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Rock you like a hurricane

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Chapter five: Everybody gets a biscuit

"How was it?" Jackie promptly asked her best friend as she walked into the basement.

Donna just returned from the Hub, where she was meeting with Buddy Morgan. He was the editor of the school paper since Brooke Rockwell graduated the year before, and Jackie encouraged Donna to publish one of her short stories in the paper. It took a lot of time and persuasion, but Donna finally agreed, and she looked happy.

"You were right! The story will be out by next week!" Donna said, grinning from ear to ear and hugging her best friend

"Donna, we've been friends for over 10 years, when are you going to learn that I'm always right?" Jackie responded with a grin of her own

"Wait, what's going on?" Eric asked curiously

Donna smiled and sat next to him on the couch, ignoring the butterflies on her stomach.

"I wrote a short story a while ago, and Jackie found it when she was snooping in my room" Donna said, trying to glare at Jackie, who was smirking in response

"What? I was looking for my Nancy Drew book!" Jackie said, and Donna rolled her eyes with an amused expression

Hyde observed the scene quietly from his chair. Man, Nancy Drew? Seriously? God, he feels like he's going insane, because this girl likes Nancy Drew, ABBA, cheerleading and all things material, yet he can't get her off his mind. The fact that he's extremely attracted to her sometimes sickens him.

"Anyways" Donna continues "Jackie's been nagging me for a whole week, saying that the story is really good and that I should publish it in the school newspaper. I wasn't going to do it, but somehow Jackie managed to convince me"

"I'm incredibly persuasive" Jackie added with a proud smile

Hyde wondered if she pouted and made those puppy eyes at Donna. God knows he can't resist it when she does it to him.

"So I asked Buddy to meet me at the Hub after school today, I showed him my story and he loved it!" Donna said, smiling excitedly

"Congratulations, Donna!" Eric said, smiling at the redhead. He took advantage of the opportunity and hugged her, enjoying the feeling of being so close to her. 

Jackie smiled softly at the sight. Donna must be freaking out! That's so cute. She sighed dreamily, what wouldn't she give to make Steven hug her like that… Donna is so lucky. The scrawny nerd is obviously head over heels for her.

"I preferred when she was hugging Jackie" Fez said, and Eric and Donna broke their hug. Both blushing furiously.

Jackie rolled her eyes. Way to kill a mood, Fez.

"So, what's the story about?" Hyde asked curiously

"It's about this woman, who lives the same monotonous routine with her husband everyday. They hang out with this couple and Laura - the name of my main character - secretly envies her friend, who was always happy. One day, she's waiting for her husband to come home so they can go out with this other couple again, when she sees the most beautiful roses in her living room. She wants to give it as a present to her friend, who she was about to meet, but then there's this whole inner dialogue with herself…" Donna explains excitedly

"Hey, don't spoil it!" Jackie interrupted her friend with a small smile "They will read your story on monday and praise you for it, like the rest of the school"

"Wow, it actually sounds like a really cool story" Eric said, smiling sheepishly at Donna

"You got me intrigued, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm actually looking forwards to read the school paper" Hyde said, with a small grin on his face

"It sounds confusing" Fez contemplated "Is it erotic?"

Donna frowned at him "No"

"Well, I will read it, even though there won't be any boobs in it, but Buddy Morgan should really accept my suggestions one of these days!" Fez said, pouting "People would form lines to get the newspaper if there's boobs in it"

Hyde chuckled "Yeah, I don't think Buddy Morgan would be on that line"

"Why not? It's boobs! Is he crazy?" Fez asked, completely oblivious to everyone's looks. The whole school knew about Buddy's sexuality by now, how could Fez be so naive?

They all silently decided not to tell him. No one wanted to spend the whole day answering Fez's dirty questions.

A couple hours have passed, along with a circle and a few episodes of Gilligan's island. Gilligan's failures were a lot funnier to watch when they were high.

But now both Gilligan's island and the high were over, and Hyde was starting to get bored.

"Hey, I just noticed that Kelso's not here" Donna said

"He's upstairs with Laurie" Eric answered, grimacing at the thought of Kelso and his slutty sister

"Sometimes I'm baffled that Kelso hasn't made a visit to the free clinic yet" Hyde said

"Well, he's bound to sometime. He's sleeping with Julie and Laurie at the same time, and those girls are as sluttier as it gets" Jackie gave her input "No offense, Eric"

"Non taken" Eric shrugged

"Okay, you're all boring me" Hyde said, eyeing everyone in the basement "Forman, play chess with me" He demanded, and Jackie bit her lip nervously, he was extremely sexy when he was bossing people around.

"Man why would I want to play chess with you? You always win" Eric said

"Because I am amazing" Hyde said, grinning mischievously "It's like taking candy from a baby"

"Why don't you play with Fez or Kelso?" Donna asked

"Because Kelso doesn't have enough brain cells to understand chess, and Fez is a sore loser" He explained

"Am not!" Fez protested

"Yes you are, man" Eric gave his input "We were playing candyland, I won and you kept calling my house in the middle of the night to curse me for a week" 

Jackie frowned and looked at Fez "You seriously did that?" 

"It wasn't fair. He cheated." Fez defended himself

"Well, it was candyland," Hyde said "So Fez took it personally"

"Ai" Fez said, pouting sadly "I wish candyland was a real place" 

Eric started to laugh and turned to Hyde "Man, remember the day Fez glued his hands to his pants because Kelso told him that that would create a portal to candyland?" 

Hyde laughed along with Eric "That was a good day, man"

"No it wasn't!" Fez glared at them, crossing his arms "Everyone thought I was touching myself!"

Jackie and Donna stared at the three boys, unsure of what to do. Hyde and Eric were laughing loudly, Jackie was trying to repress a chuckle and Donna was staring at Fez with disbelief. The poor man was so naive, she felt bad for him.

"If you excuse me, I will go drown my sorrows in candy. Now good day" Fez said, leaving his chair 

Hyde rolled his eyes "But Fez…"

"I said good day!" Fez said, leaving through the basement door. Hyde and Eric were still chuckling.

Jackie stole a few glances at Hyde. He's so handsome, and he has such a beautiful smile. She wished he'd smile more often. Without even thinking, she blurted:

"I don't know how to play chess, but you can teach me if you want. I always wanted to learn" 

He looked at her suspiciously, she really wants to play chess with him? He wasn't hallucinating? Holy crap.

"It's a pretty complicated game, you sure you'll get it?" He asked

Jackie raised her eyebrows at him "I thought we agreed that I'm smart?" 

He chuckled "Sorry, I still think it's weird. I've never seen a hot chick playing chess before" 

The minute the words left his lips he wanted to slap himself. Did he just call her hot? On her face? In front of their friends? Dear God.

Donna observed the whole scene ahead of her with a smirk. Hyde is clearly into Jackie, and Jackie is clearly into him, but neither of them are aware of that. If it wasn't for Jackie's insecurities, she's sure they'd have hooked up by now, but Jackie insists that Hyde would never like her this way, and she couldn't be more wrong.

Eric was shocked at Hyde's words, he was involuntarily plain flirting with Jackie. It seems that the words just blurted out of his mouth without him even realizing, because he could swear on his Millennium Falcon replica that he just saw Hyde blushing for a millisecond. 

Jackie's heart was dancing inside her chest. Steven said she was hot! Of course she already knew that she was hot. Every citizen in Point Place knows that she's hot, hell, the entire population of Wisconsin knows that she's hot, but Steven actually said it! He's just stating a fact and that probably doesn't mean anything to him, but she couldn't stop the huge grin that plastered across her face.

"Well, you're about to." She answered, trying to stop herself from giggling and moving to sit on the corner of the couch, near the table where he placed the chessboard, and consequently, near his chair. 

Hyde tried to hide a smile. Whenever she's too close to him he can smell strawberries and vanilla, and that's the most intoxicating scent in the world. He started to set up the board and she was smiling gently at him.

Donna was holding herself back. She wanted to go over there, grab their heads and make them kiss already. Jackie is probably one of the smartest people she knows, how can she be so blind?

She felt Eric moving a bit on his seat next to her and turned to look at him. He was yawning, and then, out of nowhere, his arm was leaning on the back of the couch, almost touching her shoulders. She blushed furiously, and tried to hide a smile. Maybe he just needs to stretch his arm, it's no big deal, or maybe he's trying to make a move? She really can't tell. She wishes Jackie would stop making googly eyes at Hyde for a moment and focus on her problem here! She's definitely going to need advice about this later.

Hyde looked at Forman and grinned, the good old yawn and grab. It never fails. He could see Donna blushing from a mile away. 

Unbeknownst to the two almost couples, someone was staring at them at the end of the staircase, and that person was almost bursting with joy. That has to be one of the cutest things she's ever seen! She was seriously considering going upstairs and grabbing her camera to register the moment.

Kitty Forman smiled at the sight of her two boys, who were so clearly in love with those beautiful girls. Steven was stealing glances at Jackie whenever he thought she wasn't looking, and every now and then their gazes would meet and they'd both look away shyly. And Eric had his arm around Donna, or almost. She could see Donna blushing and Eric smiling to himself.

She couldn't wait to tell Red! Oh, but he wouldn't believe her, not without any proof. That's it, she needed her camera! She was about to sneak upstairs to grab it when she dropped her laundry basket. She silently cursed herself.

Startled by the noise, Eric removed his arm from his previous position, and everyone's attention was on the Forman's matriarch.

"Mom?" He asked, hesitantly

Hyde and Eric both silently prayed for whatever God that was willing to listen for Mrs. Forman to keep her mouth shut.

"Hey kids!" Kitty said, trying to sound nonchalant "I was about to do the laundry"

"Uh… Good?" Eric said, confused

"I believe I haven't properly met you two!" Kitty said, directing her attention to the girls, for Eric's and Hyde's panic.

"Uh… I think that Kelso introduced us a while ago…" Donna said

"Well, it's Michael, so that does not count" Kitty said, laughing "I'm Kitty Forman, and the redhead is Donna, and the brunette is Jackie, right?" 

"Right" Jackie confirmed with a small smile

"Oh, Jackie, Red told me wonderful things about you!"

"He did?" Eric asked

"Jackie and Steven helped your father to fix your car a couple weeks ago" Mrs. Forman answered

Eric grinned slyly, and Hyde glared at him "Oh, really?" 

"Someone had to," Jackie said "Mr. Forman said Eric is physically incapable of holding a flashlight"

"I am not!" Eric protested

Hyde grinned at Jackie, he loves when she burns Forman like this. 

"Okay then" Kitty laughed "Are you two lovely girls busy tonight?" 

Hyde and Eric exchanged worried looks. This cannot be good.

"No" Donna answered

"Then I'd be honored to have you two over for dinner! I would really like to get to know you two better" Kitty said

Jackie smiled at her. Eric doesn't know how lucky he is, his mother is adorable, and so caring. She may be old and not very fashionable, but she's everything she's ever wanted for a mom. She would give anything for Pam to be 1% of what Mrs. Forman is.

"We'll be here" Jackie answered with such a kind voice that Kitty wanted to hug her. So she did.

"You'll each get your own biscuit! Oh, it's going to be so much fun!!" Mrs. Forman said, pulling away from Jackie and trying to control her giddiness. She could see that Eric and Steven were uncomfortable, but she just couldn't help it, her baby boys are in love!

"If your biscuits are half as good as your brownies and your cookies then I'll be in heaven" Donna said, smiling

"Oh, you're just too nice!" Kitty answered, putting a hand on her heart "I'll go defrost the chicken! Dinner will be ready at seven sharp! Don't be late!" She finished, smiling at the girls and heading back upstairs

"Wow" Hyde said, after a few seconds "We'll each get our own biscuit, guess we're adults now" 

"What do you mean?" Jackie asked

"Whenever my mom makes big dinners, she makes a batch of biscuits" Eric explained "But only the responsible adults are allowed to have one" 

"Well, I'm flattered" Donna said "Your mom is so cool"

"My mom?" Eric laughed uncomfortably "Well, yeah, but I feel like I should warn you that she's a little nosey… and my dad is kind of grumpy"

"Kind of?" Hyde raised an eyebrow at Eric

"Okay, he may or may not threaten to put his foot in my ass on a daily basis" Eric sighed

"Mr. Forman said he threatens you because you're a dumbass" Jackie said, and Hyde snickered

"How much interaction did you have with my father?" Eric asked

"Plenty" Jackie smiled wryly "Be warned"

Donna fidgeted nervously on her seat, she wishes she could look nonchalant as Jackie, but she's nervous, that could be her future mother in law! What if she doesn't like her? Oh God, she feels sick.

Jackie noticed Donna's nervousness and smiled softly at her friend, taking her hand and making her stand up.

"Well, we have almost four hours until dinner, which means I have four hours to make Donna less manly" Jackie perked up and Donna rolled her eyes. Jackie turned to look at Hyde and smiled softly "Rain check? I still want to learn how to play chess" 

Hyde smiled back "Sure thing, doll"

"See you in a few hours" Donna ssid, letting Jackie drag her out of the basement

"Hey Hyde?" Eric called his best friend, who was currently still coming down from his Jackie induced high.


"We're so fucked" Eric said, staring at the door

"Yup" Hyde agreed without hesitation.

The girls would be arriving in less than an hour, and Hyde didn't know what to do. Eric was upstairs, getting "snazzy" for dinner. He spent over an hour looking for his lucky shirt, and Hyde had a lot of fun mocking him for it.

Kelso made a brief appearance after the girls left, claiming that Laurie kicked him out and that he was off to see Julie. Funny thing is, about fifteen minutes after Kelso was gone, Hyde saw another guy sneaking through Laurie's window. Jackie was right, Kelso was dating the two biggest whores in town.

And Fez didn't return after his little tantrum this afternoon. Hyde assumed he was either at the candy store or at bible study with his host parents.

And Hyde was bored. He went upstairs and found Mrs. Forman in the kitchen, preparing the meal they'd be eating in a few minutes.

"Steven!" Mrs. Forman called him "Why aren't you dressed up?"

"Uh…" Hyde answered, confused "Am I supposed to dress up?"

"Of course you are! You won't win Jackie's heart by wearing your concert t-shirts, Steven!" 

"Wait, who said something about winning Jackie's heart?" He laughed nervously

"Oh please" Kitty scoffed "I may have not given birth to you, but I am your mother and I know you with the palm of my hand! You like that girl!" 

Hyde tried to repress a smile. He always enjoyed hearing Mrs. Forman referring to him as his son, he sure does consider her to be his mother. He can't lie to her.

"I'm not supposed to like her, Mrs. Forman" He said sadly

"And yet you do" She said, smiling softly at him

"But she's shallow, and rich, and mean, and bossy" He mumbled pathetically

"She's also beautiful and kind, and she likes you too" She answered

Steven scoffed "Yeah, right"

There's no way a girl like Jackie could ever like him. That's just impossible. She's too good for him, he'll never be able to keep her happy and provide her with the things she needs. Besides, Jackie grew up on the other side of town, the rich side of town. She grew up hearing that people like him are barely people, and that she should keep her distance.

"Steven, when are you going to stop thinking you're not worthy of good things?" Mrs. Forman asked, saddened by the boy's self-loathing. If she ever encounters either Edna or Bud Hyde, she'll kill them.

Hyde didn't answer, hoping that Mrs. Forman would drop the subject. He really doesn't want to discuss this right now.

"Well…" She started, patting his shoulder and going back to her cooking "She's got Red's seal of approval, and that's not an easy thing to get" 

Hyde smiled, remembering the day they helped Red with the car. He wondered what Red and Jackie talked about before he saw them. Red is a good man, and he knew there was something extra special about Jackie the minute she saw her with him, he doesn't tend to like other people.

"Yeah…" Hyde said, smiling softly "But do I really need to change?"

Mrs. Forman gave him a meaningful look and he sighed "Fine, I'll wear a button shirt, but I'll keep my jeans!" 

Mrs. Forman clapped excitedly and kissed him on the cheek "Yay! I can't wait for dinner!"

Hyde smiled and went back to the basement. Apparently he needs to get changed.             

"Wait, are we supposed to enter through the kitchen, like we always do, or should we knock on the front door?" Donna asked, fidgeting with the hem of her dress

"I don't know" Jackie thought "And Michael's not here to drag us inside like last time"

"Thank God for that" Donna laughed nervously

Jackie smiled at her nervous friend "I think we should enter through the kitchen, Mr. Forman would be grumpy if he had to get up from his chair just to answer the door"

Donna chuckled "Seriously, how long did you spend fixing the car with him?"

"I don't know, a couple hours?" Jackie answered, applying her lip gloss "But Steven talks a lot about him"

"Steven, huh?" Donna teased, making Jackie blush "Could you be more obvious, Jackie?" 

Jackie widened her eyes "Shush!! And oh my God, do you think he noticed?" 

"No, I don't think so" Donna answered "I'm surprised he didn't. You two are so oblivious, it's almost funny"

Jackie looked curiously at Donna as they made their way downstairs "What do you mean?" 

"C'mon Jackie, he clearly likes you back!" 

Jackie scoffed "Yeah, right"

Donna rolled her eyes in frustration "Jackie, he called you hot today. In front of everyone"

"But I am hot!" Jackie said, pouting slightly "He was just stating a fact, every boy with eyes knows that. That doesn't mean he's actually attracted to me, Donna!"

"Uh… yeah it does"

"No, that means that he thinks that I'm hot, and that I'm the perfect material for a quick fuck. Every guy thinks like this" Jackie answered

"Whatever you say, Jackie." Donna said, dropping the subject for now. Jackie is the most stubborn person she knows.

"Okay, we're here. How do I look?" Jackie asked, stopping in the Forman's driveway

"You look great Jackie, you always do" Donna answered, rolling her eyes

"Well, you look quite amazing yourself" Jackie said, analyzing her work "You should wear dresses more often"

Donna smiled. She was feeling really pretty, and as much as she complained, she loved when Jackie insisted on doing a makeover on her. It was always a great boost to her self-esteem.

"Let's get inside" She said, opening the sliding door and running straight into Eric, who was sitting on the kitchen table, his mother was removing a very appetizing looking pie from the oven.

His breath hitched when he saw Donna. She looked so pretty, he felt like getting on his knees to worship her.

"Wow… you look… damn" He said to a blushing Donna, with a smirking Jackie behind her

"Thank you" Donna smiled

"Oh, don't you two look adorable!!" Mrs. Forman said, hugging each of the girls "Eric, Donna, can you two help me set the table while Jackie gets Steven downstairs?"

Eric and Donna looked at each other and smiled shyly, nodding before heading to the dining room along with Mrs. Forman. Jackie took a deep breath, Steven is probably in the basement watching TV, but she still couldn't help but be a little bit nervous.

She quickly made her way to the basement, and she hadn't seen Steven anywhere. She was about to leave when she remembered his room is in the back of the basement.

"Steven?" She called, knocking lightly on the door

"Come in" She heard his muffled voice and apprehensively opened his door

Her breath hitched when she saw him. He looked so handsome, with his slightly wet hair and a button shirt. She could smell his aftershave and God... This had to be some kind of punishment of sorts, the universe was punishing her for being too bitchy by making her fall for someone who she could never have. Being able to look, but not to touch.

He hasn't noticed her presence yet, too busy struggling to button the last few buttons of his shirt. 

"Hey" she said, announcing her presence 

"Hey" He said, focusing his gaze on Jackie. She looked absolutely gorgeous, and he felt paralyzed for a few seconds… she's just… Too perfect to be real "You look beautiful" He blurted, and Jackie beamed at him

"Oh my God, so do you" She answered promptly, blushing slightly. She looked up at him and saw him smiling softly at her, his shirt wasn't completely buttoned and she could see his chest hair… "Do you need any help with that?" She asked, pointing at his shirt

"Yeah… sure" He said "I don't know why they make these buttons so God damn small…"

She smiled up at him and started to help him with his shirt. Her manicured fingers brushed through his chest and he felt goosebumps rising all over his body, and he prayed that she didn't notice.

She didn't. She was too busy admiring the man in front of her, his broad shoulders, the way the shirt was a little bit tighter near his chest, his beautiful blue eyes… She wanted to cup his face, feel the smoothness of his cheeks contrasted with the roughness of his sideburns, she wanted to feel his breath fanning across her face, she wanted to press her lips against his… 

"Jackie?" She heard him calling her, interrupting her dirty thoughts, she looked up at him and grinned slightly, finishing with the buttons and adjusting the collar of his shirt.


"Thank you" He said, trying to focus on something other than her lips, otherwise he might do something incredibly stupid and ruin the nice friendship he built with the girl.

He wanted her so bad, but he couldn't have her, not the way he really wanted to, and there's no way he could cut her off his life. He likes her way too much for that, so he was content with her friendship, if that's all she's willing to offer him.

"You're welcome" She answered, removing invisible lint from the front of his shirt. Definitely not an excuse to feel his defined chest, not at all… He moved to grab his watch and she went back to reality, cursing herself for almost throwing herself on him. He must think she's such a whore! "Mrs. Forman asked me to get you, dinner is ready"

"Cool," he answered "Is Forman upstairs already?" 

"Yeah, he and Donna are setting the table"

"You think he's going to make a move?" Hyde asked, with a smirk

"I don't think so" Jackie replied, leaving the basement with him "And she's so clearly into him! He's either not into her, or he's completely stupid"

"Yeah, it's definitely the second one" Hyde answered, staring longingly at the girl walking ahead of him. She's right, Forman is stupid. If Jackie showed just the slightest bit of interest, like Donna does for Forman, Hyde wouldn't waste any time.

When they arrived at the dining room, everyone was already at the table. Mr and Mrs. Forman were sitting on the extremities of the table, and Forman was sitting in front of Donna. Hyde glared at his friend, Donna was making googly eyes at him right at this moment, and he hasn't even noticed! He sighed as he took his seat, punching Forman in the arm in the process.

"Ow! What was that for?" Eric asked, rubbing his injured arm

Red rolled his eyes at his son's obliviousness. The neighbor girl was staring all lovingly at him and he didn't even notice! Eric was lucky Steven was the one sitting next to him, a punch in the arm is nothing compared to a foot in the ass  "Even I know what was that for, dumbass"

Eric stared at his father and just shrugged. He still doesn't know why Hyde frogged him, but it's probably something dumb he did without even realizing. That happens often.

"Should we wait for Laurie?" Mrs. Forman asked, making Hyde, Eric and Red look at her like she's crazy, while the girls observed the scene in silence "Nevermind"

The food was amazing. Jackie had a personal chef at home and Mrs. Forman's food was better than anything he could ever cooked. It tasted like home.

"So, Jackie, what do your parents do?" Mrs. Forman asked

Hyde looked curiously at the girl. He knows she doesn't like speaking about her parents, and he was ready to change the subject if he saw the slightest bit of discomfort in her.

"My dad's the city's councilman" She answered "And my mom used to be a real estate agent"

"Used to?" Mrs. Forman questioned

"She quit a couple years ago" Jackie said

"Oh, and what is she doing now? Taking care of home, I assume?" Mrs. Forman asked, and Jackie smiled sadly at her

"No, she travels a lot" Jackie answered, and luckily, Hyde didn't had to change the subject, since everyone's attention was now in the person who just entered the room

"Laurie" Eric said, glaring at his older sister, who just smirked in response.

"You two are pretty" Laurie stated, looking at the girls "Why are you hanging out with my brother and his loser friends?" 

Jackie and Donna stared at the older girl, not sure about how to answer her. They heard many stories about Laurie - she has a very known reputation and Eric tends to complain about her constantly - and they had yet to decide if Laurie's cool or not.

Jackie couldn't hide her annoyance at Laurie's comment, because yeah, Eric's a loser but Steven is so definitely not! She would've sent a snarky retort to the girl if her parents weren't sitting in the same room.

"Don't you have to whore around somewhere?" Eric asked his sister

Laurie smirked at him "Is my presence bothering you, little brother?" 

"Yeah, plenty" Eric answered 

"Would you two stop that?" Kitty interrupted the small banter between the siblings "Laurie, why don't you sit down and have dinner with us?

"Do I have to? I mean, I have to attend a frat party in like, 5 minutes" Laurie said

"Oh Laurie…" Mrs. Forman started, looking disapprovingly at her daughter "Do what you think it's best" She said, hoping that her daughter would make the decision of staying and connecting to her family. Jackie and Donna are nice girls and it wouldn't hurt if Laurie made friends with them too.

"Okay, see ya then" Laurie said with a perky smile, leaving the room. Kitty sighed and Red rolled his eyes, unbothered.

"And that" Eric started "Was my whorey sister"

"Eric…" His father reprehended him, without looking away from his food, and Eric rolled his eyes

"Oh, she's just…" Mrs. Forman muttered in frustration

"A tramp?" Eric said, and his father glared at him

"Anyways…" Mrs. Forman regained her composure "What about your parents, Donna?" 

"Well… you know my parents already. My dad owns a small business and my mom takes care of home" Donna answered

"Your parents are weird" Red stated

"Red!" Mrs. Forman scolded her husband

Donna chuckled "It's okay, Mrs. Forman, I know they're weird"

"Their daughter is not. Bob and Midge did a good job raising you, you're a really nice girl" Kitty said, making Donna smile

The rest of the dinner went smoothly. Kitty got to know the girls better and was delighted by them, she could already imagine a few redheaded grandbabies and a few curly haired ones in the future, and she was ecstatic! To Eric and Hyde's relief though, she didn't made any inappropriate comments at all, but she did giggled loudly when she saw Eric offering Donna his biscuit, and she almost melted when she saw all the times Steven looked at Jackie and smiled to himself.

After the pleasant evening, Kitty said the kids should go back to the basement, and Red decided to help his wife clean up after the kids were gone. She was giggling the whole time.

"Our boys are in loo-ve" She singsonged 

"You don't know that, Kitty" Red said, trying to hide a smile himself

"I'm their mother, of course I do. And they are such nice girls, Red!" She said

"Yeah, they lucked out" He agreed "But from what I've seen, neither Eric nor Steven made their moves yet. Dumbasses." 

"Oh please" Kitty scoffed "It's just a matter of time, Eric was almost drooling all over Donna and Steven was stealing glances at Jackie every time he thought no one was looking" 

Red grinned, Steven's behavior towards Jackie reminded him a lot of Kitty and himself. Steven's gruffy demeanor softens whenever Jackie is around, and Jackie is perky and cheerful just like Kitty. It's like looking at a younger version of themselves.

"What's with the smile, grumpy face?" Kitty teased her husband

"I don't know about Eric, but I'm pretty sure Steven found his Kitty" He said, grinning slightly

Kitty beamed at her husband and wrapped her arms around his waist "You are the sweetest man alive, Red Forman"