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Science Class

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Catra sighed deeply, letting herself breath in the stuffy air of her tiny room, she wants to claw at her burning skin but resists, she feels her skin crawl with heat and the noise from the other residents of the orphanage is making her want to rip off her ears, the urge is only made worse when Mrs Weaver knocks sharply on the door with a BANG, BANG! 


"Catra. I know you can't go to school today, but make yourself useful and clean your room. You can at least do that." and without a sound or affirmation from Catra herself, Mrs Weaver takes the moment of silence as a yes, "Good!". 


Mrs Weavers slow steps fade away from under Catras door, a breath she didn't realise was trapped in her throat was released, and her body momentarily relaxed, only to jump suddenly when her phone buzzes from beside her head on the stiff pillow. 


Scorpia: Whats up C? you okay? need me to come round? xx


Smiling at her phone, she types out quickly;


Catra: no worries, not in today bc heat


Scorpia: Oh phewieee


Scorpia: I was worried Adora had done something


Catra's brows shot up in surprise at the mention of Adora, and a wave of embarrassment made her shudder, surely it was embarrassment... Then she watched the message for a moment, as though it would morph into something else,


Catra: adora???? why lol


Scorpia: I heard from Entrapta she elbowed u or smth...


Catra: lololol no im good.


Catra groaned, remembering how awkward she felt after that, how can an alpha just decide to kiss someone like that? Isn't that kind of taking advantage? The more she thought about it the more angry it made her, and her skin burned harder, the body was hot elsewhere, and that blazed hotter too. So unfair. 


Scorpia: Well I have class now! take care xxxx


Catra: kk :) 


A growl rumbled up from her stomach as she realised she'd have to get up and ignore her cramps for long enough to clean, or clean enough that Mrs Wee wee would not shout at her for being lazy as she does when Catra gets too exhausted to pick up a dumb tissue paper or something- 



Bow finished ruffling his small, annoyed girlfriends hair suddenly, suddenly enough for her to glance up at him curiously, 


"..Bow?" Glimmer questioned, suspicious,


"I just remembered what a little birdie told me."


Neither Adora nor Glimmer spoke, simply curious. 


"I heard that," Bow bulges his eyes slightly and leans towards Adora, trying to look intimidating, "YOU...elbowed Catra... and she had to go to the school nurse." And although he said it with conviction, it sounded like a question. 


Adora flushed as Glimmer looked at her with confusion, "No no i-"


"What the hell Adora?" Glimmer laughed, 


Adora shrugged, glancing around, " I didn't- well- Not really-" 


"Okay wait this is sounding wayyy more suspicious and interesting than just you elbowing someone." Bow paused, putting his hand on his hips, "You can't 'Not really' elbow someone...What did you do?" he asked, smiling. 


Adora sighed, letting her shoulders droop, "I  said  I elbowed her." 


Adora, Bow and Glimmer all look at each other and Bow and Glimmer just lean in, expecting more,




"AND?" They ask, simultaneously. 


"Well, that's creepy. Never do that again." Adora declared. After no response and writhing momentarily in the awkward, parental stare of her two friends, she breaks. 


"AALRIGHHTT... I said I elbowed her but I was just getting her out of there, her heat started."


Glimmer swooned and Bow faux fainted, Adora just rolled her eyes.


"Ooh la la...what did you  do ..?" Glimmer questioned, whilst Bow...


"OH THE HUMANITY!!!!" He stage yelled, "Taking advantage of an omega..."


"I did  not !" Adora flushed red, "...Probably?"


Now they actually stopped, and looked at her once more, this time they actually looked concerned, though Glimmer also looked amused.


"Wait, what?" they said at the same time, together, again. 


Adora just sneered at their creepy similarities before her witts came back to her, making her feel just a little guilty. 


"I kind of kissed her."


While Glimmer squealed and slapped her knee as though she was in an old timie cartoon, Bow actually continued to look concerned, suddenly quiet. 


"Woooow Adora, thats charming!" Glimmer laughed, 


"I- I know it was bad but-" Adora stopped herself from excusing it, she knew really, Catra's pheromones did a number on her, and she didn't control herself, she had been feeling quite guilty and gross about it afterwards.


Bow stepped forward a little, placing a hand on her shoulder, "I don't know what happened but, did you guys talk about it?" 


After a moment of silence, Bow continued "I'm not sure how well you know Catra but...don't get into that mess"


Adora quickly felt her blood boil, and suddenly a tightness in her chest, her brows furrowed and she moved Bows hand off her shoulder, "What does that mean? She's not a mess-"


Bow quickly raised and waved his arms up calmly "No no oh my god- Not her.. No, I"


Bow flushed and Glimmer now looked inquisitive as to what he meant too, 


"I mean- Like h-helping with her heat."


Adora suddenly flushed much, much harder. "I-"


"Bow!?" Glimmer questioned 


"Look- I just don't think that's okay! Catra's been hurt before-"


Abruptly Adora's ears twitched, and her thoughts jerked to a sudden stop, "What do you mean?" She asked,


"Sometimes she talks to Scorpia and Perfuma about stuff, Perfuma kinda encourages her to talk about her issues, and Catra mentions that she really struggles with like- her feelings...or something." Bow took a deep breath, "I only hear parts but like - I don't know, if you don't really like her...dont randomly kiss her dude." Bow, for once, looked genuinely irritated with her.


Adora's guilt swirled in her stomach, her mood souring.


Glimmer also quietened, "...Hey, It's not that serious babe, I think? Right?"


"Yea.." Adora turned, picking up her bag and shuffling through it, the noise of rustling paper cutting the stiff atmosphere,


"I don't mean to be like, judge-y but you know, she's kinda my friend too so...sorry." Bow apologised, Adora isn't sure what he's apologising for, he's right. She waves him off with her hand dismissively. 


"I get that Bow," finally, zipping her bag shut she swings it onto her back, heading for science, feeling a little bit like a kicked puppy.


After a few steps away, she hears the hushed whisper of Glimmer scolding Bow for taking it too seriously, but Adora thinks he was definitely doing Catra a favour... 


Im such an asshole. 


Walking into science felt way less fun than usual, knowing Catra wouldn't be in all week really bothered her. I need to apologise, again? I think I apologised...I hope I did. Oh god, what if I didn't?! What if that really was taking advan-


The bell signalling the start of class makes her jump, stifling the thoughts as quickly as they'd arrived. 


"Alright settle down!"


Adora lets herself be swept away by the class project, the noisy students, Lonnie and Kyle bickering behind her, and soon, science is over, the infernal bell ringing once more, 


Adora takes her time packing up, not wanting to bump into Catras friends, especially the big one outside the door waiting for ...Entrapta...was it? Well anyway, she hopes neither of them know about what happened, especially the big one. 


But that was a huge mistake. 


"And can someone take Catras notes to her!!" Netossa said as she advertised a pile of work up in the air, waiting for Catras friends to be gone before leaving was a big mistake, making eye contact with Netossa as she asked about who will take them was the second mistake, "Oh you! Adora, perfect, you're partnered with her, do you know her address?"


"Uhh-" Adora considered lying, saying she didnt know, in fact- she didnt have time- she had to go-


But Netossa has already walked over to her desk, "Its the orphanage, 56 Horde road, thanks." Netossa slides the papers onto the table between them, winks, and starts to power walk out of class. 


"..Are you serious..." Adora asks, perhaps asking whatever higher power decided that would be a funny situation to put her in.


After Adora had finished all her classes, she swiftly avoided Bow's probing questions about how she was, because she wasnt sure, how was she meant to feel? 


She had kissed an Omega in heat, out of nowhere, she almost definitely had a thing for Catra, but it was still wrong, it takes advantage of her heat. That was a fucked up thing to do...right? Yeah. And now she had to go back to their childhood home, try to apologise and then hand over goddamn schoolwork, yeah. Real charming. 


Adora groaned, starting a brisk pace towards the orphanage, she hadn't gone this way in years, it used to remind her of Catra, maybe it still does, at some point in her life, her feelings for Catra became kind of distracting, she always wanted to know if she was okay, or adopted, or happy? Maybe dating someone? For a long time, she wondered whether Catra had presented as an Alpha, Beta or an Omega...well now she knew, she knew well. 


Her chest expanded and deflated with cold air, her cheeks feeling cold despite the warmth of her body remembering the girl...  Maybe I've had a thing for Catra for a lot longer than just since science class , she pondered if she had felt this way about her as a child, but really all she remembers of her childhood was fun, never the scary, magnetic rush Catra gives her now, maybe the old feeling was something akin to the feeling she has now, but the distance has made her nervous, and the nerves give her butterflies.


She wants to know whether Catra still hates bathtimes, or favours sleeping curled up as compared to on her back or tummy, she wonders if Catra remembers their promises... she also wonders if Catra has forgotten, or doesn't care. It feels desperate, and wrong, but she wants Catra to want to know about her too. Even if she doesn't like her the way Adora likes her, Adora will always be her friend. 


Her brisk pace makes her arrive on Horde road a lot earlier than she expected, and she almost slows her pace to a halt at the nostalgia of it all, puffs of hot air leave her mouth, she smiles to herself and makes her way down the final stretch - To see Catra.