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Haikyuu Group Chat: Karasuno (KGC): Someone has a crush on Daichi????

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Kiyoko: Hinata. Were you talking about Michimiya Yui from the girl’s club

Hinata: Yes!!!!

Kiyoko: Hinata I’m dating her

Kiyoko: She most certainly does not have a crush on Daichi

Kiyoko: You overheard wrong. She had a crush on Daichi like, 6 weeks ago. Then I happened.

Yachi: The emotional gymnastics of this convo

Kageyama: Hinata I am going to sell your volleyball shoes


Nishinoya: I mean, if your mistake puts your 4 friends in a stelluple, then I think it slides

Tsukishima: What the fuck is that word

Nishinoya: It’s like, a stella, but gay boys

Tsukishima: Nishinoya shut the godtdamned fucking hell the fuck up

Sugawara: Enough!! No cursing! Be nice!

Tanaka: Still dying over “sell your volleyballs shoes” lol

Tanaka: The infamous Miyagi volleyball shoe black market

Sugawara: Okay babies! My carriage is here! Be kind to each other while your dads are away!

Daichi: Okay guys. I’m off. Have fun

Yachi: Bye guys! Enjoy your date!

Yamaguchi: Have fun, dad, daddy, father, and papa

Yamaguchi: You may chose which one you are lol

Ennoshita: When we got to Sugawara’s house we all got out and hugged but then they took turns dipping me and kissing me and trying to make me blush (and succeeding) so I dipped Asahi and kissed him which made him laugh so Daichi dipped Suga and kissed him a lot to make up for not kissing him for the past three years but that made Asahi jealous so he dipped both Daichi and Suga but he almost fell so I tried to catch him but I fell and now we’re all on the ground covered in dandelion fluff and laughing and blushing.

Ennoshita: Today is a good day.

Yachi: That killt me. That killt me ded.

Yachi: Have fun guys!

Hinata: Have fun!

Kiyoko: Drive safe.