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Pour Some Sugar On Me

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They were on a break from shopping, sitting inside a small coffee shop on the corner, when Jingyi asked the question.“

Am I your sugar baby?”

Opposite him Jiang Cheng choked on his iced latte. He reached for a paper napkin and hurriedly wiped at the table, spluttering, “What? No!” 

Jingyi looked about him at the two, three, four bags filled with clothing, shoes and various types of earrings, chokers and rings. They surrounded their feet at the small table like a material ocean. 'Doubt' Bleeped his brain. 

“Look I’m just saying, you’re loaded and I sometimes struggle to buy groceries. We’ve been to every shop and market in the city today AND you bought these coffees on top," He squinted, "Do you get a kick out of it?”

Jiang Cheng looked at him, “ Jingyi... This is a date.”

Jingyi rolled his eyes, “ Well most dates I’ve been on don’t include flashing the credit card quite so much. You know I don’t care about that stuff, right?” 

He paused. Maybe he didn’t know. They hadn’t been together for very long since that night. Was this something Jiang Cheng did for all his previous boyfriends/one night hook up dates? 

Jiang Cheng got a complicated look on his face, took another sip of his latte, and gave Jingyi The Stare. Usually deadly, sometimes filled with anger, sometimes filled with desire, this time it was filled with something a little softer. Something that made Jingyi's belly flip. Jiang Cheng's mouth was a firm line, his ringed finger played with the lid of his coffee. Was he... Nervous? 

“Jingyi... I like you”

“Aww that’s-"

“Shut up. Let me finish.”

Jingyi glued his lips together over the sarcastic comment he was about to let slip. Jiang Cheng looked a little constipated. Feelings were hard.

“I like you a lot and... I guess I just wanted to treat you. Make you happy. Maybe I went overboard... I’ve not really been with anyone in a while.”

Jingyi held up both hands, “ Hey, it’s fine! I’m not complaining I just ... Wanna know where we stand. You really don’t have to go Big Rich with me, I live in a shitty flat with a broken heater and eat cup noodles with cheese at 2am most nights, but that doesn’t mean I want you to pay for everything. Besides, I am happy,” he leaned in, “ Couldn’t you tell last night?”

Jingyi winked and Jiang Cheng rolled his eyes, reaching for his latte once more to drive away the taste of awkward coffee shop feelings, “ Okay I get it. Consider this my date my treat then. You can pick up the next one. Don’t think I’m doing it as a charity case thing. That’s not my motivation for wanting to be with you.”

Jingyi made an impressed face, sipping on his own coffee, “Oh? What is then? The sex? It’s the sex, right?”

He winked again and Jiang Cheng sighed, a tiny smile playing on his lips. He glanced down at one small, black bag at his own feet and slid it over to Jingyi under the table.

“ I got you one more thing. I think you’re going to like it a lot.



Jingyi stood in the stall staring down at the open box in his hand. He was equal measure excited, surprised and also a little touched. No-one had ever bought him sex toys before. It was sweet in a super horny way.

He placed the box in the carrier bag on the closed seat of the toilet and took out what was inside, nestled in a bed of deep black silk. Seriously, did everything Jiang Cheng buy for him have to be this fancy? It was going up his ass for God's sake.

His hands wrapped around the deep purple length of the vibrator, thick in his hand. He couldn’t wait to- 

His phone pinged in his jean pocket and he placed the vibrator back in its box, opening the message Jiang Cheng had sent.

“Why don’t you try it on now? I have a few more shops to show you. Want to see how long you can last for me?”

There was a purple heart emoji and then two devil emoji’s. Fuck. Fuck.

Jingyi swallowed and rummaged in the bag, seeing there was also a small bottle of lube included. He texted back, fingers suddenly a little shaky with adrenaline,  

“Okay Sugar Daddy ;) Give me 10 and I’ll be with you.”

He grinned as the text returned.

“Don’t call me that.”

10 minutes later he walked out of the coffee shop, bags in hand, a secret smile on his lips. Jiang Cheng took two of the bags from him and leaned in as they made their way down the street, “How does it feel?”

Jingyi let out a breath, feeling it shifting inside him as he walked, “Weird. Good weird. This is fun.”

He stopped to kiss Jiang Cheng, just because. Best. Date. Ever. 

Jiang Cheng smiled into him, pulling away and nodding to one more shop nestled in between the big high street brands, “ Let’s try one more. I’ll think you’ll really like this one.”

Jingyi grinned, wide and happy, his body tingling all over, “Okay, Daddy let’s go.”

He heard Jiang Cheng grumbling behind him as they went.



"I don't know if there's anything else I even want, A-Cheng," Jingyi was saying as they browsed the tiny shop, walls covered with shredded black tees, fishnet tops, stands with chokers and dog collars, and racks of shirts with incomprehensible band logos.

Jiang Cheng gave it a full 5 seconds before he watched Jingyi's eyes light up, then he was making a beeline to the corner of the store, where a pair of ripped black jeans was hanging.

"Don't you already have a pair of these?" He asked.

Jingyi rolled his eyes, " I have a cheap pair of these, yes. But seeing as you're paying, I'd like this pair too."

Jiang Cheng pursed his lips, making to speak but holding his words at the last minute. 

Jingyi picked them off the rack and gave him a winning smile, "I'm gonna try these on."

Jiang Cheng watched him scoop up an armful of shirts and a pair of cut off ripped denim shorts on the way, adding to the pile. He moved up close behind him, "Okay, let me know when you're done and I'll come in to pay."

Jingyi felt him place his hand over his lower back, rubbing slowly. It wasn't much but his whole body shivered. He squirmed a little on the spot, suddenly aware of every muscle, every tiny nudge and prod ; Jiang Cheng's proximity, his hand massaging him through the fabric of his t-shirt. His fingers brushed an inch lower, closer to where it was sat, deep inside him. He shifted on his feet, small tingles of pleasure beginning to edge out through him. He needed to get in and out quick before this became a bigger problem. 

He cleared his throat, feeling his cheeks beginning to warm from the attention, " Sure… I won't be long."

He made his way to the small changing room at the back of the store. Glancing back he saw Jiang Cheng wandering casually outside with the bags, phone in hand, cigarette already out, and a curious smirk on his face.

Jingyi opened the door to the single changing room, closing it behind him and hanging the various items one by one on the hooks on the wall. There was a full length mirror on one side. He brushed his hair over his face and tried to ignore the redness of his cheeks as he began to pick things out to try. If he was honest he didn't really care what did or didn't fit. His mind had wandered. Every movement he made, every stretch, every pull, every bend of the knee. It was there, filling him, reminding him how open he was around it. He couldn't seem to keep his mind from it. From the thoughts. 

He wanted to leave. He wanted to pay and leave and go back to Jiang Cheng's house and let him strip him down, right there in the hallway, he didn't care, let him fuck him with it over and over until he was a mess on the tiled floor.  

He took a deep breath and reached for another item. Just focus, Jingyi. 



Jiang Cheng lit up his cigarette, standing legs wide over the mountain of shopping bags. He flipped his phone out from his back pocket and opened an app, considering.

He was going to let him wait. He was going to be kind and take him home first. But something inside of him had flipped, seeing that big smug grin, that " You're wrapped around my little finger" expression. The sugar daddy comments. The teasing. Maybe he would teach him a little lesson first. He took a drag, exhaled, and then pressed down with his thumb. 



Jingyi was half way through pulling on the expensive pair of designer ripped jeans when he felt it. Oh. Oh no

He steadied himself on the wall, surprise making him wobble on his feet. His body, already warm and tingly from the plug just sitting inside him, reacted immediately to the sudden, gentle vibrations that began to run through him. Jingyi stared down at himself in disbelief. Had he done something accidentally? Had he bent or turned in a certain way and set it off? He began to sweat a little, panic spiking at the edge of his mind as his thoughts raced.

He was sure there were no instructions in the box, nothing that came with it to turn it on and off. The thing was only on low, but if it kept on he was going to be in trouble fast. He winced, propping himself up on the wall, feeling his cock start to ache between his legs. Maybe if he…

He started to reach back, then stopped. What was he going to do, pull it out? Then what? He'd have to make his way out of the changing room, ask Jiang Cheng in to pay, then leave all whilst trying to hide a big purple vibrating butt plug. Not a good plan.

It buzzed insistently inside him. He couldn't resist and ran his hand back, over his underwear, pressing down just a little to feel it through the fabric. It shifted and nudged right up against his- Oh fuck.

A tiny moan left him. He was thankful this shop had picked a heavy thrash track as background music, at this rate he wasn't sure he was going to be able to keep quiet. 

What if it never stopped? What if it was stuck? Oh God oh God. Calm down, Jingyi. Just text Jiang Cheng, maybe he can come in and save your ass, literally and figuratively.  

He brought out his phone and began to type as fast as he could, leaning against the wall and pressing his legs together.

A-Cheng. Something is wrong. I think I turned it on by mistake. PLEASE HELP. 

A few moments went by. Jingyi tapped his fingers impatiently, stifling another moan as the constant vibrations began to work him up. Then the reply came through.

Time for baby to learn his lesson. Let me know when you're done. Try not to make a mess. 

Jingyi stared at the screen open mouthed. Jiang Cheng. He had it. He had the control. He was… he was …. 

He sagged back against the wall, dropping his phone on the side with a whimper. He was done for. He couldn't come out, Jiang Cheng wouldn't come in, and the plug sat deep inside him, buzzing buzzing buzzing

"Fuck." He whispered, tugging off the ripped jeans, wincing with each movement. 

He was sweating for real now, the stimulation, the panic, the potential of being discovered, of having to leave in this state. His skin prickled. He squirmed, cock now hard, pressed up and tenting the fabric of his fitted boxers. 

Suddenly the vibrations got stronger. Jingyi clamped a hand to his mouth, knees wobbling slightly as a moan tore out of him. He reached back again and felt for it, his fingers touching the spot, felt it within him, moving, pressing, filling him up. He let out a shaky breath, eyes sliding shut. His cock was leaving wet trails in his underwear. He palmed at it. He wanted to rut. To pull it out. To imagine Jiang Cheng's fist curled around it. But not here. 

Try not to make a mess. 


He cringed and looked about him. No bag. No tissues. No nothing. God he was really going to …

His breaths were heavy now, and his shirt clung to him uncomfortably. He turned away from the mirror, onto his side, making whining noises into the wall, grateful for the loud music to cover his shame. His hips rolled up over and over, the friction of the fabric over his cock torturous and the vibrations from the plug incessant and strong.

Maybe he could talk to Jiang Cheng. Maybe he could ask him nicely. If it stopped now he could calm himself. He could stop before it was too late. 

He grabbed his phone, hitting Jiang Cheng's number and waiting. Moments dragged by, then : 

Call declined.

Jingyi's face fell. The vibrations increased. Harder. Faster. A noise tore out of him that he couldn't hold back, shock and intense pleasure mingling. His expression twisted, eyebrows knitting together. 

He held himself steady, thighs shaking. The plug held him open, thick, solid, and pressed firmly against his prostate, dragging another rough, choked moan from his throat. His cock throbbed between his legs. It hurt. He wanted to touch. 

Try not to make a mess.

He spread his thighs a little, leaning back with a pained gasp, and began to lift his hips up, trying to get more friction through the tight fabric of his boxers. His dark hair fell in waves about his shoulders and he brushed it out of his face, panting. It was too much. Too intense. He wasn't going to last much longer. 

Then his phone was ringing. He looked down at it through lidded eyes, cheeks red and sweaty. Jiang Cheng. He picked it up fast, lifting the phone to his ear, not bothering to wait for an answer as he whispered harshly into it, " A-Cheng, what the fuck."

He'd gone for angry, but his body betrayed him, turning the words desperate, breathy, obvious. Jiang Cheng would know. Would know how far gone he was already. His heart was pounding in his chest. 

"How does it feel?" Jiang Cheng's voice was kept low, infuriatingly calm. 

Jingyi closed his eyes, biting down on another moan as his legs shook from how it felt, " A-Cheng, please. Turn it off, it's too much. I'm not gonna- " He shuddered as another wave of pleasure rocked him, " Please."

Jiang Cheng hummed, considering, " I wanted you to learn your lesson."

"I have! I have learned it! Please please, let's just. Let's leave. Let's go home, " Jingyi rushed out, forcing the words to stay steady, but even then they wobbled out of him, uneven and wrecked. 

Jiang Cheng flipped his thumb over the screen and the vibrations slowed to a stop. Jingyi was good at begging. He was great at asking forgiveness too. Right now he wasn't doing either, gasping breaths coming through from the other end. Jiang Cheng imagined it, low heat simmering in his stomach at the thought, " Take a picture for me."

Jingyi felt a cool wash of relief roll over him as the vibrations stopped. Jiang Cheng had seen sense. He just wanted to work him up a bit. Then he'd take him home. Take him home so they could do this properly, out of the public eye. He stood upright slowly, his whole body tingling.

He opened the camera app and held the phone high above him, fitting in the length of his body. He lifted his t-shirt a little, allowing the sticky bulge of his cock to show just underneath. His eyes were wide and blown out, he tried for a half smile and snapped the photo, sending it with shaky thumbs. 

There was a pause on the other end, then a low noise. Jiang Cheng studied it with approval, " Good, that's nice," He flipped his thumb, " I want you to come for me now." 

Jingyi braced himself back on the wall, letting out a wail as the vibrations shot back through him, hard

Jiang Cheng looked at the photo, listening to the desperate noises in his ear, and smirked, " That's a good boy, Jingyi."

Jingyi's chest rose and fell as he gasped, " A-Cheng, please! Don't make me-" He cut himself off with a groan, " FuckOhhh fuck, please I can't-" 

"Can't what? Hmn? Hold on? Poor baby."

Jingyi felt the soft purr of Jiang Cheng's voice move through him like velvet, pulling him closer. He felt the build of it, urgent, sudden. His hips moved with it, bucking up into the air. He was dripping, warm and wet with each thrust. The plug pressed and stretched inside him. He made a miserable noise, sagging back against the wall and gripping the base of his cock through his underwear. 

"A-Cheng… S..Stop please...I'm -" He whimpered, the throbbing between his legs painful. He held himself as hard as he could, " I'm really close."

He shielded his voice over the phone, trying to keep his voice down, eyebrows creasing as he bit back another moan. 

Jiang Cheng turned up the setting one more time and smiled, " Good."

He heard a thud as the phone dropped to the carpet floor.

Jingyi's knees buckled, fingers gripping the wall, it was all he could do to keep himself up as his thighs shook. On the brink he stopped fighting, took his cock full in his hand, letting himself push up hard into it. He couldn't stop the moans from leaving him, surging forward with each wave of pleasure. The plug was sat, heavy and relentless, right over his prostate and he cried out, almost a sob, coming with a heavy shudder of his body, thick spurts of it soaking through onto his hand as he pressed over himself through his underwear. 

Jiang Cheng stubbed out his cigarette and listened, the noises faint but enjoyable. A smirk touched his lips. 

Jingyi covered his face with one arm, his hips giving tiny aborted twitches as his orgasm surged, then waned. He knelt on wobbly legs to grab at his phone, fingers slightly wet from where he'd been holding himself, " A-Cheng…" 

He sounded breathless, spent and fucked out. Jiang Cheng took mercy. The vibrations slowed then stopped. Jingyi sagged in on himself, sweating. He made a noise and pulled at his underwear, " Fuck, I made a mess."

Jiang Cheng felt his own cock twitch, but remained calm, voice now soft and reassuring, " I'm going to come in now and get you, okay?"

Jingyi nodded, brain swimming, anchored to his words, "O...Okay."

"Good. Can you get dressed for me? Catch your breath, then bring the clothes with you outside."

Jingyi nodded, slowly coming back to himself on unsteady legs, "Okay…" He bent to pick up his old jeans and winced, "A-Cheng... I still feel so full."

Jiang Cheng's breath caught for a second, " That's okay, baby. Just wait for me. Put on your jeans, I'll be right outside and we can pay and leave, hmn?"

"Okay, hurry up, Daddy."


Jingyi grinned and ended the call, feeling wobbly and euphoric. He let his head rest against the wall, the soothing tones and growls of Opeth playing over the shop speakers and pulling him back to reality. He reached for his old ripped jeans. 



Jiang Cheng met him halfway, taking the clothes from him and walking to the register. Jingyi hovered just behind him, fingers tucked into the crook of Jiang Cheng's elbow, looking spaced out and a little warm, but not suspicious. Jiang Cheng smiled at the shop assistant, paid, and picked up the new bag of clothes, rubbing Jingyi's hand and leading him out of the shop. 

"Can we go home now, you demon?" Jingyi pleaded, leaning into Jiang Cheng's side with a groan, legs feeling like jelly, underwear sticking to his skin.

Jiang Cheng smiled, " I told you you'd like this one."

He stopped, kissing Jingyi, feeling his plush lips melt against him, body all soft and pliable in his post orgasm haze, " Let's go back. Get you in the shower and under a blanket. I'll make you a cup noodle, how does that sound?"

Jingyi smiled lazily, " Wonderful."