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To say the new priest was gorgeous was an understatement. 


You could distinctly remember the first day you ran into him as you hurried towards the side of the church, music sheets bunched in your arms. 


And by ran in, you mean literally. Your thoughts had been a mess of G flats, major chords and trying not to groan at the thought of the pompous bitch of a choir director who insisted that you were always off tempo.  


Which is how you had ended up body slamming into the man, sending all your papers careening in every direction and toppling you to the ground with a harsh cry. 


“God dammit !” You hissed, jumping to your feet as you immediately whirl around to start grabbing your sheets, cursing as you picked one up from the holy water receptacle. 


Great. Just great. You whirl around, already prepping a tongue lashing when you stop dead, blinking up and up, suddenly staring into dark, wide eyes looking down at you. 


“Uh...” you faltered, feeling your mouth dry up. Well. Damn. 


Who the hell had any business looking like a four course meal dressed in a dark cassock. God but he was tall and his face. No business. No business whatsoever with that chiseled jaw and eyes so black they threatened to suck you in. Dark spiked hair hung down around his face, brushing against smooth unblemished skin. 




“Uh,” you repeated as a packet of papers was suddenly shoved in your arms. He stepped back quickly, hands coming to fold in front of him as he cleared his throat, standing up straighter. 


“You really should go to confession, my dear.” Oh god could he say my dear one more time? Why did he make it sound erotic? Did he mean to sound erotic? Wait what did he say again? 


“I’m sorry, what?” You finally find three words to string together as you shift the mass of forgotten papers in your arms. 


“Confession. You took the lord’s name in vain.” He looked at you expectantly. 


“What?” You really couldn’t get over his freaking eyes and how tall he was and could he please take off that cassock for one second you just wanted to see something real quick.


“You said,” he coughed, grimacing slightly, “‘God dammit.’ That’s taking the lord’s name in vain. Not to mention that you cursed in the house of the lord. You should go to confession.” 


You blink at him, head cocking to the side as a smile slowly tugs at your lips. 


Oh. Oh god. You were screwed.


He’s so innocent and adorable. 


Something hot inside you curled deliciously. You let the full smile tug at your lips, watching him innocently return one of his own.


He had no idea who he was talking to apparently. No idea what everyone whispered about you every time you scurried into church. But there were ways to teach him. Fun ways. 


“I guess I should. Would you be my confessor, father?” 


“Of course, my child.” You had to repress the urge to giggle, wondering if he had a daddy kink. 


“You have a name?” Moving to hold the papers in one arm to extend a hand, introducing yourself. 


“Oh, yes, how rude of me. Forgive me, my child. I’m Father Sero.”


“Well, nice to meet you Father Sero.” A bell chimed in the distance and you had to repress the urge to chuckle again when he jumped, looking over his shoulder. You knew that was his cue, that mass would start in a bit as soon as he was ready. “I play the piano here so I’m sure I’ll see you around.” 


“Ah a musician, you must be very dexterous with your hands.” Your eyebrows shot up, watching him laugh innocently, completely oblivious to just what he had just said. 


“You have no idea...” you mutter under your breath. 


“I’m sorry?” He leaned in as you straightened, taking a slight step back from him.


“I said, I could always teach you to play, if you’d like.” 


“I think,” he smiled. “I’d like that.” You glanced away before looking back at him through your lashes, making sure to flick your hair and sway just a little as you turn away from him. 


“Come by some time after mass, Father. I’d love to teach you a few things.” You tossed your hair over your shoulder. Careful to hide the devilish grin on your face.


“Apparently he was a missionary for a few years.” One of the choir singers muttered from beside you. You grunt while your fingers traced the yellowed ivory keys of the dilapidated studio piano that sat crammed by the choir area. 


A missionary. Wouldn’t mind getting him in a missionary position. You glance up at the altar while you watch the animated priest speak, eyes sparkling as he spoke about loving your neighbor. Typical homily stuff. Why he looked so enthusiastic while saying the same garbage was beyond you.


“Heard he’s part Latino? Puerto Rican maybe? He lived all over South America though.” Another choir lady whispered. “He looks so young too.”


“So young...” The women kept tittering, staring at the man. You glance between them and the priest, smirking at their hungry gazes. Yeah. Young.


“He’s hot.” You mutter, leafing through your music sheets. You glance up when you’re met with silence only to see the horrified looks of the choir singers. You shrug, rolling your eyes. Prudes.


“You should be ashamed.” 


“I’ll be sure to pray on my knees for forgiveness.” You flash them a knowing look before glancing back at the music sheets. 


Fingers dancing over the keys as a chime of sound noted the end of the homily and the beginning of the second part of the mass.


You tune out the constant chanting and rustling of people. It’d been forever since you actually believed in anything remotely religious and to be quite honest the hypocrisy had made your exit from religion that much quicker. This job was a means to an end now, something to pay the bills. 


You cracked your neck as you stood for the end of the mass. Spying the priest dart through the side entrance after finishing his procession. He was wearing way too many layers again, you tutted in your head. You just wanted to know if he was built. He looked like the kind of man with sculpted abs, looked like he worked out. Wonder what it would be like to lick-


A stern voice speaking your name with disgust broke your reverie. Turning, you rolled your eyes at the choir director.


“Really, I understand that you’re not a believer but would it kill you to play a little better.” 


You take a breath, holding it for a second before releasing it and standing, aiming a frown at the choir director.


“You’re so full of shit, I played exactly how I do all the time.”


“Exactly. Poorly . You should be ashamed! We have a new father and he’s putting so much effort into his sermons the least- “ You cut her off, groaning loudly. Waving her off as you gather your backpack already shoving headphones in your ears. Turning away from her only to slam into a hard body and careen backwards.


You growl, feet suddenly awkward and heavy as you trip and fall on your ass.


“God dammit !” You yell, looking up only to blink at a surprised Father Sero. 


Again ?


“Again?” He seems to parrot your thoughts, something close to humor in his eyes as he leans down, hand outstretched as you stare at him and then his outstretched hand. “You’re going to have to do double the prayers, my dear.” His laugh is low and you’re sure he has no idea how it seems to vibrate straight down to your clit. You take his hand with a grunt as you right yourself, tugging on your shirt.


“Father Sero!” The choir director immediately chirps in that sickly sweet voice. “I am so glad you came by, I wanted to apologize for our pianist, she really has not been playing up to par.” You watch Sero’s face scrunch in confusion. Roll your eyes, you tiptoe around the priest ready to make for the exit.


“No wait, please!” He went to grab your wrist as you glance back wide eyed, the choir director’s jaw dropping as she glanced between the two of you.


“I uh,” his face blossomed red as he stared wide eyed at you. “I wanted to talk to you!” 


“Y-yes! She needs a talking to!” The Director chirped. 


Scowling, you leaned around Sero to flip her the bird. She gasped loudly, clutching her pearls as the priest tugs at your wrist, shaking his head.


“Thank you for your concern but I’d like to talk to our pianist alone?” Sero’s voice was firm, a current of power running through it. You look him up and down, quirking a brow. Seemed like the baby boy had some spine after all. 


It only succeeded in making him even hotter.


“O-of course.” The director gave you a scathing look before huffing. Making sure to bump into your shoulder as she stomped away, disappearing out the side entrance. 


You both stand in silence, you watched him try and fail to not look at you for a couple seconds. Clearing his throat before hesitating a glance your way, cheeks reddening.


“Going to let go of my wrist, Padre ?” You motion to your captured hand. He dropped it like it was the snake in the garden of Eden and took a step back. You might not be the snake but god did you want to absolutely corrupt this angelic being. 


“I am sorry,” he muttered as you cross your arms over your chest.


“Don’t be, you got me out of a whole argument with the hot air balloon.” You jerk a thumb back the way the director had left. “I’ll gladly hold your hand as repayment.” You gave him a wink, cackling inwardly as he sputtered. 


“Li-listen,” He stuttered, clearing his throat before standing at full height. Gathering his composure, he plastered that bright smile on his face. He was cute when he thought he was in control. “I just...I wanted to take you up on the offer of uh, teaching me to play the piano.”


“Oh?” You cock your head to the side.


“I’ve always wanted to learn.” He smiled at the instrument, fingers brushing over the now coveted keys. “And you play...beautifully.”


“I play alright...”


“Nonsense,” he aims his blinding smile at you as you wave a hand, blowing a raspberry at him. “You make this old piano sing.”


“I can’t make this dying cat make any more than hissing noises on good days.” You kick the side of the piano lightly with your foot. “We really should have a grand. A good grand piano. Then I could really make this place groove to the tunes.” He chuckled as you swayed slightly. 


“In any case, would you teach me?” He looks at you pleadingly. You purse your lips, watching him squirm a bit. “Please?” You smile before sighing, making a show of accepting his plea.


“Sure, Padre .”


“Thank you!” He really is far too angelic. The innocent smile threatened to split his face in two. 


“Tomorrow night at 9PM.” You motion at the piano before turning to walk out. “Ok?”


“Ok!” He called to you as you walked away, whistling lightly with a new found spring in your step.


Somehow, piano lessons had become a three times a week ordeal. You had originally planned for weekly lessons but seeing his face light up after learning the simplest pieces made you cave and here you were three weeks later. 


The lessons suddenly became the highlight of your week. Father Sero has seemed to blossom in so little time and you weren’t talking about his musical skill. 


He’d relaxed around you even if it was only when he was caught off guard. His laugh had become frequent and boisterous, he spoke in rushed words and joyous eyes. And when he touched you? Those small brushes of his fingers against yours, the rare flick of hair against your cheek, clothes against clothes. You lived for it. 


It shouldn’t be affecting you this much. You were hardly the shy virgin. There’d been others. Others that had made you pant and drool and had you imagining every dirty action, but Father Sero? He was something else entirely and it took your breath away. 


You shook your head, dispelling the thoughts that had no business running through your mind. Tapping your foot against the marble of the church choir area. Impatient as always, you waited for the priest to change and come out for his lesson.


Change...You shivered, grinning as you bounced on the bench in anticipation. Changing meant he was going to wear his dark slacks and long sleeve shirt. Clothes that were fitted. Clothes that hinted that you were very correct in your theory that Father Sero went to the fucking gym. 


A door opened distantly and your grin turned positively diabolical before you school your expression, glancing towards the side to see a somewhat flustered priest running towards you, smiling even as he adjusted his collar.


Wonder what he’d look like with another type of collar on. You shook your head, faking a cough as you scooched off the bench and onto a chair. He sat with a smile as you inhaled. 


He smelled faintly of something spicy mixed with leather and it was nearly intoxicating when he just finished changing. His hair looked damp and hung around his face, even darker than usual. Sero probably just got out of the shower and you could just imagine what he’d taste like if you ran your tongue over his smooth, water cooled skin. He looked disheveled and delicious. Edible. 


You snapped out of whatever trance he’d put you in when he called your name, gaze concerned as he reached out to wrap long fingers around your arm. Something like electricity emanated straight from where his hand was touching your bare skin and skittered straight through your whole being. 


“Are you ok?” He asks, hand still wrapped around your arm. You nod, the movement stilted as you glance at the keys, then his face and down to his hand. He follows your gaze before letting out an embarrassed grunt, dropping his hand to his lap before flushing bright red. “I’m so sorry!” 


“For what? Grabbing my arm?” You give him a smile, trying to play off your own emotions. “I mean it isn’t like you grabbed a boob.” He flushes brighter as he lets out a strangled groan, turning towards the piano, hands falling to his lap. “It’s a joke, Padre . A joke. Ha ha?” You give an animated chuckle as you watched him frown at the keys. Hand rubbing at the fingers that had been wrapped around your arm. 


“Still, I shouldn’t be touching you so...familiarly.” He muttered, flinching when you scoot your chair in closer. Tapping a key as you wait for him to look up at you.


“You give everyone hugs. Why is grabbing my arm so much worse?” You raise an eyebrow as his frown deepens, silently staring at his hands. “Padre?” He seems to shake himself, sitting up straighter, hands coming to rest on the keys.


“Let’s just start the piano lesson shall we?” 


“Whatever you say, Padre .” You flicked open the beginner book, humming as you turned to the short tune you were trying to get Sero to learn. He was progressing quickly, already able to read the treble clef notes and play them albeit stiffly. 


“You keep calling me that,” he muttered, eyebrows furrowed as his gaze snapped between the book and the keys, fingers trying to find the correct keys, stumbling over the notes. “You don’t have to.”


“Why not? It’s the same as saying Father.” You move his hand a bit, tapping the right key. You grumble when he pressed the wrong key again. Finally you give up and slide onto the bench next to him with a soft sigh. Almost pressing into him as you play the melody, motioning for him to copy. 


“Seems odd...coming from you...” He trailed off, watching your hands intently.


“Why? What would you like me to call you.” 


“Just Sero is fine.” He says, humming the tune as he finally finds the correct keys. You freeze, eyebrows furrowing as you look up from the piano to give him a quizzical stare. Did he...did he even realize what he had just said? That he had asked...


You watch him smile triumphantly as he finishes the small tune, looking at you with that beaming smile. His face dropped when he noticed your confused gaze. Eyes dropping lower to see you nearly pressed into his side. That beautiful red flush dusting his cheeks again. He looked adorable and it was doing awful things to your brain. 


“What-Why are you looking at me like that?” He asked, confused.


“Cause you asked me to call you Sero, just...Sero.”


“Oh, uh...” he laughed nervously looking away as he lifted a hand to rub his neck. “That’s...that’s because...we’ve just been spending so much time together that I thought it’d be ok and I...” he chances a glance at you before looking back at the keys, taking a breath. “Nevermind, my dear.”


Something seemed to click as you watched him fidget. Something you hadn’t dared hope for. Maybe...


You lean in close, gambling on a hunch as you watched him freeze, eyes stuck on your face. 


“You what?” You ask softly. “Come on, Sero, we’ve been spending time together.” You make a show of pulling your bottom lip between your lips, tugging at it. You watch his eyes drop to your lips as you bite and suck slightly, letting go with a lick. His eyes glazed over as he gazed at your lips, bottom one full and plump, shiny and red. “Tell me.” You murmur, dropping your voice low. 


“ spending time with you.” His voice was almost a whisper, a confession. His eyes widened as you leaned into him, emboldened.


“I like spending time with you too.” He didn’t draw back when you slid closer, hands coming to rest on his lap, next to his own. You press into his chest, breathing in the spicy scent that had you intoxicated. 


“I don’t think-“


“Then don’t think.” You whispered back, stopping with your lips a hair’s breadth from his. So close you were breathing his air. You watched him through half lidded eyes. His own eyes wide and dark a hundred emotions flash through them. You wanted to kiss him, hell you wanted to swing into his lap and ride him until he was a drooling mess. 


But you need him to take the step, take that tiny movement forward, just a small little twitch and-


His lips brush just barely, softest of touches against yours as you watch his eyes drift shut. It was like you won the lottery. Your arms move instantly, winding behind his neck as you press forward. You tilt your head, lips sliding against his. He groaned low, the sound rumbling through his chest. His mouth opened against yours and you were gone. 


The kiss deepened quickly as you moan into him, tongue sliding in to press and slide against his. You feel his hands move tentatively to rest on your waist as his tongue hesitantly moved against yours. He tasted divine, sweet and tart like red wine. You couldn’t get enough of his taste.


Forcing yourself to pull back and gasp in a breath. Sero followed, hand suddenly moving up to cup the back of your head while letting out the softest of whines.


“More?” You breathe out, heart pounding hard as you try to catch your breath. His eyes open just enough so you can see bright pools of onyx staring at you like you’re the first meal he’s had in a century. 


“More.” His voice guttural, heat pooling in your stomach as you slide into his lap. legs bracketing his hips as you lean down to devour his waiting mouth.


He’s nothing if not a quick study, tongue writhing against yours as he pressed his lips so hard against yours that you can feel them bruising. He pulls back for air this time and you trail open mouth kisses down his jaw, teeth coming to graze the skin just below his jaw. He shivered when you bit down on the sensitive skin. 


“We should-“ he cut himself off with a moan, your fingers moved to tug at his collar. Lips clamping down on the base of his neck, sucking hard. He jolted when you bit and sucked at his skin. Pulling away to lathe at the angry red bruise already forming. 


Perfect . He was yours now. The mark made something primal spark inside you as you moved to bite down again. Flashes of him lying beneath you, covered in purple bruises flooded your mind making you shiver. One hand moving up to grip his hair hard as you ground down on him. 


“I told you,” you groan, grinding down against him. Gasping when you feel a hard bulge against your clothed pussy. “not to think.” 


You grin, kissing back up his neck. Revelling at the way he desperately gripped your hips as if holding on to a life preserver in the middle of the open ocean. He was going to drown in you and love every second of it. 


“But-“ his weak protest cut off with another moan as you swayed on his lap, grinding against him again. 


You felt dizzy with power, gleeful as you pulled desperate noises from him, feeling him buck up against you. The way he gasped out your name, looking at you with those wide, confused eyes as if you were god sitting on his lap just made you more aroused. 


“But what?” You growl, gripping his hair and tugging at it until he arched back. your tongue peaked out to trace his Adam’s Apple as you rolled your hips against him. 


He moaned as he kept trying to seek more friction. Rubbing against you, whimpering in frustration. He was packing under all those clothes, you could feel it. He had a fat cock for sure and it made you mouth water. The way he acted...he almost seemed like a-


“Baby,” you crooned low, pulling back to smile at him. Panting as you rubbed your soaked panties over and over against his pants. His face was flushed, mouth open in an ‘o’ as you rubbed your cloth covered clit against him, the sensations so delicious and yet not enough. “You look so beautiful like this, absolutely adorable.” He opened his eyes and you gasped. His pupils are blown, eyes unseeing as he groaned low. 


Oh fuck. 


He can’t stop himself from groaning though when you press down against his cock, enjoying the sounds he tries to hide through bitten lips.  


“Please,” he moans, sounds growing louder as you grind harder and harder against him. “Stop I don’t...this isn’t right. I-“


“You want me to stop?” You ask innocently, the movement of your hips slowly halting when his eyes popped open. “Do you really?” He stared at you and you ground down hard, making him jolt, moaning loud. “I don’t think you do.”


“I-“ he hiccups, head dropping back to stare up at the ceiling.


“Come on baby, let me help you feel good.” You watch his eyes screw shut as he panted hard. “Let me help you see god. Promise you’ll feel so good.” He thrashed as you spoke absolute filth while raining soft pecks from his lips down his neck. He groaned low, glancing down at you with those wide eyes.


“Oh, baby, you look so perfect.” You must look manic as he just stares, noises growing loud.


“Please, I-I, puñeta , fuck ! It’s too much! No puedo


“Let go baby, stop fighting it.” You move harder against him, so focused on his pleasure you barely register how tightly wound you were. “Let go baby. Come for me. Come on.” 


He shuddered, hands suddenly pulling you flush against him. Clit dragging against his clothed cock as you let out a yelp, feeling yourself cum, surprised by your own release. 


Sero pulsed against you, you felt something warm and wet even through all the clothes separating you. He groaned low, collapsing into you. Head buried in your chest as you wrap arms around him, threading fingers through his hair as you hum low. A lopsided smile on your lips as you feel him pulse one last time. 


Oh. Oh shit. 


He shivered as he pulled back to stare up at you. 


Oh shit indeed.




In public, nothing had changed between you and Father Sero. He always greeted you the exact same way, always with the same hug he gave all of his flock, always with the same smile. 


In private though...that was a different story. Every piano lesson ended the same way with you in his lap making out until you were dizzy with need. 


But that’s as far as he’d let you go. He hadn’t let you get him off again, had absolutely refused to remove any of his clothes, to take the show back to his room. He was driving you absolutely mad with how he would kiss and lick at you, groaning so maddeningly. You knew he was aroused, you’d felt his erection during every make out session but he would move and bat your hands away. The frustration just piled higher and higher with no breaking point in sight.


You slammed a music book down on the piano far harder than necessary as you glared at the confessional. Saturday mornings were practice days for the choir and the busiest confession day of the week. People liked to air out their sins before committing new ones that night.


And of course, your favorite priest was sitting in that dark cubicle listening to all the depraved things people had done instead of doing depraved things with you. Because he was a saint, a whole fucking saint with far too much restraint. 


“Have you gone to confession?” The choir director’s voice brought you back. The rest of the choir had left after practice but she had been chit chatting with some parishioners.


“You know the answer to that question.” 


“You should go,” she sniffed, picking up her purse. “You know God will always accept-“


“Can we skip this and go to the part where you leave?” You give her your best annoyed face as you watched her roll her eyes, sniffing again.


“Don’t blame me when you’re burning in the fiery pits of hell.”


“None of the fun people are going to heaven anyways so I’d rather burn thank you.” You mutter back. She turns to leave with a huff, obviously frustrated with your answers. Perfect. Everyone should be as frustrated as you at this point. 


You gather your things, glancing back at the confessional. It had been a light day apparently, you muse as the last of the parishioners exited the confessional. The church was basically empty. 


Well, Sero had said you should go to confession for taking the Lord’s name in vain. You drop your things back on the piano bench, strolling over to the face to face door, pulling it open as you smiled. 


Guess you should ask for forgiveness on your knees. 


Sero looks up with a smile before starting at the sight of you plopping into the chair. Crossing your legs as you give him a grin.


“Forgive me Father for I have sinned.” You make the sign of the cross, doing your best to look demure. The priest arched an eyebrow at you, crossing his arms over his chest.


“Oh this should be good.” He seemed to sink into his chair, preparing for a long confession. You giggle. He had sass somewhere in there and it just made him even more handsome. 


“It’s been a whole lifetime since my last confession.” You shrug when he gives you an unamused gaze. “I’ve been bad, Father.” Your voice drops low as you gaze at your hands, the picture of demure piety. 


“You can speak freely here, the Lord forgives all.”


“Oh?” You pipe up, gaze lazily tracing up Sero’s body. “I wonder if he’ll forgive me for my improper thoughts.”


“The Lord forgives all as long as you confess and truly repent for your sins.” You smile at his words. Leaning forward, gripping the edge of the chair. 


“Oh but Father you see. I’ve been having the most impure thoughts about a man.” You watch his face, his eyes widening at your words. “I shouldn’t have thoughts like these about this man for you see...he’s bound to his calling but I- I can’t help myself.” 


“You’ll-“ he clears his throat, “you don’t have to say what the thoughts are-“


“But I want to,” you interrupt. “I need to. I need to confess how I dream about slowly undressing him, having him beneath me and biting every inch of his skin. Biting and sucking until he’s littered in my marks.” You pause, grinning as you hear the gasp he tries to hide behind the press of his lips. “I want him to be mine, you see, want to have him quivering with need, need that I created until he’s a mess. I want him begging and crying.”


Sero stuttered your name, his voice already weak and needy. You barely pause before pressing forward.


“I dream of his cock.” You say bluntly, enjoying the strangled noise you get for a response. “I dream of it and wake up drenched. Just the thought of sucking him down, being the first to swallow him down like a melting popsicle...” you take a breath as you watch him flush red, his eyes never leaving your face. “Just the thought of it has me coming on my fingers. I come to these thoughts every day, Sero. Every day.” Just talking about it has you desperate with need. You just want to see him fall apart, make him scream in pleasure


“Please, I-“ 


“I wonder sometimes.” You murmur, gazing into the distance as you resist the urge to touch yourself. “I wonder if he thinks of me the same way, if I drive him just as wild.” You revel in Sero’s loud gulp. Smiling when he tried to hide the shiver that wracked through him.


You crawl off the chair, hands and knees on the floor as you crawl towards him. Coming to sit before him, knees bent, legs under you. You cock your head to the side as you stare up at him with large innocent eyes. 


“Father, I have another confession.” Your hands trace up his pants, thanking every god that he’d decided to dress more casually in his dark pants and shirt today. Maybe someone up there wanted you to corrupt this beautiful priest. He stares at you dumbfounded as you wait expectantly. It takes him a moment to realize you’d asked a question. 


“What-what is it?” He asks.


“I’m not repentant.” Your voice is dark as your eyes bore into his as you rise up on your knees, fingers ghosting over his thigh as they trail higher and higher until they’re dusting against his hard erection. You stop at his belt buckle, rubbing at the metal as you watch him. “I feel nothing but need and all I want is for him to say yes.” 


He stared down at you silent, frozen again. You moved to undo his belt, not making a move to help but not stopping you. 


“Maybe,” you whisper as you toy with the button of his pants. “Maybe I should pray on my knees, worship on my knees for forgiveness.” You pop the button of his pants. “Should I?” He seems entranced by your lips and face, he can’t seem to look away. Jaw slipping open as he stared open mouth at you.


“Y-yes,” his reply is so soft you almost don’t hear it. 


“Then let me pray for forgiveness. On my knees, with your cock in my mouth.” He dropped his head back, his eyes sliding shut.


“Please...” He groans. “Please.” 


You snap into motion as you rip down the zipper, hand fisting his cock through the fabric of his boxer. Reveling in the way he tries to bite back a scream when you grip him tight. So sensitive and you’ve barely started. 


You pull his boxer down just enough for his cock to spring free. For a second your mind short circuits. You’d been right, he was big, probably the biggest you’d ever seen. Big and thick, you were going to be sore after swallowing him down. 


You swallowed thickly as you lean in to press a chaste peck to his head. Smirking when he twitched beneath your hand. A hand shyly slips into your hair as you kiss down his shaft, humming slightly before licking up a hot trail with your tongue. 


He calls out your name questioning just before you open your mouth and take him in, slowly sinking down around him. Tongue pressing flat along the underside of his shaft as you take down half his length before bobbing back up. The sounds he made were filling you with a hungry greed. 


The way he whimpered and tried to thrust up into your hot mouth. The way he bit down on a white knuckled fist to keep his sounds muffled. You hum as you take him further, almost smirking as he shudders beneath you. 


“Oh god! Dios mio !!” He shuddered and you pulled back with a wet pop. Licking your lips, you watched him like a sated cat.


“I’m not god, baby,” you grin, watching him flick his gaze down to you. You open wide again, taking him down almost to the base as you watch him through your lashes. 


“Fuuuck!” He curses low and long with a groan. “ Dios , please! Por favor ! Fuck! Fuck !” You almost giggle with glee as he devolves into Spanish and curse words. Opening your jaw wider against the ache and taking down to the hilt. Humming as your nose brushes against downy public hairs. You swallow around him before bobbing back up and sinking down again. 


It doesn’t take long for him to buck into your mouth, the gentle fingers in your hair suddenly gripping tight enough to pull a few strands out. You grip his thighs as you let him fuck your mouth, watching him through misty eyes. He looked utterly fucked out, eye unseeing, mouth open as he curses and groans. You shift on your knees, ignoring your own arousal and the clench of your sex as you break apart the virgin sitting before you. There would be time for you later.


Puñeta !” He groans as you swallow and hum when he hits the back of your throat, thankful for your lack of gag reflex. “It’s too good. It’s too good.” He bangs his head back into the chair. “ Tu boca, me vas a matar .” He moaned, Growing impossibly harder and thicker. Pre coating the back of your tongue. You can do nothing but take him as he jerks erratically, fingers fisted in your hair. 


Coño , mi amor, mi reina , fuck! I’m gonna-“ he hiccups, body tensing as his eyes screw shut. “ No puedo ! I’m going to-“ 


He pistons one last time, arching and freezing as he pulses in your mouth. White hot seed spitting out as you watch him shudder through his orgasm. He thrust once, twice before sagging against the chair, gasping, chest heaving. You pull off of him with a smirk, tapping his thigh to get his attention. He looks down at you slowly, sated and debauched. 


You open your mouth to show him the sin coating your tongue. Lips upturning when he let out a strangled noise. You close your mouth with a click before swallowing audibly, sticking your tongue out again with a wink. 


He sits frozen as you chuckle, knowing your little show has probably melted his brain into goo. Poor thing, you move to stand, shifting uncomfortably in wet panties. He really did have an effect on you. You smoothed your clothes before moving towards the door. 


“I’ll be sure to come back for more prayers of forgiveness. Think I have to pray more on my knees since I’m such a sinner.” You wink at him as you open the door and saunter out. 


Oh he was going to be a mess when you were done with him.




You tap a foot impatiently, staring daggers at the priest pointedly ignoring you as he laughed at something some sniveling parishioner said. Something dark and hot spiked deep in your chest when you watched the woman grip his arm far too familiarly. An aneurysm almost burst when he patted the hand wrapped around his arm. 


“You really shouldn’t frown like that, you’ll get wrinkles.” You turned to aim your murderous gaze at the director. If this woman didn’t shut up she was going to feel the wrath of god. She flinched, clearing her throat before shuffling away from you. Apparently she wasn’t as dumb as she looked. 


Your gaze flicked back to the priest, watching him wave goodbye to the parishioners before making his way towards the back of the church and his chambers. You dart out of your chair, moving quickly to follow him down one hallway. Sprinting you almost barrel into him, pushing him into the room. He whirled around in surprise.


“My child-“


“Don’t you my child me, Padre .” You poke at his hard chest with one finger, eyes flashing with anger. “Not when I’ve had your dick down my- mmph !” A hand slaps over your mouth as he stares at you with wild eyes.


“Are you crazy?” He hisses, “what if someone hears you? Ow! Coño !” He pulls back his hand with a yelp, staring at tiny drops of blood along an angry red bite mark, looking back at you incredulously. “ Me mordiste !”


“I don’t speak Spanish, Padre , but yeah I bit you.” You cross your arms with a huff. “It’d be a far more enjoyable experience if you’d let me bite you somewhere else.” He jolted back, shaking his head.


“No.” He shook his head again, moving to leave. “No we cannot do that. Not anymore. No it was a mistake-“ he stopped when you grabbed his arm. 


“Why though? You had fun, I had fun! You really are an over thinker.” You rolled your eyes. “It isn’t that deep. It’s just sex. Jesus why-“


“I made a vow!” He growled, jerking his arm from your grasp suddenly crowding into your space. You let out a small noise as you back up. Suddenly slamming into a wall, staring up at him.


He really had no business being so tall, looking like an avenging angel when he’s mad. His whole face is contorted in anger, dark eyes narrowed, lips pulled back in a snarl.


Well fuck. He looks gorgeous even when he’s not a submissive, blushing virgin. Is it bad that all you can think about his pushing his buttons until he goes absolutely feral? You had to suppress a giggle, reminding yourself that he really was angry and-


An arm slammed next to your head, fist curled as you glance from it back to his face, unimpressed.


“I made a vow,” he repeated, “a vow of celibacy and piety” He shuddered, “are making me break all of them like a damn demon come to tempt me.” He breathed hard as his eyes flick down from your face to the swell of your breasts and lower still. You feel yourself clench, watching the war of emotions behind his eyes as he looked back up into your eyes. “It isn’t fair.” He whispered. 


“Whoever said life was fair, Padre .” You whisper back, leaning into him as he stared into your soul. “Life sucks and then you die and that’s it.”


“I beg-“


“Yeah you do beg.” You cut him off, “you beg beautifully for me, when I make you feel good, when I make you come. Bet that’s what heaven feels like, Padre .” 


He swallows thickly, unmoving for a minute as he just stared at you. You let him have his pause as you stand there, defiant, offering him something he’s never had but wants with every fiber of his being. He really is so easy to read. He’s desperate for you. He’s had a taste, tiny and fleeting and now? Now he’s teetering on the edge.


“No.” He finally mutters, stepping back. You roll your eyes as you straighten. “I think it’s best if you leave.”


“If I leave,” you tug at your shirt, straightening it, watching him turn his back to you. “I quit.” 


He stands silent, muscles tense, back straight. He doesn’t move, doesn’t say a word for a while, for what seems like hours. 


“It- it’s for the best.” His voice is low and steady but the small tremor in his shoulder betrays him. You scoff as you whip around. Fucking coward. 


“Whatever, Sero .” You spat his name like an insult. “Thought you wouldn’t be such a coward but guess I was wrong.”  You yanked the door open. You glance one last time behind your shoulder, far more pissed off than you let on. “Hope you don’t live in regret.” 


You stroll through the door, pulling closed with a slam as you stomp away.




Life is fucking boring. Everything was either boring, annoying or down right infuriating. Even this ice cream was boring. You spear the spoon in the pint, wiggling another bite as you grumble at the TV, wrapped in a blanket as you muttered to yourself. 


You really should be getting ready for band practice. Jirou and Bakugou were going to murder you if you were late, again . That and you had plans to go out drinking to celebrate landing a job. 


Stupid job playing boring songs in an upscale ritzy hotel but it’d pay the bills. At least this job didn’t come with a fricking too hot priest making you wanna fuck him into oblivion. 


Fuck Sero. Fuck him and not in the fun way. Made him come twice and he hadn’t even returned the favor. Selfish man. Selfish fucker. 


You slam your spoon into the frozen ice cream, cursing as the spoon bent. Dammit. Dammit! You threw the ice cream and spook on the coffee table, huffing as you curled back into the couch. It was for the best anyways, he’d probably suck at sex. 


He was a quick learner though. You shake your head at the thought as you stretch sweatpants clad legs. Fuck that train of thought, you didn’t need to think about him between your legs, trying to please you, watching you with those eyes that drank up every detail like water. You sigh loudly, looking up at the ceiling and questioning why you were so obsessed with the one man you couldn’t have.


A soft knock startled you. Glancing at the door, you hastily grabbed your phone. 


No one was supposed to be coming over and you weren’t expecting a package. You click your phone on, eyebrows furrowing. Jirou and the gang would have called before appearing. 


You creeped over to the door, squinting through the peephole at a tall dark figure, shuffling awkwardly on the other side. 


No. Nah, it’s- it couldn’t be...


The knock came again as you stepped back, arms crossed. You wait silently, expectantly.


“Uh,” a voice calls softly. “Are you home?” You want to punch yourself when the object of your fantasies called your name, knocking again. 


“What do you want?” You grumble through the door. 


“I-“ he stopped. You could almost hear him thinking through the door. “I...I don’t know.” He finally sighed. “I didn’t really think about what I wanted, I just-“ he let out a noise of surprise when you whipped open the door, gripping it with one hand as you cock your hip. You eye him disinterestedly even though internally you wanted to groan from the sight of him.


He was dressed in casual clothes, as in normal clothes, as in jeans and a shirt. A short sleeve shirt. He was showing far more of that caramel skin than you’d ever seen and god fucking DAMMIT. 


“Well figure out what you want and quick cause I have to leave.” You erased every horny thought with a swift internal kick.




“Yeah, I have a life you know. I have to go to band practice, not that it’s any of your concern.”


“Band? You’re in a band?”


“I play guitar.” You sigh, tapping your foot impatiently. “Are we going to play twenty questions?”


“Uh well,” the priest looked down at his shoes, scratching the back of his neck. “I shouldn’t have come. You’re busy of course.” He shook his head, already turning to leave.


“Coward.” You mutter. You watched him hesitate, looking back annoyed. “If you’re gonna be a coward then leave, I don’t have the patience for you.”


“But you said you needed to leave.”


“Yeah, I do but,” you wave a hand shushing him, “not for a while.” You watch him stare at you, gears turning. “And you came all this way for a reason. Went looking for my address through the employee directory like a perv.” He opened his mouth to protest but you cut him off snickering. “Least I can do is let you in right?” He didn’t say anything just watching you move to let him into the darkened apartment. “Won’t you come in, Padre ?” 


Something seems to tip inside him, winning an argument with himself. He stepped towards you and you couldn’t help the triumphant look of glee that overtakes you.


“Don’t call me that.” He stepped forward toward you smoothly, dark eyes focused on your lips as he crowds you. You grin at him, reaching up to take his chin between your fingers. Tugging him down so his face was inches from yours. 


“Sero.” you breathe softly against his lips, swallowing the moan that he lets out. 


You kiss him deep, tongue pushing into his mouth. quickly dragging him into your apartment, kicking the door shut with a foot. Fingers unbutton his shirt hastily, you could feel fabric ripping as you pushed the shirt off his shoulders. 


Hands gripped and tugged him while lips pressed and slid against each other. Leading him through your apartment straight to your bedroom with laser focus. 


If this is going to be his first time you wanted him on a bed where you could rock his world for however long you want. The goal was to have him crawling out of your apartment, unable to walk. You didn’t know if you’d have another opportunity and you wanted him to remember this every time he had a dirty thought. 


He crashed into the bed, sinking back into the mattress while blinking up at you. He went to move but a hand on his shoulder stopped him.


“Oh no,’re going to do as I say. No moving, no talking, nothing unless I give you permission.” You watched his eyes dilate slightly as he nodded slowly, entranced. “If I get to be your first, I’m going to make sure you don’t forget it.”


“How do you know...” he trailed off as you slid into his lap. Your fingers danced over his skin, admiring the goosebumps they left. “How do you know you’re my first?”


“Oh baby,” you murmured, leaning down to press your lips where your fingers are had trailed, opening your mouth to blow soft warm air across cool skin, reveling in his shiver. “It’s written on your skin.” You bit down on the junction of his neck, sucking eagerly. You lived for the way his hands flew up to grip your shoulders, quietly moaning. You did it again and again and again until his neck was covered in purple bruises. 


Perfect. So perfect.


“Lie back for me, baby,” you murmur, ecstatic when he obeyed without hesitation. Watching your every move, hanging on to every word. You stare down at his chest, biting down hard on your lip as you look at golden skin and defined muscles. A whole Adonis hidden under his vestments. “I knew you’d look delicious, all muscle and gorgeous skin.” You murmur bending down, mouth watering as you start tracing the lines of his body with your tongue. Biting a hard pec, lathering the bite with your tongue. “You’re so sensitive, reacting like that. So desperate for my touch?” 


“Yes, fuck !” He writhed with each bite and lick. Your mind spun, getting drunk off his every gasped breath. You can’t help but grind on his lower abdomen, just as needy for him as he was for you. 


“Bet you’ve thought about me. Thought about me on your cock,” another bite, another lick. “Thought about fucking me or maybe me swallowing you? Hmm?”


“Yes! Yes...All of it,” he bucked under you when you took one perky nipple between your teeth, starting to bite and suck. “I can’t get you out of my head! Sueño contigo ! Fuck ! I dream about you every night.” He arched to follow your touch when you sat up. Enjoying watching him come apart from just this. 


“Then let me make your dreams come true.” you trace fingers down to his pants, tugging at the belt as you watch him. He nods vigorously, hands coming down to help you, you slap at his hands, growling.


“You do as I say, Sero. Don’t you dare move.” He dropped his hands as if they’d been burned. Watching with hungry eyes as you slowly undo his belt. Unbuttoning his pants with even slower drawn out movements, dragging his pants and boxers down. 


“Lift your hips, baby,” you groaned when he complied. Eyes half lidded as you hum appreciatively, taking in the feast before you. His pants and underwear slip off, falling to the floor leaving him lying naked under your fully clothed body. The power makes you wetter, pressure deep in your pelvis as arousal burns bright. 


“You going to be good for me?” He groans a yes, bobbing his head obediently. “Of course you are, I’m going to make you feel so good. I’ll feed your dreams, make them come true.” You slid off his lap, feet coming to rest on the floor at the end of the bed before dropping to your knees. Pressing against his inner thighs as you watch him prop himself up on his elbows. You smirk at him between his legs as you lick his shaft, taking him down in one go without any preamble.


Coño !” He yelled, bucking up into your mouth. There it is. Making him devolve into Spanish and curses made you so wet you thought you could come there and then, untouched. 


You suck hard, bobbing and slurping. The sounds were almost pornographic as you unravel him with precision, carving him into a broken mess. You rubbed your thighs together as your own desire becoming unignorable. 


“Fuck, mi amor , please! Your mouth! You’re driving me crazy!” That was the plan. You pull him from your mouth with a satisfying smack. Fisting him in your hand you slowly pump him. You were so close to just climbing him like a tree and taking him into your clenching hole, riding him until he was screaming but you were nothing if not patient. No, this was about breaking him, showing him what ecstasy really was. 


“Love when you call me that, ‘ mi amor’ .” Your tongue feels weird saying the words, knowing you’re butchering the pronunciation even as you bend down to blow warm air over his tip. “Call me that again. Call me that when you come down my throat, baby.”


Puñeta !” He sputtered when you swallowed him down again, relaxing your throat to deep throat him. You bob faster, watching him thrash as tears well up in your eyes, throat abused under the constant onslaught. “Fuck! Fuck I’m going to! I’m going to cum! Mi amor ! Fuck!” He bucks once more as he yells, pulsing as you swallow down his hot seed. You bob slowly, milking him dry until he was whimpering under you. 


You pull off him with a wet pop, cocking your head as your eyes widen. 


“You don’t...” you swallow, eyes widening. “You don’t need a break?” 


“A break?” He blinks down at you hazily, pausing as you stare at each other. Oh. Oh this was interesting . You stand on shaky legs, almost vibrating in anticipation as you pull at the drawstrings of your sweatpants, dropping them and your panties in one movement. Delighted by his eyes staying glued on you, enraptured. 


You crawl up, sliding over him as you sit on his chest. Careful to keep most of your weight on your legs.


“Ready for a lesson?” His eyebrows knit together, confused but still nodding. “You’re going to eat me out.” You watch him pale even as he nods again so hard you think he’s going to break his neck. “Don’t worry, I’ll teach you baby.” You give him a smile before you swing around, shifting until you’re sitting so you’re facing his glorious dick. 


You reached down to open your lower lips with two fingers, weight still balanced on your knees as you hovered above him


“Suck baby,” you murmured as you maneuver until your clit is just above his mouth as you lower yourself. He wrapped his lips around you and sucked. You jolt, almost jumping off him as he sucked and sucked. Oh shit, you forgot he really does go all out in everything he does. 


“Oh-oh! Fuck! Slow down! A little softer! Holy shit! Y-yeah, just l-like, oh fuck , like that... ah , ah ! You can, you can flick your tongue against it.” You arch your back crying out, already feeling yourself drenching his face, pressing down on him. “Shit! Ha ! Ah ! Are you su-sure this is your f-first time?” You whimper, voice rising as he flicked and sucked at your clit with his tongue. You writhed, grinding against his face, panting low. 


Fuck, he was going to have you cumming way too quickly. You reach for his cock, wanting to have him just as messy as you felt. Still wet from your blowjob, already hard and angry. 


You gave him a tentative swipe, feeling him jerk under you, moaning against your clit. A whine escaped you as the vibrations rolled through you. Your hand fisted him tight, hand moving up and down his shaft. Barely able to encircle him completely with one hand.


“Like that, yes, ah ah ! Yes, a little harder. Oh!” You pump him harder as you pant, writhing as his hands come up to grip your thighs. You feel him jerk against you as he moaned low, pre already dripping down your hand as you jerk him off. 


You feel his tongue press against your clit before moving back and...your eyes went wide as you bit off a scream. He presses his tongue against your slit before pushing into your sopping wet pussy.


“Oh! Oh god! Yes! Fuck do that again!” You beg as you stutter in your movements, eyes wide. Face hot as he burrowed his tongue deeper writhing against your clenching walls. 


You moved one hand down, to flick at your clit as you whimper. You pumped him faster earning you a strangled moan. “Fuck baby! I’m going to come! I’m going to come! Fuck I can’t,” You toss your head back. Eyes rolling back as you felt the pressure in your gut build and build until it was too much.


You came on his face, drenching him as you feel warm spurts cover your hand and splatter down onto his abdomen. Crawling off him, you glanced to the side. Smirking at the sight of him staring up at the ceiling, gasping for air, face glistening with your slick. 


“That was,” he took a deep breath, eyes coming to stare at you, hazy and gone. “That was amazing.”


“Was it?” A grin creeped onto your face, reaching for your nightstand to pull something out. Hiding it from his sight, crawling over to sit on his legs. You hid your surprise behind your legs as you reached down to pull your shirt over your head. You licked your lips, watching his eyes immediately focus on your breasts. 


You sat gingerly, shifting your weight to grab the secret hiding behind your leg. Your thighs ached but the discomfort was washed away when you looked down at him. How he had ended up a priest and not a porn star was a mystery of the universe. 


He was still semi hard even after all that. A man with this much sexual energy should never have been locked up behind dark vestments and vows of celibacy. 


You look up at him with a large grin, finally allowing the wand vibrator to peek out. His eyes almost bugged out as he flicked between you and the vibrator.


“What-what is that?”


“Baby, you think we’re done?” You trace the vibrator along his abdomen. “Oh no, we’re not done until you’re a drooling mess. You’re far too coherent to be done.” You watched him swallow hard, making to move away from you. You place your weight down on his legs, pinning him in place. “You think you’re going to get away from me?” You flick the vibrator on, enjoying his jolt at the sound. “Oh no, darling, you can’t get away.” You turn it to the lowest setting and press the softest touch to his dick.


The arch of his back and the strangled scream accompanying it were the perfect combination. Warm arousal pooled in your stomach as you watched him thrash and writhe against the vibrator. 


With his eyes screwed shut his hands whipped out to grab your wrist. You bat them away with a growl. Moving the vibrator away momentarily, your free hand came up to grip his throat. He froze, large doe eyes glued to your face.


“Don’t touch .” You growl, watching his face contort as the vibrator came back to lazily swipe down his cock.


“Fuck! Please! Ya no, deja, por favor !” He babbled incoherently. “ No puedo más!


“I can’t understand you.” You murmured, leaning down to press soft kisses to his jaw line as he keened at the ceiling, eyes still screwed shut in a mixture of pain and pleasure. 


“I can’t! I can’t anymore!” A thick accent now lacing his words when he cried out.


“You want me to stop? Hmm?” You glance down, noting how hard he’d gotten so fast. Perfect. “I’ll stop,” you moved the vibrator away, watching him relax as you shift, rising up. You hovered over him with aching thighs, gripping the base of his shaft while slowly sinking down on him.


Fuck !” He slammed his head back into the mattress, the muscles in his neck straining as you so very slowly sunk around him. “ Coño , carajo , puñeta ! Fuck!” Spanish and English curses mixing together when you started bouncing up and down on his cock. Moaning when you shifted and the tip of his cock hit you right in that spot that makes you see white.


“Fuck, baby, you feel so good! So big!” Moaning the words, you moved the vibrator towards your clit. Letting it rest so it vibrated against the base of his shaft and sent electric waves through your clit every time you slid down him. 


He thrashed, bucking up with his feet planted firmly on the mattress as he chased his own pleasure. He was drenched in sweat, hair sticking to his forehead. The sweat making you both a sticky mess.


Cariño ,” he groans, “god, so good. So good. Please, please.”


“You want me to stop?” You asked, slamming down on his cock. Moaning when the vibrator pressed hard on your clit. 


“No! No please!”


“Want to come in this pussy?” You moaned, “Want to come so deep inside? Fill me up good?”


“Yes! Fuck! Yes it’s-it’s the only thing I’ve dreamed about. I- I want it! Fuck! Let me cum inside you! Let me cum! Let me cum! Please por favor! Te lo ruego! I’m begging!” 


You jerked forward, eyes wide as his words washed over you. The orgasm slapping you so hard your mouth opened in a silent scream as you clenched around him.


“Please, please cariño ! Let me! Let me!” His hands were on your hips, gripping them tight while staring at you with wild eyes, waiting for your permission. You nod absently, too far gone from your own orgasm to register your world tipping. 


Suddenly he was above you, gripping your thighs so hard you knew you’d have bruises. He pistoned in. Hard and fast thrusts making your walls ache and clench around him. You groaned at the overstimulation, watching his face screwed up in ecstasy.


“Fuck, so good, too much. But-but, coño! It’s too much but-“ he moaned, babbling away while his rhythm lost all tempo shifting to fast erratic thrusts. You groan, head tossing back when he thrust so deep you’d swear you could feel him in your throat. “So tight, mi amor. God, I can’t last, I’m going to-“


“Come for me, baby,” you cupped his cheeks, pulling him down to kiss his lips. Moaning loud against your lips, his eyes bore into yours, pupils blown wide and hungry. 


He came with a strangled moan, burying his face in the crook of your neck as he shuddered, pulsing inside of you. You groaned feeling his warm cum coat your walls. He collapsed over you, shivering as he calmed himself in your arms. You wrap him in arms, lips pressing to sweat drenched temples. He shivers again as he pulls you into his arms.


“You ok?” You murmur, humming as he nodded into your neck. “Ok.” You shifted a little, wincing when he slipped out, a mix of your own juice and his cum gushing over your thighs. You shift a little, far too exhausted to clean up at this very second. 


“Is it like this,” he whispers, head turning to look at you with half lidded eyes, exhausted but content. “Is it like this every time?”


“Mm, if you want it to be.” You smiled, fingers coming up to brush away his sweat soaked bangs.


“When can we do this again?” He asked, excitement bleeding into his tired voice. You grinned. 


“Whenever you want.” You stretched before sitting up. “But right now? I think we should clean up, yeah?” He nodded. “Come on, cutie, get up, I can’t do all the work.” He laughed, shifting to sit up with a groan, arms shaking under him while he blinked blearly. You stand, laughing, turning back to offer a hand which he took with ease.


“Mission accomplished.” You whispered under your breath when he stumbled after you. 




You hummed, standing outside the church. Waiting for the last parishioner to exit before slipping in through the side entrance. The church was dimly lit, candles dancing along the sides on altars to saints whose names you didn’t know. 


Soft music, hesitant but beautiful echoed through the marbled walls. Piano music mixed with a soft voice, a soft baritone almost reaching a tenor range as he sang low, almost to himself. You creep up behind him. Listening to him sing, playing a simplified version of one of the church hymns. 


He didn’t sing for anyone. He barely sang at all but you’d caught him from time to time. When he thought you were asleep in his arms or when he’d hum to himself while playing a song. You listened to him, smiling when you came up behind him. Arms wrapping around him, kiss pressed to his cheek as he twists to look at you. He didn't even jerk, grinning as he nuzzled into your cheek. 


“Good evening, mi amor .” His voice dropped low, fingers dancing over the keys as you moved to slide in next to him. You watched him play, your own hands coming to press on the lower range keys. Starting your own song to complement the melody he was already playing. 


“Good evening,” you lean into him, head resting against his shoulder as the melody floats away, content just sitting next to each other. You looked up at him. “Ready for your next lesson?” Your gaze grew mischievous as he grins. Glancing down at you, leaning down to brush his lips against yours.


“Always, mi amor .”