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Edalith One-Shots

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Eda loved Lilith's old look very much. And yes, she made fun of how she looked a couple of times, but it was only because she was a kid and she didn't weigh her actions.

Because she loved her fluffy, reddish hair. It was soft to the touch, her curls falling adorably around her face. She loved that waking up that messy hair was the first thing she saw, and she even absentmindedly stroked it.

And her glasses.

Big and round, they framed her green eyes. The way they slid down her nose as the day went by, how she delicately accommodated them with her index finger. Or how she groped for them in the morning.

And it made her look so cute, like the baggy sweaters she wore at home.

Old sweaters, with sleeves that were too long and covered up to mid-thigh. They were discolored, and Eda is almost certain they had been her father's when he was a child.

She didn't care much, they fit her anyway. Okay, they looked great on her and she would hit anyone who said otherwise.

Yes, it was the outfit of a total nerd. But it fascinated her and she didn't want to change her mind.

And now that she remembers it, Lilith's classmates probably made fun of her for it. It was no secret to her that Lilith was teased from time to time.

Well, if you looked at it like that, it would explain why joining the Emperor's Coven she changed her hair. But that didn't mean she liked it.

She still liked the way Lilith looked. The raven hair suited her well, and gave her a more commanding aura. And if Lily wanted to wear contact lenses, well, she still enjoyed her face.

Still, it wasn't over how much she had loved the fluffy reddish hair and the big round glasses.

So when Lilith's hair is fluffing up again. She will give her all so that she doesn't flatten it again.

Because Eda very much doubted that she wanted to go back to the reddish color, and it would take a long time to do so. But getting her fluffy hair back would be enough.

Now she just had to convince Lily.

"Lily, I'm just saying you should think about it more" she said, holding Lilith's hands above her head. Pinning her perfectly against the wall.

"Edalyn! Let me go" growled the older woman in frustration, trying to get out of the strong hold. Without success, and without understanding the attitude of the mentioned. "I'll just iron my hair"

"But it's okay, it looks good!" Eda released her hold, noticing the raven haired woman's obvious annoyance.

"It looks silly" Lilith muttered, avoiding Eda's gaze.

"What? No!, of course not" hurried to deny the redhead, cornering her again.

She only got a little "Mmhp" in response. In addition to a small blush and could make out a pout.

"It's cute, so cute" Eda cooed, offering her one of her best smiles. "It's fluffy and soft and I like it"

"Do you think?" Lilith looked at her doubtful, tangling her finger in a strand. At the same time that a softer blush blooms on the youngest woman.

"Of course Lily" laughed Eda cheerfully, still keeping Lilith cornered between her and the wall.

Lilith hummed again, this time in agreement. That's how Eda let her go, hoping it was convincing enough.





The next day she was no more grateful to see Lilith with her fluffy hair. Not too fluffy, but it was enough.

For now, if Eda was lucky, she might get to see her in full fluffiness.