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They're glowing unlike he's ever seen, wedding outfits so regal and elaborate and hands held so tightly in one another and they're dancing to a fast tempo, brassy song in the ballroom and Obi's joy is nothing short of immense, genuine, his Master and Miss finally getting the happiness they'd strived so hard for.

It's meant for them, and them alone, and he knows this, the love in his heart for the both of them still remaining strong despite this.

Even if he knows said happiness is not with him involved.

Even if.. he's not needed. He'd make do. Somehow, someway.

Obi had been asked once about his own happiness, simply shrugging the question off with a sly comment or a joke, never sure how to answer but he knew he wasn't sad, nonetheless. He was content with simply being here.

It's a beautiful night. He thinks to himself, lazily leaning against the castle wall, the chill of the night breeze brushing against his nose and he looks up to the stars, twinkling in various shapes and patterns and it's a night all too perfect for a wedding.

"Oi, Obi."

"Ah, the newlyweds." He teases, watching Zen approach with Shirayuki right behind, both of them still dressed to the nines in their wedding clothes and all Obi can think of is how absolutely beautiful they are, all flowing garments and flowers and tassels, such fancy items not being something they liked to wear often, but definitely something that suited them.

"Where were you? We haven't seen you since the ceremony." Zen's voice is firm, yet still holding a concerned tone and guilt ebbs up in Obi's heart. Maybe he should have stayed around for just a bit longer.

"If something is bothering you, please tell us." Shirayuki adds in, placing a hand to Obi's shoulder.

"You two shouldn't be so anxious on a day like this, go and have fun." He chuckles, but like the stubborn people they are, they stand put; silently demanding an answer.

He shakes his head, knowing they can read right through him.

They've grown so much over the years.

"I simply feel I am no longer needed."

" Obi." Zen's eyes widen.

"But as long as you both are happy, I will continue to be, despite my own feelings. Don't let me intrude."

They embrace him on the spot, arms tightly locking on either side of his waist and it's bold and very out of nowhere but definitely not declined, keeping him locked in place to where he stood.

"You idiot," Zen chides; "How could you ever think you weren't important to us?"

Obi is speechless, arm hanging loosely around the both of them and that familiar warmth bubbles up in his heart.

"You're a part of us, Obi. You will always be needed no matter what you do, please don't ever feel as if you're a burden." Shirayuki also tries to reassure, voice warm and gentle and just her. "We need you."

"It's not like I'd let you go to begin with." Zen tries to lighten the mood, and Obi feels his body start to tremble.

Was he crying?

He supposes; yes, hand lifting to wipe away the lone tear that had rolled down his face, trying to keep himself steady and knowing that it was useless to try and hide it from them, arms moving to embrace the two fully.

"Why would I ever want to go?" He can't imagine life without this place.

Obi's joy is beyond words, wondering how he could've ever thought differently when he knew that his place is always with them, not even thinking about the effort they'd put in over the years they'd known each other to make sure he'd realized that.

He thinks back to that question he'd been asked before, what he would do in regards to finding his happiness and he knows the answer to this now.

He'd already found it- in the two pairs of arms still currently keeping him locked to his spot outside of the castle, and Obi's heart is content.

He doesn't ever want anything else.