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A Power Like Life Itself

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With the warmth of Rey’s legs cradling his face, Ben did his best to remember everything he’d studied on the adult channels of the holonet. Being head of the First Order had finally given him the freedom to learn about such things- and he’d taken plenty of mental notes.

Rey’s eyes remained shut the entire time. She wasn’t about to allow any distractions to take her attention away from the glorious feelings unfolding between her thighs.


Slowly he dove in, starting at her opening and dragging upward as he licked over the warmest, most tender part of her body…


Her breath caught in her throat for a moment from the mind-blowing sensation.


The tingling precision of his tongue spreading through her folds made Rey gasp for air as she felt her chest might explode…


She’d never felt anything so incredible.


She’d fantasized often about how it might be once they were together, pleasuring herself at night with the thought of all he could do to her.

Even with the unnerving circumstances, everything she was feeling was so much more extraordinary than anything she could have ever have imagined.

The best of her efforts were nothing compared to the heat of his plush lips… the gentle friction of his tounge lapping through the delicate petals of her cunt…

Ben’s hands snaked over her hips and thighs, taking in every beautiful jump and shiver, feeling her skin bristle against him as the waves of pleasure he was creating coursed through her.


He too had imagined what this would be like.


To kiss her and taste her and savor her in this way...


Seeing her body react to the things his mouth could do to her…


Unable to see her under the blanket, he made sure to experience her responses in other ways. Their connection in the Force allowed him to sense everything she was feeling, much deeper than he’d have been able to seeing her reactions with his eyes.

The galaxy of nerves he sensed within her mound began to come alive a little more each time his tongue swept between her folds.

A bundle of pressure began building within it, one that grew slowly as it begged to be set free. The release she craved would require more of all that he was doing, and Ben couldn’t wait to give her everything she needed.

Rey’s brow tensed as her body twisted below the blanket. She balled up the edges of it’s fabric, needing something to hold on to as staggering amounts of pleasure welled up inside of her. Ben licked and sucked more and more as he felt her body moving around him, feeling every part of the energy he was creating within her.

Sensing she needed more, his fingers crept around her hips and dove in to aid his mouth, spreading apart her lips as he bared her tender clit in the darkness.

How he wished he could have seen all his mouth had been worshiping in that moment. He allowed the Force to guide him as he dove back in, tonguing and circling the delicate pearl of nerves that was the key to what she needed.

“gaaaaAAAHHH….” Rey moaned, unable to hold back.

Ben smiled to himself as he heard it echoing throughout the temple. It was the first vocal confirmation he’d received of just how well he’d been doing.

As the echos of her enjoyment faded, keeping her eyes firmly shut allowed Rey to remain lost in the euphoria Ben had her caught up in.

Ben upped the pressure of what he was doing, determined to release the precious bundle he’d been building. A powerful wave of shivers began to roll through her, causing Rey’s body to writhe and shudder for him below the blanket.

Every part of her body tensed around him as she tumbled towards climax. The tension he’d been building was right where he wanted it- blazing with the need to unravel.

He covered her with all the warmth his mouth could give her- licking and sucking and swirling his tongue around her tiny, delicate, bud as she edged further towards to coming undone.

Ben … I…“ She whined, clutching the ball of fabric she’d gathered to her chest. Her thighs shook around his face and her body shuddered for a moment as her core struggled to contain the fierce energy of it.

Suddenly her back arched as her head pushed back into her pillow, her mouth opening to let out the most heavenly moan Ben’s ears had ever heard.

Not about to let up just yet, he pressed the back of her thighs to his shoulders, licking up into her with everything he had.

Unable to see any of it, he needed to feel her fully explode on his mouth, to give her every bit of that powerful release he could sense her body craved.

A cascade of moans and screams were released into the cathedral around them as Rey came apart. As her body exploded, they could both feel the power of it being drawn out and drained away from them.

The stone beneath them began to vibrate and glow blue at is absorbed their energy.

At the hight of her ecstasy, a bolt of blue lightning shot out from the stone, hitting the head of one of the towering Sith statues nearby. The dark lord was decapitated it as it’s head burst apart, a shower of rock hitting the floor and scattering about the space.

“That was… unexpected.” Palpatine murmured to himself, marveling at the destruction. “A true Palpatine…”

Blinded by his own vanity, he failed to consider what that display might mean for the rest of the ritual going forward.

Ben and Rey froze for a moment, neither willing to look and see the extent of the destruction they’d caused. Rey’s hands covered her face, shielding her vision as the dust settled.

After a few seconds the air around them was just as eerily quiet as it had been before.

Whatever they’d done, it hadn’t been enough to cause any sort of panic. The walls of Exegol still stood around them, just as solid as they had been the whole time.


Don’t stop. Ben heard her beg through their bond.


He didn’t need to be told twice, though there was one thing he’d need to do to keep going.

The sensations and sounds coming from Rey by now had his cock rock hard, and he desperately needed to find relief.

As Rey caught her breath, he backed out from under the blanket, pulling his pants and boxers off as quickly as he could. He didn’t give a damn if he was seen stark naked by the entire cult of Sith present. He had a far more urgent need to relieve the pressure that was beginning to drive him mad....

As he settled back in, that liberated part of him burned to dive into the warmth he’d imagined for so long.

Not just yet, he told himself, not just yet…

Being her first time, Rey would need a good bit more of what he was doing if she was to fully take all that awaited her.

Back under the blanket he set to work immediately, wetting a finger and gently nudging it up inside of her to see if he could find another spot he sensed needing attention.

The moans the added stimulation he drew out of her were heavenly.

Right away he was able to find the spot that begged to be prodded. The combined intensity of his mouth and the pressure he began working inside of her was everything Rey needed as her arousal continued to climb.

Her hips rocked in affirmation as he found it, rolling back and forth with him inside of her, letting him know how much she enjoyed all he was doing.

Reveling in the added stimulation, Rey smiled from ear to ear as she remembered doing the same to herself many times before while fantasizing about him. She’d been so tight the first time she’d tried it… she’d barely been able to get a finger inside.

In the year she’d spent dreaming about what all Ben could do to her, she’d proudly worked herself up to enjoying multiple fingers at a time.

Recognizing the size difference between her own fingers and his… she realized those past efforts would come in handy the more he did to her. Everything about him was so huge, so solid. She felt a little anxious realizing all that likely awaited would be just as impressive.

As the pleasure he was creating began to further consume her, she found it a little hard to believe what was happening.

She’d always heard how terrible first times were.

How men never knew what to do for women at first... how pleasing a woman’s body was like translating an ancient language no one spoke anymore... and if neither knew what to do, how badly that always ended up.


But this wasn’t that... This was... incredible.


Ben could sense exactly what her body craved and couldn’t wait to give it to her. The power of their bond was proving to have benefits that went far beyond combining their skills during a fight.

While his mouth brought her to the edge of existence again, her energy hummed around them at its peak. Another orgasm began to rumble through her, this time erupting from both inside and out.

As the heat of ecstasy bloomed inside of her, a larger bolt than before shot up from the stone, hitting the ceiling of the temple and causing several chunks of rock to break free and fall toward them.

Sensing what had happened, Ben ripped the blanket back just in time to reach out with his free hand and cast the falling rocks aside. The boulders crashed to the floor several yards away, tumbling over the cliffs into the depths of the crevasse that split the space in two.

He prayed Rey hadn’t heard the cackle that had come from the Emperor at his impressive reaction time. The last thing he wanted her being reminded of was all those witnessing the events taking place.

Luckily for him, he didn’t sense any added nervousness as she caught her breath while coming down. Instead, she reached below the blanket and tried pulling him up to her.

Ben… I want you…. She begged, not quite brave enough to say the words just yet, but knowing he’d understand.

Not yet sweetheart… I’m not done yet. He promised, letting her know the best was yet to come.

The word sweetheart made Rey’s heart pound even faster than it already was. It was the first time she’d ever heard him call her that.

He felt her hand relax and retreat back above the covers, clutching the blanket to her as she had been the whole time.

Ben continued as he'd done before, encouraged by the feeling of her body opening up further for him just like he needed it to.

More and more she craved to feel his cock inside of her as he continued licking and sucking, pushing and prodding from inside, bringing her closer and closer to yet another blissful climax like the first two he'd initiated.

Carefully he added a second finger to add to the pulsing stimulation he was delivering. Her walls stretched around his fingers as he did it, causing her hips to lift from the pressure. Her mouth hung open as her chest heaved up from the satisfaction. By now she was totally lost to everything he was doing to her.

It didn’t take long for Ben to have her coming undone again for him, her body trembling and writhing around his face like he’d proudly become accustomed to.

As the stone absorbed their energy again, a bolt of lightning flew out of it and shot through the widened hole in the ceiling. This time, Rey’s spike in power found a worthy target. It hit the lead star destroyer, which hovered above nearby, ripping it in half from the inside out. It lurched towards the planet's surface below, bursting into balls of flame as it came apart.

Neither Ben nor Rey saw what happed, but the sounds of the destruction told them all they needed to know.

Palpatine sat stunned by the act. He’d never seen such an impressive display of dark side power. Forcing the two of them together was proving to be more remarkable than anything he could have predicted.

Every Sith in attendance began chanting an old verse as part of the ritual to honor the display of power. In that moment Ben was glad he was the only one of the two of them that spoke Sith, making sure to put walls up in his mind so Rey didn’t sense what he knew they were saying.

He didn’t need her knowing any part of what they were chanting about them.

Do you think you’re ready? She heard him ask as she found herself able to think again.

Please… Ben I NEED you… Was all she could get out from her mind. Her hand was back on his shoulder again, attempting to bring him up to her.

As incredible as all he’d been doing was, she couldn’t wait to have him back up above the covers with her. Having his dark eyes to focus on would be exactly what she’d need to get through the rest of what lay ahead.

Ben crawled up to join her, propping himself up on his elbows and framing his arms around her face as she opened her legs to wrap them around him, opening her eyes immediately. The sight of him on top of her was just she’d been waiting for.

Without thinking she leaned up and kissed him, having missed the chance to do that while his mouth has been otherwise occupied.

She instantly realized why he hadn’t gone in for a kiss right away.

The flavors of her in his mouth were a bit of a shock, not that it bothered her. It was a reminder of all the intimate parts of themselves they were sharing with each other.

Ben found himself smiling from ear to ear in the middle of their kiss, realizing how much she’d liked the taste of herself inside his mouth. The woman of his dreams was proving to have more of a wild side than he’d ever imagined.

Though her cunt was dripping with all he’d just done to her, he knew the tightness he’d just felt would require plenty of lubrication to allow him to slide in. Wetting his fingers he reached down and drenched his cock, getting it as slick as possible before nudging it to her entrance.

“I’ll go very slow.” He whispered. Though his voice was gentle, his eyes were insistent. “Tell me right away if you need me to stop.”

“I will.” She promised, eager as ever to feel what awaited her.

You’re sure you’re ready? He asked one more time, suddenly more nervous than he’d felt the entire time.

Please She pleaded. I need to feel you inside me.

With those words Ben couldn’t have held himself back if he tried.

He brought himself up into her, doing his best not to push too hard while nearly coming undone from the divine warmth he felt himself plunging into.

Rey’s eyes went wide as her head fell back, her mouth hanging open as if to moan, yet no sounds came out. Ben held his breath as he waited for a reaction, praying it would be a positive one.

She closed her eyes for a moment, breathing deeply as she got used to the swell and the strain of it. The sensation of their bodies connecting on this level had a whirlwind of emotions flowing through her.


Is it ok? She heard Ben asked, hopelessly in need off feedback.


It’s extraordinary. He heard her say.


So… you want me to keep going?


Please…please don’t ever stop.


Carefully he began pulling himself in and out… edging in a little deeper each time… seeing just how much of him her body could take.

As he felt her slowly opening up around him, it was one of the most exhilarating sensations his body had ever experienced.

He held his eyes shut tightly as he braced himself, making sure not to succumb to the initial urge to loose himself right away. As extraordinary as it felt to be inside Rey, he knew it would take everything he had to hold back and enjoy all that her body could do to him.

Fuck… you’re so tight …” he moaned desperately.

Rey giggled at the outburst. She was glad to sense her body was beginning to please him every bit much as he’d done for her before.

Ben beamed hearing her giggle. By now there was no hiding anything from each other. They’d surrendered themselves in every way, connecting on the deepest levels two people could possibly do so.

As Rey looked up into his eyes, Ben urging himself deeper into her still, a love shone through them like few things he’d ever seen.

She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him to her, kissing him more passionately than ever before. Over and over she delivered kisses of immense gratitude for all he’d done to her so far, for all he was continuing to do- making her body come alive in ways she’d never known possible.

She continued kissing him through each gentle thrust, adjusting to the feeling him driving further inside of her a little more each time. The burn of her walls stretching to allow him was nothing compared to the pleasure of connecting with him physically in this way.

At least… it wasn’t at first.

As he found himself nearly halfway in, Rey began to realize she’d spoken too soon about never stopping. The tension of her body being pulled open to allow everything he had to give her suddenly became too much.

“Just… stop one moment…” She stammered, pulling away from the kisses they’d been enjoying.

Ben froze immediately, sensing he was hurting her.

“I’m sorry- I didn’t mean to… what do I need to do?”

“Just… lay still for a moment… let me get used to it...” She took several deep breaths as she willed her body to open more for him, to allow herself to take everything she needed to receive from him.

Unfortunately willing it to happen didn’t make it happen right away.

Ben lowered himself to lay on top of her, burying his face in her hair as he whispered in her ear.

“Whatever you need... just tell me. I want to take care of you”

He was content to lay with her like this for however long she needed it. He couldn’t get enough of the ecstasy of being so close.

Rey ran her fingers through his hair for a few minutes, holding him to her. She’d dreamed of holding him in this way so many times. As difficult as it was getting used to Ben’s size, a part of her was nearly in tears from the beauty of the emotions they were sharing.

The intimacy growing between them made her want to take more of him, so so much more.

What her body wasn’t allowing her to do just yet, her heart and soul ached for more than anything.

She needed to take everything he had to give her. Her entire being literally required having him fully inside of her.

Slowly she started rocking her hips below him, situating herself and figuring out how to make her body open up further. After a little while she thought she might be able to continue.

“Alright… I think… I think I’m ready for a little more.” She whispered.

Ben pushed himself back up and happily obliged, continuing the same slow, careful in and out motions he’d been delivering before.

For a little while she thought she could take it.

Then all at once it became too much again.

Ben sensed right away what was happening, stopping before she needed to say anything.

“I’m sorry….” She started to say as said her eyes glistened with what had suddenly become tears of frustration.

“Don’t be sorry.” He said leaning in to kiss her forehead. “You’re doing amazing. You have no idea how incredible you are.”

Rey couldn’t help but chuckle. “I don’t think I’ve earned the title of an incredible lover just yet.”

“You are to me.” He said, kissing her cheek as he suddenly felt a little embarrassed. It was impossible to ignore what the issue was. “I know it’s… it’s a lot to take.”

Rey’s smile became a devious smirk. “It’s not a bad thing. I’m sure I’ll enjoy getting used to it.”

Ben bit his lip as he blushed. The last thing he wanted to do was appear too proud of what she was struggling with.

Suddenly he thought of something that might help.

“Do you want to be on top… so you can control it?” He asked.

The thought of being on top felt daunting at first. Rey knew she’d feel far more exposed to all in attendance without Ben to shield her.

Still, if they were going to make this work- and they absolutely had to make it work- she needed to do something differently than what they’d been doing so far.

“Ok… let’s try that.” She said bravely.

Ben held her to him as he rolled over. As he did, his hands went to her hips to lift her and hold her up over him. He had her right where she needed to be in one move.

Rey couldn’t help but be surprised how smoothly he did it, as though it was something he’d done many times.

Well done She said through her bond

Thanks Ben smiled as he pulled the blanket back around her shoulders, wrapping it around her like a shawl.

In addition to knowing it would comfort her, a part of him needed to keep Rey covered to all in attendance save himself. Though they were being forced to do this in front of the last souls they’d have ever chosen to share this with, only he would get to enjoy the sight of her naked body like this.

As she got used to the feeling of being in control, right away she could tell having her hips spread over him had opened things up a little more.

The gentle warmth of Ben’s hands on her hips again was all the encouragement she needed to get started. Staring down into his eyes, she began rocking herself forward, immediately feeling the full benefit of a change in position.

She planted her hands on his chest in front of her as she eased herself back and forth on him, initiating a hesitant rhythm. By doing so, she was able to ease herself onto him… a little more… and a little more… breathing deeply each time she felt her body pushing down onto him further..

Ben was mesmerized by the sight of her painfully beautiful body riding him.

Her hips needfully rocking back and forth…

Her thighs lifting her up and down, bound and determined to take his cock deeper and deeper into her core.

Her breasts and face and skin radiant with the pleasure of what was beginning to happen…

“You’re so beautiful …” He said, in awe of the woman above him.

The way his deep voice purred out of him nearly had her coming undone on it’s own.

“…am I?” She asked, needing to hear more.


He tried to think of what else to say, sensing it was having an effect. Somehow he knew saying it through their bond would mean more. With all he had to say to her, they were the only ones that needed to hear it.

I can’t tell you how long it feels like I’ve waited for this…

Everything I’ve ever wanted...

Everything I’ve ever dreamed about or done..

All of it’s been for you.

To be with you just like this…

You have to know that.

The way Rey’s face lit up let up as she heard him let Ben know his words had their intended affect.

I know. She replied.

She smiled triumphantly as she felt her body continuing to allow him in more and more, just as she’d needed it to this whole time.

Finally, she found the courage to go for it, to push herself down on him with everything she had…

She closed her eyes for a moment as she breathed deeply, leaning her head back and allowing her mouth to fall open as she willed her body to consume every inch of Ben’s cock.

If the moans she’d let out before had been music to Ben’s ears, the sound that came out of her as her body took him in to the hilt had him utterly swept away.

Rey’s eyes went wide as she stared up at the stars, moaning in complete submission to the ecstasy of Ben filling her to her limit.

The sight of her taking him fully was just too overwhelmingly beautiful to remain laying down.

Ben sat up with a quickness that made Rey jump, wrapping his arms around her, clinging her body to him as he desperately held on to everything he’d ever dreamed of.

She instantly returned the affection, wrapping her arms around his shoulders, holding him close as she adjusted her self, wrapping her legs around his waist as she continued getting used to the feeling.

Artist Credit Jade Bell

Holding onto each other, their bodies now fully connected, both realized right way they’d finally found the belonging they’d searched for their entire lives. A tear of happiness began to glide down Rey’s cheek as she held her face against his, drinking in the wholeness of their now fully complete connection.

The most surprising part of all of it… was how she found herself needing more.

Whereas her body had trouble opening up before, with Ben completely inside her, she now had the opposite issue.

She needed more of what was giving to her… to push him as deeply and as profoundly inside of her as he could possibly go.

She wrapped her legs around him as tightly as she could, needing to bring him closer, urging him to push deeper, to give her even more of all the things he was already giving her.

Ben was awestruck as she began rocking on him, somehow suddenly ready to take even more of what she’d struggled with earlier.

The plunge of it, the burn of it, the satisfaction of it… of urging Ben’s fullness deeper and deeper inside of her…

Nothing in the Force had ever felt so extraordinary.

Rey held onto him fiercely as their bodies began to rock together in unison, giving themselves more of what their souls desperately longed for.

The closer their bodies were, the stronger their bond became.

The stronger the bond between them, the more they became their truest selves.

At some point in their lovemaking Rey realized the blanket that had covered them earlier had entirely slipped away.

Neither of them cared.

Though their bodies were now fully bare to all those present, they wouldn’t have changed anything about how they found themselves.

They were finally where they’d been meant to be. They’d waited so long to have each other like this, it was hard to believe it was finally happening.

Not the Emporer, nor the Sith, nor the Resistance, nor the Jedi, nor the galaxy itself and all those in it…

Nothing in the universe could take away from the glorious moment they found themselves in.


At the same time, the Emporer and the Sith eternal were totally dumbfounded by what was taking place before them.

A power equal parts light and dark had begun to radiate from them throughout the space. The phenomenon was unlike anything they’d ever witnessed. In their various lifetimes every one of them had known the Force to be a thing of chaos, constantly out of balance as it’s opposing sides fought for supremacy.

Now, the two sides of the Force existed in front of them in a symbiotic way which none of them had known to be possible.

Ben and Rey of course felt it too- though nothing about it was as profound to them as it was to everyone else in the room.

To them, this was the manifestation of the balance their souls had always strived for, the balance they’d somehow always known they were capable of.

It had just taken being brought together like this to finally find it.

As the strength of the balance around them grew, so to did their passion for each other.

Deeper and harder Rey pushed herself onto him, rocking her hips to find just what she needed.

Slowly but surely she figured out how to make the most of all Ben had been gifted with.

Leaning back a bit while urging her hips forward, she finally found the place Ben’s fingers had been expertly stroking earlier.

Her eyes went wide and her head fell back as she took in the sensation. Having the full force of Ben’s cock diving into her like this, Rey knew she wouldn’t last long.

Feeling Rey’s body readying itself to explode on him, Ben knew there’d be no holding back once it came time for her release.

It was in that moment something else truly unexpected began to happen.

Illuminated forms started appearing around them- visions of the past lovers who’d been forced to perform just as they were, their bonds taken advantage of by the Sith for the incredible amounts of power that resided within them.

Be with us. they heard they heard them say through the Force, letting them know they were there to help them.

We’re with you. They replied.

What the Emperor and his throng of followers didn’t know was the Dyadic Crystal had a limit to what it could take. Ben and Rey were one of ten thousand couples to have made love upon it’s surface. With the amount of power it had consumed and stored up and released over the centuries, the crystal had finally reached its breaking point.

The power spikes during their earlier lovemaking had been signs of instability within it’s core, signs that it was no longer able to contain the immense loads of power it had once held.

Had the Emperor understood the power he hungered for, he’d have known that. However, his greed had blinded him to that very simple reality.

As Ben and Rey hurled together toward coming undone, the stone beneath them began to vibrate and glow as before- however this time there was more to it.

Around them the number of dyads appearing had increased exponentially. The thousands of couples revealing themselves in the Force to Ben and Rey alone began channeling their energy into the stone, ensuring once and for all the Dyadic Crystal’s final destruction.

Alone as individual couples, the dyads who’d been forced to make love here hadn’t been enough to overpower the might of the Sith eternal.

Combined however, they knew they’d be more than enough.

Never again would another pair of bonded souls be forced to share their love with dark ones greedy for their power. With this final act, Ben and Rey would liberate the future for all Force sensitives in the galaxy.

Their eyes burned into each other as the passion and energy of every past dyad that had ever made love upon the stone began welling up below them…

All the pleasure and all the combined strength that had ever been created in that space was about to be released again all at once.

A hurricane of sensations began to rage within them, one that was far too strong for two mortal bodies to contain.

“Gods- BEN!“ Rey screamed as she threw her head back, her fingers gripping into his skin as she braced against the explosion within her.

“REY!” He shouted back, his body erupting up into her with a force unlike anything he’d ever felt.

They came together in a detonation of power that felt as though the Force itself had opened up for them.

The energy released overwhelmed the stone below them, causing it to shatter from the inside out.

The resulting explosion threw them across the temple while ebony shards of crystal flew in every direction.

As the power of ten thousand dyads resonated out, the wall of energy overwhelmed and devastated everything dark and twisted in its path.

The Emperor and every member of the Sith Eternal disappeared in a flash. The walls of temple itself ruptured, splitting open the moment the blast made contact.

As it continued out from the temple, it’s power began destroying the entirety of the Imperial fleet.

In the shock of what had happened, Ben didn’t have time to redirect falling rocks as parts of the broken temple began to fall around them.

Reacting from instinct he threw himself over Rey, clutching her tiny frame below him to shield her as rocks crashed down around them.

The pain of a thousand knives pierced his side as one smashed into his back left side, then again in his lower left leg as another crushed it with it’s weight.

Rey screamed sensing everything that was happening, It was as dramatic a turn imaginable from the euphoria they’d shared just moments before.

In spite of the pain shooting through him, Ben kept his jaw clenched tightly, holding on to and protecting everything in life that mattered to him. He wasn’t about to let go of Rey, not for anything in the galaxy.

By some mercy, after a few moments the initial chaos the blast had caused subsided. The rubble falling around them stopped. A few moments later the dust began to clear and settle.

The din of unimaginable devastation outside grew louder as the blast radius spread.

The sounds of thousands of star destroyers breaking apart across the expanse of the planet could be heard in all directions.

The roar of it was as relieving to hear as it was horrifying.

Suddenly an entirely different sound pierced through Exegol’s atmosphere, one that made their hearts jump.

They turned to look up at the sky as they heard thousands of ships beginning to arrive at once.

The Resistance had returned with help from all across the galaxy.