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Chapter One: Introductions

"Happy birthday!" Jackie exclaimed, handing a pink envelope to her best friend

"Fleetwood Mac?" Donna asked incredulously from their seats at the town's favorite teen hang out place: The Hub. She was staring in awe at the tickets on her hands.

"Yeah, it's the only band that we both like and…" Jackie's explanation was cut off when Donna threw herself into her, engulfing the brunette in a tight hug.

"Jackie this is amazing!" Donna beamed "But my birthday was like… almost two months ago, and you already gave me a purse for my birthday"

"Donna, it's still a present" Jackie retorted "And when people give you presents you don't ask them why, you thank them and change the subject before they regret it"

Donna laughed and hugged Jackie again "Well, thank you, this is the best present I've ever received"

Jackie smiled, it's rare seeing Donna this excited about something nowadays. Her parents are having trouble with their marriage and they're making her life a living hell. Just yesterday, Donna found out that whenever she has sleepovers at Jackie's, her parents throw nudist parties at their home. As if that isn't disturbing enough, they recently got into swinging. Poor Donna couldn't catch a break.

That's why Jackie moved heaven and hell to get those tickets, she actually had to stand in a line all by herself in Kenosha, surrounded by dirty hippies and perverts, just to get the tickets to the concert, and as if that weren't enough, she paid a fortune for them!

But Donna deserves it, in fact, Donna is the only person who she would've done this for. If there's one thing Jackie learned during all of these years cohabiting with her parents, it's that a good distraction can go a long way. Going to the concert is going to be good for her, Donna would get her mind off her parents for a while and God knows she needs it.

Jackie and Donna have a bond that neither of them completely understand, in theory, they're supposed to hate each other, but they've been inseparable since they were both 6.

It was their first day at second grade, Donna was new in town and Jackie had just transferred from private school. At first, Jackie thought that Donna was a little too masculine to hang out with her, but everything changed the moment that some dirty boy named Chip shoved her on the floor because she didn't want to play doctor with him. Little Donna saw everything and decided to defend Little Jackie's honor. After that, Chip had to go to the school nurse after eating a good amount of dirt, courtesy of Donna. Ever since that incident, the girls have been inseparable.

"I'll stop at your house friday night after cheer practice so we can get ready together, is that okay?" Jackie asked

"Sure, I'll ask my dad if he can drive us there" Donna answered, still staring in awe at the tickets "You're sleeping over after the show, right?"

"Well, my mom is home, so I probably will, yeah" Jackie answered

"Is she still giving you trouble?" Donna asked the cheerleader, worried about her. Pam Burkhart is not a good mother, and lately she's been home more often, causing Jackie a lot of unnecessary stress.

"She's been home for a week and I already caught her sleeping with the pool boy!" Jackie whined, leaning her head on her hands "My father is not even out of town yet!"

"You know you can sleep over anytime you want, right? My father says you're like his second daughter" Donna stated, trying to cheer up the girl sitting in front of her

Jackie smiled softly "I love Bob, and I promise that as soon as he gets rid of his perm I'll hug him"

Donna chuckled "God, I don't know why he did that, his head looks like a poodle's ass"

Jackie laughed and Donna stared at the tickets one more time "I'm finished with my fries, wanna go to my house and help me pick up an outfit?" Donna offered

"Okay, but no plaid!" Jackie said as she got her purse

"You just got us Fleetwood Mac tickets Jackie, I'll wear whatever you want me to" Donna said as they left the Hub, noticing Jackie's devilish smile, she added "Except pink!" 

"Dammit" Jackie muttered under her breath



Eric Forman stared longingly at the retreating figure of his biggest crush: Donna Pinciotti. The neighbor girl has been haunting his dreams since she first moved into the neighborhood and greeted him with a punch in the guts. Tough love.

He always hoped that he and Donna would be friends, and one day, their relationship would hit another level and they'd finally be boyfriend and girlfriend, like he always dreamt about. 

But he never actually got to the friendship part though, because as soon as school started, the girl wouldn't leave Jackie Burkhart's side, they were joined by the hip, and whenever Eric tried to approach the duo, he wussed out.

He never actually exchanged a word with Jackie, she was too intimidating. He always assumed she had high standards and would never hangout with a bunch of losers like he and his friends, and since Donna and Jackie would've never go anywhere without each other, consequently, he never exchanged a word with Donna as well. Except when they first met and she punched him, but in his mind that doesn't really count.

He overheard the girls talking when they walked through him and his friends. They're also going to the Fleetwood Mac concert this weekend, maybe he will finally be able to approach the girl next door…

The gang of misfits entered the hub and sat at their usual seats, Kelso and Fez were engulfed in a conversation regarding candy and porn, and Hyde was frowning at Eric's thoughtful gaze.

"Forman? Did you have a private circle today?" Hyde asked

Eric's thoughts are interrupted by his friend's question "Huh?" He asks, confused

"Are you on dope?" Hyde asked

"What? No, not yet" Eric answered "I was just… thinking about stuff" 

"I saw you drooling all over Donna and her friend, Forman" Hyde retorted

"Well, I may or may not have been thinking about them" 

"Thinking about who?" Fez asked, his curiosity winning over an argument of Playboys vs Tootsie rolls

"Donna and Jackie" Hyde answered

"I just heard they're also going to the concert this friday, and I thought that, y'know, that's cool, and stuff" Eric muttered

"Jackie is going to the concert?" Kelso asked, suddenly very interested in the conversation. Kelso has a weird obsession with Jackie since she rejected his innumerable attempts to ask her out

"Dude, you have a girlfriend" Eric reminded his dimwitted friend

"No, I have two girlfriends" Kelso smiled smugly, Hyde and Eric grimaced, Fez smiled admiringly at the taller boy

"Lucky bastard" Fez muttered

"He's dating the slutiest cheerleader from school and Laurie" Hyde pointed out "He's lucky he hadn't caught a VD yet"

"Still, he has two girlfriends! How many girlfriends does Fez have? None!" Fez pouted

"If Jackie is going to the concert then I'm on my way to three, pal" Kelso patted Fez's back, who glared at him

"Man, hasn't Jackie rejected you like, a million times already?" Hyde asked, he couldn't help but be annoyed at Kelso's antics, he may have never talked to Jackie, but he assumes it must not be nice being constantly harassed by a moron.

"She's just playing hard to get" Kelso said with a smug smile, and Hyde rolled his eyes, he was about to protest when Eric caught everyone's attention again

"Guys, do you think I should talk to her? At the concert?" Eric asked apprehensively

"Who? Donna?" Hyde asked and Eric nodded "Man, she lives next door to you for what? 10 years? You should've made your move long ago"

"Yeah man, that Donna chick is really hot" Kelso said with a big dumb grin "I mean, have you seen those jugs?" 

"Donna is the one with red hair, yes?" Fez asked

"Yes" Eric said dreamily "Beautiful red hair, just like Sissy Spacek" 

"Did you just compare your crush to the woman that plays Carrie?" Hyde frowned

"No, I mean, just her hair… Whatever Hyde!" Eric stuttered

"I wouldn't say Sissy has fiery red hair like Donna's…" Fez commented "It's more like… a strawberry blonde"

The three guys stared at the weird foreigner, then they shrugged and went back to their previous conversation, they were starting to get used to Fez's eccentricity.

"Anyways Hyde, how did you manage to get the tickets? They cost a fortune and you don't even like Fleetwood Mac that much" Eric asked

"Man, I was at the FotoHut and Leo arrived with 4 tickets in his hand, I asked where he got them and he said that he found them in his pocket while looking for his stash" Hyde related "He was about to use them to roll a joint so I had to intervene, and he just gave me them" 

"That's it?" Kelso stared dumbfounded at his burnout friend

"Yeah" Hyde stole some of Fez's fries and continued "If there's one thing I've learned during all this time working with Leo is to not ask questions, you'd just leave more confused than you already were" 

"Okay, going back to my previous problem" Eric started and the 3 other boys groaned "Should I approach Donna at the concert?" 

"She's going with Jackie, I thought you were afraid of Jackie" Hyde stated

"Don't worry man, I've got Jackie" Kelso winked at Eric's direction

For some reason, Hyde felt a strong urge to punch Kelso. He resisted, because there's no reason to punch him, right? He's just being his normal, moronic, self.

"I'm not afraid of Jackie!" Eric protested "She's just… she's rich, and mean, and bossy, and…"

"Super hot!" Fez completed

"Yes, she's hot, but I was going to say intimidating" Eric said "She intimidates me"

"Forman, and I mean this with all the respect…" Hyde slapped the back of his friend's head "You're a wuss, just ask her out already!"

"What if she rejects me?" He asked hesitantly

"Then you do what my buddy Fez here, does" He smirked

"Oh yes, a playboy and a bottle of moisturizer do wonders" Fez smiled

Eric, Hyde and Kelso stared in horror at Fez.

"I was going to say that he should start to hit on uggos" Hyde said, still disgusted at Fez's statement

"Oh yes…" Fez lowered his head and laughed uncomfortably "Uggos…" 



The two girls were sitting in the Pinciotti family car, the infamous El Dorado. Jackie looked at Donna and smiled, they spent a good part of the afternoon getting ready, and Donna hasn't complained about her parents once, she was just too excited to do so.

Fleetwood Mac is one of her favorite bands, and she couldn't wait to see Stevie Nicks on stage, that woman is one of her biggest inspirations. She is one of the strongest female figures in an industry that worships mostly male musicians, and she works really hard to change the perception of women within the 70s rock n roll circles. She's Donna's hero.

"So, Jackie, I've called your mother and she's going to pick you two up when the concert ends" Bob said as he parked the car in front of the arena

Jackie exchanged a worried look with Donna and turned to Bob "Mr. Pinciotti, are you sure she said she's going to pick us up? I mean, it is my mother and…" 

"Don't worry Jackie, she promised she's gonna make it this time" Bob tried to reassure the girl

Jackie knew that there was a big chance her mother was not going to show up, she never does. So while Donna said goodbye to her parents, Jackie opened her purse and checked if she had enough money to catch a cab home with Donna.

"Are you sure you're not going to be able to pick us up?" Donna asked her father apprehensively

"Honey, your mother and I are going to a special party, and I don't even know if we're spending the night home" He answered and Donna grimaced

"Okay dad, boundaries" She opened the door and left the car "Bye!" 

Jackie said goodbye to Mr. Pinciotti and left the car along with her friend.

"Should I ask?" Jackie approached her friend

"They're probably going to one of their swingers parties" Donna groaned "God, you'd think that I would catch a break for one night!"

"But you will! You're going to enjoy this concert and you won't think about your parents once, okay?" Jackie said

"Jackie, I can't control my mind…" Donna started

"Yes you can and you will" Jackie protested, grabbing her friend's arm and guiding her to the entrance "You will stare at Lindsey Buckingham's beautiful curly hair and enjoy the music!" 

"Lindsey Buckingham, Jackie?" Donna teased "You know, for such a princess you do have a thing for scruffy guys"

"Shut up!" Jackie scolded her friend "And you have a thing for scrawny guys!"

Donna laughed uncomfortably "What, I do not…"

Jackie rolled her eyes "I caught you staring at that geek that lives next door to you like, a hundred times already Donna!" 

"Hey! He doesn't seem to be that geeky" Donna defended her neighbor

"Donna, I don't know how or why you developed a crush on that boy" Jackie started "You're way too hot for him, but the heart wants what it wants so I say you should talk to him sometime soon" 

Donna blushed at the thought of that and decided to change the subject "Look, Jackie! Texans!" 

"Eww!!" The girl screeched and Donna laughed as both entered the crowded stadium



"Best. Concert. Ever!" Kelso stated

"We haven't seen you during the entire thing Kelso, and we had to wait like, half an hour for you to show up! We almost left without you" Eric complained 

"Well, normally I would be upset, but I'm not because I was doing it with two hot chicks!" Kelso shouted in glee, pumping his fist in the air

"Man, Julie is a bitch but I don't think it's cool to cheat on her this way" Hyde stated

"Oh please, like she doesn't cheat on him too" Fez said and Kelso glared at him

"Julie cheats on me?" He asked, looking genuinely upset

"You're dating the biggest whore from school, Kelso" Eric replied "And, you cheat on her constantly! Why do you care?"

"Damn Eric! Girls aren't supposed to cheat!" Kelso argued, Hyde rolled his eyes and changed the subject, knowing Kelso, he could whine for days.

"So Forman, no sign of the neighbor girl?" Hyde asked

Eric shoulders slumped "Yeah, I thought I was going to see her here"

"She lives next door to you, you see her all the time, just ask her out already" Fez said, impatient 

"It's not that easy, okay?" Forman tried to defend himself

As the gang of misfits made their way to Eric's Vista Cruiser, Hyde spotted a certain someone standing by herself in the middle of the parking lot. He smirked and nudged Eric.

"Isn't that the girl next door?" He said, pointing at the girl, who seemed scared

"Oh my God! It is! What is she doing all by herself in the middle of the night?" Eric asked

"Beats me, man" Hyde shrugged "But it looks like she could use some company, it is kind of dangerous for girls to be alone in a almost deserted parking lot in the middle of the night"

"Yeah… yeah…" Eric mumbled "You know what? We're going there" He said determinedly and walked into the girl's direction, having nothing better to do, Hyde, Kelso and Fez followed, Eric had the car keys after all.

Meanwhile, Donna was waiting at the dark parking lot, terrified of what could happen to her if some perverts see her alone like this. Jackie's been gone for almost 10 minutes, and she couldn't help but be worried about her friend.

As soon as the concert ended, both girls waited almost half an hour for Jackie's mom to appear, and so far, no sign of her. They both knew this was going to happen, but they still waited just in case. Jackie went to search for a public phone to try and contact her floozy mother, and Donna stayed in the parking lot in case Pam decided to show up, Jackie said that they're probably going to have to call a cab, but she still wants to check on her mother. Donna sighed, even though Jackie doesn't admit it, Pam has a drinking problem, when Jack's out of town, she tends to go a little crazy and Jackie gets worried.

And, to make things worse, Donna is freezing. It's mid april and she thought that maybe she wouldn't need a jacket, after all, Jackie said it wouldn't go well with her outfit. Donna scoffed, she also thought that she wasn't going to stand in the middle of a parking lot all by herself, and she underestimated Wisconsin's weather.

She felt a warm hand touching her shoulder and she felt frightened, that is definitely not Jackie, Jackie's touch is usually accompanied by her shrill voice, and that hand is pretty big to be hers. In less than a couple seconds, Donna decided to put in practice what she learned in the self-defense classes she took with Jackie and tackled the stranger to the floor in no time.

"Burn!" She heard someone yelling, and she recognized Michael Kelso's voice. That idiot yells all the time, everyone in school recognizes his voice by now.

She took a deep breath and analyzed the situation, she blushed furiously when she realized that the guy she tackled on the floor is Eric Forman, who's not only her neighbor, but also the boy that's been on her mind for a really long time.

"Oh my God! I'm so sorry!" Donna helped the boy off the ground and ignored his friends laughter

"That's okay" Eric said, his face has a bit red and his shaggy hair was all muffled "Guess now I know you can defend yourself"

Donna stared confused at him "What?"

"Oh, no, not like this!" Eric stuttered "Is just that you were alone here and we thought… well I thought… that, you know, it's dangerous for such a pretty girl to be standing alone in a dark parking lot"

Donna gave him a sheepish smile "Oh, I see. Thanks. I was actually starting to freak out a little before you guys arrived"

"Why are you alone here?" Eric asked

"My friend's mother was supposed to pick us up but she didn't showed up, so she went to find a phone to call her and I was waiting here, in case her mother decided to show up" Donna explained

"How long has she been gone?" Eric asked

"Almost 10 minutes, that's why I was starting to freak out a little…" Donna answered, concerned about her friend

"Want us to go search for her?" Hyde offered

"No, that's okay, I think I see her now" She said, looking at the petite brunette approaching them

"Jackie?" Donna called

Jackie was not in a good mood, and it was pretty noticeable. Her face was red and she looked really pissed about something, she was also completely oblivious to the presence of the 4 boys.

"Hey Donna, guess what? She's not going to show up, she's too busy with Julio to bother" Jackie stated

"Who's Julio?" Fez asked

Jackie stared confused at him "Who are you?" 

"Uh… Jackie, we have company" Donna pointed at the boys and Jackie's face flushed in embarrassment

"By the way, I'm Eric Forman" Eric introduced himself to the girls, smiling at Donna

"I'm Donna Pinciotti and that's Jackie Burkhart" Donna said "And I know who you are Eric, we live next door to each other since we're 6"

"Well, formalities…" Eric grinned shyly

Kelso approached the two girls "I'm Michael Kelso, the most handsome stud in Wisconsin"

Both Donna and Jackie rolled her eyes.

"And I am Fez" Fez introduced himself, trying to make his stallion face, both girls frowned at him

"Hyde" Hyde said, indicating himself

"Hey" Jackie smiled at him, and he felt a strong urge to smile back, instead, he focused on Forman, who was apparently engaged in a interesting conversation with Donna, he couldn't help but feel proud at him, 'Looks like he finally got himself a pair of balls' he thought

Jackie analyzed quickly the three boys keeping her company, since Donna was too busy talking with Eric. Kelso and Fez were staring at her like she's a piece of meat, and she couldn't help but be uncomfortable. Hyde was apparently paying attention at Eric and Donna's conversation, she couldn't really tell, since he was hiding his gaze behind sunglasses.

Jackie felt the cold wind and shivered a little, rubbing her own arms. She wanted to call a cab before becoming a popsicle but Donna looked too entertained and she didn't want to interrupt, for some twisted reason Donna has a crush on this guy, and she didn't want to disturb her.

"Hey Jackie?" She heard Michael Kelso approaching her "You cold?" He asked

"A little" She answered

He grinned and removed his jacket, placing it on her shoulders. Hyde was staring at the scene in front of him with a scowl, he doesn't know why it bothered him so much, maybe it's because he expected Jackie to reject Kelso, like she always does. Or maybe it's because he's tired of seeing Kelso playing with girl's feelings. Or maybe it just annoys him for no reason, he decided not to think much about it.

Jackie smiled at Kelso, it was really nice of him to give her his jacket while she was cold, but then he just had to open his mouth and ruin it.

"So, now that you have my jacket, when are we going to do it?" He asked expectantly

Jackie huffed and threw the jacket back at him, kicking him in the shins and making him fall on the ground. Hyde couldn't help but smile at the girl, she's feisty.

"Jackie has a temper" Hyde heard Donna whispering to Eric, who just nodded and stared at Kelso

"I would rather be cold, pig" Jackie said indignantly, and stepped away from Kelso and Fez, standing next to Hyde.

Hyde was intrigued, to say the least. As Jackie stood next to him, mostly to get away from his two pervert friends, he noticed she smelled like strawberries and vanilla, and he found himself wanting to hold her. He quickly shook the idea out of his head, he barely knows the girl, what the hell is going on?

Meanwhile Jackie stared at Kelso with a disgusted expression on her face, who the hell thinks that by borrowing his jacket to a girl, she owns him sex? That's disgusting and hella offensive. She wasn't kidding when she said she was cold, she was literally rubbing her arms in a failed attempt to warm her up, but she refuses to use Michael Kelso's jacket.

Hyde notices the goosebumps in her arms and how she's shivering from the cold wind. He cursed himself for what he was about to do.

"Hey, Jackie?" He called the girl, who turned to look at him with curious eyes


Hyde took off his jacket and placed it on her shoulders, she looked suspiciously at him and he sighed.

"Look, you shouldn't be cold just because Kelso's a moron" He explained himself, scratching the back of his neck in discomfort, what the hell is happening?

She smiled sweetly at him and before he could stop himself, he smiled back at her "Thank you" She said

"It's no big deal" He shrugged, they were both staring at each other with sheepish smiles on their faces

"So, you need a ride home?" Eric asked the girls, Donna smiled at him and answered

"That would be great, thank you" 

Jackie didn't answer mostly because she didn't even hear the question, she was too busy inhaling the intoxicating scent of the jacket she's wearing, it definitely smells like something woodsy, mixed with cigarettes and weirdly, peppermint.

"Jackie?" She heard Donna calling her


"Eric just offered us a ride home" She said, Jackie nodded and managed to give her friend a small smile

"Cool" She answered

"So, pretty ladies, to the batmobile!" Eric guided the girls to the Vista Cruiser parked not very far. Donna smiled at his geeky comment, Jackie and Hyde grimaced, Fez was in his own little world and Kelso was still pouting, upset about the kick he received moments before.

A few minutes passed and Jackie found herself sitting between Hyde and Fez. Fez seemed to be scooting closer to her and she was starting to feel uncomfortable, she exchanged a quick look with Hyde, and he punched the foreign kid in the arm.

"Ai!" Fez pouted and looked at Hyde questionably

"You know what that was for" Hyde answered

Jackie smiled at Hyde again, for someone who looked so scruffy and rude, he was being incredibly sweet with her today. She knows he goes to the same school as her but she never really paid much attention to him before, mostly because he always skipped class, but he's… pretty handsome. At some point he removed his sunglasses and she was completely mesmerized by his eyes. He has the most beautiful blue eyes, and she felt like slapping him from hiding such a beauty behind sunglasses all the time.

Hyde mentally cursed himself , because again he smiled back at the pretty girl sitting next to him. It was an involuntary reaction at this point. He noticed how small and cute she looked in his jacket, and he also noticed how fierce and badass she was when she stood up for herself and kicked Kelso when he started to harass her. He knew who she was, he wasn't stupid (or blind), he grew up listening to Forman babble about Donna and how if it wasn't for Jackie, Donna would probably be his girlfriend by now. Hyde almost scoffed just thinking about it, Forman was his brother, but the reason why Donna wasn't his girlfriend isn't Jackie, it's his own cowardice.

And even though he never really cared for school gossip, he knows Jackie is one of the most popular girls in Point Place. She's rich, drop dead gorgeous and the boys in town drooled all over her. He could understand why, she has big doll-like eyes, long and silky raven hair and her skin was just as smooth as porcelain. Suddenly he found himself wishing it wasn't night, so he could take a better look at her. She was probably one of the prettiest girls he's even seen.

Donna and Forman were actually getting along pretty well, they didn't stop talking since we approached her at the parking lot. By the looks of it, Forman is a lucky bastard, because Hyde's pretty sure that Donna likes Eric back.

"So, Jackie, where should I drop you off?" Eric asked

Jackie was startled for a second, she was so lost in thoughts about the curly haired boy sitting next to her, that she hadn't noticed that Eric had already dropped Kelso and Fez at their respective homes.

"She'll stay with me tonight" Donna answered, and she turned her head to look at Jackie "You okay?" She asked

"Just sleepy" Jackie answered, smiling softly at her friend

Soon, Eric parked in his own driveway, Jackie and Donna would have to walk only a few steps to reach the Pinciotti's.

Eric and Donna left the car first, Hyde left afterwards, but he held the door and waited until Jackie left so he could close it. Again, an involuntary gesture that he didn't know where the hell came from. He never acted all "gentlemanly" even with the girls he dated, so why the hell is he acting like this with a girl he literally just met?

Eric glanced nervously at Donna, she was pretty cool and he was surprised he managed to talk with her all night without saying something stupid. He wanted to see her again.

"So, Donna…" He started, glancing at the floor "My friends and I, we tend hang out on my basement basically all the time, it would be pretty cool if you decided to show up someday" 

Donna smiled "Yeah, that would be nice"

"So… tomorrow?" Eric asked hopefully

"Tomorrow" She confirmed, blushing a little

At the same time, Hyde and Jackie were having a conversation of their own. Jackie removed his jacket (even though it was so comfy and it smelled so good) and handed it to him, grinning shyly.

"Thank you for the jacket, really" She said

"You kicked Kelso, you made my night" He joked

"Well, he deserved it. I thought he had a girlfriend?" She asked

"He does, but that never stopped him before" Hyde answered

Jackie frowned "Ew" 

"Anyways, you should stop by with Donna tomorrow" He suggested, trying to sound casual

"Maybe I will" She smiled, then she looked questionably at him and he suddenly asked himself what he did wrong "Is your real name Hyde?" She asked curiously

"Hyde is my last name" He responded

"What is your first name?" She asked

And before he could stop himself, he answered "Steven"

He didn't know what the hell was happening to him today, maybe the stash he smoked earlier had something else in it, because he's nervous and he's afraid he's going to start twitching like Forman.

"Jackie" Donna called her, waiting for her to get inside

Jackie smiled and ignored the way her heart was beating frantically on her chest "Maybe I'll see you tomorrow, Steven "

He always hated his first name. The only ones allowed to call him Steven were the Forman's. Kelso tried to call him Steven once, and he ended up with a black eye for a week. Weirdly, he didn't mind when Jackie said it. In fact, it sounded right.

Before he could answer, he felt soft lips pressing against his cheek. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the strange sensation, and when he opened his eyes both girls were gone. He looked at Forman, and Forman looked dazed, he had a dumb grin in his face and he stared longingly at the house next door.

If Hyde wasn't dazed himself, he would've slapped Forman and dragged him inside. Instead, he found himself smelling his jacket. It smelled like strawberries and vanilla, and damn it if that isn't one intoxicating smell.

He decided to call it the day. He was definitely still high from the stash he smoked earlier, there was no way he would feel this way sober. This is all too overwhelming and weird, he needed to sleep and maybe tomorrow he would be able to think properly again.