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On the Cliffs of Insanity

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“So, is it a deal?”

“We both get them back and everything goes back to normal, right?”

“Exactly. You get Dream, we get Techno. It all works out.”

“What if they try to fight back?”

“First, they won’t. After all, we’re all friends here. Besides, once we have them back, we’ll all be together and won’t let the two escape. Now, do we have a deal or not?”

“Fine. We have a deal.”


The eight games passed without much care. After all, it was, in the end, dodgeball that mattered the most. First and second place battled it out with five rounds, first to three wins. Whoever won won the entire Championship. And battling it out in the arena were the Aqua Axolotls and the Pink Parrots.

Two teams of four. Two arrows. One shrinking arena.

One winner.

However, unknown to the teams, a more sinister plot was brewing between some of the teammates of the Green Guardians and the Red Rabbits, specifically George, Sapnap, Wilbur, Phil, and Tommy. No one would have any chance to even unveil this plot; they hid it too well.

As the first round was given to the Pink Parrots, George glanced across the way and caught Wilbur’s eyes. A short nod from the one in green showed that they were ready but were the others? Wilbur gave him a sly smile, giving the other man the answer he needed. They both glanced away just as the second round started up, the odds in the Pink Parrots’ favor.

The second and third round went to the Aqua Axolotls and the Pink Parrots respectively. This time, Phil and Tommy both looked at Sapnap who gave a barely noticeable nod. Phil smiled at him while Tommy just turned away, a smirk on his face. Sapnap glanced back at the arena, a smile on his face while the fourth round went to Aqua Axolotls.

It was the final round when it all went wrong. When the two teams teamed up to finally get their friends back.

However, no one noticed at first. The excitement in the air and the screams seemed to muffle anything that would happen. The world could dive into oblivion and no one would notice because this was the Championship. This was the time to prove yourself.

And as this Championship started to wind down, people started to let their guard down.

No one was prepared. No one was ready.


Dream could feel his heart in his chest as he held his bow with a death grip. The cheering around him got progressively louder as the sun beat down on the two teams. He squinted against the sun, trying to see a familiar face in the crowd. He couldn’t see anyone. The sun blinded him but that thought was pushed away as the timer started to count down.

“Ready?” Technoblade yelled against the cheers, sweat slipping down his face and his original crown set perfectly on his head. He glanced at his teammates, anticipation in the air.

“As ever!” Micheal yelled back, his smile bright on his face. Burren gave a thumbs up and then Techno turned to Dream.

“Let’s do this!” Dream screamed and it seemed like the audience got even louder until it was almost deafening.

3, 2, 1, go!

The arrow immediately popped up on either side and the game started. Burren immediately sprinted forward, grabbing the arrow and knocking it back.

The final round to separate the winner from the losers has begun.

However, the Pink Parrots didn’t even notice the Red Rabbits or Green Guardians move.

Burren hit an opposite player who fell to the ground, dead, before he too was hit.

They didn’t even notice the Red Rabbits or Green Guardians get out weapons, hidden from everyone else.

The Pink Parrots started to dodge, sprinting along their side of the arena and waiting for the arrow to pop up again. Dream grabbed it but unfortunately missed.

They didn’t even notice the Red Rabbits or the Green Guardians start to kill. People started to fall but it wasn’t noticed by anyone. If they did notice, they were already dead.

Techno grabbed both arrows when the other team missed, hitting two of their teammates. He let out a yell of triumph before narrowly missing an arrow. The three ran side to side.

They didn’t even notice that the cheering was missing. Bodies started to pile up but the music playing hid any noises of pain or cheers. It was the perfect crime.

Micheal was hit soon after Techno shot his arrows. It was a two v. one. Once again, the odds were in their favor but it would seem that it didn’t matter.

However, before Techno and Dream could do anything, their final opponent was suddenly on the ground, an arrow straight through their head shot by neither of the Pink Parrots. They stared in shock for a few seconds before the music suddenly cut out.

It was then when they noticed the silence of the arena.

“What the hell,” Dream could barely get out as he finally saw the bodies and the blood slowly dripping down the walls. Techno was speechless and he backed up into Dream so they were back-to-back. “What happened?”

But Techno didn’t. He just stared behind him.

“Wilbur?” Techno’s voice was weak. “Phil?”

Dream turned and he let out a gasp. Behind them, in the audience part of the arena, stood their friends. From left to right was George, Sapnap, Wilbur, Phil, and Tommy. They were all covered in blood and holding weapons that dripped the murky liquid.

The silence was deafening.

George held a sword loosely in his right hand with his eyes glinting behind his glasses. and Sapnap had an axe resting on his shoulder, his lips up in a smirk. Wilbur also held a sword and his smile could only be described as insane. Phil held a bow and his face was cold; he must have taken the final shot. Tommy was smiling widely and he swung an axe back and forth, back and forth.

“What did you do?” Dream looked at all the dead bodies of the other players, his voice unsteady and weak. “What did you do?”

“You don’t understand,” Wilbur’s tone was like he was speaking to a child. “We were only trying to protect you.”

“From what?” Techno also stepped forward. “What were you protecting us from?”

“Scott made the bad decision to split us all up,” George slowly smiled. “We needed you back.”

“And you did that by killing everyone?” Dream’s grip on his bow tightened. He knew both of the arrows were behind him and he knew that Techno knew that too. However, they both knew that Phil would shoot them before they could even grab the arrows, much less fire them. Dream spotted Micheal’s body and he swallowed roughly. “What kind of sick game are you playing?”

“Dream, you’re not going to understand,” Tommy leaned on the railing. “I didn’t at first but then they explained it to me.”

Sapnap grinned, placing a hand on George’s shoulder. “We’ll finally be a proper family. No one can separate us.”

Dream stared at them, disbelief in their eyes. “We were already a family! This was one Championship.”

“One too many,” Phil cut in. “We told Scott to not separate us. I think he’ll learn his lesson.”

The oldest in the ground gestured lazily to a side of the arena. Techno and Dream followed his hand and Dream almost lost it when he saw Scott’s mutilated face.

“Like Dream said, we were already a family,” Techno tried to reason. “Just because me and Dream-”

“Oh, it’s not that,” Wilbur cut him off. “If anything that helped. As soon as we learned that you and Dream would be together, we went to George and Sap. Fortunately, they agreed to our plan.”

But then, Wilbur sighed. “You two won’t get it. We’re just protecting you.

The tallest looked at Phil who readied his bow, aiming at Techno. Dream and Techno knew they couldn’t run, couldn’t do anything. They could only accept it.

“Phil, please,” Techno tried to beg but an arrow pierced his arm, particles coming off of it. He fell and Dream half-caught him but the momentum brought them both to the ground. Dream held his friend to his chest, staring up at his insane friends.

“Please don’t,” A tear slid down from under his mask. “Please, you can still stop.”

This time, Phil laughed. “Why would we want to, Dream? We can all finally be a family.”

With that, he released his other arrow, hitting Dream in the chest. Dream tried to stay awake but he eventually succumbed to the potion and the two slumped over, Dream’s body half-way on Techno’s with his head on the pink-haired man’s chest.

They wouldn’t be waking up for a long time.

The now completely insane Red Rabbits and Green Guardians stared down at the two like a hunter would stare at their prey.

They would be a family, no matter what.