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Your Pulse On Mine

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Jiang Cheng was pacing in his room, nervously walking from the bed to the table and back again. He kept thinking perhaps he should change into his sleep robes- but no, it would be improper to meet his guest wearing only his sleep robes, no matter how salacious their letters had been, no matter what his plans for this night entailed.

With a deep sigh, he turned, walking the length of his room once more, pausing this time to stare out at the starlit lake just outside. It was late, perhaps too late, considering he was waiting for a Lan. He knew their curfew, had spent months forced to abide by it more often than not, and by the end even he had become used to it in the end. Just the thought had him fidgeting with the corded bell at his hip, letting the soft chime calm his racing heart.

Jingyi had said he would come. He had agreed to this meeting, in Jiang Cheng's quarters in the middle of the night. And Jiang Cheng had to trust he would, after all, the reason for this meeting- well. If he could not trust his lover to come to him, he did not deserve to think he could ask That of Jingyi.

A knock at his door startled Jiang Cheng from his reflections. "Come in," he called softly. His heart raced in his chest once more, though now it was in anticipation, his eyes transfixed on the door.

Jingyi was in his sleep robes. Jiang Cheng could feel his eyes grow wide at the sight, at the thought of Jingyi sneaking over the dimly lit piers looking so indecent. To come and visit him.

When he finally met Jingyi's eye, the younger man was grinning sheepishly, tugging the door shut behind him. "Am I underdressed? I thought, what with the time, you might have been planning..."

"No." Jiang Cheng managed to choke out the word, shaking his head. "You are- you look- it's- good. It's good. That isn't what I had been planning, at least- not all of what I was planning. I- tea?" He gestured at the table between them, clenching his other hand into a fist with the frustration of having his words stutter so. His words were the most important part of his plans for the evening. He needed to be able to speak to Jingyi, not simply rely on the ways the two of them had found to communicate without words.

Jiang Cheng almost flinched when Jingyi laughed in response, though he recognized the lightness in the tone, the way his eyes were watching Jiang Cheng with something so soft it stole his breath away.

"We can start with tea," Jingyi said with a smirk, his eyes never leaving Jiang Cheng as he gracefully sat at the table. "I mean, I am practically dying of thirst."

Jiang Cheng couldn't stop the heat from rushing to his cheeks at the words, remembering the things Jingyi's last letter had described as his thirst needing to be quenched. "Yes, well. Hopefully you will not be. By the end of the night." He managed to choke out the stilted words without too much trouble as he sat across from Jingyi, trying to keep his eyes on that beautiful, smiling face instead of trailing down to see just what his sleep robes failed to conceal.

"Your tea," Jingyi grinned as he poured for them, pushing the cup gently toward Jiang Cheng in a way that said he had noticed the way his eyes had failed in their efforts not to wander. "You want to talk, tonight? Tea isn't usually... part of the routine."

He gave a small nod, lifting his cup to sip at the fragrant tea as he figured out how to put what he wanted into words. He thought Jingyi wanted it to, the letters- he swallowed tightly at the thought of the letters, the tenderness in Jingyi's words he only hoped he had been able to return with his own. "I have- something to ask of you. That- no. Something I wish to give you. If- if you would accept it."

Across from him, Jingyi took a slow sip of his own tea before setting it on the table, giving Jiang Cheng a slow once-over. "You know there is little I wouldn't give if you asked, and possibly less I wouldn't take if it was offered. You should ask, Jiang Cheng, or I cannot answer."

Jiang Cheng huffed, setting his tea down as he looked up to meet the challenge in Jingyi's eye. It was much more familiar for him, letting words become a sparring match, letting there be a sense of fight instead of softness. Jiang Cheng didn't know what to do with softness, didn't know how to put what softness he felt into the words he spoke, but he did know the passion of fighting. Passion is what had fueled him for years and brought him to Jingyi to begin with. "I want you to marry me." He said bluntly, taking a shuddering breath even as he never broke eye contact with Jingyi. "I want to court you, properly. To make this more than passionate moments in secret trysts. I want-" his breath caught as he watched Jingyi's eyes grow wide. "I want you, xingan. To be by my side."

"That wasn't a question," Jingyi managed to reply after a moment of silence. "I can't say yes if you don't ask me a question, Jiang Cheng."

"Lan Jingyi," he said, savoring his lover's name on his lips for a moment, reaching forward to take one of his hands in his own, studiously ignoring the dampness of his sweaty palm. "Will you let me have the honor of becoming your husband?"

There was a beat of silence between them, before Jingyi was ginning again, gripping Jiang Cheng's hand hard in his own. "Yes! Yes, of course I'd say yes. I'm yours qin ai de. I have been since the start."

"You-" Jiang Cheng found himself floundering for words again, at a loss to do anything else but act, leaning over the table to pull Jingyi in for a kiss with his free hand. It was no chaste kiss, easing them into things. It was biting and open and wet, distracting enough he didn't even notice it when the cool, sedate presence of Zidian against his wrist lit up to bind itself around his and Jingyi's joined hands.

"Ah!" Jingyi cried out against his lips, shuddering under Jiang Cheng's touch in a way that mystified him until he realized he could feel what Zidian was doing. It twined itself up Jingyi's arm under his thin robe, pulsing against his bare skin. It made Jiang Cheng's own breath catch, panting against Jingyi's lips, all pretense of kissing forgotten.

"I was- after, I was going to gift her to you. I didn't expect- is this-?"

"Fuck," Jingyi goaned as Zidian twisted itself up further, almost to the point it had no more arm to explore. "Don't you dare tell her to stop. This is- please."

"Jingyi-" Jiang Cheng tried to press forward, only to feel his legs bump against the table. Cursing, he let himself sit back, staring wide eyed as he realized now he could see Zidian, bright and pulsing beneath Jingyi's robes.

They moaned in tandem when it finally made it's way to Jingyi's shoulder, finding itself with multiple paths and splitting itself apart to twine around his front and back, one gentle tendril of vibrant purple making the journey out of the collar of his robes to wrap possessively around his neck. It was like nothing Jiang Cheng had ever thought to dream, to feel himself surrounding Jingyi so completely.

"Please," Jingyi pleaded, biting back another groan of pleasure as one tendril pulsed against a nipple. "A-Cheng, please."

"We need to-" Jiang Cheng tried to move, to stand, to pull away at least long enough to drag them to bed, maybe even to take off their robes. Before he could, though, he felt Zidian pulse against his own skin, mirroring the way it had bound itself to Jingyi.

"Oh." Jingyi's soft gasp caught Jiang Cheng's attention, drawing his eyes up to meet his again. "I can feel you. Through Zidian. Is that- can you-"

"Yes," he answered with a shudder as he felt the twining pressure against his skin split. "We should- we need to- the bed." He managed to choke out the words even as the tendrils moved down his body, more purposeful than exploratory in their journey over his skin.

"Bed, right." He could see Jingyi nod, though his lover was no more successful at actually standing than he had been. "Maybe- maybe you should ask her?" Jingyi's eyes fell closed with those words, brow furrowing in concentration. Zidian pulsed against him, the spike of energy almost powerful enough to hurt, bright enough Jiang Cheng had to turn his eyes away. When he looked back, Jingyi's sleeping robes were in taters and the young man was grinning at him. "Asking... leads to good things." Jingyi panted, head falling back with a groan as the tendrils of Zidian moved so Jiang Cheng could see the red lines the pulsing energy had left behind.

Jiang Cheng let his own eyes fall closed for a moment, blocking out the sight that made his mouth water with want. He knew they needed to move to the bed, a safe place to fall apart together, with no tea or table in the way. Please, the thought pulsed through his veins, more emotion than words. Zidian always understood what he meant, for years the spiritual weapon had been more like an extension of himself than any simple tool.

Gently, he felt an answering pulse against his skin, an acquiescence of... something. The tendris didn't loosen their hold but- Jiang Cheng stood on shaking legs, tugging Jingyi up as well.

"You were right," he murmured, tugging them toward the bed, finding himself able to pull off his robes and drop them through the line of energy that was Zidian still firmly connecting them, "asking leads to very good things." He finished, turning to lay back on the bed and using the connection from Zidian to tug Jingyi on top of him.

"Qin ai de,"Jingyi spoke with a laugh as he let himself fall over Jiang Cheng, shivering at the way Zidian practically hummed between them now.

Jiang Cheng pulled Jingyi down, letting their fingers entwine once more as his other hand moved to the back of his head to pull him in for a bruising kiss. With Jingyi on top of him, with the tendrils of Zidian now merging where they touched, everything became more intense. He groaned into the kiss, rocking their hips together to hear Jingyi gasp and moan, to feel Zidian spark in approval as he sent a pleading thought to get rid of their pants in any manner necessary.

This time, he felt the pulse of energy on his own skin as well, thick tendrils having woven themselves over his thighs, down his calves, only avoiding his most sensitive places. At least, they had been, until the scraps of fabric were falling away and eager tendrils found his erection and bound it firmly to Jingyi's freed cock.

The sensation was enough he couldn't even keep up the pretense of a kiss, panting against Jingyi's jaw and neck as he tried to do anything but come.

"Fuck," he felt the word as a tremble in Jingyi's throat, pressed against his lips as-

Jiang Cheng echoed the word with his own muffled curse against skin when he felt it.

Zidian was exploring more of Jingyi's exposed skin, a gentle, teasing touch against sensitive skin. Jiang Cheng could feel it as surely as if it were his own hands exploring the crease of Jingyi's ass. Then, it reached its goal, pressing lightly against the twitching bud of Jingyi's entrance, coaxing matching groans of pleasure from them both.

"Jingyi," Jiang Cheng managed to choke out around the sensations of being tied down, exploring and yet so firmly held he couldn't hardly move. Zidian had never felt so gentle against his skin, had never felt so firmy an extension of his soul as it did now, looping around Jingyi and himself, a cage of purple lightning that felt as though it wasn't simply resting on his skin. It felt like it was dipping beneath his skin to touch his golden core.

"A-Cheng," came Jingyi's breathless reply, sounding just as wrecked as Jiang Cheng felt, maybe even more so, with the way his voice broke as the tendril of Zidian pressed gently, insistently in.

"I'm here, I'm here." Jiang Cheng pressed open mouthed kisses along Jingyi's throat, letting his tongue trace down the taut tendons until he made contact with the still present loop of Zidian where his neck met his shoulders.

Jingyi keened at the contact. Jiang Cheng could only imagine what he was feeling as he let his own mouth move that small bit further down, tongue coaxing a part of Zidian's energy away from Jingyi's skin and into his mouth. Jingyi shuddered against him as Jiang Cheng let his tongue lap at the energy, humming appreciatively when he felt it grow thicker, more substantial in his mouth.

As he took more of it into his mouth, he let the spiritual weapon direct him, tilting his head back and away from Jingyi's neck to where he could see just how wrecked his young lover was, brow sweaty, surely staining the ribbon still somehow in place there. Slowly, he let his hand slide through Jingyi's hair, pausing before his fingers could make contact, hoping the question was clear in his eyes as he stared into Jingyi's.

"Please, please, yes, it's yours," Jingyi managed to pant out, squeezing his eyes shut as Jiang Cheng gently tugged at the knot. Tears. There were tears falling down his cheeks and Jiang Cheng wanted to kiss those wet trails, to brush them away, to-

He whimpered around the length of Zidian in his mouth, eyes wide as he watched tendrils of purple lightning doing just what he wished to do, whisking those tears away before they traveled up his arm, tugging his hand and the Lan ribbon he was holding into view of both of them, he realized. When Jingyi's eyes blinked open, they moved again, wrapping the ribbon in an intricate tie around his wrist, the sight alone seemingly pulling another needy moan from Jingyi.

"Please," Jingyi gasped out, rocking his hips back as much as he could in the tight hold. Jiang Cheng found his now ribbon bound hand drawn back to Jingyi's face. He let his fingers cradle his cheek, thumb gently brushing over the curve of his cheekbone.

Around them, behind Jingyi, he could feel Zidian moving again. Jiang Cheng gasped at the feeling, groaning around the pulsing length in his mouth as he felt Zidian press further into Jingyi. He could feel it all, the way Jingyi clenched around it, the way he relaxed and opened for it, letting it push in further.

Jiang Cheng trembled with it, rocking his hips up in time with Zidian's thrusts, never letting his eyes leave Jingyi's, staring into dark eyes that sparkled with the reflections of Zidian.

"I want-" Jingyi's voice was a harsh whisper as he turned his face, pressing a kiss to Jiang Cheng's palm. "Please, can I-"

Jiang Cheng nodded, anything, he wanted to say. He hardly had a moment to hope Zidian could answer for him when he felt a hesitant pressure at his own entrance. He gave a full body shudder, his eyes falling half closed though he tried to keep them locked with Jingyi's as Zidian entered him, a pulsing echo of what it was doing to his lover.

Before long, he found his mouth empty again, Zidian pulling away to leave a damp trail over his skin before it twined gently around his neck. He didn't have long to wait before Jingyi replaced it with his own lips, soft and needy as they pressed against Jiang Cheng's. It soothed a tingling he hadn't realized had been caused by the energy around them- or maybe it wasn't even around them anymore. He lost himself to the sensations of it. Feeling Zidian pull at the edges of his golden core, he gave it willingly, only able to moan when he felt that energy travel along the lines of Zidian and into Jingyi.

"Xingan," he gasped, feeling the hints of tears at his own eyes as he tried to put the breadth of emotions rolling over him into the kiss they shared.

"Qin ai de," Jingyi echoed, and Jiang Cheng couldn't help but throw his head back at the feel of- of something returning through the tendrils of Zidian around his own chest. It was foreign and yet, when it flowed through him, Jiang Cheng knew exactly what it was.


Jiang Cheng knew his body was shaking, there was nothing he could do to stop it, feeling part of Jingyi's golden core flow into him, combine itself with him, marking him forever as his. And- he realized with a start- Zidian had given Jingyi a piece of him as well. It was that thought that put him over the edge, cock pulsing against Jingyi's where Zidian held them together, and he could feel the way it pushed Jingyi over the edge as well.

It took a while, for Jiang Cheng to come back to his senses, for Zidian to become nothing more than a cool band of metal resting against Jingyi's finger and wrist. That realization had him smiling, pulling the smaller man closer to his chest, ignoring the sticky mess between them.

"Yours," he murmured, gently pressing kisses to the top of his head.

He felt more than heard Jingyi's chuckle in response, the man's arm wrapping tightly around his back in an echo of the way Zidian had bound them. "Mine."