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The One Where Izuku Accidentally Sleeps With His Student Before He KNOWS It’s His Student

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Nothing but fog.

From the haze of the room to that space right between the pupils and back of the skull…

Fog and vivid crimson irises that pierce through it all.

Izuku is hypnotized -in a daze like trance with the throb of his pulse as the only reminder that he’s grounded -body fused to every fiber of the plush couch beneath him. Veins inflamed by that unrelenting ruby glare…

“Hot damn, he’s been staring at you since you sat down,” the brush of soft lips against the lobe makes Izuku shiver but he adjusts and lets Ochaco lean into him all the same. “But, I think you’re too tipsy to notice.”

Izuku nods and shuts his eyes -the lids feel heavy. When he opens them, he’s trapped in molten vermillion all over again. And there’s something about being watched. About having one person’s attention in a room filled to the brim with people – beautiful people. But he’s the one being stared at like he’s everything. Makes his pulse pick up a few notches.

He smiles.

“Well… We are celebrating you tonight so, just have fun and be safe.”

That makes Izuku laugh, more so when she gives him a sloppy kiss on the cheek. That makes the gorgeous eyes across the room narrow but that intense stare doesn’t waver. Not even for a moment.

Takes less than 60 seconds for the owner of those eyes to crowd his space -hot breath tickling the shell of his ear. “Come dance with me.” It’s not a question.

Izuku nods and allows himself to be pulled to his feet before blindly following the gorgeous man onto the dance floor. Hot air hits his face -sobers him up just enough to really stare and note that he’s being stared at just as well. Gorgeous… everything about the guy is… gorgeous. Even the wicked grin that promises sin as it eases onto the man’s face. Strong hands grab at Izuku’s hips, sways him to the thudding bass, pulls him unbearably close. Izuku arms instinctively wrap around the man’s neck as he lets himself be drawn in, tilts his head so that that gorgeous mouth can press to his ear again.

“Been watching you all fucking night. I’ll be blunt, I want you.” Those words burrow in and cause a full body shudder.

Izuku whimpers.

“Lemme have you.” Not so much of a question as it is a suggestion.

Izuku’s not usually one to go along with these sorts of things – hell, he’s not usually one to go to a club in the first place- but he’s celebrating. Celebrating the end of summer, his new job, and a new start to life.

So why not? Why not throw caution to the wind for once?

“Okay.” He breathes the word – wonton and needy. Is rewarded with lips along his pulse and teeth nipping beneath his jaw before he’s pinned by fire burnt corneas. Sparks ignite him and he wants so badly.

Another grin, a knowing glance, and then they’re moving off of the dance floor and towards the exit. Izuku spots Ochaco who gives him the thumbs up before he’s outside. The air is damp and clingy – sticky and overbearing. Almost sobers him up but he’s high on adrenaline that’s fueled by the hand gripping his.

Somewhere at the back of his mind is nerves because- what the hell? What the hell is he doing? Acting like a teenager driven by their Id… he should be ashamed. Instead, he lets the alcohol give him the courage to follow this man into a nearby hotel only a few blocks from the club.

As soon as they’re on the elevator, he’s ravished. Pushed flank against the car wall with a hand tangling in his mess of curls and lips that sear as they travel from his jaw to his neck. An eager tongue laps at his pulse and Izuku mewls because he’s in heaven. Absolute heaven. And he can feel the smirk pressed into neck. Catches sight of that covetous cinnabar gaze when blinks his eyes open.

The man stands up, towers over him as he lets his hands rest on Izuku’s hips. “I’m gonna fucking wreck you.”

Never in his life has he been so turned on by such a filthy mouth but Izuku loves it – wants to hear more. And doesn’t doubt for even a moment that he won’t end up completely and utterly wrecked.

“Do your best,” He murmurs cheekily and gets rewarded with the most promising smile.

He’s so wrecked.

He gets fucked.

Folded in half right up against the elevator door with one leg still in his pants because the man- Katsuki as he learns- has impeccable upper body strength. So he’s held by his hips and he’s prepped with quick, knowing fingers that dive into him like they designed him from start to finish. And just when he thinks that he can’t take anymore- can’t handle the way that mouth abuses his jugular or the way those fingers fill him but not quite- Katsuki holds him on his knee for leverage before slipping a condom on with one hand and just- he just- he takes Izuku right there, right against the elevator doors in his penthouse suite.

Katsuki groans, a deep rumble from the back of his throat as he fills Izuku -lets the man sink down balls deep. Mutters a, “ Fuck, you’re tight,” before he starts a steady pace of hefting Izuku up and down and up and down- bites at swollen lips and demands, “ I wanna hear you.

Izuku grips at strong shoulders and can barely think, let alone enough to talk, but an “oh god, yes,” claws its way out and he swears he sees stars.

His mouth gets fucked.

Katsuki is as tender as he is rough. He takes his time peeling Izuku out of his clothes and telling Izuku how “fucking beautiful” he is before picking him up and carrying him to the large bathroom bridal style. Izuku is a quivering, blushing mess because he feels so thoroughly fucked but knows that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Knows it more when they get in the bath, Katsuki pulls him close -back to chest- as the water slowly pools in. Lets his lips burn trails down the back of Izuku’s neck, over the knots of his spine, bends him on all fours so that he can bite each ass cheek in kind…

Izuku’s mouth hangs open in sheer bliss because it’s so good. So, so good. And he just- he can’t deal with all of the sensory pleasure happening at once. Can’t deal even more when his cheeks get spread apart and that wicked tongue travels from cleft to puckered hole in record time. He swears his vision blots out when he feels himself being pushed open by that thick tongue – a lurid dip and dive that lathers at sensitive muscle over and over and over again. Izuku’s legs shake and give out but Katsuki holds him up. Laughs against his left cheek before he sits back and turns Izuku to face him, gaze alight with mirth and a velleity that crackles through the pulse.

Katsuki’s expression is soft when he cups Izuku’s cheek, “I don’t plan on finishing this shit anytime soon. You okay with that?”

Izuku nods numbly. At this point, he’d be okay with anything Katsuki asked for.


“You feel what you’re fucking doing to me?” Katsuki grabs Izuku’s hand and pulls it between them – allows gentle fingertips to trace the veins of his cock.

Izuku moans because Katsuki is hard -this gorgeous man is throbbing and twitching from being with him and- “Can I?” He asks as he glances down and licks his lips.

“Be my guest. Just don’t forget to breathe.”

Izuku doesn’t waste any time sliding down that strong body as the water sloshes in the bath. He holds that length with both hands before wrapping swollen pink lips around the head and sucking -feels so pleased when Katsuki groans and grips his hair. He takes the whole cock down his throat, bobs up and down as he strokes the shaft with just enough pressure. It’s okay that those strong hips buck slightly -that they urge him to pick up the pace and he does. Makes sloppy, wet, squelching noises as he thrives on the heady taste of pre-cum, sweat, and lavender scented bubbles.

Shit… shit, baby… gonna-”

Izuku swallows Katsuki down to the point where his nose goes underwater and balls slap at his chin as he bobs. He gets a front-row seat to watching Katsuki come undone as he cums right down his throat. Izuku doesn’t miss a drop before he sits up and smiles a bit before Katsuki pulls him into a brutalizing kiss. Their tastes dance along his tastebuds with glee.

Katsuki stares, slow smile stretching his face, “ knew there was something really fucking special about you,” he whispers.

“You think?” Izuku smiles into the next kiss and really doubts he’ll be getting any sleep.

They fuck.

It almost primitive the way that he’s spread across the bed and devoured. Or savored. Maybe both.

Katsuki takes his time kissing and biting his way up strong calves and inner thighs. Leaves reddening bruises of all sizes and shapes as he teases Izuku with teeth, tongue, and purposeful touch. Makes Izuku squirm and moan so sweetly -has him begging. Katsuki just laughs into his hip before continuing -sucks at his belly button piercing (a stupid dare from his freshman year of college), down his toned torso, abuses each nipple until they’re pert and stiff…

Izuku stares, green gaze glossy and blown as Katsuki settles between his parted legs and positions himself. Doesn’t even give any warning before he sinks in all the way.

So fucking tight for me, baby,” Katsuki marvels as he pulls Izuku’s hips closer and draws a silent cry from those pretty pink lips. “ Gonna make you cum from abusing your spot. Just that. So don’t you dare fucking touch yourself.”

Izuku whimpers and nods, hands gripping the bedpost in anticipation.

Good boy.” That said, Katsuki starts his pace. Each thrust a deliberate assault against Izuku’s prostate as he rolls his hips with expert precision. His grip is tight on that deceptive lithe waist – unabashedly finger bruising.

Izuku loves it. Can’t get enough of it. Languishes in the repetitive in, out, in, of that strong cock as it forces the muscles to clench and grip- dear god! He feels like he’s going to pass out from the pleasure. Feels like Katsuki is stroking his core with every pivot. He startles when Katsuki really starts to fuck into him -becomes bestial as he moves, accuracy never faltering.

Katsuki…” the word falls from his mouth like a prayer. Causes the man to pick up speed, pushing deeper and deeper and-

Izuku cums with a shout and a full-body tremor that burst his vision into an array of whites and yellows and reds. The spasm causes Katsuki’s pace to falter and he follows not too long after, spills his seed with a few lingering jerks of his hips before collapsing right on top of Izuku.

Izuku’s chest heaves as he tries to catch his breath but then he gets pulled into a slow, sloppy kiss that leaves him even more breathless.

Katsuki laughs, the sound airy and whimsical, “Don’t tap out on me now. We’re just getting started.”

Izuku balks and stares and can’t believe the stamina on this guy but he’ll take it.

Just for tonight, he’ll indulge.

He’s so comprehensively fucked.

Face mashed into the veranda window, head tugged back, ass slapped, and chants of, “please, please, please…” fucked. Body dangling over the balcony railing, ass ravaged and then plowed, with grunts of, “ Fucking slut for me, aren’t you? Aren’t you, Izuku?” fucked. There was even the seated on the couch, covered in chocolate and champagne, riding the dick like it was a dying wish, while responding to demands of “ tell me you want this cock… tell me it’s yours, sweetheart…” and muttering a litany of, “Want this cock… want it so bad… all mine…” fucked.

Honestly, Izuku can’t believe himself or his own ears at this point.

Can’t believe he spent the last six hours getting bent every which way whilst enjoying the best sex of his god given life. It’s unbelievable.

But it’s supposed to be. Just one night with a gorgeous stranger who probably won’t remember him come morning. Just one.

And he’s grateful for that.

Best start to his new life ever.

When he sneaks out of the room, he thinks about leaving his number but quickly changes his mind. Katsuki never asked him to and there’s no reason to force things. If he’s being realistic, he’s surprised he made it this far, all things consider.

Katsuki is gorgeous, obviously well off if the room is anything to go by, and an expert when it comes to sex so- so he’s out of Izuku’s league.

If Izuku’s being completely realistic.

Which he is.

That’s the reason he gathers his things and exits quietly. No fussing. No messy morning after. None of that. He’ll savor the memory for months to come and that’ll be that.

“I can’t believe that all you got was a first name.” Ochaco pouts and stares at Izuku over her coffee mug. It’s been a little over a month and she still can’t believe it.

Izuku groans and buries his face in his arms, “This again?” Like he hasn’t thought about that night everyday since. Thinks about ruby red pools that he gets swallowed up in -lets himself drown and submit. Thinks about rough, gentle hands that map his body just as eagerly and fervently as a hot, hot mouth. Thinks about how expertly his body was maneuvered and sexed and split apart at the seams before being strewn back together with ease. Gets caught up in remembering that husky, sensual voice and it ate up his name and cooed down right sinful expletives in between calling him “ pretty” or “beautiful”.

Katsuki was hunger and thirst and an insatiable gluttony. Hedonism at it’s finest and gorgeous while plummeting in to the depths of adrenaline and addiction. That man was a whirlwind of open-ended overstimulation and over-indulgence. He was like nothing else that Izuku has ever had before.

Izuku remembers it all, despite himself.

No amount of porn or toys have helped and he’s not a one-night stand kind of guy -Katsuki was a fluke, in all honesty. But he made his choice then and stands by it now – there’s no turning back.

“Yes, this again!” She stares in mock anger, her smile betraying her. “That guy was something straight outta a wet dream and you couldn’t stop reminiscing for a week and now you just, what? Are done? After sneaking out of his room like a guilty school girl? No regrets?”

Of course there’s regret (a shit ton of regret) but, what’s done is done, which he says.

“Weren’t you the one who told him to celebrate how he wanted to?” Shouto stares, face blank but amusement twisted into his tone.

Ochaco throws her hands up, “Whatever. Fine! I guess that’s one way to break-in the new school year.”

“Congratulations again on landing that position at UA.” Shouto raises his mug in salute.

Izuku’s smile is blinding as he considers that. He didn’t expect to get the position right out of his Master’s program or, at all really. It’s where he did his student teaching - a prestigious private academy for the world’s future elite. And now, he’ll be entrusted with teaching their young English. Plus, they offer amazing benefits, housing, and resources… he couldn’t have asked for anything better and he’ll work his ass off to keep his position.

All of that in mind, “Thanks, Sho.” He doesn’t have the time or luxury to keep salivating over a wonderful one-night stand.

He had his night and he doesn’t regret a thing. Celebration well-earned and well deserved.

“If any of the kids there give you hell, you let me know and I’ll pull some strings. I know how you are with kids and you’re way too soft on them, Izuku.” Because Shouto can clearly recall Izuku’s days as a teacher’s assistant and his many woes with regards to his overly attached students.

“Call either one of us and we’ll have your back.”

Izuku laughs but nods anyway. What could possibly go wrong?


“Yo, Body Snatcher! I hear you’re still hung up over that one body from this summer?” Kaminari’s smirking as he lounges at his desk.

If Katsuki’s bag ‘accidentally’ knocks his head sideways on his trek to his own seat, so be it. “Fuck off.” He’s really not in the mood.

Hanta perks up at that, expression genuinely surprised. “Did the Body Snatcher really get Snatched? Man… that’s just karma.”

Katsuki grunts in acknowledgement but doesn’t bother to give a response. Fuck that shit, he did not get hung up on one body. Not at fucking all. Sure, he was a little fucking pissed when he woke up to an empty bed and an empty fucking hotel suite. And- sure, he was even more fucking pissed when he realized he didn’t get the bastard’s full name or contact info but he wasn’t and isn’t “hung-up” on anyone.


Eijiro pats his shoulder and completely ignores when his hand gets swatted away. He’s definitely immune to the death glare. “Happens to the best of us, Bakubro. Can’t believe it didn’t happen to you sooner.”

“I’m not fucking hung up on anything. Don’t know how many times I gotta say that shit.” He wants to punch someone. Or something. Fuck.


Katsuki can admit that his mood has been shitty because of one piece of fucking ass. Fucking piece of ass so good it fucking spoils him and then promptly ruins every piece of ass thereafter for the remainder of the summer. What a fucking nuisance. Namely because he cannot, for the life of him, stop fucking remembering how those green eyes drank him up and how that body moved like it was fucking made for him and then those sounds…

Fucking dipshit fucking vanished without a fucking clue after that shit. Like he wasn’t begging and pleading for the cock like it was god’s gift to man. Had the nerve to run away like the fucker wasn’t lucky that Katsuki picked him.


What the fuck ever.

He just needs to get the asshole out of his system.


“Best way to get over something like that is to find your true love, ya know. Like I did!” Mina smiles cheerily before allowing herself to be pulled onto Eijiro’s lap.

She’s the first one to find him the morning after and she gets a front row seat to the shitty mood that follows being one-nighted. Calls it a blow to the ego but good for him because blah blah blah love this and calming down that… it’s the stupidest fucking conversation.

“Fuck that,” He grumbles but doesn’t know why he bothered to say anything at all really. Katsuki knows what he has to do and that’s what he’s been doing: Gym, sex, football, and school. Nothing more to it than that or he swears to fucking god he’ll find the bastard and-

“Good morning class. I’m Mr. Midoriya and I’ll be your English teacher this year.”

Scratch that.

Katsuki stares in muted surprise at the man standing at the helm of the class, bright smile plastered on a beautifully freckled face. There’s a million and one thoughts racing through his head but the breakout thought is what are the fucking odds. So he stares and when vivid emerald eyes land on him, he smirks, nice and slow. Watches in absolute fucking amusement as recognition blossoms all over that pretty freckled face, crimson flooding those cheeks, and that happy smile faltering. He thinks about how it fucking serves the asshole right for the stunt he pulled a month back.

Everyone in the class notices the teacher falling apart too but it’s Eijiro who takes pity on the poor man, “Yo teach, you don’t have to be nervous, man. We’ve all been the new guy on the block before.”

Izuku nods to himself, closes his eyes and breaks eye contact with Katsuki. Breathes in and out slowly before apologizing and smiling softly. Captures the hearts of the entire fucking class, this guy. Katsuki rolls his eyes and leans back in his seat. Recovers really well, Katsuki will give him that.

“You’re right! Thank you for your encouragement Mr.…”

“Eijiro! I’ve got your back, teach!” He says enthusiastically like the fucking airhead he is.

It takes everything in Katsuki to keep from saying that he had the man’s back, front, inside, and outside. Everything. Would’ve got a kick out of seeing him crumble on the spot. But he’s not that tacky or childish.

He’ll wait until the end of class. It’ll be more fun that way.

Surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, Izuku is a damn good teacher. Explains shit with ease, is smart and knowledgeable and passionate about English and literature and writing, doesn’t mind being bombarded with a fuck ton of dumbass questions, doesn’t get upset when assholes try to provoke him, and he has a genuine interest in knowing all of his students and their learning styles.

He’s a good teacher.

But Katsuki doesn’t give a fuck about any of that (although, it does quell the urge to be an out and out asshole quite a bit). He, regretfully, spends the entire class watching Izuku and having his mind betray him by conjuring images from that night. Makes him think about wrecking Izuku in a classroom, over the desk, on the bleachers… It’s really, really, fucking annoying. And since the annoyance is right in front of him, he has to get a fucking grip and figure out how to deal. That’s why he also thinks about what he wants to say and how to say it. Maybe even fucking admits to himself during that thought process that he’s really been body snatched, despite all previous protests to the contrary.

Ugh… so fucking frustrating.

He waits until class is almost over before asking the nerd to talk with him after class – says it under the pretense of discussing some bullshit dates that overlap with game days on the syllabus. Izuku can’t refuse such a valid request, even though he accepts hesitantly.

And that’s how Katsuki ends up alone with him in the room.

Door shut.

Izuku looks nervous and cornered -his face is reddening and he won’t look at Katsuki. His body language is bleeding distress but he’s there and his determination is so fucking cute. He might think he’s keeping his distance by sitting behind the desk but that just traps him more.

Leaves room for Katsuki to sit at the edge, predatory smile teasing at his lips. Even though he spends the last hour thinking about what he’ll say, he ends up saying, “Would’ve never guessed you were a fucking teacher but that definitely hits a kink,” because the man makes it too easy.

Izuku groans and glares at him, the first time their eyes have met since the beginning of class. “I don’t- I can’t believe this. I really can’t. But, as the adult here, I take full responsibility. I do. So I apologize-”

“For the fuck what?” Katsuki raises a blond brow and stares, “For the best fucking sex you’ve probably ever had. Ever.” He moves closer, fire red gaze locked with green. “For letting me fuck you for hours, made you cum more times than I can count on one hand.”

Izuku visibly shudders and rubs at his reddened face in anguish. “We cannot do this. We just- you’re a kid. I don’t even know how the hell you got into that club but you’re-”

“I’m a Bakugou, I can get into wherever the hell I please. And I’ll be 18 in a few months, if that shit helps you sleep at night.” Katsuki shrugs because he does and doesn’t get it.

Sure, he’s a student and Izuku is a teacher (a scenario straight out of an AV) but their age-gap isn’t that wide (one of the suck ups asked the nerd’s age and he’s only 24). If no one knew any better, he’s pretty fucking sure they’d think Izuku was the student here, not the other way around. And, okay. Maybe he could lose his job if the shit got out but Katsuki’s not a jackass. He would never-

“Nope… nope… doesn’t help even a little. You- you need to move on. Have healthy peer relationships and forget all about what happened this summer. I am begging you.” Izuku looks like he’s about to cry.

A strong part of Katsuki wants to push him there but another part- “You don’t really wanna forget that shit, do you? Can you? Because you sure as fuck didn’t look like you forgot when you saw me in here.”

“I am trying! I should’ve never done that- should have never took that risk and hooked up with a stranger because this is what happens when you’re a risk taker and I should have known it was all too good to be true but I guess I did know in the pit of my stomach-”

“Stop fucking muttering.” Red eyes carefully study that flustered freckled face – from the crimson flooding soft cheeks to the green gaze stubbornly staring right back at him. “If you’re gonna freak the fuck out, get that shit out of the way today and save us both the trouble. What happened, happened. I’m not trying to ruin your fucking life and I would never dare to. But I’m not gonna forget anything. And I don’t think you should either.” He’s softer than intended but his mother once told him, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

Izuku stares, too many thoughts racing through his mind to really say anything. He opens his mouth once, twice, thrice before he just gives up. Pouts and crosses hi arms over his chest.

It’s really fucking cute but Katsuki can’t afford to waste anymore time and he certainly doesn’t want to scare the man off when it seems like he has him on the hook. “I’m gonna head out but, stop freaking the fuck out. No one knows shit. I’ll make sure it stays that way.” He doesn’t wait for Izuku to say anything before he grabs his bag and walks out of the room, door slamming shut behind him.

What a start to his fucking senior year.

The first month with Izuku as his English teacher are interesting.

It’s rare thing when he finds a genuine interest in someone, even rarer for him to find an interest in someone that he’s fucked or is fucking. Yet, he’s definitely interested in Izuku.

With reason.

The nerd gains popularity in the blink of an eye – has everyone talking about the young, excitable, English teacher who’s clumsy, a bit of a pushover, and sweet and rambles and teaches like he really gives a fuck about his students. That last bit really bleeds right out of him. Teaching is clearly his passion. And he teaches like he’s breathing – natural and with ease. It’s really something to be a part of. And everyone gets caught up in his energy.

Even Katsuki, to some degree.

But then, Katsuki gets more of a kick out of how aware of him Izuku is. How, they can’t make eye contact without the man needing to hide or explain away a blush. How, whenever Izuku calls his name for one reason or another, it rolls off of the man’s tongue like he’s tasting it and he gets this look on his face – makes Katsuki shoot him this knowing look and then he’s a blushing, stammering mess.

They’ve got a dirty little secret between them and it’s a shit ton of fun. Makes him want to bully the man or ravish him or- fuck, anything at this point.

Not that Katsuki goes out of his way to rub that shit in Izuku’s face or to get his attention.

Katsuki doesn’t fucking beg. Never has and never will. But he’s an expert at reading people – a fucking pro. And he knows that Izuku wants him – still craves the cock if those “discrete” glances are anything to go by. So he makes sure to keep Izuku’s awareness and focus on him. Makes a habit of brushing his fingers along the man’s hand when he gets a paper or assignment handed to him. Calls Izuku over to his desk and leans in close when they talk. Stares at the man with intent and intensity because he fucking wants what he wants.

Has resolved himself to see if that night was really a “fluke” or if their bodies are just that fucking compatible.

And if he kind of figs who Izuku presents himself to be then, fuck it. The man is tolerable as a teacher and tolerable as a person (the latter Katsuki distinctly remembers from their bedroom talk in between their rutting).

Katsuki’s interested in damn near everything that has to do with Izuku – is a bit infatuated because he’s never really wanted someone. He’s so used to people just falling into his lap or onto his cock and never wanting to let go that, finally, having to chase is an opportunity he just can’t pass up. No matter the obstacles in place.

So, lucky for Katsuki (and very unlucky for Izuku), the shitty extras in the class have no problem getting the man to disclose all kinds of shit about himself that enraptures a vast majority of them. Even fuels Katsuki’s current fascination (and he’ll be damned if he’ll say those fucking words out loud).

That’s how Katsuki learns a lot about Izuku.

Learns that the nerd is really a fucking geek who’s obsessed with comics and movies and can spend a whole weekend binging anime or getting lost in some dumbass RPG if he doesn’t get dragged out dancing. Izuku’s favorite color is green, favorite food is Katsudon, favorite genre of music is indie-rock but he’s a self-proclaimed music junkie, and his favorite day of the week is humpday (always wears a dorky tie about it and everything). The moron loves tea in the morning (bastardizes it with cream and sugar), historical fiction fantasy novels, and jogging on rainy or cool days. Izuku plans on buying a cat, isn’t married and doesn’t have kids but wants them one day (adoption, maybe), and he lives by himself in an apartment that is “not in the best neighborhood” but works for him.

The cute bastard rides his bike to school on nice days and takes the bus on the bad ones -tries to mind his carbon footprint.

Izuku cries when he’s happy just about as much as when he’s sad – can’t make it through “The Notebook” or “Endgame” or “Despicable Me” without shedding a tear.

Izuku’s an only child but he has a lot of friends that feel like siblings – he says he feels really loved and a little spoiled.

Izuku’s always dreamed of teaching and thinks high schoolers are the perfect age because they’re almost adults but not quite there and having a helping hand can go a long way (the class as one entity thinks of a dozen sexual innuendos for that – makes Izuku blush down to his bones).

Katsuki learns all of that shit in the first month because Izuku is an open fucking book and he’s so fucking captivating for reasons that Katsuki doesn’t understand. But it’s a fact that Izuku has appeal if even the shitty extras swoon and fawn all over the asshole.

Even Kaminari, the asshat that he is, tells them one day at lunch, “Dudes, that new English teacher is kinda really fucking hot and I only 30 percent swing that way.”

Eijiro agrees and he has a fucking girlfriend.

A girlfriend that thinks Izuku is just the cutest thing and then they all (minus Katsuki) get to talking about how good Izuku looks and wondering what his type is and commenting about how great his ass looks in a pair of jeans (phenomenal, really, but Katsuki’s seen and ate that ass without it being covered so there’s not much to say there).

If Katsuki gets jealous, no one knows it but him.

It’s Friday, class is winding down, and he should really be thinking about practice and the game on Saturday against their rivals at Shiketsu but his mind is on Izuku and that stupidly blinding smile and cheery voice wishing everyone a good weekend. Someone asks what Izuku is doing over the weekend and the idiot nonchalantly mentions that he’s going dancing in the city on Saturday but nothing after that. He doesn’t say where but Katsuki has a good fucking guess.

Everyone begs the man to come to the first major game of the season on Saturday before he goes anywhere else and he’s such a fucking pushover that he relents. Promises to come, which makes damn near the whole class explode as the bell rings.

Katsuki pauses at Izuku’s desk, red eyes meeting green before he says, “I’m number 17, so pay close attention tomorrow.” He doesn’t wait for Izuku to say anything but that blush is promising enough on its own.

“Bakubro… I don’t know what’s gotten you all fired up but you’re manly as hell tonight! We’re kicking ass.” Eijiro knocks into his side with a wild smile tugging at his mouth.

Sato nods and knocks fist with Katsuki, “Yeah man, we’ve never beat Shiketsu like this!”

They’re ahead by thirteen points in the fourth with a minute twenty to spare – the difference between them is usually only a point or three. Tonight… Tonight, UA is on fucking fire and the morale is off the charts. Katsuki would like to say that it’s all him – his plays, his throws, his leadership. His pride, his ego, his obstinance, and his love of the game. But, nope. Fuck that.

It’s Izuku.

It’s the nerd showing up with two friends (that one chick from the club with the round face and a that fucking candy cane impersonator) and parking his ass front and center with a big ass sign. It’s forest green eyes illuminated under fluorescent lights that lock and latch onto fiery red before crimson dusts at freckled cheeks – neither looks away until they have to. It’s loud and robust cheers booming from a small body as Izuku waves and chants and gets into the spirit of a good game day -oddly enough, so do his friends. It’s the whole team hearing Izuku and the round-face woman yell “get up and give ‘em hell” in the silence that follows Katsuki getting caught in a particularly vicious tackle that results in tying up the game. It’s the boost in energy that that lone shout stirs throughout the UA side of the stadium, the ripple of cheers that follow, and Eijiro tugging Katsuki to his feet.

It’s Katsuki’s wolfish grin and the wink he shoots Izuku (who doesn’t disappoint with being fucking cute and flustered) because the fucker is causing a riot in the best way.

And now they’re at the last stretch with Shiketsu calling for a time-out.

“We are definitely having a banger after this. The cheerleaders are throwing a bonfire on the beach and- man… we’re all getting ass tonight. Hell, even Mineta might get some” Kaminari waves at the mascot who’s too busy non-discreetly trying to look up Hagakure’s cheer skirt- “Scratch that, everyone on the team is getting ass!”

“It’s too bad we can’t invite Midoriya too the party. He’s the real MVP tonight!” Everyone hums in agreement, even Katsuki.

“Yeah man, he came with a sign and everything! He should join the cheer squad!”

“Bet he’d look kinda cute in the skirt…”

“Or out of it-”

“You guys…”

Of course he would but fuck if Katsuki’s gonna listen to these shitheads talk about the nerd like that. “Shut the fuck up and keep your heads in the game. Anything can happen in a minute twenty, especially with that prick Inasa gearing to go.” A comeback for Shiketsu isn’t possible and isn’t a concern but it’s a better focus than Izuku.

“We’re definitely gonna bring home this win, no doubt about it!” Eijiro’s bursting at the bones with energy and it’s vibrating. It’s catchy.

“No doubt about it,” Katsuki agrees but he’s bringing home a different win tonight, he’s sure of it.


“So that’s him, huh?” Shouto could be staring at anything, really, but they all know he’s not.

All the same, Izuku nods and buries his face into his scarf as they amble down the bleachers. “That’s him.”

“He’s grown up since the last time I saw him.” Shouto nods to himself and when he catches their inquisitive looks, he adds, “Ah, yeah, the Bakugous are family acquaintances. I didn’t get a good look when we were out that time and you never actually said his name.”

“I can’t believe these kids are kids! They’re so big and… attractive! It’s no wonder you got duped!” Ochaco ignores Izuku’s distress the same way she’s been ignoring it since he found out his one-night was with his student. “Moral and ethical dilemma aside, he really put up a good game for you.”

“I think they all put up a good game for Izuku. Did you see how they were watching our section? You’re as popular as ever.” It’s said in good humor and accompanied by a tussle of soft green hair.

Izuku still blushes down to his roots, “You guys have been no help with this at all. None.”

In fact, they’ve been the opposite of “help”. Ever since he told them that the guy he’d slept with -the man who haunted his body as much as he haunted his wet dreams- was his student, they’d done nothing but joke and encourage him to go for it. How could they do that?

How could they say that?

Well, Shouto keeps arguing that Katsuki comes from a very well to do family and carries himself like a mature adult, if nothing else. Of course, there’s the taboo of the relationship to consider but there are ways around that and what’s life without a little risk? (He’s been rebelling against his dad for the last two years so he’s all about taking risk and making a statement at the moment – balls to the wall and caution to the wind).

Ochaco believes in fairy tale romances and romantic comedies, both of which she thinks Izuku is living and she wants him to keep at it. To hell with everything that’s in his way and all of his tangled up ethical qualms – he’s young and they’re both consenting people so…

But no.


Izuku can’t.

He’s spent the last month in a tortured sort of limbo where he wants Katsuki while simultaneously rebuking the idea all together. He’s had to endure those vivacious vermilions focused so intently on his person that he felt like he’d dissolve into a quibbling mess at any moment. He’s been putting up with listening to that deep and sultry voice parrot off sophisticated anecdotes about literature pieces and essays and challenges to critical examination of different works – all of which was oh so satisfying and attractive because Izuku is a bit of a sapiosexual. Worst of all, he’s had to ignore the way Katsuki casually invaded his personal space – the way he subtly reminded Izuku of how he’d tuned that body like a fiddle in just one night.

It’s so hard not to be aware of Katsuki.

The guy is popular (with students and teachers) and, just through listening, Izuku has learned quite a bit about him. For instance, Katsuki is the team captain of UA’s football team, has a good group of friends, and he’s outspoken, abrasive, assertive, straightforward, and stubborn. He excels in and at everything he puts his mind to (teachers gush about him in the lounge and the students are just as insufferable) -he’s a teachers dream because he soaks up lessons like a sponge. Provokes debates and insights into themes and prompts that are really graduate level.

Katsuki is something else, that’s for certain.

And, even though he’s rough around the edges and scathing beyond reproach, there’s an odd softness to him. A softness in the depths of everything that he encompasses and shrouds that prickly attitude to make him oddly charming. Smart, sophisticated, and charming. Helpful in a roundabout, asshole-ish sort of way but still helpful, which lends to the charm in its own way. It’s that particular trait that most likely makes the girls and boys vie for the guy’s attention and, at times, affections (if Izuku bristles a bit when he has to bare witness to that, he adamantly denies it to himself).

Not that Katsuki seems to care much.

Turns out, Katsuki’s nickname around the school is “the Body Snatcher”, which is very accurate when Izuku considers himself and their sexual encounter. Izuku remembers sputtering and choking on his tea when he heard the name. Remembers the unasked for explanation from his most inquisitive student, Mina Ashido. He also remembers the smirk on that handsome face, amusement strung through ruby red corneas.

It was like Katsuki knew just how aware of him Izuku was.

Still is because it’s damn near impossible not to be.

Even with the enthusiasm and distraction of the other students, Izuku always finds his focus straying to Katsuki.

Still… he can’t give in. Not to those intense lingering glances, the innuendos, the unintentionally intentional touches, his libido, or the ill-advised encouragements from his friends.

He can’t!

He just…

He just gets relatively drunk at the club and ends up on the patio to get some air and when one Katsuki Bakugou comes strutting outside, he’s not even surprised.

There’s something soft and melodic playing in the background, makes the instant their gazes connect feel like the floor is swallowing him and the sky is falling. Damn everything straight to hell because Katsuki looks like an Adonis. All tall, hard planes, and sculpted muscle defined by the tight black t-shirt and navy slacks – a sharp jaw and ease to the smirk pulling at his mouth. Katsuki commands attention and people listen – they openly stare and one woman almost approaches but he evades her, his destination clear.

Izuku swallows thickly before picking up his shot of tequila and downing it in one burning gulp. He feels hot under the collar and even hotter when he gets boxed in between two strong, sturdy arms.

“Hey teach,” That voice promises sin and debauchery.

Izuku shudders but doesn’t move – keeps their eyes locked because he refuses to back down, “I don’t even know what to say about this,” Izuku waves his hand in the limited space between them. He’s honestly at a loss for words and he’s too drunk to even care about thinking up something quippy.

But Katsuki laughs and leans forward, face a mere inch or so from Izuku’s, “Say you haven’t forgotten about the last time we met at this shithole.” He lets one hand settle on Izuku’s hip, thumb burning circles into the exposed skin just above the belt. “Say you’ve had enough fucking fighting with yourself about this and you’re ready to come back to my room with me.”

“I- I’m…” Izuku trembles when lips press to his -just a tease- before moving over his jaw, down his throat…

“Don’t think to hard on this shit. We both know what the fuck we want. No consequences, no obligations.” Katsuki pulls back to stare.

Izuku gets swept up in that heated gaze and he can’t- he shouldn’t- “Okay.” His mouth betrays him, just like his body.

“IZU YOU WILL NEVER BELIEVE-” The words die on Ochaco’s lips as she stops to the side of Katsuki and stares between the two. “Well, guess you would. Have fun you two!” She gives Izuku a quick kiss on the cheek and pauses to stare up at Katsuki, not intimidated in the least bit by their staggering height difference. “If you screw him over, you’re minced meat, kid!” She’s receives a chuckle for her efforts and considers that good enough.

“There you have it, even your fucking friends know what’s good for you.” Katsuki grabs his hand, “Let’s go. Been waitin’ for the chance to fucking wreck you for making me wait in the first place.”

At this point, Izuku doesn’t give a damn about consequences or approval or any of that because he has a distinct memory of what getting wrecked entails and his nerve endings quiver at the prospect of a repeat performance so he obediently follows.

He’ll wallow and mope in the after.

Like déjà vu, he’s consumed from the lips to his throat the entire elevator ride up. Moans and pleas spill from bruised lips as legs are coaxed onto strong hips and he’s carried inside. Izuku gets the urge to taste too so he pulls Katsuki’s mouth to his, worries that bottom lip between his teeth before licking into that waiting mouth -tastes cognac and mint and fire and brimstone.

It’s addictive.

Somewhere between the kissing and biting, they make it to a bedroom and Izuku has the air knocked right out him from being tossed onto the bed. He takes a second to regain himself and then gets hypnotized by watching Katsuki pull out of his shirt, studies the contours and dips of gorgeous muscles that are accentuated beneath the shadows casted by dim lighting. He’s mesmerized when Katsuki steps out of his pants and green eyes can’t help but to focus on the outline of that strong cock hidden beneath gray boxer briefs.

Katsuki laughs when he catches Izuku watching him. It’s rough and gritty and straight from the soul – causes Izuku to bite his lip and press his legs together. But Katsuki pushes them apart as he crawls back onto the bed. Carefully, he undresses Izuku, kissing and licking in between grunting compliments about Izuku being “fucking beautiful”.

Despite himself, Izuku blushes and revels in the sweetness tied around the words – gets off on being praised.

Gonna mess you up so fucking good…” Katsuki murmurs as he bites a soft, white inner thigh. Hands pulling until Izuku’s jeans are off. No boxers. “You want that, right? Want me to mess you up, sweetheart? ” There’s a tender drawl to those words and they burrow down to the marrow.

Izuku is coming undone so all he can do is nod and mewl softly as lips move against flesh – causes his vision to stir.

No regrets?”

A hot and wet, wet tongue trails a burning trail up the shaft of his twitching cock… another nod and frantic whine as fingers grip at the bedsheets.

Good. I’ve got you this round, you just need to enjoy the ride.”

Izuku can’t even imagine how good it’s going to be.

He wakes up to an arm under his head, one heavy around his waist, and lips hot at the base of his neck. Izuku can’t help sighing contentedly and pushing further into the warm chest behind him because he feels so satiated. Granted, his ass hurts. Really, really hurts in the best possible way. But he’s never been so thoroughly flayed open and laid bare before in the entirety of his life.


If he didn’t know any better, he’d swear Katsuki snatched up and gobbled down his soul.

Lucky he does know better.

Knows that he lived out some sort of fantasy that he didn’t even know he had. Knows that he has to -absolutely has to- have the tough conversation about where this will go and what it means and what it doesn’t mean and- and a lot of things that he’s so not prepared for. Nothing could have prepared him for this. But, for once in his life, he just went with the flow instead of overthinking but maybe he shouldn’t have because there’s a pungent guilt starting to worm and wiggle in the veins. And then there’re all of those damn moral quandaries and ethical considerations and- Oh my god! Katsuki is a child! A child!

“You’re mumbling… a lot. Fucking freaking out over nothing.” Katsuki grunts as he sits up and hefts Izuku up too.

Izuku stares incredulously and then blushes when he spots the purpling blotches on a tanned neck and chest. Imagines looking just about the same and-

Katsuki snorts, expression amused. “No regrets. You said so your damn self not even five hours ago. You got the fucking green light from your friends already. Don’t let your shitty over-wrought brain ruin this.”

“What, exactly, is this?” Izuku’s mouth moves before he even considers the question but it’s fine, it’s something he wants to know anyway.

“We’re fucking.” At the pointed look he gets, Katsuki bothers to go on. “We’re obviously really fucking sexually compatible. I don’t think you’re annoying as fuck and I respect you enough as a teacher. I don’t want to fuck up your life but I don’t think this should end here with last night either.”

“What are you even saying?” Izuku’s brow furrows and if he’s pouting, so what. This is all very confusing and frustrating and he’s supposed to be the adult here. He is. But a large part of himself wants Katsuki to convince him to stray right off of his path on the moral high road. “Why do you want this so badly?”

Katsuki frowns and averts his gaze for the first time -ever. “I- I don’t fucking know.” He looks back up, ears and cheeks a light pink, “What I do know is that I like fucking you. I like learning from you. I like the sound of your fucking voice – whether your moaning beneath me or standing in class prattling away about whatever the hell you feel like.”

Izuku stares with wide eyes, his own blush spreading as he takes all of that in.

But Katsuki isn’t finished. “I couldn’t get you out of my fucking head no matter how hard I tried this summer. And I fucking tried. I didn’t even fucking know you then. I barely know you now, still can’t get you outta my fucking head, but I know there’s something here, damn it. Something. Because, out of all of the fucking places that we could have bumped into each other, you showed up at my school. And what are the odds of that shit?”

“Astronomical,” Izuku whispers and can’t stop the wry smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.

“Exactly. I don’t believe in fucking fate or destiny but, I want to see where this shit goes. I know you’re my teacher and, in your own way, you probably look at me like a fucking kid. But I can treat you better than any man your age, I can fucking guarantee you that much.” Katsuki looks so sure and so confident – sounds it all the same.

And Izuku believes him but- but is he hearing what he thinks he’s hearing? Is Katsuki asking to- to date him? Izuku blushes and dares to ask just that.

He’s met with a blush and a scowl, Katsuki’s nose scrunching in distaste before he grinds out, “I guess I fucking am. Shit. I- I’ve never been the one to ask before.” The revelation dawns on him.

Izuku feels genuinely flattered.

“Look, I don’t fucking beg so I’m only gonna ask you to give me a chance this one time. Take however long you need to think about it or don’t. I don’t-”

“Okay.” The soft smile that touches Izuku’s face makes Katsuki’s heart hammer.

“Okay what?”

And Izuku can’t help feeling endeared by the light flush on that usually composed face. “Okay, I’ll date you. I- you are the first and only one-night stand that I have ever had. I’m used to being properly wined and dined before I let someone bring me home or vice versa. I’ll be very honest, just like you’re being, this whole thing makes me terribly uncomfortable. I’m probably going to struggle with it a lot more than you and you’re definitely going to get frustrated.”

“I’m sure.”

Izuku’s smile ticks up a few notches, “Even with all of that, you’re right about this whole thing feeling… right? Or, destined? Something beyond me and you, maybe. We have a crazy chemistry, I can’t deny that. I- I’m so nervous about dating a student – it isn’t and wasn’t something I’d ever thought about doing. I won’t give you any preferential treatment and I won’t treat you any differently than any of the other students when we’re on school grounds. But I’ll take a chance on you so please don’t disappoint me, Kacchan.”

Katsuki snorts, “Kacchan?”

Izuku shrugs, “It’s a name befitting of your softer side.”

“Then its Deku for you, a name befitting of your uselessness in pulling this whole thing together.” Katsuki laughs at the petulant look on the man’s face. “I say it with the utmost fucking adoration, I promise. As for everything else you said, I’ll be discrete and I won’t get you fucking fired. I know this isn’t going to be easy for either of us. I’m not used to wining and dining but, know this, I’ll wine and dine the fuck outta you.”

“I’m sure you will.” Because he gives his all to everything that Izuku’s seen so far so… “So, what now?” Now that they’re dating. Izuku is dating Katsuki Bakugou. Dating. A student. A student from a very prestigious academy. A student with influence and upper echelon status tied to his name. Izuku bites his lip. He can do this. He can take a chance.

Katsuki reaches over and pulls him close, makes Izuku straddle his lap and meet his gaze, “We’re gonna take a shower, I’m definitely gonna fuck you and then clean you up. After, I’ll treat you to breakfast. And if you don’t have anything else planned for today, then we can do a movie, the park, and lunch.” Calloused fingers rub circles into strong hips.

Izuku just feels flustered all over again but he’s so, so committed to this now. “Okay. Alright. First date it is.” The voracious grin he gets before his lips are swallowed is reward enough.


The first time they break up is just after New Year.

Izuku’s call.

He gets frustrated by his tangled emotions, more so after they spend Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Years together. He feels overwhelmed and over encumbered by all of his feelings for Katsuki. Feels like he’s known him his whole life because there’s an ease and simplicity to the way that they weave in and out of each other. Something both fresh and nostalgic that causes him to feels so loved. There’s just a- a spark. A tug and pull that brings them to one another in this way that can’t quite compare to anything else he’s ever had.

It’s love. A deep seeded, unrelenting, flourishing love that starts to consume him from the inside out.

It’s terrifying because that sort of love is reserved for fairy tales – definitely not for people who’ve only been dating for little more than three months.

That’s just insane right?


So, Izuku freaks right the hell out and promptly calls time on their relationship.

Katsuki says fuck all to that plan because he corners him in class, not even a week later, and forces Izuku to tell him why.

And he does, or, well, he tries to tell him. Tries in vain. Because there break up ends with reuniting. Ends with crying (on Izuku’s end) and professions of love – mutual, startled, and staggered professions of love.

Or, maybe, it really ends later that night when they make love for the first time and that’s sex on an entirely different level than either of them had conceived to be possible.

Things are good after that.

Life is perfect.

The second time they break up is one month before graduation.

Izuku’s call again.

Katsuki’s never been the jealous type.


He does well when it comes to the bitches and pricks that try to catch Izuku’s eye -that shit is easy because he knows how Izuku feels about him and he knows better about how Izuku feels about his students. Katsuki knows better than anyone. Sure, he gets annoyed by all of the fuckery the goes on in class or around Izuku in general when comes to the student body but annoyance is an emotion he’s used to dealing with. Jealousy on the other hand… That shit sneaks up on him like a stroke. Starts out as a nasty tug to the gut and siphons to the heart before worming through the nervous system and making him reactionary as opposed to carefully calculating and observant.

He blames the new gym teacher and assistant coach – that bastard Yo Shindo. The motherfucker is shameless when it comes to flirting with Izuku, fucking shameless. He touches and pats and tussles hair- has no sense of fucking personal space- and Katsuki can’t fucking stand it.


So, in a jealous fit, he forgets to lock the door to Izuku’s classroom before he coerces him into a needy, sloppy make out right up against the whiteboard. They almost get caught. Almost or most certainly, they’ll never know for sure.

Point in case is, Katsuki fucks up. Breaks the no school affections rule.

Accepts the break-up that follows the mortification from Izuku. Mopes about the shit for days and drowns his misery in liquor and weed because he needs to feel numb. He’s never been heartbroken before but fuck that shit. It hurts physically, mentally, and really fucking emotionally. It’s worse because he can’t talk to anyone about the shit. He can’t figure out how to fix shit either because he’s all jammed up with anger and jealousy and longing and- and then fucking Izuku treats him just like everyone else. Is curt and all smiles – doesn’t seem like he’s fucking torn to shreds about a goddamn thing.

And that’s how things are all the way up until graduation.

Katsuki takes a chance then. He has nothing left to lose if Izuku really doesn’t want him anymore. Nothing at all. So he goes to Izuku’s classroom, pleads his case, and fucking begs -begs for Izuku to reconsider. Begs for another chance. Begs to be a better man. And tells him how he can’t think about the puzzle that is his life without thinking about how Izuku’s pieces get slotted in there too.

It’s cheesy and corny – something from the worst fucking romantic comedy. But he ends it with an “I love you” and a “think about it” before he leaves.

At the celebratory beach bash where he’s damn near piss ass drunk because he just wants to not think, he gets one text: You have no idea how miserable I am without you. I love you too.

That’s all he needs before he’s at Izuku’s door.

Make up sex is everything everyone says it’s cracked up to be.

The third break up is a mutual decision.

They spend the whole summer before Katsuki goes off to college in lovers bliss, a stark contrast to what’s to come.

See, Katsuki is off to a college three hours away – a nationally, big three, college with opportunities up the ass. It’s no surprise that he gets a football scholarship and decides to live in the dorms because he’s pressured (by damn near everyone) to get the full experience. But it’s Izuku who pushes it the most. Who reminisces about his college days and all of the shit he got into and all of the experiences he had. And then it’s Izuku who doesn’t want to hold Katsuki back from getting that same experience so he’s the one who breaches the subject -about breaking up.

But, Katsuki’s the one who agrees – considers everything carefully and critically like always and decides that he doesn’t want to resent Izuku for feeling like he’s being held back.

They agree to take a break. To give each other space – three months minimum. No contact, cold turkey. And if- when they come back to each other, they won’t talk about what the fuck happened during their break.

If they both cry during and after this conversation, no one mentions it.

They make love for the last time and then Katsuki is gone. Doesn’t dare to look backwards.

Izuku boxes up everything he’s ever gotten from Katsuki. Everything. He can’t bring himself to delete pictures or messages but he tries. He spends days crying and Ochaco and Shouto are there for him because he’s just a mess. Feels like his heart has lurched straight out of his chest to be dissected and shredded. Feels worse than the last time they broke up and he thought it would be easier. But no. He just feels like his world is barren and empty and dull.

Katsuki doesn’t fair any better. Not for a lack of trying because they committed to him trying for three months – minimum. He goes to parties, joins rush week, gets into a stupid fucking fraternity, ambles through his courses with ease, and makes acquaintances because his friends that matter are already there with him. He does every fucking thing under the sun but he can’t bring himself to touch anyone else. Can’t think about anyone else because every part of him belongs to fucking Izuku and he knows that with absolute certainty. He itches to call him a dozen times over.

But it’s Izuku who says “fuck it”, drives up there, and makes his way to Katsuki’s dorm. Takes the chance that Katsuki will be waiting for him.

He definitely is.

There’s no questions when their mouths connect and their bodies join. Their love making is a slow burn that waxes and weans throughout the night. It’s a promise and an imprinting of dulling heartache and renewed convictions.

It’s the last time they break up.

They go public Katsuki’s senior year of college.

Katsuki manages to hide their relationship from the people in his life for just that long. They don’t have to hide anything from Izuku’s friends or family – they all know what’s going on and they all (for the most part) accept him. Izuku’s mom has them over for dinner every other Sunday and she loves him, he knows, because she’s always sending him back to school with meals and calling in to check on him. Yeah, he had her heart from the start. And the nerd’s friends… He gets invites to shitty game nights, gets forced to go dancing, knows peoples birthdays and actual names, and, hell, he even gets the occasional text from Ochaco or Momo (that Icyhot bastard’s girlfriend) asking him for advice about their men, which he really fucking hates but he helps anyway.

So he’s sufficiently submerged in Izuku’s life – in his circle.

It’s not the same the other way around but not because Katsuki doesn’t want Izuku to be, there’s just never been a chance to make it happen.

Well, not counting when he introduced Izuku to his parents who, for some ungodly reason, fell in love at first meeting and never questioned Izuku’s sincerity or intentions… matter of fact, they grilled Katsuki like he put a fucking gun to Izuku’s head and forced him into some shit (all things considered). Anyway, his folks were okay with them being a them.

His friends…

There’s still a level of precaution that Katsuki wants to take to make sure Izuku’s okay so-

Mina, Kaminari, Hanta, and Eijiro all know that he’s seeing someone. Man, they’ve known since senior year of high school that their friend was “body snatched” and he never looked back. Mina thinks it’s just the sweetest thing. Eijiro thinks it’s manly that he’s so committed and devoted. Kaminari and Hanta want- need to know who the hell it is that’s able to do it because they can’t picture anyone capable of putting up with Katsuki.

Cannot. Picture. It.

That is until they’re studying one night and Mina says off-handedly one night, “You know who was really good at taming Kats? Izuku. And he was such a cutie about it too! All smiles and ‘stern’ tone… he was the only person who…” She trails off and stares at Katsuki with wide eyes.

“Who what?” Hanta asks, interest piqued.

“Who could say anything to Kats without him going apeshit!” Kaminari’s grinning and Katsuki is trying his damnedest to ignore them.

Trying and failing.

“Oh shit, are you and Izuku-” Before Eijiro can finish, Katsuki snarls and slams his book shut.

“And what if we fucking are.” It’s not a question and he dares anyone to say anything that’ll provoke him. Dares them.

Instead, he’s met with a squeal and a hug from Mina, fist bumps from Hanta and Kaminari who adds in a “nice”, and a sappy Eijiro who deems him “manly”. It goes smoother than anticipated. Even when he tells Izuku about being outted.

It’s awkward at first – letting his friends get to know Izuku outside of what they remember from school. Outside of the man’s teacher persona. It definitely takes a handful of weekends before they’re not embarrassing him (they as in his friends and Izuku). But when they reach equilibrium again, everything feels just right.

Katsuki is thirty-two when he proposes.

They live in a three-bed/two-bath condo in the heart of the city. He works his ass off at his parents company -from office go-for to chief operating officer in no time flat- makes a name for himself. Izuku switches his career path just a bit and becomes a guidance counselor at UA – feels his role is more impactful that way. They have a ragamuffin named Blue, a husky named Silver, and three plants that Katsuki refuses to let Izuku name (but only because he’s already named them in his head).

Life is almost perfect.


He wants a family – wants them to be a true and proper family. It’s something he’s thought about before but never voiced aloud. The thought of a few brats running around the house with Izuku being all caring and matronly like he is and then maybe buying a house in the burbs… That’s the fucking life!

And Katsuki wants it.

They’re ready.

He doesn’t want the proposal to be over the top – that is and isn’t his style. He just wants it to be memorable and he wants it to catch Izuku off-guard. Neither of those things are too hard to accomplish.

So he waits until the middle of December.

They’re sitting in the lounge with the fire place lighting the whole room. The curtains are open and the city serves as the backdrop in all of its glory through the floor to ceiling windows. There’s wine because it’s relaxing and Izuku likes to drink wine when he’s catching up on a shit ton of paperwork – according to him, it eases the stress. There’s contemporary music because Katsuki prefers some kind of background noise when he’s reading and, even though he wanted alternative, they both agreed on contemporary. Silver is laying close to the fire, Blue is swatting at her swishing tail, and Izuku has his laptop propped on his knees as the LoveSac swallows him.

It’s perfect.

Katsuki thumbs the velvet ring box in his pocket and glances at Izuku and thinks “beautiful” before he stands up, walks across the room, and towers over the man – waits until emerald meets ruby. “Catch.”

He laughs when Izuku juggles the box for a second and sputters and then he’s glancing between the box in the space between him and his laptop and Katsuki and- “Kacchan… You aren’t…”

“I definitely am, Deku.” Katsuki grins as he gets down on one knee, moves the laptop and grabs both of Izuku’s hands. He’s nervous as all fuck because he’s about to be really fucking sappy and really fucking vulnerable here. He takes a breath, “We’ve been together for 15 years – 15 fucking years of more ups than downs. Of growing and changing and pushing each other to be the best. I never thought I’d give a shit about someone as much as I give a shit about myself but, man, you sure showed me. I know what love is because of you and, fuck, I know what it means to be loved and to show love because of you.”

There’s a hiccup and- yeah. Izuku is crying.

Katsuki smiles and cups that damp cheek, swipes his thumb under the left eye before he continues, “You… you’re so fucking gorgeous and pure. You’re headstrong and loyal and selfless. You put every part of yourself into the things that you love and I’m beside myself that I’m one of those things or people -what the fuck ever. My point is, you add to my happiness and subtract from my pains. You make me a better man and I want nothing more than to give you the entire fucking world on the sun’s back.”

That gets a laugh out of Izuku who tilts his head just so to kiss Katsuki’s palm.

“I remember telling you that I could treat you better than any other man out there and I guaranteed it.” He takes the box and opens it, shows Izuku a platinum band with a thin golden strip through the middle and their names etched on the inside. “I want a family with you – one or three little shits to keep us on our toes. I want the house in the suburbs with the shitty neighbors and the picket fence. I want eternity with you because, after all of these years, I still can’t think of ‘Katsuki’ without thinking of ‘Izuku’ too.” He slips the ring on a trembling finger, kisses the knuckle, and smiles when he catches sight of those big crocodile tears. “Say you’ll do me the honor and you’ll marry me.”

“Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes…” Izuku cries into the kiss that he pulls Katsuki into. Gets his wails devoured and ends up a subdued, mewling, mess for his efforts. When they pull apart, Izuku stares at the ring on his finger and then he looks at Katsuki, murmurs, “I begin and end with you. I love you so, so much, Kacchan.”

“I know.” Because he does. Has probably known since the very first night spent together.

“We’re getting married.”

“We are.”

“We’re going to have kids! Three of them!”

“Of course you’d go for the max. But, why the fuck not.”

“We have to tell everybody!”

Katsuki snorts and stands before bending back down to pick Izuku up bridal style. “That shit’ll have to wait because we’re definitely going to fuck. Then we’re going to make love. And you’re not getting out of bed for the rest of this weekend.”

Izuku laughs something soft and open. Musical. “I like the sound of that.”