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Still the Noise

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When they finally bestirred themselves, the sun was well past its apex and beginning to descend. Steel raised his head enough to nuzzle at the crook of Sapphire's neck, brushing soft, open-mouthed kisses onto her skin. “What of you, then?”

“Hmm?” she replied playfully, shifting into his touch.

“What would you?” he enquired, lifting one of her hands and dropping a kiss onto the back of it in the way he knew she'd taken a fancy to.

“A great many things,” she murmured, eyes darkening as she slid her hands across him. Slowly, she passed images and ideas to him in a drawn-out mental caress that left his breath caught in his throat.”One in particular I've been wanting to try for some time.”

“You don't think that's, that it's too much?” he managed thickly.

She raised her chin, regarding him thoughtfully. “I'm used to it, Steel. Mentalism is my specialty. If you're willing to trust me...”

Only you he replied, shaking his head. Her lips quirked in a fond smile, then she brought her hands to cup his face gently, splaying her fingers through his hair and holding him close enough to kiss.

The bond they shared normally was efficient, fairly narrow. They could communicate, and pick up heightened emotions from the other with relative ease, but for the most part they kept their selves separate – it was simply too distracting otherwise, dealing with doubled sensory input and intrusive thoughts. Now Sapphire moved through that connection and into Steel, insinuating herself within his self and spreading throughout his mind like a fog.

Steel twitched, fighting the instinct to repel her. One's self was private, vulnerable to attack if left unguarded, and well aware of his lack of skill in the field he kept his mental processes firmly locked down at all times. But everything was Sapphire now, echoing back at him and filling his head with things that weren't himself.

Then she withdrew a part of herself, slowly, and like the tide to her moon he found himself pulled after her and into her, the roles reversed. She guided him considerately, helping him find each nook and corner until he felt there wasn't a thought or feeling he hadn't brushed over. Most processes were inert, tucked away and silent, but he was surrounded by the awareness of her desire for him, and it fed into him and back into her in a feedback loop that was almost paralyzing in its intensity.

Steel opened his eyes, not aware of having closed them, and simultaneously saw Sapphire's face and his own through her wide eyes. The visual was jarring, and he had to close his eyes again, trying to make sense of everything.

“Steel,” she said, and his name shivered through him with the wealth of emotion behind it.

I don't know if I can do this he 'said' weakly.

Here. She nudged him around a bit, pulling him mentally away until he had enough distance to stop seeing his own face when he closed his eyes. “Better?”

“Much.” He opened his eyes again, and experimentally drew a hand up her side in a slow caress from thigh to shoulder. The movement echoed through his head, ringing with her languid satisfaction, but wasn't overwhelming.

Contriteness welled in her. “I wasn't thinking clearly. Are you sure you're alright, so soon after...?”

Steel grazed the palm of his hand across her nipple and felt the ripple of contact along with her sharp inhale. “Don't underestimate this body,” he chided teasingly, mimicking her earlier warning.

“Alright then.” She pulled him across her until they were touching from noses to feet, bearing his weight easily. Too many clothes.

He rolled his shoulders, the movement traveling down his body in a wave that dissolved his clothing into nothingness. She smiled slowly, her dress likewise melting into the sand. When their skin touched they both gasped at the feedback, and her hands came up to grip his upper arms tightly. He wove his fingers through her hair, trying to anchor himself to her and remember to breathe, every sliding touch sending off sparks behind his eyes.

She moved purposefully against him then, whiting out his conscious decision-making in a fluid undulation of her hips that rendered him half-mad, raining hard kisses and small bites from her chin to her breast and latching onto her nipple. Sapphire made an incoherent sound, one hand going to the back of his head and one digging into his back, and an explosion of pain wrenched a grunt from him as her fingers pressed into his slowly healing cuts and bruises.

They both froze, the aftermath of the sensations reverberating between them. She locked eyes with him, pupils blown wide with arousal and surprise.


Just his name, and he knew what she wanted, felt the guilty desire flickering through her thoughts. She'd enjoyed feeling his pain, and was split between chagrin and longing, for even as she broke him down to build him back up stronger, she couldn't imagine asking him to experience pain for her benefit.

But it's not just your benefit, is it? he observed, lowering his head to take her nipple carefully between his teeth and feeling her shiver all the way down to his feet as he drew his head up slightly and pulled the skin taut. Her hands spasmed, fighting for control. Do it, Sapphire.

He had the good sense to release her nipple, at least. She flexed her fingers, applying increasing pressure to his back, and the pain flashed across his senses like lightening, causing him to jerk and tense. She made a breathy sound in the back of her throat, and the pain was washed over by a tide of her arousal that drove him forward, grasping at her thighs and nudging blindly against her until finally, finally he felt her heat and felt the pressure of him through her and snapped his hips roughly forward.

Heat, so much heat, so much pressure, pushing deeper and giving way and the dual sensations whipped away what was left of his reservations. She grabbed at his back and shoulders with frantic hands, and they both cried out as he drove himself further and came to rest deep within her, trembling all over with unfocused energy.

Sapphire brought her upper body up, pressing her cheek against his, her breath shivering against his ear. He bent over her, bringing her back to the ground without losing the contact, then turned his face to smear a kiss against her mouth, breathing with her. Her splayed hands were twin points of fire on his back, muffled with overwhelming need. His hips twitched and she hissed her approval, pressing against him in a dirty grind that sent sparks across his nerves.

“Move, Steel!”

He pushed himself up, locking his arms and staring at her wild eyes, knowing he must, did, look the same, and he moved, pulling away and falling back into her over and over with the rhythmic sense of loss and renewed fulfillment flooding his perception.

Something in the back of her mind gathered, inexorably, and he could feel her body tightening under him, around him. Angling his hips, he drove into her harder, striking a new spot that wrung a high-pitched, incoherent sound from her and had her raking her hands across his back exquisitely. Then nothing, her mind going so blank he actually raised his head from her shoulder in alarm to check on her, but her hands were tight, tight against his skin and

implosion, explosion, the emptiness a calm before the tsunami as her orgasm rolled over the both of them, rolled the both of them and drove the breath from their lungs as she went tight, tight, pulling his own release from him almost by force, shuddering and sinking slowly to the sand in a sea of endorphins and oversensitized nerves.

The echoes went on for a long time, aftershocks shivering through them until they lay limp, curled next to each other in the warm evening.

Is that my heart or yours making all that racket? Steel managed, when the ability to place one syllable next to another had returned to him.

Her laughter drifted through his head. Yes. She brought a lazy hand up to his cheek, and slid them back to their own mental selves as gently as the breeze. He found himself acutely aware of the empty spaces in his head where she had been, and pressed closer to her without realizing he had done so, until she smiled at him and stroked his face and hair reassuringly. Are you alright?

He propped himself up onto one elbow, mindful to not roll onto his battered side. Are you?

Sapphire's smile widened, open and happy. Yes.

He brought his lips against hers then, impossible to resist the pull, and felt her fondness wrap around him like a cloak. Yes.

She rolled her shoulders slightly, falling to lie on her back and stare up at the sky. “How long before you've healed from that, do you think?”

“A day or so, I'd say,” he replied, leveraging himself into a sitting position. She admired her handiwork, reaching out a fascinated hand, but he leaned away slightly. “I'd rather you didn't, actually” he said, not unkindly. She nodded, understanding, and he took her hand in his, weaving their fingers together. Leaning over her, he pressed a kiss to the top of her head, breathing her in. “Thank you.”

“Thank you,” she replied with warmth and amusement, sitting up herself and combing her fingers through her disheveled hair. “What shall we occupy ourselves with while you recover, I wonder?”

“I'm sure we can think of something,” he said dryly.