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“Ah, looks like Hiromori got himself knocked up.”

Mabu blinks. “That so?”

Reo chews his lip, tapping his pencil against his cheek. “Yeah. Wouldn’t have expected him to present omega, but that’s how it goes sometimes.” He sighs. “Sucks for him, though. He had such a promising military career…”

“Well, it may not be the end of the world,” Mabu says diplomatically. “He may merely be put onto less dangerous tasks until the baby is born.” He knows that the reality of it all isn’t that simple - especially as someone who is expected to present as omega himself. His parents are waiting anxiously for the morning where Mabu wakes up covered in sweat, whining, slick sticking to his thighs, for that will mean that the planned marriage to his future wife will be a success - a fruitful marriage that should bear many children. Well, that’s their plan, anyway. Mabu has other ideas. “Is he mated?”

Reo snorts. “You kidding?” His voice falters. “I don’t… like the rumors I’ve heard about it. I don’t know how you can stay so calm about things like this.”

To be fair, Mabu has fantasized about getting knotted. He’s even fantasized about getting bred and raising children. Just… not by and with the girl he is promised to. “There’s little I can do to fight my own biology, Reo. I can only adapt around it.”

Reo folds his arms, his homework abandoned. “We’re late bloomers, Mabu. I really don’t like that neither of us have had our first heat or rut yet. Doesn’t it freak you out not knowing for sure if you’re an omega or not?”

“It doesn’t matter,” Mabu says. “I know who I love, and I know that however I present is not going to change the fact that I’m bound to that person forever.”

Of course it won’t. If he presents omega, like everybody thinks he will, then Reo will be his perfect alpha. He has jerked himself to completion a few nights in the shower at the thought. Reo, hot above him, groaning as he knots and mates Mabu, filling Mabu’s womb with cum as they’re locked into place, perhaps even planting seed so fertile that Mabu falls pregnant the first night they’re together. He would be overjoyed to raise as many of Reo’s children as Reo wanted to give him. And even if things are unexpected and Reo is an omega too - well, they have toys for that, right? They can take turns knotting each other with dildos and maybe get one of Mabu’s cousins to provide sperm to impregnate Reo, if they wanted to have children.

Mabu thinks he’s too attached to the idea of Reo holding their child to entertain the idea that he’s anything but an omega. It makes too much sense. He is a bit tall and masculine, sure, but male omegas run in his family, and he loves to keep the home tidy and clean. These are very obvious, very defined omega traits, and it’s been generations since his male ancestors have birthed betas. He has to be an omega.

So he’s sure, once he finally goes into his first heat, that Reo will find him irresistible. It will be inevitable. Mabu will moan as Reo’s fat knot fills his hole, cum filling his womb to the brim, and he will grow pregnant with Reo’s child as soon as Reo sinks his sharp teeth into Mabu’s neck and marks him as mated. He smiles idly to himself, placing a hand over his flat stomach.

Reo frowns, looking away. “I wish I could be as confident as you.”


It’s October, but Mabu can’t seem to cool down. Maybe the Great Hall is too full. He pulls at the collar of his uniform, trying to allow some air to trickle down his neck, but it does little to solve the problem. “It is an auspicious day,” the Kappa King says. “Today, my son, Prince Keppi, is ascending the ranks.”

Reo, standing next to Mabu, leans over slightly and speaks through the side of his mouth. “Yeah, I wonder why. Nepotism much?”

“It’s how … things are,” Mabu manages. He feels a little dizzy. Perhaps something was off in the dinner he ate earlier? He noticed he didn’t feel very hungry, and that the smell of food was oddly off-putting. Like there was something else he should be smelling, but he hadn’t found it yet. His sense of smell seems to have heightened in the past few hours, and he can smell everyone around him in ways that he hadn’t been able to before.

What an odd stomach bug.

Maybe it’s going around. Reo looks a little under the weather, too, but he’s trying to look strong. Mabu looks around as subtly as he can, trying to figure out if any of the fellow recruits and students look off. Upon a cursory glance, it looks as if it’s just him and Reo. Well, they eat together at every meal, so it’s not that surprising that they would get each other sick.

Reo makes a small, discomforted noise, and undoes the first button on his uniform jacket. Then the second, exposing a few centimeters of bare chest. Mabu tries his best not to stare, but he fails. Sweat trickles down Reo’s neck, and then disappears underneath his jacket. Mabu swallows thickly, his heartbeat racing.

It’s not like he hasn’t noticed things like this before. It’s hard not to. Reo is incredibly attractive, Mabu has always thought so, but something about Reo tonight…

Now, Mabu finally smells it. Lotus flower and allspice. The most enticing combination of scents imaginable. Distinctly Reo.

His cock instantly goes diamond hard in his pants.

Ah. So that’s how it is. The time has finally come.

He looks around again. Has anybody noticed? To his dismay, a few older alphas are glancing towards them, leering. To Mabu’s surprise, he doesn’t feel fear. Instead, he instinctively spreads his stance, taking up more room, and glares at the onlookers. To his surprise, most of them look away, although some snort, seemingly amused at Mabu’s bravado.

Mabu clears his throat and tries to grab Reo’s attention without drawing too much suspicion. “Reo.”

“Uh… yeah?” Reo seems a little dazed himself. He wipes his forehead with a gloved hand.

“We need to get out of here.”

“Are you nuts?” Reo asks incredulously.

“You are unwell. So am I.”


“We can’t tough it out.”

“Ah. You think you’re going to be sick?”

Mabu glances behind him. Thankfully, they’re towards the back of the Great Hall. They still need to pass through a few dozen people, and being seen is certainly not ideal, but… He grasps onto Reo’s wrist. “Please.”

Reo turns to Mabu, eyes wide and blown out. “Mm. Maybe you’re right. I don’t feel so good.”

“Excuse me,” Mabu apologizes as he weaves his way through the crowd, dragging Reo behind him. Reo follows as if under a spell, tripping over his own feet but still following closely, so close that he might as well be hugging Mabu as they make their way out into the hallway. Mabu shuts the door behind them, and Reo shifts, seemingly uncomfortable. “Are you okay?” Mabu asks, wiping off Reo’s forehead.

“Mmnn…” Reo moans softly, trembling. He’s burning up. “Mabu…”

The scent is growing stronger. Flowers in their first, freshest bloom fill his nose. Mabu is having a hard time thinking straight. “Re...o…” he sighs, and grits his teeth. He feels like he’s ready to explode.

“I’m scared,” Reo says. A few tears run down his face. “I-I don’t want this,” he says.

“It’s okay. I’m right here.” There are a few non-military personnel roaming the halls. Still, he can’t resist. He rubs his face against Reo’s neck, and Reo clutches onto Mabu tightly, scratching at his back through multiple layers of clothing, as Mabu scents him. “I’m right here.” Reo whines, high pitched and wonderful, and Mabu’s cock throbs painfully. He’s desired Reo, but this is… really something else. He has never experienced desire like this before. “Let’s go someplace more quiet and we’ll figure out what to do, alright?”

Even a few days from now, Mabu will have a hard time remembering how they got to an abandoned part of the castle. They must wander for some time, trying to avoid the attention of the staff, although more than a few glance at them with a raised eyebrow as Mabu guides Reo in deeper.

Finally, they reach a hall that is somewhat dusty from disuse, moonlight pouring through an open window. “Reo,” Mabu says. “We’ve… both presented.”

“Well, duh, I noticed,” Reo replies, the bite trying to conceal his fear. “It’s, uh… kind of impossible for me to not notice.”

“Please let me help you,” Mabu implores.

Tears bead on the edges of Reo’s eyes, but he nods, looking away in shame as Mabu pulls down Reo’s pants. What Mabu sees almost makes him come on the spot, without being touched.

Reo’s thighs are completely covered in slick, rich and thick. Mabu pants, grinding his teeth and growling softly. “Reo…” he finally says, trying to calm his own urges, urges that he never expected to have.

In an attempt to assuage his more base desires, he dips a finger along Reo’s thigh and scoops up some of Reo’s slick. Curious, he lifts it to his mouth. “Mabu!” Reo hisses through his teeth.

Their eyes meet. Mabu licks.

It tastes heavenly. He savors it, licking his finger clean.

Reo shakes, staring at Mabu, his pupils wide with lust. “Mabu…”

Mabu can’t take it anymore. Not with the way that Reo is looking at him. Not with how amazing he tastes and good he smells.

Hastily, he yanks down his pants and pulls down Reo’s underwear further, all the way to his ankles. Reo squeezes his eyes shut but allows this, helping Mabu by stepping out of his pants as best he can while he’s still wearing boots.

Mabu looks down at himself for the first time. There’s no slick between his thighs. His cock is slightly bigger than he remembered, and there’s a telltale thickness at the base.

Perhaps his fantasies about Reo holding onto their child meant something different than he originally expected.

“Reo… I’m sorry,” Mabu gasps, harried, and pushes himself into Reo, pressing Reo back against the wall.

Reo moans, and it’s so beautiful that Mabu wants to cry. Reo is perfect for Mabu. His body is hot and pulsing and vivid against Mabu, and Mabu, in turn, starts moving. He studied much about pregnancy and child rearing, as he expected to be carrying Reo’s first child before they turned twenty even back when they were children, but he doesn’t know a lot about how to make sex feel good for omegas. The books were largely unhelpful with that. “I’m sorry,” Mabu sniffles, because he really does want this to feel good for Reo.

In response, Reo clings onto Mabu, pressing Mabu’s face into his neck. Mabu’s heart feels like it’s going to explode when he realizes that Reo is pressing down against Mabu’s cock. They’re both so hot that it’s almost painful to connect, but it feels so good, like this is what they were always meant to do. Mabu scents Reo, a light form of marking, and thrusts as slowly as he’s able. “I love you,” Mabu pants, pressing lingering kisses into Reo’s neck. “I love you, I love you, I love you, Reo…”

Reo whimpers, and Mabu pulls away a little. Before he can ask Reo any number of questions on his mind, Reo grasps onto the back of his head, lightly tugging on his hair, and pulls him in for a kiss. It is searing, messy. Their tongues meet and Mabu speeds up just slightly. He doesn’t really know what he’s doing. He’s merely listening to the instinct all kappas have when in rut or heat - breed. Reo is so wonderful, so beautifully fertile, it makes Mabu want to cry. He presses one hand against the wall and lifts one of Reo’s thighs with the other, pounding into him faster. Reo moves against him, his hole swallowing Mabu all the way to the base. Mabu shivers as he feels something inside of Reo press against the tip of his cock. Is that his womb? Whatever it is, Reo likes the sensation, because, with a few more nudges, he cries out through their kiss as he comes, his hole squeezing along Mabu’s length rhythmically.

That does it. Mabu thrusts once more, hard, and growls as he comes the hardest he’s ever come in his life. His knot swells and locks them in place as jet after jet of cum fills Reo, and Reo moans with each spurt. Right as Mabu finally feels as if he’s starting to empty, Reo comes again, seemingly harder, and he can feel Reo’s womb twitch against the tip of his cock. “Nnnghh…” Mabu groans.

It takes them several minutes to catch their breath. A pool of semen and slick lies beneath them, causing Reo to slide back against the wall.

A twinge of guilt sparks through Mabu’s heart. “I… really am sorry,” he says, scenting Reo in apology. They’re still knotted together.

Reo pants and strokes Mabu’s back. “For what it’s worth…” he starts. It takes him a minute to finish. “... I’m really glad it was you.”

“I wouldn’t let another alpha touch you,” Mabu says, defensive. “Or… unless you want to be touched by another alpha.”

“Haha.” Reo sniffs. “No. I only want you.”

Joy sparkles in Mabu’s chest. “Oh, Reo…” He bares his teeth and nibbles along Reo’s naked neck, devoid of any marks.

“H-hey!” Reo pushes him off of his neck. Confused and a little hurt, Mabu looks into Reo’s eyes. “I can’t have you throwing your life away for me. You can’t mark me.”

“This is what I always wanted,” Mabu says, wounded.

Instead of getting angry, Reo blushes deeply. “O-Oh?”

“Did you think I was saying ‘I love you’ for show?”

Reo flusters. “No, I mean, you only say something if you mean it. I, um… just am surprised?”

“What for?”

Reo blinks, and then leans forward, reciprocating Mabu’s former displays of affection by scenting Mabu in turn. The smell of lotus is extremely relaxing and calms Mabu’s fraying nerves, anxiety quelled. “I thought you were, like, taken because of the whole arranged marriage thing, and I thought your parents promised me to someone else as a favor to you, to make sure I’d be in a good position as a grown-up, so…”

“Who cares about that?” Mabu wipes away some drying tears with his thumb. Reo leans into the touch. “All I need is you. That’s all I’ve ever wanted.”

“Nnnn…” At first, Mabu is alarmed, thinking that Reo sounds like he’s in pain, but then he feels the hot slide of fresh slick against his knot.

Mabu bites his lip, feeling a blood pulse down to his dick, ensuring that he and Reo stay tied even longer. “R-Reo…”

“Please, Mabu.” He shallowly works himself up and down Mabu’s cock, as far as he can go. “Fuck me, a-ahhh… harder. Show me that you love me.”

The moon sets before Mabu’s knot entirely deflates, their moans echoing off of each other in the empty corridor. Mabu allows Reo to wear his pants as they sneak out of the castle, trying to avoid attention as they make their way to Reo’s small apartment.


“Ah! Mabu!”

It’s been almost twelve hours since their heat and rut started, and Reo is still insatiable. Mabu knew about this - omegas in their first heat usually instinctively try to get knotted as many times as possible to try to ensure pregnancy - but experiencing it is quite another thing.

As it is, Reo rides Mabu’s knot. Mabu gets a full view of Reo’s body like this - the way his hair sways slightly as he rocks up and down, the way his chest heaves as he moans particularly loudly, how his cock bobs when he comes. Mabu was able to procure some condoms while Reo slept, but he wonders if it’s too late for that.

The idea that Reo might already be pregnant gets Mabu instantly hard again at the mere thought. Imagining Reo round with their baby is a massive turn on that he wasn’t expecting.

Reo whines and stops grinding down on Mabu, his twitching cock indicating an orgasm, even though his balls have long since run dry. Mabu fondly squeezes Reo’s thigh. “Reo,” he says, voice slightly hoarse from moaning.

Reo sighs. “Mmn.”

“I should really mate you. It’s okay.”

The most frustrating thing is that Reo, as horny and in heat as he is, is awful at masking his arousal. Slick immediately pools on the sheets underneath them. “I don’t want to cause you any, mnnn, trou-ble,” Reo pants, rolling his hips on Mabu’s knot again.

Mabu grits his teeth and moans. “Reo, you’re worth it all.” His hand moves to the flat of Reo’s stomach. “I’d do anything for you,” he says fondly, stroking his lower belly. They don’t know yet, but Reo might start swelling there soon.

“Mabu!” Reo trembles and comes again, milking Mabu’s knot. Mabu groans, his cock tingling. If he wasn’t wearing a condom, then he’s almost certain that Reo would definitely be pregnant now. All the same, Reo’s eyebrows knit, and he slowly lies down against Mabu’s chest. Mabu rolls them over on their sides, and Reo grunts softly, Mabu’s knot still lodged inside of him.

After a few minutes, Reo sighs. “Mabu, I… I don’t know if I’m ready for this.”


“... Babies.”

Mabu nods. “I can understand that. I’m sorry for forcing myself on you.”

Reo shakes his head. “I was in pain for hours beforehand. You did me a solid by knotting me.” He tucks his face against Mabu’s neck. “It’s just… a lot. To accept all at once.”

“We can take it one step at a time.” He rubs Reo’s back, and they scent each other. Knowing that there is a reciprocated element to their mating makes Mabu dizzy with joy. “Should you fall pregnant, of course I’ll take responsibility. I’ll mate you and make sure that any of our children are safe.”

“Mmn.” Mabu never thought he’d be thinking this, but Reo smells nervous. Things like this change once you present, he supposes.

“... But I’ll use condoms from now on, and we can make sure you get on suppressants should… should they be useful in the coming months,” Mabu says delicately.

“Alright.” Reo relaxes slightly. Nuzzling against Mabu’s shoulder, he sighs. “Thank you.”

“I really do love you, Reo.” His fingers work out a few knots in Reo’s back. “I’ve been dreaming of this for years.”

Reo laughs. “You think you could have clued me in earlier?”

“I thought it was obvious.”

“Pfft! We’re not all mind readers, Mabu!”

“I should hope not. That is a dangerous ability to have.” Reo laughs, and Mabu blows a raspberry on Reo’s neck.

When Mabu pulls back, Reo’s expression is tender, soft. “I love you too, okay?” He leans forward and presses his lips against Mabu’s, and Mabu kisses back, a surge of joy running through his whole body.

They lie, tangled together, for hours afterwards, sometimes rocking against each other, sometimes tracing each other’s faces. They remain connected even in sleep, until, finally, Mabu’s knot softens.

Even though they aren’t physically connected, they are always together, always a single unit. Until the day where Mabu finally marks Reo, until the day that they are connected even deeper, until they are torn apart and knitted back together… Mabu knows that this is how it was always meant to be. He and Reo, two sides of the same coin, should never be apart again.

Mabu would rather die than imagine a life without Reo by his side.