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A Reluctant Hero

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JD followed me into my private domain. I saw him take in the huge rough looking bed, its four posts looking like they’d been logged fresh from a forest and put together to form a huge delicious playground. Pillows piled high, with matching end tables, my desk behind a shutter that matched the same rough wooden look, along with the vanity and dressers.

Hanging from the ceiling was a light that looked like a huge cratered moon, with matching mini moons on each end table. Bookshelves near my desk, were filled with the books that I wanted close to me when I was relaxing, while the rest of my book collection was in the library. The custom mural was in the muted fog that blurred the trees making the entire room look like it was tucked away in a real forest.

I watched his face as he seemed to be drinking in the entire room. He had a question on his lips, but I answered it before he could voice it. “The television is hidden behind this wall.” I gave the simple command and the mural slid apart and the screen appeared. “I wanted my bedroom to remind me of my happiest moments camping and hiking with my dad.”

JD nodded, and I knew he was looking for the entrance to the shower I’d teased him over. Stepping to the furthest wall, another whispered command and the mural wall parted, I heard his sharp intake of breath this time and smiled into the room that I REALLY relaxed in.

Where the rest of my house was dark, rustic, and rough looking; my bathroom was modern and light. Grey floors, white basins, and a huge bathtub enclosed in the massive shower. I waited for him to step into the room and pointed out that my closet was tucked behind the entrance, the linen closet opposite it.

“Well?” I wanted him to tell me what he was thinking, I found him incredibly difficult to read.

He bit his lip and kept his eyes on the shower. “That looks-” he huffed out a breath. “Wow.”

“You have NO idea how wow,” chuckling I walked to the open glass walls that separated the bathing area from the main bathroom. I tapped a hidden panel and the dual shower heads, on opposite sides of the tub turned on in a rainfall of water. “IF I don’t want to share my side, I don’t have to.”

“Not a sharer, Ani?” JD’s voice seemed lower and deeper.

I turned to face him. “Depends on who I’m sharing with.”


His phone went wild before we could say anything else. And then he was rushing off, taking a case of some sort, but telling me that he’d be seeing me again. A warning, or a promise, I wondered.

I called Kelsey AFTER I took the shower I wanted. A shower that ended up being far cooler than I’d planned when I first considered taking one, but that was a necessity. Once I was wrapped in a huge, soft bath sheet, I finally called Kelsey, ready for my dressing down. Instead she told me she was planning on coming back to stay with me. Her and her mom were at loggerheads again, and she wanted the peace of her own space.

I called a cleaning group, scheduling a deep and thorough cleanse, and then I sat down at my desk and looked into having my dining room table refinished. I took the time to ‘change the locks’ so to speak, making sure that Roger would no longer have access to my home. I decided that I’d wait until Kelsey came back to fetch my car, I had another one in one of the garage bays, so no rush there.

Dressing in a pair of silk pajama pants and a tank, I made lunch and sat in the living room afterward with the television droning in the background. And I’d be a damn liar if I said that JD Richter’s face didn’t pop into my head every few minutes.