worse, injuring him further with more attempts at seduction.

Emma was grateful that Killian left the cabin while she ate. After her epic failure in the art of seduction, she half expected him to make her life miserable. Instead, he left her alone. It wasn’t until his soft snores woke her from sleep that she realized he’d come back at all. 

She assumed it was late at night, but the moonlight shone into the cabin, a dim, shimmery light that fell on the man sleeping next to her. A sheet was draped over him, but  his bare chest was exposed from the torso up. 

She knew she should wake him up, scold him for being so bold, but then, she looked about the room. There was nowhere else for him to sleep. This was his cabin, his bed, and she’d just taken it like it was community property. 

He kept his distance even in the small space. Even in sleep. Killian Jones was far different from any pirate she’d ever heard of. Weren’t they supposed to pillage and plunder towns and women with reckless abandon?

He’d been nothing but a gentleman since the moment he’d found her aboard his ship.

Killian let out a grunt and turned in his sleep. The sheet slid down around his hips, further exposing his upper body to her view. 

An unrecognizable feeling coiled in her belly as she wondered what it would feel like to touch him. To feel the coarse hair that covered his chest. Or maybe it was soft. As much as she wanted to find out, she knew waking him probably wasn’t in her best interest. Her gaze followed the path her fingers itched to take to the trail that led down his belly and disappeared underneath the sheet.

She’d heard stories about men, but only in passing. It wasn’t something anyone ever wanted to discuss with the Princess. Most of what she’d learned was through idle gossip and eavesdropping. She never expected a half naked man to look so…

Well… she didn’t have a word for it.

Emma glanced up, making sure Killian was still asleep. Once she was sure he wasn’t going to wake up, she looked down again and wondered.

Was he naked under the covers?

It was wrong, but she couldn’t contain herself. Carefully, she pinched the edge of the sheet and pulled it back.

He was naked.

She frowned as she thought back to what she’d heard Ruby say. What she saw was not what could be described as an eggplant by any stretch of the imagination.

Had Ruby made it all up? A tall tale to get the maids giggling? 


Did it just twitch?

“See something you like, Princess?”

Emma gasped and dropped the sheet. “I’m sorry,” she stammered. “I just… I mean… I didn’t…” She sat up and tried to put some distance between them. 

He chuckled, dark and low, and dammit, there was that heat in her belly again. “I wasn’t trying to invade your privacy,” she said weakly. 

Killian pulled the sheet back and smirked. “You can look all you want, luv.”

“I…” She didn’t know what to say. Hadn’t she just been fantasizing about seeing him? Now he was right there, willingly on display, and she didn’t know what the hell to do. 

“Did you want to touch?” he asked, sitting up and shifting in front of her. Emma nodded as he took her hand and placed it on his chest. His skin was warm, and the hair both soft and coarse all at the same time. She could feel him watching her as her fingers explored. 

She ventured lower, reveling in the way his muscles felt, flexing under her touch as she followed the trail of hair down his torso. God, he was beautiful. 

She stopped at the dark curls below his waist, unsure if she should go any further. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to, but Killian seemed to be struggling. His breath was coming out in short pants, and he made an occasional sound that she didn’t know what to make of. 

Was she hurting him?

“It’s okay,” he whispered. Emma let him guide her hand to his cock, which was now looking much more like the eggplant Ruby described. “Mmm…” he groaned when she curled her hand around him. “Just like that, luv.”

He cupped her cheek and his eyes met hers. She could see the lust in his gaze, the question when he looked down at her lips and then back into her eyes. Needing. Wanting. 


Unable to find the one word he needed to hear, Emma nodded, gasping when he surged forward and captured her lips with his. 

When he licked across the seam of her lips, she opened, capturing every sigh and moan that rumbled from him.

His tongue explored her mouth as she continued to explore his body. 

His cock felt impossibly hard in her hand, yet velvety smooth as she stroked him. She wondered for a moment what it would feel like inside her. Would it hurt? Or would she enjoy it just as much as Killian was enjoying what she was doing to him? 

Was there more to sex than a duty to ones husband?

She nearly whined when he stopped kissing her, then shuddered when he nipped at her earlobe. 

How did something so simple feel so good?

“So close, sweetheart,” he groaned in her ear. “Please luv, let me make you feel good too.”

Emma flushed. “I can’t…” she said. “I-“

“I won’t ruin you, Emma.” He stilled her hand and kissed her cheek. “I promise, luv. Or… we can stop right now. Before this goes any further.”

She didn’t want to stop. She wanted to know what he felt like. Wanted to know if he could ease the new ache between her thighs. “I don’t want to stop,” she said. 

He lifted her -his- shirt over her head, and cupped a breast in each hand, thumbing over her nipples until they hardened into rosy peaks. 

Emma bit her lip and fought back a moan. 

“Has no one ever touched you here?” he asked. When Emma shook her head, he smiled. “Don’t hold back, darling.”

“God…” she gasped when he sucked a nipple into his mouth. She cried out when he scraped the little bud with his teeth, then moaned when he soothed the sting with his tongue. 

Her skin was on fire. She wanted - needed- more, but didn’t know how to ask. Or even if she should. 

“Killian!” She called out when he slid his hand into her panties. “You promised!”

“I’m just touching,” he assured her. “Would you like me to stop?” His thumb rubbed at her, sending a jolt of pleasure through her body. “You’re so wet, darling,” he whispered. 

“Feels good,” she sighed. “Please don’t stop.”

All too quickly, his hand was gone. Emma grumbled when he snickered at her disappointment. “Just a moment, luv. We’ll get there. But first, take these off.” He tugged at her panties, then moved to sit up against the wall. As she slipped her underwear off, she found herself staring at his erection as it bobbed against his stomach. He took his cock in his hand and gave it a few pumps. Emma’s mouth watered as she watched him, the heat pooling inside her undeniable now. 

She wanted him to kiss her, touch her. Anything. Anywhere. 


“Come here, Emma,” he held his free hand out to her and pulled her closer. The hand that held his cock was now between her legs, slipping through her slick folds and gathering the wetness. She whimpered when he pulled his hand away and took his cock again. 

“Oh…” Emma gasped at his cock now glistening with her arousal. “That’s…” she didn’t know why he did it, or what to say, but-

Killian tugged her again, and set her on his lap, his cock nestling in the crease of her ass. It felt good there, hard, hot, and slick as he rolled his hips against her. “Lay back, sweetheart,” he instructed. 

She did as she was told, and let out a satisfied moan when his fingers started rubbing her again. 

“So beautiful,” he mused when she shifted against him. She could feel his hardness sliding against her ass. “Can you come for me, luv?”

“Mmm… yes…” though she wasn’t really sure what she was promising. “More, Killian, please!”

“Are you-“

“Yes!” She shouted, groaning when she felt his fingers probing at her entrance. She reached back and gripped at his hair as he slid two fingers into her. 

“Oh-“ she sighed when he began to pump into her. “Feels… oh please…” she rolled her hips against him, welcoming the intrusion. It felt like nothing she’d ever experienced before. 

“That’s it,” he rasped in her ear. “Ride my fingers.”

The ache she felt was replaced by a bone deep pleasure as he continued to thrust into her. It was too much and not enough all at once. He continued to pant in her ear, muttering absolute filth about how she looked and felt writhing in his arms. 

“Come for me, Emma,” he commanded. “You’re holding back. Let go.” 

A wave of pleasure crashed over her at his command. She let out little whimpers as he brought her down from her high, and nearly sobbed when he slipped his fingers out of her. 

“You’re still hard,” she gasped as she continued to grind against him.

“Oh, I know luv,” he said. “I’m close though. Just keep doing what you’re doing.” His hands settled on her hips as she moved against him. “Just like that,” he gasped. “Bloody hell-“

She felt something hot and sticky on her back as Killian groaned. “So bloody beautiful,” he murmured.

They sat there for a few minutes, his cock once again soft and spent. Finally, Emma found the strength to move. 

“Just a moment, luv,” Killian said. “Let’s get you cleaned up, aye?”

She nodded and laid down on her stomach per his instructions. She was exhausted, and was nearly asleep when she felt a warm cloth running along her back. 

“There now,” he said once he was satisfied with his work. “All better.” She felt the sheet drape over her, and then the bed dipped when he joined her under the covers. 

A slight chill came over her when the cool air hit her skin. Almost instinctively,  she cuddled up next to his still warm body. His body stiffened for a second, then relaxed as he draped an arm around her. 

Emma wasn’t sure she wanted to find her own way once they made land.