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So What If You're A Beta?

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Katsuki absolutely hates his fucking secondary gender. 


Because he's a fucking Beta, that's why, and it's so fucking unexpected. He imagined himself that he was definitely going to be an Alpha, or maybe an Omega, but was most likely going to be an Alpha.

But no, when his secondary gender started showing, he just had a faint smoky scent, a clear indicator he was a Beta.

Another clear indication on him being a Beta was that he had no heat or rut, which was natural for Omegas and Alphas.

So when everyone put the pieces together and found out he was a Beta, they treated him way differently. 

If he yelled at any of the Alphas, they'd snap at him, asserting their dominance and power and leave him there to just stand there, shocked.

If he did that with any of his Omega classmates, they'd whimper and cower onto themselves and their distressed scent would drive an Alpha and scold him. 

There were no other Betas in the whole of UA. It was just him. Bakugou Katsuki, a fucking Beta.

Of course he still has his friends, and they rarely use their secondary genders on him, but Katsuki does sometimes overhear an extra telling Sero that maybe he should show Katsuki who is the Alpha, or to Kaminari telling him to get his way considering he's an Omega.

So, it comes as a surprise to him when Deku asks him to follow him up to the roof. 

They made up in second year and although they didn't hangout together alot, they had become close again.


He mutters Katsuki's nickname in such a tiny voice... almost as though he's nervous. Or perhaps afraid?

"Yes? What do you want nerd?" Nothing's changed with the name calling of course, ever since becoming friends again Katsuki always called him that.

Deku's feet shuffles, his hands twiddle together, and he's taking big gulps and Katsuki growls, getting the greenette's attention.

"Are you just going to stand, shittynerd? I don't have all day!" 

"Oh, right! Sorry Kaachan!"

The blonde just rolls his eyes, not actually annoyed at the smaller. He's always found his nervous habits cute. And maybe his constant muttering has been growing on him too lately.

"Kaachan, I really hope this doesn't ruin our friendship, I really value it, I value you and I really need to say this..."

The small boy looks up at the blonde who only raises an eyebrow at him.

"Kaachan, I... I really like you!" The boy confesses, face flushing red.

Wait. Fuck. What did he just say?

"I'm sorry, repeat that again?"

 Deku looks up at him in confusion. Usually, the blonde won't ask for someone to repeat themselves, he'll either be vulgar or just walk off.

"I, uhm, I like you?"

Crimson red eyes stare into emerald green for almost a full minute before the blonde finally sais anything.

"You like me? As in have a crush on me? That kind of like me?" he asks, as though he wanted to make sure he was hearing this right.

"Uh, yes?" Deku replies in confusion.

Katsuki looks the boy up and down, looking for any kind of hint that could of been a dare, but no. It's just the greenette's normal posture.

He flicks his forehead, "have you lost memory of my secondary gender? I'm a fucking Beta, Deku."

Deku just gets even more confused. Why isn't Katsuki spitting out more vulgar words? Flat out rejecting him? Yelling, even?

"Earth to Deku. Hello?!" Katsuki snarls, snapping his fingers in front of those emerald eyes.

Deku snaps out of his thoughts, "Kacchan, of course I know you're a Beta. I've known since we were kids." the smaller replies and Katsuki groans.

"Deku, you're an Alpha! I'm a Beta!"

"Yes, and?"

Katsuki just blinks, his Inner Beta going chaotic over a confession.

"But... wouldn't you want an Omega? Like Roundface?" the blonde questions but Deku just shakes his head.

"I don't want her. I want you, Kacchan." he says firmly.

The blonde just stares at him, dumbfounded. Doesn't this nerd care that he could get looked down on? Or potentially not have any pups? 

Yeah, most Betas aren't exactly fertile. It's rare for one to get pregnant.

He feels a hand on his cheek, "Kacchan, whatever your thinking right now, it doesn't matter. I want you because it's you." 

He's trying to take this all in.

Deku likes him. 

But he's a Beta.

But the nerd doesn't want an Omega. Or an Alpha.

Deku wants him?

He needs to take some time to process this. He needs to figure out his feelings.


The Alpha perks up a little and looks at him expectantly.

"I think I need some time. Time to sort out my feelings. I don't know what I feel for you yet."

Deku nods.

"Don't worry Kacchan, I understand. I'll wait forever for you." 

"I know."

With Deku giving the blonde a small smile, he walks away, probably off to go to his dorm, and Katsuki decides to sit down.

Okay. Deku likes him. But what about Katsuki? Does he like him back? He doesn't want to reject his childhood friend, no way.

Katsuki wants to keep whatever they have.

Maybe, just maybe, if he and Deku start hanging out more, then will he develop feelings for the nerd?

Ah, fuck this! Let me text shitty hair...


Pulling out his phone, Katsuki texts him:

Bakugou💥: Shitty hair, I need your advice.

Shitty hair😑: Omg, you want advice from me bro? I don't know what to say 🥺

Bakugou💥: Stop being a dumbass or I might text Raccoon Eyes instead.

Shitty hair😑: Okay, sorry bro. What do you need??

Grunting, Katsuki types out his problem.

Bakugou💥: Deku confessed he likes me. First of all, I'm a Beta. And second of all, I don't know if I have feelings for him!

Shitty hair😑: Bakubro, your secondary gender doesn't matter to Midoriya, the dude is open minded! And to the second thing... I'm not sure what to say :/

Bakugou💥: Wow shitty hair, thanks for the advice.

Shitty hair😑: No problem bro :D

Bakugou💥: ...

Shitty hair😑: Oh, nvm, you were being sarcastic D:

Rolling his eyes, Katsuki decides not to reply and leaves the boy on read.


He'll do this on his own.


For the next few weeks, all Katsuki did was spend time with Deku, or the boy would tag along with him and his 'Bakusquad'.

They would team up together during class, they would eat lunch together, spar with eachother more. Anything that you could think of.

Deku didn't question it, he probably knew that this was the blonde's way of trying to sort out his feelings.

Whenever Katsuki wasn't around Deku and was with the extras (AKA, his friends), he'd sometimes catch Uraraka glaring at him. 

It was strange to him.

Why was Round Face acting like he did something bad to her?! Surely they weren't enemies!

If he was also with Deku, she'd be in an extra bad mood with him, ignoring him all together while trying to get Deku away from him.

Maybe... maybe she liked Deku?

Well, Deku was the first person she met here...

He can't help but feel a tiny bit sorry for her though. The feelings she probably feels for the green hair aren't returned.

Sad, really.


Katsuki has started feeling something around Deku. 

He likes looking into the boy's eyes, or counting the freckles on his face, and he even finds the constant mumbling kind of cute!

Plus, he feels his heart pound against his chest a little bit when Ddku smiles at him so brightly.

But maybe he's too ovbious with when he looks at Deku, he's pretty sure everyone can see the clear fondness in them!

He gets flustered when one day, Kaminari points it out.

"Bro, do you have a crush on Midoriya?!"

Katsuki's face turns a bright red, "what? No!" and that gets a laugh from Sero and Mina.

"Cute, he's blushing!" she teases and Katsuki decides to just pout instead.

"I never thought our precious Bakugou would fall for Midoriya!" Kirishima also teases and Katsuki grits his teeth with a mild grunt.

They are right, but he won't let it show!

"He's gone quiet, so we are definitely right!" Sero announces, and the three of them cheer.

Katsuki just scoffs, but there is a tiny smile playing on his lips.

"OhmyGodBakugouisblushingbecauseheknowswearerightohmyGod-" Mina squeals, words coming out jumbled and fast and Kaminari just laughs.

Sero and Kirishima just grin though, probably out of excitement.

Damn idiots. Katsuki thinks fondly.

"Bakubro, go confess! Come on!" Kaminari says, pushing him towards Deku's room. Even though Katsuki is fond of these extras, it doesn't mean that they don't annoy him.

"Let me do it on my own time, Dunce Face!" he snarls, wacking the blonde's arms away from him.

"Aw, Bakugou..." Kaminari pouts, and the blonde just rolls his eyes.

"I promise to do it today. Just not now. It's nearing dinner, and I don't want my confession to be interrupted." 

"That's so cute! Bakugou is definitely into romance!" Ashido squeals again, Kirishima joining in with the squealing. Sero just chuckles and Kaminari grins widely.

Katsuki really wants dinner to come sooner.


Dinner was... interesting, to say the least.

First of all, Koda accidentally let loose a rabbit he found when he was out, and Aizawa had to find it again before it got lost.

Then, Tokoyami and Dark Shadow got into an argument over when he'd die. Dark Shadow thought he'd die at 86, while Tokoyami beleived he'd die at 23.

Which was really strange...

And then Kaminari and Sero were teasing Deku, to which by the end of dinner the Alpha was a flustered mess.

Katsuki just hopes that nothing can ruin his confession after the lively dinner.

He also really hopes the Alpha still likes him.

Taking a deep breath and breathing out again, he got up from his bed and opened his door, only to lock eyes with Deku.

"Oh, Kacchan! I didn't expect you to open your door, I was just about to knock!" the green haired Alpha tells him and Katsuki cocks his head to the side with a slight grin, "why?" 

"Well... I have some news to tell you." 

Katsuki feels his heart start to beat faster. His Beta is starting to freak out, probably from panic and overthinking.

"Um... Uraraka confessed to me." 

Shit. Shit. Shit! Was I too late?! Katsuki thinks frantically, and his Beta is starting to whine.

He doesn't even notice that he's letting out distressed pheromones, his signature smoky scent filling the air.

He's confused when Deku places his hands on his face gently, "it's okay Kacchan. You can calm down. I rejected her. I still like you." he says quietly, words and scent comforting him.

His Beta immediately calms down from the smell.

"You do?" Katsuki whispers, and he hates how vulnerable he sounds. But this is Deku. An Alpha who loves a Beta. His childhood friend.

His potential mate.

Deku smiles at him fondly.

"So Kacchan? Do you like me?" the Alpha whispers, hope clearly in his voice.

Katsukifeels himself soften immensely and he gives the shorter Alpha a tiny smile.

"No Deku, I don't like you." 

Izuku's face falls slightly and he's about to pull his hands away when Katsuki immediately places his hands on scarred one and grips.

The green haired boy looks at him in confusion and Katsuki gives him a slightly bigger smile.

"I love you, Izuku." 

The shorter gasps. It's been ages since the Beta had called him by his first name, and Izuku can't help blush. Katsuki just giggles at the boy before he pecks his nose.

"K-Kacchan!" Izuku squeals and the blonde laughs again.

"Izuku, say it back!" Katsuki whines as he pulls the boy into his room, the Alpha groaning as he's shoved onto the bed and body weight lands on top of him.

"What? That I like you?" Izuku teases when he looks back at the blonde and it only makes him pout.

"Stop teasing my, pisshead! Say it!" Katsuki growls out and Izuku giggles as he wraps his arms around Katsuki.

"I love you too, Kacchan." he says, eyes practically love hearts, and then nuzzles their noses together.

Katsuki grins.

"We've got eachother from now on right?" he whispers and Izuku nods, ruffling his fluffy blond hair.

"Good." is all Katsuki says as he kicked Deku's neck softly.

They fall asleep together in Katsuki's bed, limbs tangled together as they softly snore.