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Sins of the Past

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Storybrooke. Present. Night.
(Working as a cab driver, a weary Henry Swan-Mills glances at his rear-view mirror at the kissing couple in his back seat. With the realms of story united, Henry’s clientele is large and varied. From drunken Musketeers to sight-seeing visitors from the Land Without Colour, the former Author has driven them all in his cab.)


Swan-Mills House. Morning.
(Descending the stairs, Regina is distressed by the various boxes that are strewn across the floor. Just as she is about to raise her voice however, Zelena walks into the hall, carrying baby Maria.)
Zelena: “And here’s your other Mama looking ready for business.”
Regina: (Smiling:) “How is she doing?”
Zelena: “Just fine, now that her Aunty Zelena’s here, isn’t that right, Poppet?”
Regina: (As her sister continues cooing at the baby:) “Thanks for coming, Zelena. My meeting this morning shouldn’t take long.”
Zelena: “Oh don’t worry about that, Maria and I are going to have a wonderful time, isn’t that right?”
(Shaking her head at her sister’s infatuation, Regina turns to see Emma walking into the room looking slightly frazzled.)
Emma: (Followed by Ella:) “Just give me five minutes to put on a new shirt and find my keys and we’ll be outta here.”
(Stopping only to give her wife a quick kiss, Emma runs upstairs to go change.)
Ella: (Calling after her:) “Thank you! (To Regina:) I’m sorry to put you guys out like this, I’d take the bus but-”
Regina: (Cutting in:) “You can’t risk being late for work again. (Smiles:) We know and it’s absolutely fine. I’d drop you off myself but I’m headed in completely the other direction. (Glancing at her watch:) Speaking of which, I’d better go. (To Zelena:) You’re sure you’ll be all right?”
Zelena: “Yes, now go! Maria and I have the whole day planned.”


The Woods, Just Outside Storybrooke.
(Will Scarlett travels quickly through the woods, clutching a stitch at his side but continuing to run at top speed.)

Dun Broch.
(Regina stands over the slain body of a unicorn, Queen Merida by her side.)
Regina: “What were you thinking? Even in my darkest days, I could never kill a unicorn.”
Merida: “Me? This is not my doing. Unicorns are rare and mystical creatures. There is a legend that says bad fortune will come to anyone who slays one. Neither I or any of the men I command would be stupid enough to kill such a sacred animal.”
Regina: (Scoffs:) “You have too much faith in a man’s intelligence. So, what do you expect me to do about it?”
Merida: (Nods:) “I thought you could speak to him.”
(Confused, Regina turns to see a cloaked figure standing a short distance away.)
Anhora: “Are you looking for me? I am Anhora, Keeper of the Unicorns.”
Merida: “Is it you who’s responsible for turning our water into sand?”
Regina: “What?”
Anhora: “You alone are responsible for the misfortune that has befallen Dun Broch.”
Merida: “Me?! You think I’d bring drought upon my own people?”
Anhora: “When the unicorn was killed on your lands, a curse was unleashed. For this, Dun Broch will suffer greatly.”
Regina: (Stepping forward:) “Now wait a minute, I’m an expert on curses and I know they rarely, if ever, solve anything. Why don’t you just lift the curse and we can all talk about this rationally for a moment.”
Anhora: “The curse was not my doing.”
Merida: (Drawing her sword:) “Undo the curse or you will pay with your life.”
Regina: (Chiding:) “Merida!”
Anhora: “Only you can do that. You will be tested.”
Merida: “Me?”
Regina: “You’re the Queen, blame comes with the job.”
Anhora: “Until you have proven yourself, and made amends for killing the unicorn, the curse will not be lifted. If you fail any of these tests, Dun Broch will be damned for all eternity.”


Storybrooke. Outside The Sheriff’s Station.
(Sitting in a squad car, Lily turns to her father who is joining her for a ride-along.)
Lily: “Okay, are you ready for this?”
Hook: “I was born ready.”
Lily: “Dad, I’m serious, this isn’t going to be like your pirate adventures. Most days this job is about keeping the peace.”
Hook: (Smirks:) “Trust me, love, things might have been a bit quieter around here recently, but when magic’s around, there’s always going to be trouble sooner or later.”

Main Street.
(Ella sprints down main street, trying to get to work on time as Emma looks on from outside the Dark Star Pharmacy. Hoping her future daughter-in-law makes it, Emma turns and is knocked down by a still speeding Will Scarlett.)
Emma: “Ahh! (Landing hard on the ground, she looks up to see Will barely give her a backwards glance before disappearing around the corner:) Yeah, you better run!”


(Wiping her hands, Emma hardly notices when her parents arrive beside her, rushing her her aid.)
Snow White: “Emma, are you okay?”
Emma: (Wincing:) “Yeah, I’m fine.”
David: “Here, let me help you. (Helping his daughter to her feet, concerned:) Are you sure you’re all right.”
Emma: “Yeah, just a bruised ego is all. (Starts to walk:) Ow. And a bruised butt, I think.”
Snow White: “That really was quite the fall you took. We saw you as we were coming out of Granny’s.”
Emma: “Well, that’s what I’m here for. To protect, serve and amuse.”
David: “Emma-”
Emma: (Sighs:) “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to unload on you guys. It’s… it’s just been a stressful morning.”
David: “You know we’re here to help anytime.”
Emma: (Nods:) “I know, thank you. (She hugs them both in turn. Pulling a piece of paper from her pocket:) Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotta get everything on this list and get home before Zelena paints Maria’s bedroom green.”

Storybrooke Library.
(Will stands expectantly as Belle looks over the book he’s just returned.)
Alice: (Pulling ten dollars from her pocket:) “You still don’t get this until I’m satisfied.”
Will: (Grins:) “I know.”
Alice: (To Belle:) “So?”
Belle: (Turning over a few pages:) “Well it hasn’t exactly been returned in mint condition.”
Will: (Laughs:) “No offense ladies, but I’d challenge you to find one book in this entire building that’d fit that description.”
Belle: “Hm. And did you enjoy the book?”
Will: “Oh, yes. Very much.”
Alice: (Sceptically:) “What was your favourite part?”
Will: “Well, there was the beginning, the middle and the end.”
Alice: “What about the octopus, didn’t you find that part scary?”
Will: (Scoffs:) “Octopuses aren’t scary - Kraken’s are scary.”
Belle: (Smiles:) “There isn’t an octopus in this book, Will.”
Alice: (Taking the ten dollars off the table:) “Ha!”
Will: “Oh, come on! I still got the book back in time, so what if I didn’t read it?”
Alice: “Reading books is the whole point! I want you to broaden your horizons, lose yourself in an adventure.”
Will: “But we’ve both lived real adventures! Look, reading books is fine if you’re locked up in a tower with no chance of escape, but there’s no replacement for living life. In fact if you ask me, it’s you two who should be broadening your horizons. (Backing out of the library:) Put the books down, girls. Let your hair down once in awhile, you’ll thank me for it.”
(Belle and Alice smile at each other as Will leaves the Library.)

Mr. Cluck’s Chicken Shack.
(Sneaking in through the back door, Ella grabs her apron and ties it around her waist, attempting to start work without her boss realising how late she is. Taking a fresh pair of gloves from the box, Ella turns to find her boss standing in front of her.)
Louis: “You’re late. Again.”
Ella: “I ran here as fast as I could, but my-”
Louis: “I don’t give a crap! I’m paying you for 39 hours. (Another employee - Carl, drops a tray load of chicken on the floor:) Really, Carl? That’s coming out of your paycheck.”
Ella: “Hey, Louis, lay off. It’s just chicken. You don’t need to be a jerk about it.”
Louis: (Puts down the cooking tongs:) “Apologize. Now! Or get out.”
Ella: “I can’t, because it’s true. You’re a jerk.”
Louis: “You think you know me so well, huh? I know you. Former princess living with her prince boyfriend in his mother’s mansion. No real skills other than that temper. You need this job. This is the best you can do, and you know it. So, yeah, you’re gonna apologize. Right?”
Ella: “Never.”
(Ella takes off her apron and storms out.)


Elsewhere In Storybrooke.
(Placing a tray of dirty dishes down, Henry takes a moment to catch his breath.)
Tiana: (Walking over to him:) "Henry, are you feeling okay? You look exhausted.”
Henry: (Forces a smile:) “I’m fine, just needed a second.”
Tiana: “I don’t know, between your working two jobs and Ella working at the shack most nights-”
Henry: “It’ll be worth it when we’ve got our own place.”
(Henry picks up the tray and walks to the kitchen.)
Tiana: (Following:) “Is there a rush on that? Emma and Regina can’t be hurting for space. I’ve been to the Mayor’s mansion and there’s like thirty-seven rooms.”
Henry: “Ha-ha. There’s not quite that many, but that’s not even the point. My moms don’t want me to leave but they’ve got Maria to look after now and… well there are other reasons.”
Tiana: “Such as?”
Henry: (Begins placing dishes in the dishwasher:) “Such as wanting to carry Ella over the threshold of our own home? Such as being able to afford the wedding and honeymoon of her dreams?”
Tiana: “Henry, you know Ella’s not interested in those extravagant things.”
Henry: “But that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be able to have them if she did.”
Tiana: “I’m impressed.”
Henry: “Thank you.”
Tiana: “I meant how you stacked the dishwasher. (She smiles and walks away, over her shoulder:) Very impressive.”

Dark Star Pharmacy.
(Having gathered everything on her list, Emma is attempting to casually ask for Mr. Clark’s professional opinion.)
Emma: “What’s your best cream for cuts and bruises?”
Mr. Clark: (Scanning the items from Emma’s basket:) “Depends on the type of injury and how bad it is.”
Emma: “Well I won’t know how bad it is until I get home.”
Mr. Clark: “Then I can’t help you.”
Emma: “Look, I’m not going to sue you for bad advice if that’s what you’re worried about. All I’m looking for is a good, effective cream.”
Mr. Clark: (Takes a sharp intake of breath:) “Again, I’d have to see the injury in question, just to be sure.”
Emma: “Trust me, that’s not happening.”
Regina: (Entering the store:) “What injury? Is it Maria? Did Zelena call, is she hurt?”
Emma: “No! No, it’s nothing like that it’s just… (Looks to Mr. Clark then back to Regina:) Delicate.”


Mr. Clark: “If the injury is in a delicate area, I give you my word as a professional I would be happy to-”
Emma: (Grabbing Sneezy by the shirt:) “I’m not pulling my ass out here in this store for you or anyone else, you got that? (Emma releases the man only to notice that he hasn’t moved. Looking to Regina she sees that the brunette is using her magic to turn the store sign to ‘closed’ and drawing the steel blinds down:) Er, what are you doing?”
Regina: “You’re hurt. Show me.”
Emma: “Regina, it’s nothing, I’m fine.”
Regina: “Show. Me.”
Emma: (Looking at a now frozen Mr. Clark:) “What about him?”
Regina: (Considers:) “Let him be 'Sleepy’ for awhile.”
(With a wave of her hand, Sneezy collapses behind the counter, fast asleep.)
Emma: (Shaking her head, begins lifting her skirt and turns towards the counter:) “You’ll take any excuse, won’t you?”
Regina: (Innocently:) “To care for my wife? Of course I will. (Hisses as the injured area is exposed:) Oh, Emma.”
Emma: “That bad, huh?”
Regina: “It’s definitely going to bruise.”
Emma: (Shrugs:) “I’ve had worse. (Stiffens when she feels Regina’s hands on her hips:) So what now?”
Regina: “Well I’ll need to clean the affected area before treatment.”
Emma: (As her breath quickens:) “J-just make sure you do a thorough job.”
Regina: (Sliding to her knees, bringing Emma’s skirt and underwear with her:) “Don’t I always?”
(Unable to answer, Emma merely closes her eyes and gasps as Regina gives her the due care and attention only she can provide.)

Will & Tiana’s Apartment. Storybrooke.
(While cooking in the kitchen, Tiana smiles as she hears the door open.)
Tiana: “Hey, sexy. Dinner’s at- (Sees Ella standing there:) Whoa, whoa! What’re you doing out of work so early?”
Ella: (Simply:) “I quit.”
Tiana: “What?”
Ella: (Jumps up to sit on the counter:) “You know, Louis, he’s-”
Tiana: “Yeah, I know what Louis is. He’s what you grin and bear so that the singles in your savings jar don’t get lonely.”
Ella: “I’ll figure something out.”
Tiana: “What’s Henry gonna say? You know, he’s already out there working two jobs. So now-”
Ella: “I know, I know, but hey, who’s side are you on? You think I should work for that bully all my life?”
Tiana: “Of course not. I just see how hard Henry’s working and-”
Ella: “Oh, way to make me feel so much better.”
Tiana: “You’re right, I’m sorry. Wanna stay for dinner?”
Ella: “No, that’s okay.”
Tiana: “Drinks?”
Ella: “Oh god, yes.”
Tiana: (Laughs:) “Then get your butt off my counter and pour the wine.”
Ella: (Salutes:) “Yes, Ma'am.”

Swan-Mills House. Night Time.
(Emma lays on her stomach on the bed, Maria gurgling contentedly beside her. Regina enters from the bathroom, a tub of cream in her hand.)
Regina: “There they are, my two favourite girls.”
Emma: “This is so embarrassing.”
Regina: (Smiling:) “Oh hush, you don’t hear Maria complaining.”
(Emma turns her attention to her daughter while Regina applies the cream to her exposed backside.)
Emma: “Isn’t there a spell that can heal this sort of thing?”
Regina: “Do you know of one?”
Emma: “No. Do you? (Silence:) Regina?”
Regina: (A long pause:) “Now where would be the fun in that?”
Emma: “I knew it!”