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If Wishes Came True (It Would've Been You)

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February 16th, 2018



Regina looked up when she saw something enter her eye line, spotting a single white gardenia, and feeling the warmth of Emma’s breath against her back.


“Happy friendiversary.”

Regina slowly reached out and took the flower from Emma’s hand, smiling down at it before she turned in her seat at the table in her trailer and slowly looked up at her, “thank you…”

Emma smiled shyly, and made Regina chuckle, pecking Emma quickly on the lips in greeting and thanks before she faced forward again, looking down at the flower while Emma’s arms wrapped around her shoulders and hugged her close, a kiss pressed against her temple.

“Good morning, by the way.”

“Morning,” Regina said, leaning against Emma’s bicep, a content sigh leaving her mouth. “I didn’t realize this was our friendiversary though.”

“It is, first night in Vancouver, bonded over Jefferson being gross and Mary Margaret being weirdly hype… the rest is history.”

“Well then, dear, happy friendiversary.”

Emma pressed a kiss to the top of her head again before resting her chin against it, a long sigh leaving them both as they relaxed in the moment, Regina twirling the white gardenia in between her fingers.

“You know…” Regina started, smiling to herself as she continued, “gardenias mean sweetness, purity, and that they indicate a secret love?”

Emma hummed, head tilting as she reached out for the flower over Regina’s hand so they were both holding it. “It also means ‘you are lovely.’”

Regina’s smile spread slowly across her face and she tipped her head back, Emma moving away with the motion so she was hovering over her, smile on her face and Regina reached up, brushing her fingers along Emma’s cheek and her smile only grew as Emma leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to her lips.

“You are lovely.” Emma said against her lips and Regina’s heart soared, her hand moving to Emma’s hand on her shoulders and giving it a gentle tug, prompting Emma to move around so she was standing next to her and Regina grabbed onto Emma’s blazer and tugged her into a deep kiss that Emma smiled into. “Makeup.”

Regina groaned against her lips at that and pulled away, brushing her thumb over Emma’s lip as she got lost in thought and when she came back to the present Emma was giving her that stupid look again.


“Come, sit,” Emma said with a tug at her hand and she eyed it skeptically, “we can run lines or cuddle until they call us to set.”

Regina sighed, grabbing onto her script on the table as she let Emma tug her to her feet and then right into her lap, hugging her around the waist while Regina opened the pages up to the scene they needed, her lips brushing sensually against her neck.



Emma spotted Regina pretty quickly, like usual she was sitting on top of her desk scrolling absently through her phone as she waited for the crew to finish setting up. She headed straight for her, not bothering with acting like she was there for anyone else.

“Hey, whatcha lookin’ at?”

Regina looked up, a grin on her face as she looked over Emma in Blackwell’s tactical gear. “Twitter. Aren’t you supposed to be somewhere else?”

“Finished already, thought I’d come say hi before Ashley starts torturing me.”

Regina hummed again, watching her closely as Emma approached her, openly looking over her phone and Regina shook her head. “No porn this time, dear.”

“Well that’s no fun.” Emma pouted, pulling Regina’s phone from her hands as she came to a stop between Regina’s spread legs, Regina’s hands on her own legs a ruse so she could subtly brush her thumbs against Emma’s thighs. “Sneaky.”

“Thought you liked that about me?” Regina asked with a pout and Emma chuckled, scrolling through the account and noticing something very obvious.

“This is not your account.”

“It is.”

Emma looked up at her, meeting innocent big brown eyes and it took everything in her not to kiss her right then and there. “It might be yours but it’s not yours.”

Regina straightened trying to look at the phone screen like she didn’t know what Emma was talking about. “Well look at that, it appears it is not.”

Emma shook her head at her, clicking into the profile and laughing to herself and all the followers this account seemed to have, scrolling further it didn’t take her long to realize that 1: she knew this account and 2: Regina was posting her art to it.

“Oh my god, you’re…” Emma stopped and shook her head again. “I know you.”

“Indeed you do, very well too.”

Emma rolled her eyes, a chuckle rumbling out of Regina as she moved her hands behind her on the back of the desk and leant back.

“I mean the account, you’re like fandom-famous, how did I not know this was you? Jesus, I’m an idiot. I like your art all the time too.”


Emma levelled her with a glare and Regina chuckled, their eyes locking and silently communicating everything they would like to say, to do. After a few moments Emma dipped her head, her cheeks turning pink as Regina kept giving her that look.

“You know, your tactical gear is really underutilized.”

“Is it? Maybe you should file a complaint.”

“I might have to, it’s a real disservice to the fans that they don’t get to see you in this more often.”

“Agreed. They should get you tactical gear too, maybe a thigh holster for your super badass taser.”

Regina’s lips curled with a grin, “you think the fans would like that?”

“Most definitely.”

“I’ll have to put a word in with Mary Margaret then.”

“Mmm, you should, and maybe tell her the fans would also like more sparring scenes.”

Regina’s smile widened and she looked up at Emma with those big innocent eyes of hers as she said in a voice that was totally not innocent at all, “you know, if you wanted to spar you just had to ask, Miss Swan.”

Emma shook her head, her lips pursing to hide her smile as she watched Regina’s grow in size. “Maybe I’ll take you up on that later.”

“Be sure to.” Regina husked, eyes looking past Emma and she wiggled her fingers in a wave. “Looks like it’s time for someone else to torture you, dear.”

Emma groaned, knowing Ashley was behind her, probably looking incredibly annoyed with her. “I’m not done with this conversation, Mills.”

“Didn’t think you were.”

Emma shook her head at that devious smirk and stepped back, handing Regina’s phone back to her before turning around and going on her way to get her hair pulled out by Ashley.



Regina woke up around midafternoon to find a text from Emma on her phone, a smile spreading across her face as she read over the short and very direct message.

‘You, me, date today, your place. Ordering pizza. DON’T COOK.’

“When tonight?” Regina texted back and sat up, turning off do-not-disturb and putting her ringer back on before she stretched her arms over her head, about to slip out of bed when she got a response.

‘Now, have you been sleeping all day?’

Regina frowned and looked at her phone, letting out a groan as she saw it was almost 4 pm. “No.”

Emma sent a few emojis in response, making Regina pout. She let out a small huff as she got up, telling Emma to let herself in while she went to shower and change before Emma arrived.



Emma slipped the beers in the fridge as soon as she arrived at Regina’s house, she looked around the downstairs before concluding Regina must still be getting ready, so she wandered up the stairs, humming absently to herself as she went.

She knocked quickly on Regina’s bedroom door, and after a few seconds of no answer she pressed her ear to it, trying to see if she could hear snores or maybe the shower running but when neither met her ears, her lips pulled into a worried frown and she twisted the handle to crack the door open a little.

“Regina? It’s me, Emma, I’m here.”

She heard a chuckle and pushed open the door more to see Regina standing in the open doors of her closet, her eyes shining with mirth. “Emma? Gosh, I was so scared for a second, totally didn’t recognize my own girlfriend’s voice or her knock, or that dumb song she loves to whistle when she’s happy.”

“You have not had coffee yet, I can sense it.”

Regina chuckled, running her fingers through her still damp hair as she approached Emma, tight black dress hugging her body. “Mind doing me up?”

“Uh, no, sure thing.” Emma smiled, stepping into the room as Regina turned her back to face her, pulling her hair up and away from her neck and Emma smiled. “You look lovely, by the way.”

Regina hummed. “So do you. Those jeans look like they’d be hard to breathe in.”

Emma chuckled, her hands moving up Regina’s sides and toward her zipper sitting snuggly at her lower back, low enough for Emma to see her back dimples still. She absently ran her thumb about an inch up above the zipper and noticed the goosebumps that quickly rose on her skin, which made her wonder if it was just her touch or if her back was extra sensitive, maybe both?

“I can feel you thinking.”

“I’m just wondering what would happen if I kissed your back .”

Regina let out what should have been a hum but it came out more like a moan and Emma smiled to herself before she slowly pulled the zipper all the way up, much to Regina’s disappointment.

Regina’s hair fell from her hands, tumbling to the base of her neck, and Emma loved how long it was getting, she kept getting it trimmed to stay about this length but still, she absolutely adored it.

Regina slowly turned around, her eyes skimming over Emma before she took a half step forward so their bodies were pressed together, Regina moving her hands to dangle around her neck as she leaned in to capture Emma’s lips in greeting and she readily returned it and then some.

Emma pulled away from the deep and enticing kiss to trail her lips over Regina’s jaw and down her neck, humming against her skin as Regina’s head lolled to the side to give Emma better access, her fingers gripping onto the loops of Emma’s jeans to hold her close against her as Emma nipped and sucked along her neck, being extra careful to not leave any marks.

“So I was thinking,” Emma said against her neck and Regina chuckled, her hands skimming up Emma’s body to tangle in her hair and pull her closer to her neck. “We could watch a movie;” she scraped her teeth along her neck, nipping at one of her tendons and getting a rumbling moan in response; “cuddle maybe,” Regina hummed, grip tightening in her hair as Emma’s hands squeezed full hips, tugging her even closer to her body; “maybe kiss a little, perhaps I’ll even get to second base…”

Regina let out a throaty chuckle, a moan cutting her off for a second as Emma sucked on that spot behind her ear.

“You could get to second base right now if you’d like.” Regina panted and Emma pulled back, loving the little whine she got in complaint, and the dark, threatening eyes daring her to make her move.

“Nah, rather watch Miss Congeniality first.”

Regina gave Emma a playful shove and Emma tugged her by her hips into her. Wrapping her arms fully around her waist, she picked her up, getting a shocked squeal that was cut off quickly with laughter. Regina wrapped her arms tightly around Emma and stumbled back when Emma put her down, pulling Emma forward and Emma joined in the laughter.

“Now, c’mon, I have the sequel too and a few more of Sandra’s classics like Practical Magic, and The Heat.”

Regina laughed as Emma enthusiastically tugged her out of the room by her hand, looking like she couldn’t possibly fall even more in love with her. “I see, you have a crush on her.”

“Who doesn’t? Her and Angelina are, phew.”

“Oh and I’m not?” Emma stopped and turned around on the stairs so she had to look up at Regina, her hands moving to her hips and Regina’s eyes softened almost instantly.

“You know nobody could ever compare to you.”

“Smooth,” Regina breathed and Emma shook her head, smiling when Regina tipped her chin up and pressed a kiss to her lips. “You might just make it to second base after all.”


“We’ll see.” Regina smirked and Emma laughed, turning back around to walk down the stairs, Regina’s fingers skimming over her shoulders before she moved next to Emma on the steps, slowly tangling their hands together and when Emma glanced over she saw the most beautiful smile directed at her, shy and teasing and eyes that were filled with so much love Emma had to lean in for a quick kiss, Regina’s smile growing from the gesture and Emma honestly loved this woman so much.



Regina leant over the couch, her arms hanging around Emma’s neck as she pressed a kiss to her cheek, staring at the DVD menu for The Heat.

“You know what we should do next?”

“What?” Emma asked, tipping her head back against Regina’s shoulder.

“I think I would like to cash in one of my coupons.”

“Oh?” Emma asked, and Regina straightened up, unfolding the coupon she’d folded in her palm and held it in front of Emma’s face. “Oh, I definitely think I can do that.”

“Great, because my back is killing me.”

Emma chuckled leaning back and away so she could look Regina in the eyes. “Come, sit down and I’ll get to work.”

“Wonderful,” she sighed and moved around the couch. She stopped in front of Emma, waiting for a clue of where she wanted her and just decided to sit on the floor like she had in Emma’s apartment.

Emma chuckled, planting her legs on either side of Regina as she pressed a kiss to the top of her head and slipped her hands to Regina’s shoulders to start kneading at the tight muscles.

Regina sighed, pressing play on the remote so the movie would play before her head lolled forward and a sigh was pulled from her throat.

Sighs and moans were freely pulled from her, not needing to keep her enjoyment underwraps, Regina let go, and maybe she upped it a bit too, whatever it took to drive Emma crazy.

“I don’t remember you being so vocal the last time.”

“Great self-control.” Regina’s words cut off when Emma pressed deep into a muscle, a gasp falling between her lips that made Emma chuckle.

“I’m very glad you lost it, but I’d be even happier if you turned off the movie, so I can hear you properly, so I know I’m doing a good job, of course.”

Regina let out a throaty chuckle and picked the remote off her lap and turned it off with an easy click. “Better?”

“We’ll see.” Emma teased and Regina smirked, feeling Emma’s fingers dip under her dress and it pulled a small sigh out of her. “How’s your lower back? I can massage that too, if you like?”

“Now that you mention it, it is a little sore.”

“Well, get up here then, I wanna give you your coupon’s worth after all.”

“Of course, let me just turn on a light, so you can see better.”

“That is very considerate of you.”

Regina looked down at her as she stood in front of her, tugging her dress down her thighs, brushing her fingers along Emma’s jaw as she moved to the other archway of the room and flicked on the light.

“Is that better, darling?”

“Much,” Emma grinned as she stood, so Regina could lay on the couch.

“Thank you, Emma.”

Emma smiled at her, a little glimpse of shyness in her eyes but it quickly passed as Regina laid down on the couch, resting her head against her folded arms, her eyes falling closed as she waited for Emma to sit on the couch with her.

She felt the couch dip and smiled as Emma lowered herself down to the back of her thighs, and she ran her hands smoothly up Regina’s back, lost in thought, and Regina let out a small sigh, relaxing into the couch a bit more.

Emma shifted higher and Regina sucked in an unsteady breath as she felt her lower herself onto her ass. “Where is it sore?”

“Everywhere.” Regina gasped and Emma’s hands pressed into her back again, pulling a happy sigh out of her mouth.

She massaged her back slowly and carefully for a good long while, still pulling easy reactions out of Regina; and as she was sure she would survive it, she allowed her to keep her higher ground in this game of teasing she had going on for a while. Eventually Emma pulled the zipper down on her dress and Regina lost all ability to breathe as she felt Emma’s hands against her bare skin.

“Is this okay?”

“Yes,” she breathed, trying to muffle the moan as it was pulled free.

“Are you comfortable?” Emma asked when Regina let out a surprised mewl when she pressed her thumbs into her lower back.

“Little cramped.”

“How can I help with that?” Emma breathed and Regina’s whole body screamed.

“Jesus fuck, Emma.”


Regina chuckled, pained and frustrated as she started to turn. Emma raised herself up to let Regina flip over. “I can’t tell if you’re fucking with me or if you’re really this clueless.”

Emma leaned down, lips brushing against Regina’s ear as she whispered. “Care to take a guess?”

Regina growled, finding Emma’s lips and connecting them in a deep kiss while her hands moved all over Emma’s back, pulling her down closer, scraping dull nails down over her sides, pleased when Emma kissed her back just as hard and desperate.

“I told you I wanted to get to second base tonight,” Emma said as she kissed her way down her neck and Regina’s hands found her hair.

“Make it third and don’t stop.”

Emma chuckled against her neck and latched her lips onto it, pulling a moan deep and desperate from Regina, her hips trying to buck against Emma as she found every single spot that drove Regina wild.

“You’ve been– Jesus, you’ve been studying.”

Emma trailed her tongue up her throat and Regina’s head lolled to the side, giving Emma more room to work.

“Why do you think I wanted to go slow? I wanted to be sure I could turn you into a withering mess of screams by the time I was done with you.”

Regina whimpered, she fucking whimpered, and she would have felt ashamed of it if Emma’s lips hadn’t found that spot again, sending shivers down her spine. Regina gripped onto Emma’s shoulders and pushed up, and Emma moved away instantly, worried she had gone too far, but Regina locked their lips together in a searing kiss as she kept pushing at Emma until Regina was sitting up.

“I think there’s something else I need you to massage, dear.”

Emma pulled away from her, her eyes wide as Regina pulled her dress off her shoulders and watched as Emma licked her lips hungrily at the sight.

“I think since you’re so crowded on the couch, we should move to your bed, for more room.”

Regina grabbed Emma and pulled her against her, hearing the other woman moan into her kiss, and her hands slowly trailing up her sides making her moan this time.

She pulled away, panting as she met Emma’s eyes that looked just as desperate as hers. “Just take me upstairs, Miss Swan.”

Emma moaned and leaped off the couch, grabbing Regina’s hands and tugging her along, looking at the dress pooled around her hips and her black lace bra, she pulled Regina into her for another kiss and Regina instantly arched into her, trying to get as close as possible;  it wasn’t enough.

“Emma, upstairs. Now.”

“One second,” Emma said against her lips, and just as she was about to argue Emma’s lips found her neck again and started moving lower. When she felt fingers slip under the dress at her hips, a shocked gasp left her mouth, then Emma tugged it down and it fell to her feet. “There.”

“There?” Regina squeaked and Emma chuckled, crashing her lips on Regina’s and then she picked her up in one steady move that had Regina gasping and wrapping her arms and legs tightly around Emma. “You better not, drop me!” She finished in a squeal as Emma shifted her higher on her hips and held onto her ass.

“Promise not to.” Emma said, giving Regina’s ass a squeeze before she easily started walking them down the hall toward the stairs.

“Emma…” She warned and then she gasped as her bare back was pressed against the cold wall and she arched up into her.

“You always this bossy in bed?”

Regina chuckled, her head falling with a thud against the wall. “You know I can be worse.”

Emma leaned in, pressing their lips together and Regina’s laughter died in her throat and a moan was pulled free instead.

“Good, I love it when you’re bossy.”

Regina smiled into the kiss, her hips rocking against Emma’s middle and making her moan. “Upstairs, Miss Swan.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Emma said against her lips, giving her one more deep kiss as she let Regina back down to the floor, their lips staying connected as Emma walked backward up the stairs while Regina slipped her hands under Emma’s tank top to find smooth skin, and she kept rucking it up until Emma had to pull away from the kiss so Regina could tug it over her head, tossing it randomly as she kissed her deeply on the staircase.

They fumbled their way up the stairs, Emma almost falling as Regina started tugging at her pants and they stopped for a few moments, their foreheads pressed together as they laughed, Regina’s hands gripping tightly onto Emma’s hips where she caught her and Emma’s tangled in her hair, taking her breath away; and then Emma stepped up the last step, backing her way toward Regina’s open bedroom door and Regina could feel her heart rate increasing with each step she took.

Regina couldn’t believe it was finally happening, after waiting so long, and she was as excited as she was nervous; but she loved Emma, she wanted this, so she pushed forward, Emma stumbling slightly through the open doorway and Regina kicked the door shut behind them with her foot, both of them stopping for a few moments to just look at the other. Emma was more beautiful than she could’ve ever imagined and she couldn’t wait to see all of her, to make love to her, slowly and thoroughly, until the sun came up.

And just as that thought came to her, Emma lunged forward and her back connected with the door, Regina arched into Emma as her hands ran over her sides and her mouth covered her neck, Regina’s eyes rolling back and her head moving to the side as her hands threaded through Emma’s hair and she got completely lost in the sensations.



Emma smiled against Regina’s neck as she felt her eager hands move to tug at her belt loops, pulling Emma closer against her while her leg moved up, wrapping around one of Emma’s thighs to somehow get her closer.

Emma kissed her way up her neck, pausing to nibble on her earlobe and Regina’s hands moved up her back again, heat and goosebumps trailing after them, Regina’s breath unsteady to her ears, and when she let out a moan it set Emma’s veins on fire.


She pulled back, meeting hooded dark eyes and she smiled, her hand moving to Regina’s cheek to lovingly brush her thumb over it. “You’re beautiful.”

Regina chuckled low and deep, her back arching up for a second, her skin turning a dark shade of pink and Emma couldn’t help thinking about how gorgeous she was like this. “As much as I am enjoying this, I’d rather not have our first time up against my bedroom door.”

Emma laughed at that, leaning in and Regina’s lips met hers easily, in a slow and loving kiss. “How about the fourth time?”

“If we can still stand, sure.”

“Deal.” Emma grinned, pecking Regina’s lips before she lifted her up off the ground again, Regina’s laughter music to her ears.

“I’m starting to think you like lifting me up.” Regina said while her hand combed lovingly through Emma’s hair.

“Small things should be carried.”

Regina laughed again, pushing away from Emma slightly to look her in the eyes. “You’re like an inch taller than me.”

“Tiny.” Emma pecked her lips and stopped when they were at the edge of the bed, moving her lips down to Regina’s neck and pulling a moan almost immediately out of her.

“Put me down, Miss Swan.”

Emma smiled against her neck; and peppering kisses over her collarbone, she gripped tightly onto Regina’s thighs as she climbed onto the bed, Regina letting out a gasp as she fell against the mattress, glaring up at Emma.

“Gently, dear.”

Emma chuckled and crawled the rest of the way onto the bed, her eyes roaming over Regina in nothing but black lace, and she licked her lips. “Sorry.”

Regina shook her head, an affectionate smile on her lips as she pushed up onto her elbows, meeting Emma’s lips in a passionate kiss. “Take off those pants and you’re forgiven.”

“Bossy.” Emma said against her lips and pushed back, carefully slipping off the mattress and standing up, her hands moving to pull down her fly but suddenly stopping when she saw Regina’s legs slip into view; she slowly looked up to see Regina staring up at her disapprovingly.

“May I?”

Emma was too stunned to even contemplate arguing, her hands falling to her sides as long fingers pulled down her zipper and then warm hands moved up, slowly brushing over her abs, around her sides and then back again.

Emma’s eyes didn’t leave Regina the whole time, her heart hammering in her chest and nearly squirming from that hungry look alone, but then Regina leaned forward, her red lips brushing against her bare stomach and Emma moaned, hands finding Regina’s hair as she felt her tongue move across her skin. Her fingers lazily running back and forth against Emma’s hips under the hem of her jeans.


Regina ducked down a little more, nipping at the skin just above the hem of her pants and then slowly she felt fingers slip down the back of her jeans pushing them down while also cupping her ass.

“I’ve been dying to do this for so long.” Regina said against her skin and it made butterflies flutter in her belly, her hands moving to run slowly through Regina’s hair before she pulled her face away from her skin, their eyes meeting again, Regina’s head tilted the slightest bit to the side as she studied her and Emma just stared at her back, completely overwhelmed with everything she was feeling. “Are you alright?”

“I love you,” Emma husked, her left hand against Regina’s jaw, her fingers just behind her ear, feeling the hairs at the back of her neck stand up as she watched her closely.

“I love you too.”

Emma didn’t know what she wanted in that moment, all she knew was that she wanted to touch Regina, to lose herself in all of her, to show her just how much she loved her; the feelings clogged in her chest were scary and overwhelming, and she was pretty sure she was about to start crying but then Regina was on her knees, face to face with her and those hands were so soft as they cupped her face and leant in for one of the most loving kisses they’d shared, and Emma knew she was crying now for sure.

“It’s okay, I know,” Regina breathed, her lips brushing against Emma’s cheek and her hands instantly went to hold Regina’s face, holding on to the only thing that has ever felt solid. “Let me show you how you make me feel.”

Emma nodded and Regina pressed a few feather-light kisses against her face and lips and the dimple in her chin, before she sat back on her calves, Emma watching her closely as Regina started pulling her pants down, a kiss fluttering against her hip bone making Emma shutter and her hands move to Regina’s hair, running through it and she was rewarded with the most dazzling smile in return.

“Back on the bed, Emma.”

Emma nodded and climbed onto the bed, following Regina and meeting her in the middle, both of them kneeling in front of the other; then Regina leant in again, their lips brushing together as Regina urged Emma onto her back and straddled her thigh.

“Is this okay?” She asked when she was hovering over her, her hands on either side of Emma’s head to be sure to make eye contact, and Emma smiled, one hand on Regina’s face while the other held onto her hip, her thumb brushing lazily over her skin and everything in her body lit on fire again as she watched Regina’s eyes flutter shut at the contact. She was so beautiful and Emma couldn’t breathe.

“Yes,” Emma finally said, their lips meeting instantly in a soaring kiss in which Emma happily lost herself, her breath rattling out of her chest and her hands moving all over Regina’s back, running desperately over her warm skin, her touch needy as she tried to ground herself in the moment.

Her fingers bumped the band of Regina’s bra and she slipped her thumbs under it to brush against the smooth skin of her breasts, and she felt Regina hum into the kiss; Emma smiled at the reaction, pressing closer to Regina to slip her tongue past her lips and hearing her moan fill the room, feeling it rumble through her body and vibrate against her hands.

Regina shifted on top of her, moving so she was stable on just her legs as her hands moved to cup the back of Emma’s neck to pull her closer into her mouth, taking control of the kiss again, and Emma would be annoyed if she weren’t enjoying it so much.

Emma’s fingers stumbled over Regina’s bra again, unsure of what to do, as the voice in the back of her mind whispered anxieties she barely heard, because Regina was right there and she loved her and wanted it to be good for her, so she decided she’d like to see it go. Her hands moved to the middle trying to finger the clasp and unhook it, but she was struggling at the task enough that it got Regina’s attention and laughter filled the room, ghosting over her lips as Regina pressed their foreheads together.

“Everything alright back there, Emma?”

“Why is this so damn hard?” Emma whined in frustration, her heart thudding against her ribcage.

Regina chuckled again, leaning in she brushed their lips together in a soothing kiss, “it takes some practise. Why don’t I get it for you, hmm?”

Regina slowly sat up, Emma’s eyes opening to watch her, and her stomach twisted in her gut as Regina sat back on her thighs and she could feel how warm and wet she was. 

“Jesus Christ,” she whispered. Regina was stunning, this was everything she’d ever hope for, to make love to Regina, to make her feel loved in return, and as she stared up at her, all flushed skin and tousled hair, it was enough to make her want to cry all over again, to latch on and never let go. 

“Everything alright, Emma?”

Emma nodded and pushed up onto her elbows, watching as Regina flicked her hair away from her face with a turn of her head, and then her hands reached behind her and Emma’s eyes trailed down, wetting her lips as she waited in anticipation to really finally get to see her.

She watched a strap fall down Regina’s shoulders and Emma sucked in a breath, completely frozen in time as Regina let her bra fall from her arms finally revealing beautiful and perfect breasts. 

“God, you’re beautiful.”

Regina’s head tilted to the side and Emma’s heart bursted into a million pieces; she somehow managed to sit upright, her hands tugging at Regina’s hips and sides on their own. and then finally her mouth wrapped around a hardened nipple and Regina moaned and arched into her mouth, pushing herself completely into her, her fingers tight in her hair, her moans slowly mixing with labored breathing, and once even a whine when her teeth accidentally brushed over her nipple.

“Emma…” She felt hands tug at her hair and smiled against Regina’s breast. Regina felt so good against her, her skin salty with sweat and so soft, so responsive, letting out a deep moan, her hips rolling against air and her hands tugging a little harder. “Emma, stop.”

Emma pulled away, looking up at her, suddenly worried she’d moved too fast but then Regina’s hands were cupping her face and her body was slumped as she tried to catch her breath and she was so beautiful like that too, her love seeping into Emma’s body as her fingers ran slowly through her hair.

“It’s my turn.”

Emma laughed, her hands skimming up Regina’s thighs, her fingers dipping into the dimples in her back as she tugged Regina closer. “Why can’t we share?”

Regina leaned down, sucking Emma’s bottom lip between her lips and nibbling and sucking at it until Emma was moaning in her mouth and then she pulled back, Emma’s bottom lip held hostage between her teeth for a few extra seconds and then she let go and dipped her head to Emma’s ear, voice deep with arousal as she stated, “mine.”

And honestly who was Emma to argue?

Regina’s hands slipped behind Emma’s back and easily unclasped Emma’s bra which only made Emma blush, because suddenly she felt very inept in comparison.

“Stop pouting,” Regina said with a kiss against her jaw and Emma froze, feeling her bra fall down her arms, looking down at the same time as Regina. “You’re gorgeous, Emma.”

Emma blushed at the sincere compliment and Regina brushed their lips together once more, kissing Emma slow and deep until her hands fell away and Regina was able to pull her bra fully off and toss it across the room.

Emma chuckled into the kiss this time, and Regina smirked, urging her back down; Emma complied, her eyes fluttering open to watch Regina as she sat back up, surveying every inch of Emma and she took that time to do the same with Regina. She loved her so much, that’s all she could really think about, the feelings clogging up her throat again and she swallowed it down, eyes blinking slowly until Regina was perfectly clear in front of her and she let herself get lost in her beauty.

Regina’s hands ran slowly over her stomach and Emma’s hand moved to a full hip and to the back of Regina’s thigh which was still between her legs, and Emma’s eyes moved slowly over her torso, her wide shoulders, her mouth with worn red lipstick, that scar that made Emma’s heart flutter, her nose and eyes that were focused so intently on Emma’s body she wanted to squirm, unsure what to do with all those feelings, all this attention. 

Emma’s eyes moved down to her thighs skimming over the strong muscles and then over to the lace underwear covering her centre, her thumb slipping under the side of Regina’s underwear at her hip and she slowly ran it over soft and sensitive skin, getting a shuttering inhale in response and slowly they moved back up Regina’s body, staring at her chest as Regina took shallow breaths.


Her eyes snapped up to meet Regina who had nervously pulled her lip between her teeth, a flicker of nervousness in her eyes before it was quickly taken over by love.


“You’re sure about this, right?”

“Very,” Emma breathed, “are you?” 

“Yes,” Regina chuckled, low and breathy and Emma gasped as her hands moved up her front again, moving higher and higher before both of Regina’s hands covered her breasts and Emma moaned at the same time Regina did.

“You feel so good, I could touch you forever.”

Emma whined and arched up, her hips bucking up against Regina’s leg and a deep moan was pulled from her at even the grazing contact to her clit, while Regina rolled a nipple between her fingers that made her feel like she was going to be torn in half from everything twisting and building in her gut. “I don’t think I can last that long.”

Regina chuckled and leaned back down, her lips meeting Emma’s in a quick kiss before brushing against her jaw and over to her ear, and Emma held her breath as she felt her breath ghosting over her skin, her heart hammering that same beat in her chest and then everything froze as Regina’s knee was deliberately pressed up against her core and she arched up, a moan falling from her lips as she pulled at Regina, her fingers digging into a muscular ass and thigh.

“Don’t worry, I plan to make you cum along the way.”


Regina’s laugher flowed into her ear and Emma’s body was quivering and on fire, and none of it was enough, she needed more.

Regina’s lips moved down the side of her neck, sucking and licking across her skin, not staying in one spot long, in fear of leaving a mark, she kept on moving lower and Emma was losing all sense of thought, she felt like she was floating and she just needed something, anything to bring her back.

Her back arched up as Regina’s teeth sunk into the top of her breast pulling a hiss that quickly turned into a moan as her hips moved against Regina’s thigh hitting in just the right spot.


Emma’s hand moved to Regina’s hair, grasping on tightly to ground herself as she arched again, her grip tightening and her eyes squeezed shut as she felt Regina smile against her as warm lips wrapped around her nipple and sucked, her hand that used to be on her breast trailing teasingly down her side making her twitch and tremble.

“Fuck, Regina!”

Regina stopped her movements, her tongue no longer flicking against her nipple, her hand was still on her side, and she could still feel her breast held in her warm mouth, and that wonderful thigh was still pressed against her, but everything else had stopped and Emma finally looked down, finding those dark eyes watching her in awe, her mouth still wrapped around her nipple and Emma’s grip tightened in her hair, begging, demanding, that overwhelming feeling taking her over again, not letting her think actual thoughts.

“Regina, please.”

Regina pulled back at the pleas and Emma whined until she felt Regina’s breasts brush against her own as she moved back up to press their lips together. “What do you need, Emma?”

“You, just let me feel you.”

Regina leaned back a bit and Emma’s eyes focused on hers, seeing that smirk on her face as she said oh so innocently. “But you can feel me.”

Emma groaned, about to start complaining when Regina slipped her hand from her hair and placed it over a full breast. “Fuck.”

“You can touch me all you like, Emma.”

Emma squeezed her breast and Regina moaned, her hips rolling against air and Emma slowly realized something she could do, and so she bent her leg and teased her finger over Regina’s nipple at the same time, watching and feeling as her hips rolled and she felt her wet centre drag against her leg.

“God, you feel amazing.” Emma gasped just before lips hungrily sought hers out, and she leaned into her, pulling Regina down on top of her and let her hips continue to roll against Regina’s thigh while Regina ground down on hers, her body twitching and trembling especially when Emma rolled a nipple under her thumb.

Regina kissed over her jaw, burying her face in Emma’s neck as she panted, and Emma’s hands moved over her back, soothing, loving, and she felt the smile against her skin; she could practically feel the love, so much of it wrapped around her, and it wasn’t lust, this was different, this was Regina and she couldn’t think straight. 

“What do you want, Emma?”

‘I don’t know,’ her mind responded as she felt tears burning behind her eyelids, her skin on fire and so much need, but there was that voice again, that one wanting to be good, god, she would do everything to make Regina happy, and that love in Regina’s touch, in her gaze, it was as scary as it was calming and she didn’t know what she wanted, but she did know she wanted Regina, wanted to feel her, to love her, so she whispered a plea. “Touch me.”

Regina smiled into her neck and dragged her teeth over the tendons in Emma’s neck before she started kissing over it and down her chest again, Emma lost herself in the feeling of Regina touching her again, missing the contact against her centre as Regina kept moving lower, hands dancing over her sides as kisses were placed all over her skin. Emma felt like she was burning from the inside, feeling more than she ever had in her life, an emotion filling her up again and threatening to break her.

“May I?” She asked, eyes looking up at Emma as her fingers hooked under Emma’s underwear and Emma raised her hips, nodding her head, transfixed and completely overwhelmed by everything Regina as she watched those eyes as Regina leant down, pressing a fluttering kiss just below her bellybutton. “Verbally, please.”

Emma’s heart skipped in her chest, she felt so much love from just the simple gesture. “Yes.” 

Emma watched Regina smile at her, eyes filled to the brim with love and emotion, and then her lips were against her belly again. Emma watched Regina’s eyes flutter shut and her lips sucking on the skin just by her hip, and Emma moaned, her head falling back against the bed as she felt Regina slowly pull her underwear down over her hips, feeling it pull away from her soaked centre.

She looked up again when Regina’s mouth left her skin and her warmth was no longer hovering over her, Emma’s eyes searching for her desperately, suddenly feeling scared and vulnerable and then she realized Regina was hungrily staring at her wet centre, and she started to close her legs, her heart quickening in her chest in anxiety as she felt awkward and exposed, but then Regina lightly rested her hand on Emma’s knee, a calming supportive gesture pausing her movement as she soothingly ran her hand over her leg.

“You’re beautiful, Emma.”

Emma blushed and looked away, unsure of what to do with the eyes burning into her skin, but then she felt the mattress dip as Regina moved to lean over her again, the heat from her body seeping into Emma’s, and she felt fingers gently trace over her jaw to coax her to meet her eyes again and slowly she let her, sighing as Regina cupped her cheek and leaned in for another slow kiss, meant to reassure and convey love with each brush of her lips.

“You’re beautiful, know that… I never want you to feel ashamed of how you react to me.”

Emma’s blush deepened and Regina leaned in to kiss her, long and deep and Emma’s hand moved to hold Regina’s face.

“What can I do to show you that?”

Emma pulled their lips back together in a slow kiss, feeling her underwear around her legs as she tried to move them and she frowned into the kiss, Regina sensing her discomfort pulled away from her.

“Sorry, I was concerned, let me just…” Emma’s eyes trailed over her flustered expression, she looked just as nervous as Emma was, and suddenly it made her feel a little more at ease.

“It’s okay,” Emma breathed, pushing up onto her elbows. She watched Regina move back down between her legs to finish removing her underwear. “You’re stunning, you know that?”

Regina looked up at her with a furrowed brow and Emma pulled her foot out of her underwear, watching Regina’s eyes move back to her now bent leg she saw all the love in her expression and a part of her wanted to squirm away but she froze as Regina’s hand tenderly moved up her calf and then she dipped her head, pressing a kiss to the inside of her knee, their eyes locking again.

“I love you, Emma, I want this to be good for you, I want you to feel sure, to fully want this, if you aren’t sure anymore we can stop. I won’t mind.”

Emma felt tears burning in her eyes and Regina was crawling up her body again, fingers brushing tenderly over her cheeks.

“I love you too, and I’m sure I just… don’t have much experience with this.”

Regina chuckled, pecking her lips, her thumb brushing against her cheek before she pulled away again, their foreheads pressed together as she replied. “We all have to start somewhere, my first time with a woman–” Emma giggled and Regina stopped talking, and pulled back to look into Emma’s eyes and Emma let her fingers tickle down Regina’s neck and she watched as her pupils dilated.  “What?”

“I’ve been with other women, Regina, I just… meant this…” Regina’s head tilted in thought and Emma bumped their noses together, always loving the way it made Regina scrunch up her nose. “Loving someone, making love to someone, especially another woman.”


Regina blushed, her eyes falling away from hers and Emma watched her closely, brushing her thumb over her jaw thoughtfully. “Talk to me.”

Regina met her eyes, love and laughter in them and she pressed her lips to Emma’s in a slow kiss that expressed so much before she pulled back and looked down into Emma’s eyes sincerely, her thumb brushing over her jaw. “Neither have I.”

“Oh… so we’re both just…”

Regina laughed, pressing their foreheads together and Emma sighed, brushing her fingers over Regina’s cheek and neck. “Very new to this level of intimacy.”

“I don’t want to disappoint you,” Emma confessed and Regina’s fingers brushed over her face again, her weight leaning more into Emma.

“You could never disappoint me. I love you, Emma, whatever happens or doesn’t happen next that’s fine by me.”

Emma nodded against her forehead, tears falling from her eyes and Regina quickly caught them with her fingers, all of Emma’s anxiety hammering away in her chest and that little scared voice finally silenced the second she allowed herself to listen. She knew what she needed right then, knew because the second her request left her lips she felt the pressure in her chest release. “Can we just cuddle?”

“Of course.” Regina breathed, and Emma’s legs stretched out against the bed and Regina moved to the side, careful not to touch Emma where she shouldn’t, her weight pressed against the top half of her body as Regina pressed a chaste kiss to her lips, then cheek and finally laid her head against Emma’s shoulder.

“Thank you.”

Regina’s hand moved up, stroking her cheek reassuringly and Emma felt her tears fall again. “I love you, Emma, you can always tell me if you don’t want to do something.”

“I know.”

Regina pressed a kiss to her jaw and Emma hugged her tighter, eyes closed shut and with every breath she felt more and more sure again.

“Can we take a shower?”

Regina chuckled against her neck, sending shivers down her spine, her body still was over stimulated, but she was pulled back as she leaned up, hovering over her again and Emma met her eyes, her hands moving to her hips as she stared up into those beautiful and loving eyes. 

“Yes, if that’s what you want to do.”

“I do.”

“Okay,” Regina smiled, pecking her lips before she rolled off of her, and slipped from the bed, Emma’s eyes taking in her magnificent beauty and she felt her heart clench, she wanted to just hold her, that’s all she wanted.

“Regina?” Regina’s eyes met hers, questioning silently and Emma smiled. “I love you and I do want you, like really really–”

Regina kneeled back on the bed, brushing her fingers over Emma’s jaw cutting off everything she was going to say. “I know, I’m not upset with you, darling, I promise.”

“Okay. Thank you.”

“Now, come on, let’s take a shower and go to sleep.” Regina said, slipping her fingers into Emma’s hand and giving it a little tug.

“Can I wash your hair and back?” 

“Only if I can return the favour.”

“Deal.” Emma smiled and she let Regina pull her from the bed, feeling her eyes moving over her body and she reached out to Regina, hands on her hips and loving eyes met hers almost instantly. “Soon though.”

“Whenever you’re ready.”

Emma pecked her lips and she felt Regina’s smile against hers, a hand moving to tenderly cup Emma’s jaw.

“When you’re ready too.”

Regina nuzzled their noses together at that, making Emma smile widely before she was pulled toward the bathroom, silently watching Regina turn on her shower and test the temperature. She was stunning, the way she moved around, smooth and easy, like she hadn’t a care in the world and when she caught Emma’s eyes she just smiled, so beautifully and so caring Emma instantly felt all of Regina’s love coursing through her body.

“I’m going to take off my underwear now,” Regina said and Emma’s eyes moved from her face to her thumbs in her underwear then back up to her face. “You can look, or not, I just wanted to warn you.”

Emma giggled, blush hot on her cheeks as she said, “you’re my girlfriend, we may not be having sex yet but I don’t mind seeing you naked, you did just see my whole…” Emma gestured between her legs, blush only deepening at the thought.

Regina laughed, shaking her head at Emma before she pulled her underwear down her legs and Emma watched her, taking in just how magnificent she was, smooth and muscular stomach, the V line muscle that brought Emma’s attention to a neat patch of dark curls and what Emma was sure was a tiny little heart tattoo by her hip bone.

“So it is real…”

“My vagina? Yes, very.”

Emma looked up at Regina’s teasing smirk and rolled her eyes, holding her hand out to her and Regina took it, moving to stand between Emma’s legs from where she was sitting on the lid of the toilet seat. “I meant your tattoo.”

“I know, but teasing you is so much more fun.”

Emma smiled and she leant forward, pressing a kiss just between Regina’s breasts and slowly Regina’s hand that wasn’t in hers combed through her hair, Emma purposely pushing aside the very clear smell of Regina’s arousal, her eyes closing as she rested her forehead against Regina’s belly, letting herself get lost in love until everything else started fading away again. “I love you.”

Regina sighed, fingers slipping through her hair again before she hooked then under Emma’s chin and tipped her head up making Emma stared into her eyes again. “I love you too, Emma. Now, in the shower.”

“Yes ma’am.” Emma grinned, letting Regina pull her into the stall and they stepped under the spray, silently and gently washing the dried sweat and from their bodies, fingers massaging shampoo into hair and then a whole lot of laughter when Emma nearly slipped and fell, eventually lowering herself to the shower floor to stare up at Regina as she rinsed the conditioner from her hair and Emma had never seen someone look so beautiful while wet, like a literal goddess under the shower spray.

Regina met her eyes when her hand brushed over her calf and she sent her a teasing smile. “Emma?”


“What are you thinking?”

Emma chuckled, her eyes tracking over the water flowing down Regina’s body, to the damp curls between her legs and up her breasts before meeting Regina’s eyes again, her smile sincere as she answered. “That you’re the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and that I’m so lucky to know you.”

Emma watched the blush colour Regina’s skin and smiled, her hand running up her calf again. “You almost done? I kinda wanna just hold you now.”

“Yeah, just about, you can dry off while I finish up if you like.”

“I’m fine waiting.”

Regina’s blush deepened but she nodded her head, head tipping back to let the water run through her hair again and Emma was pretty certain she was dating a literal goddess.

Once Regina was done, they towelled off and brushed their teeth, Regina suggested pyjamas but Emma just wanted to feel her body against hers so they both slipped on a pair of underwear and crawled under the covers, Emma curling into Regina’s side and resting her head against her chest as she felt fingers brush through her hair until she fell asleep. 



“Hey,” Emma whispered as soon as she was in front of Regina a couple of days later, watching as her eyes rose to meet hers and a smile slowly curl on her lips.

“Hi, how are you?”

Emma blushed slightly, looking around them before she took another step closer. “Alright, thanks for giving me time to…”

“Of course,” Regina breathed, slipping her hand into Emma’s, gently holding onto her fingers, a shy touch but her eyes were still shining with so much love Emma felt herself relax.

“Are you uh…we alone?”

Regina giggled, and nodded her head, “No mic yet, we can go talk somewhere more private if you wish.”

Emma shook her head, stepping into the bracket of Regina’s legs and she looked around again before tucking a lock of hair behind Regina’s ear while dark eyes watched her curiously. “Lunch later?”

“Your trailer or mine?”

“Mine, gotta switch it up now and then, keep the PA’s on their toes.”

Regina shook her head at her, tipping her head down to look away from Emma’s eyes but Emma wasn’t ready for that, so her fingers slipped under Regina’s chin and she tipped it up until curious eyes were meeting hers.

“Don’t look away, not yet, I wanna just look at you a bit longer.”

Regina bit the inside of her cheek, shyness in her eyes as Emma brushed her thumb over her bottom lip before letting her hand fall away, feeling fingers press into the back of her thigh, quietly professing her love, her wants, her needs and then her fingers fell away again.

“I love you,” Emma whispered and she felt the breath rumble out of Regina’s chest, her eyes looking away and when they met hers again, there was all the love in the world reflected right back at her and Emma didn’t know what to do with it.

“I love you too.”

Emma nodded and smiled and then she stepped back, looking around them cautiously. “How were the rest of your days off?”

“Good, I read, cleaned,” Regina turned, a smile on her face as she watched Emma slip into the chair at her desk. “You?”

“Watched some TV, did some laundry, turns out I’m running low on sweaters, I think someone’s been stealing them.”

Regina rolled her eyes and turned on the desk to look down into her eyes. “You should investigate.”

“Maybe I will.”

Regina’s grin softened and she looked away, fiddling with her fingers as Emma watched her, it was hard sometimes, loving her as much as she did, knowing her as well as she did and still not knowing her in so many other ways, but she was determined to figure it out, she wasn’t an expert at relationships, at love; and the fear she would fuck this all up was hard to look past, but they had two years of friendship, six years of history, if she could do this with anyone it’d be Regina. 



Regina slipped into Emma’s trailer as soon as she was off for lunch, looking around she didn’t see her and decided to wait until she got there, letting out a sleepy yawn and wishing she’d grabbed coffee on her way there; she looked at the small couch and then down the hall, the bed called her name and she slipped her jacket off and tossed it onto the couch as she went. Deciding she might as well rest her eyes for a little bit.

She pulled her shoes off and sat them at the side of the bed then slipped under the covers wrapping herself in the warmth and Emma’s scent and she let her eyes close, relaxing against the mattress.

Regina’s eyes fluttered open when she felt something against her cheek, looking up to see Emma smiling down at her, her fingers pushing her hair back from her face.

“Sorry I took so long, got held up on set for a few extra minutes.”

Regina hummed, yawn stretching on her face as she rolled onto her back, Emma retracted her hand to rest in her lap as she watched her. “Did I fall asleep?”

“You did,” Emma smiled, then leaned in, “but your secret is safe with me, I swear I shall not share this picture to finally win our battle.”

Regina arched a brow and sat up, her hands running through her hair when Emma giggled slightly. “You’d be wise not to, if you ever wanna touch me again.”

“I definitely wanna do that.”

Regina blushed, looking down at Emma’s hands clasped together in her lap. “Then why aren’t you?”

“Do you want me to?”

“I’d like to hold and kiss you, yes.”

Emma blushed this time, her ears turning an adorable shade of pink that made Regina chuckle, holding her hand out toward Emma and smiling when she took it.

“I can’t stop thinking about the other night.” Emma confessed, her eyes on her hands and Regina ran her thumb over the back of Emma’s knuckles. “I close my eyes and I see you and I just want to be there again, to hold you, kiss you, touch you and there’s all these emotions in my head and it’s confusing and scary, but it’s you and…”

Green eyes looked up into hers and Regina was scared she had accidentally revealed how turned on Emma’s words were making her, because she hadn’t stopped thinking about Emma since either, and she craved her touch, her own hands didn’t even help ease the tension that twisted in her gut, but she couldn’t tell her that, could she?

“I love you, I want to do it, but the intimacy is so different with you,” Emma’s fingers laced with hers and Regina looked away from her face to their hands, her heart thudding against her chest. “I feel exposed in a different way, it’s always been like that, you look into my eyes and you just see all of me…and that’s just so…”

“Frightening…” Regina breathed and Emma’s eyes found hers quickly, the hold on her hand tightening. “I’m scared too, I’ve never needed someone as much as I need you, and not in the sense that I cannot do things without you, I don’t need your help but I do enjoy having it, I need you like I need air,” Regina sat up and watched Emma’s eyes widen slightly and she leaned forward pressing their foreheads together and Emma sighed. “I crave your touch, it hurts sometimes when I can’t reach out and touch you, when I can’t kiss you, and sometimes it hurts to do that because god, Emma, I feel so much.”

Emma pressed closer, their noses bumping and Regina chuckled before soft lips met hers and an unsteady sigh escaped her lips, tightening her hold on Emma’s hand while her other one found the back of her neck to pull her into her, her fingers pressing into the muscles at the back of her neck, trying to get closer to her.

Emma’s hand ran up and down her shoulder, unsure where to touch as their mouths moved together, slow and deep and then desperate, trying to communicate all these confusing and maddening feelings.

Regina wasn’t sure when she’d laid down back onto the bed, or when Emma had climbed on top of her, but she felt so good, and so Regina clung to her, legs around small hips and hands locked at the back of her neck, and she felt like she was floating and securely on the ground at the same time, Emma’s fingers pressing into her cheeks keeping her on planet earth.

“Emma,” She panted, pulling her mouth away from Emma’s to try and clear her head because they shouldn’t be doing this, not there, but Emma’s lips found that damn sensitive spot and her vision blurred and for a few moments she forgot where they were, all she knew was Emma.

“Emma,” she tried again when the kisses slowed and her vision cleaned, when she felt a hand running along her thigh to try and loosen the vice grip she had around Emma’s waist.

“Sorry.” Emma chuckled against her collarbone and Regina’s body trembled; she let gentle fingers run over the back of Emma’s neck, taking deep breaths to try and calm herself.

“It’s okay.” She giggled, her legs loosening around Emma, who was still hovering over her. “It was nice.”

“Nice?” Emma’s lips brushed over her skin as she spoke and Regina pulled away a little as the arousal pulled and twisted low in her gut.

“Great, too great, I don’t know if I can think straight.”

Emma shifted up, their breasts brushing and Regina held back a moan, the inside of her lip held between her teeth as she tried to calm her rushing heart. But then she felt warm breath on her ear and she froze, waiting, fingers pressing firmly into the back of Emma’s neck again.

“I don’t think you’ve ever thought straight.”

Regina’s body shook under Emma’s as she started to chuckle, swatting Emma’s arm and she just laughed, even as Emma pulled away from her, Regina able to feel her eyes burning into her skin but she didn’t dare open her eyes in fear of what she might see there.

“Go out with me.”

Regina opened her eyes at that, an eyebrow raising as she looked at Emma in curiosity. “Pretty sure I’m already doing that.”

Emma swatted her thigh and Regina grinned, shifting up on her elbows to look at her better. “On a date, let’s go to dinner again or something, the movies?”

“Are you asking me to dinner and a movie, Miss Swan?”

Emma grinned, shaking her head at herself as she said. “I guess I am.”

“How cliché.”

“Is that a no?” Emma smirked, obviously knowing Regina’s answer already.

“Yes, I will go out with you.”

“Woo!” Leaning forward she pecked Regina’s lips and then placed her hand against Regina’s belly as she fell against the mattress on her side, squeezed between Regina and the wall.

“Shouldn’t we be eating lunch?”

Emma shrugged and Regina let out a sigh and rolled onto her side and shifted back until she was against Emma, relaxing into her warmth and smiling when a kiss was brushed against the back of her neck.

They stayed wrapped up in each other’s arms until there was a knock at the door and they had to head to hair and makeup for touch-ups and then back to filming, regretting skipping lunch about 6 hours later when they were starving but they wouldn’t have traded that time for anything…though maybe they would have at least had a snack.



March 6th, 2018



Emma hadn’t expected the evening to feel so weird, although it was going fine, great even, Regina was looking at her the way she so often did lately, love in her eyes and a secret smile, promises for much more later on.

She had chosen a great restaurant she’d been to a few times before, that she was sure Regina would love, and Emma had even pre-ordered tickets to a movie she knew Regina wanted to go see. It had been going so great, so great they got lost in their little bubble, forgetting for just a minute who they were and where they were and it was in that minute their world had to come to a horrific crash.

“Excuse me, aren’t you the two ladies from that spy show?”

All it took was one question and Emma lost all sign of Regina, she watched the love in her eyes fade as she looked over to the man standing by their table, watched her secret smile turn into her professional mask and Emma immediately regretted ever wishing to leave the bubble of their homes.

“I think you’ve gotten us confused with someone else.” Regina’s voice was guarded, not the one she uses with fans, this one was deep and cold and just a protective shield.

“No, no I’m sure it’s you, I could never forget such beautiful faces.”

Emma’s jaw twitched and she looked up at the man. “Do you mind? We’re trying to enjoy our meal.”

“Oh I don’t mean to bother you, I was just wondering.” Regina’s eyebrow raised, lips pursed in frustration as she tried to remain polite. “Can I have an autograph? Or a picture?”

“Listen, sir, I’m super happy you’re a fan of our show, really, thanks for watching, any other time I’d be perfectly happy to talk and whatever, but I’m trying to enjoy a meal during one of our very few nights off with my best friend, so if you don’t mind…”

“Ah, c’mon, it’ll just take a minute, please?”

Emma jumped when she heard Regina drop her fork onto the table watching with shocked eyes as Regina pushed out her chair and stood up to her full height, which wasn’t much compared to the rather tall man, but her love for heels and that air of superiority she seemed to always carry around with her made her seem seven feet tall as she glared up at this man.

“I believe she said no.”

He looked at her, wide eyes and Emma would have enjoyed it if it wasn’t for the flash of fear she saw in Regina’s eyes before she tensed her jaw a bit more, her hands gripping onto her hips. Emma’s fingers twitched as the man dipped his head, Regina arching a brow at him, a challenge, a threat.

“Right, whatever, show’s not even that great anyways.”

“Thank you for your very valuable opinion, please, do have a wonderful night, sir.” Regina’s voice dripped in sarcasm and the tables around them seemed to also notice, their little happy bubble burst, and Emma watched Regina drop back into her seat and stare down at her unfinished food.

“I’m sorry…” Emma whispered, she wanted to reach out, god, she wanted to make that guarded look go away but Regina was gone, simmering with anger and fear and Emma hated it. “Wanna just leave? I’ll get the waiter.”

Regina’s hand covered hers as she moved to stand and she looked at her with wide and confused eyes, and Regina just shook her head subtly and Emma sat back down, watching her carefully as Regina started eating again.

“Eat your steak, Emma.”

“I’m not really that hungry…”

Regina looked at her with sad eyes and Emma picked up her fork, picking at her vegetables as she tried not to think about all the eyes burning into them. She suddenly felt really exposed.

This wasn’t the first time someone had ever approached them while they were out, it’s happened dozens of times, but somehow this time it was different, maybe it was because they were dating now, they’d never had to lie before, they’d been friends hanging out but now, now they were on a date, they were on a date and Emma wanted to say girlfriend and she was sure if either of them were a man everyone would have known that’s what it was and not approached them.

But even though Regina and her were dressed up in what would very clearly be classified as date clothes, it didn’t occur to anyone that that’s what they were doing.

Before she wouldn’t even have hesitated to reach out, to take her hand and ask if she was okay but now it all felt so heavy, so fragile. She never wanted to risk Regina being outed because of her. Emma didn’t care if people knew she was gay but that was her choice, Regina’s was different, and she wanted to protect her and she couldn’t because she was scared.

That was her girlfriend, the woman she loved and it absolutely killed her to not be able to comfort her like she was so used to doing.

Once they were done Emma had taken one look at Regina in the passenger seat and sighed, slipping her hand slowly into hers and she felt Regina grip onto so tightly Emma feared she might crush it but she didn’t care.

“C’mon, I’ll take you home…”

“I’m sorry…” Regina breathed a few minutes into the drive and Emma shook her head, her eyes sad but sincere as she looked at her, seeing tears in Regina’s eyes that she refused to let fall.

“There’s nothing to be sorry for, promise. I’m not mad.”

Regina turned to look out the window and Emma sighed, driving silently back to Regina’s house where she knew she felt the most safe.

Once they arrived Emma walked her to the door, both still quiet as they walked. Emma took a step back in preparation to leave when Regina pushed her door open but slowly she turned and unsure eyes met hers and it froze Emma in place.

“Would you like to come in?”

Emma looked at her with unsure eyes. “If you want me to.”

“I do.”

“Okay…” Emma smiled and Regina gave her a small one in return and slipped through the door and Emma followed in after her, it had never been this awkward between them before, at least not since they had first seen each other again two years ago.

“Would you like something to drink?” Regina asked and Emma’s eyes jumped to her, seeing kind but unsure eyes looking into her own.

“Sure, whatever you’re having is fine.”

“Okay,” Regina offered her a smile and walked into the kitchen, Emma took a moment to look around the front hall before she double checked the locks on the front door and then removed her shoes, heading into the living room to wait for Regina to return.

Emma never tired of this room, there were so many memories here; it was easily one of her favourite places in the whole world, let alone in Regina’s house. Unlike the sitting room where she’d read lines with Regina for the first time, this one was more lived in, sure, it was probably because of them, but there were more small pieces of Regina lying around, a family photo on a bookshelf, movie and TV shows DVD collection mixed with her record collection and loads of books. There was a sweater tossed over the arm of the couch, remotes and a well-loved blanket and candles that were obviously used often sitting on the table.

Emma loved this room, because of the memories, but also because every inch of it was so Regina it made her feel safe, it even smelt like her and Emma was pretty sure Regina’s scent was also the greatest smell in the whole of the universe.

“I hope red wine is okay.”

Emma snapped her attention to Regina, a smile spreading on her face slowly. “Yeah, perfect.”

Regina held out the glass and Emma took it watching Regina closely as she lowered herself to the couch, her posture still a little stiff and Emma didn’t know how to fix it.

“I had fun tonight…” Emma said with a nervous laugh and Regina looked up at her, eyes curious and head tilted and an eyebrow raised the slightest bit. “You know… until that guy came over.”

Regina let out a small huff, almost like it could be a laugh before she focused back on her wine, shifting her feet back so the toes of her shoes were sticking up and the heels were pressed into the carpet, one of her few nervous ticks.

Emma’s lips pulled into a frown, with both hands holding her glass of wine, she turned on the couch a bit so she was facing Regina more, her eyes tracing over her furrowed brow and downturned lips, obvious tension in her jaw that twitched every so often when she clenched her teeth.

“I don’t know what to do…” Emma sighed and Regina’s feet landed back on the carpet and she looked over at Emma, so many things flittering through her mind and Emma could see them all through her eyes.

“I’m sorry if I embarrassed you…”

“What? No! Never!” Emma rushed, blindly placing her wine glass on the coffee table as she moved closer, resting both her hands on Regina’s nylon covered thigh.

“You didn’t do anything wrong.”

Regina’s hand landed on hers and Emma looked down at it, feeling tears burning in her eyes, it was comforting and everything she wanted, and Emma placed her other hand over Regina’s to keep it there.

“I didn’t like lying, it’s the first time we were noticed now and…” Emma looked up and met Regina’s eyes watching her patiently and curiously, and Emma couldn’t stop the chuckle from rumbling out of her throat. “I don’t know how to act around you in public anymore, it was easy before, when we were just friends but now I’m so scared I’ll fuck up, I don’t know what you’re okay with.”

“I don’t know either…”

A tear rolled down Emma’s cheek and she watched as Regina leaned forward, placing her own glass down before her hand moved to Emma’s face and slowly wiped the tear away with her thumb, her love shimmering through, past all the fear and worry.

“I just wanted to reach out and take your hand, ask if you were okay, I just…” Emma let out a deep sigh, “I don’t know how to comfort you in public anymore, what if they find out, I can’t be the reason you’re outed, I can’t…”

“Emma, shh,” Regina’s finger ran over her cheek again and Emma’s eyes cleared. “You can’t think like that.”

“Why not? Why shouldn’t I be aware of my actions? Of your feelings?”

Regina pulled her hand away to run it through her hair in frustration, her eyes desperate and pleading. “Because we can’t both be, if we’re both too scared to even hold hands what will that mean for this…”

Emma heard the unspoken ‘for us’ in there and felt her heart constrict. Watching the tears shimmer in Regina’s eyes she squeezed the hand held between hers, trying to give comfort even though she was struggling with what to say and do.

“I don’t want to exceed your boundaries.”

A tear fell down Regina’s cheek this time and Emma watched it fall until Regina flicked it away with the brush of her fingers. “And I don’t want you to stop being the woman I fell in love with.”

Emma looked down at their hands, her tears rolling freely down her face. “I’m scared. I can’t lose you.”

Regina’s hand cupped her cheek, her thumb brushing away her tears before she urged Emma to meet her eyes again, Emma’s heart constricted when she saw the tears tracking down Regina’s face, and her eyes, they were so caring Emma nearly sobbed at the sight of them.

“I’m scared too, tonight scared me, and I admit I didn’t know how to process it, I still don’t. I hated it, I wished we never ventured outside our bubble, but we will have to one day, we can’t hide away at home for the rest of our lives.”

“I know.”

“Do you know what hurt more? Not the absolute audacity of that man, not you requesting that he leave, but looking into your eyes and seeing that you were scared, scared to touch me.”

“I didn’t want to hurt you.”

“I know,” Regina sighed and her thumb brushed against Emma’s cheek again. “And that’s my fault, our fault, we assumed it’d all be the same, but we got a reality check tonight Emma and we…”

Emma watched more tears roll down Regina’s face and she leaned forward, Regina sighing as their foreheads were pressed together.

“We pulled back, I pulled away and so did you. Before we started dating you would reach out, you’d touch my hand, my arm, make a joke; but tonight, tonight you looked at me as if I’d break if you touched me.”

“I’m sorry… I didn’t think…”

“No, and neither did I.”

Emma lifted her hand from on top of Regina’s and gently brushed a lock of hair behind her ear before she wiped the tears from her cheek and held it. “I can’t lose you.”

“Then we have to talk, starting tonight.”

Regina pulled back and when Emma looked into her eyes they were serious, reminding Emma of all the times she’d stared down at a script or at a movie playing and Emma knew that Regina was about to pull out a spreadsheet or create a venn diagram, and she had never loved her more.

She couldn’t stop the affectionate chuckle from escaping her mouth as Regina looked ready to go on the hunt for everything she needed for a perfect list.

“Why are you laughing?”

“Because you are the biggest Ravenclaw and I fucking love you.”

“I love you too, now, I need my laptop and a change of clothes, maybe a coffee, this will be a long night.”

Emma laughed as Regina bent over and tore off her heels, the pumps dangling from her fingers when she stood and she gave Emma an odd look.


“You need to change as well, can’t have you falling asleep in that.”

Emma glanced down at her suit then Regina’s red dress and she laughed again. “Are you asking me to spend the night with you?”

“Yes, we will categorize everything we are comfortable with in each setting, and so in the future we will not have this proble– why are you looking at me like that?”

Emma couldn’t help it, she was so cute when she was going full nerd and the little furrowed brow, it warmed her heart. “Because I love you, dummy.”

“Well stop it, it’s weirding me out.”

Emma laughed as Regina flicked her hair from her face and turned, her hair fluffing out with the gesture and then she walked away, an extra sway to her hips and Emma shook her head, she loved Regina so much and the fear of losing her was starting to hurt them and Emma needed to work on that too.

“Are you coming?!”

“Yes, Professor Mills!” She teased, expecting a powerpoint production by the end of the evening, and she just hoped she’d at least wear glasses and one of her negligees. 



It was a shy smile across the room, the brushing of fingers against palms, thighs, arms, slipping together for a second, the softest touch. It was eyes that wandered over bodies, taking in every inch, memorizing, caressing. It was secrets, words spoken and conversations held in those little moments and god were those moments invigorating, they buzzed through veins and heated skin and made hearts sing.

And as much as they absolutely loved those secret moments when they could finally get close again, have a moment of privacy, it was getting harder to pull away, to slow down, to detangle themselves from limbs and pull away from hungry kisses. Because it burnt through their veins like a fire that wanted to escape, to ravish forests and craved more and more, building until it was impossible to contain. And god was it getting impossible.

Touches were quick and desperate, pulling, grasping, running along skin and bunching up clothes and it was hard to think about anything else.

“Fuck, Emma.”

She heard Regina’s voice low and desperate, her hands gripping on the back of her neck, her nails digging painfully into her skin and when she pulled away from that smooth and glorious neck, Regina was gasping, mouth open and eyes squeezed shut and Emma placed soft kisses up her neck and back toward her mouth and Regina’s lips instantly met hers.

“Rule. Four.” Regina panted into the kiss and Emma giggled, pulling back to look down at her, chest moving quickly with each breath and Emma felt the sting of her nails scratching over her neck before her hands fell away.

“Don’t tease at work.”

Regina breathed out a laugh, her eyes fluttering open and dark with arousal. “I thought it was ‘don’t turn me on to the point I can’t think’ at work.”

“Yes, teasing.”

“That,” Regina panted, slowly pushing up on her elbows and Emma moved to sit back on her shins watching her curiously. “was not teasing, that was.” She laughed again, chest and neck flushed pink and her lipstick worn. “Yeah, we need to add no making out at work onto our spreadsheet.”

Emma pouted at that and Regina laughed again, she was sure Regina knew what she was thinking before she even asked with her perfect puppy dog eyes. “Why?”

“Because I do not need to be turned on all day and forced to live with it.”

“Thought it made it more exciting?”

Regina shook her head, pushing back and onto her ass to sit up before she ran her hands through her disheveled hair. “Not so exciting when there’s nobody to help me deal with it, my own hand is not doing the trick like it used to.”

“Your own…” Emma stuttered, eyes wide as she looked down at Regina’s body and landed on her hands as they fell to her jean covered thighs. “Do you…you.”

Regina laughed, the sound bubbling out of her and she grabbed onto Emma’s face, pressing her lips against Emma’s in a kiss that Emma instantly leant into. “All the time.”


“And you don’t?” Regina asked with such innocent eyes Emma almost bought it, really thought Regina didn’t think she... and then she saw it, the hunger, the teasing and she smiled wildly.

“Oh I do, sometimes in your shower.”

Regina’s mouth fell open and Emma started laughing but the sound died as Regina leaped on her, shoving her back against the small twin bed in her trailer and Emma stared up at her, part of her head off the mattress as she watched Regina snarl.

“You could at least invite me to watch next time.”

“Right back atcha, Mills.”

Regina’s lips met hers, sloppy and hungry; her teeth, biting, pulling, nibbling; revenge, hungry needy revenge and she laid there and took it, watched her silently as Regina pulled back, Emma’s lip between her teeth before she let go, her hands gripping the edge of the mattress as she stared into Emma’s eyes making her squirm slightly in place.

“You can count on it, Miss Swan.”

Emma’s mouth fell open, her mind filled with so many thoughts of Regina bringing herself to climax, seeing it, hearing it over the phone, watching from across the room.


“Any time you like.” Regina smirked and then rolled off of her, Emma’s head hanging off the bed a little more to watch Regina walk past her. Not taking her eyes off the sway of her hips in those sinfully tight jeans, Emma rolled over back onto her belly and watched Regina from across the trailer, standing in front of Emma’s mirror to fix her hair and makeup before she had to get it professionally fixed.  

Emma had never hated their rules more in her life.



Regina knew she should have been suspicious when Zelena invited her over for dinner that night, but she was still stuck somewhere in her happy bubble, her mind formulating a plan to visit Emma after, and maybe make out or cuddle or whatever else.

Regina had never been one to get stuck in daydreams about anything but stories and characters, but more times than not she’d caught herself lost in thought about Emma, sometimes completely innocent thoughts, about her laugh or smile, and sometimes she found herself nearly drooling after catching herself spending an awful amount of time thinking about her arms or hands, or her mouth.

Maybe if she had paid more attention outside of Emma she would have known the reason for this invitation and prepared; maybe she would have been more conscious of her actions, and not slipped her hand behind Emma’s neck as they sat on set, not placed her hand against Emma’s back under her blazer, not traced the lines on Emma’s palms like they held a hidden message just for her.

But she existed in a bubble lately, only craving Emma’s touch, smile, and presence so thoroughly she was almost certain she existed in a different reality half the time. A day dreamer she was not… until she fell in love with Emma, and now that’s all she did.

“I know the food looks amazing but it’s just going to go bad if all you do is stare at it.”

“What?” She blinked, looking up at Zelena and frowning in confusion.

“Wow, you really got it bad, baby sis.”

“What?” Regina asked again, a nervous laughter bubbling out of her throat and Zelena rolled her eyes.

“I thought you were a mess before but shit, she’s really got you pussy whipped.”

Regina just blinked her mind trying to catch up with what Zelena was saying. “I am not–”

Zelena cut her off with a laugh, her voice still rattling with the laugh. “Oh please,” she said while she stabbed a potato with her fork and popped it into her mouth then leaned back in her seat, her smile wide and teasing and Regina tried really hard not to squirm in response.

“You two have been skirting around each other for years and touching like you were married, then suddenly you two kiss for an episode and your longing stares are disgustingly graphic like please, get a room,” Regina rolled her eyes, an annoyed huff escaping her mouth but Zelena ignored it. “I’m not dumb, Regina, heck, I’m pretty sure I knew you two were in love before you did.”

“That’s not going to get you an award.”

“I should get one for putting up with the pining, like seriously, even my therapist was getting annoyed.”

“You talked to your therapist about my love life?!”

“I mean, she needed someone to talk to about it too. Did you know Tamara had a psychology degree?”

“Oh my god…” Regina groaned, leaning back into her chair to press the heels of her hands into her eyes.

“But seriously, I’m not blind and it kind of hurts that my own baby sister didn’t tell me she had finally bedded the swan princess.”

Regina let out a long frustrated sigh, not sure whether to be pissed that her sister seemed to be talking about her love life with the other castmates or cry over how wrong she was.

“I haven’t.” Regina finally said, eyes still covered and she felt the room shift with Zelena’s sudden silence, almost proud to have stumped her apparent all-knowing sister.

“You haven’t what?”

“Bedded Emma,” Regina chuckled, her hands moving away from her face to meet Zelena’s surprised expression.

“I guess that would explain the constant sex eyes…” Regina’s laugh was almost a sob now and Zelena really had the audacity to laugh at her pain. “Oh, I see, this is killing you.”

“Don’t sound so happy about it.”

“I’m sorry it’s just,” She giggled, “I really thought the second you two kissed you’d end up in bed together.”

“Emma is different.”

“Emma has been thirsting over you every day for six years.”

Regina’s lips curved into a small smile and she straightened back up. “Yes, and the amount of control she has is going to break me.”

“Practise, I suppose.”

“Yeah, she really loves that.” Regina laughed at her own joke and Zelena scrunched up her face and she finally felt like she was gaining her footing again.

“So, why didn’t you tell me?”

Regina shrugged, “we kind of just wanted to live in our bubble until we figured it all out.”

“And how is that going?”

Regina couldn’t hold back the smile that broke out across her face and Zelena rolled her eyes but she could see she had started smiling too. “Amazing, she’s amazing, sure the sexual frustration is going to kill me but I love her, Zelena, like really truly love her with every fibre of my being and it’s…thrilling, rejuvenating… and scary as hell.”

“I’m happy you two worked it out.”

Regina met her eyes and sighed, content and happy and Zelena didn’t hide her smile this time. “So maybe I am a little pussy whipped.”

Zelena barked out a laugh and Regina smirked, looking back down at her dinner and cutting into her chicken while Zelena laughed and studied her.

“Have you thought about showing her your pussy? Maybe that’ll get her to act.”

“I have, did not work.”

“Huh… that’s always worked for me… I guess men really are easier.”

“Gross!” Regina yelled, making a gagging noise that had Zelena laughing. “I do not want to hear about heterosexuality at the dinner table, Zelena.”

“Yeah well, I didn’t wanna watch you eye fuck Emma during lunch yesterday either and yet…”

Regina smirked, her eyes sparkling as she looked back down at her meal, thinking about Emma again and the things she did to her, lost in her tempting thoughts until she heard a gag and snapped her eyes up to look at Zelena with a raised brow.

“Sorry, I just witnessed you eye fuck a chicken cutlet. Please, do everyone a favour and fuck already.”

“You’re disgusting.”

“And you’re a horny mess.”

Regina rolled her eyes and focused on her meal, probably eating a little bit too fast, but her brain thought that the sooner she gets out of there the sooner she can slip into Emma’s apartment and surprise her.



They headed right to Regina’s after a long day of filming up by the Capilano suspension bridge, changing into the pyjamas before they stretched out on the couch, Regina’s legs resting in Emma’s lap as they read through the script for the next episode.

Emma’s fingers lazily running along Regina’s calf as they read, voices low and Emma could feel Regina watching her the whole time, her brown eyes burning her skin, and Emma caught her more times than not staring at her arms and licking her lips.

“We’re not going to get anything done if you keep looking at me like that…”

Regina let out a breathy laugh. “It’s hard to think when you’re touching me.”

“It’s hard not to touch you,” Emma threw back, running her eyes over Regina’s very tiny silk negligee, seeing her nipples through the thin fabric that just made Emma’s stomach twist and fall with need. “Especially when you’re wearing that.”

“I’ll stop imagining you pinning me to the wall when you stop imagining my nipples in your mouth or my fingers in my–”

“Regina…” Emma warned, her fingers digging into Regina’s calf as she tried not to think about the other day, about the conversation of teasing promise that Emma really kind of wished would happen.


Emma shook her head, looking down at Regina’s bare legs in her lap and she let her eyes travel higher, over her smooth and muscular thighs that Emma loved wrapped around her waist, to the hem of her negligee and that small gap from her thighs that teased her, with a promise of underwear and wetness, and of Regina’s moans and screams as she came undone.

“You’re thinking about me cumming aren’t you?”

Emma’s eyes moved up her body slowly to meet her eyes, seeing a hand against her stomach and the lace lining the top of the negligee resting against the tops of her breasts and Emma wanted to cry. “What if I said I was?”

“What if I told you I have been thinking about you all day?” Emma whined and then noticed Regina wiggle again, felt her legs shift and looked down at them curiously. “What if I told you I came with your name on my lips last night as I imagined your mouth over my dripping cunt and your fingers buried insi–”

Emma moved Regina’s legs from her lap, her script tumbling to the floor as she tugged until Regina was flat on her back and then Emma was over her, staring into dark eyes and before she could even wonder if it was okay Regina was pulling her into a kiss so desperate it had Emma tremble in her arms.

Regina’s legs wrapped around her hips, securing her against her as eager hands tangled in her hair, their tongues teasing each other’s and Emma’s body burned as Regina moaned in her mouth and rolled her hips up into her stomach, feeling her warmth against her belly and Emma moaned too.

“You,” Emma panted, moving her lips down Regina’s neck and getting a resounding moan in approval, hands tightening in her hair before Regina’s head rolled to the side. “Are,” she scraped her teeth over her skin before licking a path up her neck to her ear. “A tease.” She finished by sucking over that sensitive spot and rejoicing as Regina’s hips bucked up against her and she heard her moan again.

“You were first.”

Emma laughed against her neck at the immature response and pulled back, waiting for Regina’s eyes to meet hers and she smiled. “Did you really–”


“But we were texting until you slept, you fell asleep mid convo.”

Regina laughed, her fingers running down Emma’s spine and Emma felt a shiver go through her. “Yes, I came so hard I passed out with my phone in my hand thinking about what you’d do if you knew what I was doing.”

“We weren’t even…”

Regina leaned up, their lips brushing together slowly at first but quickly it heated back up again and Emma got lost. “I was so turned on from our very against-the-rules-lunch break, I couldn’t stop thinking about your moans in my ear, your hands under my shirt.”

Regina moaned and arched into her and Emma pulled back, unsure what she’d done to get that reaction but it seemed it was just the memory of her touch.

“Oh shit.”

Regina chuckled, hips rolling up against Emma’s stomach and Emma watched her tremble, felt her hardened nipples brush against her and she nearly lost her mind.

“I need you, Emma, god I need you so badly, please, I just want to feel you, see you.”

Emma moaned, pressing in lower to Regina and covering her mouth in a sloppy kiss and Emma knew instantly she’d do anything for her, she also knew that she really fucking needed her too.

“This has been the hardest month of my life,” Emma confessed against her parted lips and Regina let out an almost whiny kind of laugh.

“You’re telling me?”

“I close my eyes and sometimes I can just see you naked and withering on the bed, moaning my name as you cum.”

“You could see that with your eyes wide open if you give me a minute.”

Emma moaned as she felt Regina’s legs pull her closer into her again and then hands tug up Emma’s tank top so they could run along her bare skin while Regina’s hips rolled against her, her arousal soaking through her underwear and smearing all over Emma’s stomach.


Regina just moaned though and Emma was sure she was going to burst, each moan and shuttering movement of Regina’s hips against her was driving her crazy; nails dug into her back and Emma looked down as Regina arched off the couch for a second and she couldn’t just sit by while Regina had an orgasm, Emma really wanted to be a participating member on the first time she witnessed it, and right now only her abs seemed to be.

“Nooo.” Regina whined as Emma pulled away and she kind of felt bad, but they were on the couch fully clothed, she could do better.

“Shhh,” Emma breathed, and Regina glared at her as she pressed a kiss to her temple, “don’t worry, I’m going to make you cum I’d just like to be the cause of it.”

“Oh but you are, darling.” Regina purred, moving her legs open a bit and Emma looked down to red cotton that was obviously soaked through, and she moaned at the sight. “But if you wish to touch me I will not stop you.”

“Bedroom.” Emma demanded and stood up, not surprised when hands moved up her thighs and to her hips, turning Emma so she was standing between spread legs and Emma looked down at those beautiful and loving dark eyes. “What?”

“Emma, wait. Don’t feel pressured, I can kee–”

“I’m ready, trust me, I am very ready. You have a very dirty mouth, Mills.”

Regina chuckled and leaned forward, her lips brushing over Emma’s belly and then licking up to her bellybutton, a moan vibrating against her skin and then Emma remembered how her stomach was wet with Regina’s arousal and her brain broke, she was basically a zombie as Regina led her upstairs by hands on her hips.

It took her a minute to realize she was now sitting on Regina’s bed but she refocused the second black silk and lace invaded her vision and slowly she looked up to find Regina watching her curiously.

“Are you alright, Emma?”

“Yeah, sorry, you just broke my brain there for a sec.”

Regina chuckled, fingers combing soothingly through her hair. “I promise to break it again very soon.”

“I can’t wait, but first I’d really love to break yours.”

“Good luck with that, darling,” Regina husked, fingers brushing along Emma’s ear lovingly. “I happen to be very hard to break.”

Emma smirked. “Guess we have a long night ahead of us then.”

“Seems like it…”

Emma’s eyes moved from Regina’s smirking face to trace over the lace covering the tops of her breasts and then the nipples straining against the fabric, and Emma leaned in, kissing a silk covered breast and moaned as Regina’s hands tightened in her hair.

“I wanna see you.”

“Okay…” Regina whispered and her hands fell to the short hem of her negligee and Emma shook her head. “What?”

“Back up, I want to see every inch of you as you remove it.”

Regina smirked and took a couple of steps back, Emma’s eyes tracing over her body quickly before watching Regina cross her arms over her body and start pulling up her negligee. Emma’s eyes moved over each inch of exposed skin hungrily.

The red panties covering her centre, her full hips, strong abdominals, ribs, Emma gasped as she saw the undersides of her breasts and then hardened nipples, her heart beating out of her chest as she forced herself to look up higher, to her collar bones and a long neck, her strong jaw and lips, the bottom one pulled between perfect white teeth, and then the negligee was pulled completely over her head, hair falling back down and into place, her loose curls brushing against muscular shoulders and Emma sighed.

“You’re as beautiful as I remember.”

Regina chuckled, moving closer again and climbing easily into Emma’s lap, her breasts right in her face and Emma didn’t think before she took a hardened nipple into her mouth and sucked.

She held the back of Regina’s thighs, keeping her steady as her head fell back and her body arched, moans rumbling from her throat while her hands held tightly on Emma’s hair, trying to keep herself grounded as Emma’s mouth teased both nipples.

“Emma…” Regina breathed out around a quiet moan, a plea, a request, maybe a thank you and Emma smiled, kissing her way up her sternum and loving the way Regina trembled in her arms.

“You’re amazing.”

“You too,” Regina breathed, looking down at Emma now and Emma smiled, their eyes connecting and sharing in a silent conversation before Emma let her hands fall away and she moved back on the bed, Regina crawling after her.

Emma smiled as she watched Regina kneel in the middle of the bed, watching her in awe as Emma started pulling her tank top from her body, watching Regina’s eyes move down to watch her remove it.

“You’re perfect…” Regina breathed and Emma blushed, biting the inside of her cheek before she moved toward Regina, her hands splaying on her thighs and she smiled as the muscles quivered under her touch.

“Lay back.”

“Say please.”

Emma rolled her eyes and leaned in, their lips close enough to brush together. “Please lay back so I can make love to you.”

She felt Regina’s unsteady breath against her lips and she leaned in, their mouths moving together easily and slowly; she felt Regina shift, leaning back and feet pressed against the mattress on either side of Emma’s hips, their breasts brushing together as Regina pulled her down on top of her, moaning into the kiss as their breasts brushed against each other.

Regina pulled her against her again, unable to stay away, her hips lifting off the bed to try and find any form of contact as her hands ran all over Emma’s back. It was overwhelming and amazing, she felt so good against her.

Regina let out a pleased hum as Emma’s lips brushed over her jaw, moving down to her neck and covering it with a mix of soft kisses, nips, and sucking at the few places she knew drove Regina crazy.

Hands ran through her hair and she felt Regina’s moans vibrate through her throat, and her hips kept moving up to find her stomach, pulling more and more moans from the back of her throat.


“Mmm?” Emma hummed against her collarbone, her own nipples brushing against Regina’s heated skin as she moved down.

“I wanna feel all of you, please.”

Emma pressed a kiss to Regina’s racing heart and leaned back, taking in how absolutely gorgeous she was. Just like last time, her skin was flushed and her breathing was labored, her breasts moving with each breath, she swore she could see her pulse thudding in her neck and her eyes were dark with lust; she was everything.

“Wow…you just keep getting more beautiful.”

Regina let out a strained laugh, hips rolling up against the air pulling Emma’s attention down to her open legs and underwear that was soaked through and she just really wanted to see, to feel her wetness, to taste it.


Emma’s eyes moved away from the rocking hips to Regina’s eyes and she sighed at the love she found in them, at the need. “Yours first.”

Regina chuckled, her hands gripping fists in the sheets and Emma pressed a kiss to a bent knee before she ran her hands up warm thighs, feeling her trembling under her, feeling eyes watching her the whole time. She felt her hips rising the second her fingers touched the band of her underwear.

“May I?”

“Yes,” Regina moaned and Emma curled her fingers under them and started pulling it over her hips and down her thighs, Emma’s eyes locking on the soaked patch of trimmed dark curls, frozen in spot and Regina’s pulled her leg from the underwear and let it fall open against the bed, giving Emma a better view of her swollen and soaked folds.


“This is what you do to me, every time we kiss, I get so wet for you.”

“Even when we’re…” Emma trailed off watching in shock as Regina’s fingers swiped through her folds, a moan rumbling out of her and her back arching off the bed.

“Yes, I made that rule for a reason. I couldn’t act in those jeans when I was s-so sensitive.”

Emma whimpered, pulling Regina’s underwear off her other leg and she pressed both her hands against Regina’s knees, hearing Regina moan either from her own touch or just Emma’s on her skin.

“Are you going to touch me or would you prefer to watch how I bring myself to climax?”

“I’m thinking,” Emma husked and Regina’s fingers stopped teasing through her folds and Emma was able to look up again, watching in shock as she leaned up on one elbow and brought her wet fingers to her own lips and slowly she let them slip inside and Emma was sure she was dead.


“If I wanna make you cum with my fingers or my mouth.”

Regina moaned, her arm supporting her weight trembling and Emma’s body buzzed.

“Which would you prefer, Regina?” She asked with innocent eyes and Regina groaned, her back falling back down against the mattress making Emma giggle. Pushing up onto her knees she slipped her thumbs under the hem of her boxers. “I forgot to tell you something these last few months…or maybe years…”

Regina’s eyes opened, looking at Emma’s face before she noticed her slowly slipping her boxers down. “What?” she breathed and Emma smiled.

“I rarely ever wear underwear under these.”

Regina stared with wide eyes as Emma’s boxers were pulled down to reveal her bare and dripping sex. “Oh god…”

“And that sometimes you just have to look at me and I become dripping wet, sometimes I get scared it’ll drip down my thighs and you’ll see it or you’ll smell it.”

Regina moaned, her body trembling, and Emma tossed her boxers off the bed and slowly started climbing back up her body, feeling the heat from Regina’s centre against her stomach.

Emma brushed the hair from Regina’s forehead, her skin sticky with sweat and she smiled, leaning down and connecting their lips again, moaning loudly at the taste of Regina on her tongue.

“Fuck…” she panted and Regina chuckled, her hands moving down Emma’s back and legs, pulling her down on top of her causing Emma to moan again, she was so wet.

“Make love to me, Emma. Fuck me, I don’t care, just do something. I need you.”

Emma pushed back, bracing herself on her knees as she let her hands roam over Regina’s body while her lips moved over her neck again, feeling her pulse against her tongue as she sucked on her pulse point; she didn’t want to stop but she did, moving lower and lower.

Her lips and teeth brushed and scrapped against Regina’s collarbone, pausing at the thudding of her heart as her right hand moved from Regina’s breast to hold onto her side, her thumb brushing against the underside of it here and there as she moved her mouth over an over-stimulated nipple and wrapped her lips around it, Regina’s moans like music to her ears.

Her hands moved to Regina’s hip to keep her steady as she moved her mouth to the other breast, massaging tense muscles in Regina’s thighs and feeling them quiver under her touch, she listened to Regina’s moans and sighs, the whispers of her name as her hands moved all over Emma’s back and tangled in her hair, trying to touch and hold onto everything she could.

“I love you,” Regina whispered into the silence of the room and Emma paused her kisses over her chest to look up at her, her back falling back to the bed when her eyes found hers so fast. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Emma smiled, her hand slipping over the inside of Regina’s thigh and watching her eyes widen in anticipation. “May I?”


Emma smiled and sat back, her hands moving to the middle of Regina’s thighs to push them further apart, she was wetter than before, and Emma moaned at the wet spot she found on the bed. “God, you’re soaked.”


Emma slipped her hands higher, her eyes moving up to meet Regina’s as she swiped her finger through her folds for the first time, her arousal growing as Regina’s mouth fell open with a silent moan and her hips rolled up eagerly to meet her fingers.

“You feel so good…” Emma sighed, looking down to her fingers slipping through Regina’s folds, her thigh trembling under her hand and slowly Regina’s panting increased, a hand reaching desperately for Emma’s and their fingers slipped together.

“Emma, I need more, please, god…” A moan was pulled out of her and Emma slipped her finger lower until she found her entrance, watching Regina’s face as she pushed the tip of her middle finger in, slowly entering her little by little. “More.”

Emma pulled out and added a second, Regina was so wet for her, her walls clenching around her fingers when they moved slowly, trying to pull her in further and Emma watched Regina’s face contort in ecstasy, hips rolling to meet her slow strokes making Emma moan.

“You’re amazing.”

Regina moaned, back arching off the bed, Emma’s eyes locked on her breasts and straining nipples and she leaned up on her knees, pulling her hand in Regina’s up with her to rest against the bed as she pulled a nipple between her lips and pumped faster and deeper inside of her.

Her moans increased in volume and length, and Emma’s skin burnt in anticipation for the moment of her release.

“C-close. Emma, darling, god!” Regina’s hand tangled tightly in her hair and the other squeezed onto hers, hips trembling and losing the rhythm as she climbed higher and higher. “Please, Emma.”

Emma removed her lips from around a nipple and looked into hazy eyes, finding tears in them as she desperately sought out a release she’d been waiting forever for.

“I love you.”

“M-me too. Love you more i-if you let m-me cu–” Regina let out a surprised noise, somewhere between a moan and a scream as Emma pressed the heel of her hand against her clit, brushing against it with each stroke.

Emma peppered kisses all over Regina’s face, hearing the tiny whisper of her name over and over. “Cum for me, Regina, I want to see you.”

Regina’s eyes locked onto hers wide and loving and Emma kissed her long and deep, only pulling back when Regina’s hips stilled mid stroke and her walls were clenched almost painfully tight around her fingers.

She stared down into her eyes as she came, her lips moving silently through words as Emma brushed her thumb over her clit, drawing it out and Regina’s body started convulsing, loud moans filling the room; Emma watching in awe as Regina came all over her hand.

“I love you,” Emma whispered in her ear as she started peppering her face in kisses, catching the tears as they fell, Regina’s hand tight in hers and the more Regina came down from her high the looser her hold on her hair got, until she was panting in Emma’s ear and brushing her fingers through Emma’s tangles.

“I love you too…” Regina eventually whispered, her voice deep and strained and Emma slipped her fingers out of her, burrowing into Regina’s neck and enjoying the feeling of her body against hers.

Minutes passed, Regina’s hand running lazily over her body and then slowly, to Emma’s utter surprise Regina started laughing, quiet and slow and almost disbelieving and Emma pulled back to look into her eyes, trying to find out what was so funny.

“What?” she asked when Regina gave her nothing, and Regina shook her head, leaning her head up to brush her lips over Emma’s in a soft kiss. 

“I just can’t believe it took us six years to do that…”

Emma chuckled, kissing Regina again before she said against her lips. “It’s all about the longing.”

Her heart expanded as Regina laughed full and loud against her mouth, thumb brushing over her cheek as she smiled up at Emma with eyes that sparkled with love. “Boba.”

Emma smiled widely at her, leaning down to press a kiss to the freckle next to Regina’s smiling lips. “Yours.”

“Mine,” Regina said, turning her head to catch Emma’s lips with her own, the kiss lazy and sloppy as she was still recovering. “That was great…”

“Remarkable, you’re so beautiful when you cum, I think I could watch you forever.”

Regina chuckled again, combing Emma’s hair back with her fingers as she smiled. “Later, first I’d like to see you cum and maybe, if I’m lucky, you’ll scream my name.”

“I think I can make that happen for you.”

Emma covered Regina’s lips with her own as she started laughing again, both smiling into the kiss for a few long moments until Regina’s legs wrapped around her hips again and Emma moaned, leaning into the deep kiss just before Regina flipped her onto her back and pulled back to look at her with a proud and challenging smile.

“Now, Miss Swan, how would you like to cum in my mouth?”

Emma moaned, her eyes falling shut as Regina chuckled before lowering her mouth to connect their lips in a slow kiss. Emma pleased at the feel of Regina’s wetness against her stomach as she straddled her hips.

“Should be illegal to be so hot.” Emma said against their kiss and Regina laughed again.

“What did I do this time?” Emma smiled against her lips, her hand falling to Regina’s hip and she gave it a tug, Regina moaned into her mouth and pulled back, pecking her lips and Emma watched the little grin on her lips and the mischief in her eyes forming and she might have been scared if it wasn’t so hot. “I’ll remember that for later.”

Emma moaned, and Regina’s lips left hers to travel over her neck and jaw, licking and sucking and biting and Emma was spinning, her hand moving up to cup Regina’s ass and dying at the moan she felt against her.

“I’ll remember that too.”

“R’gina…” Emma whined and Regina licked up the column of her throat and nibbled at her jaw.


“Stop teasing.”

“Just wanna be sure you’re ready for me.”

Emma laughed, squirming in place and Regina moaned against her and rose her hips off of Emma to get away from the stimulation. “Trust me, I’m ready. Have a peek and check for yourself.

Regina pulled away from her neck, a brow arching and Emma knew she was fucked but she was hoping it’d be in the way she’d enjoy. “Oh yeah? Well, I’d hate to assume…”

Emma opened her mouth with a rebuttal but it died in her throat, replaced instead with a moan as Regina reached behind her and slipped her fingers soothingly through her folds and Emma nearly sobbed as Regina moaned too.

“Well, it appears you are correct, I should get right on with helping you clean up down there.”

Emma whined as fingers still moved agonizingly slow through her folds, teasing her, and Emma watched Regina’s eyes studying her face for each reaction, taking notes for later and it shouldn’t be so hot picturing the imaginary excel sheet, but it was; nerd Regina was a turn on.

Nothing like a nerdy and naked Regina on top of her, a few love bites showing on her breasts and stomach making Emma even more turned on, and as she looked lower she could see and feel her dripping centre, and that tattoo, that damn tattoo Emma now wished she’d covered with her mouth.

“Well, aren’t you a needy one.” Regina purred and Emma’s eyes found hers again, her cheeks somehow getting more flushed, and she could feel herself twitching with need. “I bet you’d cum with me barely touching you while I sat here, maybe if I touched myself too?”

Emma moaned bucking her hips up and Regina smiled, removing her fingers from teasing Emma’s centre and Emma whined, watching her closely.

“I think we can test that later too…”

“R’gina, please.”

Regina chuckled, sitting on Emma’s hips and Emma’s breath caught in her throat as their eyes locked and she slowly brought the finger coated in Emma’s wetness to her lips, moaning around it, at Emma’s taste, and Emma nearly came from that alone.

“And you say I’m the tease.”

Regina smirked at her and she rose onto her knees again, Emma’s hand still in hers, moving to rest on Regina’s other knee. “You are, but I’m worse.”

Emma let out a whiny kind of laugh, remembering everything she’s experienced since the first time she’d met Regina. “You are.”

“And you love it,” Regina whispered and Emma’s eyes softened, telling her everything she already knew as Regina moved between Emma’s legs, using their clasped hands to move Emma’s legs apart and she leaned down, teasing a nipple with her tongue before she kissed her way down, Emma’s hand finding her soft and thick hair and tangling in it as Regina licked and sucked a trail down her body.


She felt Regina smile against the inside of her thigh before teeth sunk into it and Emma’s surprised hiss turned into a moan as Regina sucked on her thigh, running her tongue over it; Emma just knew she was leaving a mark where nobody would see, and it made her squirm in place, Regina’s hair tickling her skin and Emma gathered it up securely in her hand as she felt her lips moving closer to her centre.

Emma didn’t expect to let out the moan she did, loud and sudden as she felt Regina’s tongue swipe through her folds and then moan against her, and she was sure she wasn’t going to last long; one glance down told her that if she kept looking she surely wouldn’t last another minute… but then brown eyes met hers from over her body and Emma couldn’t look away. Spotting all the love and joy in them.

“Jesus fuck… I… I–” her words cut off though as Regina’s tongue teased her clit and the only things she was able to say after that were moans.

Regina just watched her and Emma couldn’t look away, not even when the tension got so thick her eyelids started to droop, her eyes stayed locked on Regina’s, their hands holding tight, pressed down on Emma’s hips to keep her steady as Regina practically devoured her.

“Regina!” She yelped when she felt Regina’s tongue tease her entrance and she knew she wasn’t going to last much longer, not with Regina hitting every sensitive spot and teasing her just right. “Oh god please!”

Regina’s eyes fluttered shut as she slipped her tongue further into her and Emma’s back arched up, unable to still look at her as her stomach twisted into tight knots and she felt it pulling, tugging, building and she couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think, Regina’s name leaving her lips like a chant and she held onto her tighter and tighter, feeling the tip of her nose pressing against her clit and her tongue moving inside of her.

“Regina! I’m close! Fuck I’m so clo–” Her body froze as Regina’s lips wrapped around her clit and sucked, tongue flicking over it and everything went dark; for a minute all she could hear was the echoing sound of her own scream ringing in her ears, and she was almost certain she’d lost consciousness, because the next thing she knew Regina was tucked into her side, her fingers softly brushing against her side and her lips brushing soft kisses over her shoulder and neck.

“Wha–” she tried but her voice was thick and her head was foggy and Regina chuckled, her fingers so gentle against her side Emma almost started crying.

“Welcome back, sleepyhead.”

Emma groaned and Regina laughed again, pushing up on her elbow to kiss the corner of Emma’s mouth, then her cheek and temple until Emma turned to face her, then she kissed the tip of her nose and finally her lips.

“You are very good at that.”

Regina chuckled against her lips and pulled away, her fingers brushing sweaty hair from Emma’s forehead. “Thank you, but I took the screaming of my name and then the passing out as high praise already.”

Emma’s body shook with laughter and she looked into Regina’s eyes, her hand reaching up to brush Regina’s hair from her face, watching the adorable way her eyebrows creased in question.

“I have never seen someone look so happy to be eating someone out.”

“Well, you obviously haven’t been eaten out by enough women then.”

“No, no, you’re,” Emma blushed and Regina’s eyes widened. “You’re the first one.”

“Well,” Regina’s smile spread across her face and she bumped their noses together adorably. “How was it?”

“I thought you knew? I never knew it could feel that good…”

“This is why men are trash.”

Emma laughed, feeling Regina pepper kisses over her face while she did, and Emma loved her so much. “Can I do that to you?”

Regina chuckled against her neck and then pressed a kiss against it. “Maybe later, sadly we have work in the morning.”

Emma started to pout but she felt Regina’s lips brush against her jaw and it made her smile, eyes finding hers as Regina pulled back again.

“We have to shower so you can help me wash up.”

Emma smiled, pulling Regina into a deep kiss and feeling her moan against her lips. “I don’t know if I can stand.”

Regina sighed, pecking her lips and looking down at her. “Pee, brush teeth, and glasses, the rest can wait for the morning.”

“Deal.” Emma smiled and Regina pressed another kiss to her lips and rolled away, slipping off the bed and then reaching out for Emma to help her out of bed and into the bathroom.

They went about their business, Regina giggling at Emma as her legs trembled and as they stood at the sink in her bathroom, Regina wrapped her arms around Emma’s waist, holding her steady and peppering kisses over her shoulder as she took out her contacts and brushed her teeth before she led them back to bed, curling up together of the right side of the bed, Regina curled up against her front, their bodies warm against each other and Emma drifted off faster than she ever had in her life.



Regina woke up to fingers drawing lazy patterns over her back, a sleepy giggle leaving her mouth as she turned her head in her arms, blinking at the blurry sight of blonde hair and a bare chest that welcomed her.

“Good morning,” Emma whispered, brushing a kiss over Regina’s shoulder and she smiled, pushing up on her arms to look at Emma.

“How long have you been awake?”

“30 minutes maybe?”

Regina giggled again, watching Emma adjust her glasses on her face. “And you’ve just been watching me the whole time?”

“Yes, you’re very cute when you sleep. Little snores, you sometimes mumble and smack your lips together, and when I run my hands over your spine you let out the cutest little happy hums.”

Regina squinted her eyes and rolled onto her side, the chill of the room covering her bare chest now that she was no longer laying against the mattress. “Do you catalogue noises often?”

“Yes, especially last night… I really loved those noises.”

Regina chuckled, leaning up to brush her lips against Emma’s in a good morning kiss. “When do we need to get up?”

“We can dilly dally in the shower if we move now.”

Regina laughed and leaned forward, pressing her forehead against Emma’s sternum and sighing as fingers combed out tangles in her hair. “I am not having sex in the shower until you can remain upright after an orgasm.”

Emma’s chuckle vibrated through her and then a kiss was pressed to the top of her head. “Fine, but we can at least have a concert and then very thoroughly wash each other’s bodies.”

Regina shook her head and rolled away so she was laying on her back, watching Emma’s eyes roam all over her bare chest.

“Behave,” she warned with a tug of Emma’s earlobe and she got a laugh in response before Emma’s body was covering hers, a face nuzzling into her neck and Regina laughed too, hands moving to slip through Emma’s hair for a moment before she patted her shoulder. “Okay, up you get, shower, teeth, dress, breakfast.”

Emma groaned but rolled off of her and sat up, slipping her glasses back onto her face before she stretched, and Regina sat up behind her, placing a kiss against her shoulder blade and loving the little content sigh Emma released.

A moment passed and then Emma rose from the bed and headed into the bathroom, and Regina fell onto her back again, a smile spreading out across her face as she let everything from last night replay in her mind until Emma called for her and she slipped from the covers, rubbing her eyes before she slipped on her glasses, stopping at the doorway to watch Emma fiddle with her shower.



March 20th, 2018



“Hi,” Emma said when she approached Regina, getting a sleepy smile in response, huddled up close in her large jacket to keep out the chilly night air. “How’re you holding up?”

“Cold, tired, and I think I have dirt in my bra.”

Emma chuckled and moved closer, looking around the dark area, seeing only them and the crew around them. “Want me to help warm you up?”

Regina nodded with a little pout, she was absolutely adorable when she was sleepy and Emma opened her arms and her own coat, Regina stepping into her and sighing against her neck as Emma squeezed her tight.

“I don’t think I’ll make it home tonight.”

“You can stay at my place, it’s closer.”

Regina smiled against her neck, a dusting of a kiss against her neck that couldn’t be seen by anyone else, and Emma smiled, squeezing onto her tighter and swaying back and forth, Regina’s hands pressed against her back, slipped under the coat and blazer to find as much warmth as possible.

“Thank you.”

Emma sighed, wishing to say more but instead she just whispered a quiet, “always” into Regina’s hair and she felt her smile again, completely content as she listened to the crew members moving around them, chattering inaudibly amongst themselves.



Regina was so tired by the time they wrapped, she barely managed to change out of her wardrobe and make it back to Emma’s bug, falling asleep a few times to the gentle sound of Emma humming along to the music and the car’s vibrations under her.

Waking up only when she felt Emma’s fingers running through her hair and the brisk air sunk into her skin from Emma opening her door to coax her awake. “I don’t think I can make it.”

Emma chuckled, placing a kiss to her forehead before she unbuckled her seatbelt and tugged her arms until she was standing on the cement floor of the garage, a pout on her lips as she internally cursed her heels and tucked herself into Emma’s side, hoping she wouldn’t mind giving her a boost in. 

“Want me to give you a piggyback ride to the elevator?”

“I’m not that tired,” she said and felt Emma smile against her temple.

Emma placed another kiss there before she slipped their bags on her arm and locked up her bug, walking them to the basement doors and unlocking them to get to the elevators, Regina nearly dozing off against her side as they waited, and then again as it climbed up to Emma’s floor.

Emma guided her to the bedroom, chuckling as they toppled onto the bed and they laid there for a minute, Emma’s body pressed against hers and then Emma pulled away and began removing Regina’s shoes.

“Hey, hips up, sleepyhead.”

Regina grumbled but lifted her hips to let Emma pull the slacks from her body, internally cursing a missed coffee break on top of too much time filming stunts. Who knew pretending to dig out a hole was so much work.

“Up.” Emma tugged her hands and she sat up, pulling her coat off her body as Emma reached for the buttons on her shirt. “You weren’t even wearing these and there’s dirt in them.”

Regina wiggled out of her shirt and moved to unhook her bra, watching Emma’s eyes fall to her chest to see the discolouration on her skin from hours of dirt and wind and sweat making it stick to her.

“You weren’t kidding about the dirt in your bra.”

Regina pouted, trying to brush the dirt from her breasts while Emma giggled and tossed her clothes in the hamper and then started tugging at her jeans.

“I think there’s dirt in my underwear.”

Emma’s nose scrunched up and after she pulled her shirt over her head she tossed it in the hamper as well; her eyes never leaving Regina.

“Let’s wash all this off then we can sleep.”

Regina groaned but nodded, falling back against the mattress, her eyes fluttering shut as Emma finished removing her own clothes and then she walked out of the bedroom to start the shower, tugging at her hands again to get her to move along.

“I’ve never wished so much for a sponge bath in my life.”

“It’ll be nice, warm water will be good for your sore muscles.”

Regina sighed, tripping over her own feet as she followed Emma into the bathroom and then shower, carefully washing the dirt and makeup from each other. Once all clean, they toweled themselves off and Emma led her back to her bedroom. As soon as they collapsed against the bed, Regina snuggled against Emma’s chest, face buried in her neck as strong arms tugged her into her body, their legs naturally tangling together, Regina’s hand against Emma’s back as she slowly fell asleep to the sound of Emma quietly humming and fingers running soothingly through her damp hair.

“I love you.”

“I love you too,” Regina mumbled, the last conscious thought she had before being allowed to finally fall asleep.



Regina woke early in the morning for once, feeling Emma wrapped snugly against her body, their legs still tangled together and the warmth of their bare skin wrapped around them.

She could feel Emma’s breath ghost over the side of her face and her touch soft but sturdy in sleep, it made Regina smile against her neck. “This was bliss” she thought, and she didn’t want to leave Emma’s arms, but she also wanted to thank Emma for taking care of her the night before and she knew the best way to do that was to make her breakfast, because there were many things Emma loved, but food was something that made her feel loved and cared for and Regina wanted her to feel what she had felt last night.

After a few moments Regina sighed and tipped her head back to brush a kiss over the underside of Emma’s chin, smiling to herself, and barely containing a happy giggle before she slipped out from under the covers and walked around the bed, pausing at the end of it as she stretched out her back muscles letting out a small squeak as they pulled deliciously.

With a small yawn she rubbed the sleep from her eyes as she wandered sleepily toward Emma’s dresser to pull on a pair of underwear and then moved to grab Emma’s sweater that was left in a pile on the floor at the end of her bed. She pulled it up to her nose, smiling as Emma’s scent filled her nostrils and slowly she pulled it on over her head.

Rubbing her eyes again, she walked back to the bed to grab her glasses and slipped them on pausing as she looked down at Emma. She sighed, watching her sleep for a few moments, a gentle smile playing on her lips as she reached out and brushed the hair from Emma’s face, her fingers ghosting over her forehead and temple before leaning down, placing a light kiss to her temple and heading to the bedroom door and quietly slipping out.

Her eyes focused on the door to make sure it didn’t slam, a content sigh leaving her mouth before she swore she could smell pancakes cooking and frowned.

“Good you’re up, come help me cook, Em–” the voice froze just as Regina turned around to see Emma’s mother standing in the kitchen, spatula in hand and wearing Emma’s stupid apron. “Oh my god!”

Regina’s eyes suddenly went wide when she remembered her state of dress –or lack thereof, her hands moving to tug down the hem of the sweater to cover as much as possible as she stared at the woman who was staring back at her.


“Oh my god…” Ingrid said again and Regina winced.


“Wha?” She heard Emma’s sleepy grumble from the other side of the door and then remembered Emma was very nude and she spun around, pulling the door so Emma couldn’t open it.

“Emma, don’t come out here.”

“Did you make me a surprise breakfast? Is there whip cream?”

“Emma…” Ingrid said and Regina dropped her head against the door and pulled at her sweater again.

Emma opened the door a crack and saw Regina’s panicked eyes, asking a hopeless question. “Please tell me my mother is on the phone?”

Regina shook her head and Emma winced.

“Please tell me if I look down you’re wearing pants,” Emma asked and Regina gave her a panicked expression.

“She is not,” Ingrid called out.

They both winced at the same time, feeling a lot like caught teenagers, and Emma fumbled away from the door, Regina peeking in to watch her falling over herself to pull on sweatpants and a shirt and it was hard not to laugh at the sight.

“Mom, it’s not what it looks like!” Emma said as she tripped over her own feet in her pursuit to move around Regina and cover her body. “I mean, it’s sorta what it looks like but not…”

“If you had told me you were seeing someone I would have called first.”

Regina peeked around Emma’s shoulder, tugging the sweater over her ass again and wishing it were the bigger one for a change.

“Well, I didn’t think you’d decide to just show up unannounced!”

Ingrid dropped the spatula on the counter and turned off the element to give Emma a look that even made Regina feel like a child again.

“Well, sorry for wanting to surprise my daughter for her gotcha day.”

“Gotcha… oh god, Mom I totally forgot…”

Ingrid waved her off, looking around Emma to look at Regina with a less than polite look before she met Emma’s eyes again. “I mean I figured you might have, since you’re so busy with work, but I thought since I couldn’t come for your birthday, that I’d surprise you.”

“Mom, that’s really sweet.”

Regina’s hands fell to Emma’s hips, nervously trying to get some support and Emma’s hands covered her own pulling them to wrap around her middle and Regina buried her face in her neck to hide her smile.

“So, when did this start?”

“Can we like have this conversation after some coffee and when my girlfriend is wearing pants?”

“Girlfriend, huh?”


Ingrid grinned at her and Regina brushed a kiss over Emma’s shoulder, feeling her relax against her and when she met Ingrid’s eyes again, she was studying her closely.

“I’ll put on the coffee.”

“Make it extra strong, Regina isn’t human without an absurd amount of caffeine running through her veins.”

Ingrid nodded and went back to her pancakes while Regina slipped back into the bedroom, turning to face Emma when she heard the door close behind her.

“She hates me,” Regina hissed and Emma crossed the room, slipping her arms around Regina’s waist and pulling her into a hug Regina happily fell into.

“She doesn’t hate you… she just doesn’t trust you or your intentions.”

“That’s worse!”

Emma chuckled, pressing a kiss to the side of her neck. “Just put on some pants and load up on coffee while I do the talking.”

Regina groaned, stomping her foot like a child causing Emma to laugh again, hugging her tighter to her body. “She saw my ass, Emma! My ass!”

Emma kept laughing, and Regina pouted into her neck, feeling Emma tug up the back of her sweater as she looked over her shoulder to check. “Well, at least you’re wearing underwear, if not that’d be just weird.”

“Miss Swan…”

“Oh no, not the angry voice,” Emma giggled, kissing her neck and Regina turned back into a grumpy toddler. “If you want, I can deal with my mother and you can hide over at Zelena’s until it’s safe.”

Regina pulled back, jutting out her chin in an air of confidence that didn’t fool Emma one bit, not if that crooked smile was anything to go by. “I will not have her think I am not serious about this.”

“Alright. Then, put that sexy ass into some pants and get out there, slugger.”

Regina levelled her with a glare and Emma started chuckling, the two of them nose to nose as Regina threatened. “Call me that again and you’ll get no sex for a month.”

“Like you could last that long, we both know I have way more self-control than you.”

Regina grinned, and Emma squirmed. “Fine, call me that again and you can’t touch me for a month, and you’re forced to watch me get off while on top of you, or across the room, or on the pho–”

“Stop! You’re just making me wanna fuck you and my mom is in the other room.”

Regina barked out a laugh and Emma tugged her back into her, Regina’s body tipping back with the movement and she felt lips brush against her throat.

Regina shoved her away, still chuckling as she met Emma with a serious look. “Go back out there, I’ll get changed and be right out.”

“M’kay.” Emma smiled, leaning in for a kiss that Regina happily returned. “I love you, and good morning.”

“I love you too, but this morning is no longer good.”

Emma laughed as she moved away from her, feeling her presence following behind. “I don’t know about that, I did get to see your ass.”

Regina yelped as Emma’s hand connected with a barely covered cheek and she spun around. “Do not slap my ass while your mother is in the other room.”

“What can I do while my mother is in the other room?”

“Nothing until she believes I love you and I’m not just into you for your body.”

Emma pouted. “Fine. I love you, too you big meanie.”

Regina rolled her eyes and walked into Emma’s closet while Emma moved back out of the bedroom, and Regina leaped across the bed to try and find her phone to get much needed emergency advice from Mal… or maybe Neal… would that be weird?

She frowned, staring at the two contacts side by side on her favourites list, just after Emma, and she sighed before deciding to just call them both… and then debated on hiding in the closet like a teenager so she wouldn’t be overheard.



Emma anxiously ran a hand through her hair as she approached her mom in the kitchen, eyeing the way she was almost violently flipping a pancake.


“Why didn’t you tell me you were seeing her?”

Emma chuckled, “because of that. We have been best friends for two years, you know how happy she makes me…”

“I also know how much she hurt you.”

Emma groaned and slipped onto one of the barstools. “That was 6 years ago, mom, we were dumb kids then, and even so we were definitely not ready for a relationship.”

Ingrid looked at her, eyes worried and serious and Emma gulped. “How do you know she won’t get scared and run off again?”

“Because we’re in love, because I trust her, because even if I didn’t know, I love her enough to want this, to risk a broken heart. She makes me really happy, mom.”

Ingrid sighed. “I have seen the lives and photos…”

“Then why is this so hard for you to understand?”

“Because I hate seeing you get hurt.”

Emma shook her head, reaching across the island, and Ingrid covered Emma’s hand with hers. “I’m a big girl, I can take care of myself. And if you don’t accept her, you will be the one hurting me.”

Ingrid huffed. “When did you get so logical? Where is my reckless child who fought boys three times her size on school property?”

“Her mom taught her to think before she acted.”

Ingrid squeezed her hand and went back to the pancakes, pouring batter onto the griddle.

“I promise to keep an open mind…” she said after a few minutes and Emma smiled.

“Thank you…”

“I love you, Emma, I just want you to be happy.”

Emma smiled a dumb lovestruck smile and sighed out. “She is my happiness.”

“Gosh, have you always been this disgusting when in love?”

Emma laughed. “No, just with her.”

Ingrid softened more at that and she started nodding. “Then I’m happy you have her.”

“Me too…”

Ingrid flipped the pancakes and looked toward the bedroom with a frown and Emma looked too. “Is she hiding from me?”

Emma shrugged. “She’s not good with people, she’s probably hiding in a corner getting a pep talk from Mal or Neal.”

Ingrid shook her head, and Emma didn’t understand that look completely but she chose to ignore it and pour herself and Regina some coffee, slipping back into the room to find Regina on the bed, nodding to whatever someone was saying on the phone while she was holding the sleeve of the sweater against her face.

“I brought coffee. And talked to my mom, it is safe to leave the bedroom now.”


Emma handed her the coffee and combed her fingers through tight and wild curls from sleeping while it was still wet. “Tell them I say hi,” Emma whispered before she pressed a kiss to the top of Regina’s head and headed back out the room, catching her mom subtly watching them from around the island.



Regina eventually joined mother and daughter out in the main part of the condo, finding them both sitting in the living room eating their pancakes and Regina couldn’t help but smile at just this glimpse into what Emma’s life was like with Ingrid.

She nervously brushed her hand over her borrowed pair of boxers, hating that she didn’t have any real clothes there since she hadn’t planned to stay the night and everything she had worn the day before was covered in grime.

“Hey, Regina!” She blinked into focus, smiling as she walked closer to see Emma on the floor in front of the sofa.

“How did you know I came out?”

Emma’s eyes sparkled, taking in Regina’s attire and softening as she stopped on Regina’s hand on her belly. “I always know when you’re in a room.”

“There are pancakes in the kitchen and more coffee if you would like some,” Ingrid said and Regina looked at the other woman and smiled, stepping toward the island.

“Thank you, ma’am.”

“Ingrid, please,” she clarified and Regina nodded, biting the inside of her cheek as she turned around and slipped into the kitchen, filling a mug with coffee and putting a couple of pancakes on a plate and heading into the living room, wondering where to sit.

Emma flashed her a smile and Regina sighed, slipping on the cushion behind Emma and rested the plate in her crossed legs. “I’m going to buy you a dining room table.”

“But that takes up all the dance space.” Emma tipped her head back against her knee to give her that damn puppy dog look that caused her to roll her eyes.

“We don’t dance.”

“No, but I do, every morning when I remember I’m dating you.”

“Stop being so cheesy, you’re going to make me nauseous.” Regina quipped and Emma’s smile got bigger, turning her head and leaning forward to press a kiss to the knee she wasn’t leaning against a second ago, Regina’s hand automatically moving to run through her hair, smoothing it out.

“You love it.”


Emma kissed her knee again, watching Regina closely to catch the love in her eyes the minute it showed.

“So, Emma never did tell me when this all began…”

They both looked toward Ingrid who was watching them with curious but affectionate eyes.

“January 21st.” Regina said and Emma gave her a dopey smile before looking about at her mom. “Emma was being stubborn and wished to talk about feelings.”

“She didn’t want to, but I wore her down with my charm and excellent pancake making skills.”

“You mean my pancakes?” Ingrid asked with a smirk and Regina looked down at the plate in her lap as Emma laughed nervously.

“Yeah, your pancakes, thank you mom, for teaching me.”

“So this is new then?”

“Yes and no,” Emma shrugged and Regina played with her hair while she brought her coffee to her lips for a much needed sip. “Kinda been working up to it for a while…”

“Well, since I am here,” Ingrid started and Regina looked up to find eyes boring into her. “I’d love to get to know the girl who captured my daughter’s heart.”

Regina blushed and looked down into her coffee, but after a moment she met her eyes again, walls falling slightly into place to hold up a conversation right now. “What would you like to know?”


“Just my parents and Zelena. My mom’s family isn’t in the picture and my dad’s side is more distant, but I have a few uncles and cousins.”

“Well, I look forward to meeting them one day.”

Regina looked into her coffee, feeling pain twisting in her gut until Emma’s hand fell on her knee and Regina stared at it as she tried to gain her bearings, while Emma talked.

“Regina’s family is…” Regina met Emma’s eyes and saw her asking for help and Regina took a deep breath, her hand falling on Emma’s as she met Ingrid’s eyes again.

“My mother is incredibly homophobic and not accepting of me, but I’m sure my father will be happy to meet you one day as well.”

“Oh dear, I’m so sorry.”

Regina shrugged, watching Emma slip their fingers together and she sighed. “I have the family that I chose, that loves me unconditionally and that’s really what counts, right?”

Ingrid smiled slowly at her and started nodding. “Yes, I agree wholeheartedly.”

“You seem like a very loving and protective mother, Ingrid, I am happy Emma has someone like you.”

“Thank you.”

Regina nodded and looked down at her plate, she picked up her fork and cut into her pancakes, taking a bite and listening as Emma and Ingrid slowly started joking around, pulling her into it here and there, and Regina felt grateful for it.



Emma pouted at the two women standing in her kitchen, reading her for filth as they talked and laughed and Emma would be mad if it didn’t make her so happy to see Regina and her mom bonding while Regina taught Ingrid how to cook one of her favourite dishes.

“Emma has always been a disaster in the kitchen, she destroyed a toaster once ‘cause she was frustrated.”

“Mom not that story please…”

“Oh but it was so cute.” Emma pouted and Ingrid sighed. “Fine, I’ll just tell her about that time in home ec class.”

“Oh god!” Emma buried her face in her hands making Regina laugh, her fingers brushing against Emma’s elbow in comfort even if she was about to betray her.

“Oh, please, tell me everything.”

“Judas.” Regina’s finger brushed over her arm again and Emma looked between her fingers to catch her snuggly smiling at her and damn her!



Regina looked up from her tablet, smiling as Emma, Ruby, Tiana, and Rogers ran around on the field before them, laughing and playing a game of soccer between takes. She loved seeing Emma so happy, loved the sound of her laughter and taunting comments to the others.

She couldn’t keep the loving smile off her face as she watched Emma, hair in a ponytail instead of the usual bun and dressed much more comfortably in her tactical gear. Her arms bare from the short sleeves and her hair moving around with each fake out or dodge.

Regina loved how cocky Emma got when she played, it was adorable, the victory dances and she was such a showoff, on anyone else, she would probably hate it, but with Emma it just warmed her heart.

“Hey, Mills!”

“Yes, Miss Swan?” She smirked as Emma jogged toward her, sweaty and out of breath and Regina’s head tipped back to meet Emma’s eyes as she gripped the arms of her set chair.

“If I win do I get a victory hug?”

Regina rolled her eyes, a hand reaching up to brush a sweaty lock of hair from Emma’s forehead with a slight grimace. “Maybe after you hit the showers.”

Emma chuckled, leaning in close to Regina’s ear to whisper. “Promise to join me?”

Regina gave her a playful shove, eyes rolling again as she huffed out an annoyed breath, her chin jutted out as she responded with a smirk. “In your dreams.”

“Always,” Emma replied with a smirk and turned to run off again and Regina reached out, swatting Emma’s ass with the back of her hand and cackling when Emma sent her a mock look of shock.

“Good hustle, Sergeant.”

“I’ll get you back for that, Mills.” Emma grinned, her finger pointed toward her as she walked backward, her eyes glowing with promises that made Regina’s stomach drop, and it took everything in her not to squirm in place.

“I look forward to seeing you try.”

Emma cackled and turned back to their castmates who had started playing again, Regina’s eyes moving from Emma’s arms and thighs and neck to the assortment of spectators at the other side of the field and blushed slightly, eyes back on her tablet and she checked twitter for anything about what had just happened.

She wasn’t sure how much time had passed, but suddenly her tablet was being removed from her hands and she looked up to Emma’s smirking face as she took her hands and pulled her from her seat and Regina went willingly.

“I believe I was promised a victory hug…” Emma smiled, still leading Regina out onto the field while Regina laughed.

“I believe I said after you showered.”

“How about a victory dance?”

“I do not dan–” Emma tugged her against her, “Emma!” Her arm slipped around her waist as she danced with her on the field and Regina leaned back, trying to level Emma with a glare. “I would also prefer you showering before this. You positively reek, my dear.”

“I could go into that bathroom below the field and take a sink bath… but I might need someone as a lookout.”


Emma smiled at her and Regina’s head tilted, her smile softening too, volumes communicated before Emma’s arms wrapped around her waist and she picked her up off her feet.

“I got her! Ready the hoses!”

“Emma!” Regina squealed, her legs instantly wrapping around Emma’s waist as Emma actually ran across the field. “Emma put me down!”

“Excuse me, young lady, do you have any water? Miss Mills needs some stat.”

She heard giggles and rambunctious laughter and she just knew they were standing in front of the crowd.

“N-no I don’t believe I do?” A young voice replied and Emma sighed, holding onto Regina tighter when she tried to pull away.

“Darn it, you see she is very hot, insanely hot and if we don’t cool her down fast we may all melt from proximity.”


“Oh no, hear that, it’s the warning tone, we’re about to go nuclear!”

“I will kill you for this.” Regina growled in her ear and Emma just adjusted her higher on her hips and held onto her thighs to be sure she wouldn’t fall or break loose.

“How about you, sir, do you have any water? Ice maybe?”

Regina huffed, tightening her thighs around Emma’s waist as she smirked at Rogers across the field and then just decided ‘fuck it’ and bit Emma’s neck getting a yelp in response and her hands to loosen her grip, allowing Regina to drop herself back onto the dew covered field and flash a wide smile at the fans.

“Well, seems the emergency is over, Miss Swan has been brought back from her heat induced delusions.”

“You bit me!”

Regina smirked, not paying her any mind as the fans gaped and laughed. “So, how are you all doing this fine afternoon?”

“Good!” The group chorused and Regina glanced over at Emma, rubbing her neck with a pout and she decided to take pity on her and reached out, rubbing her back soothingly as she focused on the fans.

“Who would like some pictures and autographs, hmm?”

There was a resounding agreement to that and Emma stopped pouting soon after, distracted with the fans, and Regina let her finger run along the part of her neck she’d bitten as she passed, completely innocuous to anyone else around them, but Emma turned and gave her those puppy eyes and that loving smile that Regina returned easily.

And maybe Emma had a little red mark from it for a few takes after, and maybe later that day Emma moved the wide sleeve of her tank top aside to bite her back. But it was all in good fun and they laughed about it as they ate lunch, Regina between Emma’s legs and resting against her front, her head on Emma’s shoulder and food in her lap, and every now and then Emma brushed kisses over her shoulder and neck as a reminder, and it was strangely nice.



They were in Regina’s living room, Regina’s head in Emma’s lap as an episode of Xena: Warrior Princess played on the TV, Emma’s fingers running lazily through her hair as she watched the screen, but Regina was too caught up in her own thoughts to pay attention to it, even if this was her pick of the evening.

Regina knew Emma could sense her thoughts, it was obvious in how she caught her watching her, in how her fingers slipped through her hair and scraped against her scalp, how every now and then she ran her thumb over Regina’s worried brow.

Some things had changed when they started dating, but Emma could still read her like an open book, perhaps she’s even gotten better at it because now, she knew when to push or when to just stand by and wait, and somehow it just made Regina love her more.

Every day she fell more in love with her, she knew logically she’s loved Emma for a long time now, but the knowledge of it was still so new, so scary sometimes. Emma had known for a year before they started dating, but Regina had only had a week of complete realization before it all began.

It had made Regina desperate to hold on tight to it for a while, a secret only they knew, but as the months passed and her love grew, she wished she could bring Emma home to meet the family, to get that moment everyone else gets, the one that tells everyone that it’s serious and dinner with Zelena just hadn’t cut it. She debated dinner with Mal, Ursula and Neal, but that would be torturing everyone involved, and Regina loved Emma too much to put her through something as awkward as that.

Regina wanted them to know she was happy though, most of all, since Ingrid’s visit she had wondered about her father. They didn’t talk much about her relationships, much less about her sexuality and she wasn’t sure if that was more on her part or his, but she loved him and she wanted him to get to know Emma, and for Emma to get to know him.

Regina wanted that cheesy moment where he would welcome Emma into the family, it was weird, to crave something as awkward as a ‘meet the family’ moment, to sit by as her parents told embarrassing stories from her youth… but she did, she just wanted her life to feel normal for once, was that too much to ask?

“You’re thinking awfully hard down there…”

Regina smiled at Emma’s casual tone, even as her fingers brushed away her furrowed brow again. “Sorry.”

“It’s okay, just better not be about Xena, because I draw the line at role playing characters, Mills.”

Regina rolled onto her back, a brow arched as she looked up at Emma. “So your request for me to dress up in Ravenclaw garb was…?”


Emma’s finger traced over the bridge of her nose then brushed against the downturned corners of her lips until they pulled up with a small smile.

“I’m thinking about telling my father about us.”

Emma’s touch paused for a split second, then she felt fingers in her hair again, and the hand that was tracing over her lips moved to cover Regina’s against her belly. “Oh?”

“I want him to know about you, to meet you…” Regina slowly laced their fingers together and watched as Emma smiled down at her. “Is that stupid?”

“No, no, I think it’s perfectly normal.”

“I know he loves me, but sometimes I wonder if he loves all of me, if he’d be there when we get married, if he’ll walk me down the aisle and dance with me… with you.”

Emma blushed, biting the inside of her cheek and Regina looked away, worried she had said too much for a relationship so fresh, but she couldn’t even picture her life without Emma in it anymore.

“I’m sorry that was probably weird to say…”

Emma chuckled, her thumb brushing away her worried brow again as she said, “no, not at all. I’d love to meet your father and if we do eventually choose to get married…” Regina looked up again, watching Emma’s blush on her cheeks, and more prominently, the emotions welling in her eyes. “I’d want him there too, if you did.”

“I am not planning to get married for a very long time though, so don’t go getting any ideas, Miss Swan.”

Emma laughed. “And be even more of a gay stereotype? We have checked off enough boxes, let’s not go full U-Haul.”

Regina shook her head and brushed her thumb over Emma’s hand, a long and thoughtful sigh leaving her mouth as Emma squeezed her hand, offering comfort and Regina smiled at it.

“Do you think I should?”

“Only if you want to.” Emma answered and Regina let out another sigh and turned on her side again. Emma’s hand in hers moved to her hip as Regina burrowed against her stomach and just took a deep breath. “I’ll be here for you no matter what.”

“Thank you.”

Emma’s fingers wordlessly moved through her hair again and the thumb from the hand on her hip brushed against the bare skin exposed from where her shirt had ridden up and she smiled, thinking how she loved those quiet moments with Emma, how she wouldn’t change them for the world.



April 22nd, 2018



Regina paced through her living room, her hand splayed across her belly as she stared down at her father’s contact, trying to get the courage to call him, she had been sure she wanted to do it, had told Emma she wanted the morning by herself to talk to her father, she had even written out what she wanted to say, but now as she stared down at her phone she couldn’t make herself do it, she just kept watching the numbers on the clock tick by.

It shouldn’t be so hard to make a simple phone call but it was, and suddenly she wished for Emma’s presence, for her arms wrapped around her waist or her fingers running through her hair. She just needed to feel grounded, protected, when the decision she was making made her feel the complete opposite.

Which is how she ended up standing on a step ladder in her closet, digging out a very old and worn sweater that although didn’t smell like Emma anymore, it brought a comfort she had relied on for so many years, one she would deny needing, except in that moment when it was so obvious that she needed Emma.

So she pulled off her button up and slacks and slipped on Emma’s ratty old t-shirt she’d been sleeping in the night before, and then the large mens Bruins sweater, the sleeves hanging over her hands and the hem falling mid-thigh, and she felt wrapped up in a warm blanket. Safe.

She wandered back downstairs, curled up in the corner of the couch and she closed her eyes, taking a deep breath before finally clicking on her father’s name, and she heard the faint ringing through the phone as she brought it up to her ear.


“Hi, Papi.” She smiled, pulling her legs tightly against her chest as she fought off tears. “How are you?”

“Better now that you have called. How are you, Mija?”

Regina bit her cheek, her hand rubbing her calf to try and calm her racing nerves. “I’m good… great actually.”

“Oh, that is wonderful to hear. The show is going well, I take it?”

“Yeah, we’re almost done filming the season. But that’s not why I am happy…well, not the only reason.”


Regina bit her cheek staring down at her feet pressed against the couch cushion, thinking fleetingly about Emma, about how just hours earlier they’d been laying right on that couch, sharing slow kisses and teasing each other about this and that like they so often did.

“I’m seeing someone…”


Regina stretched out her fingers, looking down at the tips of her fingers sticking out from the worn sleeve on the sweater. “She makes me really happy, papi.”

“I’m happy for you, mija.” Regina felt a tear roll down her cheek, all the anxiety over being rejected by her father again slowly ebbing away. “May I ask who this woman is?”

“You know my co-star, Emma?”

“I see…”

“It’s been four months now… and we’re really happy, I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy and I was hoping, maybe you’d like to meet her someday…”

“Of course, I’d love to meet the woman you love.”

Regina sniffled, hugging herself closer, her voice small as she asked. “You mean that?”

“Of course, mija. I have only ever wanted you to be happy.”

Regina pushed down her urge to fight, to ask if that was true then why hadn’t he fought for her, because now wasn’t the time.

“I’m sorry, Regina.”

Her eyes widened at his sad tone, a frown pulling down on her lips as she suddenly feared he was about to tell her he couldn’t lie anymore, that he didn’t really support her. “Why?”

“For letting you down as a girl, I should have been there for you, protected you like a father should.”

Tears rolled down Regina’s cheeks and she hugged herself tighter. “You should have,” she said, her voice sad and almost numb from the years of pain and neglect, she didn’t have the strength to sugar-coat it anymore.

“I want to be better though, make it up to you.”

“Thank you, papi…”

She heard him sniffle and hugged herself impossibly tighter, once again wishing for Emma’s arms to fall into.

“Why don’t you tell me about her? This Emma. How did it start?”

Regina chuckled, the sound deep with tears but slowly she began to smile. “Would you believe NASCAR?”

Regina talked to her father for a long while, telling him all about Emma, how she took her to the art gallery for her birthday and made her feel safe, how she was always so considerate and kind, always knew just how to make her feel better and could always make her laugh, even when she was sad.

She told him all the reasons why she loved Emma, and he listened and laughed and it felt like something was healing inside her, a trust that was once broken mending. It was everything she never even knew she needed, and Regina was so happy she’d decided to call him in the first place.



May 21th, 2018



Regina was sitting at her vanity, putting on her makeup for the wrap party at Mary Margaret and David’s house that night, paying extra close attention as she put on her eyeliner while Emma seemed to be destroying her bathroom.

“I can’t believe the season is already over,” Emma pouted in the reflection of the mirror and Regina’s lips quirked with a smile. “Wanna do my makeup? I always look like a raccoon when I do it myself.”

Regina put down her eyeliner and turned around, her eyes roaming over Emma in a bra, panties and garter set. “Well…” she smirked, leaning back slightly. “That is new.”

“You like?”

“I do…”

Emma slowly walked backward to the bed and Regina chuckled, turning back to the mirror to finish up. “Really?”

“Sit tight, Miss Swan, I will be right with you.”

“I am not waiting for my order, Regina.”

Regina looked behind her. “We do not have time for what you wish to do. But I will do your makeup for you.”

“Will you sit in my lap while you do it?”

Regina focused on the mirror as she put on a bright red shade of lipstick, catching Emma watching her in the reflection and smiling.

“If you promise to keep your hands to yourself.”

Emma grinned, eyes moving over Regina’s bare chest down to her maroon lace thong. “I promise to try my very, very best.”

Regina pursed her lips but stood up and grabbed all the makeup she would need, lining it up perfectly on the edge of her vanity table and then slipped on top of it, looking at Emma expectantly until she wandered over and sat in the chair.

“This isn’t my lap.”

“Stop acting like you don’t prefer this angle,” Regina smirked, planting both her feet on either side of the chair and dragging the rolling chair forward, her smirk only growing as she caught Emma’s eyes on her breasts and after a few moments she tipped Emma’s chin up and slowly ran her finger along Emma’s pouty bottom lip.

“It has its perks.”

Regina pursed her lips, shaking her head at Emma as she reached for Emma’s foundation on the table and got to work. Emma’s hands ran lazily over her legs, her fingers sometimes tickling on Regina’s sides, but it was mostly subconscious; finally her eyes closed, and a smile appeared on her lips, which Regina carefully covered with a light pink lipstick.



Emma was having a hard time focusing on anything other than Regina, who thought it’d be fun to wear a silk top with too many buttons undone and no bra. Emma was being taunted by side boob, very thin material, and wardrobe tape.

It was like her only goal tonight was to kill Emma, because she didn’t stop brushing her fingers over Emma, which was common, but not advisable when she was dressed like that. How was Emma supposed to function?

Even when they were apart, all Emma could think about was how beautiful she looked, like yeah, the shirt was going to make Emma crumble to her knees in a fit of sobs, and her hair, it fell around her face in perfect curls, and her eyes, they were bright as she smiled and talked to the people all attending the party, mainly the cast and crew. Regina was always the most beautiful when she was in the zone, be it work or charming the socks off of anyone she talked to.

“If you keep looking at her like that people are going to catch on,” Zelena whispered and Emma rolled her eyes, turning to look over at the tall woman.

“I am pretty sure I always look at her like this.”

“You do.” Zelena smirked, looking around the room. “Go get your partner and meet everyone outback, we are hiding from the bosses and getting snockered on expensive booze.”

“As if you drink anything else.”

Zelena rolled her eyes and walked away, and Emma smiled proudly before she slipped through the room, pausing here and there to talk to a member of the crew or the network, barely escaping Mary Margaret as she tried to get to Regina who was talking to Merlin.

“Do you mind if I steal her away for a bit?” Emma asked, her hand falling to the small of Regina’s back and the woman turned to look at her, smile loving as she sighed.


“Go right ahead.” Merlin grinned and slipped away while Emma ushered Regina back through the room.

“Where are we going?”

“Super-secret cast party in the backyard,” Emma whispered in her ear and Regina’s laugh was muffled by the music and chatter around them.

“How thrilling.”

“I know right?” Emma looked around them and then ushered Regina out of the main room and through the house until they found the backdoor, spotting Zelena and Tamara through the glass.

“After you, Mills,” Emma grinned and opened up the door, Regina’s fingers brushing over her hip as she slipped past her, making Emma blush slightly.

“Gina, Duckling! Glad you finally joined us!”

“Call me that again and I’ll leak your prom pictures.”

Emma nearly laughed at the feigned hurt on Zelena’s face, her eyes moving across the area to see the rest of their cast, Ruby sitting on a lawn chair next to Marian and Tiana; Rogers and his boyfriend, Will were sitting in the grass, Will’s arm around him as they drank their beers, all watching the sisters interact.

“You would do that to me, your loving older sister?”

“Care to test me?”

“I think I’ll pass this time.”

Emma smiled and slipped her fingers into Regina’s, giving her a tug toward the last chair available, an old wooden one that Emma frowned at but sat in, tugging Regina into her lap and Regina sat without question.

“How are you liking Vancouver, Will?”

“It’s been fun, I might be homesick if it didn’t rain as much.”

There was a joint laugh and Emma smiled brightly, falling into easy conversation about the season and their plans for the hiatus.

“What about you two? Any plans?”

Emma sent Ruby a glare and the girl just smirked. “Probably just visiting my mom and I’ve been invited to a few cons.”

“Same as Emma, but my father of course.” Regina responded, her thumb moving over the back of Emma’s hand in a quiet understanding of the plans they had made earlier in the month for Emma to finally meet Henry.

“So you two finally doing the ‘meet the parents’?”

“What?” Emma yelped while Regina seemed to go stiff in shock. “Why would we–”

“Emma…” Regina said through a laugh and Emma looked at her curiously. “There’s no point pretending, they obviously know and they’re our friends.”

“Are you sure?” Emma asked in a whisper and Regina nodded, a sigh leaving her mouth as Emma pressed a kiss to her neck.

“Yes, Emma will be meeting my father, I have already met her mom though.”

“So it’s official then?” Marian asked, her eyes alight with excitement.

“Yeah, 5 months now.” Emma said, their fingers linking together over Regina’s belly and Emma pulled her closer.

“So after the…” Tiana said and Regina and Emma chuckled, a blush warming Emma’s cheeks and turning Regina’s chest pink.

“Yeah, after the kiss.”

“I knew it! You two were suddenly so gaaah.”

Emma barked out a laugh, shaking her head at her eloquent friend. “Very well put, Rubes.”

The rest of them laughed but their attention was pulled toward Tamara when she leaned forward on the chair she was sitting on.

“I’m happy for you both, and this stays here, with just us.”

“Thank you,” Regina breathed, Emma feeling her relax against her more and after a few seconds the conversation seemed to continue on, the party still heard from inside the house, music surrounding them as they talked and laughed. Regina even brushed a kiss over Emma’s lips as casually as ever while in a group of people, and that felt so big for her, for them, that Emma hugged her even closer.

“Care to dance?” Will asked as a song came on and they sat back and watched as the others got up to dance, slow and fast, laughing and wobbling from too much alcohol, and she felt Regina’s thumb brush against her hand and Emma met her eyes and smiled.

“Would you like to dance, Emma?”

“I thought you didn’t dance?” Emma smirked and Regina kissed her again, brushing her thumb against her cheek.

“I do for you.”

Emma smiled against her lips and leaned back, her hands falling away, “then after you, Mills.”

Regina chuckled and slipped from her lap, turning in place to hold out a hand to Emma and pull her to her feet and into the middle of the yard, the beat of Perfect by Ed Sheeran just barely audible as Regina wrapped her arms around Emma’s neck, Emma’s arms hugging around her middle as they began to sway, foreheads pressed together and their eyes closed.

Regina eventually shifted until her lips were by Emma’s eyes, whispering the lyrics to her as they swayed, Emma’s heart filled with love, her fingers dancing over Regina’s spine and drawing a sigh from her lungs.

“This is what I wished for…”

“What?” Emma asked, pulling away to look at Regina, her eyebrows furrowed together as she studied Regina’s soft features in the moonlight.

“For my birthday, last year, I wished to be happy with someone as considerate as you.”

Emma leaned forward, nuzzling their noses together and giggling as Regina’s scrunched up. “I wished for you.”

“Looks like wishes do come true sometimes,” Regina chuckled against her lips, her hand moving to trace over Emma’s cheekbone with her thumb.

“Seems like it. Either that or we’re soulmates.”

Regina laughed, leaning in closer until their lips were practically touching. “I considered that theory at one point.”



Emma chuckled and closed the distance between their lips, her hands holding onto Regina’s sides and smiling when she let out a content sigh against her lips.

“Te amo.” Regina breathed against her lips, so quietly only Emma could hear and her heart fluttered in her chest and she kissed her again.

“I love you too. So much.”

Regina bumped their noses together this time and Emma laughed, happy and content, she hugged Regina tightly around the waist as she burrowed her face in her neck, her hand holding the back of Emma’s head and slowly they started to sway again, completely off beat to what was coming from the party, lost in their own world and following only the steady beat of their duel heartbeats. Emma had never been happier.



Regina looked over Emma’s shoulder to see Zelena sitting across the yard talking with Marian and Tamara, a loving smile sent her way that made Regina feel accepted there, free to be herself amongst more people than she’s ever had.

Emma’s breath ghosting over her neck and face, her hands running over her back and hips, it was just them, they were finally able to just be themselves and Regina smiled, tears burning in her eyes as she tucked her face back into Emma’s neck and made another wish, to the universe or whatever, that it would last, that they would last, because she didn’t want to ever lose Emma, or these people who had steadily become like family.

Regina would have never imagined she’d end up there when she slipped out of that hotel room 6 years ago; or that she’d ever see Emma again, and most of all she didn’t think they’d ever be this. She never even thought she’d ever be comfortable to be open in the ways she was with Emma.

Now here she was, wishing for a cheesy fairytale ending. She didn’t care how hard it got, Regina knew she’d always fight for Emma, and she just hoped, wished, that she’d always have her with her too, that no matter how hard it got, that she’d fight with her, and that they could keep growing, and that maybe one day Emma would be there with her as she stepped out into the light of day, when the day came when she felt confident in who she was, when she loved and accepted every part of herself, like Emma did…like she loved every part of Emma.