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The Chemistry In Darkness

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The Chemistry In Darkness 

Chapter Eighty-Two

Monday 3rd March 2025  

Pierce sat on the sandy beach, rocking back and forth with his legs hugging against his chest.

It had been about an hour since Elly had turned into a werewolf right in front of him, a werewolf that he wasn’t expecting to ever meet. She had slashed him across his chest with her claw then…let him go…

Chloe had been lying on the beach, tended to by two women, or werewolves in their human form, from the gunshot wound Pierce had inflicted her with to her abdomen. Chloe had been panicking over if he’d killed her baby, when she cried out to the wolf that had taken Elly’s form.

It took a minute of the wolf standing over Pierce before it seemed that Chloe’s voice got through to the wolf and within seconds, she reverted to looking like Elly.

A stark-naked Elly.

Pierce was disgusted at Elly’s confidence as she strode away from him back to Chloe. Barely taking the jacket off the young blonde woman he remembered meeting once before, when she offered it to Elly or the towel that she had slung around her shoulders. Obviously, she had been heading down to the beach for a swim, until she heard the gunshot. Elly eventually took the makeshift clothes, putting them on, then crouching down next to Chloe, holding her hand.

The next hour was nothing but a blur to Pierce.

Pierce sat there on the beach away from the others, sitting in his piss-stained pants on his own. Chloe had the three women surrounding her, doing everything to save her life and that of her unborn baby.

Then out of nowhere, it felt like to Pierce, a helicopter had arrived. A rescue chopper to take Chloe to hospital. Elly and the two other women went with Chloe.

Pierce wondered if the medics would check on him or if the police had been summoned to the Island when the medics were called and he would soon be slapped with cuffs onto his wrists for shooting his wife and her unborn child, forced to spend time in a jail cell, smelling like his own piss.

Pierce could’ve gotten up and taken a dip in the ocean in his clothes to wash away the stains of pissing himself again. But, feeling like he knew the police wouldn’t be after him, he somehow couldn’t bring himself to stand up.

Pierce felt different. His entire body had spasmed, there was this electricity coursing through every inch of his body, he swore it felt like his eyes were flickering different colours.

Pierce knew what had happened to him when the wolf had slashed him across the chest with its claw but he didn’t want to admit it because if he admitted it then it would be real.

And Pierce was trying to cling to anything that told him that Elly hadn’t turned him into a werewolf.

Though Pierce’s blurred vision eyes, he sensed someone near him. He looked over to the top of the sand dunes. A brunette young woman stood there, holding Aster on her hip. It wasn’t her Mum, Elly, holding Aster, as Elly had taken off a while back in the helicopter. He didn’t know this woman but he felt like he did.

Raven stood with Aster, on her way to her dingy so the pair could reunite with Elly at the hospital as the entire family waited for news on Chloe and the baby’s fate. Raven knew Aster might be too young to be by Chloe’s bedside but she didn’t want to keep her away from her Mum and the woman in Elly’s life whom was fast becoming Aster’s second parent.

Raven saw Pierce sitting there, she felt like she knew him as soon as she set eyes on the man and it didn’t take her long to recognize the man was in the beginning stages of been turned into a werewolf. Though he wouldn’t transform until the Full Moon cycle, the first few days of becoming a werewolf was a mess for anyone whom had been turned and not grown into the change like she and her sister, Clarke, had.

Raven took Aster with her as she marched over to Pierce. When she got closer to him, she put Aster down and told the youngster to wait there for a moment. Pierce suddenly realized he should stand up. He wanted to meet this woman and beg for her help over what was happening to him.

Raven stormed up to Pierce, not wanting to admit Chloe’s ex looked good with a slashed-up shirt, “You the piece of shit who shot my friend and caused all this mess?”

Pierce was taken by Raven’s beauty and could only nod awkwardly at her.

“Good,” Raven announced before slugging Pierce across the jaw and knocking him out, “I didn’t want to hit the wrong asshole because…well that’s the first time I’ve ever hit anyone…look at me go! I can be more than the peppy, happy-go-lucky one.”

“We gonna leave Pierce here?” Aster asked as she walked over to Raven.

Raven rolled her eyes, then began hefting Pierce up onto her shoulders, “No. We’ll take him with us. He needs those chest wounds cleaned up properly, hopefully Abby can do it before anyone notices he might start healing before they put stitches into him. He needs the hospital,” then Raven screwed up her face in disgust, “And a bathroom!”

Over at Erinsborough Hospital, the helicopter had landed on the top of the building. Abby’s hospital, where she worked as a surgeon, had been at least twenty minutes closer to the one in Erinsborough. But despite lying on a gurney with a life-threatening gunshot wound to her abdomen, Chloe had argued furiously with Abby and the medics that she wanted them to take her to Erinsborough Hospital.

Chloe wanted to go home.

Elly wanted to argue for Chloe not to waste twenty precious minutes where she could already be in surgery having her life and the life of their unborn baby saved but it was no use. Chloe might’ve spent several days out on the Island with Elly, Aster and the rest of The Pack, growing used to the place been her home with all of them.

But Erinsborough was her home, and though Chloe never said it, Elly feared that Chloe was already thinking if the worst happened to either her or their baby, at least she’d be home with all the people whom loved her.

Abby had called in a big favour for the helicopter and medics to treat Chloe so quickly and she arranged another one when she got Elly to reluctantly leave Chloe’s side during the trip and shift to the front of the chopper to use the emergency phone.

Elly called Mark, Aaron and Bea to let them know Chloe was with her, that Pierce had shot Chloe in an attempt to kill herself, and that they were on their way home via Erinsborough Hospital.

Elly left out the part about Chloe’s baby been hers and how after Pierce had shot Chloe, she had turned him into a werewolf, because she was a werewolf too. That felt like a little bit too much to drop on them as all three agreed to drop everything and rush to the hospital to meet them there, with Bea tasked with bringing Elly a spare pair of clothes to change into.

When Chloe was taken by gurney down the lift to the emergency department floor, Elly went with her, holding her hand the entire journey, promising Chloe that she and the baby would be perfectly fine.

Abby and Clarke had taken the next lift ride and were to meet Elly in the waiting room.

Elly hated that amongst normal medics she couldn’t refer to the baby as been hers. Two women could have a baby together but not the way Chloe and Elly had created their baby together and Elly was too afraid of arising any suspicion about her supernatural existence.

As the lift doors opened, Elly felt disappointed that it looked like Mark and Aaron had yet to arrive at the hospital. She knew Chloe was going to be rushed into surgery to remove the bullet wound from her abdomen and had hoped the two brothers would at least get a few seconds with Chloe before she did.

Bea and Yashvi had arrived, Elly not having realized that Yashvi must have been with Bea when she called her. Not having heard from her sister for months after she had disappeared with Aster for no specific reason Bea could understand, when Bea had heard Elly’s voice on the phone, she had taken a deep breath and was about to launch into a verbal attack on her sister for putting her through hell again by disappearing, but Elly had swiftly cut in to tell Bea that she was calling because Chloe had been hurt and they were on their way home to save Chloe’s life.

Whilst still angry at Elly for everything her sister had put her through all over again, having disappeared for a second time now, when Bea saw Elly walking out of the hospital lift next to Chloe’s gurney, Bea immediately threw herself at Elly, hugging her tightly.

“Don’t ever do this to me again, Elly! I can’t deal with you disappearing,” Bea choked out as she hugged Elly.

“I’m so sorry, Bea,” Elly apologized.

A doctor and two nurses rushed over to Chloe’s gurney, relieving the medics who headed back to their helicopter, with these new medical personnel checking out Chloe’s wound then speaking quickly about which theatre room Chloe was booked in to and told Chloe she’d be taken to surgery within a minute or two.

Elly still clung to Bea as she looked over Bea’s shoulder at the doctor, “She’s pregnant, don’t forget that. Save the baby, you hear me!”

Chloe struggled for a moment, the pain in her side becoming too much for her, “The doctor will do everything…he can…for both of us.”

Bea and Elly disentangled as the pair, along with Yashvi, crowded around Chloe’s gurney, knowing they only had a minute with her before they would be separated by countless hours of surgery.

“Hey, Chlo,” Bea smiled at her best friend, “I’m glad you got away from Pierce okay…well I mean before he tracked you down and shot you today…that you got away from him last week, ended your marriage and…you’re pregnant…Mark and Aaron told me but I…and you’re…with Elly?”

Chloe reached out her hand on her good side, taking Elly’s hand in her own across the edge of the gurney, “Yes, I’m with Elly now.”

Elly leant down, pressing her lips to Chloe’s forehead, before whispering to her mate, “Don’t you die on me in surgery, okay? The baby is going to be fine. You are going to be fine. We are gonna live a long and happy life together with Aster and this child, you hear me?”

Chloe released Elly’s hand, cupping Elly’s cheek with it instead, then pulling Elly back to her, kissed her softly, “I hear you.”

Bea was astounded to see the pair looking so in love with one another after months apart, “Okay, you two are very much together. I could get used to this.”

“You better,” Elly sniggered at her sister, then reached out and wrapped her arm around Bea’s waist.

Yashvi, whom was standing on the other side of the gurney, the side closer to Chloe’s gunshot wound, found herself reaching her hand out to Chloe’s shoulder, squeezing it gently, “Be safe, Chlo. Don’t worry about these two or Mark and Aaron when they get here, I’ll keep an eye on all of them here as we wait for you to get out of surgery.”

“Thanks, Yashvi,” Chloe said gently, then scrunching her face as more pain hit her, “Getting shot in the stomach when you’re pregnant…wouldn’t recommend it.”

Yashvi removed her hand from Chloe’s shoulder, then as she simply went to place her hand back at her own side, her hand found itself hovering over Chloe’s gunshot wound.

Yashvi’s eyes went huge when she felt her hand heat up and she couldn’t move it away from hovering over the wound.

“Vee?” Bea asked, noticing her fiancé standing up straight, her hand above Chloe.

“Something’s happening,” Yashvi struggled to admit, as she then noticed her hand light up like it was holding a light globe, “To…me…”

Elly, Bea and Chloe could only watch as Yashvi stood there, her hand over Chloe’s wound, glowing indescribably.

Bea was shocked when she looked into Yashvi’s eyes, to find they were swirling with a purple colour.

Yashvi looked straight back at her fiancé, her confusion over her hand glowing and her eyes changing colour not lost on Bea, Elly or Chloe, “Bea…what’s happening…to…me…?”