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Edalith One-Shots

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"I'm sorry!"

After Luz had left, Eda and Lilith were alone again, a tense silence settled in the room.

"I, uh" Lilith stuttered awkwardly after a moment of awkward silence, trying to cut the tension in the air. Which didn't work, considering she didn't know what to say and was still nervous.

And her situation was not helping her, she was aware that she was still on Edalyn's lap. As well as she was aware that the little kiss was pleasant, and also that the feelings she had towards her sister were not entirely "sistherly".

"Uh, I uh--" Still, Lilith tried her best to apologize. Although she had to admit she was just making a fool of herself, not even being able to say a single word and just stuttering awkwardly. "I, uh"

Lilith was sure it was a blushing mess now.

On the other hand, Eda had thought of taking her own initiative. Talk to her and apologize, assuming she was the one who consciously kissed Lilith. But seeing how Lily blushed and tried uselessly to speak, it was magnificent. And she was happy to see her reduced to a blushing mess.

After seeing that Lily was getting frustrated, she decided to intervene before her sister despaired and ran away.

"You?" Eda asked mockingly, asserting her grip on Lilith's waist. As a security measure in case the jet tried to hide or run.

"I'm s--sor-" Eda's wolfish smile only increased when she heard Lily's nervousness, it caused her tenderness.

"Sorry?" Eda finished the sentence, Lilith just nodded.

By that point Lilith would have already fled after apologizing, and would have curled up in a ball on her pile of blankets. But Edalyn had her holding her, making sure to hold her in her lap and not let her out.

Well, maybe she could squirm, but it would be useless. Starting because it would be of no use to her other than to look clumsier than she currently looked, and Edalyn would probably immobilize her quickly.

"Don't apologize, Lily" Eda decided to take charge of the matter, noticing the guilt that Lily was beginning to feel. Sketching a soft smile to reassure her sister "After all I gave the second kiss, so if anyone should apologize it should be me"

"Well yeah, I guess so" Lilith muttered, returning Edalyn's smile. Which made the gray-haired woman happy, Lily's little smile looked sweet and tender.

As the kiss had been.

"You know Lily, the kiss didn't really bother me," Eda said softly, deciding to see where it would take her to be a little more honest with Lilith. After all the longing she felt earlier, it must have been even a reciprocal thing.

Still, she loosened her grip on Lilith's waist to give her room to pull away if she wanted to.

"It doesn't bother me either." Luckily for her, Lily didn't want to walk away. She remained seated on her lap, answering in a soft voice.

Eda smiled to herself at the answer, pleased with the way things were going. Focusing her gaze on the eldest's emerald eyes, those eyes that looked at her shyly from behind dark lashes.

Pretty, so pretty.

"In fact it was the opposite of unpleasant" Lilith gulped awkwardly as she heard Eda speak, not letting go of the suggestive tone that the gray-haired woman used.

Despite her obvious nervousness, Lilith did not try to move away or say anything. She only listened carefully to Eda's words, an blush starting to creep across her face.

"It was sweet," Eda muttered, waiting for the other woman to react. Although with the blush on her cheeks, and the vulnerable look she was giving her, it was already a... something.

A positive something.

"It was?" Eda may have laughed at the clumsiness with which Lilith spoke, but she was more focused on how her eyes fluttered. With something that she could identify, hope.


"Yes" Now it was her turn to blush, knowing well that her eyes probably looked just as hopeful as her sister's.

"Would you like to check it out? I mean, uh, again?" Lilith's throat went dry when she finished speaking, awkwardly wrapping her arms around Eda's shoulders.

That was enough invitation for Eda, who did not hesitate to capture Lilith's thin lips in a kiss.

This kiss was gentle at first, starting with small peaks that they awkwardly shared. Small peaks that evolved rapidly, becoming more and more slow and constant.

Eda grabbed onto Lilith's waist, pulling her toward her and leading the kiss. Lilith followed her as best she could, tangling her hands in the strands of hair at the nape of Edalyn's neck.

"Edalyn!" The older woman squealed when the aforementioned bit her lower lip and sucked it.

"Sorry," Eda whispered hoarsely, licking the bruised area to calm her down. Keeping her smile the whole time, enjoying how cute Lilith looked.

The kisses didn't stop there, and in a few minutes Eda was lying on the couch, holding Lilith as they continued kissing and exchanging caresses. With a sweet word or two in between.

"I love you" Lilith gasped softly, snuggling into Eda's chest.

"I love you too" Eda said back, stroking Lilith's back and putting a kiss on her hair.

Neither had to clarify how, after all, they believed it was quite clear.