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Pride and Ruin

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One of the downsides of the Second Wizarding War (other than all the death, of course) was the installation of an eighth year. Most, if not all, of the students objected to it, but the Hogwarts administration had promised them better job opportunities after graduation. Because of that, the students decided to just go along with it.

Marvin didn’t mind the extra year because it gave him the perfect excuse to stay away from his nagging parents. He was a pureblood who grew up in a wealthy, all-Gryffindor household. His parents and relatives were extremely proud of him when he was sorted into Gryffindor during his first year at Hogwarts, and even more so when they received a parchment letter from the headmaster saying that Marvin had been chosen as Gryffindor’s Head Boy this school year.

Whizzer Brown was the captain of the Slytherin Quidditch team and (just like Marvin) a pureblood. However, unlike Marvin, he hated having to deal with another year at Hogwarts. Whizzer was annoyed, and understandably so, considering he could’ve been done with school already.

At the present moment, Marvin could be seen sitting across from his best friend, a Ravenclaw named Charlotte, who was rambling on and on about this girl that she had met at summer camp when she volunteered at an animal shelter.

“She’s absolutely stunning, Marv. You have to meet her, whether you like it or not,” Charlotte said. They were currently sitting inside the Hogwarts Express, waiting for the train to start moving. Before Marvin could respond, he was interrupted by the door sliding open to reveal the gorgeous blonde girl that Charlotte has been talking about.

“Charlotte!” The girl beamed.

The two girls squealed and jumped into one another’s arms.

Marvin didn’t mind having Charlotte’s girlfriend around. The only thing that bothered him was the sudden presence of the boy who rudely slammed his suitcase between Marvin and himself. Marvin glanced to his side to see who it was, and oh boy, did Marvin wish that he’d gone to sit with his girlfriend instead. It was Whizzer Brown. His mortal enemy.

Just to let you know, Marvin and Whizzer hadn’t been getting along quite well. Their relationship was…complicated, as others might say. Marvin hated Slytherins (especially Whizzer) for their rude demeanor and incessant sarcasm. Whizzer hated Gryffindors (especially Marvin) for their selfishness and arrogance. Their feud was far from silent—in fact, it was one of the most infamous at Hogwarts. Everyone knew about Whizzer and Marvin’s dislike for one another.

Whizzer’s jaw set immediately in anger upon seeing Marvin, and he slid into the seat in front of his friend with a huff. He refused to look at Marvin, and Marvin looked anywhere but at Whizzer. The tension grew, but the two girls who sat across from them didn’t seem to care at all.

Cordelia--Charlotte’s girlfriend--laid her head on Charlotte’s shoulder, and Whizzer looked over at them with a mischievous smile. “So when did this become a thing, hm?” he asked.

Cordelia giggled, giving Charlotte a dreamy look. “Over the summer. We both volunteered at the same animal shelter. Then, we got to know each other really well.”

“Delia here kept hurting herself and had to spend a lot of time with me in the clinic.” She chuckled, turning her head to glance at her girlfriend, “Then, we were assigned to clean up animal crap. It wasn’t the most romantic setting and it was gross, but it brought us closer.”

As they spoke, Marvin scooted as far away as he could from Whizzer, leaning against the window to look and focus on the thick, lush, and green forest that zoomed by. Whizzer noticed, crossed his arms, and huffed. He could not put into words how much he despised Head Gryffindor Marvin Cohen, with his annoying selfishness, his blatant disregard for the people around him, his handsome face, his narcissism, his arrogance, and his stupid, soft, wavy hair.

“Well, that’s all fine and dandy, but I am not hanging out with you if you’re going to be around them all the time,” Whizzer said, boldly. He decided he was going to speak his mind. He wasn’t going to sit there in silence like a wuss. Whizzer had nothing against Charlotte, of course, he just thought she had terrible taste in friends.

“Fine. I’d like to see you walk out the door then, Brown.” Marvin spoke up, turning his head to look at the boy sitting beside him, and just as his eyes landed on Whizzer, he couldn’t help but stare. The Gryffindor didn’t want to admit to it, but he missed seeing that stupid, pretty face of his. He let his eyes wander over Whizzer’s beautiful features for a few seconds before speaking up once more.

“If you’re not going to do anything else but insult my best friend, then you might as well just leave.” Marvin glared right at Whizzer, ignoring the fact that his heart was beating rapidly against his chest.

Whizzer jumped at the sound of Marvin speaking next to him, and his jaw set tightly. His eyes narrowed as he slowly turned his body to face his source of annoyance, “You..” he said, “..are not going to ruin my senior year. Do not talk to me, do not look at me, and do not even think about me, Marvin.”

Marvin glared at Whizzer, crossing his arms over his broad chest before Whizzer continued, “I am going to spend my eighth year with my best friend, whether you like it or not!” He said proudly and with finality, turning his back against Marvin, who looked way too good in his current, hideous outfit for comfort.

Meanwhile, Cordelia visibly cringed, and she mouthed the word ‘sorry!’ towards Whizzer from her spot leaning against Charlotte.

“Fine. So be it, Brown.” Marvin scoffed before turning away from Whizzer as well. Now, they both had their backs against one another.

Charlotte snorted, trying her best to hold her laughter back, “How cute, both of you.” She teased, poking fun at the show of immaturity that both boys had put up, “Whatever, sweetheart. That’s their own little problem and not ours.” She said, shifting her attention back to Cordelia, “Now tell me more about the cooking lessons you took.”

Both Marvin and Whizzer let out offended huffs at Charlotte’s words. Whizzer kept his mouth shut this time. All he had to do was get through this train ride and hopefully, he would never have to be in close quarters with Marvin for the rest of his days.

“Ooh, I learned how to make the most delicious pastries!” Cordelia said excitedly, lifting her head from Charlotte’s shoulder to look at the other girl with a twinkling glint in her eyes, “Whizzer may be acting like a sour puss right now, but Whizzer ate up the pumpkin danishes I made!” She giggled. Whizzer rolled his eyes. Yes, Cordelia does make delicious pumpkin danish, and he took advantage of that when he stayed overnight with Cordelia over the summer—but still, the world didn’t need to know that!

“Well, of course. Whizzer Brown is a selfish prick.” Marvin mumbled, making sure it was loud enough for Whizzer to hear.

“Oh come on, Marvin. You ate an entire plate of lasagna that was good for THREE people last month.” Charlotte laughed. Whizzer snickered at Charlotte outing Marvin. He loved the sight of the boy getting put in his place.

Marvin opened his mouth to defend himself but Whizzer decided to speak over him, “Keep my name out of your mouth.” He shot over to Marvin quickly, not even looking at him. He sat forward to watch the two girls in front of him, who had dropped out of the conversation in favor of going through their journals and giggling to themselves.

“Or what?” Marvin shot right back, facing forward and turning his head to glare at Whizzer, “Bet you can’t even look me in the eyes, Brown.” The slightly older boy growled with his arms crossed over his chest.

Whizzer scoffed, immediately whipping his head over to look at Marvin with an insult on the tip of his tongue, but he stopped short at the sight of Marvin’s unnecessarily blue eyes. He lost his train of thought for a moment—Merlin, he’d never been this close to Marvin before, has he always had such beautiful eyes? He immediately snapped himself out of it in favor of holding his ground, eyes narrowed.

“Or I’ll hex you into next week, that’s what.” Whizzer said, casually.

Marvin was oblivious to all that staring, and so he responded, “That’s against the rules, dumbass. You’ll get suspended if you try to hex anyone. Even more so if you hex Gryffindor’s Head Boy.”
God, Whizzer thought, Marvin was being ridiculous. Of course, it’s against the rules, is this boy stupid? He always states the obvious like he’s doing something special, but it’s always known information.

“I wish you were Gryffindor’s Dead Boy.” Whizzer shot back, with a sassy smirk on his face. He needed to stop getting so bothered by Marvin Cohen. He couldn’t have this kind of stress in his life right before he graduated.

Marvin, of course, was offended by his audacious remark. He took pride in being the student head of the Gryffindors, but he decided to keep his cool, “Your comebacks are just as lame as you are.” He forced himself to chuckle, “I’m not surprised, though. Your house is riddled with a bunch of losers.”

“Ugh!” The Slytherin exclaimed in disgust, his jaw dropping at the audacity of the boy, “Just as I thought! You have nothing better to do than to insult others instead of focusing on your own narcissistic self. Typical.” Whizzer spat, with his arms crossed like a belligerent child.

“So are you giving up or what? I’m obviously the winner of this argument.” Marvin said smugly, “..and you can’t do anything about it.” He snickered, keeping his eyes on Whizzer.

“Winning?!” Whizzer gasped, getting even more riled up. “I’m better than you, Marvin. Deal with it.”

“Oh, fuck off.”

“Whatever. I’m the bigger person, so I am ending this conversation.” Whizzer said with finality. He opened his suitcase just enough to pull out his sleeping mask, and slid it over his eyes before leaning against the wall to sleep, “God, where’s a silencing charm when you need it?” He muttered to himself before getting comfortable in his seat, preparing to doze off until they got to Hogwarts.

Marvin huffed before turning to watch whatever darted past outside the window. He slowly began to doze off as well, taking a quick rest before he had to deal with one last year at Hogwarts.