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Love You, Dearly

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Foliage, to answer the question. Autumn had brought foliage. Thick vines grew around the safe house, which had become purgatory for Derek, who felt his lover slipping through his fingers. His condition was getting worse. There were days he did not remember Derek, or himself, or even where he was. There were days he woke up with memories of Vegas, specifically high school. Those were the worst days. He was convinced Derek had taken him away. Derek was on the landline nonstop, calling the only number that worked, relentlessly, borderline screaming at his superiors to come to help them. Food was running low. Derek was convinced they’d left him and Spencer to die. The blue truck came in the morning, some August morning Derek lost track of, and Spencer very willingly climbed into the car.


Strauss was sending them to Texas, to see some hypnosis doctor who would supposedly help Spencer get all those memories back. Derek held Spencer’s hand on the way there, and he was only able to because today was a good one. Spencer had that longing look in his eyes, his fingers were locked with Derek’s, and the two of them ignored the side glances from the driver, who was well aware of all the rules against relationships between colleagues. It didn’t help that he thought poorly of them anyway.


A plane ride felt foreign to him. Derek knew the Spencer-who-remembered would have gone insane in that house, with no work to do, so he thanked whatever force had put them in this situation that his lover wasn’t too stressed out about these things. Texas was pretty if you looked at it from certain angles. They were in Dallas, and that blue van was there again, ready to drive them to the clinic. Of course, it was a different van, it was just a similar blue hue and the same hard leather seats.


Doctor Andrea Cook. That was her name. She was pretty, Derek noticed, as he and Spencer went into the office. He lay on the couch, Derek near, and the doctor began picking up things and showing them to Spencer. Derek watched from a seat in the corner, his knee bouncing, a sharp look on his otherwise soft face. Spencer closed his eyes. Doctor Cook had him hold her hand. She had said it was good to bring back the worst memories first. She played a newsreel of his father speaking, she talked about Tobias, she feed Spencer information about the night in Vegas when those cruel children did what they did. Then, she took a vial, a vial Derek knew far too well, one had had pried from Spencer’s hands, in his worst moments, when he nearly relapsed, when Derek found unopened bottles here and there.


It must've felt cold. It must have felt terrible. Doctor Cook flinched, tried to pull her hand from Spencer. Sometimes Derek forgot how strong his lover was. Derek wanted to stand and stop it all. Doctor Cook continued, feeding him information, about Tobias, about Roman, about his father. Spencer squeezed his eyes shut, but then they came open, wide, terrified, and he looked at her in absolute horror. Doctor Cook leaned over and brought something over for Spencer to see. It was a long stretch of dark black fabric. It happened before Derek could jump up and stop it. Spencer shoved her, hard, hard enough to knock her from her seat. When Derek came into view, Spencer nearly threw himself at him. Derek leaned down, and Spencer locked his arms around Derek, hiding his face in between his neck and shoulder, flinching rather hard now and again, his legs shifting as if he were trying to get away from Cook. She stood, and brushed herself off.


“I’m sorry,” Derek looked back at her as best he could, as he dragged his hands through Spencer’s hair.


“It’s okay,” she assured, “Spencer? Doctor Reid? Can you tell me who this is? Who’s holding you right now?”


Derek felt Spencer tense under his hold.


“Agent Morgan, I’m assuming?” There was a pained laugh in his voice.


Derek let his shoulders relax after they’d been tense for months, “Holy shit, pretty boy. Thank God, thank God.”


Spencer wasn’t sure exactly what was going on, but he did know that everything was elevated and he was just happy Derek was holding him. He twisted a little, to look around the room. The last he remembered, he was being wheeled to surgery after Roman. Then, he fell asleep. Derek let go, and watched as Spencer looked around the room a bit more. Finally, he turned to Derek.


“I had amnesia?”


“How do you figure?” Cook asked.


“Well, there are symbols of my life in here. The vials, my mother’s book, t-the blindfold. How long has it been?”


“A month,” Derek said, “It’s August now. And um, the team knows. About us.”


“Oh,” Spencer placed his feet flat on the floor, “Where are we?”


“You’re at a hypnosis clinic in Dallas, Texas. You arrived two hours ago,” Doctor Cook folded her hands, “You’re quite an interesting case, Spencer. If I could j-”


“I want to go home,” Spencer stood, and Derek took his arm carefully.




“Yes. Home. Our home, Derek. I want to sleep in our bed. I want to go home.”


“Doctor Reid, I just advise that you stay here for a few hours, just so we can run some tests.”

Spencer sighed heavily, “Alright, if it’s absolutely necessary.”


“We also can’t go back to our apartment until we get the signal from Hotch. Roman escaped custody and he’s after us. He came to you, posing as Liam, and you gave him the old check.”


“Oh.” Spencer sat down slowly, “So we’re at a safe house, then?”


Doctor Cook raised her brows.


Derek patted his hand, “Yes. You would love it. We’ve got guards all over the building, pretty boy. It’s like we’re famous.”


“Oh, we are. Well, I am,” Spencer fought a smile as he looked to Doctor Cook, “So, those tests?”


“Oh, yes!” She fanned herself, “Y’all are just too cute! Look at me, blushing like somebody just opened the curtain on me! Doctor Reid, can you come with me? We’ll do a CT scan, then we’ll see how your heart and brain waves react to some questions.”