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Sheer suits him. 

Xie Lian turns around once in the mirror, admiring and adjusting to his shape. 

Fresh out of the bath, his skin is supple and shining with sweet oils. The robe is only draped over his shoulders because he can’t quite bring himself to slip into it properly yet. 

He trails his fingers up his arm, from wrist to shoulder, then across his chest. It’s eye-catching to say the least. 

Matched with the natural swell of his ass… Years of encounters, being pulled this way and that by perfumed women on the street flaunting their curves, leaves him with the word hourglass

Xie Lian doesn’t admire himself often at all, usually letting Hua Cheng monopolize that task. But today he spends a little excess time in the mirror. 

The past few days have been more excess time than not for him; rather more quiet than usual. Hua Cheng can’t say the same, and his absences, although never inordinate, always toe the line of too long

It took eight hundred years for Xie Lian to relearn restlessness, thanks in full to his husband. And not only that: he’s also beginning to try his hand at shamelessness

He finally wraps the robe around his waist and ties a hasty knot, although it really hides nothing. And what is a surprise if not well-hidden? His outer robe slips easily over top and he makes his way through the winding halls to their living quarters. 

Mostly leisure space, there’s only one room Hua Cheng has exclusively dedicated to work. Peeking into said room, Xie Lian sees him bent over his desk with two fingers to his temple. It’s just as likely he’s speaking with someone in his private communication array as it is he’s massaging out a headache. Xie Lian pads around the corner, into their bedroom, on light toes. 

Most of the rooms in Paradise Manor are curtained in velvet or windowless altogether to keep out the sun, but their bedroom not only opens onto the courtyard through a moon gate dripping with beads, but also has a number of paper-screen windows set high into the wall that filter sun through the canopy. 

Xie Lian loves waking up bathed in the rays of dawn, but he’d put up a mild fuss initially since Hua Cheng is, obviously, sensitive. 

“The sun doesn’t bother me at all when I have gege to look at.” 

“Seeing gege dyed in gold distracts me from anything else.” 

“Since gege likes it so much, I would naturally appreciate it too.”  

And so on and so forth. 

Xie Lian carefully positions himself on the edge of the bed, facing away from the door. He clutches the sheets tight and holds them for a second before smoothing them down again. 

“…San Lang?” he calls. 

He doesn’t get a response immediately, not until the bed is dipping behind him and the voice is soft at his ear. “What is gege calling this one for?” 

Xie Lian peeks over his shoulder. “…Brush my hair for me?” 

Hua Cheng hums and presses a kiss to his shoulder. “I would’ve bathed you, given the chance.” 

He picks up the fine-toothed comb, carved from black jade, and starts working it through Xie Lian’s hair. It’s the kind of soothing intimacy he’s grown accustomed to and struggles to remember how he had lived so long without. 

Hua Cheng moves slowly, combing from his roots to the ends of his still-damp hair in an unhurried loop. He tucks Xie Lian’s hair behind his ears and holds it out from his back so as not to get his robes wet. 

After a while, Xie Lian replies, “…I couldn’t let you do that. It would’ve ruined the surprise.” 

Hua Cheng keeps brushing. “ The surprise? Have I struck good fortune today?” 

Xie Lian shrugs shyly. “That depends.” 

He hums, and sets aside the comb, brushing through with his fingers instead. “And is gege going to reveal his surprise? Or will I need to work for it?” 

Xie Lian catches his hand when it comes to the back of head. “…San Lang has been working hard enough, lately.” He leads his hand to his shoulder, then lower. 

Hua Cheng’s palm slides easily around the swell of his breast, larger than he usually makes them. 

“Mm, I’m already liking the surprise,” he purrs, hugging Xie Lian’s back. 

Xie Lian tilts his head onto Hua Cheng’s shoulder. Every other nerve is bubbly with anxiety. “Mhm? Then come kiss me.” 

Hua Cheng smiles when he leans in, wrapping his other arm around Xie Lian’s waist and playing with the belt holding his outer robe shut. His hand starts carefully groping at the same time as his tongue teases his lip. 

Xie Lian opens up to him, swivelling in his seat to cup Hua Cheng’s cheek. His breast rolls under the massage, endless tenderness from hands that are no stranger to cruelty. He sighs into the kiss, relaxing and melting into Hua Cheng’s embrace. Xie Lian feels his outer robe slip open. Then he feels Hua Cheng nip his lower lip and tug at it. When he releases it, they’re nose to nose, and Hua Cheng’s hold on him has tightened. 

“Did gege get all dressed up?” His eye darts briefly to the watery shimmer of the inner robe which conceals next to nothing. 

Xie Lian chases his lips instead of answering. 

Hua Cheng’s thumb swipes over his nipple and he gives an involuntary gasp. 

He bears Xie Lian’s weight and lays him on his back, gaze slinking over every dip and swell while he cages him in a straddle. One finger draws between the crossed hems of his robe, between his breasts and over the ring, then stops at his belly button. 

He seems just as hesitant to part them as Xie Lian was to draw them. But part them he does, and his hands immediately drift to cup and squeeze at his chest. Hua Cheng leans in and sighs against his neck. 

“They’re so heavy, gege,” he murmurs, kissing over his collarbone and squeezing both breasts together. 

He noses down his sternum and begins teasing his nipples with his thumbs. Petting, rolling, and then pinching—  

Xie Lian whimpers and a bead of pearly milk slips from his nipple and trails down Hua Cheng’s hand. 

Hua Cheng stops, lips parted, eye still widening. 

Xie Lian holds his breath. They look at each other and every second of silence ratchets Xie Lian’s nerves another metre higher. 

Before Hua Cheng can say anything, he bursts. 

“San Lang, I—I don’t know! I thought maybe we could try, or, or I could try, ah. I just… wanted to know what it was like, what it feels like, I guess, but you don’t have to if—” 

Gege ,” Hua Cheng whispers, voice tight. His expression is clearly one of awe, but Xie Lian is having trouble picking out the revulsion in it. The hands cupping his breasts twitch. “Can I taste?” 

Xie Lian’s lip quivers. “…You want to?” 

Fuck , please?” Hua Cheng’s eye is a little shaky, bouncing from Xie Lian’s face to the new pinprick of milk beading at his other nipple. 

Xie Lian swallows and breathes, “I really want you to.” He’s half-hard, visible through the veneer of the robe that’s still draped over his length. 

The line of Hua Cheng’s jaw bounces and he very cautiously kisses the peak of one nipple before taking it between his lips and suckling. 

Xie Lian moans and squeezes his thighs together. Their eyes stay locked as Hua Cheng gently kneads that breast in both hands and plays with him. 

The frequent skitter of sparks feels just the same as whenever else Xie Lian takes on breasts, with only a mild edge of something different. He wonders if they aren’t working like they’re supposed to? 

But Hua Cheng is as enthusiastic as he could have hoped. It’s only when a trickle of milk slips from the corner of his lips that Xie Lian realizes they’re clearly working very well; he’s drinking down every drop. 

Xie Lian bucks his hips and bites his tongue to keep anything too loud down. “My San Lang,” he laughs in a rush of ecstasy, “are you thirsty?” 

Hua Cheng moans and massages more roughly. His teeth occasionally graze, sending Xie Lian’s hair standing on end. For the most part, though, it’s his greedy tongue pressing up against his nipple and easing more milk out with every suck. 

On arms that shouldn’t feel this weak, Xie Lian pushes himself up to sitting, and Hua Cheng shuffles back to rest heavy on his thighs. Hua Cheng’s hand drops to Xie Lian’s cock then, mindful not to be as rough as above when he starts to stroke. 

A tickle begins to spread from his nipple through his chest, heating him up from the inside. 

“Oh, San Lang, it feels really nice,” he sighs, “How does it taste?” 

Hua Cheng pulls back only enough to whimper, “Tastes so good, mommy.”  

Xie Lian pauses. 

He’s initially certain he’d misheard, but when Hua Cheng freezes, gaze fixed on the blushing swell of one breast, he thinks maybe he hadn’t. 

“Wh-what?” Xie Lian asks. 

Hua Cheng purses his lips and stays silent, like a guilty child with sticky hands. 

“Did you… call me mommy? ” he breathes. 

A heavy swallow bobs in Hua Cheng’s throat. 

“That’s…” Xie Lian plays the word over in his mind again and his cock twitches visibly under Hua Cheng’s hand. “…Say it one more time for me.” 

He ghosts his lips across Xie Lian’s nipple and looks up with a wide eye. “…Mommy?” The regular timbre of his voice lifts into gentle naivety. 

Xie Lian breathes out slow and cups Hua Cheng’s cheek. “Oh. Okay, I—I think you should… keep saying that.” 

A cheeky grin, a touch more childish than his standard smirk, curls Hua Cheng’s lips. “Mommy—my mommy— please, mommy—” He punctuates each with a kiss across Xie Lian’s chest. 

His cock is hard between them now, drooling into Hua Cheng’s grip. “San Lang, if I’m your mommy, doesn’t that make you my baby?” Xie Lian strokes his hair from his face. 

Hua Cheng gives a jerky nod in affirmation. 

“And is my baby all full? Or still hungry?” 

He gazes starry-eyed at Xie Lian and whines, “Really, really hungry.” 

Xie Lian is overtaken with a genuine motherly instinct, then, and tugs at Hua Cheng’s tunic. “Then let’s take these off so you don’t get all messy feeding, hm?” He strips him of his robes and pants. 

Naked and eager, Hua Cheng slides one leg between Xie Lian’s so he’s straddling a thigh and pressing a cute little pussy against him. 

The dewy persona seeps from his voice into his actions when he wraps a fist around him again. His hand grows a little loose, a little sloppy, uncertain with its strokes. 

He dips to suckle once more and Xie Lian jumps at how sensitive he is to it. Aching for him to be closer, as close as possible, he wraps a hand behind his head, cradling him. 

“What a good baby, eating so well for me,” he murmurs, a little delirious. 

Hua Cheng makes a pathetic sound in his throat and grinds against Xie Lian’s thigh; he can feel the slick between his lips easing the path of his hips. 

Xie Lian’s nails dig into his scalp. “So wet, so quickly,” he coos, “My baby really is eager tonight.” 

Occasional careless scrapes of teeth make him sit up a little straighter and hiss. The fist around his length tugs and teases, dabbing at the precome and moving in time with Hua Cheng’s curling hips. 

Xie Lian uses his free hand to massage the other breast, tweaking his nipple until milk buds and trickles down his knuckles. It provides a bit of relief—he’s tight and swollen with all the milk. 

“There’s more for you here,” he sighs. 

He gently eases Hua Cheng from one nipple and guides him to the other. 

He resists the pull, though, lapping at the milk that’s dribbled down to Xie Lian’s navel with his hot tongue. 

“Mommy’s, mm, so messy, I gotta clean him up,” he says, lips slippery on skin. 

He only slicks his belly further, spreading milk with his tongue and chin and Xie Lian can hardly stand watching it, arousal thick in his blood. 

“S-so thoughtful,” he stutters, “How did I come to deserve such a precious baby?” 

Hua Cheng purrs and nestles his face into Xie Lian’s chest. He plants messy kisses up and down his sternum before finally coming to the other breast, full and hard. His thighs briefly clench around Xie Lian’s. 

It takes a few seconds to adjust to it, but the pressure from Hua Cheng’s mouth soon blooms through him. This time Xie Lian narrows in on that unknown element in the suckling sensation, and realizes he can feel the milk being teased from him, warm like Hua Cheng’s mouth is. The tingling in his breast starts spreading throughout the rest of his chest. 

Relief suddenly floods through him, mixing with the arousal to craft a storm in his belly. His nerves are popping like so many bubbles under his skin as that unidentifiable tension slowly recedes. 

Xie Lian releases a long sigh. “Just like that, oh.” 

Hua Cheng’s tongue is pulsing against him, suckling rhythmically. He’s never too rough despite the hand groping Xie Lian for more. He moans around his nipple and wiggles his hips to get deeper friction against his pussy. 

Xie Lian angles his thigh to help. 

He starts carding his fingers through Hua Cheng’s hair because he needs to move, somehow.  

Sweet little whimpers vibrate from around his nipple. Occasionally he’ll just suck and keep sucking, holding the milk in his mouth before swallowing with a gulp that stokes Xie Lian’s erection. 

“Drinking so much, ah. Is my baby being greedy?” 

Hua Cheng nods outright. “Mommy’s milk’s just for me,” he murmurs. 

He takes a possessive hold of the breast he’s suckling and starts kissing and nipping all around the heavy curve of it. 

Milk continues to bead from his nipple and Xie Lian weakly drops his head back. “That’s right it’s, ah, all for my baby.” His breath is coming fast and hard between his lips, and he slowly rocks into Hua Cheng’s fist. “Baby, a little tighter with your hand,” he whispers. 

The fist on his cock curls, wringing out a sharp moan. 

“Oh, perfect, perfect; baby learns so fast,” he gasps, absently petting Hua Cheng’s cheek. “You wanna keep milking me? I’m getting close.” 

Hua Cheng shudders and grinds down hard a few times on Xie Lian’s leg. His lips find his nipple again and suck with more force, dragging a wet sound out alongside the milk. 

Xie Lian jerks. “F-f-uh! Yeah, yes!”  

Suction like a vice numbs him to everything else while Hua Cheng dutifully pumps him. He lifts the back of his hand to his mouth, whimpering. His thigh is slippery with slick, dripping down his leg and giving Hua Cheng an easy path to fuck himself against. 

Just a… a little more.  

Hua Cheng starts lazily tonguing his nipple, moaning high and content when the rich milk floods his taste buds. 

Xie Lian squeezes his eyes shut and twists his fingers into Hua Cheng’s hair. “San Lang, baby, ah, my baby,” he gasps, thighs seizing, “I’m gonna—nn, come!” 

A toe-curling orgasm sweeps through him, lifting his hips off the bed. 

“Yeah, keep going, keep going,” he whimpers. 

Hua Cheng pulls away from his breast to focus on the strokes wringing his climax out. 

“Mommy, you—ah?” He blurts a little sound of surprise. 

Xie Lian, panting, opens his eyes to find milk dripping from Hua Cheng’s eyelashes and nose, beading in his hair, and wetting his lips. He gawks and checks the other breast. There’s a weak trail of milk dribbling down his stomach from that nipple as well. 

“Ah? Did I do that?” 

“Mm, squirted all over me,” Hua Cheng coos. 

“Shit,” he breathes, cock giving a helpless last jerk. 

He pulls Hua Cheng closer and kisses him. The milk passes between their lips and bursts on his tongue, beckoning him to dive deeper and seek it out. Their tongues play, open-mouthed and hot, and Xie Lian shivers. 

He starts to lick the milk from Hua Cheng’s chin, then from his neck, murmuring, “Still got all sticky; my baby needs to be more careful.” 

Hua Cheng whimpers and his hands clutch Xie Lian’s waist. 

“Is your little tummy all full yet?” 

He shakes his head, pouting. “Nn-nn. Still need more from you, mommy.” 

“Shh, don’t whine, I have plenty for you,” he croons. 

Xie Lian shifts to properly rest against the headboard and parts his legs. His robe bunches around his hips and drips from his shoulders. He pulls Hua Cheng into his lap sideways, cradling him like a nursing baby but giving him enough room to stretch out. 

“How’s that?” he asks. 

“Mm, comfy, mommy. So warm.” Hua Cheng nuzzles into his cleavage. 

He combs his fingers through Hua Cheng’s hair, hugging him close. “Sweet baby,” he whispers, and kisses his forehead, “Go ahead and eat.” 

Enthusiasm abound, Hua Cheng starts suckling and happily humming. 

Xie Lian relaxes into it, melting against the headboard. Tension eases from the top of his head down to his toes like a gentle tide, and he thinks he could probably fall asleep in this dreamy haze of arousal. Hua Cheng’s little sounds of pleasure sink between his legs as he begins to drift. 

That is until one particular sound draws him out of it. A sharp moan, muffled by the nipple in his mouth, wobbles from Hua Cheng. 

Xie Lian looks down at him to find his hips churning in the air and silently seeking release. His pussy is swollen and shiny with slick, and Xie Lian can practically feel the pulsing heat before he’s even touched him. 

He drops one hand to soothe over Hua Cheng’s lower abdomen until he stops whining, then dips lower as a reward. Xie Lian slides two fingers between his lips, lazily drawing some slick up to kiss either side of his clit. “Did my baby make this pretty little cunt just for me?” 

Hua Cheng whimpers. 

“Just so mommy could fill it up?” 

He unlatches and nods, ducking his head into Xie Lian’s elbow. 

Both fingers slip and skate around his clit, gently teasing his sensitive areas. 

His hips quirk against his will, chasing Xie Lian’s fingers, but his face stays firmly tucked down. 

“Don’t be shy, baby,” Xie Lian hushes. 

Then he plunges two fingers into his cunt and Hua Cheng cries. 

“Like this?” Xie Lian asks. “Is this the way you want to be filled?” 

“Yes! Yes, yes, mommy knows just how to fuck me!” Hua Cheng muffles. 

His cheeks are damp with milk in the crook of his arm, and Xie Lian drums a little rhythm against the back of his head, trying to urge him back out. 

He’s quivering and breathing tight, but slowly pulls away with his eye shut. He roams blindly for Xie Lian’s nipple, tracing his breast with his tongue until it slips back into his mouth. He takes long, slow gulps, while the tension drains from his shoulders and his legs fall apart. 

Xie Lian fingers him leisurely as he feeds. 

When Hua Cheng finally peeks his eye open, it’s to look up at Xie Lian with his tongue lolling, showing the sweet milk gathered in his mouth. 

Xie Lian murmurs in awe. It looks so much thicker and creamier than just a few minutes ago. 

Hua Cheng puts on a show of swallowing then purrs, “Nn, so yummy.” 

Xie Lian’s cock is starting to throb and grow again where it’s pressed into Hua Cheng’s side. He bites back a curse and curls his fingers inside Hua Cheng, who takes it with a low gasp. 

“Isn’t your tummy getting full?” 

Hua Cheng pouts, “Never full of mommy’s milk, wanna keep drinking all night.” Like it’s his lifeline, he clamps down around Xie Lian’s nipple again. 

A daydream floats past Xie Lian’s eyes, of curling up in bed and nursing Hua Cheng every night until his stomach is full of sweet, warm milk and his tongue is heavy and sated. 

Xie Lian starts steadily stroking that spot inside of Hua Cheng until he throws his arm around Xie Lian’s waist and clings tight. 

His sounds build up from mewls to hot, desperate moans, and he starts jacking his hips higher to get more of Xie Lian’s fingers inside him. “Mm— mommy, that’s—!” he slurs. 

He pulls back from his breast and starts eagerly kneading, compressing it until milk beads, then trickles, then finally squirts in warm stripes across his tongue and cheeks. 

Xie Lian’s length jumps, almost fully erect again. 

Hua Cheng is looking doe-eyed at him, rivulets of milk running down his chin to his chest and staining the sheets beneath them. One squirt sprays a little high and his eye flutters shut. It still catches in his eyelashes, like delicate pearly tears. 

Past the obscenity, Xie Lian’s heart thuds at how sweet he looks. 

He smacks his lips then sucks the lower one into his mouth and licks it clean. 

Xie Lian leans down to kiss the splashes on his cheeks, cupping the back of his head. While he’s holding Hua Cheng close, he adds a third finger to his pussy. 

“Oh! Uh-huh, love mommy stretching me open,” Hua Cheng gurgles, “Is mommy, ah, gonna breed me?” 

Xie Lian moans. “‘S that what my baby wants from me?” 

“Mhm, so bad,” he whimpers, further spreading his legs. 

He jerks when Xie Lian thrusts in deep, and helplessly ducks back to safety in the swell of a breast. His movements don’t have the same strength behind them anymore when he paws at one tit for milk. Hua Cheng clumsily laps at him, and his hips rock at an uneven pace into Xie Lian’s hand. 

When Xie Lian starts thumbing over his clit, it sets off the countdown. 

Five seconds in: he’s hissing; ten seconds: he’s curling his toes into the sheets; thirty seconds: he’s begging, “Nn, inside! W-want mommy inside!”  

Hua Cheng is a mess, and he looks it. Milk is spattered across his face and running down his chest, his lips are pink and pouty from suckling, and his eye is going glassy. 

Xie Lian pulls out his fingers and quickly lowers him to the bed. 

He’s still draped in that sheer robe, and it curtains the both of them when he bows over Hua Cheng. “Shh, shh, my baby. I’m here, mommy’s here. Do you think you’re ready for me?” 

Hua Cheng doesn’t answer, instead cupping and squeezing Xie Lian’s breasts. His thighs part, and with a spacey look in his eye he starts quietly whining, “Fuck me, fuck me, mommy, fuck me, mommy, please.”  

He’s preoccupied pinching Xie Lian’s nipples when he starts to press into him. 

Hua Cheng’s mouth falls open but he’s still rapt, trying to catch falling droplets. 

“Ah… ah!” Xie Lian bottoms out and Hua Cheng’s eye goes wide. “‘S deep,” he gurgles. 

“Does it hurt anywhere?” Xie Lian strokes a thumb across his cheek, studying his face. 

“Nuh-uh,” he weakly shakes his head. 

Xie Lian hums, “Good, then I’m going to start moving, okay?” 

Hua Cheng’s cunt is soaked, easily slicking the slide of his cock when he draws out and pushes back in. 

“Oh, yeah, what a good baby, keeping so tight for me,” he gasps, “You like making mommy feel good?” 

A nod. 

“You like being filled up?” 

A sniffle. A nod. 

He carefully pushes one of Hua Cheng’s thighs up to his chest and starts fucking him. He moves slowly, letting Hua Cheng’s muscles massage him. They gently rock together, forward and back. 

Hua Cheng is holding one breast in either hand and sporting a mournful pout like all he wants is the sweet gush of milk down his throat. 

Xie Lian clicks his tongue, a pitying sound. He shifts his weight so he can grab one tit, and on each thrust, he squeezes and aims a stream of milk at Hua Cheng’s face. 

“Like this?” he pants, “Can you taste it?” 

A flash of elation strikes Hua Cheng’s face and he quickly sticks his tongue out and cranes his neck. After only a few squirts, his face is stippled with white. He moans a deep sound of appreciation and falls back into the bed, boneless. His tongue is still lolling and absently catching milk. 

A shiver runs down Xie Lian’s spine and he starts to fuck a little faster, a little harder. 

Seeing Hua Cheng like this is novel; he’s usually so in control. And even when he’s not in control, he’s self-aware. But that seems to be slipping away too, leaving a limp body that weakly rocks into each thrust and swallows around giggles. He starts breathing, Xie Lian notices, which only happens when he’s really, genuinely out of it. 

“How’s my baby feeling?” he asks. 

There’s a thin trail of drool escaping his lips and Xie Lian tenderly wipes it away. 

Hua Cheng just nods and nods and nods. His jaw is slack and his body weak, writhing and gasping and blissed out. His eye is crossed and glazed over, only barely focused on Xie Lian above him. 

“M—mom-my,” he chokes. 

Xie Lian smiles and shushes him. He pets the hair from his face then slips his thumb into his mouth, giving him something to suck on. The thrusts are getting rougher, he can’t help it, filling their bedroom with slick squelches. 

He drops a hand to play with Hua Cheng’s clit and asks, “Gonna come soon, baby? ‘Cause mommy’s about to come again.” 

“Ng… uh-huh.” His voice is muffled by his thumb. 

Xie Lian takes a deep breath. “Inside?” 

Hua Cheng nods furiously and wraps his leg around Xie Lian’s waist. 

“Ah! You first, baby, you come first for me,” he gasps. 

Heavy pants fill Hua Cheng’s unused lungs, and his eye starts to roll back. His hips crane to take Xie Lian as deep as he can and press into the pressure on his clit. 

“Mhm! Mm—uh—!” He stutters around Xie Lian’s thumb and sobs hard once before arching up. A tear slips from his eye as he clenches hard, over and over. 

“Oh, my sweet baby, my little baby,” Xie Lian gasps, “Fuck, you’re coming so hard for me. Is that good?” His thumb strokes the inside of his cheek then up across his teeth and gums. 

Hua Cheng’s voice is raw and high, breaking on every moan. He wriggles this way and that as his orgasm burns through him, pussy wringing tight around Xie Lian. 

“Uh-huuuh,” he gurgles. 

It only takes a few more thrusts until Xie Lian groans and curls over, following him into a monumental climax. He jerks and comes deep inside Hua Cheng. His thumb slips out, and he blearily watches thick milk squirt from his nipples and glaze Hua Cheng’s chest and neck. He’s numb to it now that the last of his orgasm is draining from him; he licks his lips when it spatters close enough to taste. 

Xie Lian gives a final shudder before he leans in for a gentle kiss. His breasts squeeze up against Hua Cheng’s chest and they lie like that for a minute or two, until their breathing evens out, and in one case, stops. 

“San Lang?” Xie Lian eventually murmurs. He tucks his hair behind his ear. 

“Mm… gege.” Hua Cheng’s voice is thick, returning to its original timbre. 

He cracks his eye open. They look at each other for a moment before he smirks and drops his head back again. “Ah, gege is really too much for me,” he croaks. Both arms wrap around Xie Lian’s middle. 

“I’m too much?” Xie Lian laughs, “San Lang, I came twice.”  

Hua Cheng shifts his hips, where Xie Lian is still sitting inside of him. “I can feel that,” he teases. He’s clearly exhausted, but much more aware. 

Xie Lian carefully pulls out and settles next to him, draping an arm over his chest. “…Are you alright?” 

Hua Cheng looks at him, hesitance in his eye. “…Did I worry you?” 

“No.” Xie Lian smiles a little, recollecting. “You looked so… gentle. Vulnerable . I felt like it was finally my turn to take care of you.” 

That seems to ease Hua Cheng’s nerves. “And you liked that?” 

Xie Lian drops a kiss on his nose. “I liked it.” 

“…Enough to do it again?” 

He breathes, “San Lang… As many times as you want.” 

Hua Cheng lets his eye shut, then, and smirks. “I’m going to want it a lot, gege.” 

Xie Lian’s heart picks up. He wants so badly to memorize the weight of Hua Cheng curled in his lap, latched to a nipple and murmuring as he suckles. He swallows. “…Let me draw you a bath, San Lang; you’re all, ah… sticky.” 

Hua Cheng hums and kisses his shoulder. “Thank you.” 

Xie Lian gets up and wraps his robe tight around himself. When he reaches the doorway, he turns back and teases, “Isn’t that what mommies are for?”