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Sins of the Past

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Camelot. Council Chamber.
(Standing beside the Cup of Life, Morgause reads through her spell books when Tiger Lily appears behind her.)
Tiger Lily: “I can’t let you do this, Morgause.”
Morgause: “Ah. (Turns to face her:) If it isn’t my dear, sweet, Fairy Godmother. You look surprised. Did you think I did not know who was responsible for taking me away from Camelot? The High Priestesses kept nothing from me. They cared for me in ways that my father and indeed my godmother were supposed to.”
Tiger Lily: “Please, Morgause. Do not punish this child for my actions.”
Morgause: (Chuckles:) “You plead for her life as if your own has not also been chosen, ironically for your wisdom.” (Suddenly, Morgause raises her arm and blasts Tiger Lily’s wand out of her hand. Her eyes glowing, Morgause uses her magic to lift Tiger Lily off the ground and throw her violently against the wall, knocking the fairy unconscious.)

Burial Vaults. Continued.
(Regina and Morgana are still fighting. Her attention on the Rowan staff, Regina attempts to pass Morgana but is blocked at every turn. Having apparently met her match, Regina is able only to register defensive strikes before she is disarmed by Morgana. Avoiding Morgana’s attacks, Regina manages to knock Morgana off balance before ducking behind a tomb. Using her magic Regina collapses part of the vault roof on top of Morgana, knocking her down. Picking up her sword and running to the Rowan staff, Regina slices it in two. Turning back towards her foe, Regina sees that Morgana has vanished.)

Castle Corridor.
(The skeleton that Henry is fighting crumbles. The skeleton that Ella is fighting also collapses into dust.)

Drawbridge Gate.
(The skeleton Xena is fighting crumbles. Xena, Gabrielle and Sir Leon rejoin the fight against the Knights of Medhir. The knights of Camelot push the fight past the training grounds gate.)

Council Chamber.
(Morgause stands over a terrified Maria.)
Morgause: “Worry not, child. You won’t feel a thing.”
Emma: (Enters:) “No, but you will.”
(Emma blasts Morgause backwards with her magic. Scrambling to her feet, Morgause sends her own torrent of magic towards Emma which is blocked. Throwing their powers at each other simultaneously, Emma and Morgause are locked in a magical duel. Arriving through the same passageway as Emma, David and Snow notice the Cup of Life on the plinth behind Morgause. Bursting through the doors at the other end of the chamber, Mulan watches the magical battle between Emma and Morgause with interest.)
David: “Mulan! The Cup!”
(Twirling her sword, Mulan runs towards the Cup of Life and knocks it off the pedestal, spilling blood everywhere.)

(The Knights of Medhir explode into pieces. The knights of Camelot rejoice while Xena runs toward the Council Chamber.)

Council Chamber.
(Gaining the upper hand, Morgause sends Emma flying to the floor.)

Morgause: (Turning her attention to Mulan:) “You, I choose for your courage.”
(Morgause sends a pulse of energy towards Mulan, hitting her square in the chest and knocking her down, causing Mulan to land within the now dimly glowing circle. Returning her attention to Emma, Morgause hits her with a freezing spell.)
Morgause: “I have a feeling I won’t be seeing you again.”
(Morgause pummels Emma with a powerful barrage of magic, incapacitating her. Supremely confident, Morgause approaches Maria. Upon bending down to pick her up however, Morgause is thrown backwards by an explosion of magic coming from Maria.)

(Seizing his chance, David runs over to his granddaughter and scoops her up in his arms. Unnerved by the power she has just experienced, Morgause struggles to her feet. Wildly, she charges towards them, only to be intercepted by Xena, carrying a torch.)
Xena: “Stay away from that baby!”
(Xena breathes fire at Morgause, blowing the sorceress backwards into a pillar and knocking her unconscious. At this moment, Morgana enters council room.)
Morgana: “No! No! (Runs over and embraces Morgause:) Sister.”
Xena: “It’s over, Morgana.”
Morgana: “No, you’re wrong. This has just begun! (Cries over Morgause’s lifeless body:) No.”

(Morgana’s screams cause windows to shatter, the roof to collapse and the circle on the floor to glow ever stronger. Clinging to each other, Xena and Gabrielle witness not only Morgana and Morgause’s disappearance, but also the moment where Mulan and Tiger Lily are pulled inescapably through the portal in the floor. Blowing through the doors, Regina arrives mere seconds before Emma too is pulled through the portal. Their shared look of horror being the last either see of each other before the portal closes.)


To be continued…