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Code name brings them closer

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It hadn't taken Maggie long to fall asleep the night before, she could have blamed it on the pain meds for her arm but she knew that it was mostly thanks to the man in bed with her whose side she was currently curled in to. Her left arm had stayed safely on his chest all night with his hand holding hers as she knew he didn’t want her arm to be able to move because he didn’t want to hurt her, but their legs definitely weren't this entangled when they fell asleep last night. She couldn't actually figure out what way their legs were wrapped around each other but she knew they were completely entangled. A smile appeared on Maggie’s face as she snuggled, yes Maggie Bell was currently snuggling, into Jubal’s side, but that smile soon disappeared when she remembered why she was awake, the noise coming from his phone. She tapped Jubal’s chest lightly hiding her face in his neck mumbling 

“Jubal…. Please either answer your phone or turn off the alarm before I break it” 

Jubal wasn’t normally a deep sleeper unless he was completely relaxed and last night he was without doubt completely relaxed. The weight that he could feel on his chest and the warmth at his side had reminded him that he had actually fallen asleep with Maggie in his arms. This was something that he could get used to. However, right now he was really hating his phone for having clearly woken his companion before it had even woke him. He reached out his hand lifting his phone turning off the alarm before setting it back on the bedside table. Maggie was expecting Jubal to pull away and get out of bed as she remembered he said that he had a meeting this morning but instead she felt both his arms wrap tighter around her pulling her even closer if that were possible. 

“I'm not sure I want to explain to work how an agent broke my phone this early in the morning” 

Maggie could hear the humour in Jubal’s voice and she didn’t have to see his face to know that he was smirking. 

“I'm sure they would understand that being woke by that painful noise would cause an agent to lash out especially one that was injured recently” 

Now Maggie had a small smirk on her face as well, she decided to make the most of the fact that Jubal was still in bed with her as she knew he would be getting up soon, she started placing small kisses to his neck before biting the skin gently. Feeling her kisses was driving him crazy but when her teeth grazed his skin he couldn't help the moan that escaped as he squeezed her a little tighter in his arms 

“You think they would also understand if I'm late to the meeting because I just found it too hard to leave you?” 

Maggie couldn't resist the urge to run her hand along Jubal’s chest and stomach, he was expecting her hand to stop but it didn’t, instead her hand ran along his hardened member. The only thing stopping her hand from touching his skin was his boxers, he couldn't help the low moan that escaped at her touch 

“I see.....well feel, that the pun is intended” 

Maggie still couldn't believe that she was the one that was causing a reaction like this from Jubal, she never thought for a second that she would be the one turning him on. She placed a few more small, wet kisses to his neck and let her teeth graze the skin again as she heard him take a sharp breath before speaking

“Sleeping beside you, with you in my clothes is going to have a certain impact on a me” 

Maggie withdrew her head from Jubal’s neck and she lay it on his shoulder so that she could look in to his eyes, her fingers were still lightly tracing the outline of his hardened member through his boxers 

“Maybe we should do something then to help you out of this situation before work, but do you have the time?” 

“I can make the time, I'll be late I don't care” 

The only times that Jubal had been late to work since he got sober was when it was something to do with his kids, but right now he just found another important reason for being late. He had expected to sneak out of bed this morning before Maggie woke so that she could get some more sleep but right now he was starting to feel thankful that his alarm had woke her before him. He lay his finger under Maggie's chin to tilt her head back a little as he leaned down kissing her slowly but passionately, the kiss was broke by Jubal when he let out Maggie’s name in a gasp as he felt her hand wrap around his hardening member and slowly stroking it, he had no idea when her hand had slid inside his boxers but he was glad it had. He pushed a few strands of Maggie's hair from her face as he looked at the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on, but he was also aware she had been shot yesterday 

“Mags, are you sure about this?” 

Some men would have just continued on without stopping to ask if she was sure, they may have just hoped that at least they would get to reach orgasm even if she wasn’t up to it but not Jubal, she could feel how much he wanted her yet he was still willing to stop and check if she was sure about this. She couldn't explain it but in that moment it made her want him even more, they had only slept together once, she wanted to feel him again.  

“I wouldn't have started if I wasn't sure Jubal, I will say if I need to stop, I promise” 

That was all Jubal needed to hear, he would have gone and taken a cold shower if Maggie had of said she wanted to stop but hearing that she wanted to continue just made his desire grow even more as he didn’t have to hide it anymore. He brushed his nose gently against hers before pressing his lips to hers, he rolled them on to their sides as he ran his hand between their bodies and slid his hand inside Maggie's panties. His fingers were met by her ready wetness, feeling her desire against his fingers caused a deep chested moan to escape from him. He had to break the kiss for air as his breathing was getting heavier, her stroking his member and feeling her wetness around his fingers was making him wanting to give in straight away, but he was thankful that he had learned restraint over the years or this wouldn't be lasting long for him. He kept his eyes on Maggie as he slowly slid his fingers inside her causing her to tilt her head back and arch in to his touch as she closed her eyes letting out a soft moan, it may have stopped her hand for a brief second before it picked up the pace on his member again.

She brought her forehead to rest against his as their breathing was getting a little heavier, her free hand ran to the back of his neck as her nails grazed the skin gently causing his body to shudder. Jubal somehow found the strength to stop Maggie's hand moving on him, he could see the confusion in her eyes as he pulled his hand out of her panties, but he leaned in kissing her softly whispering against her lips 

“You're wearing too much clothes for this Mags” 

She couldn't help the smile against his lips as she heard his whisper, for a split second she thought that he might have been changing his mind, but she was wrong. She took off his FBI T-shirt that she had on and he slid down her shorts and panties in one movement throwing them to the side of the bed. Jubal rolled Maggie on to her back as he lay his hands either side of her head just watching her, he was waiting for his alarm to go off again and for this all to have been a dream but the feeling of his boxer waistband lightly snapping against his skin was real, he looked down to see Maggie's hand was pulling the waist of his boxers and letting it hit against his skin as she smirked up at him 

“Now who's the one that's wearing too much clothes for this” 

Maggie wasn’t sure she had ever seen Jubal move as fast in his life as he did to move those boxers off him, she wasn’t even sure where they hand landed and honestly right now neither of them cared. He positioned himself to be between Maggie’s legs right at her entrance, he looked straight in to her eyes which were darker with desire, he knew his own would have been the exact same, keeping the eye contact as he slowly slid inside Maggie. He honestly had no idea how in the hell he had the strength to keep his eyes open, the feel of her warmth around him was making him want to close his eyes and enjoy it, but he had something more beautiful to enjoy. And that was Maggie fighting hard to keep her eyes open as she gasped a little feeling him slide inside her. In that moment she would swear that Jubal was made for her because he fitted perfectly inside her. 

After taking a moment for both of them to let it sink in what was happening she lifted her hips toward Jubal to encourage him to move and that was all it took for him to start with slow deep thrusts. He leaned down kissing Maggie, running his tongue along her lower lip to be met with her tongue instantly, their tongues tangling together the way that their bodies were. Maggie wasn’t even sure how she was breathing at this stage as no one had ever kissed her like this, she ran her legs along Jubal’s sides before wrapping them around his waist allowing him to enter her as deep as possible. Feeling the change in angle and position caused Jubal to break the kiss as he snuggled his cheek to Maggie's moaning out her name straight to her ear. 

Maggie wasn’t sure that anything sounded as beautiful as Jubal Valentine moaning out her name in pure pleasure, she ran her fingertips along his back, scratching the skin lightly as she was hit with a wave of pleasure. There really was no distance between their bodies, any movement that either made could be felt by both, and it was having the same impact on both of them. Maggie placed kisses to Jubal’s shoulder when she could as her breathing was now getting much heavier, one of her hands moved to his now slightly damp hair. She knew that feeling that was soaring through her body, she knew she wasn’t going to last much longer. 

“Jubal…” her speaking was stopped as a moan escaped from her lips she almost forgot what she was trying to say until the feeling within her body reminded her  “I'm  so close….”

Jubal was now really hoping that no alarm was going to go off and tell him that this was a dream because this was something he was going to remember vividially for a very long time. He had learned restraint over the years but Maggie was putting all of that to the test, even their first kiss had him almost just giving in, after years of waiting he was finally getting to be the one that was making Maggie feel like this. Hearing her words caused him to pull his head back a little so that he could once again look in to her eyes, he wanted to watch her, knowing that he was the one making her feel that good. 

 “Don’t hold back Mags….”

He whispered out as it was all his breath would allow, he leaned down kissing her one final time before he withdrew his lips so that he could watch her. They could have made this quick, fast and hard but they had both fallen in to the slow and deep yet hard rhythm and it was that rhythm that brought Maggie crashing over the edge, she arched her body against Jubal’s as she let her body ride out the orgasm moaning out Jubal’s name in what he would claim was one of the most beautiful sounds. Feeling her coming undone underneath him and around him was the final straw for Jubal and he lost the fight on any restraint he had left as he gave in to his body reaching his orgasm, causing him to gasp before moaning out Maggie’s name once again. 

They rode out their orgasms together, holding on tight to each other, their bodies moulded so perfectly together until they were both completely spent. Maggie released her legs from around Jubal’s waist as he rolled off her and on to his back but he took Maggie with him so that she was tucked back in to this side, exactly how they had woken up this morning. Neither of them could speak right now as they were both trying to catch their breath, Jubal was running his fingertips along Maggie's spine, while her fingers were dancing across his chest. 

“Was it worth being late to work for?” Maggie smirked playfully as she snuggled her face in to Jubal’s neck taking in the scent that was uniquely him. 

Jubal kissed Maggie's head holding her as close to him as possible as he kept running his fingertips along her spine slowly 

“It was more than worth it, you will always be worth being late to work for Mags” 

Maggie smiled hearing Jubal’s words, she knew how much he loved his job and especially how much he loved being a part of the FBI so to hear him say that really meant a lot to her. Maggie was still running her hand along Jubal’s chest and stomach as his phone signalled a message, he reached over lifting his phone seeing a message from Isobel asking where he was as he was late for their meeting, he sat his phone back down without answering, Maggie could tell he was hesitant about what she knew he needed to say, she ran her fingertips along his jawline before leaning up and kissing him softly 

“Jubal go, honestly, I know you need to shower and get in to work, I knew you had a meeting this morning, I'm not going to be pissed that you have to leave right away” 

Jubal loved that Maggie was able to tell what was going on in his head without him having to even say it, he really did feel guilty that he had to get out of the bed so quickly. He leaned down kissing Maggie slowly his hand cupping her cheek. 

“I would love nothing more than to stay here with you, it is not an easy task leaving you in my bed naked. But if I don't go Isobel is going to keep texting and ringing. You know it really should be a crime to leave you alone in this bed” 

Maggie chuckled softly hearing Jubal’s words, she really was loving getting to see this side of Jubal, the sweet and soft, almost romantic side of him. She didn’t want him to leave but she also knew that he had to and she completely understood, that was one of the benefits of them working together they completely understood what the job required. 

“I don't think you can arrest yourself for leaving your girlfriend naked in your bed.. Now go before I don't let you leave this bed” 

Jubal leaned down stealing one more quick kiss before finally sliding out of bed, he didn’t even attempt to grab anything to cover himself up and that made Maggie smile because it showed how comfortable he felt around her. Jubal left going in to the bathroom and took a quick shower and was back in the room within minutes with a towel around his waist. Maggie had pulled the covers up around her and had got comfortable again in the bed, she was really enjoying getting to watch Jubal get ready for work. It was a simple task but she couldn't explain how good it felt getting to be the one that got to watch him right now. 

Jubal got dressed quickly before coming back over to the bed and he leaned down kissing Maggie softly but passionately, Maggie’s hand cupped his cheek as she brought him down a little closer to kiss him a little deeper before he had to pull back and he bit his own lip looking at Maggie 

“There really is something wrong with me leaving you just laying here in my bed. But try to get more sleep and help yourself to anything you want or need in the apartment. Ill give you a text when I get out of the meeting”

“Don’t worry it’s not the last time I'm going to be in your bed. Now go, seriously, before you really can't leave. And I love the shirt, this is one of my favourite shirts you have, the dark blue suits you” 

“Ill have to make sure that I wear this shirt more often then, i'll have to get you to show me what other shirts you like”

Jubal stole one more quick kiss before standing up straight and thanking Maggie when she handed him his phone. She lay in the bed watching him as he checked that he had everything he needed. 

“I hope it’s a good meeting and hopefully Isobel won’t give you too much trouble for being late” 

“Even if she does give me a lot trouble I don't care it was totally worth it” 

Jubal finally headed towards the door and he called back to Maggie to enjoy her sleep and to call or text him if she needed anything and with that Jubal was out the door heading to work while Maggie got comfortable to try and get some more sleep.