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  • Kakashi Week 2020 (Kakashi_Week_2020) by Kalira

    Kakashi reading an orange Icha Icha, blushing and smiling; text: Kakashi Week 2020

    01 Oct 2020


    Kakashi Week is a Kakashi appreciation event running from September 13th-20th this year! It is open to all content, gen or ship focused, celebrating our favourite mysterious masked ninja.

    Also on: Tumblr, Twitter.

    Our prompts:
    Day 1: Mask | Soulmate AU (romantic or platonic)
    Day 2: Sensei | Pack
    Day 3: Kakashi's Birthday | Free Day
    Day 4: Feral | Wing AU
    Day 5: Ukki-san | Stuck in Dog/Wolf Form
    Day 6: Old Wounds | Any AU
    Day 7: Reading | Youkai/Japanese mythology
    Day 8: ANBU | Orochimaru is Kakashi's Mother/Parent

    Collection was open September 13th-30th, and is now closed! Look for us next year!


    (Closed, Unmoderated)