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Explosions Light The Journey

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Since Mina was born, she hasn't ever encountered her soulmate. Potential soulmates, sure, but they all either had already met their someone or just weren't interested in her.

When she met Kirishima though, she thought she found her soulmate. He was loveable, adorable, kind. Helpful too. A perfect soulmate! Unfortunately their soulmate Mark's didn't match, and Mina was quite upset about that but she was happy to remain friends with him. 

She couldn't ever lose him, no way.

When she got into U.A, she was excited as hell. She could probably meet her soulmate there!

There was this one boy with silver hair and metal around his eyes. His Quirk was pretty cool too, similar to Kirishima's! Unfortunately, their marks didn't match.

After trying with a couple more people, Mina was just about ready to give up when someone accidentally bumps into her.

"Hey, watch it!" a deep growly voice bellows, and Mina is just about to make a snarky comment when she notices the mark on the blonde's arm.

Shaped like a skull.

Just like mine. Mina thinks.

She glances at the boy again, noticing that he's staring at hers too until the blonde notices she's staring at him. His eyebrows furrow and Mina immediately starts wondering why they are soulmates. This guy seems like a right fucking jerk.

"What? You ashamed of being my soulmate or somethin'?" 

Mina glares at him, "well obviously! You seem like a right dick and I won't fall in love with somebody who can't be caring!"