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The Chemistry In Darkness

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The Chemistry In Darkness

Chapter Seventy-Four

Thursday 27th February 2025  

Elly’s eyes widened at Chloe’s question as to whether she needed to be a werewolf like she was, “What…? You think you need to be like me?”

Chloe shrugged, “I know I have only just started to meet the family members that you live with, out here, them all being werewolves and you mentioned the guy that waited a thousand years to meet his mate…feels like to be with you…it’d be a ‘forever kinda deal’…and for that to happen…do you expect me to become a werewolf?”

Elly squeezed Chloe’s hips, then gently detangled from their embrace, keeping her arm around Chloe’s lower back as they started walking along the sandy beach again, “Not at all. You being human is part of what I love about you. I would never need you to be anything else but yourself.”

“I appreciate that, I guess I’m just not seeing the kind of future you could without me being like you… What if Aster or our child do carry the werewolf gene and they grow up to be werewolves? I’d be the odd one out in our family. And back to the werewolf that’s more than a thousand years old. If I stay human, we get what…twenty years at best together, then my Huntington’s takes over and I leave the three of you…to the rest of your lives for…hundreds or possibly thousands of years if you can avoid the few things that apparently can kill werewolves? You find a new mate and move on without me?” Chloe propositioned.

“You’d never be the odd one out, Chlo, even if our children grow up and turn out to be werewolves like me, you are part of our family. There’s some chance I could live that long as a werewolf. As for finding a new mate, that’s impossible. We only get the one, that’s it. No second chances,” Elly explained gently.

“One mate? But if I stay human and die, then you would be alone for…hundreds or thousands of years? You wouldn’t be able to move on, at all?” Chloe worried.

“We can still…y’know date and get involved with anyone we’re attracted to, it’s just…we know it’ll never last. We can’t love anyone except for our mate, there’s no use to try to make a relationship work with anyone else. When we need to be with someone physically because let’s face it…it’s impossible to be that alone without your mate, we can but there’s no feelings involved. It’s a very empty feeling. But none of this means you need to worry about me. I don’t need you to be a werewolf, whatever time we get to spend together will be everything to me and more than enough,” Elly decided.

“That still sounds incredibly lonely,” Chloe whispered, “But…it would be an…option for me to…become a werewolf? Like the way you got turned into a werewolf…I can be turned too…by you or…one of the others?”

Elly raised her eyebrow at the thought of turning Chloe, “Don’t go thinking about doing something like being turned into a werewolf because you’re worried about me being lonely. Ten, twenty, thirty years with you would be more than enough. I don’t need more than that because every moment being with my mate will feel like a lifetime of happiness. If you really did want this life…then yes…one of us could turn you. It doesn’t need to be me; we already have our bond together as mates. Whomever does…I mean if anyone did…you’d need to be trained by them. But honestly, Chlo, it is far too soon to even be thinking about this. I love you as you are.”

“I know you do, Elly,” Chloe replied quietly, “I know we’ve barely even talked about what us being together looks like as a couple let alone as a family with Aster and our baby. Our future is all I see, it’s all I’ve seen since you came back to Erinsborough but I was just too afraid to admit it. I don’t want our future to be the one I always thought was in my future, dying from Huntington’s…slowly and painfully… I want it to be different…would me becoming a werewolf cure me from my Huntington’s?”

“I think it would,” Elly realized, “I’d probably have to check with Abby and Romulus if it would. I can’t say I’ve ever needed to check if medical conditions get…healed by becoming a werewolf. I was still pregnant when I was turned, me been a werewolf didn’t stop my pregnancy or speed it up or anything. I just think you’re thinking too much about the future, Chlo. I don’t need you to be a werewolf. I can live with you been human.”

“Are you sure?” Chloe worried, “I want to be everything to you.”

“You already are, Chlo,” Elly reassured, “It’s too early for us to be making a decision such as this. Clarke and Lexa were in our position, Lexa was human like you. Took them a couple years before they decided to turn Lexa. Besides…if it’s okay with you…I think whether we turn you into a werewolf or not should wait until after our baby has been born. This way we still have some chance of our baby been human. I’ll love our baby either way.”

“Huh…I never thought it could work that way…Aster can grow up to be a werewolf because you were turned whilst pregnant with her,” Chloe realized, then smiling at Elly, “You’re right, we should wait until after I’ve had our baby before we make this decision.”

“And maybe that will give you a chance to see how we actually live as werewolves out here…maybe we’ll end up scaring you,” Elly replied sadly.

“You could never scare me,” Chloe insisted, “You would be okay with me…staying out here with you all for as long as we can? Living out here as a family?”

Elly almost stopped once more, “You want to stay out here on the Island with us?”

Chloe nodded, “Of course, you seem surprised by that. I got away from Pierce, I hate that I’ve left my brothers and I know I have to go back for our baby’s test results and to help put Pierce away but I know if I get the chance to explain even a small part of it with Aaron and Mark, they’ll understand…I need to be with my family. I don’t need them to know the baby is yours or that you’re a werewolf, they can just know enough that I’m safe with you and I want to stay where you and Aster are.”

Elly shrugged, “To be honest, I thought after a day or two of being here on the Island, you’d tire of it and you’d want Aster and I to move back to the city with you. Not to Ramsay Street near Pierce but somewhere in Erinsborough with our own little place.”

Chloe shook her head decisively, “I want to stay out here with you. I don’t need a normal life with a house and waiting around for my partner to come home from work because I don’t have anywhere else to go except sneaking off to martial arts training. I’ll miss the training but I won’t be able to do it much longer with my pregnancy anyway. My place is with you, Aster and our baby. And your place is here on the Island so you can be yourself and not be any kind of danger to anyone.”

Elly continued running her hand against Chloe’s lower back as they walked, “This place is home to The Pack but I never intended on staying here with Aster. I was meant to return to Erinsborough earlier this month so Aster could attend Kindy. But I’ll admit it, when I thought about coming back and seeing you pregnant to Pierce, living your…happy life with him…I couldn’t do it. Told myself that I would return with Aster next year so she can start school and somehow it would be easier on me after your baby was born, that way I could physically see why you and I couldn’t be together…until it was our time.”

“We can go back if you want Aster to start Kindy,” Chloe offered.

Elly couldn’t help her eyes falling to Chloe’s stomach, “Our baby will be due later this year. Is it weird if I want to keep the two of you out here for your safety until the baby has been born and I know we’ll all be safe back in the world and go back…to living a normal life in Erinsborough next year?”

“As long as Aster missing Kindy won’t be a problem for her starting school next year…I say let’s do it! Live out here on the Island until our baby has been born and once the four of us are settled as a family, we’ll move back home. By then, Pierce should’ve been locked away and…maybe we’ll have come up with some explanation for your family and mine over how our baby is yours,” Chloe suggested.

“I’m just that good in bed, we defied science,” Elly joked then raised her eyebrow, “I mean that is kinda the truth of how it happened…the defied science part not the…well also the good in bed part but we don’t need our families been told that.”

Chloe smirked at Elly, “Definitely both defying science because you’re so good in bed…not that we used a bed that one time… Hold up…your stamina that evening being with me…I mean it kinda felt like at one stage you were going to go all night…is that part of the whole…werewolf strength…or the…mate thing?”

“Bit of both,” Elly answered coyly.

“Hmm,” Chloe mused, “Maybe another plus in the pro column to me one day becoming a werewolf…because if your stamina is anything to go by…the two of us been like that would be…” Chloe then looked down at her stomach, “Too busy been parents to two little ones to even contemplate taking advantage of wolfy stamina with one another…I guess I have lots to learn about been a parent…aye?”

“A day of living out here, you might very well be adding it to the plus column when you hear how loud and obnoxiously stamina-filled Clarke and Lexa are,” Elly teased back before clearing her throat, “I never asked you how you feel about the pregnancy…and being a Mum…I know you want this baby to be healthy…and if it is…you do still want to keep the baby because you want to be a Mum, right? Not because our child is a miracle and you feel pressured to keep the miracle alive?”

Chloe stopped walking this time, reaching out to wrap her arms around Elly’s waist when she stopped with her, “I want to be a Mum to our baby and to Aster. I love that you respect me enough to ask the question. I want this…to be a family with you. Can’t say I’m…too sure on how I’ll go through my pregnancy and giving birth but as long as I have you by my side…I’ll be okay.”

“I’ll never leave your side, Chlo,” Elly promised, “I know how scary it is to be pregnant and give birth. I was lucky enough to have Abby and the girls here to help me. Abby been a surgeon helped out and made me feel safe with Aster. Hopefully by the time our baby is due, Pierce will be jailed and our families will somewhat understand this baby isn’t his as they can’t exactly all find out I’m a werewolf and that’s the reason the baby is mine. We’ll be home by then, starting our life back in Erinsborough as a family.”

“Sounds perfect, we’ll find our way to building our lives together on the Island for the next few months and then after the baby has been born, we’ll move back home to Erinsborough and find a place we can raise our family,” Chloe agreed.

Elly squeezed Chloe’s hips again, “Sounds perfect.”

Chloe glanced around at the beach they were on, “Now, why exactly did you bring me out all this way and why didn’t we head back to the…camp area…or whatever it is you call it…to be with Aster?”

Elly looked around too, “I come out here most days. Much as I love my daughter, I need some peace and quiet for at least an hour and The Pack understand that so they help out by minding Aster for me. You’d think I’d get enough of my own time in the evenings moping alone at my own little campfire but sometimes that little bit extra out here helps with what I’ve been going through…thinking how long it could be until we reunite.”

“What do you do out here on your own?” Chloe asked, trying hard not to feel bad about how Elly hadn’t coped without her.

Elly smirked wildly, “Go swimming. Want to join me?”

Chloe narrowed her eyes, “We didn’t bring any bathers with us.”

“I know,” Elly grinned, “You were the one saying you wanted to change out of your pajamas…let’s get you out of them and go for a swim.”

Chloe thought for a few seconds, “Naked, right?”

“It’s kinda how we do things out here, we’re very into…freedom,” Elly winked, then said more coyly, “But only if you…feel comfortable…and--”

Chloe interrupted Elly by leaning in and kissing her gently, smiling deeply as they broke apart, “I feel very comfortable getting naked and taking a swim with you…I want this day to be the start of you and I together…for maybe forever.”

“Maybe forever,” Elly repeated gently, unable to avoid wondering what it would be like if Chloe did become a werewolf like her one day but not wanting Chloe to make that decision anytime soon, “Let’s get naked.”

“Let’s get naked,” Chloe agreed.