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Ensemble Chaldea!

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Class: Saber

True Name: Hokuto Hidaka

A.K.A: Saber of Revolution

Height/Weight: 173 cm • 55 kg

Alignment: Neutral • Good

Gender: Male


Class Skills:


Independent Action B+

Riding C


Servant Skills:


Charisma of Rebellion B

Dramatic Flair C

Cold Density A


Noble Phantasm:


Rebellion Star <Together, We Bring Change>

Type: Anti-Army (Self)

Rank: B

Class: Archer

True Name: Subaru Akehoshi

A.K.A: Archer of Rebellion

Height/Weight: 171 cm • 55 kg

Alignment: Chaotic • Good

Gender: Male


Class Skills:


Independent Action B

Magic Resistance A


Servant Skills:


Sparkling Eyes A

Bright Ancestry C+

Written in the Stars EX


Noble Phantasm:


Our Miracle <A Star That Shines Blindingly Bright>

Type: Anti-Army

Rank: A

Class: Caster

True Name: Makoto Yuuki

A.K.A: Caster of Rebellion

Height/Weight: 174 cm • 58 kg

Alignment: Neutral • Good

Gender: Male


Class Skills:


Item Construction C

Territory Creation B

Magic Resistance B+


Servant Skills:


Enemy Analysis A

Weapon Repair B+

Glasses Removal C


Noble Phantasm:


Crystal of Courage <Yuuki That Lights Our Way>

Type: Anti-Army (Self)

Rank: C

Class: Lancer

True Name: Mao Isara

A.K.A: Lancer of Rebellion

Height/Weight: 169 cm • 54 kg

Alignment: Neutral • Good

Gender: Male


Class Skills:


Magic Resistance C

Riding B


Servant Skills:


I Guess I’ll Help A-

Star’s Shine (False) B

Middle Man B+


Noble Phantasm:


Magician of the Rebellion <Even If I Don’t Shine, I Can Still Create Miracles>

Type: Anti-Unit

Rank: B

Anzu was incapable of feeling homesick with the leaders of rebellion — Trickstar — around.


Before discovering she was capable of being a Master, Anzu lived a completely normal life. There was nothing necessarily exciting about it — but nothing bad, either. Sure, there was that old school she went to that she… well, somewhat revolutionized, before she was kicked out — but besides that?


Maybe that past was why she felt so connected to those 4 boys. Revolutionaries who created miracle after miracle before taking down the corrupt emperor of the Yumenosaki empire, fixing it for the better. With them, Anzu truly did feel home.


Of course, she was thinking this after heading to the medical office, Sagami lightly scolding her for her wounds. She heard Kunugi scolding Trickstar outside — it wasn’t that hard to decode — as they tried to force their way in anyways. Such stubborn boys, really — they cared about Anzu so much that she felt bad about getting herself scraped up in the first place.


Despite it all, though, the head of the Chaldea medical team — Jin Sagami — stopped caring about Trickstar’s presence in the room long ago. “Don’t cause any problems, blah, blah, blah”. He was a funny case — Akiomi Kunugi, who primarily worked as a sort of “manager” around Chaldea would never let up that easily.


As Anzu sees 4 worried servants hurry in to get to her side, she can only smile.


This really does feel like home.

“Do you remember when you were first summoned here?” She asks.


All four boys stop their playing around at the table to blink at Anzu a few times. They look genuinely surprised at her question — almost like they’re asking “how couldn’t we?” back to her — but Anzu only gives them a grin back, soft and sweet.


“Well, of course we do,” Hokuto then responds, the smallest smile growing on his face. “Why do you ask, Anzu?”


“I’m reminiscing, I guess,” She states, nodding softly to herself. “I think my life would have been a lot different if I never met you guys, after all.”


“Huh, you think so?” Mao then thinks aloud. “I guess it’d be kinda hard to imagine where I’d be right now if not with you.”


“I think we’d probably still be in the throne,” Makoto says, just a bit nervous. “B-But, uh, besides that… yeah, I guess so.”


“I’d wanna be in the stars!” Subaru announces excitedly, almost jumping up — but holding himself back as he smiles bright at Anzu. “But I think being next to Anzu is like being a star already, every second is so… Kira Kira sparkly!!”


“Yeah, I agree,” Hokuto then nods. “Every minute feels new and refreshing with you, in Chaldea.”


“Chaldea’s a fun place!” Makoto responds, his smile almost as bright as Subaru’s. “And it does have all of my friends, so that makes me pretty happy!”


“I’m really glad to hear that,” Anzu says peacefully, resting her head in a hand. “I love Chaldea a lot, too.”


“Haha,” Mao laughs. “You look really happy, Anzu.”


“Of course I am!” She exclaimed, cheerfully. “I’m with my family!”


I really am home.