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Truth confirmed Remastered by Cancernubis

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"I am so sorry Maria, I never wanted to get in the way of your Happy ending! I just wanted to survive if Geordo didn't exile me because
I didn't did the things i was suposed to do. I will exile my self so that you don't to see my malicious face ever again!"


Katarina promised



Maria Campbell had no words for what her best friend and most beloved crush just revealed to her, the heroine was shocked to the core,
Maria Campbell always wondered why Katarina never understood her love confession's
but this...?


Maria Campbell always prayed to God for guidance and protection, and she thanked the Lord and all of its angels for bringing Katarina Claes in to her life.
She was the first person to ever see her as Maria Campbell and not just "the special girl" she never wanted to be.


But her creator, the very one who predicted her life, intended to make Maria Happy trough
Katarinas suffering?


That was outrageous, that wasn't fair !


And her beloved Katarina didn't ever had even a Chance to fight back, when Maria tried to imagine a world where Katarina suffered the same
fate as in that game, she felt crushed no matter wether it was exile or death.
Katarina didn't had a single Chance of victory.


And Katarina wasn't even able to see herself as more than the game has to offer her
as the Villaness.


Katarina even saved people that she thought would end her one day,and she still
believed that she couldn't be spared even after she saved all of them.
She saved them fully believing that they would turn against her some day


And Katarina. was full of sadness and despair when Maria was kidnapped by Sirius/Raphael,
but she should have been delighted by it because Maria's disappeared ment no one would harm Katarina
on Maria's behalf, this actually made Maria happy, because maybe Katarina being sad
meant she felt the same way as Maria?


And now everything made sense. Katarina never understood Maria's confessions because she was the Villaness.
She was "made" to be merciless destroyed by Maria, and not to be loved by her.


And now Katarina went down on her knnes, crying and trembling. The girl Maria Campbell know to be the strongest, bravest and most beautiful girl,
no delet that, most beautiful being in the World.


And Maria now knows that Katarina was even stronger and braver than she ever could possibly Imagine.
She lived with this fate and still had hope.


And now this girl Maria loved so much trembling in front of her eyes in unbridled pain and fear,It was heartbreaking.

"l'm sorry, I'm sorry,it's all my fault" Katarina says crying.


Maria Campbell never felt this helpless in her entire life.Katarina was the Sun of her universe, she was the pure image of all her hopes and dreams.
And now,it was time that she protect this light for real,not like that silly attempt with Raphael.


Speaking of Sirius/Raphael, Maria was shocked she saw the fear in Katarina's eyes when the girl's under Raphael's control accused Katarina of bullying,
And she had known Katarina thought she had come to put the final nail in her coffin.
It was crazy that Katarina believed she would gain anything
but sympathy from her back then.


But now Maria knows why thought Katarina would have understood the confession's she made, If she had benn more bold and/or just kissed her,
Katarina would have understood.



Maria tought about this event called >Katarina's Judgment<. And for the first time in her life Maria Campbell fellt HATE.Not toward's Sirius/Raphael,
not toward's girl's bullied her not even toward's original Katarina.

This hate was meant against herself, the person Maria Campbell was in the Game. She was meant to be the Hero and Katarina the Villaness,
so they were natural Enemy's, but that was not the reason.The Maria Campbell was a pathetic hypocrite and a liar
in Maria's eyes. and why?


Simply because before she met either Katarina, Maria Campbell in the Game and herself would have had the same life,
Which means that she claims to not be the claims to want to be the special gir.


In her owm case it was truth, and Katarina dosen't care if she is special or not ,but in game Maria Campbell's case, it has to be a lie because
even in this game wehere was her enemy, she still was still the only one to see her as Maria Campbell and not the special girl.


And she couldn't even blame original Katarina for her Actions, when she was mean to Keith that was probably because her parents where happy until
he showed up, of course it wasn't his fault, but she was a 5 year Old Girl and couldn't understand this, and her parents didn't bother to explain it to her,
She was as much a victim of the circumstances as Keith was!


And when bullied Maria? It wasn't like with the other girl's who bullied Maria for here being "special" she did so because Maria was stealing away her Fianńce
She had a " Real Reason" to hade her. And she treated Maria like she would tread anyone who tried something, using Maria's status as Commoner was only a toll
to gain Allys in that and because she believed that it would hurt Maria,


And Geordo PROMISED to marry Katarina, to tread her with "Respect" and "Dignity"
But asoon as he found someone "interesting" he turned his back on her and because he didn't find a better solution he exiled her.
In Maria's eyes this Geordo wasn't a "Prince" he wasn't even a Man he was a "PIG!!!"


And game Maria gave them all a Chance and even got romantically involved with them, but not with Katarina? even Allan who see her Rival got a Route?
But not Katarina? And why? Simply because she was a >girl< because she couldn't fuck her? If that was the case, then calling game Maria a Harlot or a Bitch was right.


So, letting Katarina get exiled proved that Maria lied about that. Both Geordo and Keith saw her as the;>special girl<. the took interest in her not for herself but for being different to everyone they know. So letting Katarina get exiled proved that game Maria lied about that, Geordo and Keith took interest in her not for herself but for being different to what they know so far. Being "special" destroyed her family and turned all her friends away from her, but the Moment she got a benefit from it she shifted and changed that view completely? And the Moment she stand above some of her bully's even the only one who had a real reason for it she became that ruthless? Could she really have become so selfish? And what was Katarina's fate after her exile? Maria dosen't she ever learned something that would help her survive, so Katarina could end up starving, get eaten by a beast, become a criminal, end up as a prostitut or even a slave. But what does Maria Campbell the Queen in the Game care about that? Maria felt nothing but disgust,anger and pure hatred for game Maria. "Sorry, sorry, sorry"Katarina wishperd weakly. Maria took Katarina in her arms, she felt how cold yet soft her skin was. Katarina stopped trembling, she felt save in Maria's arms. "Sleep now Katarina, there is no Geordo or Keith route. I love only you, my princess.Now sleep and forget all the pain, I always be there for you". Katarina closed her eyes and colapsed in Maria's arms.