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So anyway, I bid you adieu

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Hello everyone Swire here.

For an unknown reason, I'm being transferred to Rhodes Island today.

I feel relieved knowing my fellow L.G.D. officers working there too but, the moment I realize that one of them is Ch'en, I instantly felt annoyed, reminding me of how she always grinds my gear back at Lungmen. Ohh well, at least Hoshiguma is here to humor me.

Weirdly enough I didn't see any of them lingering around the base upon me arriving. The famous doctor herself didn't even come to greet me, I heard she's an extremely beautiful person. The only person who came to meet me is a small girl with brunette hair and a long rabbit ears on top, wait is it a rabbit or donkey? I can't tell. She then apologized for the inconvenience and explained that apparently, I arrived on a very busy day, just my luck.

Still, she's kind enough to give me a simple tour around the base, showing me a couple of facilities Rhodes Island proud of, there's this one room saying "Construction in Progress" in the heart of the base, I peek a bit inside to see an office table is split in two, the floor is cracked, and a dozen of holes on the walls. Did something happen here? Looks like a terrorist attack, I decided to ignore it.


In the middle of the tour a certain woman calling Amiya from behind, running with high heels toward us. She wear a white long dress with a black hood along with a nametag hanging around her neck, her white ponytail hair sways around as she runs. My eyes automatically focused on her chest bouncing up and down giving me a slight blush on my cheek. Having able to catch us, she stops for a moment taking a heavy breath, I can see her sweats running down from her temple, down to her neck, then disappeared into her bosom.

Well, that was a treat, Is she also an operator here?

"Let me take it from here sweetheart, it's bad if you missed your daily checks up with Kal'tsit"

Amiya then nods like a child while smiling after seeing her, she then waving her hands at both of us, then leaving me together with this sexy babe with me.

"Pardon me, I'm the doctor here, you must be Swire, we're currently in a busy hour now so I apologize if I had to leave you hanging at the entrance, luckily Amiya can spare a bit of her time to take you in"

"No no it was a pleasure to meet you here, if not, I'm the one who feels bad for the sudden visit"

"It's okay, we had to renew our contract with Lungmen again the other day, so it's part of our responsibility "

While we both shake our hands, I'm quickly noted that not only her appearance but the way she speaks also full of elegance, We then continue our short tour then walk towards the private room they provided for me, I need to rest my body a bit, gotta say being escort by a beautiful madonna like her is also good for my well being so I don't mind. I took a couple of glances at her and doing that starting to make me feel dizzy with all the blood rushing to my head.

"Did Amiya gives you a good tour?"

"Yeah, I'm thankful for that, is she your assistant here?"

"Well, actually she's the one in charge here"

"Wh-What!? I'm sorry if I'm saying something rude just now"

Really!? That Donkey (or Rabbit idk) is the one leading the Rhodes Island!?. Now that's a surprise.

" *giggle* It's okay, people often mistake her for my assistant, I'm glad my daughter gives you a good time"

"She's also your daughter!?"

"Yes, she's cute one isn't she?"

Now that's the real surprise, I didn't even take a single thought of her to be the doctor daughter, after I look again her face kinda resembles Amiya a little bit, the only difference is her mature face and she had a white hair, her rabbit ear seems to be missing. So she's married huh, meaning she's a milf, I guess the phrase 'The grass is always greener on the other side' is true.

"Is your husband working here too?"

"Ohh! My wife... I mean... My husband... He...She... Uhmm... We're currently not in a speaking term and...Need some time off and..."

"Wa-wait! Don't push yourself if it's too hard for you, I didn't mean to scratch at your personal life like that"

"*giggle* You're kind Swire, I think I like you"

With that single sentence, my heart instantly being shot by a cupid arrow. I think I'm gonna like working here, and like a degenerate wise man once said :

"Married Woman Is The Best"

"I'm sorry?"

"Nothing! Just a random thought"


Not too long after that, we arrived at my private room, she handed me the keycard for it and said to take it easy for today since she hasn't put me into any squads for a mission and all. With that I open my room, sliding the keycard to the mechanical part near the handle, and the door instantly opens.

Now I can finally rest, is what I want to say but there are two shadows looming around on top of my bed, glowing with red eyes as if I'm being greeted by beings from hell.

"Ohh shit it's you two, and here I'm wondering where were you guys this whole time"

The two 'beings' is of course my fellow officers from L.G.D. Ch'en and Hoshiguma sitting there while looking at me menacingly. There's a laptop on Hoshi's lap, it seems like they have been watching some videos there.

"Hello Swire, we've been watching you the moment you enter this base"

Then fucking pick me up goddammit. I maybe hate you Ch'en, but at least show your face a bit. That Oni too, aren't we a comrade?

"So what do you want in my room?" I asked, don't care which one will reply.

"We've been hacking the security camera across the base to monitoring you this whole time"

Whoa Hoshiguma sis, is that even legal? We're guests here.

"You see, everything is fine until you meet the doctor"


"We know from the looks of your face, you were lusting after her, don't try to lie on us, we know how thirsty you are looking at her, so we're gonna teach you how the rules work here"

Ahh, I see, even these two already fell too huh? Can't blame them considering how seducing the doctor's body is. Both of them then get off my bed while cracking their arm, preparing to be 'teach' me whatever their stupid rules are.

"Alright Swire, let's get star-"








Without warning, I took my hidden gun inside my bag, then shoot the window behind them as warning shots. The two of them look dumbfounded and confused when they see a handgun in my arm.

"What's wrong? Aren't you two gonna teach me with your fists or something?"

I asked.

"What kind of lunatic brings a gun to a fistfight!?"

Said Ch'en yelling at me, Hoshiguma on the other hand still looks at me with her dumb look. Feeling even more annoyed I took a second gun from my bag, aiming it to both of it them.

"Clearly you muppets never heard the phrase 'All is Fair in Love and War', So anyway, I bid you adieu


What happens after that?

I'm getting too full of myself and ends up destroying my own private room without hitting a single of them. Slippery bastards.

Later that day the three of us were put to an interrogation room with a cat lady who has the evilest eyes I've ever seen in my life. Turned out she's the Ex-Wife of the Doctor and like my fellow officers, she has been monitoring me ever since I step foot on this base. She's been glaring at me from start to finish and when we're done with the interrogation, she put her arms around my shoulders and whisper to my ear.

"If you dare see my wife with that lustful eyes again, I'm gonna let you pick between me ripping your pubic hairs and eating it in front of you or gouge your eyes out with a pencil then stuff it into your mouth"

I'm having a nightmare for a full month after that.