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A Reluctant Hero

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I won’t lie and say going back to JD’s house wasn’t something I was itching to do. The truth is that I didn’t really get to appreciate his house at all the first time I “visited”. Amazing what being so drunk you black out can make you miss, isn’t it? And then, the morning that I woke up hungover enough to want to die, well you can appreciate that I was in no fit shape to take in the sights.

As he pulled up the very rugged driveway, I smiled as the red house came into view. There was a blue addition, maybe, off to the side, but even with my confusion, the wide front porch looked inviting as hell and I couldn’t wait to be hidden away with him. Before he could say whatever he was thinking of saying, I turned to him and asked a very important question.

“Is that a porch swing?” My eyes were probably lit up like the moon, but honestly, I thought his house was gorgeous.

JD chuckled and put the Jeep in park. “I was going to apologize for how humble my house is compared to yours, but the look in your eyes, Ani, tells me that’s unnecessary.” He was smiling as I unbuckled my seatbelt. “Sit still, woman.” I was practically bouncing with the urge to explore his house, but I knew he prided himself on being a gentleman so I waited. Soon enough he was opening the car door for me and I was sliding down his length. Wait, what was I excited about again, the warmth of his body was making me lose focus, and then his head dipped down and I completely lost my train of thought.

Kissing me like his life and mine depended on it, I forgot where we were, that we were outside made no fucking difference, only the feel of him pulling me into his body and the taste of his mouth mattered. He pulled away with a smile. “Welcome back,” I rolled my eyes. “Now, I think you wanted to know if I had a porch swing,” he took my hand and we both ignored my bags for now. JD pointed out that yes, that was a porch swing, and then he showed me inside, and I smiled as I looked around with all the wonder of a little kid in a toy store. “Look around, I’ll grab your bags.”

Biting my lip, I wandered further into his house, taking in the wood burning stove, the bookshelves with books and a little of this a little of that, the lived in furniture, but what I really noticed was how the entire place SMELLED like him. My fingers danced along a shelf as I heard him come back inside, and my eyes landed on a boxed set that looked very familiar. “Did you really buy my books, JD?” I turned to see him leaning in the threshold watching me.

“I wanted to see if they lived up to the hype,” I waited with a raised eyebrow. “Give me a break, Ani, I JUST got started on my vacation.” I smiled as he came over to wrap his arms around me. “I could read them while you’re here.” His eyes staring into mine while his lips quirked in a smile. “Then you could gage my reaction in real time.”

“Or,” I countered, running my hands up his chest to wrap around his neck. “I could just give you something else to study while I’m here.”


“Homework? Professor Ampstead, I didn’t think I signed up for your class,” his voice had gotten lower and I felt that twist of lust start. “I’m not much of a writer.”

“Good thing I was thinking of a more physical subject,” I offered, as he dipped his head and we restarted what he’d begun outside.


From the slow burn to a raging inferno, JD’s hands were tugging off my clothes as I was practically tearing his off. The tour could wait, if we ever got around to an actual tour. I was laughing as he basically tossed me onto his bed, the same one I’d woken up in in the not so distant past, and then he was over me again and I heard him whisper that now he didn’t have to settle for the lingering scent of my perfume. And then we stopped talking all together.


I was wrapped up in his arms, our laughter echoing off the rafters of his house as he recounted my memorable (for him at least) first night in his house.

“First I had to juggle your dead weight up the porch steps, then fight to open the front door, but damn if you didn’t revive as soon as we crossed over and the door shut.” I was shaking my head as he kept going. “The next thing I knew, your hands and fingers were EVERYWHERE, and I nearly smacked this one,” he raised my right hand to kiss my knuckles, “because it was groping a very sensitive part of me and not very fucking gently.” I snorted, and he kissed my head. “You were telling me all the very graphic and ambitious things you planned on doing to my ‘hot as fuck tree tall body’, your words, not mine,” I felt a blush begin to burn. “And then, wiggling and groping the entire way, I finally got you in here, only to have you refocus on stripping yourself to the skin, I stopped you, I am a gentleman.” Another giggle from me at that. “Your pants got tangled in your heels, so I had to push your ass onto the bed, and the next thing you were snoring and your heels were off.” I sighed, feeling the embarrassment roll off me, since I seemed to be in a better spot now.

“I’m so sorry that’s how we met,” I was still chuckling slightly, wishing his house had a tad bit of video feed, if only to see how ridiculous I must have looked. “But it seems to have worked out in the end.”

“That it did,” his thumb tilted my chin up so he could bend down for another kiss. “I felt like a letch because fuck if I didn’t want to let you at least TRY what you were offering, but I couldn’t.” His eyes were back to that soft caramel color I loved. “Not you, not that I’d ever do that, but YOU? No, Ani, you are a woman that’s meant to be savored and loved.” My heart clenched and I bit my lip. “I swore I’d go slow if I ever met someone else, after-”

“Molly?” He nodded, and I smiled. “We are going slow, JD, I mean we keep getting interrupted.”

That caused the laughter to start all over again and I thought that the next couple of days were going to be just what the doctor ordered.